Charlie Part 1
By Captain J

copyright 2008 by Captain J, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Part 1

Thirteen year old Charles Miller, 'Charlie' to his friends, was an unhappy boy. His whole life had been turned upside down and gone to absolute shit in only two weeks. That was the day his Dad came home and told the family that he'd been transferred and that they were moving in ten days to a new town, almost 1,000 miles away from everything and everyone he knew. Charlie had always had a hard time making friends, because he was small for his age. At 4' 6" tall and only 60 lbs, he was on the bottom of all the growth charts for boys, that he was blond, almost hairless and had pale skin and fine almost feminine features, just made it worse. People looked at him and just assumed that he was 9 or 10 years old at the most and would tell his parents what a 'beautiful boy' you have there.

To make matters even worse, his eleven year old 'little sister' Mary, had gone through several growth spurts in the last year and a half and now towered over him at 5'2" and out weighted him by 30 pounds and was suddenly getting very independent and had started treating him like HE was the younger of the two. Not only that, but his parents were treating the two them like that also, telling Mary to 'look out for your brother' or 'make sure Charlie behaves while we're gone' assigning her responsibility to assure things were done in their absence. Where he was on the bottom of the growth charts; Mary was on the top end of girls charts for her age and was using her size to make his life miserable.

All the stress of being uprooted from his life had caused him other problems too. Two nights before they were to leave for the new town, he wet his bed and then did it again the next night. Since they were driving to their new home and his mother didn't want any 'accidents' from her suddenly no longer potty trained son, he made the trip wearing a diaper. Just remembering that 18 ½ hour trip made his whole body tremble.

He spent the entire trip in the back seat with his sister, who constantly reminded him that he was wearing a diaper by frequently checking it to make sure he was dry. His parents sat in the front of the family mini-van ignoring the two kids in the back and trading off driving. They were making the trip straight through with stops only for food and gas. Each adult driving for four hours before swapping, places; one resting and the other driving. Charlie was tired at the beginning of the trip and had a sore bottom from getting spanked for wetting his bed the night before and was asleep three hours into the trip, when they pulled into a roadside rest area for a bathroom break. "Charlie's wet Mom!" his sister announced loudly causing him to wake up, but not totally, still drowsy.

"Already? Well it's good that we have him in diapers then. Take him to the restroom and change him Mary, I'll be there in a few minutes; I'm going to buy us some drinks." His mother ordered.

<giggle> "Let's go Charlie time to get your diapy changed," his sister said as she pulled him from the back seat, still half asleep and picked up a bag from behind the seat with her free hand.

"What? Where are we?" Charlie mumbled.

"A rest stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere; I don't even know what state we're in. Now quit stalling and let's go, I have to change your diaper for you, you're all wet."

"But Mom can do that..."

"Mom told me to do it and that's what's going to happen so shut and come with me; unless you want another spanking that is..."

"OK... where are we going?"

"To the restroom of course, unless you'd like me to change you out here on a picnic table..."

"No I sure don't want that..."

"Then come on and let's get this done," she said taking his hand and leading him into the women's restroom, where the sign indicated there was a 'baby changing station' available.

Charlie almost ran when they stepped though the door and he saw a whole crowd of women and girls, there had to be at least 20 of them, ranging from toddler size to old women, with several girls he guessed to be young teenagers among them. All of them stopped talking when they saw him being led in by his sister and watched as she led him to the changing table which was just being vacated by a woman changing her baby. Mary stopped him with his back to the table and pulled his shorts down, exposing his diaper, then helped him up onto the table. When the women saw the diaper, they realized why he was there and he heard a number of chuckles from the women and giggles from the girls.

Mary removed his shorts and then quickly removed the wet diaper, leaving him laying there in full view of everyone, blushing, covering his face with his arm so he didn't have to see them watching him. Mean while Mary dug supplies out of the bag, grumbling about his lack of control. Several girls came closer and he knew they were looking at his privates as his sister wiped him with baby wipes, then applied lotion front and back and powdered him, then had a new diaper in place and was taping it up as their mother arrived. "Oh good, you got him changed," she said lifting her son from the table, while his sister held his shorts open for him. "Don't bother putting his shorts back on Mary, I just know we'll be doing this several more times during the trip and they'll just be a bother putting them on and taking them off all the time."

"OK Mom," his sister replied and stuffed his shorts in the bag with the diaper supplies.

"Let's go Charlie," she said taking his hand as he waddled towards the door, "I just don't understand why a 13 year old boy has no control of himself and has to be in diapers!" she said loudly and suddenly the whole room was laughing and giggling as his face burnt red in shame.

"THIRTEEN! Hell I thought he was maybe 8!" laughed one of the women and all the women joined her in laughing at him as they left. What hurt him even more was a very young voice that just said "What a big baby!"

Three and ½ hours later it was even worse, when they stopped again and this time there was a school bus in the parking lot. "He's wet again Mom," Mary informed her.

"OK you know what to do; and I can't trust him to change himself, he'd never get the diaper tight enough and then he'd leak all over the upholstery.

"Mom can't I please change myself and one of you could tighten it up if needed?" he pleaded.

"NO Charlie, you will go with your sister and she will change you and if you give her any problem at all she is authorized to spank you right then and there!"

"Mom Please?"

"NO! One more word and I'll spank you right now and you'll start the process with a red behind!"

As they got out of the vehicle, Mary stopped him and removed his t-shirt so that the only items he was wearing were a diaper and his tennis shoes. "That just gets in the way," she said throwing the shirt on the back seat and taking his hand and leading him with his sagging diaper towards the restroom. Inside, his worst possible nightmare came true. There were 46 girls in the restroom and a half dozen women and two toddlers. All the girls were between 10 and 14 on some school outing and they all stopped and looked at the diapered boy being led into the room by a taller girl. "Please Mary not here," he whispered to her trying to pull back towards the door, "There are too many girls..."

Smiling at all the women and girls Mary spoke up; "Sorry ladies but my brother needs his diaper changed I hope none of you mind. I'll just take him over to the bench there since there's no table and change him; we'll be done in no time at all." The bench was a wooden bench down the middle of the room, about 7' long and at knee height. Charlie didn't like this at all and started to pull back again. "CHARLIE! Mom warned you what would happen!" she yelled at him and quickly sat on the bench and pulled him across her lap then jerked the back of the diaper down and immediately started spanking him as hard as she could, his damp behind turned red immediately and he struggled but his sister was just too much bigger and he couldn't get free. Everyone was laughing at him as he begged her to stop, but she didn't stop until he went limp crying across her lap.

