Title: Raping The Twins
Author: Dark Dreamer (an84561@anon.penet.fi)




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• •  • •

He notice the girl right away. She was young and lovely, with the cute innocence and nubile beauty that often attracted his eyes. He'd had better in the long string of girls he'd taken, but certainly she was worth a thought.

She had curly brown hair, shoulder length, and was wearing a tight mini-dress that hugged her figure well, showing off her curves. The dress was black, with wavy orange stripes, and below that she wore black stockings and high heels.

Very cute, he thought. Nice tits, nice tight ass. Young too, not as young as the blonde he'd had last month, or even the Jap girl he'd had last week, but reasonably young, late teens maybe. Probably not a virgin then, at least in the pussy.

Then he saw another girl come out beside the first. His eyes opened wider as he stared at her. She was an exact picture of the first, though she wore tight jeans and one of those cockteasing tops, where the material sort of fell straight down from her tits and the bottom ended several inches above her belt. A standaway top was what it was called, he thought. Little whore, he hissed to himself.

She had a nice tanned belly. He wondered if her sister did too. Twins. He'd never had twins before. He trembled a little at the thought of what he could do with twins. Had they ever fucked a guy together? Had they ever fucked each other?

His mind played out a fantasy of the two girls naked and rolling together on a bed, licking each other's pussys, maybe taking a shower together, rubbing their tits over each other.

Dirty whores, he growled.

The two girls wandered down the mall and he followed, plotting and planning. He'd do a lot of video of the two together, and pictures, lots of pictures. He'd have those two dirty little sluts sucking and fucking each other, moaning an groaning so realistically they'd never dare tell anyone.

He'd pound those bitches till it came out their ears. He'd fuck one while the other watched, then do the second while the first watched, maybe up the ass. He'd make them suck each other off.

The two girls left the mall and he followed them out to a red convertible. He glowered at them as the convertible backed up, noting their licence number automatically. He let his lips curl in a sneer, thinking that red should be only for blonde sluts. Brunette sluts should be in green cars.

Well, he'd teach them better. He'd teach them a lot about everything.

Their names were Laurie and Corie. Cute. They were both Froshes in university. Luckily, they lived together off campus. He'd had problems in dorm rooms before and wanted to stay away from the campus.

They shared a two bedroom apartment. That wasn't great. A house, preferably an isolated house, would be great. Still, it was better than a dorm room. He studied them for a while. Their schedule wasn't as easy as a working girl's. They didn't leave at the same time every day and didn't come home at the same time.

He finally took a chance and broke into their apartment. Taped on the back of each of their bedroom doors was their schedules at school. He copied them carefully. While he was there, of course, he searched through their belongings.

Laurie's clothes tended to be conservative, so too did her underwear. Her room was neat as a pin, everything hung up and put away in perfectly made up drawers. Her bed was neatly made, her brushes, combs and other toiletries lined up neatly before the makeup mirror.

Corie's room was a disaster area. Her wardrobe was all over the floor. He could hardly see any of the rug at all for the clothes and other junk lying around. Her clothes were a lot sexier than her sister's. She had a lot of mini-skirts and mini-dresses, and her lingerie was multi-colored silk, satin, and lace. There were G- strings, and see through teddies and a vibrator hidden in the bottom of her sock drawer.

He held it up, a gleam in his eyes. He was going to watch the whore use this, on herself and on her sister. He put everything away then let himself out, locking the door carefully behind him.

He was ready for the twins a couple of days later. There was no real security at the building as he walked in. He went upstairs to the twins apartment and, as before, picked the lock easily, letting himself in, in seconds.

Laurie would be off school at two, when her last class of the day ended. Corie would be at school until nearly six. That gave him lots of time to break the first girl before turning to the second. He figured Laurie might even be a virgin, and would certainly be the easiest to break.

He set up to video cameras in Laurie's bedroom, both facing the bed. He had straps already fixed to the four corners, waiting for her. His thirty five millimetre cameras were lined neatly on a dresser, along with several different restraints and gags, a long, flexible, double headed dildo, and some other things he'd gotten specially for them.

He watched from the window, knowing the direction the girl would take. She was half an hour late, and he was just beginning to worry, when she trotted up the path from the road. He watched her through binoculars until she disappeared in the front door.

He chuckled softly and got up, then moved into the slut's bedroom. He wanted to catch the goodie-goodie from behind and knew she would change right after getting home.

He heard the front door slam and drew back a bit, watching through the crack as Laurie threw down a heavy bag of books and moved into the living room. She sat down and went through the mail as he watched cuntimpatiently.

He was naked except for a thin pair of string bikini underpants. His coal-black skin rippled with muscles, and his bald head gleamed lightly as he drew his lips back in a snarl of pleasure. His cock was already trying to unfold in anticipation of the deep pink tunnel it would soon be sliding into.

The girl stood and, with her shoes in her hands, walked past where he was hidden and opened the door to her own room. He came around the corner and walked over to her door as she stood there in bewilderment, staring at the cameras pointed at her bed.

He was able to come into the room and close the door behind him, then lean his bulk against it before she even knew he was there.

