Title: Revenge on My Ex-Boss
Author: Ted E. Bear (tedebear690@yahoo.com)




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Chapter 1 - The First Night

I remember it well, the day my former boss fired me and it still makes me extremely upset. I had only worked there for three years, as second in command, only to the owner. The changes that I had implemented had turned his business from being marginally successful, barely showing a profit, into a very successful business with many more locations than he had before I came to him. I had made him a millionaire. He felt somewhat threatened by me, probably because my contract said that if certain goals were reached, he'd have to give me a twenty percent interest and allow me to buy another twenty percent at the value that they were on the day I came to work for him, but it wouldn't go into effect until the fifth year and he was firing me in the third year. He was just a greedy S.O.B.!

Anyway, on the way home I had an accident because I wasn't paying attention. During my recuperation in the hospital I became aware that could I hear peoples thoughts, read their minds and make them do what I wanted them to do. When I was released, four months later, I was getting pretty good at controlling peoples actions and feelings. I felt I needed a little more practice and for the next three months, devoted myself to practicing my new found powers. When I felt really in control of my powers, I paid my ex-boss, his wife and two teenaged daughters a visit at his home.

I guess I should describe the five main characters at this point. My name is Carl Krager. I'm 32, 6'2" and weigh 190 pounds. I'm reasonably handsome and athletically built. My nemesis, George Blat, is 35, 5'10", 195 pounds and a work-a-holic. His wife Stephanie, is 34, 5'3", 108 pounds and with a 34DD- 25-36 figure, is built like a brick shit house. To boot, she's a gorgeous, green-eyed red-head, whose long, thick hair reaches the top of her well rounded, heart-shaped ass. The older daughter, Carrie, is 15 and the spitting image of her mother, down to her butt length red hair. She too is 5'3" but weighs only 100 pounds and has a 34C-21-33 figure. The younger daughter, Jennifer is 12, almost 13 and looks more like her dad than her mom, but is built like her mother and sister. She is 5'1", 90 pounds, with a 30A-18-30 figure. She is a blue- eyed blonde, whose long straight hair fell to the middle of her back.

It was a Friday night that I paid them the visit, so I could really get my plan into gear and enjoy my plan finally coming to fruition for two full days. Before entering the house, I had all four of them under my control, they even had a plate set for me at the table, opposite of my old boss, who sat at the head of the table. I began my control of the family a whole week in advance making sure that the women would be dressed as I wanted them to and that everyone would be home without any plans, so that we wouldn't be disturbed for the whole weekend.

Stephanie and Carrie were wearing bright red, sleeveless party dresses, scooped real low to display most of their breasts and zipped up in the back. Because it was strapless, they'd normally wear a strapless bra underneath, but not tonight, and their erect nipples tented the material. The skirt was much shorter than anything Stephanie had worn since high school. Underneath, Carrie was pantiless while Stephanie wore black, crotchless panties and both wore black silk and lace garter belts which attached to sheer black stockings and on their feet they wore a pair of bright red, 6" opera heels. To finish their look off, their nails, both toes and fingers, were painted in bright, "fuck-me" red nail polish, with matching lip stick. On their eye lids they wore blue eye shadow and black eye liner and their eyelashes were brushed out making them appear longer and more obvious than normal.

Jennifer too was both braless and pantiless, wearing what appeared to be a two or three year old's style of dress, with a skirt so short that the bottoms of her ass cheeks peeked out when she was standing perfectly still and when she was seated, it didn't even cover her hairless pussy. It buttoned down the front from neck to navel and none of the buttons were buttoned. The material was so thin and see-through that her tits could be seen right through it. Her makeup was done more to emphasize her young age, a light pink nail polish and lipstick, a much more subtle blue eye shadow, with a very thin black line for her eyeliner, but her eye lashes too were brushed out, to make them look longer and thicker. Damn, with her in pigtails, she looked like the picture of innocense combined with a little bit of nymphet.

George was still dressed for work, other than his coat had been hung up. Due to my mental suggestion, he wouldn't even notice what his wife and daughters were wearing, until I greeted them and then would not be able to say a thing to them about their appearance, nor their actions, but would be dying inside to know what the hell was going on.

I rang the bell and George greeted me, shacking my hand vigorously and asked how I had recouped from my accident. I assured him that I had indeed recouped and then Stephanie came over to greet me. She threw her arms around me, pressing her huge, braless tits into my chest and gave me a very passionate French kiss. I returned her kiss in kind, and made a point of pulling her skirt up to her waist, slipping my hands into her panties, and squeezing her luscious ass while she was obviously grinding her cunt against my prick. I had forced George and his daughters watch this greeting intently and could hear each of their minds screaming in horror, as they watched us passionately embrace so obscenely right in front of them. Yet they stood there saying and doing nothing, other than observing the goings on. Stephanie, even more than the others, couldn't believe what she was doing to me and allowing me to do to her, yet she was very convincing in her performance.

When we broke our embrace, the same scene was repeated with each daughter, greeting me like some lover who had been gone a long time. When I finally broke the embrace with Jennifer, George was madder than hell at me, but instead of ordering me to leave, he asked, "What would you like to drink?" much to his own astonishment.

When he returned with the drinks, Jennifer was sitting in my lap, her unbuttoned dress pulled open enough to expose her small tits and I had cupped a tit in each of my hands, squeezing the pliable flesh gently as she giggled, while her sister and mother looked on, smiling with approval. After George handed me my drink and one to his wife, he too sat down and openly stared at his own daughter's splayed open pussy and her small tits as I played with them.

Jennifer then really shocked her father by seemingly innocently asking him, "Daddy, do you like my pussy? Is it sexy enough to make you want to fuck it?" and, to his own amazement, he responded by saying enthusiastically, "You have a very sexy, pretty little pussy honey! Maybe one day I will fuck it for you."

She then got up, turned around and kneeled between my legs. Her mind was pleading with me not to make her do what I was commanding her to do, but I wasn't letting even her out of this. I was sorry to have to make her do this, but the hurt that it would cause her parents, especially her father, was worth it to me. With a mischievous, wicked grin on her face, which she turned around to show her family before proceeding, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear. I allowed her to gasp out loud as she pulled my long, thick cunt splitter out for everyone to see. I made the other two women also gasp in shock and then lick their lips, as if in anticipation of getting their own lips, mouths and cunts, around it and made sure that George also noticed how big it was.

