Joey 3: Joey Stays Home
(minors, nasty, mast, otk, nc, femdom, g/b, gg/b, g/b, g/b)
by Nialos Leaning
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This story takes place in a female dominated household,
where the boy is subject to additional indignities and
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* * *

Joey Stays Home
by Nialos Leaning

Author's Preface:

As are my other "Joey" stories, this story is first and
foremost a spanking story.  Spanking is the punishment of
choice.  Anything else Joey is subjected to is either an
additional punishment ancillary to his spankings or is a
result of being in a female dominated household.  Some of
these additional punishments and humiliations create a nasty
predicament for him.  Refusal or inability to do as ordered
results in another spanking.  But doing as ordered will also
inevitably lead to a spanking.  

Of my nineteen spanking stories written to date, only the
three "Joey" tales and one other, "My Greatest Birthday
Ever," contain explicit sexual situations.  These four are
also the only ones with Femdom themes as a major plot

When I wrote the first Joey story, "Joey Learns the Hard
Way," I did not anticipate it evolving into a series.
However, that story hit a very responsive chord with some
readers, resulting in requests for more of young Joey.  So,
eventually I wrote "Joey Visits the Clinic," with the same
results, requests for more.  And thus, this present saga of

This story is partially based on an idea from a reader of
the previous Joey stories.  He suggested depicting a typical
day at home for Joey.  While there is no such thing as a
typical day for Joey, much of what follows is typical of
Joey's atypical days, although they're not always this
extreme.  After all, under the rules of the house, it's
virtually impossible for Joey to avoid at least one daily
spanking.  With his sisters around, eventually, without
permission, the inevitable is bound to happen!  

The opinions and attitudes expressed by Joseph Patrick
Donohue are strictly his and not those of the author.
Despite springing from the author's imagination, all of the
author's characters have minds and personalities of their
own.  They're all much too smart to adopt the author's.

This story is pure fiction, absolute fantasy straight from
the almost always strange and convoluted imagination of the

Nialos Leaning
Somewhere in Cyberspace
November, 1998

* * *

Joseph Patrick Donohue, age 11, was both happy and unhappy
this Saturday early morning.  Happy, because it was the
weekend, meaning no school.  Unhappy, because unlike school,
he had to be naked at home, as a sign of respect to his
mother, sisters, and any visiting females.  Happy, because
he would be able to go out and play with his friends, for
which he would be dressed.  Unhappy, because his mom or
sisters would get to pick out the clothes he could wear.
Happy, because his penis no longer hurt from his
circumcision of two weeks ago.  Unhappy, because that meant
that his sisters could once again play with his privates
whenever they wanted; he would have to masturbate whenever
his mom or sisters ordered; and whenever he was spanked, he
would have to get and keep an erection for four hours.  All
as a show of respect.

And, if during any of this, he came without permission, or
didn't come when ordered, or went soft when he was supposed
to be hard, he would be spanked, for being so disrespectful
toward the females.  Females, that inferior species, that
had somehow seized control from him, a strong man of the
universe.  It wasn't fair, it was the females that should be
doing his bidding, showing him respect.  After all, males
like him were clearly God's intended bosses of the world.

It was all still unbelievable and unacceptable to Joey.  All
of it had  started only three weeks ago.  That was when he,
his sisters, and his mom had visited next door at the
Coughlin house.  Eddie Coughlin was his best friend.  Joey's
mom liked how the Coughlin boys were punished and made to
demonstrate respect, and had adopted the same methods for
her only son.

Joey began crying as he stepped out of his room into the
hall.  Not through the door, which was missing, but through
where the wall used to be.  His bathroom was the same way.
That was another part of showing respect, boys weren't
allowed any privacy, any place to hide themselves or their
bodies.  If only Joey had known what awaited him this
morning, his crying would had been much more bitter and
intense, very much so.

* * *

"I sure missed this," said twelve-year-old Mary as she
rapidly rubbed up and down on her brother's now hard dick,
her hand repeatedly banging into his hairless pubic area.

"Yeah," chimed in ten-year-old Sally, "Joey's prick is my
favorite toy!"  She giggled at using a naughty word for
Joey's penis.  It was one of mom's rules, only the dirty
names could be used when talking about Joey's privates and
what they did.

