Never Play Poker with Girls Chapter 01
By Jaech Reiter

Copyright 2010 by Jaech Reiter, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Setting: Florida, in the Southern United States, sometime in the month of March: Part of the setting is based off prior stories by Nialos Leaning and Steam Train, particularly 'The Last Boy Standing' stories.

Chapter 01
The Poker Game

The boys and girls were still arguing where to sit when Marissa came down. The game table only sat six, and all five boys and four of the girls insisted that they were playing. Bree McCrory, Tabitha's little sister didn't care to play, as she had only played a few times when her sister tried to teach her last month. Beside that, she was new to the group and didn't know anyone, as the McCrory girls all went through a private school their first six grades.

She was really cute, however, and Nat Keller , the shortest and youngest looking of the boys, took advantage of her being off to the side by herself to sidle up and introduce himself. He put on as debonair a look as was possible for an awkward 12 year old still waiting for the relevant parts of puberty to catch up.

"Hi, Nat Keller, Lady Killer, and you are?"

Bree just giggled. However cheesy the boy was, he was really cute.

"Keller," Tabitha barked out, "Quit sleazing my sister."

"What? I didn't know she was your sister. I was just talking to her."

Tabitha came over and pulled her sister away. "Uh-huh, sure you were. Lady Killer! Geez."

Bree looked back over her shoulder, however, and flashed him a shy smile. Nat just winked and flashed a gun trigger salute to her. She giggled again.

"Geez, Bree, will you quit encouraging him," Tabitha said.

Nat's smile faded some when the two girls moved around to the other side of the table where Will and Melanie were making most of the argument. Nat couldn't figure out - what? What was he doing wrong? Why was it so hard to meet a girl, especially a really cute one like Bree?

Dean and Curtis rolled their eyes when Nat rejoined them.

"What?!" He said defensively, but the two taller boys just smiled and shook their heads. Curtis was actually only a week older than Nat, but it might as well have been a year for all the differences between them.

Mason, who was really the youngest (by one month), but looked more solidly 12, like Will did, just stared at Nat as if he were something familiar, yet from outer space. Nat just raised his eyebrows a made a 'what?'-type exaggerated gesture and said, "At least I'm trying."

"To do what?"

"OK, all you girls and little boys settle down," Marissa called out, regaining order from the bickering. "I'm the Cards Master for the night and will be moderating the game to make sure it's fair, so this is how we are going to do it:"

She quickly arranged them on the floor, roughly with the boys facing the girls in a sort of ellipse and explained the rules. Then she came to the wager.

"Wager, what wager?" The boys started clamoring. "Did you know about this, Will?"

It was then that Will told them about the wager. If the boys won, no girls cold come downstairs for the next two spendovers, but if they lost, then they had to spend the day shopping with the girls in Benjamin County. And they all knew about Benjamin County. Each of the other four boys went slack-jawed and was quickly calculating in his head the likelihood of his mother and/or father agreeing to this. The calculations weren't looking good to any of them.

"What's the matter, boys?" Marissa taunted them. "Great poker playing men like yourselves afraid to play some little girls?"


"Of course, not."

"Shyah, right. Like it would even be close."

"So what's the problem?" Marissa asked.

"Uh . . . it's still Benjamin County."

"But you're gonna win, right?"

"Well, yeah , of course." The boys all answered. They knew they would; but just the thought of Benjamin County messed with their minds. They had heard stories . . . .

"So why worry? You don't go to Benjamin County if you win. Which means this isn't going to be much of a challenge to you."

"No, not really."

Nat even leaned forward toward Bree and whispered a 'sorry' to her, except that his facial gestures looked like a funeral director commiserating his condolences. Bree couldn't help but smile at the cute boy.

"So," Marissa continued after she had their confidence admitted. She looked up briefly to the ceiling, as if she could see her mom working one floor up, and lowered her voice, not fully trusting the soundproofing, pulled a conspiratorial smile across her face and said, "why don't we make this a bit more . . . . . interesting?"

"Bring it on," Dean said with an arrogant smile directed to the girls. Will and Curtis looked at each other. They weren't so sure where this was going.

"Good, glad to see you're at least a man, Dean." Marissa said. "So why don't we say we make this game . . . . strip poker. Losers are the first ones down to nothing."

Melanie looked unsure at her sister. This wasn't a direction she wanted to go; but it was Will who was the most adamant about it. Despite Dean and Curtis applauding the decision, Will could be heard over both of them, "No, no way. Hell, no."

"Are you a little baby chicken, Will? Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp . . . " Julie and Tabitha taunted him.

"All right, all right. Fine! We'll play strip poker, but SHE can't play!!" Will jabbed his finger almost angrily at Melanie.

"What ?!! Why not?!" Melanie and Curtis exclaimed at the same time..

"Because you aren't looking at my sister naked!" he told the boy.

"Awwww, how sweet!" crooned a couple of the girls.

"Yeah, real sweet," said Melanie, "but he doesn't get to tell me what I can and cant do. I'm playing!"

"No, you aren't!"

"Yes, I am!"

"No you are not!!"

"Yes!! I most certainly am!"

"Children, children, enough! You both have some good points, so why don't we compromise?" Marissa said. "The boys really shouldn't see girls naked; it's just not proper. However, boys also have nothing really of interest to hide, so they shouldn't be so modest as to mind this. My proposal, then, is boys strip down to nothing and girls down to just bra and panties. First ones all the way down are the losers."

