A Lousy Time

By Mike L

Copyright 2012 by Mike L, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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I feel the need to say from the start I always thought my mom was the best. It might not be cool for me as a 13 year old to say his mom is great but really she has totally been there for me even when dad died. That doesn’t mean she is perfect. I mean she has always been a psycho when it comes to being clean and bugs totally freak her out. She always kept our house so clean you could eat off the floor. Before she would even move into this trailer last year she had the whole thing practically gutted…new carpet, the whole place painted everything inside is new. On the outside it looks like the rest of these 20 year old trailers but inside ours is the best. And mom has continued to spoil me although we really can’t afford it anymore, so I am learning to ask for less.
She really has been great, well, that is until yesterday. School started about a week ago and it has been a warm week. All the cute girls in short shorts, girls in my old neighborhood never dressed like this, with cut off tops and bits of flesh showing everywhere…I have really been horny all day…all week! It is so hard to concentrate and even harder to get relief in our trailer, the walls are like paper thin.
When I got home from school yesterday, which was Friday, I was so excited that my mom was on the phone with our next store neighbor…Ms. B. She is my mom’s new best friend. Her name isn’t “B” that is what my mom calls her, her real name is some long polish name so she goes by Ms. B to us kids. She is a single mom, like my mom, but she has two daughters. Alice, the hottest piece of trailer trash in my wet dreams. She is a goddess in denim skirts and tight tank tops, thank you God for tank tops. Janie is her 11 year old brat sister who tries to act like she is 20, she tries to dress like it too. I am amazed at what her mother lets her wear. Even though she is an 11 year old brat who tries to boss me around, I still steal glances at her budding boobs, someday no doubt she will be a hottie just like her sister.
So anyway my mother is on the phone with Ms. B and they can talk forever. She is so distracted now was my chance to get a little relief in my room. “Ohhhh..…” I am so hard and so close.
 “Mickie!!!! Get out here!” my mother screams jarring me back to reality. She sounded really frantic more than mad…I was thinking the house is on fire or something. I painfully but quickly tuck my dripping self in my shorts and dash out of my room to see what was wrong. My mother is rambling on the phone as she is standing by the washing machine. No smoke, no tornado hitting the park…just my mom waving me to come to her with a piece of paper in her hand and a panic filled voice, she is still on the phone with Ms. B.
“Listen Honey, take off all of your clothes and put them in the washing machine… now!” She half yells, half whispers as she tries to act calm like she is trying not to lose her sanity. Only to me, she sounds like she has already lost her marbles….she hasn’t seen me naked in like a year.
“But mom….” I start.
“Thanks B, please come over I am not sure I can handle this.” She hangs up the phone.
“Mickie I don’t have time for your games right now…one of your dam classmates was sent home with lice today….I have to make sure you don’t have them or track them into this house right NOW!”
I am stunned, I just stand there… stunned, my thoughts numb.
“Mickie! NOW dam it!” my mother breaks into my dazed state (she never curses.) “If you think you are embarrassed now just wait and get stripped when Ms. B gets here….now throw your clothes in the wash and go jump in the shower NOW.”
I quickly strip…my little self is mostly soft again but still sticky. I hope my mom doesn’t notice. I dash into the hall bathroom, I hear the front door slam closed as I run not daring to look back. I don’t know what Ms. B has seen or not. Hopefully nothing.
My heart is pounding in my chest, my head is a mixed jumble of thoughts, less than a minute ago I was almost climaxing in my room now I am jumping in the shower, embarrassed to be seen by my mom and possibly even Ms. B. I am so freaked out about possibly having lice…my skin starts itching as I stand there waiting for hot water. This darn cheap trailer, in this F’n trailer park. I start to feel sorry for myself as I frantically scrub my hair and body. I am so proud and happy to have hair, on my arms and legs a little but mostly between my legs and under my arms. However right now alone in the bath they seem like new places lice might be hiding to invade my body.
My thoughts are interrupted by the click of the bathroom door and the rush of cool air flooding into the shower over the top of the curtain. In my rush I hadn’t locked the door no big deal my mom often comes in the bathroom and would take my dirty clothes and leave me new ones.