Mary tore the diaper off and stood him up and to make matters even worse he'd gotten an erection during the spanking and it was pointing straight out from his body, as he stood there red faced and red bottomed, tears streaming down his face. "Now lay down on the bench and I'll get you cleaned up and diapered again!" Mary ordered and he gingerly sat on the bench and lay down as all the girls crowded around to watch the naked boy. He covered his face with an arm, but that didn't stop him from hearing comments from all around him. "Got a big dick for such a little boy, looks like 5", maybe the rest of him will catch up to his dick size!" <snicker, giggle> "Yeah he's a cute little one, too bad he's so small though, I'd die being seen with such a little boy."

"He's 13," His sister announced to the girls crowded around him. "He's just late on puberty, no pubes and undersized, except for his dick, but you already noticed that. It's downright embarrassing to have to change my OLDER brother like this; but sometimes he's such a baby!"

"You mean he's older than you?"

"Yeah 2 years, if you can believe it." She replied as she pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it up. "Let's go Charlie and get you back to the car; so I can come back and use the toilet myself!" she ordered and led him still red faced and crying back to the car, while the all the girls laughed at him. "God what a wimp!" he heard as they left the room and just cried harder.

When they got to the car, it was obvious he was crying; "What happened?" his mother asked.

"Charlie didn't want to cooperate since there were girls his age there; so I had to spank him and change him anyway." Mary replied.

"Good maybe he'll learn to listen then when he's given orders!" his mother replied, as he crawled into the back seat and curled up trying to hide.

"I need to go myself Mom, I'll be back in a few minutes, it's really crowded in there," Mary told her mother.

"Ok sweetheart, we'll wait for you right here." She said smiling at her obviously responsible daughter, then proceeded to lecture Charlie on his lack of control and bad behavior, and told him that in the future, Mary would be in charge of him until he could prove he had some self control.

Three diaper changes later and what seemed like forever on the road, they arrived at their new house in their new town. Charlie was sleepy then they arrived, it was early evening and he stumbled some trying to wake up as his sister led him towards the front door. "Hi Mary!" a young voice called out and Charlie looked to the source. Two young girls were walking towards them, one looked to be slightly older than the other but not much.

"Hi Kathy, hello Cindy, we finally got here... seems like we've been driving forever." His sister responded.

"Charlie this is Kathy and Cindy they live a couple of houses down the street, Kathy is the same age as me and Cindy is one year younger; I met them when Mom and I were looking at the house. Girls this is my brother Charlie."

Both girls were looking at him and he realized then that he was standing there wearing nothing but tennis shoes and a diaper and managed to blush a nice red for them. "Uh... hello..." he weakly offered.

"You look kind of big for diapers," Kathy replied, with a smirk on her face.

"How old is your little brother Mary? Will we be in school together?" Cindy asked.

"My 'little' brother is 13 and will be in middle school, so no we won't be in classes with him," Mary replied emphasizing the 'little' and '13'.

"Thirteen? Why is he wearing diapers?"

"Because he's developed a bedwetting problem lately and it's a real pain in the rear, I had to change him 5 times on the way here." Charlie turned even redder and was looking for a place to hide, at that point as the two girls giggled at his predicament.

"You change his diaper? Can we watch?" <giggle>

"I don't see why not, it's not like it's a big deal, he looks like a little kid down there with no pubes and well his dick is a little large for his size, but I don't have any problem with it. I'll ask Mom though, just to make sure."

"Why's he smaller than you if he's older?" Cindy asked.

"He was a premature baby and he's always been smaller than other kids his age and late puberty isn't helping either. But then since he's been acting younger lately, it doesn't hurt any..."

Just then their mother arrived and said hello to the girls. "We have a problem kids, the moving van apparently broke down and it won't be here until late tomorrow, so we don't have and furniture and just a few item of clothes we brought in the car. We'll have to go to WalMart and get some sleeping bags and pillows for tonight; guess we're camping out in our new house. Oh... Mary how's Charlie's diaper supply?"

"Only two left Mom, we'll need to get more... we're ok on lotion, powder and baby wipes though." His sister replied. "Oh and Mom, would it be ok for Kathy and Cindy to watch while I change his diaper? They want to learn how."

"Of course girls, you can even change him a few times if you want, all girls need to learn how to do that and you might as well practice on Charlie since he'll need changed anyway." His mom ruled.

"Mom?" Charlie started in a whining voice.

"Nonsense Charlie, I'm sure the girls have seen a naked boy before and if they haven't well they need to learn anyway. You are going to need changing and it will be a good educational experience for them. Now just hush up; I don't want to hear you complaining about it."

"Thank you Mrs. Miller, I want to start babysitting and I'll need to know how, and I really appreciate your letting us learn."

"No problem girls, every girl needs to know how and this is an excellent opportunity for you."

Charlie couldn't respond to that, he just slumped his shoulders in resignation and felt the tips of his ears burn with heat from the shame. He hadn't even been here 15 minutes and was already going to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

"Mary why don't you show your brother the house while you father and I unload the stuff from the car."

Mary led him into the house and it was quickly apparent that this house was much bigger than their old one. "There the living room here and the kitchen is straight back that hallway, Charlie," she explained "back here is the formal dining room and there's a big table in the kitchen also. Back this way is a bathroom and a study, Dad plans on using for a home office and another room Mom plans on using as a general work room. The bedrooms are all up stairs, 3 of them and two bathrooms. The one bathroom is off the master suite; that will be Mom and Dad's and there's another one near our rooms. There's a big recreation room in the basement as well as a laundry room and a workshop and out back is a 2 ½ car garage and a big yard with a privacy fence around it. Come on upstairs and I'll show you your bedroom." She said taking his hand and pulling him after her.

At the top of the stairs was a hallway. "That door at the end is Mom and Dad's room," she continued leading the way and opening the door on a huge room. It looked to be 20 feet square, with two walk in closets and a bathroom between them. "Mom just loves all the closet space here; now back this way is my room" and she opened the door on a room about 12' square with a big double closet, "and over here is your room," and again opened the door so he could look inside. The first thing that struck him was that it was narrower than her room by about 4' but had the same big closet along the opposite wall.

"Why is it smaller?" he asked, "and who decided you get the bigger room?"