"What? No way that's not fair!" This time from Curtis and Mason.

"We wanted to se some pu-uh . . . um, well anyway, it's not fair."

"It's fair enough," Will relented.

"Sounds good to me," Dean said, "as long I get to see something."

"I still say its not fair," Curtis said, and Mason seconded it.

"Well, Nat" Marissa said, "You're the tie breaker."

"Uh . . . . what? Oh, um . . . Yeah I agree." Nat sounded distracted.

"With who, dipshit?" Curtis asked him.

"Um, with Will." It was Will's house. Agreeing with him seemed a safe bet.

"Good 3-2, then that's settled, the boys agree" Marissa said before going over the ground rules again.

"Do you even know what you agreed to?" Mason asked Nat. He was a bit disgusted with the boy a the moment.

"No." Nat said shaking his head; he was still distracted by something. He leaned in close and whispered, "Hey Mason, what do you do when you think a girl may like you?"

Mason shrugged the boy off and ignored him.

The entire time the argument had been going on, Nat had been making 70's-style ladiesman-eyes at Bree, smiling and nodding his head toward her, and occasionally winking.

The girl giggled but kept giving him those shy, demure smiles. This went on for awhile before all of a sudden Bree looked directly at him and mouthed, "You're cute."

Did he just read what he thought he read on her lips?

If that wasn't enough, Bree went further and mouthed, "I like you".

Nat was a deer in the headlights. He was staring at this girl, but as he registered what she said, his smile slowly slipped from his face, and he was frozen. All he could do was just give a bare nod in return, which only made Bree giggle some more at the poor confused boy.

This was new; no one had ever done that before. What the hell did he do now? What do you do if a girl actually responds to you?

It was about this time that Marissa asked him to weigh in on the debate, but once they started playing he couldn't quite look Bree in the eyes without a sense of fear running through him. Of course it just made Bree think he was even that much more adorable. He wasn't paying attention really to anything he was doing, and was barely able to count his chips right when he threw in for the ante and the raises.

At one point Nat was about to meet the raise when Mason grabbed his hand full of chips and pulled it back. Mason then pulled the cards out of Nat's hands and dropped them face down.

"He folds," Mason said.

"Do you, Nat?" Marissa asked.

"Um . . . . sure."

The rule was that if you folded, then you didn't lose anything but the chips you put in. When you ran out of chips, you could sell one or more pieces of clothing to another player or to the bank, which would be Marissa.

If, however, you met the raises and kept going and got called and then lost, then you had to surrender an article of clothing. If you called the action and then lost, you had to surrender two articles of clothing. The winner of the hand could then pick any other player and ask for one article of clothing. If the winner was holding a Royal Flush, then he or she could pick any other player and order them to strip completely (boys completely and girls to bra and panties) and thus eliminate a player from the game.

Additionally, at the end of the game, whoever won the most chips could pick any other player and ask for a favor - to be moderated by Marissa.

Before they started, though, Marissa made it very clear to all the girls that she was going to be a down-the-line fair judge, regardless of boy or girl. She did make one more concession that Curtis, Mason, and Dean thought was unfair, but Will said they could all accept it or not come back. Once a girl lost out - down to her bra and panties - she only had to stand on the side line for one minute before getting dressed. The boys however, once they were nude, had to stand on the sidelines until the whole game was done.

Will sided vehemently with this rule because he didn't want his friends looking at his sister that way for any longer than could be helped.

The first hand was still heating up, and three players had already folded - Nat, Julie, and Erica. Out of curiosity of what he had when he let Mason do that, Nat picked his cards back up to look at them and gulped. He had all four suits, no pairs, high card was an eight. He wasn't even sure you could get a lower hand.

Finally Curtis and Dean folded, and Tabitha gave a sharp rebuke to her little sister to pay attention. "If you don't have nothin' fold! You sure you can keep going?"

Bree stuck out her tongue at her sister. She had no idea what she was doing, but she didn't like Tabitha treating her like a little girl; so she kept going. Eventually it came down to Melanie and Will battling it out, neither folding but each one raising the other. Bree didn't say a word and just kept throwing her money in the pot. She wasn't thinking about anything except Nat.

"Will, Melanie," their older sister began as she saw each of her siblings' chips dwindle, "you aren't supposed to bet all your chips in just the first hand, you know. How about you bet something else and call each other?"

"Like clothes?" Melanie asked.

"No." Will said firmly. He still wasn't happy that she was playing. It was true he needed her to lose, but he didn't want his friends seeing her. It was a dilemma.

"Hey Will," Tabitha offered, "You were so proud of 'the hair on your nuts' earlier, why don't you bet that?"

"That's a GREAT idea," Marisa chimed in.

"Huh?" Will wasn't sure what that meant.

"You bet your boy hair, if you lose the hand then after the game the girls get to take all the hair off your body, except your eyebrows and the hair on your head."

"Uh, how?"

"We're girls, we have our ways."

"And what if I see his bet," Melanie threw in, "I would have to bet the same?"

"Fraid so, little sister - except, I bet I know an alternative the boys wouldn't mind. Instead of shaving you, if Will wins, they could watch me shave myself. I've been thinking about going bald down there."