“Mom do you have new clothes for me?” I tentatively asked. I was worried she was mad at me…I felt guilty that she had to yell, I was embarrassed that she might know I was jerking off before.
“Shit kiddo, this room is like a sauna.” Ms. B laughingly yells.
“Where is my mom?” I ask, my voice cracking to add to my new sense of nervousness.
“She went to get you some special shampoo sweetie. I am here to prep you for your de-licing.”
She whips open the shower current. I squeal in surprise and cover my little self with my hands, my butt to the wall, my eyes wide in shock. Ms. B stares me down with a big smile.
She reaches over and turns off the shower.
“I…um… I can just wait for my mom to get back Ms. B.” I stammer my exposed flesh turning a deeper red having already been rubbed pink in my frantic washing.
“No I told your mom I would have you ready when she comes back.” She commanded “Now come over here and let me prep you.”
I try to back away but the shower is too shallow so I scoot to the far corner, my butt to the wall, my hands cupping my crotch. I half fall, half sit on the little ledge, where you can set a shampoo bottle or two.
“Mickie don’t give me any trouble little boy or I will tear you a new one…” Ms. B starts in a cold hard tone.
Just then in bounds little Janie, her pony tail bobbing behind her in a tight fitting white top, very short pink skirt and flip flops. “Here mom…I got everything you asked for.” She hands her mom a bar of soap, a pink razor and a tube of something.”
“Thanks Sweetie.”
“Can I help Mom?” Janie asks her mom in a sweat tone but the whole time her eyes are locked on my naked self, drinking in every inch, a sly little smile bowing her mouth.
“Not now Honey…go and get me my ruler from the drawer in the kitchen. Mickie here is about to get an introduction if he can’t start doing as he is told.” She responds her cold hard tone threatening me.
“Yes Mame.” Janie responds, her smile quickly lost to obedience as she dashes back out the door.
Turning to me with a stern hard look, Ms. B warns, “You have one more chance to come stand over here and let me get you ready before I tear you a new asshole.”
I am so not used to being threaten much less threaten with physical harm. My mother never hits me.
Fear wins out over my naked shame and I meekly stand before Ms. B. She rubs the cream from the tube up my legs. She forces my legs apart but lets me keep my hands covering my privates for which I am grateful. She turns me around. My naked butt is now available for her view; my ears and cheeks are so red they feel warm to me, I am so humiliated. I now feel her rub the cream on my butt and up my back.
“Here mom,” Janie returns, I can’t see her but I assume she now has the ruler.
“Thank you Sweetie. Just set it on the sink.” Ms. B. responds.
I am hoping Janie will leave or Ms. B will send her away but I hear nothing and can only assume she is seeing my naked butt too.
Ms. B finished my back, shoulders and neck. With my back still facing her, Ms. B tugs on my forearms and commands, “Mickie dear I need you to do your arms and your arm pits, raise them up high for me.”
She pulls my arms up high over my head. I am shivering from the chill of cool air filling my once warm shower but also from the fear of being so exposed. My legs are starting to tingle at first I think it is just my shame and fear but then I realize it is actually the cream starting to warm on my skin.
Before I can ask any questions, Ms. B swings me around by my wrists. I am now on full frontal display for Ms. B and sitting right there on the counter is a smiling Janie swing her bare legs.
My mouth opens in shock I meant to protest but the heat on my body is growing.
“Ms. B my legs are starting to burn.” I whine and feel tears in my eyes. The pain is not that bad but the whole situation has reduced me to tears. I had never experience such humiliation in my whole young life.  Ms. B puts my hands on the bar for the shower curtain and quickly rubs cream in my chest and stomach but doesn’t touch my exposed little self.
“OK dear I will rinse the cream off before it burns you.” Ms. B responds as she takes down the shower hose and blasts my legs with water. It was cold but I didn’t care it was relief. Ms. B turns me around and starts on my back. I start to cover myself with my hands when Ms. B stops me.
“No Mickie you don’t want any of that cream on your little dickie, it will burn you something aweful.” She warns me.
It is then that I look down at the water at my feet and see in horror that my newly acquired body hair is running down the drain. My heart sinks and my shame begins to well up into anger. How dare this bitch do this to me. She swings me around and rinses off the last of my body hair from under my arms. She rinses my chest but I didn’t really have any there. She is now fully spraying my crotch area.