"Mom decided when we were here last week as to who got which room. It's not THAT much smaller but it's because the previous owner remodeled the bathroom and put in a Spa type tub in addition to the regular bathtub/shower and they expanded the bathroom into this room by building a new wall. That spa tub is really neat it has water jets and does a whirlpool like effect." Then led him into the bathroom to show it to him. "There's another one in Mom's bathroom, she says they're like a mini-hot tub."

"Well I see why they moved the wall, that thing's huge!" Charlie replied.

"Yeah, I can't wait to try it!" We better go back downstairs, I'll show you the stairwell to the basement and how to get out back then we'll need to go to the store, like Mom said." And pulled him after her as she bubbled with excitement over the new house.

Forty minutes later they pulled into the WalMart parking lot after dropping off his dad at a car dealer to pick up a new car he leased, and started to get out. "Mom? Where's the bag with my shorts in it? I can't go in there wearing just a shirt and diaper!"

"Oh.. it's back at the house, but you don't need them anyway, that diaper covers you. Now let's get going here!"


"Quiet! I already answered your question. Now get out and let's go or do you need another spanking to remind you who's the parent here?"

"OK," he mumbled, he just knew this was going to be another embarrassing disaster.

Inside his mother grabbed two shopping carts and led them back to the sporting goods area and put 4 big extra squishy sleeping bags two in each of the carts, then told them to go get his diapers in the 'baby' area while she went to get pillows and pillowcases and towels. "Get a big package of the double weight one's for at night and a large package of regular's for daytime use, since he's seeming to have control problems all the time now; size 4 or 5 should fit him, he's wearing #5 Pampers right now but look at the weight labels," she told Mary, "Then meet me up at the checkout counter and we'll head home. Your father is picking up pizza and some snacks for tonight."

"How about Goodnights, they're popular with boys?" his sister asked.

"No, too much chance of leaking, I'd rather he wear the tape type they fit tighter."

"OK, see you in a few minutes," Mary replied and walked beside her brother as he pushed the shopping cart towards the children's area.

Along the way they passed several kids their own ages and Charlie blushed each time he heard a snicker or comment about his diaper visible below his t-shirt and tried to ignore giggles from younger kids who spotted them also. <figures the damn diapers have to be at the point as far as possible across the store> so he was spotted many times along the way.

When they finally got there, the selection was huge and Mary seemed to take her time, selecting the diapers he'd be wearing. Finally she put two huge packages in the cart and they headed all the way back across the store to where their mother was waiting near the checkout closest to her car. While waiting in line, he had to pee and couldn't hold it any longer and finally just let it go in his diaper. As the clerk rung up their purchases she looked over at them and then turned to his mother. "I think your little guy there needs one of these right now. His diaper is sagging and the indicator strip says he's wet." Getting chuckles from the other people standing in line.

"Charlie!" His mother all but yelled, "Are you wet again? I just don't know what I'm going to do with you!"

"We have a courtesy room in the back if you'd like to use it," the woman replied looking at the blushing boy.

"No, but thanks anyway, I'll just change him out in the car, before we leave." His mother replied and quickly paid the woman and then headed for the door with the kids following, shoving the two carts.

When she got to the mini-van she threw open the side door and then turned to her son with the sagging diaper. "Really Charlie, can't you hold it at all anymore?" she said as she ripped the diaper off him leaving him standing there half naked in the parking lot. "And the bottom of your shirt's wet too!" she continued then removed it, and threw it in a trash can; leaving him totally naked except for his shoes. "Hand me a diaper Mary," she demanded then pushed Charlie onto his back on the floor with his legs dangling outside. Then grabbed his ankles and lifted his legs up just as some kids and their parents walked by and he could hear them laughing at him. His mother had him re-diapered in a flash, then swatted his behind as he climbed into the van. Fortunately the diaper took up most of the impact.

When they got home, he was unhappy when he saw the same two girls standing by the driveway, only this time had two boys with them who looked to be the same age as the girls. Charlie got out and was carrying a sleeping bag under one arm and a huge package of diapers under the other as he walked past them. "OK so I owe you a dollar," the one boy said, "Shit 13 and wearing diapers? Who would have believed that? He's not even hiding them! Wait until the other guys hear this one!"

Charlie knew without a doubt, his life had just turned to pure shit, he was going to be the laughingstock of the whole town by tomorrow; he just knew it! He was really unhappy as he carried his sleeping bag and a pillow up to his room and even more so when his sister dropped the two packages of diapers inside the door. He hadn't been paying much attention when she put them in the shopping cart and saw that both packages had pink plastic on them and clearly said 'Girls' in big letters on the side, and had a picture of the diaper with pink trim and little teddy bears, hearts and flowers along the waist of the diaper.

"Mary!" he called after her and she came back across the hall and stuck her head in the doorway.


"Why did you get me 'Girls' diapers?"

"Because they didn't have your size in 'Boys' diapers; and what difference does it make anyway? A diaper is a diaper, what difference does it make what's printed on the darn thing?"

"But they're for girls!"


"People will laugh at me..."

"And I suppose they're not already laughing at a 13 year old boy wearing diapers?"

"Yeah they are..." he replied moaning. She just didn't seem to understand...

Later as the family sat on the carpet in their new living room eating pizza and drinking cokes the discussion moved into the plan for the week. "Kids your father starts his new job tomorrow and the next day I'll start mine at the hospital. So you two will be responsible for doing a lot of the unpacking and putting things away. The moving van will be here tomorrow afternoon and they will move all the heavy stuff in and put it in place, but all the boxes of clothes, dishes, kitchen stuff and so forth will need to be unpacked by us, which mean you, since we will be working. Mary you know the house better and know where I want things so you will be in charge of seeing that everything gets put away where I want it. Charlie, I know you are older, but with all the behavior problems you've been having lately, your sister is in charge of you when we're not here. You will do exactly what she tells you or you will be punished! She has full authority to spank you herself if needed and as you already know she's fully capable of doing it; so I expect you to behave and do what she says." Seeing that he was about to argue the point, she cut him off. "The decision is MADE Charlie and the fact that you were about to argue about it, is EXACTLY why Mary is in Charge! One last item. Since Mary will be changing your diapers and supervising you; ½ of your allowance will be given to her as pay for the extra work. Am I clear on this?"

