COWBOYS AND INDIANS Part One (mmmmfffFF,Exh,Humil)
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BY: Hooked6

Eddie had been bored for most of the summer. Being an only child at the awkward age of 14, he had no other kids his own age to play with. The only other kids he spent time with were Mark, age 10 and his neighbor, Pat who was also 10 years old.

Towards the end of that fateful summer, Eddie's dad had to travel away on business for a week and the only way his mom could accompany him was if they found a suitable place for their son to stay while they were away. Despite their best efforts, none of Eddie's relatives were able to accommodate him that particular week. All seemed lost until at the last moment, Ms. Herzog, Mark's mom, came to the rescue and offered her home.

Eddie's parents were in such a hurry to leave that they didn't even pack Eddie's belongings. Instead they just handed their son a key to the house, gave him the usual lecture on behaving himself and minding Ms. Herzog, hopped in the car and left for the airport leaving their son to make his own way down the little country road about a quarter mile to Mark's place. Not being one to plan ahead, Eddie simply set out to join his friends.

Eddie didn't really mind that his playmates were much younger than he was. After all they still liked playing outdoors and getting into mischief things that Eddie still enjoyed. People Eddie knew his own age were too wrapped up in more mature activities that didn't seem to interest him. Yet Eddie knew that he was changing, both physically and mentally. Though he was small for his age his voice had already become much deeper than it used to be. Pubic hair, however, the outward sign of becoming a man, had yet to make its appearance something that worried young Eddie as many of his classmates had already thick growths above their privates. Still, it WAS summer and a time to make the most of his unexpected sleepover.

"About time you got here," said Mark.

"Yeah we've been waiting for you," echoed Pat.

"Sorry guys, my parents just left," explained Eddie.

"Hey, where's your stuff? I thought you were staying the whole week?" asked Mark.

"I am," Eddie said. "My mom gave me a key. I'll just get my stuff at the house when I need it."

Mark, Pat and Eddie soon were playing their usual games of hide and seek, keep-away and tossing the baseball around. After a while, the boys ended up in Mark's room. As boys usually do when they are bored, the three began roughhousing around with the two smaller boys ganging up on Eddie. It wasn't long before Eddie's T-shirt was torn. The younger boys seized upon the opportunity and soon had the shirt torn to shreds. As they tossed the remnants of Eddie's shirt around the room, Eddie's house key fell out of the shirt pocket.

"Lookie what I've got!" exclaimed Mark. "I've got Eddie's house key!"

"Hey! Give that back!" shouted Eddie. Mark and Pat began a game of keep away tossing the key back and forth between them taunting Eddie to try and catch it. Eddie became more and more irritated at his inability to snatch the key back. Finally growing tired he stopped trying and said, "Come on guys, I need that key. I need to go back to my house and get a new shirt before it gets too dark out."

"Why should we give it back?" asked Pat. "Maybe we'll just drop it down the drain."

Eddie was losing his patience but realized that the kids were just playing a game so he decided to give in and play along. "Ok, I'll trade you for it."

"What have you got to trade?" asked Pat. Reaching into his pants pockets Eddie discovered he had nothing really to trade. "Well, I guess I don't really have ANYTHING to trade ON me right now. I'll give you something from my house when I go back."

"I know!" said Mark excitedly, "You could trade your pants for the key."

"You're crazy!" said Eddie. "I'm not giving you my pants."

"What, are you CHICKEN?" teased Pat. "You afraid to show us your underwear? Are you ashamed or something?"

"I'm not CHICKEN!" protested Eddie.

"Then give us your pants," demanded Mark.

Eddie realized that the only way he was going to stop this silly game was to give in. "OK, I'll prove I'm not ashamed," Eddie said as he started unsnapping his pants and pulling them off. "Here," he said as he tossed them across the room. "Satisfied?"

Mark quickly picked them off of the floor and joined his friend in staring at Eddie. Eddie was nervous about standing only in his tighty-whities as the two of his friends stood there gawking. He didn't want the others to tease him more so he tried to act brave and as though standing half-naked was a purely natural thing to do.

"Are you nervous?" asked Mark sarcastically.