Three of the boys just sprang instant boners.

"No, I'm not going to do that," Will said.

"Tough," Melanie said , "It's my turn, so I see your five chips and raise you the bet just as Marissa said it."

Now Will was caught. He didn't know what to do.

"Ooohh, is da wittle boy gonna wet his pants and back owt?" Tabitha asked in baby talk.

Nothing could make him mad quite like that girl.

"Fuck off, Tabitha."

"Language, Will," Marissa called to him.

"I see your bet . . ."

"Just like Marissa said?"

"Yeah, just like Marissa said, and I call."

"Uh, wh- . . . . wait." Melanie was suddenly not so sure of things, looking down at the pair of fours in her hand. "You call? Wait a minute, you were supposed to fold."

The other boys were getting excited. She must have a lousy hand. Nobody bluffed AFTER the call.

But Will was also getting nervous. Holy shit, what had he done??!! He was about to cry or wet himself. He looked down at his pair of fives and thought he was going to shit himself. What could he possibly beat with that??!! What was he thinking?

"Uhhh, can I take it back then? I, um, was . . . . uh . . . . kinda wanting you to fold."

Now no-one was sure who would win. Marissa pulled both sets of cards from her siblings and looked at them. "Oh my . . . . you two were going to town betting and THIS is all either of you had?"

She threw the cards down so that everybody could see that Will's five pair beat Melanie's four pair. And Dean, Curtis and Mason went wild with cheering. They really WERE going to get to see some pussy out of all this, and real pussy, too. Marissa's to be exact. If they had to strip down for all the girls it would be worth that - well, until they actually had to do it. But this - this was fucking incredible.

Will felt a little sick. He was personally relieved that no one would be touching him down there, much less shaving him off, but he felt like he had let his sister Marissa down. He looked glum and told his friends that they had better close their eyes when she actually did it.

"Yeah, right, like we're gonna do that," Curtis mumbled back.

"You are such a sweet little brother," Marissa said as she bent down and kissed him on his forehead, "but I'm a big girl. I can pay my debts just like I would expect you too, with a good attitude."

"Whatever, " Will mumbled. He still wasn't happy about it. Marissa on the other hand was thinking it might be kinda cool, in a kinky sort of way, putting on a show like that for four 12 year old boys. She was pretty sure Will wouldn't want to watch. And she would bet Nat might even wet himself as soon as she started. He was such a cute kid.

For that matter, Dean, Curtis, and Mason would probably wet themselves, too, but it wouldn't be pee.

"Wait a minute," Tabitha called out. "Bree, what were your cards?"

"Oh I only had twos and threes, nothing as high as a four or five."

Erica reached over Julie and picked up Bree's cards. "Girl, you got a Full House!"

"Oh, but they're just low numbers."

"Bree, you won, girl!"

"I did?"

"Please tell me we really aren't related," Tabitha moaned.

"You didn't know anything either, Tabs, until Amanda and Chasity taught us how to play." Julie said.

"Uh," Curtis choked out, "Amanda Wheeler and Chasity MCormick?"


"They taught you guys how to play."

"Yep," the girls smiled.

"You know those girls?" Dean asked Curtis.

"Um, sort of. You know how my dad is assistant warden over at the men's prison? Well he told me that their dads were in and out of prison all the time."

"For what?"

"Illegal card games. They usually only arrest the guys that clean up, meaning they're really really good."

"Oh shit."

The girls were already gathering up the cards for Marissa to shuffle and deal out again.

"Wait, so just to be sure," Will started, "since I didn't win, then nobody gets to watch you . . . do anything?"

"That's right, sweetie," Marissa said, shuffling the cards surprisingly well.

"Yeah, good going Will."

Will ignored Curtis and went on, feeling relieved. "And since Melanie didn't win, nobody gets to do anything to me."

"Um, not quite, sweetie," Marissa said as she started to deal out the cards.

"See," Melanie smiled as she leaned forward, "The deal was that if you LOST you we would get to take of all your hair, not if I WON. So you see, you still lost."

Will gulped. All his hair?

"That's for after the game," Marissa reminded them. "And you girls can't touch any hair above the neck."

Will felt sick. This cant be happening. He didn't even check his cards in the next hand, he just folded.

"You still have to ante up, sweetie."

Will threw in his five chips. That left him with three. He wondered how much it would cost to get more? He soon found out as Melanie sold her shoes for 15 chips a piece.

Nat was still feeling awkward, stealing glances at Bree, who was just as giggly when he looked at her, leaving him even more flustered and bewildered. He sat there just staring at his hand without thinking when he saw Mason pull two cards from him and get two more from the dealer, inserting them into his hand.

Oh wow, he thought, as he realized he went from an ace high to two of a kind, aces high. It eventually got down to Tabitha, Erica and Nat. When it was his turn to meet Tabitha's raise, he met her and raised her five, except Mason took ten more of his chips and threw them in.

"Um, Okay, I guess I raise you 15."

"Dammit Mason," Tabitha said under her breath as she folded. Erica folded right after her, and Nat's eyes lit up as he raked in his winnings.. Still, even with Mason's help he still wasn't paying attention, really, and called too early on the next hand and lost both shoes. The next two hands after that were both won by Tabitha and she decided to pick on Nat, requiring a sock from each win.

