Showing Sister

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I discovered masturbation as a child perhaps even before kindergarten. I knew it felt good touching my penis and discovered how to rub it against the mattress to make it feel good.

I even started having sexual fantasies to go along with my masturbation sessions. Mostly these involved girls in my class. They would capture me, tie me up take off my clothes (somehow they managed to get me completely naked in spite of my being tied up) and play with my penis. I really didn't know why they would want to do it, and how they would know how to keep on going until they made me feel good. Nor why it would be so special for them to do it instead of me doing it to myself or other boys doing it to me. I just knew that thinking about them touching it added a lot of excitement to the act.

In these fantasies, I was naked, the girls weren't. I didn't even know what girls looked like. It wasn't until we got internet when I was 12 that I was able to get my first peeks and that was totally by accident.

My parents were smart enough to keep an eye on where my sister and I went on the internet, so they set up the computer in the kitchen. It's not like they were over our shoulders every minute, but the thought that they could walk by at any moment kept us honest.

Their concerns about me were probably valid. As a horny 6th grader, I wanted to learn more about sex than my parents were willing to tell me and I was willing to ask.

My sister Amber, however, was in the 3rd grade. At 9 years of age, I didn't think she had a concept of sex at all. But I guess they were concerned about who or what she might stumble across.

I don't know how it happened, but one day I started the computer and the browser came up on an X–rated site. This wasn't the site it normally came up on. I browsed through several screens before my mom shouted, "Eddie Winfred, what are you doing?" When your mother uses your full name, you know you are in trouble.

"Mom, it isn't my fault. It just came up. I swear!"

"Shut down that filth immediately! It's a good thing your sister isn't here to see that." She yelled. "Wait until your father gets home." Oh boy, another phase a kid never wants to hear.

My father did get home and reset the home page on the browser. Just to be sure, he rebooted, and the X–rated site came up again. He tried resetting it a couple of times and the X–rated site came up every time. He took the power cord, disconnected it and put it away. "Nobody uses this computer until I can get someone in here to check it out."

Our normal "someone" when it comes to computers was the 16–year–old girl next door. She was the one who set up our computer in the first place. I was kind of hoping dad would call her in. She featured prominently in my masturbation fantasies. Unfortunately, that was not to be as dad called in someone from the computer store who he actually paid.

The man explained that what happened to us was a "hijacked browser." In other words we went to what appeared to be a safe site, but it placed this site's URL into our browser in such a way that every time the browser was launched the browser would go here. He gave us an explanation on how to avoid it in the future.

That technical information was nice to know, but the damage was done. I had those pictures burned into my mind. I also learned how to erase my tracks. As I've said before, mom and dad were not over our shoulders all the time and there were even times when I would have the computer all to myself.

One of those times was when mom would take my sister to her swim practices. Dad wouldn't be home for hours, so I'd have about an hour and a half of pure masturbatory fun. I had to learn a new masturbation technique. Humping the mattress doesn't work when you are at the keyboard. I read about and then figured out how to jerk off.

I didn't know what to expect, and it was purely coincidental, but I thought there was a certain magic to jerking off. This liquid shot out of my penis when I did it. Boy that would have messed up the sheets! As it was, I had to clean up the floor under the table where the computer was. I even washed my pants and hung them secretly in the shed out back for them to dry.

Now my fantasies could be made to make some sense. Suppose girls knew that boys can do this? Suppose they knew that their penises grow and get hard, and if you jerk them off, they can be made to squirt semen? Then it would make sense that it would be fun for them to watch a boy do this, or make him do it by rubbing his penis themselves.

So now when mom was at swim practice with my sister, I was at the computer with tissue paper handy to clean up the mess. Furthermore, I found that there were sites where the women stayed dressed and seemed to be in charge of naked men. In many of these pictures, the men were masturbating. This was my fantasy on screen. I would open up a picture showing a scene like this and jerk off.

This was the position I was in when I heard the door open and my sister say, "I'll get it, mom." She was already halfway though the kitchen before she even saw me sitting there. I don't know which one of us was more in shock. She took one look at the picture on the screen and screeched. I was the same kind of shriek she made when she rode on the roller coaster. Mom came running in moments later.

Mom quickly covered my sister's eyes with her hands and turned her around. "Amber, go wait outside." Amber did but not after craning her head around to get a final look at what was on the screen. My only consolation was that she could not see my penis or what I was doing because of the way I was sitting.

That was not an option with my mother. She marched right in and said, "Get up!" pulling me by an arm. I soon stood there with pants down to my knees in front of her. She looked down, saw my erection and scowled, "Get those pants up."

As I was pulling my pants up, she gave me the inevitable lecture. "Just what do you think you were doing? And in front of your sister too!" I had no way to answer those questions. I certainly didn't intend for my sister seeing me.