Joey merely blushed.  Suddenly, he was shuddering and
gasping with a dry orgasm, the only kind he had.  "I'm
cumming," he remembered to shout out, just in time.  It was
another rule, announcing to the world each time he came.

"Joey," scolded his older sister, "I didn't give you
permission to do that."

"Yeah," said Sally, "neither did I."

"And, I certainly didn't," stated Katie Donohue, mother of
all three children.  "Mary, give him his spanking."

"Yes ma'am, mom," Mary enthusiastically replied.  Under the
rules, she didn't need to obtain her mom's permission, Joey
had shown her, and the others, disrespect by his action.  As
she was in control of him at the time, as evidenced by her
grip on his cock, she had the right to spank him for that
lapse.  But, being only a year older than Joey, she welcomed
the reinforcing support of her mother's confirmation.

Without protest or delay, the already crying Joey placed
himself over Mary's lap.  As if on cue, a hairbrush was in
her hand.  That always amazed and mystified him, how
whenever he was about to be spanked, a brush always just
suddenly appeared in the spanker's hand.  Didn't matter
where they were, it always happened.  Joey, as a mature man
of eleven, didn't believe in magic, but he was convinced
that the females' trick making the hairbrush appear couldn't
be anything else but.

All too soon, the brush was doing another kind of magic, on
his bare bottom.  Stroke after burning stroke quickly
ignited a stinging, painful fire in his behind.  It didn't
take long at all before Mary had her brother wailing and
howling, almost shrieking with the agony.  Because of his
circumcision operation, everyone had been taking it easy on
his bottom the last two weeks.  Often, he had been only
given token spanks for his acts of disrespect.  At the time,
Joey hadn't appreciated the consideration he was being
shown.  Now, over Mary's lap, he likewise didn't appreciate
the consideration she was showing him by making up for the
lost time in his lessons of respect.

As Mary continued her punishment of Joey's behind, his
bottom turned redder and redder.  His legs kicked ever more
furiously, at an ever faster tempo.  His ear splitting
shrieking echoed throughout the house, and most likely, the
neighborhood.  It was far from the worse spanking he'd
received since the new regime had started, but his period of
leniency had clearly softened him up some, lowering his
tolerance.  His mother resolved that something would have to
be done about that, and today.

Finally, Mary finished delivering the standard thirty
strokes and stood Joey up.  "Now, now," she chided, "what's
all the fuss?  I didn't spank as hard as I could, and I
didn't even bother with a hand warm up."

Joey didn't respond.  He simply continued his furious
dancing around, careful not to touch his bottom.  To try to
rub away his sister's handiwork would be an act of

"Answer!" snapped Joey's mom, smacking hard his already sore

"It hurts," Joey managed to blubber out as an answer to his

"Good, it was supposed to!" she cheerfully replied.

"Three minutes are almost," up announced Mrs. Donohue, "and
I don't see a boner yet.  Get to it, young man!"  That was
another rule, three minutes after a spanking ended he had to
be hard.  Likewise, If he was on a boner punishment, he had
to get hard within three minutes of cumming, unless being
spanked for that.  

Quickly, Joey began jerking himself off.  It didn't take him
long at all to sport a full erection, all of three inches
long, and skinny.  Suddenly, it hit Joey that he would have
to stay hard for four hours, with his boner on display for
all.  No way could he go outside like that!

"Please, mom," he begged, "I was going out to play with
Eddie and our friends."

"So?" responded his mother, giving Joey's balls a hard
squeeze, doubling the boy over in pain.  Another rule.  If
he begged, protested, argued, questioned a command, his
balls got squeezed, very hard.

"I, I," stuttered the boy, his mom still holding his balls,
but not as hard, "can't go outside naked and all hard!"

"Well, I'll be glad to let you go out dressed," answered
Katie Donohue, finally releasing Joey's balls.  "Dressed
just as you were for the clinic."

"No!" shouted Joey, forgetting himself.  Immediately his
mother again squeezed his balls.

"Arguing, are we?" asked the now angry mother, further
tightening her grasp on Joey's terribly sore sack.

