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Here are all my stories to date. The newest stories are listed first. If you like a story, or if you don't like a story, I would like to hear about it. Praise, criticism, suggestions, naked pictures of your girlfriend, ... anything at all, send 'em my way.

Warning! Many of these stories contain descriptions of sexual situations. Although I do not believe any of my stories to be obscene or offensive, readers who wish to avoid such subjects would be wise to read something else.

My little attempt at honoring some of the fallen people who died in the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. There are some real heroes out there.
Let's Make A Baby
A story about a couple who is making a celebration about trying to conceive a baby. Part of the Uther Pendragon 2nd Challenge.
Changing Rooms
A short one about shopping. Written in honor of the Dulcinea Festival, although this story was not submitted to the competition, nor does it adhere to the rules of the contest. As you might guess, I didn't win.
Claudia Near The End Of The Road
A few of the travels of Sam and Neil and how they explode onto an unsuspecting Tacoma.
Patsy and Johnny
A series of short stories written in honor of the alt.sex.stories.moderated first anniversary flash festival. These are not happy stories, describing a dysfunctional relationship between a man and a battered woman.
The Kiss - A Ghost Story
A story written in tandem with another fine author by the name of Desdmona, who has her own website here. This is a ghost story written for Halloween, and shows what could happen when a woman searches for what she wants in life, only goes about it in the wrong way. (CR: 10-10-10)
Giving Head
A story about a man and his two wives. He likes some things about one woman, and other things about the other. Why can't he get everything he wants in one convenient package? (CR: 10-8-8)
A man away from home on a business trip meets up with a waitress in a bar. He wants to fuck her, but sometimes life just isn't that simple. (CR: 10-9-9)
Hand Sex
In case you haven't noticed it, I have a bit of a hand fetish. This is a stroke piece, in more ways than one! (CR: 10-9-9)
Practice Makes Perfect
What is sexual passion, and how do you get it? That's a question this man would like the answer to. (CR: 10-9-8.5)
A man and a woman alone in the big city and take a cup of coffee in a late-night diner. Inspired by the Edward Hopper painting "Nighthawks." Written for one of Mat Twassel's "Weekly Quizes."
Casey at the Bat
The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day. And no wonder, with what Casey was up against in the final at bat of the game! (CR: 10-10-10)
Seeing Stars
Poor kid, he finally meets up with a woman who may be the person of his dreams, but his company sends him out of town on a business trip. Here's what happens when he finally gets home. (Annex: A; Rogue: Outstanding)
November Third
I don't know much about science fiction, but here's a virtual reality machine story anyway. My machine lets you reexperience events from your past. This guy probably spends a little too much time in the machine. Written for a Celestial competition. (CR 10-9-9)
I Wonder
Have you ever been at one of those key moments in your life when your mind gets to wondering? This isn't a story per se, just a short little piece of prose. (CR 10-10-10; Rogue: Excellent) Celeste's #13 story for June 1998.
Becky Cried
Becky hasn't been her usual fun self lately. Then she and her boyfriend meet at a restaurant for lunch, where they spy another couple who take public displays of affection to a whole new level. The exhibitionism rubs off, and the good old Becky makes a sexy return. Or does she? (CR 10-10-10; Rogue: 10) Celeste's #5 story for June 1998.
Malinov's Island - Pearl Beds
Ivan is stranded on Malinov's Island and stumbles across a source of pearls. The only possible result of such a discovery is, of course, to fall in love, and Daphne becomes the recipient of his >ahem< affections.
Celeste's WD-40
Celeste learns that true satisfaction comes in the form of a blue and yellow can of WD-40. In case you haven't figured it out, this story is supposed to be humorous. Written in response to a Celestial invitation. (CR 10-8-9)
The story of a man and a woman who meet in the great outdoors and proceed to climb to the top of a big rock. They talk a little and fuck a little and they do a lot of climbing. (CR 10-10-10; Rogue: Outstanding) Celeste's #1 story for February 1998.
The Castle Malinov - Just A Bedroom
A silly little romp that is part of Malinov's Castle Orgy. Who says books are only good for broadening the mind? Also, check out the follow-up from Pulp Fan, who arrived after it was all over!
The Fearless Vampire
A stream-of-conscious vampire story, unfinished. More of a character study than a story, but there is some sex in it. (CR 10-10-10)

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