I've Created a Monster! Chapter 1 by Protonus

Sam awoke, hot from the full sun beaming across his bed. He would probably be late for his first period class, but he could always count on Miss Seymore to supply him with a late pass. Kicking off the sweaty bed sheet, he stretched and rubbed his eyes, then his morning erection. Just then, he heard a faint clatter of dishes from the kitchen of the small trailer where he lived with his mother, Jill.

Jill was a voluptuous brunette with shoulder-length hair, 36-D breasts and wide, sexy hips. At 38, she was still a very beautiful woman, and had been pursued, unsuccessfully, by several of the men at the office where she worked. She gazed absently out the window, standing at the sink while she washed up the last few dishes from the previous night. Bare from the waste down, she wore only the tee shirt she had slept in, and as Sam entered the kitchen, he decided he would be *very* late for school.

Moving quietly behind her, Sam placed his hands on his mother's hips, pressing his erect cock against the crack of her ass as he ran his hands down over the front of her thighs. He leaned over her to bite the back of her neck, and then licked and nibbled on her ear lobe. Jill gasped at her son's electrifying touch. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back with parted lips, seeking those of her son. She never denied her son free reign over her body, and over the years had become a complete whore for him, a sexual toy for him to use as he pleased.

Extending his four-inch tongue, he licked around her lips before thrusting it deeply into her receptive mouth. Eyes mere slits, head back and mouth open, Jill allowed her son to fuck her mouth with his thick tongue as his hands pushed her shirt up over her sore and swollen breasts. Jill had never stopped lactating since giving birth to Sam 18 years previously, and as Sam roughly kneaded her breasts and pressed down on her sensitive nipples with his thumbs, two streams of hot milk began splashing into the dirty dishwater.

Jill did not often stop to consider the long sequence of events that had turned her from a doting mother into a fuck toy for her son. Certainly she had nursed him too long. Her husband had started to object when Sam was three years old and not yet weaned. But in truth, Jill became so aroused to have Sam's greedy sucking lips so frequently on her breast that she had no will to stop him. Sam was gentle as a small boy, never biting, but became increasingly demanding as he became older, attacking his mother's chest with his mouth and hands nearly any time his father was out of the room. He would pet one breast while sucking on the other, and Jill would frequently diddle herself to orgasm during these sessions.

Eventually, Jill pretended to wean her son. But each day as soon as her husband had left for work, she would strip to the waist, lie on her son's bed, and wake him by offering her teat to his hungry mouth. Through a combination of breast feeding her growing son and the frequent use of a breast pump, she managed to keep her continuous supply of milk a secret from her clueless husband.

By the time Sam was eight, Jill had become fascinated with his little penis, particularly during their morning sessions when he invariably awoke with an erection. She began stroking it for him, while he suckled and massaged her breasts, and it seemed a small step to begin repaying his ministrations by licking and sucking his little penis for him.

This turned out to be a major turning point as it dramatically increased the demands that Sam would make on his mother. Viewing his morning blow jobs as his due, he would also push his mother into a chair the instant he returned home from school, shoving his crotch into her face expectantly. And Jill would always oblige. Opening his trousers and completely swallowing his little penis. His small size allowed her to simultaneously suck him and lick his scrotum until he came. Sam would then push her on her back and repay the favor by sucking the milk from her engorged and aching breasts, providing Jill with much- needed relief.

Sam grew fast over the next few years, especially in two vital areas. By the age of twelve, his penis was already six inches long, both longer and thicker than his father's. The change was gradual enough that Jill was able to adapt in stages, always managing to swallow him completely, although by now the head of his cock would penetrate the entrance to her throat. The other notable change was in the length and thickness of Sam's tongue, which gave Jill so much pleasure as he slithered it across her nipples. At some point she resolved that she would teach her son to eat her pussy, something her wimp husband was never willing to do.

This next phase in Jill's relationship with her son occurred on Sam's fourteenth birthday. Jill prepared for the occasion by dressing in in a halter top and a short skirt with no panties. When Sam returned from school, on cue, he placed his hands on his mother's shoulders pushing her down into a chair, and pulled her head firmly into his crotch. She kissed his now eight-inch cock through his jeans before unbuttoning them and pushing them down to his knees along with his boxers.

Opening her mouth wide, she took his entire ball sack into her mouth, tonguing and slobbering on his testicles while caressing his buttocks and the backs of his thighs. She then kissed and slobbered her way up his shaft and, reaching the head, engulfed his entire penis easily in one smooth motion. Pulling urgently on the back of his mother's head, Sam fucked her throat with long strokes for ten minutes before stiffening in orgasm, pinning his mothers face tightly against his crotch.

Slowly disengaging from her son's delicious cock, Jill tasted the first salty hints of semen oozing from the its tip. With hooded eyes, she made a trail of saliva up over his stomach, pushing his shirt up over his chest as she went. Kissing her way up to his nipples, she sucked and lightly nibbled on each one before gripping the back of his neck and pulling his face down to hers. She gave her son a deep, open-mouthed kiss, seeking the large oral muscle she hoped would soon be thrusting into her dripping pussy. Sam did not disappoint her, straightening his tongue and pushing it into her receptive mouth as her own tongue swirled around it. He tongue-fucked his mother's mouth with a few slow strokes before pushing her milk-saturated top up over her breasts and moving his mouth down to claim his prize.