“Don’t want any cream to gather down here now do we baby.” She laughs. Janie giggles and is fully looking me over.
“I am not a baby.” I yell back in my new found anger.
“Listen here little boy. I am doing you and your mother a favor, watch that tone with me. I have already been too easy on you because you aren’t my little boy or I would have whipped you already. Come over here and let me shave your little dickie and you had better hold still so I don’t cut you.” She threatens.
“It is so small you don’t want me to cut it off by accident do you.” She teases and little Janie giggles yet again.
I think she was hoping to embarrass me back into submission but I was so angry I wasn’t thinking strait any more.
“No you dumb bitch, get the fuck away from me. Don’t fucking touch me or I’ll cut your fucking tits off. Get the fuck away from me, you fucking cunt.” (Honestly I was so angry I don’t remember what I said exactly. I know I threatened to cut her tits off and called her the “b” word several times. I doubt what I said made this much sense. I had heard another boy threaten to cut a girl’s tits off at school to another boy. I guess that is why I said that.)
I had never used some of those words out loud before and certainly I had never so such as said “dam” or “hell” in front of my mother or another adult.
I mention my mother because of course this is exactly when she walks into the bathroom. Her eyes open wide and her jaw dropped.
“Mickie?!” she asked in shock and surprise as if there must be some other boy in the room speaking like that.
My anger faded in that moment and I was now just as shocked at myself, my little cold naked self shivering in the half second of silence that followed. That is before the wrath of Ms. B and her wooden ruler taught me a new kind of pain across my wet pink little ass.
She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down over her lap as she sat down on the closed toilet seat. My feet still dangled in the tub while my head swung down the side of the toilet seat just missing hitting the counter. I would have hit Janie’s knees if she didn’t separate them as my head swung by. I got a clear but quick shot right up her skirt….no panties…her little mound had hair on it but it was thin enough that I could make out her slit. I had never seen a pussy before and it looked like a pink little muffin to me with a slit across the top. I will never forget the look of it but my mind was distracted from what I had just seen to focus instead on my ass sticking up in the air as I laid naked across Ms. B’s lap.
I remember being embarrassed for being naked, for not being a ‘man’ and being so easily physically over powered by a woman but I was also embarrassed by my mom…she just kept apologizing to Ms. B for my behavior. It was like I was the bad child and she was a bad mom while Ms. B and her slut daughters were somehow the model. My mother was ten times better than this witch but yet here I was over her lap for being so stupid.
“Wack.” I heard the sound before the deep pain seared into my ass.
“THWACK.” Even harder and louder the hits came. I so wanted to take it like a man, I didn’t want to cry but the pain was too much. Before too long I was crying like a baby. I was promising to behave, I was sorry for what I said, I would never speak that way again, I would do whatever I was told.
Finally the hits had stopped but the pain and tears went on for a while. My mom and Ms. B helped me up. I got a second glimpse up Janie’s skirt before I looked into her puppy dog pity eyes, she mockingly gave me with a half a smile. Did she know I had just seen her little cuny?
I was defeated and so they easily laid me in the tub with my legs wide spread, dangling out of the tube this time. The hard tub wasn’t comfortable my any stretch but the cold wetness soothed my bottom some.  Ms. B soaped up my balls and penis and the hair just above it with the bar of soap she brought, it smelled liked flowers.
Ms. B told my mom it helped avoid razor burn. “You don’t want razor burn on your little dickie do you Mickie?”
Janie giggled. My mom instructed me to thank Ms. B.
“Thank you.” I mumbled.
Ms. B patted my leg and bent into shave away the last of my manhood. All the soaping up and now her hand on my leg. I could feel myself starting to get hard. To be clear I wasn’t turned on but no doubt I was getting hard. I tried to will myself to stop which only seem to make me harder faster. I didn’t think I could be any more embarrassed I was wrong.
“Mickie!?” my mother commented in shocked embarrassment.
“Little boys can’t help it, can they Mickie? It is OK it makes shaving easier…’ Ms. B defended me which only added to my feelings of shame.
