Johnny's Punishment Part 1
By Captain J

copyright 2007 by Captain J, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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I grew up back in the 50's and 60's and things were different when it came to the topic of child discipline, children's rights and ideas of propriety. Children's Rights? We had none, you were legally a child until age 21 and subject to discipline as deemed necessary. The latter was a particular bone of contention to my generation when as teenagers, we were subject to the draft and could be forced into the military at age 18, yet were still considered 'Minors' by law and couldn't vote, buy alcohol (except 3.2% beer), cigarettes, or engage in legal contracts. We were considered old enough to fight (and in too many instances killed) for our country, but not old enough to make "adult" decisions.

Spanking was the usual punishment for most transgressions, usually on the bare behind and usually followed by 'corner time' with the miscreant's behind on display as a deterrent to others. All adults in the neighborhood were authorized to administer it to any child who "Needed" it. Teachers ruled the classroom with a paddle and were not reluctant to administer it. Major transgressions got you sent to the principle or his assistant who were to be feared by all. One of my Dad's favorite lines was, "If you get it (spanking) at school; you'll get it twice as much when you get home!"

In our small town, everyone knew everyone else and kids were considered a community responsibility. The worst part of this communal child supervision, was that if you got disciplined by an adult other than your parents; they would notify your parents of what had happened and you usually got further punishment when you arrived home. The telephone was 'deadly' to a kid who acted up away from home. Things like "time outs" or "grounding" were not in the discipline schedule unless it was after a spanking.

The other curious facet of that society which I have always found curious was the attitude towards male nudity Vs female nudity. Boys were considered to have no need for modesty in the presence of females; yet girls were always to be modestly covered in the presence of males (until the late 60's). As a consequence, I spent a significant time during my childhood naked, yet never saw a naked girl over the age of 4 until I was in my later teens. I learned more about female anatomy from 'Playboy" then I ever saw for real. In short the view was that male nudity was not sexual in itself and therefore no need for modesty; unless – the male made it sexual by displaying sexual excitement, erection. Erections at 'inappropriate' times were cause for punishment. To be naked in the presence of females was not considered 'sexual' thus the boy should only be embarrassed if his naked display was considered inappropriate by a sexual display. The fact that boys were embarrassed and humiliated many times by being forced to be naked was beside the point.

Boys always swam nude at the YMCA and Scout Camp; group showers were mandatory at school after Phys. Ed, skinny- dipping in the local pond or creek was standard.; pre-teen and teen boys nude around the house or yard was more common than most people today would believe possible. Here are a couple of examples: It was usual if you came home dirty to strip in the garage or on the porch prior to coming into the house; if muddy, you were expected to use the garden hose to wash off outside prior to proceeding inside. It didn't make any difference who was present, you did not come in the house tracking dirt. If your mother was doing laundry, it was not uncommon for her to demand the clothes you were wearing at the time to add them to the wash. You just stripped there, handed over your clothes and proceeded naked to your room to get others. Women and girls routinely supervised bath time for boys, as boys could not be trusted to get themselves clean otherwise.

The prevailing attitude among the adults was that, women and girls were not interested it male anatomy and therefore, boys had no need of modesty in their presence.. Girls in general were considered to be more 'mature' than boys and as a result were left 'in charge' more often when the parents were absent. "In Charge" included the authority to administer any 'necessary' punishments.

This was the world I grew up in. Small town mid-west U.S.A. The events that follow are true and although I know there are some who won't believe it, did in fact happen.

Chapter 1 – Johnny's First Humiliation

My Mother ruled the house; Dad worked usually six days per week and was only home evenings for the most part. On the rare weekend, he didn't work on Saturday, he was off with the Boy Scout Troop, he was the Scoutmaster. I had an older brother but he was already a teenager and worked evenings when in school. During the summer, he worked for a friend of my Dad's for a construction company and stayed with the friend's family. That left me (age 11) and my younger sister Jane (age 9) at home. We lived on the edge of town, beyond our house were only farms and fields, woods and streams, paradise for a young boy. Next door lived the Ecbright family, with three daughters who were more like my sisters than anything else. Our families were always going places jointly, camping was favorite of both family's and we took trips together regularly. The girls were Vicky (age 12), Nancy (age 11) and Debbie (age 10). If our Mothers needed to go somewhere, Vicky was usually left in charge of us kids.

During the summer, my usual attire was cut-off blue jean shorts, tennis shoes without socks and at most a t-shirt, I usually didn't bother with underwear as they got too hot. Prior to this particular summer, I had been naked many times in the presence of the girls, one of my Mother's favorite 'control' techniques, was to use nudity as a means to keep boys home and 'out of trouble.' If you were naked, you couldn't stray too far from the house or go into town. I had spent many of my younger days running about the two houses without clothes in the presence of the girls and two mothers. It was no big deal for the most part, and the girls liked having me bare and my boy parts bouncing about gave them many reasons for giggles and laughter.

The day of disaster came when we were eating lunch one day, me in just my cut-offs and the girls all wearing shorts except Debbie who was wearing a dress. We were sitting on the back porch eating our sandwiches when I noticed Debbie's dress had worked it's way up and I could see under it. She was not wearing panties! Her little cleft was clearly visible and I couldn't take my eyes off it. My little boy part responded and I quickly was sporting the hardest erection I had ever had. I quickly moved my plate over my lap to conceal it so the girls wouldn't see my shorts pushing outward. All my effort at concealment however, was in vain as just then my Mother stuck her head out of the door and announced that she was doing the laundry and wanted the dirty shorts I was wearing.