"Doesn't bother me in the least," replied Eddie.

"Come on admit it, you're embarrassed to death, aren't you?" asked Pat.

"Not even a little bit," said Eddie proudly. "I can stand here all night. I'm not embarrassed at all."

"OK, tough guy. Prove it," challenged Mark. "I'll bet you can't stay in your undershorts the rest of the night."

"Awe, he won't be able to do that, he's too big a wuss!" shouted Pat.

"I AM NOT!" yelled Eddie. "You're on. I'll prove it to you wise guys. You'll see."

"FINE!" snapped Mark as he carried off Eddie's pants. "I'm positive you'll be asking for these back in a short while. You'll never do it."

Eddie resolutely crossed his arms across his chest and stood his ground as Mark left the room leaving him alone with Pat. The two stood eyeing each other until Mark's mom shouted from downstairs, "You guys come on down now, dinner's ready."

Eddie hadn't thought things through when he agreed to challenge his friends to a test of wills. He was mortified at the prospect of having to go downstairs and face Ms. Herzog. His cock stirred inside his briefs and a flush feeling came over him. He was about to concede his defeat when Mark came back into the room and teased him, "Ready for your pants back? I knew you couldn't go through with it."

Hearing Mark's tone hardened Eddie's resolve. "Who said anything about giving in? Besides if I get into trouble I'll take you down with me."

The two boys were giddy with excitement. The first part of their plan had worked. They couldn't wait to see what happened.

The three boys bounded down the stairs. Pat and Mark took their usual seats at the table along the wall of the dining room as Eddie was forced to take a seat at the end of the table in clear view of the room. When Mrs. Herzog came in carrying a bowl of vegetables she was surprised to see Eddie half-naked. "Eddie! Where are your clothes?"

Pat, not wanting to ruin the fun they had planned spoke up. "They got ruined playing outside too muddy to wear. He doesn't have anything else. Eddie HAD a key to his house but he lost it."

"I see," said Mrs. Herzog in a somewhat disbelieving tone. "And none of your clothes will fit him, is that it?"

"No mom. He's bigger than us. He doesn't mind though. He always sleeps in his underwear anyway. Isn't that right Eddie?"

Eddie looked at his playmates and saw the scornful look in their eyes. "Yes ma'am. I don't mind." Mrs. Herzog was used to the shenanigans her son was frequently pulling and decided just to let things be.

No sooner had she returned to the kitchen, the front door opened and in walked Mark's older sister, Karla. She was 17 and in high school. Eddie had forgotten about her too when he accepted the boys' challenge. Seeing Eddie sitting in his briefs brought a smile to her face and some good natured teasing. "Oh, I didn't know we had to DRESS for dinner, now," taunted Karla.

Eddie's face flushed at her words and he tried not to look at her, preferring instead to keep his gaze on the table before him. Mrs. Herzog brought the remaining parts of the meal into the dining room and everyone sat down. Karla chose the chair next to Eddie and Mrs. Herzog was seated at the opposite end of the table.

Eddie sat in awkward silence only looking up occasionally. "So what's Eddie doing here...and why is he eating in his underwear?" asked Karla with a smile. She looked right at Eddie when she asked her question causing him to blush all the more.

Mark spoke up quickly, "He's staying the week with us while his parents are out of town. The big dope fell in a mud hole and his stuff is filthy."

"Oh," replied Karla matter-of-factly. "I guess little kids get into all kinds of trouble, huh, mom?" the teenager teased. Her words really hit home with Eddie as that's the one thing he didn't want people to think he was a little kid.

The rest of the dinner went as usual with nothing much mentioned about Eddie's attire. As they were clearing the table Mark spoke up, "Hey sis, tomorrow we're going to play Cowboys and Indians. Eddie is going to be one of the Indians. Could you do that make-up thing you do so that he looks like a real Indian?"

Karla led out a sigh as if she really didn't want to be bothered and then answered, "I guess so...but you had better be ready when I am. I am meeting some of my friends tomorrow and I am NOT going to be late."

"We'll be ready," Mark said plainly.

