Stephanie McMahon's Younger Brother John Ch. 2



      My cock slowly started to regain it’s hardness.  I could also tell that Stephanie was recovering from her orgasm, as her pussy was starting to get even wetter, and her nipples were once again cold and firm.  I never took my mouth off my sister’s nipple, I just continued sucking and sucking harder at each one, taking a few minutes to suck at one, then giving the other a suck.  It was driving her nuts and her hips were beginning to move in little circles.

      I knew that it drove Stephanie mad when I sucked on her nipples a lot.  Sometimes we would just lay for hours and I would suck away until she couldn’t stand the pressure anymore.  These orgasms would be extremely intense.

      I began to finger her cunt a little, and she began to beg me for more of my hard cock.

      “Please John I need it in me...I’m soo wet... Oh baby pleaaase…..” she grabbed onto my cock and began stroking it while moving it slowly toward her hole.

      I was ready for another fuck so I spread Steph’s legs apart and looked down at her cunt.  It was completely clean shaven, and she was bucking her hips toward my cock to try and get it in her faster.  She wanted it so badly she could hardly stand it.

      “What are you waiting for!  Stick that cock in me little brother I want to feel it hit the hilt!  Fuck your big titted sister, John!” she was sweating and pinching her own nipples.

      I placed the head of my cock at her hole.  I put my hand down and flicked at her clit a few times, causing her body to shiver with pleasure.  She was cooing my name now, begging me to put it in as far as I could.

      I pushed in as hard as I could, and I felt the head of my cock at the hilt of her pussy.  I was in as far as I could go, all 7 inches of my cock were buried deep into my sister.  I reached around and grabbed her ass, the pushed all my weight down on top of her big breasts.  I took a nipple in my mouth again, and ran my finger up her legs to her little asshole.  I lightly fingered the outside of it and she began to shudder wildly.  My cock slowly moved in and out of her as well.  She was going crazy with pleasure, and her noises were driving me closer to my orgasm as well.

      “Oh OH OH OH GOD GOD MORE PLEASE HARDER, UNGH, UNGH, OH John jesus……oh jesus……ungh…..OH OH…IM CLOSE DON’T STOP!!!”  she was bucking her hips wildly at my cock, trying desperately to get more in her.  I stuck my finger a little in her asshole while I sucked like mad on her nipple.  I humped a little faster so I could join her in her orgasm.

      “OH BABY I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming please cum inside me baby, come in your sister…oh fuck….ohhhhhhhhhhhh…” her body let out a huge shudder as the orgasm overtook her.  She grabbed onto one of my ass cheeks and held my cock in her.

      My orgasm hit me with my last thrust, and I emptied my balls into Stephanie.  My cum overflowed outside her pussy and mixed on her thighs with her own juices.  I moved to her other tit and continued to suck on it as we rested from the exhausting fuck.