When I tried to delay removing the shorts my Mother wouldn't hear of it. "Johnny what is your problem?! I need them NOW so I can get the wash started."

I tried to get up to go to my room to strip, so the girls wouldn't see but wasn't fast enough. As I started through the door, Mom grabbed my arm and held me with one hand while her other hand quickly un buttoned my pants. She then jerked them down and I found myself facing all four girls with my erection pointing right at them. The girls all started laughing and pointing as I tried to cover my problem from view.

"WELL I NEVER..." my Mother yelled at me when she noticed the hard little protrusion. "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS!" The latter was accompanied by rapid spanks to my behind, and didn't stop for a long time until she finally got tired. I tried to escape, but with her grip on my arm and my legs trapped by my shorts around my ankles, the bet I could do was wiggle about trying to avoid the swats. This of course caused my little hard-on to bounce and sway about, much to the delight of the laughing girls in front of me. The fact that my mother had caused my 'problem' to be displayed to the girls was irrelevant, to her or to my behind. In her mind, I had transformed 'innocent' boy nudity into 'sexual' nudity by having an erection.

By the time she was done spanking me, I was a blubbering mess, my behind was on fire and somewhere along the way, my erection had subsided. I was placed naked on the porch facing the wall, with my very red and hot butt on display to all present and told to stand there for an hour. The girls remained on the porch eating and drinking lemonade while I stood four feet away trembling. I could hear them discussing my previous 'problem' and how funny it was waving about while I got spanked; the current redness of my behind and speculations as to how long it would be before I could sit down again. I just stood, tears freely flowing down my cheeks, humiliation burning my entire body.

When I was released from my punishment time, Mother decreed that I was to remain naked until my father got home. My butt was still on fire, I went to the bathroom and pressed wet washcloths against it to cool it some, but it still hurt. My forced nakedness at that point was irrelevant as I couldn't have stood anything rubbing against it anyway. The girls thought this was great entertainment, and followed me about, commenting on how red my butt was and giving little snickering comments like, "Gee that sure looks sore... I like it red like that... Want to come sit down and play Johnny? HeHE..."

I dreaded when Dad would get home, as I knew I was in deep shit. I had displayed a boner to four 'innocent' girls and embarrassed my Mother by my 'lack of control.' Such behavior was 'sexual' and therefore forbidden. When Dad did arrive, Mom spent a good hour in her tirade about me and my 'perversion.' Dad called me into the living room and after inspecting my still sore behind (pink with some hand prints still visible) decided that I had been spanked sufficiently. He then ordered me to stand before him and my Mother and delivered the decision on my additional punishment.

"Johnny, we understand that you are young and need to learn control of these things. You will therefore remain naked for the next month. You are not to leave our property or that of the Ecbrights during that time unless given permission from us. You will be supervised at all times by either us or one of the girls appointed over you. If you should have another "dirty display" like that today, you will be spanked immediately and given more chores to do, to keep your mind off "dirty thoughts." During this time, the girls may order you to do anything they feel appropriate, they may touch you anytime they want and you are not to object. You may not touch yourself 'down there' except as necessary for cleanliness and bathroom needs. You will learn to control yourself!"

Later that evening, I found myself standing naked in the same room surrounded by all of the Ecbrights, my parents and my sister, as Dad briefed everyone on my punishment. My sister however, was the one who voiced the obvious hope of the girls; "Daddy does that mean, if he...his thingy gets stiff, I can spank him on the spot without asking you or Mommy?"

"It called a penis, Jane, and yes you girls have permission to punish him if he can't control himself. Furthermore, I don't want him left alone for a single minute, until he DOES lean to control himself. I will not have a Dirty, Nasty son in my house. Your Mother and I will have to rely on you girls for your help, we can't keep an eye on him all the time. Johnny needs your help to learn to control himself, I know you all love him and hope you are willing to help him in this."

Four girls, all voiced their readiness to help me lean and told our parents that they loved me and were concerned about my welfare. (It was BS but it was what the parents wanted to hear.)

Shortly, the girls left the room and I spent the next hour getting lectured by both sets of parents about how inappropriate my behavior had been and that I should concentrate on leaning to control myself. The girls were in my sister's room discussing how to implement my supervision and teach me that control.

When it was time for me to go to bed, I was confronted by the girls in my room. "Johnny, we all love you and want to help you, so we will do everything we can to get you through this. You know you are not allowed to touch yourself down there, so for tonight, we will tie your hands behind you so that you can't do that. Tomorrow, we will figure out some other way to work this out." Vicky then quickly took a piece of cord and tied my hands behind my back, then led me to the bed and covered me. Each girl gave me a 'goodnight kiss' then left the room, turning off the lights, leaving me to wonder what the hell I had gotten into.

Chapter 2 – The Ordeal Begins

The next morning I awoke to find my bed surrounded by four smiling girls. My sister, pulled the covers from me and said, "Come on sleepyhead, time to get up!"