Ms. B asked my mom to hold my stiffy out of the way. It was so akward to watch my mom tentatively hold my little self, her blushing only made me feel worse. I didn’t think this could get any worse until my mom proved me so wrong yet again.
“Janie come over here and help your mom finish up I am going to go read the direction for the flea shampoo…” commands my mom as she quickly leaves me in the hands of our neighbors. I feel so abandoned by my mom...like she has thrown me under the bus or in this case into the hands of my wicked neighbors and 11 year old Janie in particular.
Janie was only too eager to help her mom. Only Janie didn’t kneel next to her mother instead she sat on the edge of the tub with one foot in the tub. Her little painted toes pushed up into my arm pit. I guess she abandon her flip flop on the bathroom floor. I wanted to complain but felt too foolish as she was now doing me and my mom a favor because my own mother was too squeamish. It forced my arm up and away from my body adding to my feeling of exposure. And speaking of exposure, Janie’s knee was pointed down and sort right at my ear. It was an easy view right up her skirt I knew it without looking. Because I wasn’t looking, I was afraid of being caught. I was also nervous about the lady wielding a blade around my balls.
Oh hell I could not keep from peaking at the mostly smooth mound with a few sparse hairs that was Janie’s cunt. Janie mean while had my stiffy in one hand pinned up again my stomach and the other hand was smoothing out my ball sack so her mom could shave a flat section of it at a time. Janie and her mom mostly talk to each other about what they were doing but Janie was stealling glimpse at me and giving me a rye smile. She was also not just hold my stiffy but was ever so slightly gripping it and releasing it.
At one point she gripped extra hard which drew my eyes to her…She told me without a word she had just caught me looking at her little pussy. I didn’t think I could blush any more but I felt my face grow hotter still.
Ms. B finished up and as she stood up and walked out the room she said, “Janie be a dear and rise him while I go find his mom and have a smoke.”
“Sure Mom.” Replied Janie to her already out of sight mom.
Before I could move, Janie moved herself on to the edge of the tub between my out stretched legs but instead of straddling it like before she turned in and faced me. One painted foot on each of my upper arms pinning them as it were.
She now earnestly had my stiffy and newly shaven balls in her hands knead them. “I saw you looking up my skirt Mickie….I could get you in real trouble you naughty little boy.” She playful whispers.
It is all been too much for me I am instantly leaking and so about to explode.
“Ahh….” I scream. Only I am not coming like I so badly need. Instead I am screaming from the blast of cold water as Janie quickly blasted me with cold water from the shower hose…..
My only consolation is as I scramble to my feet while being blasted is that Janie was getting pretty wet as well. We both can’t help but laugh. It felt good to laugh.
As we stop, I notice her breast are so much easier to see through her wet top, for the first time today some else blushes with me. When she directs me to move this way and that so she can rinse me I comply. The water is no longer freezing. We hear our mom’s coming, Janie grabs a towel and covers herself while drying herself.
My mom is now officially more embarrassing than my own naked little self. She is clothed from head to toe. She is wearing a plastic shower cap, a rain coat, rubber gloves, jeans and boots.
“I can handle the rest of this thank you Ladies.” my mom attempts to show her bravery by dismissing her help although her tone is less convincing than I think she meant to convey.
“You sure? Janie and I don’t mind helping.” Ms. B offers. For the first time I am actually hoping they stay.
But my mom is determined to prove herself after abandoning me earlier.
Janie and Ms. B give me a sympathetic look as they leave.
Now just to remind you my skin at this point has been through a lot. I first scrubbed myself pretty good. Ms. B then burned the hair off my entire body with some wicked chemicals. Then Janie cold water blasted me after nearly bring me to the edge of coming. And speaking of my privates areas..I had rubbed myself to the near point of coming in my room, followed by the worst and only spanking of my life up to that point, then Ms. B aroused me and Janie tortured me to near coming. Bottom line I am feeling pretty raw that this point. So when my mom’s rubber gloved hands with RIDX shampoo started in on me I pretty sensitive and tender.
