Losing a Bet: Speedo Bet

By Ben Holiday


Copyright 2011 by Ben Holiday, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 

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Daniel stood there dripping wet having just come out of the pool. He looked good in his black speedo and, unfortunately, he knew it. The thirteen-year-old was the best on the swim team and he knew that, too.
Daniel made a few disparaging remarks about the last boy still in the water struggling to finish his last lap. Two of the boys, Travis and Peter, Daniels’ best friends and cohorts in crime, laughed at Daniel’s remarks. A few of the other boys chuckled, more out of fear than that the comments were funny. Daniel and his two friends were also the biggest boys on the Jr. High swim team. The other boys either pretended not to hear or scowled at Daniel—but only when they were sure neither he nor his friends were looking.
The team consisted of four thirteen-year-olds which were Daniel, Travis, Peter, and another boy named Brad. The other four boys, all 12, were Carl, Nathan, Sammy, and Grant.
Carl struggled to finish. His family had moved here last year and he thought joining the swim team might help him meet some friends. He did like to swim. The problem was he wasn’t very good at it. The coach kept him on since he didn’t have the heart to throw anyone off the team who tried.
Carl was a bit chunky which bothered him since a speedo does nothing to hide fat, rather, it unfortunately highlights it. Daniel often tormented Carl about his weight.
He finally got to the end and climbed out. Daniel made a few more comments about Carl under his breath as the coach was approaching. Carl heard and turned red with both embarrassment and anger.
“I’ll beat you in a race someday.” Carl whispered to Daniel through gritted teeth.
Daniel had to control his laughter not wanting to draw the attention of the coach. On their way to the locker room, Daniel responded with, “Your fat ass couldn’t beat a coral in a race.” Daniel’s two friends laughed at this. None of the other boys did as most of them did feel sorry for Carl.
With the coach gone back to his office while the boys showered and dressed, Carl repeated his goal to Daniel louder than before. “I will beat you, just you wait.” Anger lit up his face as he spoke.
Daniel responded with mock fright followed by more ridicule of Carl’s plumpness and swimming abilities. Finally, Daniel said, “I bet my speedo you will never beat me.” This caused most of the boys to at least chuckle. Carl only frowned, sighing at his inability to overcome Daniel’s taunts.
For the next few weeks Carl practiced for all he was worth. The coach let him stay after to get in the extra practice. Nathan and Sammy stayed behind, too, to help encourage Carl. They, too, had been on the receiving end of Daniel’s insults and pranks and wanted to help Carl be able to beat Daniel at swimming. The coach just thought the lads wanted extra practice and he didn’t mind as it would be nice to finally win a trophy.
Nathan and Sammy’s support seemed to be helping. After a few weeks of this extra practice they congratulated Carl on his progress. However, they had to tell him he still wasn’t as good as Daniel. They worried Carl wouldn’t be able to improve enough before the season ended, which would mean Daniel would move up to the high school team. What Nathan and Sammy didn’t know was that Carl was holding back, both at regular practice and at their own special practices. In fact, unbeknown to his two friends, he was also working out at his aunt’s lake during this time.
A week or so before the end of the season, the boys were finishing up their practice, the coach pushing them to get done so the girls’ team could come in for their practice. Carl whispered to Nathan and Sammy that today was the day.
“But you’re not ready, yet.” Sammy responded quietly, worried Carl was setting himself up for failure.
“Just distract coach for me so we can have a few extra moments to race and I can beat Daniel.” Carl replied.
Nathan and Sammy looked at each other. They weren’t prepared to go through with their plan so soon. They hadn’t let Carl know that when the day came for his challenge of Daniel, they had conceived of something special to happen. They knew they’d have to scramble to make things work.
Nathan went over to talk to the coach for a moment. Sammy—upon making sure Carl wasn’t watching him—began talking in hushed tones to the other boys, expect for Daniel, Travis and Peter. Carl saw the coach leave the pool area heading back to his office. With a thumbs up from Nathan, Carl knew that part had been accomplished.
“I can beat you, today, now.” Carl said to Daniel with as much gusto as he could muster. He wanted to sound brave and strong but felt jittery inside. He was afraid this might be revealed but he held his voice steady.
“What?” Daniel asked, turning to look at Carl.
“I’m going to race you and win.”
Daniel began to laugh. “Okay, lard ass, let’s get this over with.”
The two boys mounted the starting blocks. Travis gave the signal and both boys exploded out into the pool. Daniel took the lead right away. All the other boys were cheering and yelling. Daniel figured this would be an easy win and stopped trying hard. He reached the other end, made his usual graceful turn and headed back. But during a quick breath he realized he was no longer in the lead. In fact, he was far behind. He poured all his strength into his strokes but in the end came up short. Carl was already out of the water, looking down at Daniel. Without a word nor any look of triumph, Carl merely turned around and walked toward the locker room.