Now I was not small before the accident, but afterwards I found that I was able to control the size of my cock. I could make it larger or smaller, depending on what I wanted to do. Also, I found that I could control when and how much I came. In fact, I had one midnight shift nurse fucking me for three hours straight, making her cum hard for a solid two minutes out of every five minutes. She could barely walk when she got off of me, so I sent her home and made the hospital pay her for a full shift anyway. Tonight my cock was monstrous. I had lengthened it to 10", for the girls, and intended to make it 15" for Stephanie. It's girth would be 1.5" across for the girls and would double for Stephanie.

Jennifer suddenly grasped my rod at the base, and started licking my huge organ, as if it were a lollipop or a dripping ice cream cone, wetting it with her spit as she went. It wasn't long before I was almost completely hard and the clear pre-cum was leaking from the eye of my cock head. Jennifer greedily licked it all up, making sure that her parents and sister saw her doing it. She finally took a deep breath, opened her mouth as wide as she could get it and went down on me. God that little girl had a hot, tight mouth.

Slowly she took inch after thick inch into her mouth. I felt my cock head bounce off of the back of her mouth and turn to go down her throat when it hit resistance. I was at the entrance to this young girl's throat and, because of the massive size of my dick, she was going to have to really work to get it all into her throat. Mom and sister, much to their own chagrin, were encouraging her, and instructing her just what to do to get more and more of my huge prick into her throat, much to their, their father's and, most of all, Jennifer's chagrin, as she painfully swallowed more and more of my cock into her throat.

The pre-teenaged girl though kept her throat relaxed, as she fed it more and more of my gigantic prick, the outline of which showed beautifully, as it went down her throat, bulging her throat out noticeably. George looked on, hating me for doing this to his baby daughter, especially in front of him, his wife and their other daughter, but he was also amazed, both by the size of my appendage, as well as his young pre-teen daughter's ability to take so much cock into her mouth and throat. Eventually her lips were pressed tight against my belly signifying that she had my entire length inside of her.

I gave her no reprise making her come back up as fast as she could, while she whipped her tongue across the sensitive underside of my cock as she pulled off. As she neared the top, I instructed her to immediately impale her throat all the way back down onto my cock, licking and slurping noisily as she did so. With each stroke I made her bob her head faster until she was rapidly taking the entire length of my long, thick cock with each stroke, as if she had been deep throating guys forever, and obviously enjoying it.

Once I had her at the right pace, I made her play with my balls with one hand and her clit with the other. After five minutes of this, I made her stop, stand up, straddle my lap, take my now wet cock in her hand, and place the head of my prick to her virginal love hole. I then made her press down as hard and as fast as she could, taking her own virginity in the process. I let her scream in pain, so her father and mother would know what she was going through. I then made her vocalize the physical pain and pleasure she was experiencing, but would not allow her to beg for this to stop nor ask why I was doing it to her, as she rapidly humped her hot, wet, tight adolescent cunt up and down on my oversized prick.

I didn't do any of the work, I just sat there and let her fuck herself on my tool. I did however, suck and play with her tits while she pumped herself on my dick, kissing her when I wasn't sucking on her nipples.

My long, thick cock was not just pumping her cuntal passage, but was also piercing through her cervix, traveling up her uterus and slamming into the back wall of her womb with each downward thrust. It didn't take long for her to begin panting, and shortly thereafter, moaning in obvious pleasure. Leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that while this may have been a despicable thing for me to do, taking such a young girl's virginity, especially such a small, thin girl and with me having such a huge cock, that there was no doubt that she was totally enjoying fucking herself on this monstrous prick, in spite of the pain of it, as it stretched her virginal pussy all out of shape, because of my extremely long, thick cock.

Like the midnight shift nurse, I made her really pump her cunt rapidly up and down over my shaft, opening herself up wide as she slammed her love tunnel down over my long, thick organ, and then clamping her cunt tightly around my shaft as she strained at pulling herself back up its length, as if she didn't want to let it out of her guts. I also made her have the same massive, squealing out in pleasure, body shaking, two minute orgasms every five minutes until she had six of them, keeping her right on the edge in between. With each orgasm, she would squeal with delight and bellow out how much she enjoyed the experience. Her father and sister were somewhat surprised at how this young virginal girl was fucking and cuming like some sort of nymphomaniacal slut, but her mother was actually jealous of the obviously exquisite orgasms that she was having.

She quit fucking herself on my cock after the sixth orgasm and, after recovering from this mind blowing experience, she gave me a heartfelt, passionate kiss, and then pulled herself off of my huge shaft with a loud, obscene "POP", as my dick exited her cunt. It was cute, she blushed out of embarrassment from the vulgar sound her pussy made, signaling the end of our coupling.

I didn't let her smooth down her already short skirt leaving her belly, cunt and ass fully exposed to everyone. I did this so that Stephanie and even more so George, could see my semen, mixed with her virginal blood, dripping out of her cunt and down her thighs. I didn't want to leave it to chance that he would look, so I made him stare lustfully at his baby daughter's exposed body, especially at her crotch and tits, wishing that he could fondle and suck on her tits and fuck her cunt, which gave him a hard-on. I also made sure that all three women noticed the way he was looking at Jennifer and that he was sporting an erection. I then had Stephanie announce that dinner was ready and for all of us to be seated.

George sat at the head of the table and I sat at the foot. Stephanie sat to my right, while the girls sat to my left, with Carrie sitting next to me and Jennifer next to her father, her tits and pussy still exposed and still leaking our combined love juices. The dinner proceeded pretty much without any unusual goings on, other than George's continually starring at his daughter's near naked body as we ate. After dinner the girls cleared the table and Stephanie put on the coffee. Then everyone returned to the table. I temporarily released everyone's mind, other than they could not get out of their seats or throw anything at me and I made George still lustfully stare at Jennifer's body.

"I guess everyone is wondering how and why I am doing this to you?" I said, stating the obvious.

Everyone agreed that they were wondering about that.

"Well you have George to thank for this. After turning his business around and making him, and you, millionaires, he wanted to renege on my employment contract, firing me well in advance of the partnership opportunity that the contract stipulated. On my way home from the store the day he fired me, I had a horrible accident. As a result of the accident, I gained these powers. The power to hear your thoughts, read your mind, make you do or think as I wish and even be able to make some physical changes, such as that nice big dick that Jennifer lost her cherry on."