This time it was mom who took the power cord to the computer after shutting it down. She called my sister back in and told her. "Your brother is not to use the computer unless one of us is here to watch him. I've disconnected the power cord, and am locking it up. Amber, if you want to use the computer, come to me or your dad and we'll get it for you."

I was expecting the worst but what I got was even worse than I could have imagined. I was prepared for the spanking that dad would give me. I was prepared to be grounded for several weeks. I was prepared to have computer, TV and phone privileges pulled. None of these things sounded pleasant, but I was prepared to endure them.

Mom just looked at me and said, "Go stand in the corner with your hands on your head. It's a good thing for you that I don't give you a spanking right now."

Standing with my face in the corner was actually a blessing as I was ashamed to look either my mother or my sister in the eye. Amber was full of questions.

"Mom what was Eddie doing? How come the man on the computer had a big penis? Why did he have hair down there? What was that white stuff he was squirting? Is that how boys make pee?"

I knew that Amber knew what boys look like. Mom bought her one of those anatomically correct boy–dolls and it was one of her favorite toys. She also saw my mom change our baby cousin. So it was natural that she had questions as to why what she saw on the computer didn't match what she had seen on boy–doll and boy–baby.

Mom said, "I was going to have this talk with you when you got older, but thanks to your brother," the way she said "brother" made shivers go down my spine, "I'm going to have to explain it all now."

Mom then went on to explain "the birds and the bees" to my kid sister. My eyes were opened. I didn't know all that stuff. Dad hadn't had "the talk" with me yet. So my kid sister was coming up to speed sexually as fast as I did even though she was three years younger.

Once mom had explained it all to us, my sister had one final question. "How does the daddy get his sperm into the mommy?"

Mom sighed but went on, "The daddy puts his penis ..." and here she stopped. "Why am I trying to explain this in words and drawing pictures? We have a boy right here."

Mom said, "Eddie, you're the reason I'm having to go through all this with Amber. The least you can do is help out. Turn around, come over here and take your clothes off?"

"What!" I stammered. I was sure I must have misunderstood her.

"You heard me mister. Take off those clothes. ALL OF THEM. You think it's OK to look at women without their clothes on. Turn about is fair play. If boys can see girls naked, then us girls can see boys naked." I didn't think that pointing out that the woman in the picture still had her clothes on and it was the man who was naked would do any good. Mom made her assumptions and that was that.

I was going to complain but mom sweetened the deal. "If you do this for your sister. I'll intercede with your dad for you and keep your punishment to a minimum. But you have to promise me not to use the computer unless someone is here to watch you."

"I promise!" I said.

Getting off the hook with dad did little to mitigate the embarrassment of getting naked in front of my mother and my sister. Mom hadn't seen me naked since I was about 9 and that was at the doctor's. I can't recall that my sister has ever seen me.

I had no problem getting down to my underwear. I go around the house like that every day. When I'm not erected, there really isn't much to see. Taking off the T–shirt made me feel a little uncomfortable but I was absolutely mortified to drop my briefs.

Mom took it all in stride. Amber's eyes went wide and she bit her lip. She locked her stare on it and couldn't look away. "It's bigger than Billy's," she finally managed to say, referring to our baby cousin. Then she added, "He even has some hair down there like the man on the computer." It was true. I did notice that my penis had gotten bigger over the past year and that I sprouted a sparse bush of fine hairs.

Mom chuckled. "It's a good size for a boy his age, but you haven't seen anything yet."

"Eddie, I want you to get it hard for your sister."

I looked at my mother.

"I'm sure you know what to do."

I did. I started jerking off.

"Why is he doing that, mommy?"

"It's called masturbation. Boys do it because if they do it enough it makes them feel good. Boys do this because they can't have intercourse with a girl. They use their hands instead."

Mom looked over to me assessed the size of my erection and said. "OK, stop now."

I did and my penis stood straight out.

Amber didn't say anything, so mom went on to answer her unasked questions.

"That's called an erection, dear. That's when the blood goes into his penis and makes it hard enough to put it into the vagina."

"Can I touch it?" Amber asked.

"Go ahead," mom responded without even consulting me.

"It feels funny," Amber said, "It's kind of squishy but it's hard too." She put her finger to my pee hole and pushed in a little, then she pulled it away like she had been shocked. "He peed on me!" she cried.

Mom wiped her finger over my pee hole and then said, "That's not pee. Rub it around with your fingers. Does it feel like pee?"

"No it's slippery."

"No sniff it. Does it smell like pee?"

"It doesn't smell like anything," my sister said.

"It's called pre–cum. Boys leak that stuff out to lubricate it. Girls leak stuff too when they get excited. Without lubrication intercourse could hurt."

"To make sperm come out, a boy has to ejaculate by rubbing his penis up and down inside the vagina." Mom nodded at me and I got her message. I started to jerk off again.

"Boys Eddie's age don't have a vagina to put it in, so they use their hands. The friction makes the boy more excited."