Daniel couldn’t believe what had just happened. Still in the water, he tried to make excuses including trying to convince everyone he had let Carl win. Even Travis and Peter were not buying this.
“Face it, Danny,” Travis said, “he beat you bad.”
Daniel looked down. He had been defeated, and by that blubber butt he thought.
“Oh, by the way…” Sammy said. Daniel looked up. Sammy continued with a grin, “…you lost your bet.”
The other boys were grinning, too, as they looked at Daniel’s expression.
“At the beginning of the season, Carl claimed he would beat you in a race from one end to the other.” Sammy explained trying to hold back any laughter. “You bet your speedo he never would. You lost.”
Daniel’s face changed slowly from confusion to alarm as Sammy’s words—and intentions—sank in. This was all priceless to the other boys, including Travis and Peter.
“No way!” Daniel yelled. Before he could say anything else or even attempt to get away, Nathan, Sammy, Grant, and Brad had jumped into the pool surrounding Daniel. Travis and Peter stood poolside watching with grins forming on their faces.
Daniel struggled but to no avail. His black speedos were pulled down and off. The boys climbed out with Sammy waving their prize over their heads.
“If you don’t want to join Daniel in his unplanned skinny dip“, Sammy said to Travis and Peter, “make sure he doesn’t get into the locker room before we shut the door.”
Travis and Peter did not need the threat of being stripped to get them to help. While they still considered themselves Daniel’s friends, he wasn’t the kindest person to be around. They were glad to help in his comeuppance.
Brad and the three younger boys ran toward the locker room. Not knowing yet that Travis and Peter were not going to help him, Daniel demanded them to go get him a towel.
“And hurry, the girls’ team will be out here any moment!” he yelled.
His two friends just looked at him with big smiles on their faces.
“What are you two idiots waiting for, hurry up!” Some desperation began to emerge from Daniel’s voice.
Travis and Peter turned away and headed toward the locker room.
“We’re not getting anything for you.” Travis said over his shoulder.
“What?” Daniel cried out.
As his friends moved further away, Daniel had a few colorful things to say about them along with his demands to bring him a towel. He looked at the clock and realized the girls would be arriving in a few moments. He steeled himself and climbed out of the pool, butt naked…a butt that the girls would like to see if only they knew it was bare right now.
Travis and Peter turned back toward Daniel. With sly grins, they grabbed him stopping his dash back to the locker room. They dragged him back toward the pool. Ignoring his many threats and invectives, they tossed him out as far as they could. They then ran back to the locker room laughing.
Daniel was flabbergasted. He swam to the pool’s edge and once again hoisted himself out. Though embarrassed at being out here naked, his anger at his friends (former friends, he decided) and his other teammates pushed his embarrassment aside as he ran for the boys’ locker room door. It was locked. Before he could pound on it and demand it to be open, he heard the voices. Girls’ voices. They were in their locker room (right next to the boys’) and were heading toward the door. He panicked and ran back to the pool jumping in.
The girls came out yakking up a storm not noticing Daniel in the pool yet. Finally, one of them did.
“Hey, you’re supposed to be out now. Go on, get out!” she demanded, the other girls joining in telling him to leave. Their thoughts said differently. None of them really minded the fact Daniel was still out here and only in his speedo, or so they thought. Daniel was crouching down so that only his head was above the pool’s edge. He could think of nothing to say. His face started turning red.
“Why are you still out here?” one of the girls asked as the group approached.
Daniel wanted to yell for them to stop but could not find his voice.
“He’s naked!!” came a squeal off to Daniel’s left. He hadn’t noticed a few of the girls going off to the side, his attention so thoroughly focused on those approaching him from the front.
More squeals erupted. The whole group broke out into a run and looked down into the pool. Sure enough, Daniel stood speedoless in the pool.
With his hands covering his genitals and his bare butt facing out, he pleaded for a towel. He didn’t notice a few of the girls running back into the locker room to return with cell phones.
Several of the girls jumped in. They could not contain themselves. The poor lad could’ve easily out swum them, but was paralyzed with embarrassment. Soon many female hands were pawing his body and bare butt. Try as he may to protect his last vestige of dignity, his hands were pulled away and he was held somewhat spread eagle with his penis and balls on full display.
“This is not happening.” he thought to himself, humiliation coursing through his body. Hands that did not belong to himself vying over groping his penis and balls told him this was all too real.
“He’s enjoying this!” a girl shouted. “He’s getting a boner!” Hooting and hollering followed this announcement including comments about periscopes.