Eddie wondered what that was all about but forgot about it as the three began watching TV in the front room. Eddie felt very self-conscious sitting in his underwear and tried desperately to conceal the outline of his penis as he sat.

When Mrs. Herzog announced it was bedtime, Pat got up to head for home. "Don't forget to bring Joey tomorrow," Mark reminded him. "We'll need him to play another Indian."

"Don't worry," replied Pat. "I've already asked him. I'll bring him along when I come back in the morning."

When Mark and Eddie reached the bedroom they'd be sharing Mark said, "You did better than I thought you would."

"I told you I could do it. I wasn't the least bit embarrassed. Now give me my clothes." Eddie replied.

"The night's not over yet," answered Mark. "I'll give you your clothes in the morning. Now let's get some rest. Tomorrow's going to be a long day."

Upon awakening Eddie was first to get to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Wrapping himself in a towel he headed back to Mark's room only to find it empty. Eddie searched for his trousers but couldn't locate them anywhere. Just then Mark burst into the room finding Eddie still wrapped in the towel. "Good. You've had your bath. Pat and Joey are coming right up."

Eddie looked over at his friend to see that he was already dressed in a cowboy outfit complete with a cowboy hat and a realistic-looking six- gun and holster. Eddie felt a bit envious as he had never owned anything like that when he was a kid. Pat came into the room next wearing his cowboy outfit which was also pretty authentic-looking.

When 9 year-old Joey entered the doorway, Eddie's mouth fell open. Standing before him was a little boy wearing a loin cloth consisting of two pieces of leather a flap in front and a flap in back, that came down to his knees. The two pieces were held together on the sides by two strings that were tied together. Joey also wore a band around his head that contained a lone feather and wore a pair of sandals.

"Gee, when you guys play Cowboys and Indians you go all out, don't you?" Eddie commented. "Too bad I don't have..." Eddie words were cut short by Mark who interrupted sarcastically saying, "Oh, we have an outfit for you too!" Mark stretched out his hand towards Eddie holding what looked to be an exact duplicate of Joey's costume.

"Oh no! I'm not wearing that!" Eddie protested. Before anyone could say anything else, footsteps were heard bounding up the stairs and Karla yelled out, "Are you guys ready yet? I don't have all day, ya know." At that same instant Pat grabbed the towel Eddie was wearing and gave it a quick tug, yanking it off Eddie leaving him stark naked! Pat ran to the other side of the room with it. Hearing Karla's footsteps growing closer and realizing that he was about to be seen naked by a 17 year old girl, Eddie grabbed the loin cloth from Mark and hurriedly tried to put it on. Anything was better than to be caught naked by Mark's sister. As Eddie stepped into the outfit Mark came over to assist him in tying the sides. No sooner had Eddie gotten the front flap over his cock, Karla walked into the room.

Seeing Mark and Eddie struggling with the costume brought a smile to her face that made Eddie blush a deep red. Karla stood there watching the two as they finished tying off the sides. Eddie looked down after Mark finished and discovered to his horror that, since he was much bigger than the little boys that Mark usually played with, the loin cloth only came a mere 2 inches below his ball sac and much of the sides of his thighs and buttocks were exposed.

"Very NICE!" Karla teased, obviously enjoying the view of an older boy in such a skimpy outfit. "Let's get this over with. Who's first?" she asked.

"Start with Joey" Mark directed as he handed Eddie his head band and feather. Karla proceeded to use her dark lipstick and draw war paint lines on Joey's face. Using a different color she made a few stripes on his arms and several lines on his belly. Joey just stood there. He was obviously used to this and liked being an Indian. When she was through, Joey looked very much like a miniature Indian brave. Karla then got a huge smile on her face as she turned toward Eddie. I guess you're next, huh?" she asked playfully. She reached out and pulled his arm forcefully toward her causing the front flap of his loin cloth to move to the side briefly exposing his penis! Mark was hoping that no one saw what had just happened. After all, the flap only moved for an instant before returning to its proper place. The smile on Karla's face and the look in her eyes told a different story, however, and Eddie resigned himself to the fact that she must have seen what she shouldn't have seen.