"I am now going to get my revenge on good old George here, by making you three, his most cherished possessions, into the biggest sluts and whores around. Stephanie, you've been a stay-at-home housewife long enough. You're going back out into the world of the employed, as a stripper and prostitute. Of course, you'll get to spend that extra money, which should be substantial, on yourself and the girls. Oh yes, you begin tonight working from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. at the Apollo (note to readers this a strip joint in a real rough, black section of town which is always in the news because someone is being busted for prostitution and drugs)."

Stephanie gasped and said, "Oh no! Not there! I could be arrested and they'll put my name in the paper! Or worse, I could be killed or get A.I.D.S.!"

"Yes any or all of that is possible, and you have only your husband to thank for his greediness." I said with satisfaction, "They have small rooms right behind the bar for quickies, and larger rooms above the bar, where the girls take their clients for paid sex of all kinds. You'll be on stage for 10 minutes every ninety minutes and you should be able to get in five quickies or two to three good fucks between sets. You then have to give a quarter of your tips from dancing, and ten percent of your fee for sex into a kitty that gets split up between the bartenders, bouncers and DJ. In addition, at the end of your shift you have to fuck the bouncers, and if he's there, the owner too. You will work there three nights a week, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. As one of the only white girls, especially as pretty and as busty as you are, you should be extremely popular with the black men, especially for the sex upstairs part."

"In addition, I have signed you up with three outcall prostitution services, for you to be available between 9 am to midnight Monday through Friday, although Wednesday and Friday, when you're working at the club, only until 8 pm. We wouldn't want you getting to work late, now would we? One of the services caters totally to black men, one caters mainly to politicians and other wealthy sorts, and the last one just has a lot of clients, so much the better to keep you hopping. This should keep you out of trouble, as you'll really be working your ass off."

"Carrie and Jennifer both go to private schools with strict dress codes. I have talked both of the principals into making exceptions for them. This weekend, you will both have your school skirts shortened to two inches longer than Jennifer's skirt is this evening. You will also both have special blouses made. Since you are supposed to wear white, button-down blouses, they will be white, button-down blouses, but they'll be made from very thin, see-through material, and will have no buttons from the bottoms of your breasts, all the way up to your necks. In addition, you will not be allowed to wear shorts, panties nor bras to school. This will make fingering your cunts and asses plus feeling up your tits, extremely convenient for anyone who wants to do so. You will both become sex toys for the entire schools' staff, teachers, administrators, even the janitors, cooks, and grounds crews. You know what to expect from the men. Well the women will mainly want you to suck on their tits, eat them out, and fuck both your cunts and asses with horse sized, strap-on dildos. A few of the women may actually want to eat you out as well."

"The administrators and janitors may actually lend you to their friends to use you any way that they want or have you at their house as the sexual entertainment for a party. Oh, before I forget, both of your physical education assignments have been changed, you both are now in a boys phys ed class. This means that you will use the boys locker room to change before class, participate with the boys during class and shower with the boys after class. One boy a day gets the privilege of fucking you up the ass, then washing you in the shower, after which you will wash him, spending lots of time washing his dick, nuts and ass hole."

"Your teachers have all worked out a detention schedule, as you will serve detention daily from now on. Of course it's not real detention, you will sexually service the teacher who has you in for detention, and it won't necessarily be one of your regular teachers."

"Daddy will drive you two, to and from school. One will sit in the front seat on the way to school with the other in the back, and reverse the seating on the way home. The one sitting in the front seat will lay down across the seat, giving Daddy a blow job while he plays with your tits, or fingers' your ass hole. The one sitting in the back seat will put a foot on the outer edge of each seat in front and masturbate with a large dildo with one hand and manhandle her exposed tits and nipples with the other hand. You now have to be at school an hour before classes to either service the principal or whoever he elects for you to service, and I understand that they both enjoy watching little girl's sitting with one large black cock in their cunt, while another black cock is being forced into their asses, and the little girl is deep throating a third black cock. So you can plan on being the meat for a sex sandwich at least once a week, maybe more often."

"Your fellow students all think of you two now as sluts, who enjoy sexual attention. However, they are not allowed to let anyone outside of the school in on it. Boys and girls will grab at your tits as they walk by you, or you by them, in the hallways and both will come up behind you when you are seated or standing still and cup their hands around your tits to rub and squeeze your tits and/or rub, pinch, twist and pull on your nipples. Since you are dressed for easy accessability, it would be a shame to let it go to waste, so some of the more aggressive boys may come up behind you, press you against the wall and take you anally, right in front of everyone else. As a final embarrassment, you will invite a different male geek, to sleep over every Friday and Saturday night, teaching them how to fuck a woman's cunt and ass, the joys of getting a blow job and how to eat her pussy."

"However, one Friday and one Saturday per month, you will invite another girl over for lesbian sex, and it can't be the same day for both of you nor the same weekend for just girls. You will suck on each other's titties, eat each other out, singly and in the sixty-nine position and you will use sex toys on each other but only your guest is allowed to use a strap-on dildo and they will be as big as my cock. Your guest will fuck both your cunt and ass with this dildo, at least once in each hole."

"Since I control the minds of everyone at both schools, no one will refuse your invitation. Not the shyest, nerdiest boy, nor the straightest, most popular girl. They will consider an invitation to sleep over at your house, to be one of the greatest honors ever to be bestowed upon them, as will their parents."

"You will also be sexually intimate with all of your male relatives as well as your parents' male friends and their sons. You will come onto your grandfathers, uncles, male cousins, male friends of the family and male business associates of your father's. You will allow them to do whatever they want to you sexually and go with them anywhere they want to take you and fuck anyone they ask you to fuck.

"By the way, mommy is going to want you to eat her cum filled cunt out after work on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And last but not least, one of you two will sleep with daddy every night, alternating nights of course, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when you have guests over. Daddy will fuck you before you go to sleep once or twice. The two of you will sleep on your sides with Daddy's prick up against your anus and his hand cupping your tit. At some point during the night he will awaken with a full erection and ass fuck you and fuck your ass again first thing in the morning. You two will then go shower up, washing each other, and get ready for the day. You will walk around bare assed naked, until just before you're ready to leave. When you come home, you will get yourselves naked again."

"George, other than having incestuous relations with your daughters and watching the three women in your life become slutty whores, you are going to rehire me with the old contract, with a few modifications. First I get a 10% pay increase right off of the bat. Second you're going to give me 10% of the stock immediately, 10% more in a year. Then over the following two years you will give me 5% per year and allow me to also purchase another 5% per year. In the fifth year you will allow me to buy another 10%, at which point we will be equal partners and I might consider allowing your women to return to normal lives."