"No mom," Joey croaked, "I'd meant, no thank you, I'll stay

"That's your choice," his mom answered, once more releasing
her grip.  "Gives the girls more chances to play with you,
to help train you."

"Goodie!" exclaimed Mary.

"Yeah," said Sally.

Joey just groaned.  As sore as his bottom and balls were
now, he knew that before the morning was over, those, and
his dick, would be much sorer.  As would his eyes, from all
the crying he would be doing.

* * *

Joseph Patrick Donohue was not a happy boy at all this
Saturday mid-morning.  It wasn't fair, his being punished,
his not being able to go out to play with his friends.  It
wasn't his fault he had come, what else did they expect
would happen when Mary just kept rubbing and rubbing his

Mom refused to listen to him about it being unfair.  She
pointed out he still had a choice, to stay home or go out.  

Some choice, stay home and his sisters would be constantly
either ordering him to come, or playing with his privates,
making him come.  And, of course, getting more spankings,
either for not being able to come when ordered, or coming
without permission.  Fortunately, there was the rule that
between them, the females could only order or make him come
once an hour, and no more than four times each in a day.

Yes, he could avoid all that by going out.  Wearing nothing
but a pair of briefs, the front hooked under his balls,
showing them and his hard dick off to everyone.  And you
could bet his mom and sisters would be checking, to make
sure he stayed hard.  He would be the laughingstock of the
neighborhood, the county, the state, the country, the world,
the whole universe!  The universe were men like him were
supposed to be supreme, but in his house weren't anymore.

Joey cried some more.  If only he had known just how
miserable his sisters were going to make things for him, he
would had gladly opted to go out instead of staying home.

* * *

"Get it back up," shouted Joey's mom, pointing to his dick,
which had gone soft from her painful squeezing of his balls.
"Or do you want another trip over Mary's lap?"

"No mom," responded the crying Joey, immediately setting to
work on his offending boy part.  In almost record time for
him, his three inches once more was not so proudly standing

During the first hour, Joey had no trouble staying hard.
His sisters saw to that.   They each took several turns
playing with his dick, being careful not to make him cum, as
an hour hadn't passed since Mary had caused his last one.
When they weren't amusing themselves with his boy toys, the
ones between his legs, they were quick to alert him to the
first signs of his boner softening.

"Hey, you're starting to point the wrong way," Mary told
Joey the first time she noticed this.

"You don't have to tell me," Joey protested his older
sister's teasing. "I already know that," he added as he
began working on his dick.

"We're only trying to help you not get spanked," replied
Mary, squeezing his balls in penalty for the protest.

"Yeah," said a giggling Sally.

"Thank you," Joey managed to squeak out in response.

"Your welcome," Mary said, releasing her brother's sorely
tortured nutsack.  After that, he simply put up with their
"concern" for him.

Forty minutes into the first hour, Mary observed that "Your
dick's starting to go south."  In his furious attempt to
again go north, Joey caused himself to shudder and shake
with a dry cum.

"You didn't have permission," exalted Mary.

"Yeah," added Sally, "and you didn't say you were cumming."

"Double spanking!" both girls exclaimed in gleeful unison.

Joey quickly found himself over Sally's lap, feet and hands
touching the floor.  She just as quickly briskly began hand
spanking his bare bottom, with as much energy as her small
frame could muster.  On his already sore and still somewhat
red behind, her efforts were stingingly effective.  After
only a few smacks, he was sobbing.  Long before the
thirtieth and final spank, he was crying continuously,
emitting an occasional howl, his legs dancing in place.

When Sally finished, Joey had no respite before Mary
started.  She repeated her younger sister's performance,
only with much more force.  Joey gave a much more vigorous
repeat of his performance.  His crying turned to steady
howling and wailing, his dancing to a merry jig.  When Mary
finally delivered spank thirty, Joey was convinced he
couldn't take anymore today.