"Yes Mother," he softly replied, he knew once she'd made up her mind on something, it wasn't going to change so he'd have to live with it; like it or not.

Near bedtime, Charlie rolled out his bedroll in his room and was just trying it out, when his sister came in and looked down at him. Then leaned over him and reached into his diaper. "You're wet! Why didn't you say something?"

"Because I knew it wasn't that long until bedtime and I need to take a bath anyway, before you put my night diaper on me."

"So go take that bath right now. And from here on out, you'll tell me immediately when you're wet, I don't want you getting a diaper rash and have me blamed for it. Oh, and make sure you take a good dump before you bathe, I don't want to be cleaning shit from your butt in the morning. Pee is bad enough. Now go!"

"OK Sis, I know you are in charge of me, but you don't have to be so bossy about it. I know the score and don't want Mom all pissed off at me, so just ease up some. I'll do what you say..."

"OK Charlie but one wrong move, and I WILL spank your butt! Just so we're clear on this!"

"I understand Mary and will do my best so that you won't have to do that. I'll go take my bath now if that's ok?"

"Good! Go!"

Half way through his bath, while sitting in the tub half full of water, Mary walked in and sat down on the toilet beside him and just watched him.

"Mary? Why are you here? I'm taking a bath, I don't need to be supervised doing that."

"That's for me to decide isn't it? And you DO need to be supervised, because for months Mom's been complaining about 'skid marks' in your underwear, where you didn't clean yourself good enough. So I'm going to make sure that problem stops as of tonight. From now on, you will be inspected after every bath and every time you take a dump to make sure you are clean."


"What part of 'your sister is in charge of you' or 'I expect you to behave and do what she say's' didn't you understand Charlie? From now on until Mom changes it, I'm in charge of everything you do, when they're not here. So we are setting ground rules for you and I will adjust them as I see fit. So you WILL be inspected until you can prove to me that you've learned to clean yourself properly, or we go to the penalty clause and you get spanked until you do what I say. Clear?"

"Yes Mary..."

"Good now stand up and I'll check you," she ordered and he meekly stood up in the tub and she started by looking at his fingernails for dirt under them, then hands face, ears, neck, chest, back and then told him to bend over and pried his cheeks apart and traced the crack with a finger. Then picking up soap from his body, pushed her finger inside and he all but jumped, until she smacked his butt hard with her other hand and told him to stand still. Then pulled her finger out and turned him around to face him and minutely checked his penis and balls to make sure they were clean and checked his entire groin for any rashes. "Good" she ruled, "now finish up and dry off and I'll get you diapered so you can go to bed and I can take a bath too."

"Mary, why... why did you put a finger in me like that?" he softly asked, his cheeks blushing as he asked.

"To make sure you did what I told you earlier, to clean out your bowels before taking a bath. If I'd found a turd in there; you'd be getting a spanking right now."

"Don't you trust me to do anything?" he whimpered, tears in his eyes.

"Very little, Charlie; trust is earned and you're still on probation." She replied, then turned and walked out of the room.

Charlie came back to his room wearing only a towel which she told him to lay on the bedroll so powder wouldn't get on his bed. He laid back on it and raised his legs and his sister rubbed lotion into his crotch, paying particular attention to his cock, balls and the crack of his rear. "Mom says these are really tender Charlie," she said handling his balls and gently rolling them in their sack, "She says a guy can be hurt bad by hitting him there; it that true?"

"Yeah Mary, you can hurt a boy really bad doing that; please tell me you're not ever going to do that to me..."

Moving down beside him, she continued playing with his cock which got hard from being handled by her soft hands, "I wouldn't do that Charlie, I do love you and although I may spank your behind, I'd never do anything to really hurt you bad. Do you like it when I handle your dick like this?"

"Yeah that feels really good..."

"How often do you jerk off Charlie? And don't lie to me and say you don't I know you do; all boys do."

Blushing, "a couple of times per day, most days just two or maybe three times; but I've done as much as five times, but I only did that once, it left me too tired afterwards..."

"It must feel really good to do it that often..."

"Yeah it's great, I can't describe how good it feels..."

"Sometime when we're alone, I'd like you to show me how you do it. Could you do that?"

"I suppose, so... You really want to watch me do that?"

"Yeah, in fact, if you'd let me, I'd like to help you do it. Think of it as sex education for your sister. You know Charlie, I really like changing your diapers. Well I don't like the smell but, I get to handle your privates like now and it makes me feel really good doing that. If you behave yourself and do what I tell you, I could make it fun for you, when I change your diaper. I might even get you off, with each diaper change if you were really good."

"You'd do that?"

"Yeah I would, in fact let's make a new rule. No jerking off by yourself anymore. I have to be there and give you permission to cum. Don't worry Charlie, I'll almost always give you permission and usually help you."

"OK, as long as I get to cum at least once a day. Otherwise it builds up in there and my balls will hurt after a few days of not getting it out of there. You've heard kids talk about 'blue balls' (she nodded) that's what they're talking about. The guy is all filled up and his balls are hurting."

<giggle> "Well we couldn't allow that to happen now could we? I don't want you hurting Charlie."

"Hope not. Uh... Mary.... If you keep stroking me like you're doing, I'm going to cum soon, I can feel it building up... do I have permission to cum?"

"Sure Charlie, let's see you cum for me, it'll will make me feel good to know I caused it..." <giggle>

Charlie's breathing got faster and sweat was forming on his face as she kept stroking him and then he gasp and she felt his cock jerk in her hand and was surprised when a white glob shot from it and landed in the middle of his chest; and she stopped to look at it. "No please don't stop Mary, please keep stroking me," he whimpered.

<giggle> "OK" and soon three more spurts shot out, each one landing a little closer to her hand on his cock, until it stopped and she felt him going limp in her hand. "All done?"

"Yeah thanks, that was the best one ever!" he gasped out.

"Thanks for letting me do that Charlie, that was fun, now let me get you cleaned up and your diaper on, then I'll tuck my little brother in for the night." She replied kissing his cheek. Then proceeded to do just what she'd said and once he was diapered and in his bedroll, sat with him after turning off the lights, gently rubbing his bare shoulders and stroking his hair until he fell asleep. "Good night Charlie," she whispered and softly kissed him before leaving him peacefully sleeping.

The next sound he heard was "Hey sleepyhead time to get up," as a hand gently shook his shoulder.