All three women cursed at both George and me. Me for doing this to them and him for getting me so ticked so as to do this to them. It went on for half an hour before I put an end to it, permanently. Stephanie went and got the desert and coffee, which we had as if it were a normal get together, all of us enjoying the sweets and the conversations.

After desert, Carrie unzipped her father's pants and pulled his fully erect prick out and then turned around. George's cock was only 8 inches long, compared to my own 10" one, at the moment, but he was almost as thick as I was. He unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. He then pressed his cock up against her naked ass crack, as she spread her legs wide to give him easier access. He reached around to cup and fondle her tits as he began to fuck his erection between the cheeks of her ass. He tried to fight it, but he was no match for my powers.

His hands cupped and weighed his daughter's large tits, feeling their heaviness. Then he gently squeezed the firm orbs, making her moan in pleasure, as his dick slipped in and out of her ass crack. Carrie started fucking him back, matching his rhythm with exactly the opposite moves. George then began pinching her nipples and pulling them out from her chest, gently at first but he was getting rougher and rougher each time he did it.

Carrie squealed in pain, as her father was pinching her nipples with a vice like grip, as he pulled her nipples way out, pulling her tits into cones of flesh, and then twisted her throbbing nipples cruelly one way, then back the other again. The closer he came to cuming, the rougher he played with her tits and nipples, and I wasn't going to let him cum too quickly. Just before he blew his wad, I made him stab just the head of his cock into her virgin ass so that his cum would become my lubricant.

This drew a yelp of pain from the teenaged girl, as the thickest part of her father's cock was stretching her virgin sphincter out. As he came, the two of them held perfectly still while he pumped an inordinate amount of his cum into her ass. So much the better to lubricate my way I thought to myself, grinning.

While George was lubricating his daughter's ass for me to fuck, I made his wife undress me and suck me to a full erection with the knowledge that the only lubrication that my cock would have, would be whatever saliva that she left on my cock. I then sat down on the couch again and had Carrie come over, take her heels off and squat over me facing her family. She reached down between her legs, grabbing my cock, and aimed it right between her ass cheeks, as she slowly sank down on it, my cock splitting her half moons until the head of my prick was pressed up against her tiny little anal eye. She took a deep breath, I made her lock her hands behind her neck and then press herself down as hard and as fast as she could, impaling herself fully on my long, thick cock, which drew a scream of pain from her, as my substantial prick stretched her tight, virgin hole out excruciatingly. As she impaled herself on my shaft I reached around and resumed molesting her nipples, from where her father had left off, pinching, pulling and twisting them viciously.

In spite of her pain, she quickly got into a rapid rhythm, sending her ass hole down quickly onto my shaft, as she relaxed all of her anal muscles, and then grasping my cock in a vice-like grip, as she pulled herself back up off of it. Damn! I couldn't believe how tight her tiny little ass hole was until she clamped it down on my oversized appendage.

Her pain began to fade, slowly being replaced by a gnawing need to feel my big pole fucking it. An unfamiliar knot was growing in her belly, as she crept closer and closer to having her first orgasm. Her moans of pain were slowly being replaced with ones of pleasure, and her breath was starting to become shorter and ragged, as she continually pounded her anus on and off of my prick. Suddenly all hell broke loose, as her orgasm swept over her.

She screamed out in delight, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Her nipples got even fatter and longer. Her clit too was fully erect and tingling madly. Her anus was milking me like there was no tomorrow, while she pounded herself even faster and harder on my dick. Everyone but me could see cum shooting from her still virgin cunt, and she was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.

I made her stay in a high orgasmic state for two solid minutes, before continuing to fuck me for another five minutes, at which point she had another major orgasm from getting her ass fucked. I did this so that she would truly enjoy getting it in the ass.

After watching me take Carrie's anal cherry, Stephanie and Jennifer cleared the table and washed the dishes, while the rest of us went up to Carrie's bathroom. I made her sit on the sink, with her legs spread wide apart, and then I made George shave her thick red bush off, so that her crotch was as hairless as the day she was born. First he took a hair clipper, and cut the long thin hairs down to a more manageable length. While he trimmed her cunt hair, he kept the vibrating tool bumping up against or held it right over her clit, driving her crazy with lust. Next he soaped her up real good and rinsed the soap off with hot water. Then he laid hot wash clothes over the areas to be shaved.

He started at her navel, shaving her bare all the way down to her mound d' Venus. Then starting at the joint of her leg and her crotch, he shaved the left side of her cunt and repeated the procedure on the right side. Finally she leaned back and he shaved around her sore anus, leaving her completely hairless between her legs. He then took one of the wash clothes, making it hot again and wiped away any hair and shaving cream that was left.

As a final insult, I made him hold up a mirror, so that Carrie could see how she looked hairless and say to her, "My, doesn't your pussy look sexy!" When she got down off of the sink, I made her spread her legs wide apart and look at her hairless crotch again. She mentally cried, as she remembered having waited so long to get hair between her legs, like a real woman, and now she was hairless again, like a little girl.

We went back down to find that Stephanie and Jennifer had just finished the dishes. It was already 9:00, so I didn't have much time left before Stephanie and I had to get to the club for her to start her shift, but I still had to butt-fuck her virgin ass hole, before she cleaned up to go, and make some bodily changes to all three women.

I made Stephanie stand in the middle of the floor, spread her legs wide apart, bend over from the waist and put her hands out in front of her, like she was grabbing onto a bar, so that her big tits hung down, and were easily accessible. With her ass high in the air, her legs spread wide apart and her head lower than her waist, her cunt was completely visible, and splayed open so wide, that you could see the glistening pink meat of her cunt, with her juices running out of it. This position also caused her ass cheeks to spread open of their own accord, displaying her tiny anal opening, which because I had her in such a turned on state, was spasming open and closed, like the mouth of a fish.

Although I could have just made myself hard by willing it so, I made Jennifer suck me into an erection, while George ate his wife's ass out, in order to lubricate it. After Jennifer was finished getting me hard and backed away, I proceeded to enlarge my cock, before shoving it up Stephanie's ass, until it was fifteen inches long and three inches across. I made all four of them see how big it was, before burying it inside of Stephanie's ass hole.

