Bend Over, Ben Dover Chapters 5 to 8

By Ben Dover

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and/or sexual activity of preteen and young teen children. This is fantasy, and the author in no way endorses or practices these things in real life. In real life, these activities would be harmful and illegal. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 
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Chapter 5
“ Now the first thing we have to do, Ben,” said Samantha as they sat at the breakfast table, “ is find you panties that fit. I don’t mind your borrowing mine, but if you’re going to be emotionally at ease and in touch with your inner panty-pussy, you’ll want to be physically comfortable too. “
At first, Ben wasn’t comfortable at all with his sister referring to him as a panty-pussy, but after she explained the psychological impact of naming, he got used to it. Sometimes she would call him Ben, but mostly it was Panty-Pussy, or just PP.
That first morning she took him to the Big Girl dress shops where she found him bras and panties, thongs and pantyhose. At the drug store she got him some cheap make-up including fire engine-red lipstick.
 She spent an hour getting him to practice a girlie cheerleader number while shouting a Panty-Pussy chant:
“ I’m a panty-pussy and I’m not ashamed
To bend over, for that’s my name “
Ben got pretty good at it in his pink bra and matching bikini bottoms, but Samantha saw a big problem in Ben’s being able to identify with his IPP ( inner pussy-panty ). His body hair. It had to go so as not to confuse the poor lad in his quest for his IPP. But Samantha waited a while before informing Ben of this. She wanted to have at least five of her girlfriends present to witness Ben’s transformation.
By 3 p.m. Ben had a been convinced he needed to gradually go public about his IPP and so had been practicing being naked or wearing girl underwear in front of his sister. By then he could also refer to his IPP in its full name, not just the letters. He had resigned himself to being a Panty-Pussy and was beginning to feel proud.
The doorbell rang and his sister went to answer. Ben, still wearing bra and panties, lost his composure and started to run upstairs to the safety and privacy of his bedroom.
“ STOP right where you are, panty-pussy.” Said his sister in a stern tone, “ Running away from your issues is just running away from yourself… and running right into a psychotic episode which will only lead to medical treatment and chemical castration. “
That stopped Ben in his tracks and he lowered his head and returned to the living room where several teenage girls were staring wide-eyed and giggling.

Samantha continued in her role of caring sister, “ Ben, I am so proud of you. Please tell my friends what you’ve discovered about yourself.”
Ben gulped, sighed and grimaced but spoke these words softly: “ I am a panty-pussy “

Samantha shushed her girlfriends who were having a hard time suppressing their laughter. “ And you’re not ashamed to admit it either, are you PP”
Ben shook his head slightly and murmured, “ No, I’m proud to be a ppp,, panty-pussy.” He was blushing three shades of scarlet.
“ Well,” said Samantha with a cock of her head, “ aren’t you going to show us how proud you are then? You know, the cheer. “
And Ben Dover sighed and cheerlessly began his cheerleader number:
“ I’m a panty-pussy and I’m not ashamed
To bend over, for that’s my name “
His sister had him repeat that four times, each time louder and with more enthusiasm. Ben’s audience had been tipped off to Samantha’s plans earlier but were still finding it hard to not piss themselves laughing. But they managed to keep straight faces and even applauded at the end of Ben’s performance. They took their cues from Samantha’s lead, so when she thanked them profusely for helping her brother with this problem, they acted concerned and understanding and said they’d do anything to help.
“Well, girls,” said Samantha in her most serious voice, “ I want your opinion on how to proceed but I think we need Ben to explain things first; especially about his urges and fantasies. Ben? If you don’t mind.”
Ben did, but these girls had seen him humiliated already, they might as well know the reason. So he explained his feeling about being sexually humiliated, dominated and degraded especially being forced to be nude before clothed girls.. and he even admitted getting excited about being spanked in the nude.
“ Thank you, panty-pussy “ said Samantha. “ You’re taking that fist vital step toward embracing your IPP. Now girls, do you see a problem Ben’s presenting .. an obstacle to his inner journey? “ Their only response was some hemming an hawing and shoulder shrugging.
“ It’s his body hair. He’s nearly 13 and his pubic and secondary sexual hair is blocking his inner awareness. It must go. I’ve some shaving gel, a razor and a bottle of Nair in the bathroom; if Patty and Francine could give me a hand, we’ll get Ben prepped and smooth shaven in no time.”