"Time to get up Charlie," she said as she flipped the bedroll back uncovering him, and he immediately shook in the chilled morning air. "Let me see how you did last night," she continued kneeling down bedside him and slipping her hand down the front of his diaper. "Another wet one, Mom's not going to be happy about that. Come on Charlie, go take a dump and a shower and I'll have you fixed up in no time, then we can go get breakfast."

Getting up from his bed on the floor, he quickly went into the hall and next door to the bathroom, then tore off the diaper then sat on the toilet until he'd emptied himself and then took a quick shower and was soon back in his room where his sister was waiting. Without her saying anything, he laid the towel down on his bed, then lay back and spread himself for her. "Good boy Charlie," she said smiling at him as he lay there completely exposed to her, then she reached in the diaper bag and pulled out a giant jar of Vaseline and dipped out a big glob. "I'm going to coat you good with this today Charlie, we're running low on lotion and this will stop the pee from getting to your skin," she explained as she dropped the big glob right above his cock and started spreading a heavy coat of it on him, when she'd coated the front and smiled at his stiff cock twitching there, she started coating his rear. "Lift up a little higher honey, so I can get under you," she said and smeared another glob on his backside, and once again looked closely at his hole, then slipped a finger inside him and felt around in there.

"Uuuhgh!" he groaned as his body jerked.

"What?" she asked.

"Don't know, you hit something in there and it just jolted me.."

"Let's see if I can find it again," she said and started searching with her finger inside him.

"Uh... right there..." he said as he jerked again.

"Feels like a small bump Charlie. Does it hurt?"

"No... just a little like electric shock is all... touch it again..."

She did and his body jerked again, "Wonder what that is? But you say it doesn't hurt?"

"No... if fact now that your fingers on it; it feels kind of good; try rubbing it a little."

"OH... wow! That's great! You'd better stop though I can feel cum building up..."

"OK we can check this out later; right now we need to get your diaper on so we can get breakfast."

Without further discussion, she removed her finger and wiped her hand off, then quickly had a diaper in place. <giggle> "Really cute there Charlie with the little teddy bears and pink trim."

"Yeah, you don't need to remind me these are 'girls' diapers, I didn't really need to hear that..."

"OH relax Charlie, a diaper is a diaper... who cares?"

"I will if someone sees them..." he grumbled.

"Oh stop being a baby and get up so we can go," she replied and pulled him up into a hug. "But then you're wearing a diaper so I suppose you're allowed to act like a baby." She added then patted his diapered rear. "Just remember you're MY baby Charlie," she whispered as she hugged him tighter and then patted his rear again, then moved her arm up around his shoulders and walked him downstairs to the kitchen where their mother was waiting.

"Another wet night Mom," Mary reported when they arrived.

"Oh Charlie what am I going to do with you..."

"Sorry Mom, I never woke up at all last night. Once I was asleep, then next thing I knew Mary was shaking me to wake me..."

"Well OK, we'll just have to keep working on it, now get your shoes on, we'll have to go out to eat, we don't have any food here yet and won't until I can get to a grocery store. But I can't even bother doing that until the appliances arrive on the truck."

"Mom, I can't go to a restaurant like this," he said, "They always have signs saying 'shirt and shoes required' it must be a health law or something. And I don't have a shirt, since you threw that one I was wearing away yesterday."

"You're right Charlie, they always do have those signs... well we can go through McDonalds drive through then... I guess that will have to do... I really wanted a decent meal though."

"How about I just stay here and you two go get a good breakfast and bring me something back?"

"We could do that. Will you be ok here by yourself?"

"Mom, I know I don't look it standing here wearing a diaper, but I'm 13, I can manage to be alone without any problems while you go have breakfast." He replied with a big sigh.

"Sorry Charlie, but with all the problems you've been having lately, well you just seem younger. Can I trust you not to get in trouble while we're gone?"

"Sure Mom, it'll give me a chance to check out the rest of the house, I haven't seen the basement yet nor the outside in back yet. I'll just look around some and be waiting for you to come back. I'll be fine. Oh, could you bring me two egg McMuffin's with sausage and an orange juice?"

"OK then, we'll be back in about an hour with your breakfast. Don't let anyone in unless it's the moving company and they manage to get here early, which I doubt, since they were having to change trucks and unload everything then repack it in another truck."

"Got it, see you in an hour or so, have a good breakfast, you don't need to rush, I'll be fine until you get back."

With that agreed to, his Mother and Sister were quickly out the door and Charlie began exploring the house. He found a set of steps leading down, off the kitchen and when he turned the lights on was amazed at what he saw. The room was huge, at least 50' long and about 25' wide with wood paneling on the walls and a indoor/outdoor type carpet on the floor covering the concrete floor. There were huge wood beams that crossed the room side to side about every 5 or 6 feet and they didn't look decorative, they looked like part of the house support structure. From the impressions in the carpet, he guessed the previous owner must have had a pool table down here as well as an entertainment center and a couple of couches. The rest of the basement was two unfinished rooms, one had workbenches around two walls and a lot of shelves on another wall and peg boards above the work surfaces for hanging tools. In fact there were tool shapes painted on the boards to tell someone where to put a tool back when they were done with it. The other room was smaller, and was obviously the laundry room, he could see the hookups for a washer and dryer and there was even a built in laundry bin with what looked like a drop from somewhere upstairs.

Back upstairs he decided to find the laundry drop and found a door built into the wall near his parents bedroom door. Looking around their room, he checked out their bathroom and found it was as large as the one beside his room; but the shower was a separate stall and the spa bathtub was the only one, but it was bigger.

Going back down to the kitchen, he looked out the window and saw the backyard for the first time, it was dark out there last night when he'd looked. There was a big patio made with paving stones and just beyond it a big garage and then a grass area. There flower beds everywhere, they ran around the entire wooden fence extending in about 2' with a brick border forming the front edge. <Well now I know why Mom's going back to work. There's no way we could afford this house without two incomes, it's more than double the size of our house; almost triple if I'm guessing sizes right.> His mother was a Registered Nurse and had only worked part time since the kids were born, mostly only during the hours they were in school; but had kept her certifications up and now would be going back to work full time at the local hospital.

Charlie went out the back door and was looking around the back when he was interrupted. "Hey Charlie is Mary home?"

Turning to face the voice, he was it was the two girls again. "Uh, no... Uh Kathy? Was it? And you're Cindy?" sorry but I'd just woke up when my sister introduced us yesterday..."