“Coach is coming.” someone called out. The girls quickly dropped their naked treasure and scrambled out of the pool.
“What’s going on here?” the girl’s swim team coach hollered. Before she got an answer, she saw Daniel, very red-faced Daniel, in the water.
“What are you doing here? Get out and get to your locker room!” she demanded of him.
Daniel shook his head no. “I can’t.” he said very quietly.
“Don’t give me any trouble. Get out so we can get on with our practice.”
“I can’t.” Daniel repeated bowing his head slightly, not wanting to see the grinning faces of the giggling girls who were watching with much glee.
Before the coach could ask Daniel why he couldn’t get out, several giggling girls blurted out, “He can’t get out ‘cause he’s naked.” More laughter exploded from the girls as they jockeyed for better positions to at least continue seeing Daniel’s cute bare butt.
The coach looked like she couldn’t have heard correctly what the girls just said. “What?”
“He’s naked!” came the gleeful response from the girls.
Daniel began to panic some more as he looked up at the coach’s face. “Please get me something to cover up with so I can leave.” he pleaded with her.
The coach thought for a moment. She was torn between what she considered her duty to help the lad so the girls could get on with practice and with the idea that she would love to see this cute young boy in the buff. Plus, crude remarks of his regarding the girls’ swim team had made their way to her ears. Maybe she’d have a little fun here, teach this arrogant boy a bit of a lesson, and maybe, just maybe, get to see him in all his naked glory.
“Enough with the fun and games.” she told the girls. “Don’t lie to me why he’s in there. We’re losing precious practice time.”
The coach hoped she sounded convincing. She turned to Daniel and continued, “Get moving so we can get started. I I don’t know why they’re making up lies about why you’re still out here. You probably just wanted to see the girls in their swimsuits.” She almost added “you little pervert” but thought better of it realizing she was probably the pervert here.
“Please,” Daniel implored quietly, “They’re not lying. The other boys stole my swimsuit and left me out here…naked.”
The coach had to work to keep a straight face and appear to not believe him. “Enough of your jokes. You boys will do anything to stay in the water longer to mess up our practice time, even pretend to have lost your swimsuit…
“I’m not pretending, I…”
“Get out now or I’ll get you out myself.” the girls’ coach demanded, her heart beating just a bit rapidly.
Daniel wanted no part of this. He looked around. Girls were still in front of him and several had moved to either side enjoying the view of his bare butt. With as much dignity as he could muster, he raised himself out of the pool. To do this, of course, he had to bare himself completely for a few moments. The coach let out a bit of gasp that she was glad was drowned out by the cheering and comments of the girls when they saw this cute boy naked. He was well-endowed for his age having a larger than average penis making its debut appearance for these girls. It swung around as he came out of the pool prompting more laughter and crude comments. Its movement also allowed a brief showing of his large balls making many of the girls wonder how he packed them into a small speedo.
As quickly as he could, he moved his hands to cover his privates and ran through the screaming girls. The coach had to act surprised and pretend to bring some decorum back to her team, but her thoughts were more interested in watching that cute bare butt as Daniel ran toward his locker room. She mentally kept track of which girls had cell phones out.
Once through the crowd of girls, who made sure they touched as much of his bare body as they could as he streaked by, he bee-lined for the boys’ locker room only to remember it was locked. He looked up to see the boys’ team standing there watching and laughing. He pushed past them and into the locker room grateful the door wasn’t still locked. He raced to the coach’s office, but his coach wasn’t there. Nathan had done his job very well.
Daniel sat on one of the benches. His humiliation was almost more than he could handle. He fought back tears as he heard the boys coming in.
“This is yours.”
Daniel looked up. Carl was standing there holding out Daniel’s black speedo.
“I’d forgotten about your bet. The other boys presented me with my ‘prize’. I don’t want it.” Carl dropped Daniel’s speedo on the bench and walked away, no emotion on his face nor any in his voice.
Daniel looked up, still naked, as he became surrounded by the other boys.
“Carl’s a pretty good guy.” Nathan said. “It’s true, he didn’t remember your bet and he was surprised when we gave him your speedo as his reward. Maybe you’ve learned your lesson enough.”
The boys broke up going to their lockers to get dressed. Daniel picked up his speedo and headed very quietly over to his locker. He didn’t join in the usual banter of the locker room. He showered, got dressed and left. He checked his phone to see he had a message on his email.
“daniel,” the message began, “dont forget the pool has viewing rooms donw below.” Daniel’s heart skipped a beat. He clicked on the attached video. He saw his naked lower half as it had been recorded from the windows that look into the pool below the water line from his initial stripping to the girls molesting him to his final climb out of the pool. Daniel groaned with renewed embarrassment.

(The End)