My Girlfriend’s Sister


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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and/or sexual activity of preteen and young teen children. This is fantasy, and the author in no way endorses or practices these things on real life. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 
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My Girlfriend’s Sister
“Come on Cindy. Nobody’s going to see us. We’re well off the trail. Nobody comes here.” I had found this secluded spot as a 9-year-old exploring the park.
I was trying my best to seduce Cindy. What a feather in my cap that would be if I could even get to first base with her. She was the head cheerleader and had the body to prove it.
I had just gotten her blouse off when I heard a noise in the bushes above us. Cindy hurriedly closed her blouse and started buttoning it furiously.
The source of the noise was immediately apparent. A 9-year-old girl got down from the tree in which she was apparently sitting. This wasn’t just any 9-year-old girl; it was my girlfriend’s sister, Mandy. She got a good look at the two of us and ran off without saying a word.
Yes, I’m a shit, trying to score with Cindy while still going out with Melinda. But I didn’t expect to get caught.
Even that didn’t work out. Pissed at being caught herself, Cindy stormed off and wouldn’t give me the time of day. My only hope was to figure out a way to buy Mandy’s silence and patch things up with Melinda. Little did I realize how high the price would be!
I went over to Melinda’s that very afternoon. I’d know by the way Melinda greeted me if her sister had spilled the beans.
Mandy answered the door. “Melinda’s not here,” she said immediately and then added, “I saw what you were doing with that girl in the park.” I’ll say this for Mandy, she’s blunt; no subtlety there.
I looked down at my toes, “I hope you won’t tell your sister about that.”
“It depends. Why don’t you come in and we’ll talk about it.”
She led me to her room. I was expecting all kinds of extortion from her and wondered if I had the money to buy her off.
When we got there, she comfortably plopped herself on an overstuffed easy chair and sprawled sideways over the arms of the chair. That only emphasized the third grader’s diminutive stature. She was still a little girl: very much a little girl. Not only was she sexually immature, she hadn’t even finished growing. She easily fit in the narrow space between the arms. She might have come up to my chest if we were standing side by side.
“What do you want?” I asked and without waiting for an answer continued, “I have a job, but my parents insist I take part of my money and put it away for college. That doesn’t leave me with a lot left.”
Mandy giggled, “Oh that’s so nice. My parents give me an allowance, but it would be nice if you gave me one too.”
I was thinking of a one-time buy-off. She was thinking of continuous extortion.
“As I said, I don’t have a lot left over after my parents take out my savings.”
“We can discuss the dollar amount later. Right now, I want more.”
I looked at her blankly. “More what?” I thought.
She kicked off her sneakers to reveal her bare feet.
“I’d really like it if you give me a foot massage.”
It sounded like an odd request coming from a 9-year-old girl, but I could do it. Melinda liked it when I massaged her feet. In fact Mandy’s feet looked a lot like her sister’s albeit a size 5 instead of 8-and-a-half.
She giggled and cooed as I rubbed her feet. I must have been at it for about a half hour when I finally asked, “Is that good enough? Are we done?”
“Yes. That is with the foot rub. Now I want you to kiss my feet.”
“What? I won’t do it!”
“OK, Melinda will be home later. I can tell her all about you and Cindy.”
“OK, OK, I’ll do it.”
I took her foot in my hand and gave it a peck.
“You call that a kiss? Pretend you’re kissing my sister.”
My mind took that two ways. I think she meant to say that I should kiss her feet the way I kissed her sister goodnight. However, I had always wanted to kiss Melinda’s feet. I think that Melinda suspected as much, but I never had the courage to offer, and she never had the courage to ask.
I took Mandy’s foot and gave it a more passionate kiss. As I got close and held it to my face longer I could smell the mixture of odors of an active girl’s summertime sneaker-encased feet: a noxious blend of canvas, rubber and sweat.
“Come on, boy. Put some tongue into it. Get licking.” To emphasize the order, she took my nose between her big toe and the next and gave it a tweak.
She giggled as I started licking her instep and had no problem with being in the driver’s seat and giving directions. She demanded that I lick her soles and suck on her toes and was particularly delighted when I wiggled my tongue on the webbing between her toes.
Each time I thought about calling it off, I would remember why I was doing this. The ultimate goal was Melissa and if I had to embarrass myself with her sister, that was OK.
I must have spent another half hour doing her feet. My mouth and tongue were tired. “That’s it. I can’t do any more.”
Mandy smiled at me. “That’s OK boy. There’s just a couple more things I want you to do, and we can call it square … except for the allowance you said you’d give me.”
“Well as you know it’s just my sister and me. In fact even all my cousins are girls. I want to see what a boy looks like.”
“No way!”
She was undaunted and pressed on, “All the way. I don’t want you to just take it out. I want to see you completely naked.”
“This is ridiculous. It’s gone far enough.”
“You can stop now and I’ll tell Melissa about Cindy. I’ll also tell her about you kissing and licking my feet.”
It couldn’t get much worse. I took off my clothes for her. I had often imagined being naked in front of Melissa, but she would be naked too in these fantasies. This was a totally different situation. Although Mandy was a little girl copy of her older sister, she was staying dressed.
She was all eyes as she took in my body.
She had one final request: “Get over my lap for a spanking.”
“Why? I haven’t done anything wrong.”
“Why? Because I said so and you have to do what I say. And you did do something wrong. You cheated on my sister.”
I was defeated. There was nothing else I could do. I had been humiliated as far as I could possibly be so this one more bit didn’t matter. She sat up on the couch and pointed to her lap. I draped myself across it. I could imagine how comical it must have looked, my 6 foot 1 inch frame draped over her 4 foot whatever body.
I could feel her raise her hand and bring it down. She didn’t hit hard at all. It was pretty much a “love tap.” But that wasn’t the point. The embarrassment of having a little girl spank me overshadowed the physical sensation. It did not deter her. She kept spanking me, sometimes giggling as she did so.
In spite of the ridiculous situation, I noticed that my penis was getting hard as she clamped it between her legs. I don’t know why. Was it because it was so close to her areas of femininity? I don’t think so; I knew she was a girl, but I couldn’t think of her as a “real” girl. There really wasn’t a physical stimulation of my penis, it was simply clasped immobilized between her thighs.
There was only one explanation: for some reason there was a part of me that actually liked being dominated by this young girl.
“I think that’s pink enough,” she finally announced. “I’ll let you know how much allowance I want. I’m done with you for now.”
My shameful acts completed, I got dressed and went home.
I was home only a matter of minutes when the phone rang. It was Melissa. “Can you come over? I have something to show you.”
It sounded harmless enough. I had no idea where Melissa was “out” to but she frequently bought me little gifts on her shopping expeditions.
I arrived at her house. She smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek. All seemed well and it appeared that Mandy was keeping her word.
I was surprised when Melissa turned on the TV and plugged in a flash drive. A video started to play. It was Mandy’s room just as the Mandy and I entered an hour or so ago. The video was apparently taken from the viewpoint of Mandy’s closet and it captured every humiliating act.
I sat there and watched in horror.
When it was all done, Melissa explained it to me. “Mandy told me about you and Cindy. This is my revenge. I told Mandy what to do and you played along. If you’re going to be a bastard and sneak around on me, I don’t want you as a boyfriend.”
She let those words sink in and then continued. “You’ve been acting like a little boy, so I decided to find you a girlfriend closer to your mental age: Mandy.”
Melissa walked over to the TV and unplugged the flash drive. She handed it to her sister. “Mandy, he’s all yours. Do with him what you want. I’m sure he doesn’t want this video to get out. Show him off to your friends; make him do things for you; whatever. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.”



(The End)