Stephanie was looking at me from between her legs as I approached her. She reached back between her legs, wrapped her tiny hand around my huge cock and guided it to her anus. When the head of my prick was nestled tightly up against her small opening, she turned to look back at her family, who would be forced to watch her debasement. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her sides, my hands each grabbing onto a tit and squeezing it cruelly. Then I lurched forward, getting just the head of my huge prick into her tight, virgin ass.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" she screamed out in pain, as my cock stretched her sphincter wide open.

"Oh GOD! Get it out! Your killing meeeeeee!" she pleaded over and over.

As the initial excruciating pain subsided, I grabbed her tits tightly for leverage and shoved another six inches up her ass, making her cry out in pain again and also plead even more insistently that I take my cock out of her ass, but she stood her ground, not moving from the position that I had placed her in. I pulled back an inch, grabbed her tits tightly again, and forced the rest of my horse-sized dick into her rectum. The sound that she made, sounded more like a wounded animal, than from a woman getting her ass cherry busted.

I didn't wait for her to get used to having her ass stretched open, and using her tits like handles, I pulled her on and off of my enormous prick, as I gave her a really good anal reaming. I fucked her for fifteen minutes only, as she had to get ready to go to work. I did however give her three, large, mind- blowing orgasms. She then went up to shave, including her crotch, and showered, careful not to get her hair wet, as she had been to the beauty parlor earlier in the day. She then changed into a sluttier dress, put on her new 7" black high heels and grabbed her bag of costumes, before coming back down stairs.

While she was getting ready, I made Carrie take her pussy cherry in exactly the same manner that her sister had. Then I made her clean my cock with her mouth and tongue, leaving it nice and wet to go into her sister's ass. While Carrie attended to my cock with her mouth, George was eating his baby daughter's ass, also getting it ready for my prick. I then took Jennifer's anal cherry in the same manner as I had her sister's. Then the two girls licked me clean and I was ready to go to the club with Stephanie.

Stephanie came down and my last little bit of mischief, before we left needed to be done. As the women, other than Jennifer, already had large breasts, there was no need to enhance them even more. However, Stephanie carried a little extra weight, and I wanted this 34-year-old woman to be able to really compete with her younger competitors, for the men's cocks, at the club. I modified her 34DD-25-36 figure to one of 34DD-22-35 and turned her pink areolas into a darker coral color. I also made her flat-to-the-breast areolas puff out from her mounds of flesh an inch and a half, and increased the size of her nipples, both in length and girth, so that they were REALLY noticeable. I also gave her mental instructions, so that her nipples would get as hard as they could possibly get, whenever she was working, either at the club or for one of the escort services.

Next I made her lips fuller and more kissable, putting them into a permanent pucker and made them naturally redder, so that they would look pretty good, even without lipstick. Then I went to work on her pussy, first making her cunt lips much thicker, and then increased her clit to two inches long. It too would always be in a fully erect state, whenever she was working and twice as sensitive to being touched, as it was now. The last bit of change, included firming up her huge tits and well-rounded ass. Her tits and ass now sat higher on her body with no visible signs of sagging. In the case of her tits, this meant that they literally defied gravity, as they stuck straight out from her chest, with no part of the bottoms touching her chest, almost as if she were wearing an invisible bra, and made her already gigantic tits seem even larger. In addition, the chasm separating her ass was noticeably wider, so much so that you could almost see her anus without spreading her cheeks.

Since the girls were just younger, smaller versions of their mother, I made the same changes, albeit in proportion to their mother's changes, based on their individual build and age. The sole exception being, that I made Jennifer's tits a full cup size larger, to draw even more attention to them, as they would really be bigger than most of her friends.

Then Stephanie and I left for the club. While we were gone, the girls had been instructed to tag-team their father, fucking him with their cunts and asses, then licking and sucking him clean between times. Whoever wasn't fucking herself on her father's prick, would sit on his face while he greedily ate her out. I gave all three, unlimited stamina and George immense recuperative powers, so that he could keep getting his cock up to stick it in one then the other of his daughters' bodies.

Oh, I almost forgot, while I was really ticked at George, and was getting even with him by turning his women into sluts and whores, I didn't really want them hurt, at least not physically. They were paying a big enough price for his greediness, so I super-charged all three of their immune systems to the point that there was absolutely no chance of any of them getting, or even becoming carriers of, any sexually transmitted diseases. This also meant that they wouldn't even pick up a common cold, if they made love to someone who had one.

Chapter-2 Stephanie's First Night at the Club

We drove through some pretty bad sections of town getting to the club. I had allowed Stephanie to speak her mind, civilly, mainly to hear all of her fears of doing what I was making her do. She didn't disappoint me either. She didn't want to be unfaithful to her husband, even though he had gotten her into this predicament. She wasn't afraid of having sex with black men, other than in her already sore ass, but she was afraid that they might beat her up and rape her. I explained to her that you usually aren't raped, when you put out willingly and she would always put out willingly, so that shot down that problem real quick. I further explained, that I was able to tune-in to her brain waves and therefore if she got into a situation, where someone was physically threatening her, that I'd take care of that. As to getting fucked in her ass, I explained that the pain she might feel this weekend, would be the last of it. That after this weekend, after her ass had been fucked numerous times, it would get used to having a cock in it, and that she'd even experience some of her best orgasms when she was getting fucked in the ass, and who knows, that she might even come to prefer it in her butt.

She didn't seemed thrilled with that idea, but it was still preferable to having pain every time she took a cock in her ass. Of course she finally admitted, that she really didn't like the idea of showing her naked body off to all of these strangers, especially since most of them would probably be low life scum. I laughed when she said that, and said that, that was the idea when I picked this particular tittie bar for her to strip at. I even told her that originally I figured that she'd be the only white woman there, but the owner informed me that there were two other white women, but they had black boy friends who stayed at the bar, while they were working, to insure their safety.

"Of course, if you don't believe that I can help you from afar, maybe I could arrange for you to get a black boyfriend. A real big black boyfriend, in all ways." I advised her.

"No please don't do that to me. It's bad enough that I'll be fucking around on my husband without having the complications of having both a husband and a boyfriend." she replied and then very softly added, "Especially a black boyfriend."

"Oh you'd only need to be pleasing one of them, because until I'm an equal partner, except for the mornings after you've worked the club all night, you're never going to have sex with George. He's only going to fuck you, after you get home and before you've had a chance to clean up. Otherwise, your daughters will be more than taking care of his sexual needs. He'll have more sex with your daughters over the next five years, than you two would have had in a lifetime. More than he would have possibly been capable of, without my help." I informed her.