Karla grabbed Eddie's cheek and carefully began applying the lipstick to his face. Her hand felt soft. Never had a girl touched his face before and it felt good. Karla then began drawing jagged lines around each of Eddie's arms that looked like large teeth on a saw blade little triangles that encircled his arms completely. Eddie began to notice his cock stirring to life when Mark's sister started drawing on his chest and belly.

"I've got more room to draw on Eddie than I did Joey," Karla remarked to her brother. "I need to get a bit creative since he's so much bigger in order for this to look right." Karla kept drawing and Eddie's penis continued to stir. By the time Karla finished with his chest and changed colors of lipstick, Eddie's cock was sticking straight out, pushing the front of the loin cloth away from his body.

"Now for the belly," Karla said as she got down on her knees to keep from bending over. It was then she noticed Eddie's loin cloth and the pole making a tent up front. "Looks as if you like playing an Indian, huh, Eddie?" she said playfully as the other boys snickered. Karla drew a circle around Eddie's belly button and made some marks to each side. "There!" she announced "I think that does it. Looks pretty genuine to me," She remarked with pride. By this time Eddie's cock was now standing straight up and the loin cloth was barely covering his balls. Karla looked Eddie over, ostensibly inspecting her handiwork, but Eddie was sure she wanted to get a better look at his privates and prolong his embarrassment.

"Well, my job is done. My friends will be here shortly to pick me up. You LITTLE boys have fun," she said as she left the room. The fact that she emphasized the word "little" wasn't lost on poor Eddie and only added to his humiliation.

The boys soon followed Karla down the stairs. "I've got a bow and arrow set for you to use. It's in the garage," Mark told Eddie as they went along. "Joey's too little to play with it so he'll just have to pretend."

When they reached the kitchen Mark's mom looked up and her mouth fell open a little at the sight of the boys. "My, don't you all look like genuine Cowboys and Indians!" Eddie couldn't help noticing that Mark's mom kept her eyes fixed on him. There was an awkward silence and then she spoke again. "Eddie, are you sure you want to play along with them?" The tone in her voice was ominous at best, as if she had some misgivings about the whole affair. It was as if she knew something that he didn't know, but perhaps should know. He wasn't at all sure what she was driving at. He figured it was his skimpy costume that made her uneasy.

"Uh, I guess so," Eddie answered cautiously.

"It's just that the boys can get a bit wild at times. As you probably can tell they take this pretty seriously. Have you ever played Cowboys and Indians with them before?" She asked.

Mark quickly interjected, "SURE! He's played with us many times, haven't you Eddie?"

Not wanting to prolong his embarrassment of standing in front of Mrs. Herzog in just a loin cloth, Eddie answered, "Yeah, I played before. It's fun...I guess." Eddie hadn't really ever played this game with them before but didn't want to offend his friends.

"Well, I guess you're not too old to be running around like that. If you've played before and are OK with it, it's fine with me. Have fun," she said as she went back to washing dishes.

"BYE MOM!" Mark yelled as the four of them went off into the garage.

Mark handed Eddie a bow and arrow set. The arrows had rubber disc-like tips. There were four of them. As he took them from his friend, Mark explained the rules. "We're going out back into the woods to play. If you manage to hit each of us cowboys with an arrow, we are dead and you win. If you shoot an arrow and miss you can't pick it up and use it again. If you still haven't hit us after your arrows are gone and we surround you and point our guns at you point blank, you are our prisoner and we win. Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it. Do we have to play out in the woods? Can't we just play in your back yard? Someone might see me in this get up," Eddie asked.

"Awe that's no fun. The back yard is too small. The boundaries are your house way over to the left and Pat's house way over to the right and the next street over way out back. If you go farther than those boundaries, you lose. Now you and Joey go hide and we'll try and find your camp. We'll give you to the count of 200 before we look for you. One...two...three...," Mark said as he started counting.

Little Joey, obviously having played the game before, was in a hurry to get on with hiding. He grabbed Eddie's hand and said, "Come on, we have to hide!" They both started running. Eddie soon realized that his loin cloth exposed him with every step he took. Still, a game was a game and it beat sitting around the house all day. They came upon a clump of large trees and Eddie said, "Let's climb these trees and hide here."

