A More Memorable Spanking Part 2
By Cassie


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Part 2

In the first part, I have told you about the two times I was spanked in front of Rachel, a young woman who was my mom's friend. My brother Jeff had it worse than me in terms of embarrassment, although I think it was his own fault. He just didn't learn. In his defense, I do have to say that I think our mom was a bit cruel and insensitive in this matter. She loved us, but she did things her own way. Luckily for us we turned okay (I think, anyway!) Perhaps it would have been different if this had happened when we were older.

As I have mentioned before, Rachel did not witness all my spankings after that first one. At age 10, I certainly did not want her to see anymore. My brother, on the other hand, was nearing 8 years old at that time, and was spanked quite frequently, more than once a month. Seeing how Rachel's presence had shocked me into better behavior, my mom did not hesitate to invite her to watch Jeff's spankings. The first time she had been at our home she had seen me get my bare bottom spanked, but she soon got used to watching my brother's.

Rachel would probably come over to watch almost half of Jeff's spankings during that period. It came to a point that when Rachel came over, I knew it meant that my brother was almost surely going to get a spanking. The other clue was that after she arrived the coffee table would be moved away from the front of the couch. When I saw that, I knew for sure: Jeff was getting spanked in front of Rachel. Curiously, Jeff didn't seem to catch on and it caught him by surprise, but I, being older, knew.

It was basically the same ritual as when I got spanked in front of Rachel. Mom would bring the spanking chair out from the dining room and place it in front of the couch. Rachel would sit on the couch and watch. As usual, Jeff's pants and underpants would be taken down; he would be scolded, then put across my mom's lap and spanked, right in front of Rachel's attentive eyes.

This went on for about a year and Mom could tell that my brother's behavior was not being noticeably affected by Rachel's presence during his spankings. I was surprised because I really hated having her see mine. I felt it was the most awful thing that could happen to me, and I started making a real effort to behave and avoid it. Jeff, however, didn't seem to be so strongly affected. I even asked him about this, and he told me that after the first few times he didn't care that much that Rachel was there. Now he was almost 9 years old, but he was getting used to being bared and spanked in front of Mom's young friend, so it wasn't really a good deterrent any more.

I guess my mom thought a different approach was needed to make embarrassment a more integral part of his spankings. She was determined to find something that would make him listen and behave. Spankings alone didn't do it, and the embarrassment in front of Rachel didn't seem to faze him either.

This is when we got to meet Heather.

Heather was Rachel's niece, and she started coming with her aunt when she visited our mom. She was just a little older than Jeff, while Jeff was in the 4th grade at the time, Heather was in 5th grade, but at some point they were both 9 years old. Heather, I think, had a little sister also, but we never saw her. At this point I was almost 13 years old, and my spankings had ended shortly after my last spanking in front of Rachel, which I think was the worst embarrassment I ever went through.

Getting back to Jeff, one day Rachel came over with Heather. Rachel introduced her to my mom and Jeff and me. Jeff and Heather went off to play in our family room. I eventually went also and saw them playing a game or doing something. Rachel and Heather must have stayed about two hours that day, and Jeff and Heather got along well.

Later, I saw Rachel helping my mom move the coffee table I spoke about. The thing was heavy and you needed two people to move it. I knew then that Jeff was getting a spanking, and I wondered what would happen now that Heather was here. I would find out soon...

I was watching TV when I heard Mom calling Jeff. I turned down the volume, trying to hear what was being said. Mom was scolding Jeff, and he was crying and begging, saying "please, not in front of Heather!" That sure got my attention.

Without turning off the TV, I stood up and walked slowly to the living room. I was not exactly invited to watch Jeff's spankings, but I wasn't forbidden to do so, either. Basically, I stayed in the background and no one paid attention to me.

When I got there, Jeff was already naked from the waist down. His pants and undies were around his ankles, at least. He was crying, standing there in front of our mom while she scolded him (I don't even remember what he had done that time).

Rachel and Heather were sitting on the couch, watching everything, hawk-eyed. They could see just about everything. It had always seemed to me that Rachel was very eager to watch him get spanked and his nudity, but that was nothing compared to Heather's reaction.

