COWBOYS AND INDIANS Part Six (mmmmfffFF,Exh,Humil)
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BY: Hooked6

Eddie put on his loin cloth and adjusted his headband. Just then he spotted Andrew arriving on his bike and went out to meet him.

"Geez, Louise! When you guys play Cowboys and Indians you go all out don't you?" Andrew remarked after seeing his friend in his Indian costume.

"Yeah, these kids really get into it. Thanks for coming over. I really didn't want to disappoint these guys," Eddie said.

"Yeah, well later you can make it up to me with that $50 my sister told me about." Andrew reminded him.

Mark and Pat came outside to meet the new kid who was going to play and Eddie introduced everybody. Like the day before Mark and Pat both were wearing their realistic Cowboy outfits complete with six shooters and holsters. "Oh this might be fun after all," Andrew remarked after seeing the kids.

"Hurry up and get changed," Mark said impatiently. "We're late already."

"Changed?" Andrew said a bit confused.

"Yeah, we got you a costume like Eddie's and after you're ready will get some war paint on you too," explained Pat with a smile. Andrew didn't like the sound of that but Eddie escorted him inside the house and to Mark's bedroom where he gave him his loin cloth and headband.

"Oh I don't know about this . . ." Andrew exclaimed after seeing the outfit first hand.

"I know it's a bit awkward but the kids like playing this stuff and it's only a game. Don't tell me you're afraid. " Eddie said persuasively as he left his friend to get undressed.

Andrew reluctantly stripped off and put on the outfit. He clumsily bounded downstairs acutely aware of how easy it was to expose himself.
Eddie and the boys were waiting in the dinning room with Kayla.

"This is Kayla, Mark's sister. She's does the war paint." Then turning to Mark's sister said, "Kayla this is my friend Andrew."

Kayla smiled as she studied the obviously much more mature young man standing before her. She smiled at the thought of wondering what this older boy might look like under the loin cloth. She thought to herself that she might have to make sure she found out later on. "Aren't you a bit old to play these games?" she teased with a chuckle as she proceeded to draw on his face with her different shades of lipstick.

The recent conversation with his own sister was still fresh in Andrew's mind and Kayla's remark pissed him off a bit. "Yeah, well you're a girl. You wouldn't understand these things," he answered indignantly.

"I'll bet there's a lot YOU don't understand about this game either!" Kayla snapped back with a smile.

With the war paint completed, Mark led the boys out into the back woods and explained the rules. Handing the bow and arrow to Andrew he explained, "Eddie, let's let the new kid have the bow and arrow set. You can pretend like Joey did yesterday, OK?" Eddie nodded his head in agreement.

"Now you two get to hiding and remember if we catch you with our pistols before you can shoot us with arrows – you have to surrender." Mark said one final time.

Andrew reverted back to the simpler times of his younger days and scampered off with Eddie to find a hiding place all the while whooping like a real Indian brave. He had forgotten how much fun it was just to "play." They eventually found a hiding spot in a large clump of bushes.

"Eddie, I'm glad you asked me to play with these guys. This is FUN!" Andrew said half out of breath from running. Eddie could only smile, for he knew what was about to happen.

Sure enough it wasn't long before Andrew spotted the two Cowboys sneaking up in the distance. "Here they come! Get Ready!" Andrew whispered with excitement as he drew an arrow back into the bowstring and took aim.

Zing went the first arrow – wide left as the two Cowboys popped up and started shooting their cap guns in earnest.

"I'll get you this time!" Andrew yelled as he let another arrow fly missing a second time. "DAMN! I should be a better shot than this!" Andrew said upset with himself. He looked at his friend Eddie wildly shooting his "pretend" arrows and chuckled, "I see you're no better at this than I am!" causing both boys to laugh out loud.

After the third arrow missed the inevitable happened and the Cowboys ordered the Indians to surrender. As Pat and Mark began tying the Indian's hands behind their backs Andrew leaned over and whispered, "What happens now?"

"We're their prisoners. We get interrogated to find out were the others are hiding," Eddie explained.

"Oooohhhh," Andrew replied with mock enthusiasm.

Like the previous day, the two Cowboys led their captives to the secluded back yard of Mark's house. They proceeded to re-tie their two prisoners with their hands over their heads. "I hope they don't put us front of a firing squad," Andrew teased.