And they did. Ben stripped out of his bra and panties and lay on the couch while three girls soaped him up, handled his genitals pulling the skin taut to best shave, not only his balls, but his cock too. Not just his pubic area got shaved; his armpits and butt cheeks were too and his arms and legs were showing a little fuzz. So they were lathered in Nair and kept totally silky smooth. By the end of his coif, Ben’s body hair was gone and so was any sense of male dignity. And worse was to come soon enough.
Chapter 6
Ben remained naked all day as the gang of girls gawked and giggled at this unusual sight, a nearly 13-year old boy, utterly naked of clothing and body hair yet old enough to be sporting an erection. And Ben was kept hard off and on most of the day because Samantha went into great detail about how Ben was aroused by the scent of his own pre-cum.
His sister’s friends pretended not to believe it at first and so Ben was made to produce the evidence. Each of the seven girls wanted to see for herself, so Ben had to excite himself seven times until each time enough pre-cum dripped out. Each girl dabbed a bit of this boy-nectar of her fingers and then smeared Ben’s nostrils. She would entice Ben with one hand with his own male scent and, with her other hand, she would loosely hold his cock shaft so to determine how aroused he became with each inhalation. Each of the seven trials took about ten minutes, so Ben was in a state of frustrated arousal, constantly dripping and getting just so hard, but never actually reaching orgasm for over an hour. His pubic area was most redolent and sex-slimy and his nose was filled with the scent.
Samantha’s rationale for this exercise was that Ben could only embrace his IPP by unashamedly ‘presenting’ his realized urges before clothed girls. So the cum-sniff / hard-on test was only one of many exercises he’d have to endure. Being naked and shaven in front of them was another form of IPP training, of course. But his audience and duration of nudity would have to increase. That would come later ( and so would Ben !)
So Exercise 1 was shaven nudity before clothed girls. Exercise 2 was sniffing his genital essences to keep himself erect. Exercise 3 would be nude spanking Over The Knees of clothed girls. That exercise was dragged out over several hours with each spanker taking several turns and only swatting Ben’s butt just enough to turn the buttock flesh rosy. Then they would stop and make him stand in the corner with his hands resting atop his head while the girls gossiped and chatted about other stuff.

Exercise 4 in Ben’s training to accept his IPP would take him outdoors and free from girl-control. Indeed #4 level training demanded that he alone discover ways to come closer to realizing his secret urges. This was the set up: As Ben was a slight fellow who was now smooth shaven, if he were to wear a wig and dress in girl’s clothes, he could easily pass for a flat-chested 15 year-old girl. He’d have to keep his clothes on, of course, but with make-up and a sexy wardrobe, Ben would look like cute little girl.
Samantha’s evil grin widened as she looked at her brother done up like an under-aged hooker, a prosti-TART. She conferred with her friends and they all agreed Ben should fly solo and prove to himself how close he was to his IPP. His task: to go to the mall, find three boys a few years older than he was and ‘chat them up’, to flirt and see where it goes from there.
Ben did not like that idea at all and it looked like he’d bolt from the whole IPP training course when Samantha took a different tack. First she calmed her brother down by telling him, while this was all for his own good, she’d never make him do anything until he was ready. She had Ben take off all his clothes and put them aside for now. But she insisted Ben review exercise #3 with a twist; the girls would use leather belts on his poor butt until it was beet red and then Ben would retire to the corner while the girls discussed his finessing into exercise # 4.
Ben, naked and shaved smooth, buttocks burning while he faces the wall, overhears their plans but, as he can’t see what they are doing, does not quite understand. He catches whispered phrases: “ this should tickle..” “ stimulate more like..” ‘ should we let go and .. you know, ‘GO’..” laughter all around.. “ I was there but I think Sam should tell all of us about Ben’s last doctor appointment.. “ giggles and whispers.. “ say it so Ben can hear.. it will help him reach ( giggle ) his inner panty-pussy. “
“ Okay, Ben, turn around.” Samantha sounded sympathetic but losing patience. “ The girls think you should gradually prepare for Exercise #4 which, admittedly, is a sudden leap from manhood to panty-pussyhood. So we’re going to examine the root of your urges first in the privacy of this room. Also we will stay within the limits of your CFNM needs. Turn back facing the wall, Ben. Girls, as agreed, we are going to remove all our clothes. But first I am going to blindfold Ben so he cannot see us.”
