A Judicial Caning

By Jack Jones

Copyright 2011 by Jack Jones, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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This story is fiction, although mostly based on actual facts.

I was brought up in South Africa during the sixties. One experience I never forget is a judicial caning I got when I was 13. Judicial canings for boys and teens was the normal sentence given by the courts there for juvenile offenders. The reason behind it was that it was not considered appropriate or convenient to send these young boys to prison or detention centres. Boys who were legible for these canings ordered by court was between 9 and 16.

My crime at the time was stealing a bike from a girl in another neighborhood. Anyway, after the juvenile court sentence, which included another 5 boys of different races for different minor crimes, we were taken downstairs to the court cells. The other boys were between 10 and 14 years old. We were told by two female officers to strip everything off inside the cell, then marched naked to the bathroom where we were told to relieve ourselves at the open urinal. "We don't want you boys making a mess on the floor while getting your bums slashed" said one of the female officers, with a grin on her face seeing our embarrassment at having to pee in front of them.

Then we were marched into a big cell where we were told to line up against the wall. And horror of horrors we could see that there were two benches on the other side of the wall facing us, on which sat about 10 women and girls, and two men. I knew immediately that these were the victims of the boys' crimes, the only spectators allowed in the room. I recognized the 12 year old girl from whom I stole the bike sitting next to her mother.

So there we were, six boys standing totally nude in front of a row of girls and women who wanted to see justice being done. Most of them had a smile and pleasure look on their face looking at us embarrassed nude boys. To make things worse some of us boys started to get erect while standing there waiting with nothing on. I noticed at least two other boys who were fully erect. It was probably because of the excitement and fear, and also the small breeze in the cell against our penis tips that caused the erections.

After nearly an hour standing there the doctor arrived and checked us all to see that we were fit for the caning. Then one by one we were tied to a small bench in the middle of the cell, with feet spread apart, and the caning started. One could see the upturned buttocks of the tied boy, as well as his balls between his spread legs.

The cane used for the punishment was a thin, long one which produced a burning sting with each stroke, and left slash lines along the boy's buttocks.

The boys reacted differently to the caning. Some just let out an agonizing sigh with each stroke, while others let out a scream as the cane slashed powerfully against their bare buttocks.

All the while the young girls and women watching were obviously enjoying this humiliating punishment of the boys. Altough some squirmed while seeing the boys buttocks getting slashed.

But definitely one of their most enjoyable moments was when the boy was untied after the caning and let loose, during which he would do a desperate spanking dance while holding his burning buttocks. Everyone could see his boy parts flopping and flying around during this hopping dance. Most of the girls and women giggled or laughed at this sight.

After this painful and humiliating ordeal we were allowed to dress up and go home.

After that experience I could never look in the face of any of those girls and women who were present if I came across them without flushing red in the face with embarrassment.


(The End)