Stephanie was now crying, not about her not being able to be intimate with her husband, but rather his forced sexual abuse of their daughters. We pulled into the parking lot. Stephanie picked up her bag of costumes and headed inside, with me in tow. Although I was there, no one saw me as I blanketed everyone's mind into not seeing me, except Stephanie, so she wouldn't be so nervous. The dress she was wearing did very little to hide her assets, especially since my modifications, it was cut very low in the bust and her skirt barely covered her naked pussy and ass. Combined with the fact that she was wearing 7" heels, all of the black men stopped what they were doing to look at her with lust in their eyes, as she stepped into the bar. Their eyes were already undressing her as she walked through the bar. The door man, took her right back to the owner's office.

Although he wanted to try her out right away, I made him wait until her shift was over, before he had sex with her, along with the bouncers, DJ's, and any other male employees who were there at the end of her shift. Instead he explained to her, her duties, showed her where the rooms were to take the customers, and then showed her the dressing room were she could lock up her belongings, change her costumes between sets, and touch up her make- up. By the time he was finished, it was 11:00, time for her shift to begin and she was called up onto the stage immediately.

The DJ announced her, "And now, for her first time on the stage of the Apollo, is Stephanie. Let's all give her a warm, Apollo welcome." as the crowd broke into a long, loud applause, "I know she's looking forward to meating you more intimately, after her set is over. So let's hear it for Stephanie! Oh, by the way, she will be a regular here on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, from eleven until closing time." and the song for her first dance started.

Stephanie stepped up on the stage, and just as if she'd been stripping at tittie bars all of her adult life, she put on a real smile, compliments of me of course. She strutted back and forth on the stage, her hips doing an exaggerated bump and grind. She teased her audience with peeks at her pantiless ass and crotch. As the song ended, she removed her dress and hung on the hook provided, leaving her standing there in just her stockings and high heels.

Inside, she was blushing up a storm, as the men starred openly right at her naked cunt, ass and tits, but externally, she looked like she was really enjoying what she was doing. The second song started and the DJ reminded the men that the "girls" worked on tips and to be generous to Stephanie. Although she tried to dance during the second song, so many men were holding up dollar bills to stick into her garter, that she was virtually swinging over to the bar to collect one, then back to stage moving down a man or two and having to swing out to the bar again, to collect her next tip.

Each time that she swung over to the bar, she'd land on her knees, with them spread wide apart, to give the man tipping her, a real good close-up look at her hairless, splayed open pussy. She'd say some nice things to the man, then, after he had put his $1, $5, or $10 tip into her garter, she'd bend forward, kiss him right on the lips, while pressing her naked tits against him, much to her horror. As the third, and final song of her set, was played, it was pretty much a repeat of what happened during the second song. In other words, she didn't really dance, but rather moved from man to man who was tipping her.

I laughed to myself, as she mentally recoiled, each time one of the men put their hands on and in her pussy, or on her tits, some squeezing them or pinching her nipples. She just sat there smiling, and talking to them, as if it were the most natural thing the world for her to be doing, allowing a perfect stranger to be pawing her most private of places. Of course, Stephanie was dying inside, as these crude men pawed her, and worse, she knew that she was smiling at them and being real nice to them, while they were using her to get their cheap thrills.

When the set was over, her garter belt was overflowing with tips. She was putting her dress back on as the next girl got on stage. Then she got down and went around to collect her tips. The first several men put singles in her garter, as they stared at her hairless pussy, as she put her foot on the top rung of their bar stool. The next man however, wanted to put a single inside of her dress.

I guess I should have better described the dress before, so I'll do it now. The bust section was sort of set off separately from the lower part, by an elastic band right under her tits. I had designed it so that she could allow men to put tips into the dress while fondling her naked tits, without the tips falling through onto the floor.

Anyway, she smiles at him and says with a straight face, "I'm sorry honey, but for a dollar, you get to put it in my garter and look at my naked pussy. You want to play with these tits," and she thrust her huge tits out, "the minimum tip is five bucks per tit that you want to play with.You see that girl up on stage now."

"Yeah." he responds.

"What do you think she has, maybe 'C' cup tits? Well these puppies are double 'D's', and have the best nipples that you'll ever see or touch. A girl's got to have her standards you know, and if you want to put your hands on them, you'll need at least a fiver, if you only want to play with one of them. I'll even lean forward and give you a great angle to get your hand into my dress." she explained.

The man paused a second, then put the single down and picked up a five. Stephanie leaned forward, just as she had promised, and the man slid the tip, and his hand, into her dress and played with her right tit for a moment and then started to move over to play with the left one.

Stephanie reached up, grabbed his wrist and said, "Uh uh! That's five dollars per tit!" The man left the tip, and removed his hand, and she went on to the next man. Having heard this, the next several men had their five and ten dollar bills ready for when the new white stripper came by to collect her tips. Everything was peaceful, until she was about three quarters of the way around the room. Then one big black man, who hated white people, made a scene, calling her white trash and a whore. Before I had to do anything, two bouncers were all over him and escorted him out of the bar. Thankfully, it was the only such scene the whole night, but it really upset Stephanie, who didn't want to be there anyway.

When she was through collecting, I made her go back into the dancers dressing room and count her money. While she was aware that she had been given lots of tips, she had no clue as to how much money she had collected. First she had to reach into her dress and pull out all the fives and tens and even a few twenties, that had been deposited there. Then she had to pull all of the bills out of her bright red garter. As she separated the bills, she was pleasantly surprised at how many fives and tens she had been given. She had been working for less than an hour and had already collected $327 in tips. She went back out to the bar and asked the bar maid if they had any large bills and traded in most of her singles, and all of her fives and tens, getting one hundred dollar bill and four fifties. She then went back to the dressing room and locked the money in her locker.

She then went back out on the floor, as several men had indicated a desire to have her do lap dances or have sex with them. She began filling the orders in the order that the requests were given to her. First was a lap dance for $20 with a man about the same age as she was. He was sort of average build and was neither handsome nor ugly. She took the man over to the semi-private tables, which had been set aside for that purpose, took her dress off and as the next song began, straddled the man's lap, pressed her pussy down over his cock and began moving her body against his, keeping her nipples in contact with his chest. The man didn't just sit there, his hands roamed all over her body, except for her pussy which was being rubbed up and down the length of his cock. He fingered her ass, squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, as she moved rhythmically on and against his body.

The song was over and the man said, "So soon?"

"Do you want to pay me for another one?" she asked.

