Title: Skewering
Author: J.J. (jdotjdot@pacbell.net)




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He wanted to strap her before they arrived. On her knees, bent at the waist, her head turned and her cheek on a pillow on the floor, her arms stretched in front of her, she awaited the strapping. And he was in no hurry to give it to her. He walked completely around her prostrate form, talking to her, telling her that she was not being punished, that he wished to strap her simply because he liked to see the redness of her ass, and feel the heat that emanated from her skin. He also said that his friends, who would be arriving soon, enjoyed seeing that she had been recently whipped, and that she would be the center of attention that evening. He told her that he would strap her while she was untethered in any way, and that she was not to move from her position or to cry out.

She was dressed in a pair of thigh high black stockings and stilleto heels. Around her neck was her Master's collar, and attached to that was a leash that was now puddled on the floor beneath her. Other than that she was naked. He was now telling her that he wished to strap her from the tops of her stockings to the top of the cleft of her ass, and was tapping the leather on the outlines of his intended area .

Then came one of the parts that she dreaded. He was asking her if she acquiesced to being beaten. He was making her agree to the beating before her beating began. He would not be happy until she finally told him that yes, he had her permission to beat her. And she told him yes. That she was his. Do with me as you like. And she had to kiss the strap, the instrument of her torment. And kiss it she did. And he would rub it up the crack of her ass, and lightly tap her shaven sex with it, tap it until they both could hear the wet little slaps that betrayed her arousal.

The strapping began in earnest now. She held her position, and managed to just suck her ass cheeks in and stay upright. Thankfully, he gave her enough time to recompose herself between strokes, and she was grateful for the fact that he only wished to show these arriving people that she had taken the strap. For, shortly he stopped.

She heard voices in the other room. Her Master stood her up by gently pulling on her leash, until she stood all the way up. He thought she looked magnificent, and he told her so. And he kissed her. The leash was left to hang between her breasts as he smoothed the hair on her head with one hand and cupped her sex with the other. She moaned and slightly parted her legs to give him better access as he slid a finger into her bare slit. He pulled his finger out of her and brought his hand up to her face, placing his wet finger to her lips. She parted her lips and then closed them as she started to suck the finger, rolling her tongue on it as he fucked her mouth with it. His other hand was now on her burning ass cheeks, and he carressed them lovingly as he told her what a sweet slut she was. Then he pulled away from her entirely, stepping across the room and returning with a blindfold, which he placed around her head. Then he picked up the leash and opened the door, leading her into the other room.

There were two men and a woman sitting on couches in the room and she heard their appreciative comments as her Master led her slowly to the center of the room. Hands placed cuffs on her wrists and her arms were raised above her head. She was pulled up until she stood on tiptoes.

She heard the woman's voice next to her and felt soft hands roaming on her body, cupping her breasts, sliding down her belly, lightly brushing her sex. The woman was telling her Master that she was beautiful with her ass glowing red from her strapping, and that she would love to mark the front of her, and he was granting the permission.

She was lowered and moved backward a few feet to the wall, to the x-shaped cross that was mounted there. Her stockings and shoes were removed from her, and her arms and legs were secured to the cross. She was totally exposed and open, arms spread above her head and legs spread below, tits thrust outward as she faced the room. The woman had a finger in her wet slit and told her that she was going to hurt her, and did she know this and did she want this, and she heard herself answering yes, that she did know this and did want this.

Large rubber bands were snapped over each breast, right up against her chest, and she felt them bulge as the pressure began to build. Wicked clips were attached to her nipples and weights were hung from them, and she began a soft wailing sound at the intensity of the feelings. She was told not to scream, but the flogger caught her by surprise. The top strand of the flogger caught her right below the weights that dangled from her nipple clamps, the bottom strand raised it's welt just above the top of her slit. It was all she could do to not cry out. Two more times the flogger struck, and she was gasping and wailing softly.

The Mistress used a crop on her now, on the insides of her thighs, from her knees to her sex, until she was satisfied with the series of weals that it left behind. The clips and weights were removed from her nipples and she almost screamed again as the blood rushed back into them, then the bands were removed. She felt the woman's tongue tracing the series of welts on her, and she moaned at the soothing sensation. The tongue worked it's way up the insides of her thighs. Then she felt fingers prying her slit open, and the warm, wet tongue thrust right into her, licking up and down, encircling her clit with a sucking that sent her into a series of orgasms as it continued its licking and sucking as she came again and again.

She was thanking the Mistress as she was untied. Her Master removed her blindfold and helped her down to a large pillow on the floor, where she was placed on her back. From there she could see that the men were naked, and they were erect. Her Master took her first, pushing her knees back towards her head as his hard cock entered her hot wetness. She came again as he squirted into her. She pulled her knees back again and spread her legs wide as the next man took his place. She wrapped her legs around him and felt him cum deep inside her. Cum was oozing out of her as she spread her legs to take the third man, and she loved the feeling of his hardness as she fucked him.

Her Master now brought her to an upright kneeling position and had her spread her knees wide apart. She felt him run his cupped fingers thru her cunt. He scooped up a gob of the cum that was running out of her, then tilted her head back and fed it to her. Time and time again he did this, letting the cum run from his hand and into her open mouth, then smearing the remainder over her face, and having her suck his fingers.