"Right Charlie, do you know when she'll be back? We wanted to introduce her to some of the other girls in the neighborhood."

"Probably thirty or forty minutes, she and Mom went out for breakfast, but with the moving company bringing all our stuff sometime today and us having to unpack it all, I don't know how much time she'll have to go visiting..."

"Why didn't you go with them?"

<blush> "Kathy I can't go in a restaurant like this. I don't have any clothes to wear, they're all on the truck, except one pair of shorts."

<giggle> "Guess you're right, I don't think I'd want to go into a restaurant wearing just a diaper either. Even a cute one like that! Love those little teddy bears and pink hearts Charlie." <giggle>

"Come on, <sigh> can't you give me a break here, they're the only ones the store had in my size; it's embarrassing enough to be wearing diapers without having people make fun of me..."

"Sorry Charlie," she softly replied stepping up and putting her hands on his shoulders, "I didn't mean to embarrass you; I was just teasing a little. Forgive me?"

Charlie realized at that point that he was looking up at her as she stood directly in front of him, <she's 3 or 4 inches taller than me and her 'little' sister is at least 2 inches taller than me> "Yeah I forgive you," he replied and she pulled him into a hug, his head resting against her shoulder as she stroked his back.

"You're really cute wearing diapers Charlie, and I'm looking forward to changing them for you. I can't wait to see the rest of you; but don't be embarrassed about it, I'd really like to get to know you a whole lot better." She whispered in his ear, causing him to blush again. Reaching down, she cupped her hand right over his cock and massaged it. "You don't need changed right now do you? I mean you're not wet are you?"

"No I'm dry, but thanks for asking, I've only been up about an hour now."

"Well let me know when you need changed because I'm looking forward to helping you," she said kissing his cheek, then releasing him. "We'll check back later when we see your Mom's car come back. Bye Charlie, see you later," she said as she and her sister walked away around the side of the house.

About 30 minutes later, his mom's van pulled around the house while he was looking around in the garage and was startled when the door started opening, thinking he'd accidently tripped a switch somewhere, until he saw the car ready to pull inside.

"Hi sweetheart," his mother said smiling as she handed him a McDonald's bag. "Here's your breakfast. Did anyone come while we were gone?"

"Just those two girls from down the street, Kathy and Cindy, they just left a little while ago, they were looking for Mary. They wanted to introduce her to other girls in the neighborhood if she had time. They said they'd stop back later, when I told them you two went out for breakfast."

"How nice of them to think to do that; too bad they don't have any brothers to introduce you around Charlie, but don't worry I'm sure you'll make new friends soon." His mother replied as she got out of the vehicle and was walking towards the back door. "Now relax and eat your breakfast, then we'll do some house cleaning before the movers get here. I picked up some supplies on our way back this morning."

As he sat eating his breakfast in the living room leaning against a wall while sitting on the carpet, his mother came in. "Mom can I ask a question? I know it's none of my concern but I'm curious."

"Sure sweetheart, what would you like to know?" she replied sitting down beside him.

"Mom how can we afford this place? I mean it's like three times bigger than our old house and so fancy. Did Dad get a huge raise or something?"

"No he didn't get much, just a bonus for moving expenses, otherwise he'll make just a little more than he did before; and you know I'm going back to work fulltime so that will help too. But two things let us get this house. First, we're getting a really good price selling our old house. It went up in value considerably while we had it and second, we got this house way below what it should have sold for."

"How did that happen?"

"The couple that owned it, were getting divorced and they had to sell the house quickly as part of the divorce proceedings. So we happened to be looking at just the right time and made an offer, we didn't believe they would take it, since it was way low, but as much as we could afford. And they surprised us by accepting it and selling at that price. We were really shocked that we got it; but I just love this house."

"Yeah it is a great house, I just wish we didn't have to move to have it. I'm missing my friends already and it's only been two days since we left..."

"I know you do honey," she said pulling him into a hug then across her lap and gently stroking his hair away from his eyes as he looked up at her. "But you'll make new friends here and soon you'll be happy again; I know you will. I know it will be hard to get used to a new place for awhile, but I know my son is strong enough to get through it. Pretty soon, our old house and old town will just be a pleasant memory. You can still write to your friends and maybe even go for a visit sometime or have them come here; but for now you need to get used to living here and meet some kids your own age."

"Mom why am I all of a sudden having all these problems. I mean I haven't wet the bed in years and now, I can't seem to even feel when I need to go anymore. I'm even doing it in the daytime and I haven't done that since I was real little?"

"Part of it is all the stress from this move Charlie and I'm really sorry about that, but it just couldn't be helped. But I also think you want to be babied a little, it's a natural reaction when you have to give up everything you've known to want more attention and some love to fill the hurt inside. Just know that we'll give you want you need for as long as you need it. You're a beautiful and loving boy Charlie and we'll help you get through this." She replied kissing his forehead.

"Will I ever get out of these diapers? It seems to be getting worse not better?"

"I think you will pretty soon honey, as soon as you make some new friends, you'll want to be your old self again and soon you won't need them anymore."

"But how can I do that wearing a diaper all the time. It's so embarrassing, who would want to be friends with a 13 year old diaper wearer?"

"Why don't you start with two you've already met? Those girls from down the street seemed really nice and I think that Kathy, the older one likes you just fine, even in a diaper. She seems really interesting in you. Just relax and be yourself, don't worry about the diaper and try really hard to get to know them, then maybe you won't need the diaper anymore."

"Yeah she does seem to like me some, but yesterday she showed some boys that I was diapered, on a bet with them and I'll be laughed at all over the neighborhood. How can I look at any other boy when he knows that? I'm ruined already and I haven't even met any of them."

"I think you're making a bigger deal of it than necessary son. A lot of boys your age need to wear diapers from time to time for a number of reasons. Some are bedwetters; some get infections in their urinary tracts and lose control of their bladders; some due to injuries; some for psychological reasons; and the list is almost endless; heck some boys just like wearing diapers and being babied. Those boys won't know why you're wearing a diaper, only that someone saw you in one and the sooner you get to where you don't need one, then the less they'll have to tease you about."

"Guess you're right; I need to get better soon though..."

"I'm sure you will honey, just don't try to force things. Everything will work out in the end."

"OK... Thanks Mom..." he replied then sat up and kissed her and gave her a hug. "I feel better now..."