While Rachel's eyes seemed focused on Jeff's penis, I actually saw Heather adjust her position to get a good look at his fanny too. She was as interested in seeing that as in his frontal nudity. She was staring open-mouthed at that boy her age, who had been playing with her just a few minutes ago and now was basically naked in front of her. She seemed to be living a very intense experience. I don't think Jeff noticed her, since he was too busy crying and listening to the scolding, but I really felt flushed and embarrassed for him.

Then Mom put Jeff over her knees, and he got his bottom spanked. I half looked at the spanking and half watched Heather's reaction. That girl was staring so blatantly! I felt very bad for my brother, almost as if somehow Heather was also seeing me naked through him, if that makes any sense.

I do remember that after Jeff's spanking was over, Rachel and my mom put the coffee table back where it belonged. At the time I didn't know what it meant or why, but after Jeff's spanking Rachel and especially Heather looked different. Today I would say they looked flushed.

The visitors only stayed a little while longer. Rachel and my mom talked and said they hoped Jeff would learn his lesson this time...

But time would prove that he hadn't.

I think about three or so weeks had passed. Jeff had been misbehaving at school and he had to bring a note home from his teacher. Mom neither spanked him nor scolded him much, but she told him he would be punished. This happened in the middle of the week, if I remember correctly.

That Saturday, Rachel and Heather came to visit again. My brother was happy to see Heather. It seems he had a short memory for spankings and embarrassments. When I saw Rachel and Heather at first I didn't think anything of it, because sometimes they visited when no spankings were scheduled, but then I remembered my mom telling Jeff he was going to punished for the note from his teacher. All of a sudden it seemed like my stomach was rolling over. I said to myself that Jeff was going to get another spanking in front of Heather and Rachel, although I didn't say anything to him.

Heather and Jeff went outside to play for a short time, then came back in and went to play in our family room again. I was already in there watching TV. Out of the blue, Heather smiled at Jeff.

"You're getting a spanking," she said teasingly.

"No, I'm not!" my brother defended himself hotly.

"My Aunt Rachel says you are," Heather informed him.

"Well, I'm not!"

"Aunt Rachel told me this morning that we were going over to your house, and that you were getting a spanking this afternoon, so that's that!" the girl insisted.

Jeff started to look a little scared, but said nothing. Both of them then went back to playing with whatever they were playing with.

After I heard what Heather said, I realized that my mom must have told Rachel to bring Heather over our house on Saturday, to see Jeff getting spanked. Both of them knew all along that Jeff was going to get a bare bottom spanking that day in front of them.

Not even ten minutes later, my mom called Jeff to come into the kitchen. Jeff got up and went in with Heather following. I was curious and also followed. On the way to the kitchen I noticed the coffee table had been moved away from the couch. If I had had any doubts about what was going to happen, I had none when I saw that. I knew that my little brother was going to get stripped and spanked in front of a girl and her aunt.

My mom asked Jeff if he remembered what she had told him after he brought home the note from school. He didn't say anything.

"Well, I remember," Mom told him. "I said you were going to be punished and get a spanking!"

"I told you, Jeff!" Heather said then, sounding delighted that she had been right.

Once more, the by now familiar ritual took place. My mom got a chair from the dining room and placed it in front of the couch as usual. Rachel and Heather sat on the couch. Heather was smiling with a really big grin on her face. She knew what was going to happen, having already seen it once, and she obviously loved it. It was like a wonderful free show for her.

Jeff started to cry a little, and pleaded and begged my mom not to spank him in front of Heather again. He tried to pull away from my mom, but she just warned him that he would only get it worse if he didn't take his spanking like a big boy.

I was surprised when my mom took his T-shirt off. She had never done that before. Jeff also didn't know what was going on from what I could tell. For whatever reason, it just seemed Rachel knew what my mom was up to, she was so composed and unsurprised. Heather was just staring hard.

My mom pulled Jeff close to her and made him raise his feet up so she could get his shoes and socks off. Jeff was fidgeting a lot, but she got them off. The she stood him in front of her and undid his pants. She got them down and then made him step out of them.

