Title: Taking Advantage of Sister
Author: Josh (joshualen@hotmail.com)




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This is the first story I have written, apart from the ones I've done in high school (Which I bad grades on) so if I screw up, I'm sorry.

This story really did happen to me about 4 years ago. I feel bad that I took advantage of my sister... I can never look at her the same and not remember what happened between us. Crystal is NOT my sister's real name, I will use "Crystal" to protect her and my identity.

My sister and me get along great, we always were close to each other.. She would tell me her problems, I would listen and vise versa. About 4 years ago when I was 16 and my sister was 18, I used to be really attracted to her. When she broke her doorknob off the door of her room, I would look through the hole to see what she looked like naked and would later masturbate to the memory of what I'd seen.

She shaved her pussy and let it grow out a bit so it would be a bit stubbly. She had pretty big breasts but I never really was a "tit" kind of guy, I'm the type that always looks at a girl's crotch and wonder what her pussy looks like. My sister had problems with her ovaries, so she would always be to the doctor, or taking pills to help her, anyway, this is how it went:

I had came home from outside with my friends around 10:00pm and no one was home, so I watched a bit of TV in the living room and then went to bed. I woke up around 2:00am from the front door being closed, I heard my dad saying, "Well I'm beat, I need to go to bed, 6 O'clock comes early..."

So I got out of bed, and walked out into the living room where my mom and sister are on the couch, "What's going on?" I said.

Mom replied, "It's nothing, your sister was at the hospital again and they had to do more tests."

Looking at my sister, I noticed something was wrong, like she was drunk or something, "What's wrong with Crystal, she ok?" I asked.

"The doctors had to give her some pain killer, but she'll be okay tomorrow, she just needs some sleep."

I went back to bed, then a little later I heard my mom walking Crystal to her room and putting her to bed. I woke up again around 4:00 am to use the bathroom and heard someone talking on the phone. So I used the bathroom real quick and went to the kitchen where the phone was. Crystal was standing there in her nightgown with the phone receiver in her hand talking.

"Crystal, who are you talking to?" I asked.

She never replied and looked at me as if she didn't even knew me. I took the phone from her hand and put it to my ear and there was no one there, just the steady buzzing noise of an undialed phone. I hung it up and asked her to come down stairs with me. She followed me to the basement and I led her into the family computer room.

I only had my underwear on and I had a erection from just looking at my sister in her nightgown all dazed and drugged out. I didn't care if she saw me with a hard on because I didn't think she would remember this in the morning.

"So what did they do to you at the hospital?" I asked conversationally.

Crystal looked off into space, but answered me in a vague kind of voice, "The lady took 2 fingers and put them up inside me to check something."

"Can you show me where she put them?" My heart was jumping around in my chest when I asked her this. She pulled up her nightgown revealing her white panties and pointed her index finger toward her crotch, "Right there" she mumbled.

"I have no idea where you're pointing to, can you take your panties off and show me?"

Crystal pulled down her panties and pointed toward her bare pussy as if she were in the doctor's office of something.

I was really hard at this time. I asked her to take off her nightgown, and she did! I then asked her to turn around, and took off her bra.

My sister was now completely naked right in front of me, not even knowing that her own brother was taking advantage of her altered states. "Crystal, why don't you lie down on your back and relax, I want to see if the lady hurt you."

She got down on the floor and lay on her back. I took her legs and bent each one so that her feet were flat on the ground with her knees in the air. Then I positioned her knees as wide apart as they would go. Looking down at my sister's pussy I began to rub my cock through the material of my underwear.

My heart almost jumped out through my throat when Crystal said, "What are you doing?"

But I as I looked down into my sister's face I could tell she still didn't know what was going on, or even who I was, "I'm just itchy that's all," I said and then I took my underwear off. I stroked my cock in front of her, ready to explode with excitement. Her eyes were hooded from being sleepy and drugged, so I said, "Close your eyes all the way, I'm going to perform my own test now Crystal."