Vicky then informed me that our Mothers were working at the Church charity sale today and that she had been left in charge. Without further discussion I was pulled from bed and stood beside it. All for girls then sat on the bed looking at me. My hands were still tied behind my back and I was on full display to their young eyes.

I should point out that I was small for my age, at 11 I was only 5'1" and skinny. Three of the four girls were bigger than me physically. Vicky about 5'4", Nancy 5'3", Debbie 5'2" and my sister although two years younger than myself was the same height as I was. In short, they could physically dominate me with no problem.

"First off," Vicky started, "you are going to get a bath, then you have some chores to do; that should get us to about lunch. After lunch we will start helping you learn self control and will probably be at it all afternoon," she finished with a big smile.

"I...I need to go to the bathroom..." I weakly responded, my bladder had realized I was up, it was full, and needed to be emptied. I was fidgeting as I stood, crossing my legs to keep it in; the girls however, just watched me fidget and smirked. Jane started a discussion with Nancy as to what order the chores should be done in and Debbie and Vicky just watched me, occasionally looking over at the other girls. After about 5 minutes, I dribbled a drop or two.

"PLEASE! I NEED TO GO NOW!" I yelled with tears welling in my eyes.

Debbie jumped up and quickly guided me across the hall to the bathroom and stood me before the toilet, I leaked a few more drops into the bowl as she positioned me. "Please untie me so I can go," I pleaded.

Instead of untying me, she just reached down around me from behind and grasped my penis with her right hand and pointed it towards the bowl. "Well go ahead!" she said almost in a whisper in my ear.

"I can't..." I sobbed, "Not with you here....and certainly not with you holding it..."

Debbie wrapped her left hand around my stomach and pressed her body up against my back as she continued to hold my cock pointed at the bowl. Her left hand was pressing against my stomach and making circles massaging it. "Come on Johnny, you know you want to go, and I've always wondered what it was like for a boy to pee, so just go, and we'll both get what we want," she said almost purring in my ear then kissed my neck.

Her pressing against my full bladder, did the trick, and soon I was gushing pee into the bowl, her hand guiding my cock as she held it her thumb and two fingers. The fingers were on the underside, and she could feel the fluid flowing through, "That feels really strange," she murmured in my ear as she continued to direct the flow into the bowl.

When the flow finally stopped, she continued to hold me against her, her left hand wandering over my front as she continued to hold my cock in her right. Being a healthy young boy, my cock decided it liked being held by a 10 year- old girls soft hand and started to respond. When it was about half erect, she realized what was happening and let go; then pushed me towards the bathtub. "Time for your bath Big Boy," she said with a smirk, and turned on the water to fill the tub.

She stood me in the tub as the water filled and I looked into her eyes and asked, "Aren't you going to untie me?"

"Not just yet..." was the reply as she adjusted the water temperature.

When she shut off the water, and told me to sit, I looked back at the doorway and saw three smiling girls standing there leaning against the door jambs and wall. "That was interesting," my sister commented, "I get to hold it next time he has to go..." I then realized that they had all watch me pee with Debbie holding my cock and turned bright red from the humiliation.

"Oh look, Johnny's embarrassed, that makes it even better," Nancy said with a giggle as she nudged her elbow into her older sister's side.

For the next half hour I was thoroughly washed by the girls, each of whom needed to participate. My cock, balls and ass have never been so clean as they were that day. Vicky was the last to wash me and by the end of her cleaning of my cock it was stiff as board, all four inches pointing out and up, straining and throbbing. Unfortunately she stopped before I could climax and just left me standing in the water still with hands tied and cock hard.

Vicky helped me out of the tub and stood me so two girls could dry me with towels. When they were done, I was still 'at attention' and Vicky flicked it with her finger causing it to slap against my belly. "I guess," she said with a faked sigh, " We are just going to have to learn the 'control' part earlier..." and led me back across the hall to my bedroom.

When we got to my room, I saw my desk chair had been moved to the center of the room facing the bed. Vicky sat down on the chair and Nancy helped her guide my to a position laying across her lap. She was wearing shorts and I soon found my little hard cock trapped between her smooth inner thighs as she gripped be around the waist with one arm and rested her free hand on my still damp behind. The other girls sat side-by-side on my bed three feet away in front of us.

"Now Johnny, you know your current condition is inappropriate in the presence of us innocent girls," Vicky snickered as her free hand caressed my butt. "You also know we are to punish you whenever that happens..." Without further words, she landed ten hard spanks on my behind, and I was quickly kicking and screaming. Vicky lifted my chest and Nancy slid onto the chair and I was repositioned as before, only now two girls held my legs to keep them still. Nancy didn't say anything, just proceeded to wail into my behind with another ten spanks; Debbie was next and although her spanks weren't as hard, my behind was already tender from the last 20. By the time my Sister took her place, I was crying like a baby and blubbering for them to stop that I had had enough. Jane must have taken pity on me as her spanks were the lightest of the lot. By the time she was done, I was totally broken, a whimpering mess. When they stood me up, they all took note that my erection was gone, just my limp two inch boy penis hanging there.

After a half hour of 'corner time' my hands were untied and they led me to the kitchen for breakfast. I stood at the kitchen counter to eat as sitting at point was out of the question. The girls sat at the table and watch me, but carried on a conversation as if I weren't there.