Sucking first one nipple, then the other, Sam could not keep up with the heavy flow of hot milk streaming from his mother's straining teats. His sucking was powerful and constant, nearly giving Jill an orgasm as her fingers clutched at his blonde curly hair, arching her back as if to get more of her breast into his demanding mouth. Finally, her breasts nearly emptied of their contents, Sam thought he was finished and made a movement as if to stand. But Jill had other ideas. Unbeknownst to Sam, Jill had pulled her skirt up over her hips while he had been feeding, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She now wrapped her legs around his waist, preventing him from escaping, and applied steady pressure on his head, moving him down her body until he caught the first whiff of her gaping cunt.

Seeing her exposed twat, Sam quickly understood what his mother wanted. Tentatively at first, he kissed her stomach and inner thighs, noticing the glistening juices running down between her legs and soaking the chair. Jill patiently guided her sons head until his mouth was sliding up and down her slit while she rocked her hips in a fucking motion. Finally Sam extended his thick tongue between her folds, finding the taste surprisingly pleasant. Jill immediately cried out in orgasm, and began frantically pulling her son's head against her, trying desperately to impale her self on his long tongue.

This response was unlike anything Sam had previously experienced from his mother, and it filled him with renewed enthusiasm. Pushing her knees up and to the sides, his mother was now completely open to his talented mouth, and he lost no time administering a tongue fucking the likes of which Jill had never thought possible. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body as she was helplessly ravished by her son's thick muscle.

After 15 minutes of working his mother into a state of delirium, Sam began to slow down, and alternated stabbing her deeply with his tongue and licking her juices from her anus to her clit. He finally settled to suckling on her clit, giving Jill a new sequence of little orgasms. Finally stopping for a rest, Sam pulled his head away from his mother's gaping hole, examining it more closely now, and becoming filled with new desires of his own. Still pinning her knees back, Sam moved back up her body, sliding his fresh erection along the surface of her anus and dripping twat. He plunged his tongue back into her gaping mouth, as he pumped his hips, sawing his cock back and forth over her wetness, stimulating her engorged clit on each stroke.

Lost in the moment, Jill did not comprehend that her son was about to change her life forever. Over the years, she had gradually become more submissive to her son, but had fooled herself into thinking that she still held the upper hand. As Sam reared back, and then lunged forward, sinking his full eight inches into her tight cunt, Jill for the first time felt completely dominated by her son. Sam pounded his mother relentlessly, stretching and reshaping her vagina to accommodate his magnificent tool.

Jill had never felt so full of meat, nor been fucked so deeply and powerfully. He released her legs, moving his hands to grip the sides of her head. She wrapped her arms and legs around her wonderful son as the first of many large orgasms was building in her womb. Holding her head firmly in his grip, Sam continued tongue fucking her mouth while pounding her cunt with his thick cock. Jill was helpless and had little choice but to completely surrender herself to the man her young son had now become.

Forty minutes later, sweaty and exhausted, mother and son had dozed off in each other's arms. They were suddenly startled when the front door unexpectedly swung open, and Jill's husband, Sam's father, took one step into the living room and froze. The look of horror and revulsion on his face was something mother nor son would ever forget.

After a speedy divorce, Jill had been forced to move with Sam into a trailer park. Her husband had not contested her taking full custody of his son. Jill took a part time job as a secretary in a nearby insurance office, supplementing the meager child support she received. She was rewarded for her labors by having Sam fuck her into oblivion, either with his cock or tongue, several times a day. Sam forbade her to wear pants or panties while he was at home. Jill's role was simply to fuck or suck him whenever he pleased.

Eventually, Sam had lost the taste for his mother's milk, but he insisted that she continue to use her breast pump so that her breasts would forever remain full of milk. He now liked milking his mother as if she were a cow, as he was doing at this moment, with her sandwiched between the sink and his now twelve-inch cock. Jill suckled on her son's long tongue as he gave her breasts one last squeeze, sending a final few drops of milk into the dishwater. He moved his hands down to her ass cheeks, spreading them and feeling with satisfaction the juices now running down both of his mother's inner thighs.

Sam disengaged from Jill's face, leaving it dripping with his saliva from nose to chin. Jill reached behind her finding his enormous cock, and positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. Sam merely placed his hands on her shoulders, pressing down as Jill squatted, taking his thick member inside her. He remained motionless for a time, allowing his mother to do the work of bouncing up and down on his shaft.

After a few minutes of this, he pushed her face down, nearly into the dish water, and began thrusting with long, powerful strokes. Strands of Jill's juices were dripping from his cock as Sam pulled nearly all the way out before lunging forward again. On the fifth stroke, Jill was cuming. Under the relentless pounding of her son, she had one orgasm after another for the next fifteen minutes until finally Sam blew his wad deep into her womb.

Now weak and limp, Jill felt herself being pulled away from the sink and pushed to the floor. She knew her job, and began to clean Sam's mighty cock, softly licking and swallowing every trace of cum from his shaft and scrotum, and finally sucking the tip while squeezing his shaft, trying to get the last few drops into her mouth.

After Sam had left for school, Jill slowly began to get ready for work. She felt lucky to be so well fucked, and knew she could never be satisfied with an ordinary sized penis or tongue. But she was worried that Sam might eventually lose interest in her. He was now eighteen, and must surely have other women he was interested in. In fact, this was true, as Jill would soon find out.