But, alas for him, she immediately had her hairbrush in her
hand.  Which promptly commenced cursing his bare behind with
its magic.  Stroke after burning stroke quickly had Joey
shrieking non-stop, his scissoring legs desperately
imitating a dervish in extreme agony.  An extreme agony
which Joey was most definitely experiencing.  Not anywhere
soon enough for Joey, the brush eventually administered its
thirtieth dose.  His bottom was ablaze, a very bright red

Joey couldn't help but prance all about the room, he was in
absolute anguish from the pain in his rear.  The girls were
amused at how his privates flopped all about during his
exertions.  Several times, the loudly sobbing boy reached
toward his bottom to try to rub away some of the pain, but
each time managed to pull his hands back before making
contact.  Thus avoiding a further spanking for disrespect.

Halfway through his frenzied circuits of the room, Joey had
the presence of mind to begin jerking off.  The clock was
ticking, if he wasn't hard within three minutes of his
spanking ending, it would be spanking time all over again.
Unfortunately for Joey, distracted by the feelings on his
rear side, he disregarded the feelings from his front side
and once more came.

With all his moving about, the girls probably wouldn't had
noticed, except that something in his brain clicked and he
remembered to shout out, "I'm cumming!"

This time Sally had the honors all to her self.  Thirty hand
spanks, followed by another thirty hair brush strokes.  When
she finished, the wildly screeching Joey had a very hot to
the touch crimson bottom.

As soon as Joey was hard, exactly one hour into his
punishment, Sally ordered him to cum.  He barely managed to
succeed within the allowed three minutes.  But after his
orgasm, he failed to get hard within three minutes, earning
another spanking from Mary.

Which she gladly doled out.  First, another thirty hand
spanks, then a further thirty hair brush smacks.  By the end
of his latest torture, Joey was convinced that his mother
could cook dinner on his end.  His bottom was now a very
dark scarlet.  Joey was again demonstrating his exercise
techniques, accompanied by his howling.  Once more the girls
delighted in watching his bouncing privates.

This time, Joey had his boyhood pointing skyward with time
to spare.

In the next three hours, both girls made Joey cum once each,
both times without permission.  He, of course, was spanked
for those acts of disrespect.  Once, he failed to get hard
fast enough, once he caused himself an unauthorized cum,
garnishing two more spankings.  Fortunately for his
devastated behind, for all four spankings, his mother only
allowed the girls to use their hands, limited to twenty
spanks each.  Still, after the last spanking, his very
darkly red bottom displayed several small purplish areas.
Undoubtedly, if the girls had continued to use the hair
brush, he would now be sporting some very painful blisters.

After what seemed to Joey an almost endless eternity, his
latest lesson in respect drew to an end.

"Lunch," Katie Donohue told her children.

"Yeah," said Sally, "I'm hungry after all that fun."

"I'm not," said the still lightly sobbing Joey, "and it
wasn't fun."

"You're having lunch anyway," his mother informed him.

"I don't feel like eating," Joey replied.

"You will eat," said his mother, giving his balls another
good hard squeeze, renewing pain that had dimished to a dull
ache.   "I made it for you, you will give me the respect of
eating it."

Just as he had predicted to himself, it was with a very sore
bottom, a very sore dick, and very sore balls that the
crying Joey made his way to the kitchen to join his family
for the noon meal.

* * *

Joseph Patrick Donohue was a very unhappy boy this early
Saturday afternoon, laying on his bed.  His bottom, his
dick, his balls, his eyes all still hurt.  He didn't feel
like going out to play, but mom insisted that he did, till
supper time.

She had brought out the clothes he was to wear.  The very
same briefs he didn't want to wear that morning, and nothing
else.  With instructions to keep the waist band hooked under
his balls at all times.  She told him that if he wasn't
outside in five minutes, she would spank him right out on
the sidewalk in front of everyone.  And then, he would still
have to stay out in his briefs, only now with a hard dick
for the whole afternoon.

Wisely choosing the more palatable of his two unpalatable
choices, he donned the briefs, carefully placing the front
under his privates.  Sobbing, he made his way out of his
open to the world room and downstairs toward the front door.
He was just devastated at how the lowly females had gained
control of him and his universe.  An universe that he was
certain that some day soon he and his fellow males would win
back from the inferior species of womanhood.  Restoring
things to the way they should be, to the natural order of
male supremcey.

If only he knew what the females had in store for his
future, he wouldn't had been certain at all, not even the
least bit so.