Vicky told me to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen and after I started, told me that she and Nancy had chores to do at home, but that Debbie and Jane would supervise me and that if I gave them any problems, she was only seconds away. After the kitchen I was told to run the sweeper and dust in the living room. While I worked away, the two girls just sat close by and watched, pointing out any spots I missed. "Deb...this is great!" my little sister commented, "I don't have to do any housework as long as he's being punished!"

After finishing the dusting and putting a load of laundry in the washer, I was told that I was to clean Jane's room next. "But I never have to clean YOUR room, I'm not even allowed in there..." I protested.

"Things have changed!" she said with a snarl, "You do what WE tell you...OR ELSE!" and emphasized the point with a swat at my still tender behind.

"OK," I softly replied, "I just didn't know..." and headed down the hallway towards her room. Inside, I was directed to change the sheets, dust and take her dirty clothes to the laundry. When returning from the laundry room I suddenly had to pee again and started for the bathroom.

"Just where do you think you're going?" I heard Debbie say from behind me.

"Uh, I have to pee..." I said with a whimper.

"Then you are to tell us. You are not allowed to touch yourself down there, so one of us will ALWAYS have to be present and supervise you!" she responded.

"Uh OK...I Debbie...I, UH....have to pee..." I said as my face turned bright red.

"OK Johnny....Jane your brother has to pee....It's your turn..." she shouted down the hallway.

"Great!" my sister shouted back as she bounded from her room to meet us in the hall outside the bathroom. Jane quickly led me inside and stood me in front of the bowl, then told me to put my hands on top of my head, and moved in behind me just like Debbie had done. Reaching around me she grasped my penis in hand and resting her head on my shoulder said, "whenever you're ready brother."

It took some mental concentration to get the pee flowing with my sister holding my cock, but eventually it started and once it did I just let go. "This is SO cool!" I heard my sister say behind me. When it finally stopped, she move her fingers tightly from the base of my cock towards the tip several times, 'milking' the last of the pee from it. Her milking had me half hard before she let go and I was getting really worried. Then as if this was totally normal just let go and stepped to the sink and washed her hands and turned around smiling at me. "GOOD BOY!" she said and turned to go back to her room.

It was time for lunch, which I was expected to prepare.

Chapter 3 – Self Control Lessons

After cleaning up from lunch, the other two girls returned and we all assembled in the living room. Vicky was sitting in my Dad's 'Easy Chair' Jane and Debbie on the Couch and Nancy took my Mother's chair. I was left standing in the middle of the room, waiting for them to tell me what I was to do.

As I was standing there, my hands drifted towards my privates to cover up, if even just a little; I was VERY nervous. "Hand at your sides!" Nancy directed as she slapped at my hands; "NO TOUCHING! NO HIDING! You have NOTHING to hide from us!" I quickly responded, putting my hands behind me, not just at my sides, so I was on full display to them. "GOOD BOY!" Nancy responded and patted my leg.

As usual Vicky took the lead, "OK Johnny, here is the situation. You are under punishment for a month and taking care to supervise you is a full time job. We don't want to waste a month of our vacations with all of us watching you all the time, we've worked out a schedule for after today. Each day one of us will be in charge of you and supervise EVERYTHING you do. The rest of us will go about our normal lives doing what we normally would do. In payment for taking care of you, you will be required to do not only your own chores but any assigned to your caretaker. You will do whatever your caretaker tells you or you will be punished by all of us that evening. Any inappropriate displays will be handled by your caretaker immediately with punishment. You are here to learn self control and we will see to it that you DO learn. Understood?"

"Yes...Yes Vicky," I stammered.

"Now about your nighttime problem," She continued, "The only way we can assure that you follow the 'no touching' rule at night is to make sure, you can't get at it to touch it. So you will be diapered each night before bed time and these mittens (holding them up) will be on your hands so that you can't get un-diapered or otherwise play with yourself. We know boy like to do that, and THAT is a no-no in your case. I went to the library this morning and did some reading on your problem and it seems that sometimes erections occur without the proper stimulus; those are the ones we are here to stop. If it happens as a DIRECT result like the one this morning in the bath due to our manipulation, then those are OK; sorry about spanking you for something you couldn't stop happening... Any OTHER cause however, will result in a spanking. Got IT?"

"I...I think so...uh...I will be diapered to prevent me from playing with myself. One of you will supervise me each day. I am to do her chores in addition to my own. If I disobey, I get spanked. If I uh...get...hard because one of you touch me's OK....but...if...if it's hard otherwise....I...I get spanked."

"Very good, now come over here and stand in front of me." Vicky Directed.

It was with trembling legs that I moved over in front of her and stood with hands behind my back. Vicky place me before her, standing with legs spread so that my boy parts were right before her at eye level and proceeded to thoroughly inspect them, probing my balls and penis, as the other girls circled around us to get a better view. In short order I was hard and sticking out towards her. Her fingers working me caused shudders to pass through me and I was quickly losing control of it. "I...I'm sorry..." I whimpered.

"Sh...It's OK Johnny, I caused it..." she said in a soothing voice, as she continued to slowly stroke up and down my hard member and probing by small balls in their sack between my legs. In short order, I came, my whole body racked with a jolt as I climaxed. It was a 'dry' cum as I wasn't old enough to shoot sperm yet, but it got all of them excited at the reaction she gotten to just handling my boy parts.

"Wow! That was something!" Debbie observed. "Now we know why boys like to play with themselves!"