After a couple more plays, Melanie was in dire straights and looked like she might be the first one out. She had only a shirt on that didn't even come down to the top of her waistband of her light blue panties with a small trim of dark blue lace edging. Will wasn't doing much better, also down to his underwear and T-shirt, but his T-shirt was long, which was why he took his pants off first.

But for Melanie, it was hard to concentrate, she was so embarrassed, and she was down to only 8 chips. On top of that, Dean was practically drooling, letting his eyes wander down that lace trim to the narrowest part of the light blue panties, just thinking about what the panties barely covered at that point. How moist, and hot, that hole he dreamed about at night, ever since that brief glance he got inside his oldest brother's hidden magazine.

At least until he felt himself get smacked hard up the back side of the head by Will.

"Hey!! That's my sister. Quit staring!"

"Cut it out, Will! If it's out there I can look at it. Besides, Curtis is staring, too."

"Well not anymore," Will grumbled as he pulled of his shirt and tossed it to his sister. "Cover up!"

"You can't do that!" Curtis protested.

"It's my shirt. I can do what I want with it."

As nice as the gesture was, Melanie didn't like being barked at. And she still felt like he was being too controlling. Nevertheless, she didn't like the other boys staring, so she covered up. It helped her concentrate better and soon it was just down to her and Dean.

Dean saw she only had three chips, so he raised her four.

"What do I do?" she asked her sister.

"Throw in the chips you have and call it, or fold."

"She has to fold," Dean said.

"No, she can throw in all she has left and call it. If she loses, then she's out both her T-shirt and Will's and then out of the game. And you get one whole minute to stare at her as much as you want Dean.. Or she could fold and sell one of the shirts and try the next hand."

Melanie decided she would rather stand there one minute than suffer through another hand of Dean imagining her most private area and then losing anyway and him still getting that embarrassing minute. So she threw in her chips and called it. She put down her pair of threes and got ready to strip off.

"Shit!" Dean exclaimed as he threw down his cards. He had nothing, just a Jack as his high card.

"A Jack high," Marissa mused, "How appropriate for a boy like you."

"Can she cash in some of those chips and get decent again?" Will asked his oldest sister.

"I think I'll choose myself what to do with my chips, thank you!" Melanie bit back. She felt so conflicted. On the one hand she knew her brother was just being protective, but on the other hand he was being so damn protective!

The game went on and soon the girls were fearfully realizing that they weren't in a very good position. Melanie only had two T-shirts, Tabitha just a shirt and her jeans, Erica had mostly everything, but Julie only had a long shirt on (which thankfully kept the boys from seeing anything, not that they weren't trying),and Bree had just lost her shirt, now only wearing her pedal pushers. To make it worse, Bree didn't know what she was doing and would have been out long ago if it hadn't been for that amazing accidental first hand when she racked up on the chips.

The girls looked nervously over at the boys. True, Will was in his underwear, but only because he had been stupid the first round and let his emotions get the better of him. And Mason was keeping Nat in the game, but Nat still had his shirt, pants and underwear. Dean was doing a little better with the same amount plus a sock. Mason had only lost his two shoes so far, and Curtis still had plenty of chips and hadn't lost a single item of clothing.

Things were looking very bad for the girls. It was becoming obvious to them that the boys really did know what they were doing at poker, and they were all about to become embarrassed. As well as lose the rights to the basement for the next two slumber parties. Not to mention what the boys might brag about at school. It was very disheartening.

As the next hand was being dealt out, Bree was no longer all smiles at Nat, but was instead horribly embarrassed to be seen in her bra. She had her arms crossed over her chest, hugging herself uncomfortably and trying to make herself smaller or invisible. Nobody bothered to tell her that she wasn't supposed to cover up, because frankly the other boys weren't interested in her or her puffy mounds just hinted at underneath her training bra, either.

Nat was the only one who was looking at her, and she wished that he wouldn't; but he wasn't looking at her sexually. It bothered him to see her like this. Then it hit him, and he smiled.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Curtis asked the boy.

"Language, Curtis," Marissa reprimanded him.

"If Will can, then I can," Nat said as he took off his T-shirt, leaving himself with just two items of clothing on. He leaned over and handed it to Bree. "Here, put this on. It should fit you."

"Thanks," she said as she pulled it on and immediately felt more comfortable. She was back to smiling at him with her sweet shy smile, and he immediately felt unsure and disoriented again. Now what was he supposed to do?

"Pick up your cards."


"Pick up your cards, Nat." Mason said again.

"Oh yeah, thanks."

When it got time to throw away and get new cards, Tabitha called out, "Don't go picking his cards again, Mason."

Mason made an exaggerated 'I don't know what you're talking about' expression with his body language, but when it got to Nat's turn, Mason had to thump him to get him to pay attention. Nat looked down and saw that his cards were all crap, but his head was still swimming with the whole Bree issue, and he didn't know what to do. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Mason running three fingers discreetly down the length of his pants.

OK, so get rid of three cards, but which three was Mason seeing, and for that matter, how did Mason see his cards all the time?

"Um, I'm going to want three cards. I guess I start with this one . . ."

Mason cleared his throat.

"Mason!" Tabitha warned.

"What? Something in my throat."