Jeff now was looking at Heather and Rachel because I guess he knew his underpants were next. Heather was beside herself when my mom took his underpants down and off. She even giggled nervously, sitting there beside her aunt, as they looked at him. Jeff then started to cry hard and stopped pleading and resisting. He was embarrassed for sure, that much I could tell. His penis was in full view to Heather and Rachel and both were staring at it. I remember Heather was sitting at the end of the couch, right in front of Jeff, with a perfect front-row view.

One thing that always stuck in my mind was seeing Jeff's clothes next to Mom's chair, all in a pile with his underpants on top of it. It gives me chills, just thinking about it. I was very glad it wasn't me.

The only dialogue I remember was Heather saying "shame, shame" to Jeff a few times, before and after the spanking. She really got an extended view of Jeff that day, and Rachel did not show any disinterest either! Remember, though, that Jeff was only 9 years old, so it's not like he was a teen or anything, but it was still really embarrassing.

Mom scolded him for a long time, although I don't think Jeff was listening to her, crying as he was. Then she put him over her lap and started his spanking.

It went on and on. Jeff was bawling, with a red bottom, and Heather and Rachel looked at it all keenly. I don't think they ever got tired of seeing a boy getting spanked.

When she finally stopped, Mom let him off her lap. Jeff was crying loudly, rubbing his fanny. He was going up and down quickly on his tiptoes, and his little willy was waving right in front of Rachel and Heather.

Mom then pulled up his clothes and told him to go to his room and settle down, saying that she hoped he had learned a lesson.

There was some talking between Rachel and Heather during the spanking and after, but I do not remember what was said. I just couldn't get the scene out of my mind, and I was breathing deeply, with my face red, almost as if I had been the one spanked in such an embarrassing fashion.

After that, Heather came over about three or four more times with Rachel to watch Jeff get a spanking, but there was much time between each of those incidents. Only when Jeff did something really bad did Heather get invited to witness his punishment, although Rachel saw quite a few more of his spankings.

Jeff's last spanking in front of Rachel and Heather was when he was 10, if I'm not mistaken. Heather would have just turned 11 then.

As adults, my brother and I sometimes talk about those punishments. Jeff has remarked several times on how Heather looked at him while he was being undressed. He says that was the most embarrassing part of it, and also crying in front of Heather afterwards, while he was still naked. It was so embarrassing that every time it happened he was sure he would behave forever, but it didn't last that long. He told me he got kind of used to being spanked in front of Rachel, but not in front of Heather. He really hated that, and never got used to it.

We don't know Rachel's motives for wanting to watch us boys get our spankings. I guess only she will ever know. Maybe she was just helping our mom out, but I believe that for whatever reason watching us get spanked and our nudity held a keen interest for her, even though we were boys and she was a grown woman. Heather, on the other hand, never even made the slightest effort to pretend any disinterest. She sat at the edge of the couch cushion and was entirely wrapped up in what was going on in front of her. I think her reaction was what anyone would expect of a girl her age being allowed to see a boy stripped naked and then spanked. She was fascinated by it all, and enjoying it immensely.

Jeff is still embarrassed today when he talks about those two last bare bottom spankings he got in front of Heather and Rachel. I guess I can't blame him. I was older and remember more of what happened, and I can tell you that even I felt embarrassed for Jeff at the time. Usually, I would get a kick out watching him get his butt spanked, but, for some reason, having it done in front of a girl and being completely nude instead of just having your pants taken down seemed to be a big difference.

I guess that Mom got the results she wanted. I bet she thought that maybe if a girl closer to Jeff's age were present it might get his attention, and that's why she invited Rachel to bring her niece along. And it did actually work, as Jeff hated getting spanked in front of Heather. It may sound a bit cruel and humiliating, but Jeff finally understood what would happen for really bad behavior, just like I had a few years earlier.

Regarding Mom, I'm sure she saw nothing sexual in it, and she would have been horrified at that thought. For her, it was just some embarrassment to make the lesson stick. After all, we were little boys, so it was no big deal. Heather, on the other hand... well, let's just say it was obvious that she found the whole thing extremely exciting, as if it was the ultimate treat. There definitely was a sexual component for her, although at her young age it might have been unconscious for the most part. Rachel is more difficult to figure. She could hide her feelings better, but I'm convinced that she was interested in some way. Both her niece and her stared so intently!

(The end)

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