I got down on all fours beside my sister and took a deep breath of her musky pussy. It looked like she hadn't shaved it for days and when I felt it with my fingers it was really stubbly. I moved in between her legs and rubbed my cock around against her pussy lips, feeling them getting wetter and feeling her razor sharp stubble on the head of my cock.

"This feels good, it don't hurt as much as the doctor did it," she moaned with her eyes closed.

"That's because I'm being more genital."

Looking down at my sister's body, I started to slowly jerk off, looking at her breasts and pussy. Then not being able to take any more I made my move. I put the tip of my cock against her wet hole, and eased my cock it in a bit. Then she moved up a bit as if it was hurting her, so I left it there for a minute almost cumming, but somehow I held it back. Then I pushed in more until half my cock was in her.

"This might hurt a bit, but only for a few seconds," I said hopefully.

I pushed all the way in her with a full thrust, then not moving a bit I waited there for a minute feeling her warm wetness against my cock. I was hard as a rock and all the way in her.

Putting my hands on the ground near her breasts I started doing push-ups, going in and out of her really slowly, trying not to hurt her. I was watching her breasts going up and down like water in balloons. This turned me on and made me want to cum right away. But I tried to make the best to hold back, to make it last as long as I could knowing this would be the only chance I'd have to do this to my sister.

Then Crystal opened her eyes and looked up at me. I took my cock out of her and stood up. "Crystal, why don't you stand up and come over here close to me, I still need to do one more test on you."

She obediently got up and came over close to me. I hugged her, feeling my cock touching her soft naked pussy lips and her warm breasts against my chest, "Okay, I need you to stand facing the desk. Now bend over."

"What do you mean?" she said with a kind of slurred voice.

"Well, face the desk, and then bring your face down close to the surface so that you're still standing up, but your upper body is lying on the desk, okay?"

As she followed my instructions, I looked at my sister's small ass, I parted her legs again, then rubbed my cock around her pussy and then put it back in. It was like her pussy was sucking my cock in. I started going in and out her again feeling the wonderful friction from her warm pussy. Holding on to her hips I started to go faster and faster.

Then just when I was about to cum I pulled out and was going to cum on her back, but I realized she had problems with her ovaries and she wouldn't be able to get pregnant so I put it back in her warm-wetness and blew my load in her.

I laid on her back while my cock was still in her gasping for breath. I never pulled out until I shot all of my cum. And she didn't move, it was as if she was sleeping.

I put her panties back on, along with her bra and I got dressed. I stood over her for about 5 minutes while she was sleeping looking at her pretty face. I looked at the clock, and it was 5:13 am, my dad was getting up soon so I had to put my sister over my shoulder and carry her up the stairs and put her back in her bed.

By the time I had her all tucked in, my cock was hard once again, and I thought to myself maybe I could get a quickie before our dad woke up. I hopped in to Crystal's bed, pulled my underwear down, and put my right hand on her panties near her crotch slipping my finger in.

She was still warm and wet, so I rolled over on top of her and spread her legs, pulled her panties aside and pointed my cock at her pussy. I could feel the stickiness on the head of my cock from touching her pussy lips and I pushed in, it was so wet and slippery that I almost came.

I began to move my hips back and forth, fucking my sister missionary style. Close to cumming, I heard the alarm clock going off in my parent's room. So I pumped my sister faster until I came inside her again. Then I took my cock out and rubbed the head of it on sister's wet pussy lips.

Totally satisfied I got up and put my underwear on and went back to the bathroom to grab a towel and clean up the mess I made on her bed. I ran back into my room and 5 minutes later my dad got up.

I woke up the next morning and went in to my sister. She was still asleep. Looking under her covers just to make sure the I'd left no mess I touched her pussy once more, and pulled them across it to get another smell of her musk. I then went to take a shower and when I had gotten out she was at the door waiting to use the toilet.

As I opened the door and my heart jumped as I thought maybe she hadn't forgotten and she would yell at me or tell mom. But it wasn't like that at all, it was more like "Hey, good morning brother."

I went back to my room, got dressed and everything was perfect all day, not even one suspicion about what happened, what I'd done to my sister.

The End