"OK," Nat continued out loud. "Actually, no I'll turn in this one, and theeeen, maybe this one."

Mason started coughing. "Sorry, might need some water after this round."

"Uh actually, how about these two, as well, and that will be all. Just those three."

On the next round, Mason folded. Tabitha looked at Mason's poker face, which she grudgingly had to admit was damn good, and then looked at her two pair and then at Nat and back to Mason before she folded as well. It was a wise decision because even though Nat's highest card was a nine, he was holding every nine in the deck (he had thrown away everything except the eight and nine of hearts).

Will folded as well, since he was becoming perilously low on funds, and soon it was just Dean, Julie and Nat. Dean kept throwing in and raising, not understanding why the other two weren't giving up. He looked down at the hand he was holding. Three aces and two kings. It was a fucking strong hand, but he had just lost a lot of chips to Melanie, and this unnerved him. He didn't think he could run the other two out of chips the way he had Melanie. And that hand had backfired.

Dean cut his losses with an enormous pile of chips in the pot and folded. But Nat and Julie didn't quit. With this many players, it was hard to get a really good hand; in fact the hand Dean threw down was the second highest one in the game so far, the highest being the one currently in Nat's hand. But Julie wasn't giving up.

Bree looked nervous as Nat upped the ante one more time, and Julie looked at her and asked, "Hey, who's side are you on? This is women versus little boys, remember?"

"Sorry," she mumbled and looked down at her knees embarrassed. But she was still rooting for Nat.

Eventually Julie only had three chips, but Nat only had two. So Nat called it, and laid down his four of a kind.

"That's the highest hand yet," Dean remarked.

"Yay, Nat!!" Bree exclaimed and clapped her hands. All four girls bent forward and looked down the line at her. They were not amused.

"Oops," Bree said softly, "sorry."

"Read'em and weep, Julie." Curtis added for Nat's benefit, noting she only had one piece of clothing over her underwear, and that one was about to go. "Guess we have our first 'naked' loser, don't we boys? The first of five in a row."

"I guess you're right, Curtis," Julie answered, but way too calmly, "We are about to have our first 'naked' player, but here's your five in a row.

She laid down her cards. All spades, the lowest was a ten and it just got progressively higher from there.

"Shit." Came a low groan from Dean, Will, and Curtis.

Mason just exhaled slowly. This changed things.

"Sorry, Nat," Julie said sincerely, "But since you called it, you lose two pieces of clothing."

He only had two pieces of clothing on.

Nat stood up, not looking forward to this. He unbuttoned his pants and started to pull the zipper down, but everyone except Bree was staring at him. He hesitated and then turned around self-consciously and pushed his pants and underwear down in one stroke, all to the rambunctious applause of the other kids.

"Nice ass, Keller," Tabitha taunted the blushing boy.

Nat cupped his genitals - they unfortunately fit in one hand - and slowly turned around.

"Boooo, no covering!" someone called out.

"That's right, Nat," Marissa reminded him, "Sorry, but no covering."

The boy slowly and painfully pulled his hands away, rigidly moving them to his side. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. His body couldn't decide if it would flush from embarrassment or be drained of all color from the horror of it all.

"Dude, Nat, way to go with the teenie weenie," Curtis said, embarrassing the boy further.

"Curtis," Will said, but with a voice that said he was going too far.

"What? Little Nat knows I'm kidding. He'll grow a dick one day, maybe even be bigger than all of us."

Nat didn't have much to show right now, only being at the very outskirts of puberty, even at 12 1/2 . His balls were barely there in a still smooth sack of stretched skin, out away from his body, but not totally dropping, and his small penis would barely manage 2 1/2 inches hard, and that was being generous with the ruler. He looked like he was about to cry when Mason told everyone to let him cover up.

"Some Ladykiller there Nat, maybe should just be Lady Keller, since there's not much boy there." Tabitha called out. She got a guffaw from Curtis, who got elbowed by Dean.

"Shut up, Tabs," Melanie said quietly, too quietly to suit Will or Bree.

"Let him Cover Up!!" Mason said again, louder this time and in a voice that said he was getting pissed. He wasn't alone; Julie seconded it, so Marissa made the call.

"You can cover up, Nat," which he did very quickly, "as long as every other person here accepts there will be no further exceptions. There was a loud assent from half of them and a murmur from the rest. But soon all were agreed.

"Now," Marissa continued, "There is one more order of business."

"That's right," Curtis said, "start eliminating the girls."

"Actually, before that, Curtis, right Julie?"

"That's right," she smiled broadly, "I believe you were talking about reading and weeping a moment ago, Curtis? Well, read it - it's a Royal Flush. That means I can eliminate any player left. Well time to weep, now. How about you strip for us?"

All the girls laughed and clapped, and even Will and Mason smiled, - even though the loss of Curtis was a devastating blow for the boys. Now that he was the center of attention, he was visibly a lot less sure of himself. Curtis ignored the girls' catcalls as he stripped, and he tried not to show the annoyance that everybody knew was there. When he finally got down to just his pants and underwear, he hesitated, trying to decide if it was better to shuck them both at once or one at a time. Since he was wearing boxers, he went for the delayed action and took the pants off first.