"We should be so lucky," Eddie replied under his breath.

Mark and Pat ominously walked around their tied up prisoners making sure they were secure. Mark then took up his usual position in front of Eddie while Pat stayed behind him.

"OK, Indian. Where's your Chief?" Mark asked seriously. Eddie knew enough to play along so he replied, "I don't know!"

"YOU LIE!" Mark yelled. Mark asked again with similar results. Andrew was taking this all in stride until Pat came up behind Eddie and yanked his loin cloth to the ground and off his legs and tossed it to Mark, leaving poor Eddie totally exposed.

Andrew looked over at Eddie standing there naked and just had to chuckle. He was surprised at how little Eddie had to offer and that he hadn't grown hair yet. Secretly Andrew was enjoying seeing his friend humiliated a bit. After all, it was all in fun he thought. Then Andrew heard some noises in the distance and looked up to find Patti, Kelli and Traci walking toward them.

"DAMN Eddie, looks like this isn't your day!" Andrew said with a laugh.

Mark turned around and seeing them approaching called out, "Hi Girls! You're just in time to see us make him talk."

"Great!" Patti said with enthusiasm.

Mark shook Eddie's loin cloth angrily at him and said, "This is your last chance to make it easy on yourself. Now, where is your Chief?"

Eddie looked over at Patti and the two of them exchanged knowing glances. He knew deep down he had better make this good otherwise he really would be in a world of hurt. "I'll NEVER tell, NEVER!" He said defiantly.

Pat bent down and picked up a small stick and smacked Eddie's bare ass with it making a loud "Whop!" as it hit home. Eddie, surprised by the severity of the blow cried out "OUCH! That hurt!"

"TALK!" Mark demanded

"NEVER!" Eddie replied staying in his role. The girls all giggled at watching this spectacle and Andrew too, was amused by it all. Another blow was delivered harder than the first causing Eddie to quickly move away, his penis flopping up and down as he did so. There was more laughter from the girls. Eddie felt awful knowing that Traci was seeing him humiliated like this but he felt he had little choice. Then it happened. After a couple of more whacks with the stick Pat stopped and stood on Eddie's side.

Everyone got eerily quiet wondering what was going to happen next. Pat then, with his open hand pointing towards the ground, took his palm and teasingly ran it up over Eddie's balls and shaft and finally onto his belly. He repeated this over and over, gently touching the most sensitive spots nicely asking Eddie as he did so, "Are you SURE you don't want to talk?"

It wasn't long before Eddie was fully erect and the girls started giggling again. Andrew, though he felt bad for his new found friend, was eagerly watching the whole thing. There was enjoyment in watching this boy having nasty things happen to him in front of the girls. It was almost as if he was rooting for the Cowboys to go farther!

When Pat felt Eddie's penis get rock hard and his breathing get faster he quit. Mark then took up a position in front of Andrew as Pat did the same behind him. "So . . . Are you going to talk?" Mark asked Andrew.

Andrew's expression got very serious and suddenly he began to get afraid.

"Yes! I'll talk. The Chief is in the woods there!" he said motioning with his head hoping they would leave him alone.

"LIAR!" Mark yelled, much to the pleasure of the girls! "Chiefs NEVER travel alone. They are always protected by the tribe!"

Andrew suddenly felt Pat's hand grasp his loin cloth and immediately everyone got quiet again. Electricity filled the air and Andrew swore that the breathing of everyone present got faster and faster. His heart began to pound too and before he knew it he felt his loin cloth slowly slipping down over his hips.

"NO WAIT!" Andrew yelled in a panic. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"

It was too late. Pat had them down to the ground and easily removed them from around his ankles as Andrew tried to kick his legs in protest.

There was an audible, collective gasp as the girls saw Andrew's cock for the first time – so much so that Andrew stopped dead in his tracks when he realized that they – his SISTER too - could see his privates!

All eyes widened. Eddie too was surprised. Though he was almost the same age as Eddie, Andrew didn't just have a little pubic hair like some of the boys Eddie had seen last year in the locker room, he had a pretty good growth! And the size of his flaccid penis was remarkable. Seeing his friend's endowment really made Eddie feel embarrassed and he understood why the girls made fun of him before, a fact which made his stomach feel tied up in knots!!