"No, one's my limit." he said, and gave her two tens.

Stephanie got up, got dressed and went to retrieve the next man. She was just starting to feel like a real whore, not believing that she was allowing total strangers, and black men at that, to do anything they wanted to her body, for a price.

The next man wanted a quickie, for which the going rate was $50. He was, she guessed in his late fifties, ugly as sin and must have weighed at least 350 pounds.

She led him back to the real small rooms, barely bigger than the cots inside of them and asked, "Well honey, how do you want to do it."

"I wants to lie on my back while youse rides me hard and fast, while I plays with those big titties o yours." he replied excitedly.

"Sure honey, any way you want to do it, Stephanie will accommodate you." she said with heart felt honesty, beaming at him, like she was really looking forward to having sex with this grotesque old man. Inside of course, she was nauseous over the prospect of going down on the old coot, the fat slob.

When they were both undressed, and the man was lying on the cot, she looked down to realize that he wasn't even hard yet. "Don't worry honey, I'll get him up for you." she said, grinning as she kneeled down to suck the man into erection. Inside however, she was blanching at the prospect of having to put her mouth on this man's cock.

The closer she got to his prick the stronger his odor was. He smelled as if he hadn't bathed in a week, but due to my programing, she went right to work on him, even making the man think that she sincerely loved doing this. That was a first, most of the other strippers wouldn't even accept a date with him anymore, as he came right to the bar straight from cutting yards all day out in the hot sun and stank to high heavens.

To make matters worse, it was never really a quickie with him, as they really had to work to get him hard, and even then, sometimes his cock would shrink right in the middle of fucking. Most of the time when this happened, the girl would say that it was over, and demanded to be paid, even though he hadn't cum yet. Tonight he was in luck however, Stephanie, couldn't back out, or stop in the middle, as my programing would make her satisfy every customer who used her. In the future however, I would allow her to charge this man double, telling him that he required special treatment, and since she was indeed giving him special treatment, he needed to pay for her extra time. Although he wouldn't want to pay anymore money, he would because she was so pretty, big titted, white and most importantly, because she gave it her all willingly.

Stephanie licked all around his cock, his balls and even in the joint where his leg met his crotch, as she licked up the sweat and dirt accumulated there. Then she sucked him into her mouth and rubbed her long, thick nipples up and down on his tree trunk sized thighs. She diligently bobbed her head up and down on his black pole, while teasing his balls with her finger nails. It didn't take too long before he started to respond, although not fully hard yet. She had to suck him off for five, long, excruciating minutes, until he was hard enough to penetrate her pussy, the first cock to have done so since she had married George.

While I had nothing to do with what the men were asking of her, I was glad that this man ended up being her first. It knocked her down several pegs, and she was highly embarrassed about even being seen with this man, much less leading him into a quickie room to fuck him. Even in this bar, the black strippers didn't want to be seen taking this particular man back to a quickie room, no matter how ugly or otherwise undesirable that they might have been, and here was the best looking, best built stripper in the bar, and a white girl at that, taking him back there to allow him to use her body.

Stephanie eventually got him hard, and then mounted him. Unlike the other strippers, once he was hard, he didn't get soft while she fucked him with all of the passion that she could muster. She even had a loud, bone shaking orgasm, just as he spit his foul seed into her sucking cunt, as her pussy milked him for every last drop that he had inside of his balls. After pulling off of him, she quickly slid over to the bidet, next to the cot, to get all of his sperm out, so that it wouldn't be leaking down her legs, and then got dressed.

She didn't even have time for another quickie, and quickly went around to advise the men that she would be on next and would get back to them after the next set. Her second set of three songs was basically a repeat of her first set. She sexily sashayed back and forth across the stage during the first song, and then spent most of the second and third songs collecting tips. She then went around the bar to collect tips for her dancing, counted her money, exchanged the small bills for larger ones, locked it in her locker and went out to get the next man that she had promised to see. He was a big young buck, and wanted to *fuck the shit out of her*, so he took her upstairs, for $300. On the way, he told that he wanted to fuck her in the ass.

Having an individual package of lubricant stashed under her tit, she advised him that was not a problem, but that he would have to grease both of them up first, as she didn't do it without lubrication. The stud wanted to hurt this white bitch, by fucking his huge tool into her tightest of holes. I heard his thoughts, and changed his mind from demanding to fuck her without lubrication to lubricating her hole with his huge fingers first, and really stretching her out.

After getting undressed, he made her kneel on the well used bed, her head on the mattress and her legs spread wide apart. This caused her hairless pussy and anus to gape open for his viewing enjoyment, and left her extremely vulnerable. Stephanie didn't trust the young man, but had no choice but to do as he asked, at least until he broke her trust. She was dying inside. She just knew that he'd try and slip it into her without the benefit of lubrication.

When he slipped two very long, thick fingers into her ass and proceeded to pound them in and out of her butt, she squealed in pain, much to his delight, but since the fingers were lubricated, she had to stay right there and take what he was dishing out. He pulled them out, relubricating the first two plus another and repeated his abuse of her already sore ass, from my reaming of it earlier in the evening. Stephanie thought that she was going to be split in half when he used all four fingers to lubricate and stretch her ass hole out, as a prelude to his butt fucking her. He did it in the most hurtful way that he could, keeping all four of his fingers in a straight line, next to each other, making them even wider than his prick, as he finger-fucked her for the last time.

After pulling his fingers out of her ass, and lubricating his own cock, because I made him do so, he crawled up behind her on his knees, placed the head of his erect cock right to her tiny anal eye, and pressed it into her ass with all of his might. Stephanie's wails of pain could be heard all over the bar. Several men who knew what this man intended to do to her, laughed, knowing that their friend must have just penetrated the new stripper with his horse-sized spear.

Although it hurt like hell at first, Stephanie was soon bucking her hips back and forth, matching her rhythm to his, as he reamed her out for only the second time in her life. His cock while huge, was still smaller than mine by over three inches and was thinner as well, but it was still a lot larger than George's relatively puny prick, almost twice as big, both in length as well as girth. With her moving exactly opposite of his movements, it didn't take long for the pain to die down, and to be replaced by both a need to get fucked in her ass, as well as a pleasurable feeling from doing so.

They were fucking hard, both wanting to get their rocks off and working together towards that goal. With each inward plunge, Stephanie opened herself up to the hateful, plundering prick that was both hurting her as well as making her feel really good. Each time he bottomed out, his belly spanked her ass cheeks, and his balls slapped up against her wide open, drooling pussy. The bed springs were creaking and groaning against their actions on it and the noise was even carrying down stairs, it was so loud.