I am not sure exactly why my mother started with my privates, what it is show her control and authority over me? Was it to get that part done first? I don’t know, but there I stood with my mom in rubber gloves massaging my tender balls and dickie with RIDX and sure enough I pull another stiffy. Somehow now without an audience it seems worse. I can’t say it felt good and it didn’t bring me close but it did, to my chagrin, make me very hard, actually as hard as ever. I guess all the denial was getting to me.
After my whole body was covered in lice shampoo. I was physically worn out and emotionally drained. Mom set an egg timer and left the room. I thought I would be left alone until the timer was done or at least nearly done. I was surprised me when she came right back into the bathroom with a tube and a plastic container with liquid, it looked like an old fashion hot water bottle. I had never had an enema before. So I was confused when mom told me to get on all fours in the tub and lean my head down. I closed my eyes, I was so tired I think I might have fallen asleep if left alone. But I wasn’t left alone. Next thing I know I feel something cold and wet pushing into my asshole. It happened so fast the nozzle on the end of tube which I didn’t notice before was now half way in my ass before I contracted tightly around it trying to push it out to no avail. My mom waited a moment and shoved it in the rest of the way when my butt relaxed after having tried to push the offending object out. I just grunted at the invasion.
“Mom?” I started to ask.
“I am giving you a cleaning out in your bottom dear….it won’t hurt and we can be sure no lice get up there and lay eggs.” Mom answered my unfinished question.
Lice eggs in my ass! I didn’t know if that was possible, I did know the idea freaked me out I was just thankful to know that this would make sure it wasn’t happening to me. I was ready to be very compliant.  As my mom adjusted the nozzle in my ass a jolt of pleasure surged through my body. The shampoo which had been starting to dry on skin was now mixing with a sheen of sweat that quickly began to cover me. As I started to feel the liquid fill into my body a warm wave of emotion flowed through me and the nozzle my mother kept moving around was causing me jolts through my whole body. I had never felt anything like this before. I was quickly flush and my body was tingling when suddenly, my little dickie was exploding, rocking my whole body. Cum splattered onto the tube and sprayed back up on to me. It hit me in the face and all over my chest and arms. The release was so intense I didn’t care at the moment I didn’t feel embarrassed at my mother being there. At that moment nothing existed but me and most especially my erupting little member. I would be embarrassed later thinking about my mom being there but at that moment all thought was gone other than the feeling of the rushing of pleasure; that was my greatest climax ever so far. My mom held me up from falling over, she was speaking but I really couldn’t make out what she was saying. Her tone was soothing though and I vaguely recall it included the phrase “Like father like son…”
Next I felt so tired my mom rinsed me off as I struggle to kneel there. Before I knew it my mom was helping me up and over the toilet she helped me sit-up as waves of disgusting liquid flushed out of me….it smelt horrible and I was half asleep half but also half filled with relief….the lice nest if they were up my ass were now surely gone. Mom cleaned me up and took my naked and still damp body to the couch in the living room where I feel asleep before she even finish covering me with a cool soft sheet.
When I woke it was dark outside but the glow of the lamp filled the trailer and laughing voices filled the air. Voices! Laughing coming from more than my mom. Who was here? They were right over there at the kitchen table. It was female voices. And here I lay naked thank god for this sheet.
I recognized the voices…it was Ms. B, Janie….oh shit…Alice was here too…..I just needed to stay wrapped up in this blanket and get down the hall to my room. My stomach rumbled, despite everything the pizza from the kitchen smelled great. I would get dressed and join them for pizza….and hopefully leave this crazy day behind me.
I was a couple to steps down the hallway closer to my door when my mom called, “Hey Honey come and have some pizza.” Her soft voice, all filled with concern like she was back to being my normal mom. Her tone was a relief to me.
“I am just going to go put on some clothes.” I start to respond.
“No I said come over to the table and eat…” Her voice cold and demanding…..Alice jumps up and comes over to get me…I assume at her mother’s request.
Bounding over, she grabs my arm and pulls me to the table, “Your room is out of bounds Kido…” She ushers me to the table in my make shift toga. Alice wasn’t rough or anything….nothing seemed rough about Alice she was all curve and perfume which over powered the smell of pizza like she over powered my will.
I sat down next to her and Janie on the other side….mom and Ms. B across from us.  