This done, Ben was brought to the centre of the room and made to kneel. “ Before we begin with Ben’s oral lessons ( giggles ), Patty and I will tell you how years ago we played naughty nurse and hard doctor with Ben. For five minutes the episode in Patty's garage was told and Ben, naked and blindfolded and forced to keep his hands atop his head relived the scene and stirred his manhood. Smiles and chuckles from the girls as they watched Ben’s cock grow as they heard of how his temperature had been taken both ways.
Francine leaned over to Patty and whispered, “ I think a dual consult should have been in order with two boys taking his temperature at the same time…. I’d love to see that.”

“ You just might, Fran.” Smirked Patty.
When the oral exam story had been told and Ben’s cock was sticking straight out and bobbing, Samantha came to the point. “ You can see how this kind of activity is making Ben blush but at the same time raising his… hmm hopes, shall we say ( more giggles and here’s how we will attend to his need stimulated by the scent and taste of sex, yet only gradually lead him to his IPP where he so obviously wants to be. That is, (she holds on to and yanks his cock until Ben can’t take it any longer.. ) a cock-sucking little panty-pussy!” At which point, Ben cums shooting several bursts into the air. Applause from the girls.
Spent, Ben is made to bend over between naked girl thighs. The scent of horny female fills his nostrils, the taste of cunny-honey tingles his tongue, and the touch of luscious labia and throbbing clit engages all his senses. Seven times Ben would dine on pungent pussy meat and live any guy’s wet-dream. But this was just the antipasto to his main course which would come (so to speak ) when he was ready to resume his IPP exercises.
Chapter 7
Ben was more confused than ever. The girls had all left ( after they came, so to speak ) and his sister was taking a long, hot bath ( very hot indeed. Rubber Ducky was getting a workout like never before ) So Ben was alone with his thoughts. As ordered, he had put away most of his new girlie clothes and removed his make-up. The only ‘girl’ things he had not put away, he’d kept on; namely his pink thong and bra over which he wore his shirt and pants so his IPP uniform did not show.
But his mixed-gender dressing was not the only thing confusing him and giving him pause. Ben tasted girl meat for the first time and he was enraptured. But at the same time it reminded him of how he felt and the joy he experienced when Doctor Tom took his temperature. Both scents and tastes appealed to him.. to his IPP? He was confused.
The next day when they were alone, Ben and his sister resumed the IPP therapy. Ben stripped and slowly played with himself while Samantha watched, gauging his interest and arousal as she described his next IPP step. She altered and catered her plan according to what seemed to most both arouse and embarrass her brother. She knew long ago that arousal and humiliation went hand in hand for Ben.
Ben’s bedroom door and windows were closed, so soon the room began to get that seminal semen-al smell which soon had its effect on Ben and he got closer still to his IPP. Samantha held her brother’s other hand while she explained how the next exercise would work.
“ Ben, I’m going to apply make-up on you and dress you so you look like a girl in her early teens. But the rest is up to you. For one thing you are going to have to speak in a falsetto voice and say as little as possible; giggle a lot. Guys love a fun-loving but dumb girl. Find a group of guys at the mall ( 3 or 4 at least ) and use all your latent panty-pussy charms to flirt and get them excited.. but not too excited. You have to figure out the strategy and tactics of this for yourself, but the goal is sort of like your last visit to Patty’s garage and oral exam with Doctor Tom.”
At the mere mention of that incident Ben’s cock rose and cream oozed out. His breathing grew heavy and his face flushed.
“ You might want to try this line,” Samantha said. “ Could you boys help me out? My sorority rules say I have to learn how to give a perfect blow job before even applying for initiation. And I’ve never done it before. My daddy always says ‘practice makes perfect’, so could you boys help me practice giving blow jobs? Please…?”
By the time Samantha finished her sentence, Ben was reaching climax.. when his sister mimicked a pouty-lipped ‘ Please....? ‘, Ben shot his wad his wad into his hand.
“ I guess that will work,” said Samantha as she scooped up hr brother’s cum and fed it to his nostrils and tongue.. then whispered in her ear, ‘ Bad boy, Ben. That was quite a mess. I think you need a spanking, don’t you?” Ben just nodded and went over his sister’s lap for 20 of the finest.
Samantha was pleased; after a half-hour of cosmetic and dress-up magic, Ben looked like a hot little number. She had him practice his falsetto and how to walk like a girl. By 3 p.m. he was ready to crawl the mall and turn falsetto into fellatio. Samantha’s logic went something like this: Ben became his true self the first time in Patty’s garage. But instead of embracing it, he had suppressed it. Now he must engage it ( his IPP ) with active-passive therapy by flagrantly flaunting his panty-pussiness before boys only slightly older than he.. and must give blow-jobs to several boys at one time to better establish his previously repressed IPP.