"Good now let's clean up your trash here and we'll start cleaning bathrooms. I want them totally disinfected. Then we can clean some windows and hopefully the movers will arrive soon and we can really settle in here and make it our home."

About an hour or so later, he went looking for his sister and found her washing windows in the living room. "Uh Mary?"

"Yeah Charlie?"

"Mary I need to have my diaper changed I'm wet..." he said softly while blushing.

"Ok, let's go take care of you then," she replied and then wrapped an arm around him and kissed his cheek. "Thanks for telling me Charlie I knew I could trust you to be honest with me, and don't be embarrassed about it; you have nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Now let's go get that wet diaper off of you."

"But it IS embarrassing to have to tell my younger sister that I need my diaper changed Mary and then to have her change me. I really hate all this..." he whimpered.

Mary guided him to his room and stripped off the wet diaper then sat down and pulled him onto her lap after putting a towel under him due to the coating of Vaseline, still on his butt. Then wrapped her arms around him. "Charlie I know all this embarrasses you but I just want you to know that I don't think any less of you because of it. You're my brother Charlie and I'd do almost anything for you. I love you and I want you to be happy about being with me, no matter what we're doing." She softly told him as she stroked his naked body.

"I know you do Mary and I love you too and I'd do anything for you, I think you know that. It's just all so... I don't know... I'm so messed up and confused..."

"Tell me what's bothering you Charlie, I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is."

"It's... it's the whole thing... Here I am sitting naked on my little sister's lap being held and cuddled like a toddler or something, waiting for her to put a new diaper on me, while I cry and whimper about how embarrassed I am. I'm just such an emotional mess..."

"So let's take that apart and look at what you just said."


"Does being naked with me bother you?"

"No, we've seen each other all our lives, we even used to take bath together. <giggle> you were always wanting to wash my dick for me."

"Yeah I remember those baths they were fun weren't they."

"Yeah they were, too bad we can't do that anymore..."

"Who said we can't?"

"It wouldn't be proper, we're older now. You know and there's the whole sex thing..."

"So you wouldn't rape me or anything would you? Of course not, so who says we can't take a bath together if we want to. I seem to recall you liked washing me just as much as I liked washing you so who's business is it but ours?"

"No one I guess... would you do that though?"

"Yes I would, if it would make my brother happy. So being naked isn't the problem. What was next, oh, your sitting on my lap and me holding you like this and giving you a little cuddle; which I happen to really like doing by the way. What's wrong with that?"

"But I'm older than you, it... it should be me holding you... you know?"

"But I'm bigger than you and weight 1/3 more than you. I'd put your legs to sleep if I sat on you for long, so it makes sense for me to be holding you, doesn't it?"

"Yeah I guess so, I hadn't considered that. Do you really like holding me and cuddling like this?"

"Yeah I do, you're just the right size for a good cuddle," she replied kissing his cheek, "So don't you like it when I hold you like this?"

"I like it fine, you're really good at it; it... it just feels wrong... I can't explain it any better."

"But you DO like it anyway right?"

"Yeah it feels good to be held like I'm loved or something."

"You are loved Charlie, so we can take that one away. Now the next was you waiting to be diapered right?"

"And that bothers you why? You need those diapers right now so what's the big deal if you need yours changed?"

"I don't know... I know I need them; I already told Mom that it seems I'm getting worse not better. I don't even feel when I need to go anymore, it just happens. It's just so embarrassing that I need them at all it guess. I know it's a real bother for you to have to change me all the time; and that I shouldn't be embarrassed about it; but well, how do I get over that? And what about how emotional I am, when was the last time I cried on you like this or acted so much younger?"

"OK I think we found the real problem here. It all seems to be wrapped around the fact that you're two years older than me and yet I'm the one who's, supervising you and taking care of you instead of you taking care of me. How about we try something for a few days and see how it works out. Are you willing to listen and see if it might work?"

"Yeah what's this big idea of yours?"

"Well I wouldn't call it 'Big' just an idea that might help. So let's forget about ages here. I'm physically bigger than you so I'm now your 'Big Sister' instead of your 'younger sister' so wouldn't it make sense for your 'Big Sister' to be in charge of you and take care of you. It would be natural if I were older than you and I don't think you'd have a problem for one minute if your older sister was doing the things I'm doing for you. So just forget about ages and think of me as your big sister, who's looking after you. Now you wouldn't be embarrassed crying on your older sister if you felt bad so why would you feel that way crying on your big sister? Would that work?"

"It might, I'll have to wash the word 'younger' out of my brain though. I'll try... it sure couldn't hurt any. Just one thing."

"What's that?"

"Is my 'Big' sister willing to take a bath with me like my younger sister was? I think I'd really like that and maybe we could try it in that spa thing."

"Yes Charlie <giggle> your Big sister would love to take a bath with you, especially in that spa tub; now let's get your diaper changed so we can get back to work before Mom comes looking for us..."

"OK whatever my Big Sister wants is fine with me..."

Ten minutes later they were back in the living room laughing as they washed windows together, Mary doing the top windows and Charlie washing the bottom one's getting dribbled on occasionally when his Big sister would 'accidently' squeeze her sponge at the wrong time.

That afternoon the movers arrived and all hell broke loose as the kids directed furniture to the appropriate rooms and boxes likewise to the correct areas. By that evening everything was IN the house, but other than the furniture and a few clothes; nothing was unpacked except for items absolutely necessary like sheets and blankets for the beds and more towels for the bathrooms. All of them were tired when their father brought home dinner from a local restaurant but this time they got to sit at the kitchen table to eat it and there was even food in the fridge after their mother had made a quick run to the local grocery store.

After dinner, Charlie was putting sheets on his bed when his sister came in carrying a mattress pad. "What's that for?" he asked

"I'm going to put it on your desk, so we can use your desk as a changing table, and the other stuff except for the actual diapers can be here on top your 2 drawer file cabinet. In fact why don't we empty it out for now and put the diapers in the drawers. You won't need anything in there until fall anyway."

"OK I guess..."

"It'll just be more convenient to use your desk than your bed Charlie, unless you have a problem with it."

"No it's ok, it's just the timing I guess. I was going to go get you when I got done putting my sheets on; I'm wet again and need changed."

"OK then we'll just try it out and see how it works," she said spreading the pad on the desk, then pulled the desk out from the wall some. "there that should work. Up you go young man, let's get you fixed up!" she said patting the top of the pad.