"Can I try it?" My Sister asked. Before anyone could answer, she just reached out and started stroking my still hard little cock, and with it pulled me around to face her. After a couple of minutes I came again and all of them marveled at how my whole body shook with the climax.

Jane was followed by Nancy and Debbie and by the last girl I was on the floor unable to stand any longer. My cock was also getting a little sore from all the handling and rubbing without any lubrication. But I loved every minute of it. I had never had a orgasm like those in my life and never had anyone do it to me. It was great! Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. By the time they were done, I was completely exhausted and didn't even know that they had carried me to my room and put me in bed.

I awoke to find my sister sitting on the edge of my bed, playing with my hair. "Hey sleepy...Mom says dinner is just about gotta to get up."

Jane then escorted me to the bathroom, where as was now 'standard' she held my cock for me while I peed. Then I washed my face and hands and we proceeded to dinner.

Mom and Dad asked my sister how things went today and she reported on the plan the girls had devised; including the diapers and mittens for nighttime and the division of labor among the girls. Mom thought they were very inventive and ruled that they would have 'full charge' of me and that she and Dad wouldn't have to be concerned with the matter.

That evening all the girls assembled in my room and Vicky showed them how to secure me for the night. Somehow she managed to get eight diapers on me, they were so thick I couldn't even come close to closing my legs. The mittens were actually winter gloves with buckled straps around the wrists. Once secured, there was no way I could remove them myself. Once 'secured' for the night all the girls gave me a goodnight kiss and Debbie said she would see me in the morning as tomorrow was 'her' day.

Chapter 4 – Debbie In Charge

I woke the next morning with a small hand shaking my shoulder. "Time to get up Baby Johnny," said a soft voice. When I opened my eyes, there staring back was cute little Debbie from next door, big brown eyes and long brown hair framing her face. "Come on, time to get your diaper off..." she said with a big smile.

Suddenly I realized this wasn't a dream, it was real, here I was in diapers, hands closed in mittens and about to be under the total supervision of a girl younger than myself.

Debbie just pulled back the covers and then without warning, slip her fingers under the edge of the diaper. "Oh are a baby...all wet...good thing you had diapers on..."

I could now feel what she was talking about. I had wet my diaper. I hadn't had a bedwetting incident for years...what was happening?"

Debbie pulled on my legs and turned me around so that I was facing her, legs over the edge of the bed. Then quickly started un pinning the dozen safety pins hold the 8 diapers tightly around my body. When the last pin was open she picked up my feet and shoved my legs back towards my chest so that my knees were almost to my head; then pulled the center of the diaper down exposing me fully. "Stay just like you are," she ordered and left the room, only to come back almost immediately carrying a washcloth and some lotion. "Don't want our baby to get a rash, do we?" she said with a grin, and knelt between my raised and spread legs.
She quickly washed my groin and bottom with the cloth and the poured a big glob of lotion into her hand and then slowly began spreading in onto my cock, balls, ass and pelvic region. She worked with both hands, one on top and one on the bottom, massaging the lotion into me; needless to say my 11 year-old pecker responded to the warm feel of these 10 year-old hands and was soon standing up for her. "I like it better like that." She declared and suddenly stopped leaving me stiff and frustrated.

"Breakfast time bucko," she said and grabbed one of my hands and pulled me to my feet, leading me out of the room and down the hallway, my stiffy bobbing and weaving as I walked.

In the kitchen my sister was sitting at the table when we arrived and looked straight at my stiff member, then looked at Debbie with a raised eyebrow. "It's OK Jane, I did it," Debbie answering her unasked question; "besides I like it better this way."

"Whatever..." Jane responded, "It's your day to deal with him." And having finished her cereal just got up and left the table, leaving her used bowl and spoon laying there.

While I consumed a bowl of cereal and two glasses of juice, Debbie looked over the posted 'Chore List" by the kitchen phone. "Seems like your outside most of the day," she offered. "Cut the grass in back, weed the garden, take out the trash, and sweep both porches front and back. Then you get to come over to our house and do my chores, laundry and ironing."

Our house sat way back from the road with almost 5 acres of grass most of which was in front. Dad used a tractor to cut the front but the backyard also held a small vegetable garden, flowerbeds, and a patio with Dad's pride and joy, his brick barbecue. The backyard was too tight to use the tractor, so it had to be cut with a small power mower and then hand trimmed around the flowerbeds and patio. Deciding to get the hard work done before it got too hot outside; I quickly washed the dishes and headed for the garage. The mowing went quickly as there really wasn't that much grass, but the trimming was a hand job, on knees mostly and took a while. Debbie just sat on the porch and watched as I labored in the yard. Half way through the trimming while on hands and knees she brought me a cool drink and said, "Your getting pink you know, if you're not careful you will get a sunburn."

I'll looked up at her questioningly as I already had a pretty good tan.

She just reached down and patted my bare behind, "You don't have a tan there guy, and it's getting very pink." Then held up a bottle of suntan lotion. When I started to reach for it, she pulled back. "Nope! That's my job...NO TOUCHING remember? Stand up."

So there I stood as she with giggles massaged the suntan lotion into my rear and then proceeded to apply it to my front boy parts, quickly getting another hard-on for her efforts. Unfortunately she left it just that way and pointed me back to my work. When the yard work was done, she led me back into the house and pointed to the bathroom. "You're all dirty, hot and sweaty, you need a bath before I can let you touch the laundry."