When he tossed the pants behind him, the jiggle of his dick in front, already pushed forward by resting on his balls, hinted to the girls that this one was going to be bigger than Nat's. Unfortunately for Nat, the boy just one week older than him had a dick that looked two or three years older. Curtis' hung soft longer than Nat's got erect. But it wasn't the jiggle at the moment that the girls were waiting for, they figure that Curtis might have some hair down there, and they wanted to see how much and especially what color - would the carpet match the drapes?

So when the auburn haired boy took a deep breath, so did the girls, and they watched the boxers slide down until the first of his reddish-brown pubes came on the scene. The small bush at the base of his dick was shortly followed by the plumpness of a reddish brown dick, contrasting sharply with the otherwise pale groin. The head of the dick looked quite large after seeing the offerings on Nat's body, as did the pecan sized nuts hanging loosely behind in a hairless sac.

Nat became humiliated all over again as Curtis came over to stand near him, for two reasons, both of which had to do with the fact that Curtis was not allowed to cover up like he was. For one, though he had been around naked boys before - such was the facts of growing up - he had never just actually 'stood' next to a naked one. This alone unnerved him. But then there was the matter of the obvious comparison in size, and that was just salt in a fresh wound.

"Hands on your head, Curtis."

As he did so, he could not look at the girls, but stared at a spot on the wall instead. He heard one of them say "oh cool" as the few underarm hairs he had came into view. They were slightly darker than the pubic hairs, but lighter than the hair on his head.

"Now turn around slowly for us. Yeah. Very nice."

"Oh yeah, and an even nicer butt."

"Yeah, REAL nice ass there Curtis."

Again in his embarrassment and refusal to look at the girls, he didn't know from whom the comments came. He mumbled an insincere thanks and the game continued.

It was no surprise that the next one out of the game was Bree, though her exit did save the other girls from forcing to have to call Dean on a particularly good hand he had. So she minimized both the forfeit of clothes that one of the other girls would have suffered and the forfeit of the amount that Dean got in the pot.

She was once again highly embarrassed to be singled out and have to stand there in her bra and panties while Marissa shuffled the deck for a whole minute. She didn't even notice that none of the three boys left in the game were staring at her, they were eyeing their opponents. This could go either way now.

What Bree did notice was Nat studiously looking away. He gave only the barest glance at her from his side vision and then turned his head away, embarrassed afresh. This made her smile; it comforted her in her agonizing minute of display. When Marissa told her that she could get dressed now, the three boys in the game still did not look at her, except for a brief non-appraising glance from Will.

After she was dressed, Bree sidled up to Nat and leaned back, taking an admiring view of both his and Curtis' backsides. Although she found the older-appearing naked form of Curtis entrancing, she was somewhat more wrapped up in the loveliness of everything Nat.

Bree ran her hand appreciatively over the well formed mounds of the 12 year old's peri-pubertal bottom, marveling in the entire feel of it. She tip-toed up the inch or so difference between them and whispered in his ear. "I think you have the cutest butt."

He had stiffened the moment he felt her warm hands on his bottom cheeks, but once she whispered in his ear, everything seemed to freeze completely, and he felt a growing burning in his chest and a light-headedness above.

Mason looked over at Nat and rolled his eyes.

"Nat!" he called out sharply, getting the boy's attention, "Breathe!"

Breathe? Oh yeah, he wasn't breathing. That's why he felt this way! Nat sucked in a great big breath of air and slowing felt the pounding in his head and chest recede. But he could still feel that lovely hand on his bumcheeks, even though Bree had already since pulled it away.

"Bree!" Tabitha called to her little sister. "Get away from that pervert. Stand on your own side of the game!"

The girls all looked at Bree when she guiltily moved away from Nat, and they suddenly realized something. And then they looked at each other. Each knew that Bree had been the weak link and had unknowingly taken the fall for the girls by absorbing the two-article forfeit that came with calling the hand and losing. It was then the girls realized what the strategy should be. Without discussing it, they all smiled and knew what the other was thinking.

On the next hand, after barely looking at their hands, Tabitha and Melanie, having the fewest chips, each paid the ante and folded immediately. Erica made it look good and went through the first raise before folding, and Julie, who had the most chips - a very large amount of chips - continued with the ruse for a bit longer, before she folded, but not before taking up the last of Will's chips.

Dean could see no sense in continuing to bet against Mason, so he called it - and lost. At this point, Dean only had three pieces of clothing left on. He pulled his shirt off first, and the girls watched as the cotton T came off. Dean had the most athletic body of the five boys and the most of the burgeoning teen definition, something all four remaining girls appreciated, as they watched the 12 yo stomach muscles ripple in cooperation with his upper torso in pulling off the shirt. And as his arms went up, they could see a dense but sure stand of dark underarm hairs, straighter than Curtis' and darker than the deep brown of the straight hair on his own head.

They wondered when it came to be Mason's turn if he would have underarm hairs lighter or darker brown than the coffee soft hair on his head, and would they be fewer in number tan Dean's? Perhaps just sporting a few like Will did? They were distracted by this thought, however, when Dean next pulled off his pants, showing that he, too, like Will, was wearing white BVD's, although with a slightly more noticeable package. And suddenly all the girls noted with a giggle that there was an obvious sausage shaped impression going off to the right in the front of Dean's briefs, and the more they stared and smiled, the more that sausage began to impress itself into the white cotton, until the very head of Dean's long 4 3/4 inch dick was fully displayed in perfect relief.