This was a challenge Ben felt up to ( in more ways than one ) and the more he imagined himself doing it, the more confident and hornier he got. Dressed to the nines with his stiff cock neatly tucked away, Ben made his way to the shopping mall. The trip there by bus was a good early test of his gender disguise. He hip swayed and lash fluttered at a few older men and was surprised at how well they responded. Maybe he could pull this off. As well, he realized, he was enjoying turning heads and maybe even raising hopes and more carnal parts of his fellow bus riders.
At the mall it didn’t take long to find a group of high school boys hanging out at the i-tunes store. Ben set the scene by pretending to not know anything about the communications gadgetry and, like a helpless female, asked the five boys there to help her out. Soon the guys were in a circle around Ben and he flirted shamelessly with quick ‘accidental’ strokes of his fingernail polished hands against their bulging pant fronts. They got the message soon enough and suggested they go for a coke and bite to eat at the food court in the mall. Fluttering his eyelashes, Ben cooed, “ Oh I’d love to have some cock with you boys but I promise not to bite….. too much ( giggle )” Subtle he was not. Ben and his horny entourage headed towards the food court but Ben took them aside by the public bathrooms and told them of ‘her’ dilemma just as he had rehearsed with Samantha.
The guys didn’t believe it at first and figured ‘she’ must be a prostitute or a police set-up. But one boy was adventurous and asked, “ Okay sister.. are you offering to give each of us blow jobs here.. or in your car.. and you don’t look old enough to drive.. so what gives.. and how much? “
Ben figured out what the lad was worried about and he decided to play up on that. “ How much.. Gee boys, I don’t have much money.. but if you’ll help me out.. help me practice my blow jobs, I’ll give you each five dollars… sorry, I don’t have any more than that.”
That was enough to convince them and they quickly sneaked into the men’s bathroom, put Ben into the handicap toilet stall and each took turns ‘ going ‘. Ben sat on the toilet seat with a boy standing facing her, Each time was the same: Ben unzipped them, licked the full length of their growing shafts, pulled their balls free of underwear ( except one guy who had gone commando ) licked them, got the boys to cream then went to work sucking on their cock heads and finally bobbed his head up and down until they blew their loads into Ben’s mouth. He swallowed, of course.
Ben left the mall feeling much closer to his IPP. The thong he was wearing felt like a swamp and he could smell the scent of his desires rising through his panties and skirt. Back home Samantha was torn between elation and envy. Her plan had a flaw. She wasn’t able to witness Ben’s latest humiliation…. and worse, Ben wasn’t feeling bad about it. She figured the anonymity of it and the fact that the guys thought Ben was a girl made her brother feel protected and not embarrassed. She’d have to fix that. The next time Ben went down on a group of guys, he would be buck naked, clearly a boy and his IPP exercise would take place before clothed girls… with cameras.
Chapter 8
The next day was a Saturday, so Ben’s parents were home all day. Samantha had to arrange with her friend Patty to use their family garage instead for what would be Ben’s ultimate test, Ben would bare all in every sense of the word!
Samantha explained to her brother that his costume, disguising his identity and even his gender was a crutch; at once an aid to help him realize his IPP, but also a barrier to his total acceptance. What Ben needed to do was publicly and dramatically acknowledge his journey. And he could do that tonight at a special High School sorority meeting that patty was calling. Ben already knew that Patty’s older cousin was a junior in the local high school, so it made sense. Samantha would be there with Ben to embolden him and make sure he went through with the initiation he would undertake. Patty was designing the secret pledge ritual this year so no one but she would know what to expect. But Samantha had been assured it would be perfect for Ben.
“ But I’m not a girl, Sam. How can I pledge a real sorority?” Ben was having his doubts.
“ You won’t be a real member, silly; just an associate member.. a pussy-panty partner. But the thing is, once you pledge and we capture all your initiation tasks on our cell phones and vid-cams, that Maggie bitch from down under won’t have a thing on you. You’ll have pre-empted her nasty blackmail scheme and she won’t be able to hold anything over your head again. Ben, you will be free to be who you are… unafraid and unashamed.”

Ben was still unsure; there was something in his sister’s logic that just didn’t add up. But he was deathly afraid of what Maggie could do if she had the upper hand, so he was willing to go along and follow his sister’s orders.
