Title: Retarded Rape
Author: Debbie Barney




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Jerry Masters was mentally retarded. He had the intelligence of a three-year-old, and the mature body of a somewhat overweight twenty-year-old man. Jerry had been raised all his life by his aunt and uncle, because his mother had had him when she was only thirteen, and had been unable to raise him herself, especially when it turned out that her drug-using and smoking while pregnant had adversely affected the baby.

Jerry's aunt and uncle, Connie and Phil, had their hands full raising their troubled little nephew, but they grew to love him as the years passed, and tried to make him as happy as they could. They took him on vacations with them, and made sure he always had the best health care. They tried to see that he never had to sit around in a room with nothing to do. But really there wasn't much they could do to entertain Jerry except leave the cartoon channel on all the time. Jerry was not bright enough to really get bored.

Finally, Connie and Phil had a child of their own, when Connie was thirty-five (they figured it was now or never). They had a little girl, and they named her Ellen after Phil's mother. Ellen was a beautiful little girl, with curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, and adorable dimples when she smiled, which was often.

Ellen grew up knowing she had to be careful of Jerry. Like any three-year-old, he would get mad if someone touched one of his toys. Unlike most three-year-olds, when he hit you he could knock you across the room.

One day, Jerry was out in the fenced-off back yard, just walking around, not really doing much. He happened to look in the window of the laundry room, and he saw a strange thing: Angelica, the family's housemaid, was sitting on the washing machine with her skirt around her waist and no panties on.

Phil, Connie's husband, was repeatedly pushing his pee- pee in and out between Angelica's legs. The longer Jerry watched Phil pounding his long skinny cock in and out of Angelica's fat hairy pussy, the harder Jerry's cock got. Until Jerry had to pull down his pants because it was getting uncomfortable.

Jerry pulled down his pants and then stepped out of them. Then, watching Phil moaning and punching in and out of Angelica, Jerry tried to make himself pee. He figured he just really had to pee, and that's what was wrong with him.

He started to get worried, because no pee would come out. Then he realized that maybe he needed to shove his cock inside Angelica in order to get the pee out, like Uncle Phil was doing. Jerry thought it was a little funny to piss inside of a woman. But it looked exciting and he was willing to try.

He went inside, naked from the waist down, cock still hard, but halfway to the laundry room he forgot why he was there. So he went upstairs to go to the bathroom and try and pee (his aunt and uncle had spent years trying to toilet train him). In the bathroom sat Ellen. The little girl, who was then ten years old, was sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties around her ankles.

She was too stunned by the sight of Jerry's huge erect pecker to say anything as he shut the door behind him and locked it (his uncle had taught him to lock it to keep people from walking in on him while he peed and pooped).

All of a sudden, Jerry saw Ellen's little five-year-old cunt, and something resonated with him. He realized that she was just like Angelica, except with no hair there. Immediately, he yanked Ellen off of the toilet and, holding her with one arm around her waist, he began touching her between her legs with his hand, feeling her pee-wet little vagina.

Ellen began to yell at Jerry to let go of her, but it was no use. He was wildly excited by the feel of her soft little cuntmound and he was determined to put his cock in it, especially since he had found the little hole between her soft pudgy cuntlips, and pressed the tip of his finger into it. He knew that his cock would go up inside of there.

Ellen began to scream in earnest when Jerry pushed her onto the floor on her back and, despite her struggles, managed to pry her legs wide apart. In horror she watched his fat, ugly face screw up with concentration as he tried to find a way to get his rigid prong into her. She wept and screamed loudly as she felt the hot head of his cock suddenly socket against the opening of her immature cunthole.

Jerry was getting wildly excited. The feel of Ellen's damp little cunthole, wet from her piss, against the head of his hard, feverishly hot cock was intensely exciting.

Holding her down easily, barely noticing that she was trying to push him off of her, he put his big hands on her hips and began eagerly pressing his engorged cock home into the writhing young girl. He opened his mouth and his drool dribbled onto her cheek as he closed his eyes at the exquisite feeling of a ten-year-old girl's tender virginal cunt slowly being impaled on his throbbing penis.

Ellen's screams reached their highest pitch as the retarded man forced his dick into her, ripping through her hymen and seating his horny excited prick deep up her raped pussy, pressing his cockhead against her cervix.

Moaning in sheer delight, Jerry began sawing his thick prick feverishly, instinctively, in and out of Ellen's clamping, squeezing, bloody little cunt. He panted, "Gonna pee in your hole, Ewwen. Gonna pee in your hole... I wuv your hole... I wuv your hole..."

Jerry didn't last long after that. Moaning and groaning in pleasure, the fat retarded man ground his thick cock in and out of the ten-year-old girl's tender little cunthole until finally, with a last hard thrust, he buried his prick as far up her as he could get, and blew off in her in a series of hard spurting jets, spraying her ravaged, torn little cunt with his hot potent semen. He spurted and spurted and spurted in her, surge after surge of his hot juice ejaculating up into her ten-year- old womb.

Just as Jerry finished cumming inside the sobbing girl, Ellen's father finally broke down the bathroom door, and stood there in horror, realizing that a mentally retarded man had just raped and cum inside of his precious little girl.

The next day, a very confused and unhappy Jerry was carted off to a state-run mental institution, one of the worst in the country. Connie and Phil didn't care what became of him. They only worried about what to do with Ellen, who it seemed might never recover from the trauma of being raped by the retarded man.

Later in life, it turned out that Ellen had an obsession with being fucked by the mentally deficient. In fact, when she was twenty, she visited the mental institution where Jerry was being kept on the pretext of writing an article for her college newspaper. She found Jerry, drooling in a cell, lying on his stomach while a large black man raped Jerry's soggy, stretched-out asshole.

Ellen entered the cell when the black man wandered off, and she let Jerry once again fuck her and cum in her.

It didn't surprise Connie and Phil too much when, just a year or so later, Ellen herself was institutionalized.

You just don't recover from some things.

The End