"No, that's no good. They find me here all the time. Let's find someplace else," Joey said excitedly. Off they went again.

"How about these bushes?" Eddie asked hopefully.

"Naw, that's the second place they will look," Joey stated.

"Where then? Where's a good place?" Eddie asked hoping to get on with it.

"I dunno. They always find me." Joey answered. Eddie noticed that Joey's face seemed flushed when he answered as if he knew something Eddie didn't know.

"Come on then. Let's make them at least work for it," Eddie said as they took off toward the street that was the back boundary. After running a good ways, they saw the street. "Let's hide in these bushes here. You get on one side and I'll get on the other. When they come you shoot your arrows and I'll shoot mine. Maybe we can surprise them."

"Aw, I can't ever seem to hit anything when I shoot," little Joey said. This remark struck Eddie as funny considering he only had pretend arrows. Obviously those two cheated a bit when playing with Joey alone. He wondered how they would do when faced with real arrows.

Not long after they heard the rustling of leaves in the distance. "SHHHHH!" Eddie whispered to his partner. "Here they come. Hide real good, now, OK?"

"OK!" Joey whispered back.

In the woods it was hard to tell exactly from which direction the boys were coming from. Eddie listened carefully all the while trying to remain hidden behind the bushes.

Just then he was startled by two female voices coming from behind them, "JUST WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING OUT HERE?" one of them asked authoritatively as the other girl was giggling. Eddie immediately stood up and turned around to see two girls, one about his age and the other about Joey's age. He didn't recognize them but they must have seen them hiding as they walked along the street and wondered what was up.

Before Eddie could respond he noticed both girls looking him up and down and smiling. He immediately became aware of his state of dress or rather undress and got flushed all over.

"I know what they are doing!" the little one said. "They must be playing Cowboys and Indians with Mark!" There was excitement in the little girl's voice and the older girl laughed out loud as she obviously realized that her sister was correct.

"Yes we are playing Cowboys and Indians and if you don't mind..."

Eddie's words were interrupted by the older girl, "Aren't you a bit old to be playing that game?" There was something about that smile on her face that told Eddie that there must be something more to her question than it seemed on face value.

Stupidly Eddie defended himself saying, "No I'm not! Now if you don't mind..."

His words were again interrupted by the sound of two cap guns firing a short distance behind them.

Eddie picked up his bow and shouted to his partner, "Start firing, THERE THEY ARE!" Eddie put the first arrow inside the bow string, pulled back and nervously aimed at Mark. His shot missed. He fumbled with the second arrow and pulled back and shot at Pat. This also missed by a pretty good margin. He blamed his poor marksmanship on his female audience who stood in the background laughing. It was quite distracting. As the two Cowboys came ever closer, Eddie fired both of his last arrows each missing their mark. In no time at all Mark and Pat stood in front of the two Indians, pistols drawn and ominously aimed at each of them.

"You're surrounded," Mark exclaimed confidently.

"OK, you win this one," Eddie said expecting to play another round.

"Oh no, the games not over yet," Pat said with a smile on his face. "You two are our prisoners."

"See," Joey said disappointedly, "they always catch me!"

"That's OK," Eddie said to Joey reassuringly. "We'll win next time. Let's play along and finish this up so we can play again."

"Now what?" Eddie asked the two Cowboys.

"Put your hands behind your backs." Both Joey and Eddie did as instructed. Although Joey didn't seem fazed by what happened next, Eddie was surprised to see Mark produce several long pieces of rope. Soon both of them were tied up with their hands behind their backs as the girls looked on giggling. Pat tied a longer piece around Joey's neck and Mark did the same to Eddie. The victors pulled their captives along by these ropes as if they were two dogs on a leash.

Eddie felt humiliated. "Hey!" Why are those girls coming too? It was because of them that I was distracted. Tell them to leave! They're not part of our game!!"

"Oh, they always play with us," Joey said matter-of-factly. "That's why I hate to lose!" Eddie got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach when he heard Joey's remarks.