Then I got embarrassed again. Alice served me a slice of pizza while sat there in a sheet. It was hard to eat while trying to hold up the sheet to cover me. Janie grabbed my sheet and pulled it down off my shoulders and tucked it into my lap. Now I could eat with free hands…I was just topless with a sheet as a skirt. Normally I wouldn’t care about not wearing shirt…I wish I was more muscular for sure but hey I at least had hair on my arms and underthem….now my skin felt so smooth and soft not to mention, I could feel the slightest breeze. I felt so much more naked than just a guy without shirt.
No one spoke at first…I felt so on display as every one watched me eat. Finally I mustered up the courage and asked in my politest tone, “Mom can I please go and get dressed?”
My mom sighed like she didn’t know where to begin.
“Listen Mickie, don’t freak out but all your clothes are out to be steamed cleaned and your bed room is being bombed to kill lice.” Ms. B answered for my mom...
Janie giggled as the reality of my situation sunk in. “But um…well….what am I going to wear?”
“The best I can come up with is this t-shirt of mine…it is over sized so it should just about cover you like a mini dress.” Mom answered.
It was an ordinary cut white t-shirt, which I should have been thankful for…most on my mom’s stuff is cut like a girl’s clothes. The front of the t-shirt however had a big pink ribbon on with the words, “Breast Cancer Awareness Walk” in Bold pink letters.
My mom no doubt saw the look of horror on my face as she held it up for me and responded “Don’t give me that look it is better than going around in the buff which is your second choice.”
Alice ruffles my hair as she stands up and says, “Hey all the girl’s will think it’s cool that a tuff guy like you cares about breast cancer. It takes a real man to wear this kind of shirt.”
She takes the shirt from my mom and pulls it over my head and helps me get dressed not like a real man but like a real little kid….to make matters worse Janie helps me with the arm on her side as Alice pulls away the sheet. I am briefly bottomless while I quickly move to pull the shirt down and pull my seat back in. I don’t want to think about whether Alice saw me. If she did she didn’t seem to care which would be even worse…so I didn’t even let my mind go there. The shirt doesn’t even go half way down my thigh.
“Thanks Girls.” My mom smiles at both of them and me. I just blush.
Janie adds a prideful “You’re welcome.”
While Alice says, “No Problem…. Oh Mom, is it OK if I split?” “Go have fun and thanks for tomorrow.” Ms. B anwers.
“See you all tomorrow….” Alice leaves with a smile and a wink at me. (Sigh)
“I should head out too. I have to work tonight.” Ms. B gets up to leave. Janie runs around to give her a hug good bye.
“Be good over here tonight and help with Mickie…Ok?” Ms B commands her daughter.
“Yes Momma.” Janie answers. It is only then that I realize Janie is in night shirt.
“Thanks again.” Ms. B says to my mom.
“It is the least I can do since Alice is going to watch Mickie tomorrow. You sure I can’t pay her?” mom asks.
“No, don’t! You can’t afford it and besides Mickie will help with chores and it will all be even…right Mickie?”
“Um yeah sure I will.” I have no idea what they are talking about…I haven’t needed a baby sitter for some time now but it seemed impolite not to agree.
My mom gives Ms. B a grateful hug and she leaves.
As soon as the door closes though I plead with my mom, “Mom, what is she talking about? I don’t need a sitter? I stay home alone often when you work.”
“I know Mickie, I know and normally I am fine with you home alone…but honestly I don’t trust you to not go into your room and besides I feel a little weird leaving you home alone half naked. So tomorrow you are going to go over Janie’s house until I can come home with your clothes from the dry cleaners.”
She continues. “You are also going to be on your best behavior and be very helpful with chores….You just promised Ms. B. and you know she could tan your hide if you don’t behave.”
Janie Giggles. (Why do little girls giggle so much?)
“But why does Alice have to watch me?” I try a second time.
“Alice will be in charge in the morning until Ms. B wakes up from working the night shift and then Ms. B will be your baby sitter and I don’t want to hear another word about this if either Alice or Ms. B needs to whip you, so help me when I get home will wish you had never been born.” Mother ended the argument.
“Now I need to go to work early tomorrow, so I want to shower and get to bed. But first Mickie get over here and sit on the floor so that I can comb through your hair and make sure you don’t have any lice eggs.” I sat on the floor between my mother’s legs as she started to roughly combing, it hurt.
