It's Not Fair 10
By Cassie

Copyright 2013 by Cassie, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.

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This story is set in the Puericil Universe.

See chapter 1 for an explanation about this series. Instead of repeating the whole explanation, I'll leave you with another selection of letters from the "It's Not Fair!" letter column, in "Boy Stuff" magazine. In them, more boys complain about how little privacy they are allowed, and about the double standard that makes it OK for people to see them naked but protects girls' modesty. The intention of this article is illustrating the attitude changes that the Conservative Resurgence has brought about: children, particularly male children, are firmly controlled by adult authority figures, who often make a point of emphasizing that control, in order to keep boys in their place and out of trouble.

(Remember the magazine responses are in italics, and I'll add my own observations between square brackets).

If anyone has a comment or suggestion, I'd like to read it. Please feel free to contribute any similar letters if you wish to, and I'll be happy to write the magazine's response.

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Charlie (age 14)
Dear INF,
My name’s Charlie, and I’m 14. I have a little brother called Greg, who is just 10, and we live with our mom and dad.
Yesterday my family went to the forest with the family of some new friends of my parents. They had invited us to go to a place they always go to. We got into the forest after them, and we had to leave the road after a while. Dad had to follow their car up a dirt track, which was fun, and then we stopped the cars and got out. There was a lot of grass, and trees and even a river. It was real nice, because we are not used to leaving the city.
But then the kids from the other family started taking their clothes off, and it turned out they had their swimming suits under their normal clothes. Since they always come here, they knew they’d be swimming in the river, but we didn’t know that, and neither my brother nor I had brought any swimsuits.
“Aren’t you two going to swim?” the mom from the other family asked us.
“We haven’t brought swimsuits,” Greg explained.
“It doesn’t matter. You’ll just go naked,” mom said.
“But mommy!” “But mom!” Greg and I protested at the same time.
“I said you’ll go naked and that’s exactly what you’ll do, little men, so no buts,” mom said.
“Except for your bare butts,” dad added.
Jar, jar, dad, always so funny… 
I was begging them to let us swim in our underwear, but mom said no way, that undies were not meant to swim in them and that it would be difficult to get them clean afterwards. Then I said that I didn’t want to swim, so I would just stay clothed, but mom said that swimming or not was up to me, but that I was getting all my clothes off anyway. She said she wouldn’t let me spend a miserable day moping instead of having fun just because I was too shy.
Yes, too shy! Well, I’d like to see my parents have to get naked in front of all those people we barely knew. I mean, Greg and I have to be naked in front of our parents and in front of each other all the time. I don’t like it but it’s not so very bad. However, the Suttons were there, and we had just met them today. Apart from their mom and dad, there was a boy (13- year-old Donnie) and four girls (12-year-old Sara, 10-year-old Helen, 9-year-old Kathy and 7-year-old Jessi). I mean, four girls!
“But mommy, everyone will see us naked,” Greg whined. “And there are girls here! They will see us!”
Yes, my brother’s really good at pointing out the obvious.
“It doesn’t matter, Greg,” mom said. “You are just hairless little boys. I’m sure the girls have seen naked little boys before.”
“Yes, we have seen Donnie,” little Jessi said, and her sisters giggled while Donnie blushed and tried to hush her up. I would have grinned too if I weren’t in a worse spot.
We were the center of attention and I hated it. The Sutton kids were already in their swimsuits and Greg and I were still in our shorts and T-shirts.
“You see?” mom said, “it’s no big deal. And little boys shouldn’t be so modest anyway.”
Don’t you really hate it when adults say that? I know I do.
I mean, I’m not so little. I’m a teenager. It may be fine for little boys like Greg, but I’m 14, for Pete’s sake. And yes, I know I’m still hairless down there, but I bet I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have to take Puericil. I bet I would have hair and look like a man down there. It’s not like it’s my fault I don’t.
“Ok,” mom said, “I want to see two naked little boys right now, or there’ll be spankings!”
When mom says that, you know there will really be spankings if we don’t obey right away. You can bet on it.
So Greg and I took off our clothes. Fast. Believe me, you don’t want one of mom’s spankings.
When I was down to my boxers I looked at mom pitifully.
“Everything, Charlie. Don’t be silly. No one cares about seeing your little peenie.”
So I had to take them off too. And judging by the way the Sutton girls crowded around me and stared at my peenie (which is not as little as mom makes it sound!) nobody would guess that they did not care about seeing it.
“Charlie’s peenie is bigger than Donnie’s!” Jessi announced in a delighted voice, to laughs from the adults and the other girls. Won’t somebody shut that little girl off? Donnie and I were not laughing, although I suppose it would have been worse if mine had been smaller, even if it was embarrassing anyway.
Dad took our clothes and took them to the car, while Greg and I covered as well as we could with our hands.
“Hands away from your peenies, boys,” mom told us. “You have nothing to hide down there.”
So we had to let them look as much as they wanted. And boy, did those girls look and giggle! It was bad!
“Mommy,” Kathy said, “shouldn’t Donnie be naked too, so that those boys don’t feel bad?”