Mom looked at me and said, "Tell us when you're ready so we can be watching."

I was so out of control that I couldn't put it in words so I just grunted and jerked my head back and forth in a nod. I was so wrapped up in my orgasm that I was barely aware that I had an audience. I thought I heard my sister squealing, but it seemed that she was on another room, or possibly on another street.

I was just coming around when I heard my mom say, "That's called an ejaculation. That's how the sperm gets squirted into the woman's vagina."

"And that makes the baby," Amber said.

"Sometimes," mom corrected, "the sperm still has to swim into the uterus and find the egg and the egg has to be ready when they get there."

"OK Eddie, you can get dressed and clean up your mess. Amber, any time you have a question about what we just talked about, come and see me. I'll answer anything you have to ask."

I thought that the incident was over until a couple of days later when I heard my sister asked my mother, "I want to see Eddie jaculate. Can he master base again."

Mom laughed, "It's called masturbation and that's what makes him ejaculate," she added taking care to annunciate the key words for my sister. "No, that was something special. You already know all you need to know for now."

My sister looked dejected but said, "OK, mommy."

That should have closed the case, but it didn't. On Saturday while our parents were out, Amber called me into the kitchen, "Eddie, come here and look at this!"

I was quite annoyed at being interrupted like this, but she did sound urgent, so I came. When I got there, I stopped immediately in my tracks. Not only was the computer on, but there on the screen was one of my CFNM pictures.

"You shouldn't be looking at that!" I protested and then added, "How did you get a hold of the power cord. Mom and dad locked it up."

"It's not THE power cord, silly. It's A power cord. My friend Cindy's older sister Mandy had a spare one and she gave it to me."

"You shouldn't be looking at those pictures," I repeated.

"Why not? You look at them."

"That's different."

"Oh yeah, then how come mom lets me look at the computer and you can't unless I'm here to watch."

I really didn't have an answer for that.

"I know you like to look at pictures like this, so why don't we do it together?"

"But your just a girl!"

"She's a girl," Amber said pointing at the fully–clothed woman on the screen.

"Yeah, but," was all I could manage to say.

"Mommy says you can't use the computer unless someone is here to watch you. Well, I'm here and I can watch you."

"You mean?" I said, hope jumping in my heart.

"Yes, if you want to look at whatever you want, I'll let you and I won't tell mommy."

"You're a doll!"

"But you got to mastebate for me, like the man on the computer."

"I can't."

"Sure you can. I've already seen you do it."


"OK, then I'll turn off the computer and you can't see the pictures either."

I couldn't believe that I was arguing with my 9–year–old sister and losing. All this talk about masturbation and seeing the picture on the screen was too much for me. My penis was getting hard and cramping up in my pants.

I decided to surrender, but I tried to negotiate, "Just this one time, OK?"

"Sure," she said, "I'll let you masterbate just this one time. We can talk about if you want to do it again next Saturday night."

"Masturbate," I said.


"It's pronounced mas–tur–bate, not mas–ter–bate."


Whether it was masturbate or masterbate, it didn't matter. I was going to do it while my sister watched.

"Hurry up," she said impatiently.

I unzipped my pants and fished out my penis.

"No, do it like the man on the computer. I want all your clothes off and then kneel in front of me like he's doing for the woman."

She got up.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"You'll see."

Amber went to the cabinet and got a wine glass and filled it with apple juice. She then returned to her chair, sat down and crossed her leg, posing exactly like the woman on the screen. The woman on the screen was elegantly dressed; Amber was in a top, shorts and sneakers, but I'm sure that in her mind she was in her finest evening gown and heels.

I was bad enough exposing myself to my sister, but having to go all the way made it more embarrassing. What was even worse was I was doing it because she told me to do it. I realized that I didn't have to do it, I could just refuse and nothing would happen.

But I was hooked, I wanted to do this, and I needed to do this and my sister, as young as she was, knew it.

She choreographed me into the same position as the man. Apparently the picture on the screen kicked off some fantasy role play in my sister's mind, and we were going to act that fantasy out.

"Tell me how after you masturbate for me how you are going to take me out for dinner and dancing."

It was bad enough to jerk off for her, but I had to make up some sort of story about a romantic interlude with her. Fortunately I was spared the better part of the ordeal as she made up this fantasy in her head and chatted away oblivious to my non–participation.

Eventually I got to the point where I couldn't hold it any longer. Remembering the last time I jerked off for her, I announced my coming. She was into a description of how we jetted all over the world, and I bought her gold and jewels all the time when I interrupted her, "Amber! Now!"

She actually screeched as my semen sprut out in graceful arcs, landing and splashing at her feet.

"Ohh, that was so cool," she admitted. "Can we do it again?"

"Later," I admitted, "I can only do it a couple of times a day."

Amber was very understanding, "OK," was all she said. "How about next Saturday Night?"

What could I say? I was hooked.