Janie offered to do it so my mom could go shower…I would never have wanted Janie to comb my hair but my mom was being so rough and seems so angry I was happy to have her leave the room.
The news quickly switched cartoons…and since Janie’s feet couldn’t reach the floor she wrapped her bare legs around my waist and rested her feet in my lap. I couldn’t see anything but it was obvious her JP’s with their ruffled edge were pushed way up and my head rested on them or was it just her panties behind my neck, or manybe even less…I couldn’t tell.
As her soft little hands ran the comb through my hair, she smelled of strawberries. I couldn’t help but remember the sight of her downy pussy earlier in the day. Between all of that and her feet in my lap, I started to feel myself getting hard. I so didn’t want to get hard. Janie must have realizes something was wrong my whole body became stiff and I started sweating a little. She ran her hand along the side of my face and whispered to me not to worry that she would be gentle.
I was relieved she didn’t know I was all hard under her feet. So I tried to play it off and told her that her feet in my lap weren’t comfortable. So instead she directed me to spread my feet out and she placed one foot on each of my out stretched legs.
My shirt was so short I would be visible to anyone in front of me but Janie was behind me with my head in the way. I was pretty sure she couldn’t see me and now she couldn’t accidentally rub her feet against me. It wasn’t perfect to be so spread eagle but at the moment it seemed the best option.
Unfortunately, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back into her lap. I was just enjoyed her combing my hair. When out of no where a shadow blocked the light from the TV and I felt a sudden pressure crushing my exposed balls. My eye’s popped open to see my mom glaring down at me in a towel.
“Janie are you done?” Mom asked in stern tone.
“Yes Mame.”
“Good, go clean up the pizza in the kitchen…Mickie will be in to help you in a moment.”
Janie scrambled out from behind me as my mom’s foot pressed down on balls. My stiffy was gripped between her toes as she glared down at me.
Once Janie was in the kitchen….”Just what do you think you are doing young man?” mom managed to quietly lecture me to add emphasis to her displeasure she increased her weight on my flattening eggs.
“Nothing….honest…” I yelped back.
“Honestly….she is just a little girl but she is the one being more grownup. No more of this do you understand me.” She wiggles my now soft little self to emphasis what she means and presses down harder on my balls.
My eyes tears and I feel like I could just about throw up when my mom releases me only to give a final swift little kick to emphasis her point. I roll on my side.
“Go help Janie and if I see you getting all hard around her again, I just might cut those little boys off you understand me?”
“Yes mame, “ I mutter as I struggle to my feet and stumble into the kitchen as much to get away from my mom’s feet as to comply with her demand to help Janie.
I am partly doubled over and am in little shape to help Janie but I try to start. I hear the hair dryer start and know my mom isn’t watching and feel it is safe to slump down on my knees to and cradle my bruised little balls.
Janie thankfully finishes without me and then helps me to the couch. She insists on seeing. I am so tender I don’t think I could have stopped her if I wanted…her touch was gentle and kind…..She left and came back with a bag of ice wrapped in a towel. She gently eases the ice around me.
I tearful and quietly thank her. She smiled and wiped my tears. She also wisely covered me with a blanket and moved over on the couch before my mom came back out.
Her stern look at me told me she was still not happy. But she was able to give Janie a sweet smile and a big thank you for cleaning up. She asked Janie if I help to which Janie lied and said that I had helped.  Mom then pulled cushions off the two chairs and lined them up and put a sheet around them and left a blanket and directed me to sleep there.
When she saw me move slowly and saw my ice pack she insisted on inspecting the damage. She didn’t seem to care about Janie seeing me. “Well I guess you learned your lesson but you will be fine sooner than you should if you ask me.”
Janie offer to give me the couch as she can see it is hard for me to get to the floor. Mom pronounces she doesn’t care where we sleep or how, clearly I wasn’t going to me a problem for anyone tonight. She left us with a wicked chuckle.
Janie decided she would spoon with me on the couch with her behind me. She helped hold the ice pack in place. I was asleep in no time. I was too tired and in too much discomfort to even be worried about the not so great that was sure to follow.


(The End)