Mason, as winner of the hand, now had to pick a loser, someone to lose one article of clothing. Julie would be an obvious choice, but she hardly even tried in that last round. The girls must have a plan, even though they hadn't discussed one during the game. They must have had one before. Mason tried to figure out what it was. He looked at his own team and saw it. Will and Dean were both in their underwear, and they had left Will alone for a while. They were trying to whittle them down, not eliminate one by one. After all, Curtis had been a fluke.

Mason smiled and looked over the girl's team. Of course. While Julie would be an obvious target since she only had the one item of clothing - her large T-shirt that was covering everything - Erica still had three, as opposed to Melanie and Tabitha who each had 2. Erica was the only one who could not be eliminated by losing on a call. Mason thought he had it figured out and told Erica to give up a piece of clothing. She threw out her sock, which left her like Tabitha, with only a shirt and pants left on over her underwear.

Marisa was ready to start dealing out the cards, but Will had a dilemma. It was then that Dean and Mason realized that Will had no money left.

"You have to have money to start the round," Marissa told him. "If you sell me your underwear, then you can buy them back if you win the hand."

"How much?"

"For underwear? Oh, that should be worth the most. Let's say 50 chips."

Will agreed and pulled off his briefs. His dick was already half hard and wavering about 10-15 degrees above horizontal. He was acutely aware of the girls looking at it and him as he sat there naked, and while Marissa counted out his chips, it slowly wavered back and forth until it lifted itself up into his full 4 inch erection, eventually becoming hard as a rock and pointing about 65 degrees above horizontal.

His oldest sister gave him a quick appraisal, and then with a discreet smile, she gave him a wink that caused him to flush further, while she started dealing out the cards. Mason was watching now for group strategy, whereas before he had been watching individual strategy. Just as with the last hand, Melanie and Tabitha barely looked at their cards and tossed in the ante and folded. Melanie for one would have to sell a T-shirt to continue the next round, so he couldn't see what the benefit was there.

Erica and Julie played through the round and then on the first raise, Erica seemed to think it through. She bit her lip and glanced at Julie and then folded. Julie saw the raise and raised five more. She had enough money left that she could do this all day. Only last time she didn't. And then it hit Mason.

"Call !" He yelled out quite suddenly.

"What?" Dean asked, surprised with how soon, as well as how loud, that Mason did this. "Have you lost your mind? You didn't even bother to play."

The girls looked at each other uncertainly, afraid and wondering if Mason had really caught on so quickly. He had.

"They're folding early to force us to play against each other. That way one of us always has to call it."

"Yeah, but one of us will always be the winner then, and we can make them take off a piece of clothing."

"And one of us would always be on the losing end of the call and therefore lose two pieces of clothing. We would lose two pieces of clothing to their one."

"But why did you call it?" Dean asked, slowly getting the devious twist of it.

"Because I'm the only one of us who can afford to lose two pieces of clothing. I just hope Will has the winning hand, then all three of us will still be in the game, Julie can be knocked out and Melanie down to one piece of clothing, since she only has three chips left."

"Brilliant, Mason," Julie said smiling, and she meant it too. That really was brilliant. Now she REALLY wanted to see the boy naked.

"Um, I got three Jacks," Will offered.

Mason breathed a sigh of relief. That was a damn good hand.

"He's definitely got me beat," Dean said as he threw down a pair of nines. "And I'll bet he's got you beat too, Julie, which means we get to finally see what pretty color those panties are that you got hiding under that T-shirt."

"Sorry, boys," Julie smiled as she laid down her cards. "Three Queens."

"Which is what you three are gonna be in Benjamin County next week," Tabitha added in spitefully.

Oh, she really got under Will's skin.

"Sorry, Will," Julie said, "I think that means you're out, and Dean, why don't you go ahead and lose those briefs and join him. While he's doing that, Mason, you can get rid of those socks."

The boys did as she directed. What choice did they have?

"Hmmm, well, Dean seems to have the most hair above his thing, just barely, but Will's is curliest and goes across a wider area, even if it's a little thin."

"And about to get a lot thinner," Tabitha interjected.

"Girls, let's see which of the four have the nicest butts. Hands on your heads boys, except you Nat, and now every one spin around, including you, Nat. Very nice."

"I'm going to go wiiittthh . . . . . . . . . . Curtis or Dean, I cant tell which butt is nicer." Erica said, never having a problem being the first to charge forward.

"They're both pretty . . . . OK." Melanie agreed.

"I think Nat's!" Bree said quietly.

"Yeah, well your opinion don't count." Her sister Tabitha said, "I guess I'll have to go with Curtis. Too bad we don't have some real boys to compare them to. What about you, Marissa?"

"Oh, I'm going to have to go with my little brother Will, it's pretty tight and compact. Real cute in my book."

The other girls took another look at Will, and each agreed to herself that it was indeed a nice compact butt. It looked perfect to squeeze.

"Well, Julie," Erica asked, "Who would you pick?"

"Oh, I'd bet all these chips that it will be Mason." She said with a big smile.

It may have been a big compliment, but it unnerved Mason. The other boys, as well, didn't see the compliment in it as much as the degrading humiliation of it. For Will especially, having not been seen naked by anyone in his family for four years or more and then suddenly by both his sisters at the same time, and with a hard-on, no less. It was the ultimate in humiliation that simply could not be topped.

