Sibling Medical Exams
By Rachel Cummins
copyright 2004 by Rachel Cummins, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains
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Brian and Rachel Parker are adolescent shoplifters who are
sentenced to participate in the "NAKED TRUTH" program, an
alternative community program of nude punishment and public
humiliation.  This delicious Nudie Juvie story documents
their degrading experience.

Sibling Medical Exams
By Rachel Cummins

Judge Miranda Douglas shook her head in disappointment as
she presided over juvenile court.  This small southern
bible-thumping town had little pity for shoplifters.  Brian
Parker and his younger sister, Rachel, stood before her
pleading guilty to a theft in a local mall.  Brian who had
just turned 13 and was entering puberty, his tall willowy
figure topped with sandy drown hair, shifted nervously.
Rachel, age 11, had red hair and white skin.  Her delicious
pre-pubescent figure bore unmistakable signs of future

The middle-aged matron judge was inclined to make an example
of the two youngsters but for the pleadings of their widowed
mother.  A thirty day sentence in a juvenile detention
center was standard punishment, but there was an
alternative.  A community program called "NAKED TRUTH" had
been created by a local pediatrician, Prentice Sutherland,
MD. and his wife.

Judge Miranda Douglas peered down at the two forlorn
shoplifters.  Her thighs rubbed damply together as she
endeavored to explain the choice before Brian and Rachel.
They could choose the thirty day detention or a one day
session in the "NAKED TRUTH" program.  Miranda was confident
they would choose the punishment of lesser duration.  Brian
had heard whisperings about "NAKED TRUTH" and was quite sure
he and Rachel would not be allowed to wear any clothes, but
the temptation to get it over with in one day was great.
Rachel was totally clueless and went along with Brian's
decision, unaware of the humiliating loss of innocence she
was about to experience.

"I hereby sentence you both to the "NAKED TRUTH" program for
a period of one day," said Judge Douglas, unable to conceal
her glee.  "You will present yourselves at the Merleyville
Medical Building at 9 AM Thursday morning for a complete
physical examination by Dr. Prentice Sutherland and his
staff."  Miranda Douglas smiled wryly saying," I'll be there
too and you'd better obey every order they give you or
suffer the consequences."

The appointed day found the two apprehensive miscreants,
bathed and scrubbed clean and wearing fresh new clothes, at
the office door of Prentice Sutherland, pediatrician and
founder of "NAKED TRUTH".  Inside the waiting room were
Judge Douglas, the store manager whom the kids had stolen
from, the arresting officer in the case and even Rachel's
school principal, who had been in the store at the time of
the pilferage.  Rita Davis, the office receptionist was
making introductions to Dr. Sutherland, the 35-year-old
founder of "NAKED TRUTH" and his young wife, Jennifer.  The
room fell quiet as Brian and Rachel minced forward.  One
could almost hear their young hearts nearly beating out of
their chests in the chilling silence.

"Put them in room number two," said Jennifer Southland to
Rita.  The youthful culprits were whisked away without
uttering a word.

"Let me take you into the examination room ladies and
gentlemen," said Prentice Sutherland, taking Judge Douglas
by the arm.  There were whispers and small talk about what
they were about to see.  There was no way they could
anticipate the stunning eroticism that would unfold.

Inside room two, Rachel and Brian waited nervously chewing
their fingernails in silence.  The door swung open and in
walked Jennifer Sutherland, 22 year old wife of the doctor.
The attractive clip-haired blonde had helped her husband
design the "NAKED TRUTH" program.  She was excited that
Brian and Rachel were her first sibling examinees.  They
were both about to be examined naked in front of everybody.

"All right kids," said Jennifer, "Get your clothes off as
quick as you can.  Umm, Brian, take everything off, right
down to the skin."  Turning to Rachel she said, " You too,
young lady, take off everything you're wearing, umm except
your sneakers and socks.  Jennifer could hardly conceal a
giggle of inner satisfaction.  Rachel was wearing spotless
white sneakers and ankle socks.  The sudden decision to have
her leave them on would give the pre-teen redhead a look of
indescribable sensuality.  Blushing furiously, Brian fumbled
out of his clothes, bending to lower his briefs.  Rachel
looked on as her brother stepped out of his underpants.  It
was perhaps the first time she ever saw his nicely
circumcised penis.  Hanging below his nearly hairless crotch
were his walnut-sized testicles, his sac a becoming shade of

"Come on, strip as I told you," reminded Jennifer, tapping
the girl on the shoulder.  "Hurry up or I'll make big
brother undress you."

Rachel reasoned that if she obeyed quickly, things would go
easier, so within seconds she was finally stepping free of
her white panties.  Rachel had the white skin of a typical
redhead.  Jennifer noticed the girl's hairless mound first.
It was barely peach fuzz at age 11 and the child's pudenda
were puffy.  What little breasts she was showing jutted from
her bony ribcage, topped off with rosy nipplets.  Brian
couldn't help staring at his sister's nice ass, which he
found quite attractive too.

