Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son
Jesse & Randy Looking Back

  (Jesse & Randy Looking Back is a spin-off series featuring co-author Sidekick) 


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Part Twenty-Six (Jesse and Chase journey back to Nebraska while Zane and Cody tend to Randy's sexual needs and wants, and him, theirs.)

Part Twenty-Five (Plans are made for Jesse and Chase to return to Nebraska for a week to do business, Randy and Zane remain in Montana to get to know fifteen-year-old, Cody.)

Part Twenty-Four (Plans are made to buy Bob's bed and breakfast and move to Montana permanently and Bob's nephew, Cody, enters the story.)

Part Twenty-Three (Everyone is tired of Los Angeles and plans are made to return to Montana.)

Part Twenty-Two (Randy delves into the L.A. gay porn industry with Sammy while Jesse hangs out with Tad.)

Part Twenty-One (Everyone goes out on the town on the famous Los Angeles Sunset Strip with Sammy, Thad and two hot twinks)

Part Twenty  ( Jesse, Randy, Zane and Chase take their family honeymoon vacation to Los Angeles, California.)

Part Nineteen (Randy and Chase work out a problem. Jesse reaps the consequences. - m/m, gay, corporal punishments, Nebraska)

Part Eighteen (Randy and Jesse finally legally adopt Zane and Chase and they all go on a family honeymoon - gay, mm/mm, oral, anal, spanking, Nebraska)

Part Seventeen (Zane and Chase are incorporated into Jesse and Randy's live in all ways. The sparks fly every which way - gay, male, teen, oral, anal, spanking, strop, belt, Nebraska, ranch)

Part Sixteen (Seventeen year old Zane Miller joins Chase, Jesse and Randy. Zane gets into trouble in Omaha. Boys are punished, the men have fun and sparks fly between the four of them.- gay, male, teens, adults, oral, anal, spanking, whipping, strop, marijuana, ranch, farm, Nebraska)

Jesse & Randy Looking Back: Fluffy Strikes Again(Randy joins the Burwell High School junior varsity wrestling squad, but Fluffy lurks in the shadows - gay, male,paddling,oral, spanking, paddling, shaving, humiliation, initiation, wrestling, bondage, rural, Nebraska)

Jesse & Randy Looking Back: Homework(Boys will be boys and so will Pa McKensie be a watchful father -gay, male,hairbrush, spanking, rural, Nebraska)

Jesse & Randy Looking Back: Fluffy And The Jockstrap(Looking back to his freshman high school year in Nebraska, Randy recalls some fun antics using their P.E. kit - gay, male, m/m, teen, spanking, belting, whipping, oral, rimming, anal, rural, Nebraska, cowboy)

Part Fifteen  (Tommy King narrowly avoids real tragedy and asks to be taught a lesson. Afterwards, Randy teaches Jesse a thing or two as well. - M/M, gay, male, spanking, whipping, strap, slipper, rural, oral, anal, masturbation, Nebraska, ranch, cowboy)

Jesse & Randy Looking Back: Making The Grade(A look back to the boys' teen years. Jesse and Randy embark on a plan to get Jesse's poor high school grades up - gay, male, teen, m/m, strap, punishment, oral, anal, rural, Nebraska, spanking)

Part Fourteen  (Chase Morgan gets himself in trouble and pays the price, but Randy and Jesse have other things on their minds concerning the future of all! - M/M, M/T, gay, male, Nebraska, spanking, strapping, stropping, switch, oral, anal, rural)

Part Thirteen(Randy and Jesse have a lustful end to their stay at Big Bob's. Chase Morgan and Reid have a blow up at home. - M/M, gay, male, Nebraska, Montana, spanking, strapping, oral, anal, rural)

Part Twelve (Randy and Jesse continue their vacation at Big Bob's - M/M, gay, male, teen, Nebraska, Montana, spanking, oral, anal, rural)

Part Eleven (Randy and Jesse's relationship needs a little revival at Big Bob's Bed and Breakfast in Montana- M/M gay, male, teen, Nebraska, Montana, punishment, switch, strap, whipping, oral, anal, rimming, rural, spanking )

Part Ten  
(Chase Morgan finds a new lover at the family's first ever gay rodeo event; M/M, gay, consensual, strapping, strop, rural, oral, anal, masturbation)

Part Nine (Chase gets himself into trouble and is taken to the barn to get a good whipping, Randy and Jesse end up in the hay loft.;M/M, gay, consensual, strapping, strop, rural, oral, anal)

Part Eight
 (Randy and Jesse struggle with the decision to allow young Chase Morgan into their lives. Lustful passions are regained even as a tender recollection is triggered at an odd moment; M/M, gay, consensual, con, strapping, strap, rural, masturbation, oral, anal)

Part Seven  ( Randy and Jesse fight through sorrow and great loss. Later, Tommy King helps the men to find lost passions. New role model possibilites then emerge for the same-sex couple; MM, con, strapping, rural, masturbation, anal)
Part Six   (tt, oral, masturbation, spanking, con, rural) Randy's and Jesse's story moves forward in time and centers on a special friendship.

   Part Five   (Mt, tt, oral, anal, con, strapping, spanking, rural) Randy and Jesse make a pact, but Randy breaks it and all learn valuable lessons.

  Part Four  (tt, con, oral, anal, Hickory switching, rural) Randy's rodeo success is enjoyed, but mischief takes over as well as an important decision. Papa Hank has bad news and Jesse does not take it so well. The saga of lust/love goes on!

 Part Three   (tt, mt, con, oral, anal, masturbation, spank, belt, strap, rural) - Calf-roping takes the focus on the ranch and teaches Randy a valuable lesson, but Jesse and calf-roping rival, Alan Riley have their own lessons to learn at the Burwell rodeo. Includes a new and much extended end to part three from the original.

Part Two   (tt, con, oral, masturbation, spank, belt, strap) - Randy's new life continues with Jesse McKensie and his family in Nebraska. Many lessons are learned, some the hard way, others just because Randy and Jesse dare to love each other. Includes a new and much extended end to part two from the original.

Part One   (tt, con, anal, oral, masturbation, spank, belt, strap) - 15 year old Southern Californian boy, Randy Wolcott, finds much more than just a summertime of work at his distant counsin's Nebraskan ranch. He finds Jesse McKensie, Big Hank's 16 year old son. Love is quickly born as is a very disciplined life.