Charlie walked over and scooted up onto the desk then laid back with his feet flat on the top, his knees up. "Want a pillow?" she asked

"No I'm ok..."

"Alright, then lift those legs so I can get this one off and we'll get you all nice and dry again." She replied smiling at him as she tore the tabs on his diaper and then pulled it down and started wiping him, but using a washcloth rather than the baby wipes, then spread lotion on him and was gently working it into his soft skin as she talked to him. "I asked Mom about that spot we found inside you while we were eating breakfast this morning."

"How the hell did you do that? Oh by the way Mom, while I was changing Charlie's diaper I just happened to slide a finger up his butt and we found this really interesting spot?"

"Well not quite that crude, but yeah something like that; she never asked how my finger got there and I didn't offer an explanation. But she told me all about it; she IS a Registered Nurse after all and knows these things. She said it was your prostate and that it's part of your sexual organs and yes it's very sensitive to the touch and that rubbing it the right way could be pleasurable for you. Then told me to look it up in one of her medical books when they got here and so I did."


"And little brother, I found out just how to do it to make you feel really good. So one of these day's, I'll let you feel how good that little 'happy spot' make you can feel."

"Well I'm not too big on the idea of something up my butt, even just your finger, but, hey it did feel good when you rubbed it, so why not give it a try at least once anyway."

"Now that's the spirit Charlie, we'll try some other things too, and find out what you like."

"OK, I'm game when you are... As long as it doesn't hurt me I'm willing to try whatever."

"Good now lift up for me so I can put lotion on that cute little butt of yours, then we can get you powdered and all secure again in a fresh diaper."

Later he was hanging the last of his clothes, having already put all his underwear, socks, t-shirts and shorts into his dresser when she returned. "I didn't realize I had so many clothes, until I had to put them all away at once," he offered as he was cutting the tape on the bottom of the empty boxes and folding them flat.

"Neither did I, until I had to sort them and put them away all at once." She replied. "You done now?"

"With my clothes yeah, but I've still got all my books, CD's and other miscellaneous junk to sort and put away, but I wasn't planning on doing them until tomorrow. Did you see how many boxes of just kitchen stuff we're going to have to put away; not counting all Mom and Dad's books and stuff for the recreation room. And Dad said more furniture was going to be delivered tomorrow. Stuff for an office and new living room furniture; since he had all the old stuff put down in the Rec. room."

"Yeah I did and that's not all of it either, heck there twenty some boxes of tools and stuff down in the workshop. I didn't realize Dad had so much stuff; where did he keep it all?"

"A bunch of that was in the garage, because his old workshop wasn't big enough. He didn't have room for even a lot of the tools and machines, like his table saw and plainer and drill press; those were out in the garage; which was why usually they couldn't get the car in there."

"It's going to take use a couple of weeks sorting and putting things away."

"Yeah I know and I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm going to ask Dad to give me a floor plan on the shop so I can put it all in the right spot to begin with; otherwise I just know, he'll want it all rearranged. Hopefully this way most of it will end up where he wants and I won't have to move it again."

"So are you still dry? Your diaper is drooping a little."

"No, but it's almost time to go take my bath before bedtime, so I was waiting, hoping to a least get all my clothes put away before then and praying I didn't have to pee before then."

"Well you're done with your clothes and it is almost bedtime, so let's go get you your bath. Then I'll fix you up for the night."

"OK, you're in charge, let's get it done..." and he followed her out of the room and into the bathroom. Once there, she removed his used diaper and then leaned over and started filling the spa tub.

"Let's give this one a try," she said smiling at him, then pulled off her shirt and reached behind and unhooked her bra, and his eyes nearly bugged out when she removed it. "What?" she said as she saw where his eyes were focused.

"My... My sister's growing up..." he sputtered.

"Yeah, not much yet but enough to need a bra or they bounce. Want to feel them?"

"Could... could I?"

"Sure Charlie I have no doubt you'll wash them really clean too," <giggle>

She just stood there and smiled at him as he cautiously stepped forward and reached out with trembling hands and gently slid his hands up her ribs until he cupped one in each hand, like they were fragile and just touching them would break them. She watched him gulp for air as he gently explored them lightly squeezing then rubbing her nipples until they were suddenly all puffy and erect.

"Like them Charlie?" she asked with a giggle, then placed her hands over his and pressed them harder moving the small masses around and pressing herself against his hands at the same time. "Breathe Charlie, it's ok, you won't hurt them, your hands are really soft and feel really good."

"Yeah they're really nice Mary, I didn't realize you'd grown so much..."

"That's so sweet Charlie, now hop in the tub and I'll join you as soon as I get my jeans and panties off."

"OK..." he replied still gulping for air and then almost fell backwards into the tub as he backed towards it, not realizing it was so close behind him. "Hot!" he mumbled as he slowly lowered himself into the water and lay back against the built in headrest. Mary just nodded and dumped some bubble bath in then water then started undressing.

He watched her carefully as she removed her remaining clothes and noted she had some pubic hairs, not many just a few above her slit. "God you're beautiful!" he softly said looking up at her, and she just smiled and stepped into the tub the lowered herself down beside him and lay on her side looking into his eyes.

"Thanks Charlie, girls need to hear that from boys we get kind of nervous about our bodies and it's nice to hear that especially from you."

"I meant it Mary you're beautiful, those incredible long legs and firm breasts and flat tummy, Wow! You take my breath away just looking at you."

"I could tell you appreciated my body right away Charlie between you having trouble breathing and popping a boner as soon as you saw my breasts; but it's still nice to hear you say it. Now come over here and let your big sister cuddle you a little while we let these water jets do their thing.

Charlie was in heaven as she carefully washed every part of his body, paying particular attention to his cock with her soapy hands bring him off then guiding one of his hands between her legs and letting him explore down there, while telling him what felt good, until he seemed to have it down then stroked him while he played with her until they both climaxed while hugging each other tightly. "That was really nice Charlie, we're going to have to do this much more often. Taking baths with you is much better than doing it alone."

"I'll have to agree with you on that one Sis, I like taking baths with you."

"Good now let's get out of here before we turn into prunes and get you ready for bed."

They got out of the tub and she dried him with a towel, then let him dry her, then wrapped the towel around herself and led him back to his room and soon had him diapered and tucked into his bed. Then sat with him until he fell asleep, with a big smile on his face. "I love you little brother," she whispered as she kissed him before leaving, his dark room.