"Come on," urged Jennifer, "the doctor's waiting to examine
you."  The door opened and the two naked youngsters walked

The pitter-pat of Brian's bare feet preceded the squeaky
chatter of Rachel's rubber soled sneakers.  Brian bit his
lower lip as he noticed the small audience of onlookers
which included Judge Miranda Douglas.  Rachel, upon entering
and seeing the exam table and medical equipment, immediately
burst into unbridled sobbing.  Her small hands cupped in
front of her demurely.  

"Hands at your sides, honey," scolded Jennifer Sutherland.
"Don't cover yourself again," came an admonishment followed
by a swoosh as her palm connected with Rachel's left

"Oww," yelped the nude 11 year old, as she felt the sting of
the first of what were to become many, many spanks.  Rachel
Parker faced forward, her limpid eyes focused on Judge
Douglas's dangling high-heeled pump.  Across the room,
Prentice Sutherland already had Brian on a pediatric scale
facing the onlookers.  

"Jen," said the doctor, "Let's have those thermometers,
please."  Rachel and Brian were next made to bend over the
ends of the small pediatric exam table facing each other as
cold glass rectal thermometers were pushed up their tiny
heinie holes.  The two unhappy children looked stoically at
each other's embarrassed expressions as the thermometers
were withdrawn from their youthful bottoms.   Dr Sutherland
rolled his stool to Brian's rear saying, "Stay as you are,
young man."  Then turning to his wife he said, "Jen, let's
have the girl's shoes off.  The examination is naked after
all."  Jennifer, smiling, pulled on Rachel's arm and led her
to the exam table next to Brian's.  Rachel nervously sat as
Jennifer knelt and slowly removed each sinewy shoelace from
their eyelets. Aware that all eyes were on the naked girl,
Jennifer pulled the sneakers off and pulled each sock down
past Rachel's heels.  Smiling impishly at the group, she
next tugged off each little sock by the toe end until
Rachel's shapely feet were bare.  A rustle of seated
spectators could be heard as the 11 year old girl's
undressing was completed.  Jennifer raised one foot and put
the girl's toes to within an inch of her nose and inhaled
softly adding to the sexual tension she was creating.
Rachel's principal, Joe Hadley, could feel his cock
hardening as he watched his little naked student sitting
there pretty as could be.   Miranda Douglas felt a twitch of
sexual hunger between her legs as she imagined her own nose
smelling Rachel's big pretty feet.

Again attention was returned to Brian who remained bent
over.  His firm round buttocks faced the assembly of
grinning onlookers.  Prentice Sutherland asked, "Brian, when
you masturbate, do you have wet cums?"

"Yea," uttered the boy.

"Would you like to masturbate for the judge," asked the

"No, no, I couldn't," sputtered the embarrassed boy.

"Jennifer, hand me a paddle," said the doctor calmly.  Both
she and the doctor held thin wooden paddles drilled with
holes.  The doctor smacked the boy's ass and his wife
followed in repetitive order.  Brian screamed bloody murder
as he raised each foot alternately, the stinging paddles
branding his white cheeks.

"Stop, p-please, I'll do it," agreed the boy.

"You'll do what?" asked the doctor.

"I'll m-masturbate " responded Brian.


"I'll masturbate my dick for the judge," answered Brian.
Judge Douglas smiled at the situation.  

"Stand up, Brian, and face the judge," said the doctor.
"Spread your feet, good, now start stroking your meat with
just your index finger and thumb."  The naked boy picked up
his thin drooping penis as instructed.  "Stroke yourself
from base to tip," came further directions.  Everyone
watched as 13 year old Brian Parker sexually aroused
himself.  The boy could feel his semen bubbling in his ever-
tightening balls.  "Stand sideways so they can see how far
you squirt," instructed the doctor.  Brian stroked faster
and immediately felt a few drops of pre-cum dribble from his
purple crown and splash on the floor between his wide spread
feet.  A second later, everyone saw as the jerking lad
raised up on his toes and thrust his firm hips in an
unmistakable fucking motion.  Instantly he began spewing cum
in long, stringy spurts, four, five, six times, until he
rocked back on his heels and released his spent dick.  

A sigh of relief and satisfaction rose from the gathered
spectators who, again, rustled furtively in their chairs.
The doctor rolled his stool behind Brian and ran his fingers
down the boy's back to the top of his ass crack.  "Nice
job," congratulated the doctor, steadying the boy.  "Now
then, Brian and Rachel, I want you both to get on your hands
and knees facing each other."  Bewildered, the siblings
knelt.  "Now I want this floor cleaned up using just your
tongues; start licking."  The thought of licking her
brother's boy-cum revolted Rachel and she refused.  Brian on
the other hand, wisely thinking refusal would mean further
ass whipping, bowed his head and licked a gob of cum off the

"Jen," spoke Prentice Sutherland impatiently, "Help me get
this little brat over my lap."  Every mouth went agape as
Jennifer lifted Rachel and pushed the sobbing penitent face
down onto her husband's lap.  The naked girl's shapely young
ass faced the excited audience.  Jennifer knelt in front of
Rachel and held the girl's wrists outstretched while
taunting the child with provocatively pursed lips.  The
judge caught her breath as she watched Dr. Sutherland's hand
descend upon the plump rounds of girlish flesh.