That was, of course, until he remember that they were still going to shave him, and that he would have to be naked - and this time in front of his mother!!! - when they went to Benjamin County, unless Mason could somehow win. It was all way too much to bear. Will felt as if he might pass out at any moment.

Marissa got ready to deal the cards, when Mason asked her to wait. Poker came naturally to Curtis, but Mason was a Master Strategist in the making. Melanie was already down to one T-shirt again (her blue panties again on display and this time responsible for the slow but sure rise in the dicks of both Dean and Curtis), and she now had 18 chips. He knew this because he heard her barter for the price of a T shirt. Marisa had said she would give more for the one she was wearing than the one in her lap, but Melanie couldn't bear to have her top exposed.

And Tabitha still had two pieces of clothing, but only about a dozen chips remained in front of her. Erica had almost twice that many chips, but also only two items of clothing. And that left Julie, with only one article of clothing and an immense number of chips.

Mason realized now that his huge mistake was not getting rid of Julie. He couldn't compete with that sheer number of chips. He could try and hope to win a match and eliminate her, but if he called and lost, he would forfeit two pieces for the lost call and one just for being the loser. Since he only had three left, that would be catastrophic.

He had to try and out run her with chips and get rid of either Tabitha or Erica in the process; bring the ratio down to 1:2, instead of 1:4. To do that he needed chips.

"Well, Mason, did you want something?"

"Yeah," he said, taking a deep breath while considering what this meant. "I need some chips."

He did his negotiations and shortly afterward a naked Mason Corbett was sitting cross-legged on the floor, his perfectly ordinary 12 year old penis and balls and small bush of black pubic hairs on full display to see. He wasn't obscenely hardening like Will, but he did have a semi in view, as he added 110 chips to his already large stash. He hoped it was enough to balance Julie. If this worked, he might just could win.

If it didn't . . . . . .

At the very least his strategy worked in throwing the girls off, and as the game unfolded, he was able to keep the girls at bay and forced them each to fold, even while they were trying to change their strategy and overtake him. No one called it, so no-one lost two pieces of clothing, something that would have helped the boys if they had tried that earlier, except he didn't feel there was time.

Now, he overtook the greater amount of all the remaining chips, and bought back his underwear and pants. Julie pouted a bit that he was now redressed, somewhat, but she was more worried about he would do to her. She was still the obvious elimination, and he knew it.

But he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Dean sensed the problem and shouted out, "Don't even think it, Mason. She's just a girl!"

There had to be a way to win without forcing embarrassment on Julie. There had to be a way.

This is why you don't play poker with girls, he thought to himself. He looked down the line. Erica was still relatively safe and a good player. There was very little damage he could inflict upon her with one clothing removal, and Tabitha would go out on her own in just two rounds. She had two pieces of clothing, but only 6 chips. If he didn't get rid of Julie, then it would have Melanie.

As he looked at Melanie he could hear her whimper no and she clutched her arms across her breasts.

This is why you don't play poker with girls, he thought to himself again. He put his head down and rolled his fingers around his temples.

"Mason, you have to pick somebody, or you can forfeit your pick." Marissa warned him.

"Mason," Dean was pleading behind him, "do the right thing, buddy."

"Mason?" Marissa asked. "One . . . . . Two . . . . . . "

"Erica." He said finally and looked up, though he could no longer look at the girls. He would just have to find a way to eliminate Erica and Tabitha in the next round; Melanie would eliminate herself in one more round, and then it would be just the luck of the cards between himself and Julie. Nothing personal in that elimination. It could be done.

And he got very close, he did eliminate Erica on that hand, and got close to getting rid of Tabitha and Melanie both on the next, but he called a bluff that he shouldn't have. And he lost. Everything.

So then there were five naked boys standing at attention for them, three of them with 'everything' at attention. Julie was very happy to see that Mason did indeed have the nicest butt, all but Bree agreeing with her. The girls were hoping to get some possible exploration in by taking advantage of the situation before them: four pubertal 12 year old boys, legs slightly spread, hands on their heads, and one puberty-hopeful with his small jewels cupped in his hand.

Just as the girls advanced toward the boys, the door to the basement opened, and the boys dove for their clothes.

"Kids! Sorry supper was so late, but it's ready now!" Their mom called down the steps without, fortunately, actually coming down herself. The girls could hardly keep from laughing as they watched the boys frantically dressing. "I'm proud of you all playing so well down there together."

"Yeah, mom, but we're done playing now. We'll be right up," Will yelled, having only gotten a shirt on - unsure if it was his - and clutching his pants and underwear to his crotch. Then more quietly he asked the girls, "All right, so then are we done, now?"

"Not quite," his twin sister said menacingly, "After supper, we're all coming back down, and you, Will Gant, are getting naked again. And we, the girls, get to have some more fun."

Will groaned. He had hoped they would have forgotten about that.

On their way up the stairs, Marissa quietly asked her little sister if she thought she was going to want to play the boys again in poker.

"No way! That was so scary. If Julie hadn't had two lucky hands, and if Nat hadn't been so distracted, there's no way we would have won. I'm never betting the boys anything on poker ever again. I say, let it be a man's game."