The pain was totally gone now and that familiar knot in her womb was developing, which signaled her that her own orgasm was approaching. I of course, was not going to let her have one, at least not until she felt the man cuming inside of her. Not just for this man, but for all of her sexual encounters tonight. Oh, she would cum each and every time, unless of course the man came upon entering her, or very shortly thereafter, but she would only be able to cum when she felt her partner cuming inside of her, no matter how long he was able to hold out and no matter how well he was fucking her. In addition, she would have a really intense orgasm, if the man lasted an exceptionally long time, and had done an exceptionally good job of putting it to her. If not, she would just have an orgasm equal to the usual ones that she had with George.

This man was doing such a job on her ass right now. He took fifteen minutes, fucking her long and hard the whole time, ah the youth, and when he came, Stephanie had a six minute orgasm, during which she squealed in delight as her whole body shook so hard that she thought her teeth would fall out while her anus milked his cock, thus preventing him from losing his erection. He wanted to just continue fucking her, but since he couldn't afford another three hundred dollars, he pulled out of her and she got cleaned up. Then they both got dressed and went back down stairs.

This continued virtually non-stop the entire night. She didn't do any more lap dances, opting instead for all quickies and longer sexual encounters. By the end of the evening she had, had sex with twenty men, all of whom would fuck her again sometime. She had also been groped and handled by almost two hundred men.

The last drink call coming at 5:45 and the last customer at the bar left at 6:15. Stephanie, however was still in fucking one last customer, who didn't leave until 6:30. She availed herself of the shower room, feeling really dirty. She then got dressed, counted her money, made the last exchange for larger bills and locked her money in her locker. She had, had a really good night, she was totally amazed that she had made $4,300 for one night's work, and that didn't even include the small pay check that she'd get the following Friday.

Before she could leave however, she had to have sex with the bouncers, DJ, and owner, although not in that order. The owner took her up to one of the rooms and Stephanie quickly got naked. First he fucked her with his thick 10" tool. Then he made her clean his black cock with her mouth and tongue and suck him back to erection, before taking her in the ass. When he was through with her, the door man, the manager, two bouncers and the DJ came in. After they stripped down for action, the manager laid down on the bed as Stephanie squatted over him, impaling her cunt on his cock. The DJ kneeled in front of her and she hungrily swallowed his cock, sucking him off for all she was worth. Finally one of the bouncers, the one with the largest tool, kneeled down behind her and slid his cock into her ass. The three of them quickly began fucking up a storm.

While Stephanie had sucked her husband off before, she had never deep throated him. Now it seemed that the only way she gave a blow job, was to deep throat the man that she was sucking off. Her pussy and ass were opening wide as the cocks slid into her and snapped shut around them, like she didn't want them to leave, as they pulled out of her. The men fucking her pussy and ass were synchronizing their strokes, so that they were both pushing to get inside of her and both pulling out of her at the same time. Stephanie, while tired from having worked so hard for seven and a half hours already, was thoroughly enjoying this fucking, even if all the men were black and crude. Their cocks were doing things to her, that no one man could have ever achieved alone.

As one man came, he was replaced by another and her fucking continued on for almost another hour, before the six men, including the owner, couldn't get their cocks hard enough to fuck her anymore. Stephanie cleaned up enough so that she wouldn't mess up her clothes on the drive home, but left her pussy sloppy and full of cum for George to fuck it with, and then got dressed.

On the ride home, I announced, "Well, you're officially a whore now. You fucked what, twenty-six men tonight, twenty of them for money and let hundreds of others play with your tits, cunt and ass for tips. Let's see you made about $3,500 giving men head and letting them fuck your cunt and ass and you made another $800 in tips, mainly given for allowing them to get their cheap thrills, by feeling up your tits and fingering your pussy and ass. Yep, you're a whore now." and I let that fully sink in as we rode home in silence.

Stephanie was crying inside, remembering bartering with these men over how much they'd pay for the privilege for having sex with her and then the sex itself. She didn't want to be a whore. She didn't want to have sex with all of these strangers, especially the crude ones, the fat ones and the ugly ones, and she felt that she had been forced to have more than her share of those types this past evening.

We arrived at her house at almost nine o'clock. In spite of being dog tired, she took George by the hand and led him up to their bedroom, with her daughters and me on their tails.

"Although I really don't want to have more sex now, as you know, you've got to fuck my well-used pussy every morning after I've worked a shift at the club. In fact, until Carl is an equal shareholder with you, it's the only time that you and I will be allowed to have sex together. I'll be getting plenty of pleasuring at the club and who knows how much sex I'll be forced to perform from the outcall services. You'll be fucking our little girls, so you too will be getting plenty of sex yourself. Although I'm filthy, full of other men's cum, and I know that I must smell awful, the biggest reason that Carl wants you to fuck me right now, is so that you can see for yourself, first hand, what your greediness is doing to me, so that you can feel just how stretched out, my normally tight pussy is, and also how it feels filled with other men's cum."

They quickly undressed as the three of us looked on. Stephanie lay down on her back, spread her legs wide and pulled them back so that her knees were almost even with her breasts. Opened as she was, we all could see how red, puffy and irritated her lining looked, as gobs of cum poured out of her hole.

"You're not getting just sloppy seconds dear, you're getting more like sloppy fifteenths." she advised him as he slipped what had to be the smallest cock she had taken into her cunt since she had left for the club.

It easily slid into her so much more than he was used to, he was actually afraid that when the ordeal was over, their sex lives would never be the same. To his amazement, he could barely feel her cunt, it was so stretched out. Without any assistance from me, it took him ten minutes to cum inside of his wife's well-used cunt, where he would have normally popped off in less than two minutes. Although initially he was pleased to be allowed to have sex with his own wife, under the circumstances, he was much less than satisfied, after finally cuming inside of her, feeling like he had attempted to fuck a whale or an elephant, or other similarly huge beast, as he was barely able to feel the walls of her cunt touching his cock, much less gripping it tightly, as he was used to feeling.

After he pulled out, the two girls climbed onto the bed, to suck all of the cum that they could get out of their mommy's pussy. Carrie was first, and after a minute she let Jennifer take a turn. They kept switching off at one minute intervals and stopped only after they could only taste her love juices, without being able to taste any more male sperm.

1, 2, 3, 4