A Visit With Aunty Brown

By Barry Roberts


Copyright 2011 by Barry Roberts, all rights reserved

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This is fantasy. In real life, this behavior would be illegal and harmful. This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of this should be attempted in real life. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now.
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 If truth be told, Jane Bronski had always enjoyed seeing her stepson in the nude. Although she suppressed any conscious acknowledgment of pedophilic tendencies, she never lost an opportunity to treat herself to a peek at his prepubescent body. After undressing him at bedtime an unusually long time would usually elapse while Billy waited naked and nervous for his pajamas to be put on. Mommy would scold if he tried to cover himself or avoid her gaze. Bath time was another occasion for indulging her secret needs. She would sit on the edge of the tub with Billy standing obediently naked, hands on his head, while she soaped and stroked him, tickling and teasing and paying special attention to his juvenile genitals and buttocks. She had been pleased and aroused when he began responding with erections and obvious sexual excitement at the age of three.
  Billy Bronski was a lively and slightly chubby fourteen-year-old with curly golden locks and the face and body of a cherub. But Billy's behavior had been anything but angelic recently and his mommy was worried. Billy seemed to be having the first awareness of his masculinity and the once compliant lad had become increasingly fractious. Billy's mommy fretted about it but nothing she did seemed to help. Then, one day, while pursuing her favorite pastime of surfing the internet, his mother came across a website called Petticoat Discipline Quarterly. It was unlike anything she had ever seen and advocated a very unusual method of disciplining male children that involved "petticoat punishment." The site contained its author's "manifesto" as well as correspondence from women who claimed to have employed this method to correct the bad behavior of male children in their charge. There were also some rather provocative images of humiliated boys being petticoated and shamed in front of ladies. Mrs Bronski suspected that most of the letters were fictitious but she experienced a strange excitement while exploring the site.
A further search of the internet was rewarded with several references to this subject and links to sites where it was discussed and promoted. The mortification of being dressed in shorty nighties and baby frocks, it was argued, will cause the miscreant male child to adopt a docile and submissive attitude and to refrain from any sort of naughty behavior which might make him conspicuous. Billy's step-mommy became even more enthusiastic when she read that the garments involved should be not only ostentatiously feminine but sufficiently scanty to result in the kind of humiliating exposure that led to her arousal.
Over the next several days she became more and more obsessed with the idea of petticoating Billy and visited the PDQ Website several more times, perusing the archives and reading excerpts from now defunct publications like “Madame” that were dedicated to the topic of subjecting hapless men and boys to the mortification of petticoat discipline.
The next day Jane Bronski paid a visit to her good friend Alice Brown , a 50-something spinster and an expert dressmaker. Over coffee she laid out her plan, hoping that Alice would not find it too strange and be put off. She needn't have worried because Alice was extremely interested and enthusiastic. Jane was surprised to learn that Alice, although without children of her own, had only last year cared for her 12-year-old nephew Alex, while his parents were doing missionary work in Outer Mongolia, or maybe it was Inner Mongolia, Alice could never remember. Anyway, Alex had been a disciplinary problem and Alice had been forced to be very strict with him. Alex's parents had given her express permission to employ corporal punishment and it had been necessary to administer it in the form of frequent spankings.
Jane did her best to control her emotions as Alice recalled Alex's punishments. He was small for his age, easy to control physically and Alice who was quite a physical specimen had no trouble lowering his jeans and underpants and throwing him across her knees for a vigorous application of the strap to his bare bottom. Alex was unable to remain stoic as the strokes were applied to his squirming buttocks and was soon bawling and blubbering like a baby as his reddening hips and thighs squirmed and bounced in her lap. When it was over a hiccuping and hyperventilating Alex was sent to the naughty corner with his jeans and underpants around his ankles and his shirt tail held up under his armpits.
After hearing this story, Jane Bronski was sure she had found an ally and a soulmate. Petticoating outfits were to be made. Jane bought material and Alice would do the sewing but first Billy had to have a fitting.
(The rest of the story is told from Billy's point of view.)
I was puzzled when mommy told me we were to pay a visit to “Aunt Alice.” As far as I knew I had no aunts but I had been warned by Mommy to be on my best behavior and when we arrived I addressed Miss Brown as “Aunty” and tried to be polite and respectful. I had a hard time though concealing the fact that I was nervous and intimidated by this strange woman.