I ran the bath water and quickly got into the tub and washed my hair, face, torso and legs when she told me to stand. Knowing that she was going to wash the boy parts, I just sighed and stood still. Debbie lathered up her hands and had me turn sideways and proceeded to wash my front with one hand and by butt with the other. As she held my again stiff cock in her soapy left hand, her soapy right hand was probing my butt crack her fingers sliding over my hole and down to by sack. On one of these sliding trips, her finger, slid right into the hole and I almost jumped out of the tub, but was held by her grip in front. That finger in the back hit my prostate and I let out a loud moan and my cock twitched in her hand. Realizing she was on to something she moved her finger in and out, up and down until she hit it again and got another moan and a full body tremble. "Am I hurting you?" she asked in a small voice.

"No...No" I croaked out, "Just very sensitive..."

Having found the 'right' spot she kept working her finger on it and I trembled on weak legs, my cock throbbing and jerking in her left hand as she managed to give me the strongest orgasm of my life. I fell to my knees with the climax, but she followed me down holding on with both hands as I gasp for breath. Shortly, I went soft in her hand and she somewhat reluctantly removed both hands from my body and told me to rinse.

Debbie sat on the toilet and watched as I rinsed the remaining soap and looking me in the eye said, "Tell me about it."

" I don't just...well there is a certain spot....and....and when your finger hit was like...electricity shooting straight through me...." I tried to explain.

"But you liked it..." she questioned.

"Oh Yeah! I...I've never felt anything like That before!"

"Well then we'll just have to do it again sometime. Now get up out of there, we still have laundry to do."

After drying off, I was lead next door and down into the basement laundry room, where while she ran clothes through the washer and dryer, I ironed a ton of clothes. Every once in a while, in between loading the machines, she would come up behind me while I ironed and would press against my back, hugging me from behind, and would play with my privates until I was hard, then would stop and just hold me for a while. It was REALLY frustrating!

When the laundry was finished, we went back to my house and she led me to my room and quickly sat on the bed, and motioned for me to sit also, then pulled me face up across her legs, holding me around the shoulders. We just sat there awhile, her using her free hand to explore my body while she gazed into my eyes. When she had caused another erection, she grabbed hold of it and held it in her hand then looking down at me asked, "Johnny, the other day on the porch, when you got, you know and this all started... what...what caused you to get like this? (the 'this' emphasized by a squeeze on my erection).

I was very uncomfortable with that question, but laying there with her holding my dick, I decided that truth was the only way to go. "You," I told her looking right at her eyes.

"Me?" came the response.

"You....You uh...weren't wearing panties," I said almost choking and blushing with embarrassment.

"You mean? Why you naughty were looking up under my dress weren't you!"

"Uh...yeah...I guess so." And I turned even redder than before.

"Well you have to be punished!" she demanded, "Turn over you bad little boy!"

I quickly turned over so that my butt was centered over her legs and she gave me a lecture about looking up girl's dresses and skirts and how naughty I was. Then gave me about 25 light spanks, more playful than anything else, giggling as she spanked my behind. Then told me to turn back over and hugged me tightly to her chest, her head resting on my shoulder.

I then got a huge surprise when she whispered, "You are NOT to look up any girls dresses from here on....except mine!" and kissed my neck and cheek, then a light kiss on the lips.

We just sat there for a little longer until we heard my sister enter the house and call my name. "Johnny! Johnny where are you?"

"In here Sis," I responded and we quickly untangled ourselves and were sitting side-by-side on the bed when Jane entered my room.

"Mom and Dad will be home soon and you are supposed to fix supper today," the turning to Debbie; "Well Deb has he been good today?"

"Perfect!" Debbie replied, "No problems of any kind!"

"Good, I'll take over and supervise him fixing dinner, so you are free to go." My sister directed. Debbie just nodded and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and was gone.

Fixing dinner nude can be hazardous. While cooking down the hamburger for spaghetti a spot of grease popped out of the pan and right on to the top of my dick. God did it burn; even worse, I had to ask my sister to put lotion on it, due to the 'no touching' rule and she was doing just that when my Mom walked in. I was hopping about, my sister holding on to my dick when Mom arrived. "What the hell is this?"

"Relax Mom," Jane replied, "He got a grease spatter on it, and I'm just putting some first-aid cream on it."

"Oh...OK...when will dinner be ready?" Mother asked as she watched my little sister apply more cream to the now red spot on the top of my half-hard member. Fortunately she was done before it could get any harder and it quickly returned to normal.

Jane put me to bed that night and informed me that Vicky had the 'duty' tomorrow.

Chapter 5 – Nancy Takes a Turn

The next morning it was a much sterner voice that woke me. "Get UP you little wimp, I don't have all day to wait on you!" When I opened my eyes it was a mad looking Nancy standing over me. She was standing with hands on hips, legs spread looking like she wanted to tear me apart.

"Where's Vicky?" I asked innocently; "Wasn't she supposed to have today?"

"Yes where is Vicky?" Nancy spat back, "I'll tell you where she is...AT THE HOSPITAL! The dumb bitch fell off her bike first this morning and hurt her arm, so Mom and Dad took her to the hospital. And ME, I was supposed to go the beach today with my friends; but NO! I'm here and stuck with YOU! Now get up you little Shit!"