Andrew's face was beet red as he looked at the girls whose eyes were all clearly fixated on Andrew's penis!

"LET ME GO!" Andrew protested to no avail.

Pat took the stick and smacked Andrew's ass causing him to jump. His penis flopped up and down like Eddie's did before him.

"TALK!" Mark demanded again.


WHAP! Pat swung the stick against his ass. A funny thing then began to happen that surprised even Andrew. With each successive smack to his butt, Andrew's penis grew a little larger. Slowly but surely his pecker began to rise at everyone watched it amazement until it was fully engorged.

Patti was so giddy at how big it had grown that she was beside herself with excitement. "Do you see that??!!" Patti whispered to Traci. She too was impressed as it had been a long time since she had seen her brother naked – way before he had any pubic hair anyway!

"I need a volunteer to help me," Mark said. Patti practically leapt to his side not waiting for any of the others to have a chance at responding. "It looks like we'll have to use the tug-of-war torture on him," Eddie explained. Andrew looked confused but Patti knew exactly what she had to do as Eddie had explained it to the girls when he told them about his experiences the day before.

Giggling the entire time, Patti walked over to Eddie and reached out her hand towards his erect member. Seeing what she was about to do, Andrew panicked and tried to move his hips back away from her. She eventually took hold of his shaft causing both Andrew as well as Patti to let out a sigh. It must have felt good to each of them.

Patti tightened her grip and began to pull his penis down and away from him. Andrew yelled, "OW . . .OW . . .OWWWWWWW!"

"TALK!" demanded Mark. Patti wasn't content with just pulling on it, however. She wanted to stroke it as well. She would start out at the base of his cock and slowly slide her hand up the shaft until reaching the most sensitive of spots where she would tighten her grip and hold it there for a brief moment before pulling on the end towards her.

While this was going on, Pat untied Eddie's hands from over his head and pulled them behind his back, retying them tightly.

Eventually Mark forced Patti to let go of Andrew's penis causing him to relax almost every muscle in his body. Patti returned to the girls and they all laughed out loud.

Traci then spoke up, "I WANT TO TRY THAT!!!"

"NO WAY my own SISTER is going to touch me like that!" Andrew protested angrily. Deep inside Andrew was mortified at the fact that Traci had even laid EYES on his penis. The thought of her actually TOUCHING it was almost more than he could bear. He felt the tell tale pressure building up down below and he knew it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand. His cock was already rock hard and pre-cum was dripping quite readily from the head.

"Try and stop me BIG boy," Traci said sarcastically.

"I'll tell mom!" Andrew countered, hoping that would be enough to dissuade her from actually touching him.

"LOOK!" Kelli exclaimed pointing at Andrew's cock, "He's going to cum!! He's dripping already!"

Everyone laughed at hearing her words – even Mark and Pat.

As Traci, who was all smiles, started walking toward her brother to get her chance at jacking him off, Mark put his hand on her shoulder and said in his best Cowboy accent, "Beg Pardon, ma'am. But I think it's time we used the cannon on him."

Everyone seemed confused at what he meant, especially Andrew. "I'll TALK!" Andrew pleaded not wanting to find out what Mark had in mind.

"Too late for that. It's time to EXECUTE the prisoner!" Mark said boldly. The look on Andrew's face was priceless!

"Bring the cannon over here!" Mark called out to Pat, who promptly took Eddie by one of his arms that were tied behind his back and led him over directly in front of Andrew facing him. Mark then moved Traci next to Eddie and put her hand around Eddie's now flaccid penis.

"You DO know how to fire a cannon, don't ya ma'am?" Mark asked Traci with a twinkle in his eye. Traci, along with everyone else, immediately understood what he meant – Eddie's penis was the cannon and she was going to shoot her brother!!!!! Damn – this was better than she could have hoped for, she thought to herself!

"OOoooooo, I SURE DO!!" Traci replied excitedly. She began stroking Eddie's soft penis in her hand. Eddie couldn't believe his good fortune. His sweetheart was actually holding onto his cock and was jacking him off! It wasn't long before Eddie's penis was oozing pre-cum and grew to its full length – albeit half of Andrew's size.

"READY . . ." barked Mark as he watched Traci prime the cannon.