Of course Samantha had divulged her plans to Patty who really did have to make all the arrangement. There were texting invites to send out, lists to devise and especially photos to print off and have ready to send via e-mail. This would be incredibly embarrassing. For one thing, the other day when Ben was stripped and blindfolded, Patty had taken several cell-photos of his going down on naked Samantha and all her nude girl friends. There was no evidence of Ben sucking off guys, of course, but this oral sexploit would be humiliating enough. And there were those screen pictures ‘Maggie’ took of Ben dancing around in Samantha’s thong.
Samantha had planned to make this a multi-media / multi-tasking sort of pledge, with blown-up photos of Ben’s humiliation PLUS a live presentation of just how much a panty-pussy Ben really is. At least a dozen boys and girls from grades 7 through 11 would be present to witness his initiation; she thought of it as coming off like this:
Ben would be introduced as a sorority associate applicant
He would be told to strip naked and show off his smooth body
He would stand with legs apart and hands atop his head
Large photos of him in thong and bra would be displayed on a computer screen along with video of him doing his IPP cheer
Then he would be told to bend over and receive his initiation spanking with a ping-pong paddle until his buttock cheeks were fire-engine red.
He’d be kept in that position ( bent from the waist ) as his lips and ass crack were lubed up with Vaseline.
Then Ben himself would invite all the boys to double up and take him in tandem, fucking the mouth and ass hole of the new sorority initiate.
Samantha worked out the initiation details and left the ritual pomp and proceedings to Patty who now had sole control and possession of all those embarrassing photos. Patty had insisted Samantha delete everything incriminating from her lap-top and leave all that work to her. Patty already had the cell-phone images, she just needed what ‘ Maggie’ had taken. Samantha, Patty said, could just relax and enjoy the evening and leave everything to her.
Patty’s parents were going out to a party and wouldn’t be home until after midnight, so Patty had the whole house to herself. Another kind of party would betaking place there. At nine o’clock guests to the sorority party started to arrive. By 9:30 there were over 30 kids, mostly girls but about a dozen boys, enjoying the music snacks and soft drinks. It really did resemble a high school sorority do.
Patty dimmed the light and turned off the music to get everyone’s attention.
“ Guys!! Quiet please. On behalf of Omega Mu Gamma I have an announcement to make. As most of you know, tonight we will be accepting into our sorority an associate member who, for reasons which will become obvious, is not normally allowed in a full sorority sister.”
Samantha was smirking from ear to ear and looking at her brother who was across the room and looking rather sheepish. His sister had brought him to the brink and soon, she was sure, he would be publicly humiliated. Her thoughts were interrupted just then when her cell phone buzzed indicating a text message. She missed part of Patty’s speech as she read the text which was short but to the point: ‘ Do it or else..” What? She had no idea what this was all about, so she just ignored it and turned her attention back to Patty.
“ Our Associate pledge tonight,” Patty was saying “ has been briefed on what’s expected, so please form a circle so task can be seen by all. We will begin the ceremony in about ten minutes but first I want to describe what will happen.
First, our pledge will strip naked and all clothing will be tossed away.
Second, the pledge will remain standing with legs apart and hands atop the head.
Third, the pledge will bend over from the waist and receive initiation smacks from a ping-pong paddle, enough to redden the buttocks ( about 40 or 50 )
And Fourth, still in the bent over position, the pledge will invite all the boys to take turns in tandem… that is, two at a time having sex with the pledge with one cock in the pledge’s mouth and one cock up the pledge’s ass hole. All boys will get a chance to fill both holes before the initiation is over. ( Condoms for rear entry are mandatory, but no condom allowed for oral entry. )
Samantha was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Patty had arranged things perfectly. But Samantha was wondering when the video and photo display would happen. Just then she got a tap on the shoulder. It was Ben who whispered in her ear, “ I think you better check your e-mail on your i-phone, sis.” And then he faded back into the dark. Samantha knew she had at least five minutes before the initiation began so she checked the message It was the same as before but with several attachments. The body of the text read ‘ Do it or else.” The photo attachments made everything clear. Image after image showed Samantha naked with some boy’s head in her crotch, eating her out. The close-ups of Samantha’s face showed she was obviously loving it. A second e-mail arrived as her was looking at the first. This second one was more specific: “ If you don’t want these photos plastered all over the Community Center AND e-mailed to every boy in your class and more, you will do as you are told,”
Samantha was in a daze. In the living room, all the boys and girls were standing in a circle. The room hushed as Patty called out the name of OMG’s new pledge, Miss Samantha Dover.

(The End)