This was not good; Nancy was pissed off and I did not want to take any chance of making her madder than she already was. I should explain here that although Nancy was the middle girl in her family, she was the strongest. She looked 'pudgy' if you will, not fat but heavy for her size. She was taller than me by a couple of inches, but out weighed me by probably 40 pounds. NONE of it was fat; she was the 'jock' of the family, playing softball, tennis, track, and any other sport that came down the pike. On several occasions, she had bodily lifted me like I was a toddler, with no noticeable strain on her part. So I flipped back the bed covers and held out my hands to her so she could remove the mittens.

Ignoring my hands she just shoved me backwards on the bed and reached for my diaper. It was wet but I apparently had also messed it, which I just now realized as I felt it squish beneath my butt. Nancy quickly started removing pin but when she pealed back the first layer of diapers we were both made aware of the fact that they were more than wet. The smell caused us both the gag.

"God Damn! YOU SHIT YOURSELF!" she screamed at me as I turned beet red. "Debbie told me you were wet yesterday morning, but this is TOO MUCH!" and swinging her arm slapped my thigh with everything she could muster.

"Owh!" I screamed "Please Nancy, that hurt! It's not like I did it on purpose, I can't go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when I can't use my hands or get this diaper off...I didn't even know I did it..."

Pulling me up by my ear, she re-pinned the top pin on each side and I waddled with her to the bathroom, where she put me in the bathtub before removing the diaper. It was loaded with shit and it was obvious from her look at me that I was covered on the backside with it. Leaving me standing, she dunked the messed diaper into the toilet until most of the heavy stuff was off it, then reached for the hand shower head and turned on the water to spray me with it. Unfortunately for me, she only turned on the cold water and it was REALLY cold. Standing back, she directed the spray at my butt and moved it about as I danced in front of her trying to get away from the cold water. When she directed the spray up between my legs the water hit my balls and I jumped. She grabbed a shoulder and held me down as she forced the spray again between my legs and up and down my crack; then spun me around and hit my cock and balls from the front. Both of which shrunk and tried to hide back inside my body. I was only usually about 2 inches when soft, after the cold water, only about a half inch was visible and my ball had retracted leaving a tight hairless little sack barely hanging at all.

After spraying me she took a washcloth with cold water and roughly washed me front and back, the again rinsed me with the cold water spray. By the time she was done, my sex was all but invisible and I was shivering from head to toe. I was roughly dried off and sent back to my room with a hard smack to my butt and a verbal warning of what was to come; "You dirty little shit, your ass is going to pay for making me clean that off you!"

When we got to my room, she held me by one arm, while she pulled my desk chair out, sat on it then pulled me down across her lap. Hold me with a hammer lock on my arm and one of her legs over mine to trap them, she started wailing away at my behind putting all of her strength into the spanks. I begged, cried, plead, nothing worked she just kept hitting me; I lost count a 50 spanks but she just kept going until she finally tired, and then she just shoved me off of her lap onto the floor where I lay in a blubbering heap.

When I finally came back around, I was lying on the floor at her feet as she just sat there and glared at me, crying, trying to sooth my backside with my still mitten covered hands.

"Stand up!" she ordered and I quickly obeyed, not wanting to get into any more trouble with her. Reaching out she took the mittens off and I immediately started rubbing my backside. "NONE OF THAT! Put your hands on you head!" I complied, my entire body shaking.

"You really are a weak little wimp, do you know that?" she said with a sneer; "Just look at you. Skinny little runt, no muscle at all, so scared your boy parts are hiding, hell you look more like a girl than a boy! You don't even have any peach-fuzz down here, as she grabbed my crotch, let alone hair in your arm pits; you look like a 6 year-old."

Without further comment, she stood, grabbed me by my arm pits and lifted me up like a little child and swung me around to the side and placed me on her hip, with one are holding me in place and carried me to the kitchen. This display of strength was too much and I just leaned my head on her shoulder and cried as she carried me through the house.

When we got to the kitchen I saw she had already prepared oatmeal and she sat down placing me on her lap, then holding me by the shoulders, proceeded to feed me the oatmeal as if I were a toddler. By the time the bowl was empty, her mood seemed to have softened and she just held me on her lap and gently smoothed the tear streaks from my cheeks. "Now are you going to be a good boy today for Mommy Nancy," she cooed, "Or does Mommy Nancy need to teach our little boy another lesson?"

"Yes Mommy Nancy," I replied, obviously she wanted to play 'Mommy' so I wasn't about to argue with her.

"Good now go do your chores." She said as she placed me on my feet on the floor.

Today's list was short, clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen, clean my own room. I was done with all of them long before lunch. Nancy had been in the living room when I last saw her, so I went back there when done with my work. I found her lying on the floor doing sit-ups and after a few more she stopped. "You get a break you know, I did my chores yesterday, so that I would be free to go to the beach today, so they are already done. Come over here, you can help me with something else."

Nancy turned onto her stomach and told me to sit on her back. I complied, not sure what was going on, but soon found myself lifted up, as she started doing push-ups with me sitting on her back. I was absolutely amazed, I could barely do ten push-ups lifting my self; here she was doing many more and with me on her back as added weight. Up and down we went until she counted 50, then stopped and rolled me off to her side.