"AIM . . .!" Mark directed as it became obvious Eddie was now close to cumming. His breathing became rapid and his muscles visibly tensed. Traci aimed Eddie's cock so that it now was pointed at her brother's dick and balls. The other girls gathered in close not wanting miss any action.

"EDDIE TASGAR DON'T YOU DARE CUM ON ME!!!" demanded the helpless Andrew.

When Eddie arched his back one last time and held his breath, Mark screamed, "FIRE!!!!!" At once six long streams of white goo shot out in rapid succession and landed on Andrew's penis and balls. Eddie may have only possessed HALF Andrew's size but he sure had a lot of goo to shoot to make up for it.

"YUCK!" cried Andrew as the first streams of cum hit him. "THAT'S GROSS!! QUIT IT, SIS!!!" he demanded. Traci was laughing so hard she almost was unable to keep jerking the cannon!! When Eddie finally finished spurting, Traci made a frown and said in a pitiful voice,
"AW . . . is THAT all there is?" Her remarks caused her girlfriends to just die laughing

Mark went over and looked at Andrew and declared, "The prisoner has been shot. The game is over!" He then gathered up the two loin cloths and handed them to Traci. "I believe you EARNED these, ma'am." With a tip of the hat Mark and Pat disappeared, leaving a naked Eddie and Andrew with the girls.

Kelli, although silent for much of the day's events, had not been inactive. She once again had the presence of mind to take pictures with her cell phone and was eager to point them out to the girls!

"EDDIE TASGAR!!! I'm going to get you for this! You just wait and see!" Andrew said with certainty.

His comments made Eddie decide that it was best to leave the scene while he still could and ran into the house. Traci waved her brother's costume in front of him and announced, "I'll just keep this for a while. Have fun riding your bike home NAKED!!"

"You wouldn't dare!!" said Andrew. "I'll tell mom!"

"No you won't. I've got pictures now. If you dare breathe a word, these will be plastered all over school!" Traci said confidently. With that the girls ran off towards home laughing all the way.

Andrew stood alone, tied up and naked unsure of how he was going to get loose. He didn't have to wait long. At that very moment Kayla came out the back door and smiled at the sight before her. "Well, well" she said clearly amused at finding Andrew tied up and helpless and she started walking toward him looking him up and down.

Andrew had known the other girls before as he lived next to them but Kayla he had only met that morning and somehow the thought of her seeing him like this, a girl older than he, made his penis start to climb. By the time she had reached him he was fully erect again.

"See! I KNEW you were older than Eddie," she said staring at his pubic hair. "And I also see from the goo all over you that you REALLY LIKE this game. Couldn't hold it in, eh?" she asked teasingly.

"THAT"S NOT MINE!" Andrew protested, though he regretted saying it as soon as the words had left his mouth. Hearing his words, Kayla raised an eyebrow.

"Not your's, huh? Whose then?" she asked sarcastically.

"Come on untie me, this is embarrassing!" Andrew snapped curtly.

"Why the hell should I do that?" Kayla replied. "Besides, I'm only a GIRL remember? I don't understand games like these. I kind of like having a naked boy tied up in my backyard though. Maybe I should get some of my friends and have them over to check you out."

"NO! PLEASE don't. I'm sorry I snapped at you. Please let me go." Andrew begged.

After some good natured kidding and taking ample time to check out ALL of Andrew, Kayla reluctantly untied the boy. As he ran off trying desperately to keep himself covered, Kayla shouted out jokingly, "CUM AGAIN, ANYTIME!" and then burst into laughter.

Andrew ran around to the front of the house and quickly climbed on his bike and sped off down the sidewalk. He never had pedaled so fast in all of his life! As he turned the corner of his own street he unexpectedly came upon two friends of his from school.

"Whoa!" said one boy. "What the hell happened to you?"

"It's a long story," explained Andrew "And if you don't mind I would like to get back to my house before anybody else sees me. There's somebody I have to kill!"

"Sister, huh? Your Sister had something to do with this I'll bet," said the other boy.

"Oh she was involved all right," Andrew said a bit disgusted.

"That sucks!" the first boy called out after Andrew hopped back on his bike seat and continued to pedal home. "Somebody is going to get a good old fashioned ass-whipping." Little did they know who that "someone" was going to be.