Those little girls! What a pest they are! I pity poor Donnie.
Her parents seemed to think it was a great idea, though, and they ordered Donnie to take his swimsuit off too.
Donnie threw a major fit, which kind of made Greg and I look good, because we had not had a tantrum like that. Not that we hadn’t wanted, but we just knew better.
Donnie apparently didn’t, and it was too bad for him. His parents got real mad. His dad stripped his swimsuit off while his mom cut a switch. Then his dad held both of his hands up so that his feet were barely touching the ground, and his mom whupped him good with the switch. It was a sight, let me tell you, with Donnie howling and dancing in place, his peenie and his ballsies bobbing up and down for all to see.
“Young man,” his dad said with his deep voice once they let him go, “when your mom, or any other adult for that matter, tells you to do something, you do it. And fast!”
Donnie just hopped around rubbing his bottom and crying.
Then we were told to go play, and we went to the water. Donnie was the fastest one getting in, because he wanted to cool his bottom.
We played in the water for a while, but we couldn’t stay in for too long, because it was really cold, so we were often going in and out. I really preferred to be in, ‘cause that way people couldn’t see me, but then it was too cold and I had to get out. We had towels to dry ourselves and I liked to wrap one around me, but then one or two of the girls would get out and demand their turn with the towel, and I’d have to be naked again, so they could look all they wanted. My peenie and ballsies got real little because of the cold water, and that was embarrassing too.
Then it was time for the barbecue, and they let us get dressed again.
We played some games after eating, but then Donnie’s mom announced we could get in the water again and they made us get naked once more. That was bad, because a couple of girls who were having a picnic with their families were exploring the river and they got to where we were. They stayed with us for a while, and Sara (Donnie’s 12-year-old sister) made Greg, Donnie and I get out of the water to “greet them politely.” Yeah, right, like you can greet a girl politely when you are all naked. But she said she would tell our moms if we didn’t, and we didn’t want to get in trouble. So we had to go out and start a conversation with them. And they talked and talked (and stared) a lot. Those two girl strangers were about my age, or maybe a little younger. When we were just about getting used to having to be naked and they had to arrive to make things worse! They stayed for a while too, and got to see everything. Donnie’s sisters even told them to look at the marks on Donnie’s bottom, and they let them touch them, too!
Why do we have to swim naked, anyway, when girls get to wear swimsuits? And why do grownups always say that little boys shouldn’t be so modest? Why is it OK for girls to be modest, but not for boys? It’s not fair!
[[Dear Charlie,
You have probably learnt in biology class that girls mature faster than boys. That doesn’t mean that they are better or worse than you, just different, but one consequence of this maturity is that they need more privacy and modesty. According to child psychologists, boys often think they need modesty, but they do not actually need it for their healthy development. It’s what’s called false modesty: you see that adults and girls don’t let anyone see them naked, and you learn to imitate that behavior, thinking that it’s more grown-up. However, boys have different needs. It’s not a matter of age, but of maturity level. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that excessive modesty is actually harmful for boys’ development. That’s why grown-ups always say that, and when they make you get naked where other people may see, they are just doing what is actually best for you, even if you can’t understand it yet. It’s a bit like making you study or get a bath when you would prefer to be playing. Sometimes, they have to be strict and make you do things you don’t want to, but they love you and they are only doing it for your own good.
Now, when something like this happens and you feel bad, remember the old saying “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Just like words may not harm you, having people see you naked will not hurt you either. That false modesty is only in your mind and in your imagination. Your parents have more experience of life and more knowledge, and when they tell you it doesn’t matter if people see you naked, then you shouldn’t worry about it. Puericil or not, you have said yourself that you do not look grown-up down there, so what does it matter if someone sees you? Even little Jessi had seen naked little boys before, so you don’t have anything new or different.
Having a day out in the forest with your family and other kids is a great occasion to have a good time, so take advantage of that opportunity. Play, run, laugh… don’t waste time worrying about a boyish modesty that no one cares about, anyway.]]
I have often observed that very little girls seem to be particularly curious and inquisitive about boys’ naked bodies. It’s probably because they have less experience seeing naked boys, so the subject is newer and more fascinating for them. Young Jessi in this account is a good example. I’d also like to call your attention on how Sara took charge and made the three boys, two of them older than her, get out of the water naked to greet the girls who had just arrived. Just like Puericil suppresses boy’s natural aggressive instincts, it enables girls to develop their leadership skills. In my experience, girls nowadays tend to take charge and handle their brothers, even their older brothers, easily. That way, they learn to be more responsible, and they can be a great help for their parents too.

(The End)