"Wow Nancy, you are REALLY strong!" I complemented her, and got a smile in return for the effort.

"Stand up, " she ordered and when she rose, she grabbed me by the crotch and shoulder and I quickly was looking down from above her head, as she used me like a barbell and started doing squats with me across her shoulders. Forty of those and she finally put me down. I could only look on in awe at this display of strength by a girl the same age as me.

Nancy decided she had worked out enough, turned on the TV and sat in a chair and then pulled me onto her lap. We spent the next hour just sitting there, with her holding me like a child, until I had to go to the bathroom. When I told her what I needed she just smiled and carried me there and held my 'little pee-pee" for me until I was done; then grabbed a bath towel and carried me back to the kitchen.

To my surprise, when we got there, she did not put me down but instead, put the towel on the table and laid me on my back on the towel. "Now you stay put little one, Mommy will be right back with a surprise, OK?" I nodded agreement, wondering what was going on.

When she returned, she carried a bottle of baby lotion and a hairbrush. The brush was laid aside and she poured a big glob of lotion on her hand then spread half of it on her other hand. "Baby Johnny has been such a good boy today, that he gets a reward," she said as she started spreading the lotion over my crotch and massaging me there. My boy parts had returned from hiding while I did my chores, and now were getting a good massage from Nancy and responded with a nice little stiff hard-on for her. Nancy told me to get up on my hands and knees with my behind in the air and legs spread. I turned over and complied immediately. Soon her left hand was stroking up and down on my little hard cock, milking it; while her right hand was probing my back hold. I felt one finger enter and let out a sigh; when as second finger entered it was a moan; and when those two fingers found my prostate, I came; hard and collapsed onto the table, her fingers still buried in my behind.

"Get back up," she ordered, "We're not done yet."

When I did; she held the brush in front of me. "Debbie told me about your 'special spot' in your behind and what it does. This is my very most favorite brush," she purred, "See how long the handle is and has this nice fat end; I use it to masturbate myself, it's just great and today I'm going to let you borrow it!"

Nancy resumed her grip and milking strokes on my cock and I felt her finger at my hole again, only this time once the finger was in and more lotion had been spread inside, it was replaced by the handle of her favorite hairbrush. It felt huge as it was slowly inserted and I moaned loudly as it passed over my special spot. Then it was pulled back and I again moaned as it passed over my prostate. Nancy then started moving the brush back and forth over that spot, while maintaining her grip on my hard-on. I came and came, wave after wave of electric jolts jerking my body with each climax until I just passed out collapsing on the table. The hairbrush handle still up my backdoor.

When I awoke, I was on my bed laying across Nancy's lap, her holding my head and stroking my body. I smiled up at her and said "thank you Mommy Nancy, that was great!" then leaned up and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Your welcome little Johnny, we'll have to play some more some other time." And returned my kiss with a peck of her own.

Nancy stayed the rest of the evening until my parents got home, bringing my sister back from some Brownie Scout function. By the time they got home, I was already diapered and asleep. It had been a very exhausting day.

Chapter 6 – Jane & Vicky

The next morning it was my sister who woke me and like the others immediately checked my diaper. I was dry today however, so she removed the diaper and mittens and led me to the bathroom, to pee (with her assistance) and wash up. My little sister turned out to be the 'slave driver' of the group. Once breakfast was done, it was one thing after another all day, sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry, ironing, everything she could find that needed doing. If I did not move fast enough, I got a swat on the rear with a fly swatter that she carried around behind me like a riding crop.

By the time our parents got home, the house was spotless and dinner was waiting on the table. Mom was very pleased with the house and mumbled "maybe we should put her in charge all the time." I remained quiet, that was definitely an idea I did not want to encourage.

Vicky woke me the next day, with her arm in a sling and Jane had to help her remove the safety pins from my diaper. After breakfast she walked me over to their house, since all the chores I had been scheduled to do today had been accomplished the day before under Jane's direction.

Vicky's list was relatively short and I was done by 10:00, so she suggested we play cards until lunch time. I never was very good at card games, and Vicky won most games easily and finally became bored with the whole thing. After lunch, Vicky decided to work on her suntan, I and I had to help with the lotion since she only had one good arm. My pecker got hard as I spread the lotion on her back and legs, but I quickly laid down on my stomach beside her pressing it into the beach towel; she never saw it so I got away with that one.

Throughout the afternoon I had to keep distracting myself as Vicky in a bathing suit was more than my young mind and dick to handle with responding. She was developing quickly and already had breasts pushing out of her chest, her slim waist and long legs were just breathtaking to my active little brain. So I spend most of the day face down, looking in any direction other than at Vicky. I managed to avoid any inappropriate display in her presence at least she didn't see them.

Those first few days set the tone for the rest of the month. Debbie wanted to spend all her time playing with my dick, Nancy, playing Mommy and probing my behind with her hairbrush, Jane just getting as much work out of me as possible to avoid having to do any herself and Vicky just playing general babysitter.

It was a long month, but when it was finally over, I was tired and very glad to get clothes back. I had been confined to the two houses for 1/3 of my summer vacation and I wanted to get out and around with my friends for a change.

That summer was the last 'naked punishment' for several years until at 14 I screwed up big time; but that's another story.