We sat down in the living room. Miss Brown brought in hot chocolate and we drank this beverage while the two women engaged in casual conversation. They had not been paying any attention to me but suddenly I was being told to get up and stand before them. And then, to my complete shock, I was being ordered by Aunty Brown to undress. I hesitated and she repeated her command.
“Do you understand what I am telling you?,” she barked.
“Yes Aunty,” I replied meekly and began removing my clothes. As I took off each garment I was instructed to fold it neatly and place it on the sideboard. My humiliation was intense and tears began to form. Mommy's response was immediate.
“If you blubber like a baby you will be treated like one.”
I did my best, although not very well I am afraid, to keep myself from dissolving into tears. When I had taken off everything except my underpants, Aunty Brown told me to pull the waistband of my briefs down in front and back to just above my private parts. Having done this I must have presented a perfectly ridiculous spectacle and I again felt hot tears ready to come.
It became obvious to me then that Aunty Brown was running the show. She fixed me with her dark eyes which caused me to lower mine to the floor. She now produced something like a long, thin cane and instructed me to turn. With the waistband of my briefs pulled down about half of my buttocks were displayed and at first I thought she intended to whip me but instead she tickled me there. The sensation was intense and I squirmed and almost lost my balance. I was told to turn again so that I faced her and the cane was now used to stimulate my penis through the briefs. To my horror, I began to become erect. The manipulation continued until my little organ was stiff and throbbing.
Mommy and Aunty Brown snickered and made humiliating remarks about its size. Although I had just turned 14, I had not yet entered puberty and my penis was still hairless and tiny. I hoped against hope that I would not be required to expose it completely but knew that I would not be spared this mortification. And then I was ordered to remove my briefs and stand before them naked. I finally broke down and succumbed to my shame and confusion.
A ruler was found and they measured me. Aunty Brown took the still stiffly turgid member between her fingers and Mommy held the ruler against it. It measured a puny 2 ΒΌ inches. “My goodness, Jane,” she remarked, “it's hardly bigger than a baby's.”
The size of my penis was a particularly sensitive subject for me as I had been teased and bullied about it at school. I was frequently the object of ridicule while exposed in the shower after PT. That was bad enough, but one day as I was on my way home several of the older boys dragged me into a vacant building and forced me to strip. For the next hour I was kept naked and in tears while they used me sexually. By the time I had recovered my composure and returned home it was nearly dark but I was too ashamed to tell Mommy what had really happened and made up a story about being kept after school. I began to have dreams about the incident. I would wake up in a sweat, and to my complete astonishment, with a throbbing erection! And now the humiliation of having my naked body subjected to such intimate scrutiny brought back memories of that terrible afternoon.
Aunty Brown completed the measurement of my penis and wrote down its length in a notebook along with the date. She commented to my mother that they would now be able to keep track of my “development” and I knew that meant that I would be subjected to this humiliating procedure again.
A tape measure was produced and measurements of the other parts of my body were taken. I was made to stand submissively with my hands on my head while the tape was applied to my waist, my legs, my hips and my chest. Once the measurements were taken and recorded Mommy and Aunty made me sit between them on the couch. They each took hold of one of my legs and pulled them up into their laps so that my thighs were widely spread and I was completely exposed. I had begun to lose my erection but being put into this shaming position between these two women made me go hard again. I didn't know why but I started to feel “funny” between my legs. Aunty and Mommy took turns playing with my penis and they started asking me embarrassing questions about sex and masturbation. Aunty took hold of my thing and asked me what it was. I was very embarrassed but I managed to say that it was my penis.
Aunty said that penises were what big boys had but because mine was so little and didn't have any big boy hair on it it was only a baby's penis and should be called a baby name. So they said that from now on my penis would be called a peepee and if I called it anything else I would be spanked on my bare bottom just like a naughty baby.
Aunty and Mommy kept me naked for the rest of the afternoon and they played with my peepee and kept it hard and sticking up and bouncing and jiggling. They laughed and teased and made me tell them how ashamed I was not to have a big boy penis but only a tiny little baby peepee. It made me so ashamed that I finally began to cry just like a baby and Aunty said I must be punished and they pulled their skirts way up and they made me lie across their bare legs with my little baby peepee sticking down between them and then they spanked my baby bottom and as I bawled and wiggled my baby peepee rubbed between their legs and even though the spanking hurt a lot I was getting very excited and I had a naughty spasm that felt sooooo good that I decided I wanted Mommy to bring me to Aunty Brown's house again real soon.

To Be Continued ...



(The End)