He took a seat and had her crawl over to him. He told her to clean him. He perched himself on the edge of the seat and spread his legs. She went to work with her tongue. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. She worked her tongue over his crotch and balls and then up and down the shaft. He held her head in his hands, and as he began to harden she took him in her mouth, and lovingly sucked him until he came, and she swallowed it all down. She moved around the room on her knees and repeated the process with each man. When she got to where the Mistress was sitting, she had lifted her dress and was waiting.

The Mistress was wet, and bucked her hips against the incessant tongue that probed her cunt, and it did not take her long to cum. She grabbed the slaves head and and pulled it in until her mouth was firmly mashed against the Mistress' cunt. As she came against the mouth she was telling the slave to suck, and suck she did as the juices flowed into her inhaling mouth.

The cunt secrections had wetted the dried male sperm on her face, and it glistened with moisture as her Master grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. He kissed her. A long, loving soul kiss, the kind she loved, and as he probed her mouth with his tongue she tightened her mouth and began to suck it as if were his cock She found herself moaning against his mouth as she sucked. He pulled his face away from hers and held her stained face between his hands. He was telling her that he was going to pierce her, and was asking her if she was ready, and she heard herself saying, anything, anything for you my Master.

Her cuffs were removed from her, and she was again pulled up by her leash and backed to the cross. When she was firmly secured to it, her Master was replacing her blindfold, and whispering to her to be strong, and she resolved herself to the fact that she would, that she would do anything that he desired .

She smelled the alcohol , then felt its cool presence on her breasts, as he swabbed them with the disinfectant. Her breath became more rapid now, as she anticipated what was to come. She felt him heft her left breast in his hand, then felt the pinprick of the needle at the side of her nipple. She tensed, expecting the pain to increase, but it just reached a certain level and stayed there. She felt the needle slide through. Then another through the nipple of her right breast. She was breathing so fast now that her Master soothed her with calming words and stroked her hair, until she calmed down. Then another needle through the left nipple, perpendicular to the first. She began to squirm at the steady, burning sensation in her breasts. Then another needle through the right nipple.

Her Master's hand now traced its way down between her pierced breasts, down her stomach, and softly he began to trace a finger up between the lips of her bare slit. She was very wet, and as his finger toyed with her, she felt herself on the edge of orgasm, but he pulled back and held her there, on the edge. He was back at her breasts now, and she felt him quickly inserting a series of needles into her, a circular pattern around her aerolas, until she had a full dozen needles piercing each breast. Then again he toyed with her dripping cunt until she was just ready to cum. Again it was denied.

She heard low murmurs in the room, and felt her Masters hands back at her breasts. She felt him tracing something across her breasts. Something long and cold.. She felt the tip of it pushing against the side of her left breast. It pushed harder but did not penetrate, did not pierce as the needles had. And indeed, it was not a needle, but a long metal skewer, fully 18 inches long, that pressed against her breast. The mental image of this penetrating her breasts just about panicked her, and again her Master was calming her with soft words. The relentless pressure continued unabated, and she felt the tip of the skewer punch through. She moaned as she felt it slowly slide through her breast and begin its push against the skin on the other side. She was squealing as she felt the skin bulge out until the skewer pushed its way through the other side. Her left breast was now skewered, and she felt her Master daubing at the entrance and exit wounds with soft cotton.

She was sure that she must be bleeding to death, and that he would have to stop now, but instead, she felt the skewer continue to slide through her breast, giving her a squicky feeling that had her straining up on her tiptoes. She felt the tip of the skewer make contact with the side of her right breast, and again, without let-up, press against the outside skin until it too was penetrated. Then the long, slow push, feeling the metal rod pushing through both breasts now, until the tip pushed out through the skin on the other side of her right breast.

She was truely skewered now, a continuous metal rod through both breasts, the ends of it protruding on both sides of her chest, and a gleaming piece of it visible between her breasts. She thought she might go into shock or faint; she was feeling lightheaded and her world was swimming inside of her head. She was vaguely aware of her Master swabbing her breasts again, and telling her that he was going to remove her blindfold.

When the blindfold was removed, he held her head between his hands and forced her to look directly into his eyes. As he told her what she was going to see, she began to regain focus, and he slowly removed his hands and allowed her to look down.

She saw more than a dozen needles stuck in each breast, and she was skewered with a metal rod. Her mind accepted this, and she began wonder about the lack of blood. She could see evidence of some bloody cotton swabs on the floor, but that was it. And the pain was more of a burning, continually throbbing pain, and she was amazed that she was not in mortal agony.

Her Master began stroking his hands up and down her body now, slowly trying to bring her back up to the sexual peak that she had been at before. And slowly, very slowly, she felt herself beginning to respond. She felt him sliding his finger in and out her slit, and she would look down at her pierced and skewered breasts, and slowly she began to be aroused at the whole scene.

Her Master had now backed away from her, and she saw the Mistress kneeling before her spread legs. The skilled tongue worked on her sex expertly, and she was on the brink of orgasm again. She looked down at the top of the Mistress' head, felt the tounge in her cunt, saw her pierced and skewered breasts. When she looked over at her Master, he smiled and nodded, and that set her off. She came against the sucking mouth at her cunt over and over. Then her Master was standing before her and sliding his rock hard into her, and he fucked her standing up, against the cross.

She heard the others talking, and knew that they wanted her too, but as she sagged in her bonds, her Master removing the needles and the skewer, she heard him saying that she had had enough for one evening.

She fell asleep that night laying on her back on his big four-poster bed, her hands tied above her head to the headboard, after her Master had bathed her whole body in warm, wet, towels. She knew she'd be sore and bruised the next day, and she smiled.

The End