  "SMACK"  The silence was broken by a resounding crash
against Rachel's bare bottom and everyone stirred in his or
her seats.  Even Brian looked up to see his sister's thighs
sprung wide by the collision of hand and butt.  Rachel
clenched her eyes shut as she braced for more.  Dr.
Southland delivered repeated blows, each time allowing his
fingers to linger and tantalize the girl's sexuality.
Eventually he ran two fingers along the slit of Rachel's
unprotected pussy which by now glistened with dewy moisture.

"AAAeeeeiiiiii !" screamed the girl as a final blistering
spank left its handprint on her ass.  Turning to Jennifer,
Prentice Sutherland said, "Let's get this naughty girl on
the chair for her examination."  The chair in question was a
pediatric exam chair intended for gynecological and urologic
procedures.  The seat back at forty five degrees put the
helpless young girl in an upright position with her knees
level with her ears, spread wide as possible.  The pink
soles of Rachel's feet faced the astonished assembly of
witnesses and her thin wrists were bound to the armrests.
The seat itself was divided down the middle to allow
unobstructed access to the anal and vaginal openings.

Brian sat back on his heels and watched as Dr. Sutherland
selected a junior sized speculum from an instrument drawer.
Meanwhile Jennifer was busily removing a handful of feathers
from a box.  She took the longest and frilliest one and
began running the fronds along the length of Rachel's
exposed vagina.  Herbie Martin, the store manager obtained
an erection as he watched the girl's naked pussy being
tickled.  The school principal, Joe Hadley, salivated at the
sight of Rachel's lusciousness.  Judge Miranda Douglas
crossed and uncrossed her legs, desperately avoiding self-

Dr. Sutherland, seated before the splayed girl, began
inserting the child-sized speculum while his wife stood
behind Rachel's back and openly massaged the pre-teen's pink
nipplets to a state of maximum tumescence.  The corral
interior of Rachel's vagina unfolded as the speculum was
slowly opened.  The stretchy membrane of Rachel's innocence
could be observed intact.  Slow deliberate attention was
paid to her clitoris, which now peeked from the upper folds
of her labia.  Incessant fondling was arousing her despite
her profound shame and it showed.  The hapless girl twitched
her buttocks and wiggled her toes so lasciviously that no
one watching doubted her impending orgasm.  When, at last,
the Dr. began another feather assault, running it from her
asshole up around her open pussy, Rachel thrashed
uncontrollably uttering soft gasps.  

Judge Douglas, watching the naked girl intently, turned to
the store manager saying, "I bet you're not troubled with
shoplifting from her after this, Mr. Martin."

Herbie Martin, in a full sweat, nodded and sat with a bulge
easily perceived in his trousers.  Even Brian watched with
rapt attention as his sister shook violently in the throes
of an orgasm, his symbol of virility erect with a second
stiff hard-on.

By this time it was early afternoon and the two nude
youngsters had run the gamut of humiliations.  The coup de
gras was a rectal examination given to Brian and Rachel
simultaneously by the doctor and his wife.  The unhappy
twosome knelt with asses upturned on twin exam tables facing
the libertine onlookers.  Each child had their lovely firm
asses probed by the gloved fingers of the examining adults.
It was only when the second finger was inserted in each anal
cavity that the small crowd gasped in approval.  Jennifer
Sutherland stood to the rear of young Rachel, her index and
middle fingers implanted into the rectum of the redhead,
stretching the girl's asshole in unimaginable ways.
Meanwhile Jennifer's free hand was stroking the pouty lips
of Rachel's proffered cunt only inches away.  Prentice
Sutherland turned his balled fist and palpated the entire
lumen of Brian's boy-butt.  The boy gasped when he felt the
doctor slapping his bare balls from side to side with a free
finger. The intensely intimate penetrations brought Brian
and Rachel to a final bewildering orgasm.


One week after their "NAKED TRUTH" experience, Brian and
Rachel reported to Judge Miranda Douglas's private office.  

"I have here the papers, which when signed, will eradicate
any record of your crime or punishment," she said.  The
children smiled appreciatively.  "Before I do sign, however,
there is one thing left for you to do," said the judge with
a steely look.  Miranda Douglas rose from her desk, kicked
off her expensive patent leather pumps and walked to the
sofa.  Her tight black skirt rode half way up her attractive
thighs.  She smiled at the two puzzled youths saying, " Well
now, would you both show me how thankful you are?"

The siblings looked from the judge to each other.  Brian
grasped the situation and reacted first.  He toed his shoes
off and pulled the polo shirt over his head.  Then he
unbuckled his pants and they dropped.  Rachel stared
dumbfounded as she watched Brian's undershorts slide down
his smooth hairless legs.  Rachel was frozen as she faced
the judge.  "Well Rachel," said the judge, "I'm waiting."

Rachel Parker slid her feet from her sandals and reached for
the zipper of her dress.

The end.