"The cameras are for you, slut," he said. She screamed and whirled around, her eyes wide as she stared at him. She backed hurriedly away, tripping across a low stool, but quickly picking herself up and backing as far as she could, until the wall kept her from moving further.

She held the shoes up as though they were weapons, her mouth gaping, her eyes bulging. She stared in horror as he padded slowly forward, her head tilting back as he got closer and loomed over her.

"Now let's get something straight, Laurie," he said, smiling reassuringly even as he joined his hands together and flexed his powerful muscles.

"I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to do anything to stop me. You're an intelligent girl." He walked forward until his thick chest was almost touching her, and his big fists were against the wall on either side of her shoulders, his arms blocking her on either side.

"Being intelligent, you'll recognize the hopelessness of trying to resist me, and realize how much pain you could experience if I choose."

He took the shoes from her trembling hands and tossed them behind him. The girl stared like a fawn caught in a car's headlights, trembling in shock and stunned fear.

He moved back a foot, folding his arms across his chest as he looked down at her.

"Take off your clothes, Laurie," he said.

"P... please, I... "

"Take off your clothes!" he hissed in a furious, raging voice he had long ago perfected.

She gasped in terror, drawing back flat against the wall as he snarled down at her.

"I better not have to tell you again, slut!" he growled. "Strip!"

"All right! All right! Don't hurt me!" she whimpered.

"I ain't gonna hurt you, white girl. I'm just gonna fuck you... hard."

Her hands shaking, her eyes not leaving him for a second, she unzipped her dress and slowly brought it forward over her shoulders, letting it slide down her slender body and drop in a pool at her feet. She stepped out of it and reached for her bra, her hands going behind her and unlatching it, then bringing it forward.

Like many others, she tried to cover her chest until the last possible minute, her arms folded over her breasts, but then, her skin red in embarrassment, she let the bra and her arms drop and slipped her thumbs into her panties, shoving them down and stepping out of them.

Naked, she stood there, slightly stopped, her arms half covering her nakedness.

"Put your back flat against the wall and stand straight," he ordered.

Her chest heaving, she complied, staring in terror at the giant black man as he regarded her naked flesh.

"Not bad," he said. "Tits are a bit small, but they're nice and high and round. Now, I want you to put your arms above your head, way up there. Higher, as high as they can go. Good girl. Now spread them apart, wider. Good."

He moved over to the dresser and lifted one of the cameras, then snapped several pictures.

"Spread your legs now, and keep your back straight."

He snapped more pictures of her. Laurie trembled with fear and embarrassment, but stood still, her back pressed hard against the wall, her arms and legs spread apart.

"Now turn around, baby, turn and face the wall, same position."

Her chest heaving, she did as he ordered, pressing her breasts flat against the surface of the wall.

"Now, I want you to bend over. Bend over and spread your legs for me, and keep your hands pressed against the wall. You've seen the position on the TV shows."

He took several more shots.

"Wag that round little ass at me, baby. Wiggle it and wave it. I want to see it dance."

She didn't move, her eyes wide as she stared at the wall.

"You heard, me cunt. I said to wag your tail!"

She slowly moved her ass from side to side, panting and moaning weakly. He picked up one of the video cameras and started shooting.

"Faster. Put more life into it, slut! And hump back for me."

"Wha... what?"

"Hump that butt! Pump it like you got a hard one up your asshole!"

She gasped in shock, her fear mounting again.

"Move!" he snarled.

She squeaked in fear and humped back at him. Her ass shook from side to side and bounced up and down. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as she shook and wagged her ass cheeks at the fearsome black man.

"Not great, but it's only rehearsal. You'll do better after I stick you a few times."

He put down the camera and went over to her. His hand slapped down on her round ass cheeks and she gasped in shock and renewed terror. He cupped her ass, then kneaded the soft meat with his heavy fingers. He slid his hand down between her legs and cupped her pussy, giving it a few squeezes.

"Please don't hurt me," she whimpered.

"Just do what you're told, bitch, and nobody will get hurt." He pulled her from the wall and flung her towards her bed. She tumbled onto it, then turned to gaze back at him in fear.

"On your back, spread your legs apart, bitch, and your arms. Yeah. I think I like that idea."

He pulled several leather strips from his bag and went over to the bed, then the quickly bound her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Satisfied, he went back to the dresser and got the still camera, then took several more pictures.

He put it down and went back to the bed. He stood beside it, grinning down at the helpless girl. His hand cupped his crotch and he rubbed it in a slow circular fashion.

"Guess what I got here, baby. Guess what I got for you, white girl."

He slid his shorts down and his long, thick prong sprang forth, pointing towards the startled girl's face. She gasped, her mouth and eyes wide. He stepped out of his shorts and got onto the bed, crawling over between her legs and squatting there. He and the girl locked eyes.

He chuckled and she broke contact, her eyes darting helplessly at his thick organ as he held it there in his fist.

"Ready for it, cunt? Ready for a big nigger cock?"

"Please don't," she sobbed. "I'm a virgin."

"I knew it! I knew it," he laughed. "I figured you for a virgin. That's a God damn shame, girl. Way I got it figured teenage girls should have a cock up in their pussies every fuckin' day, every fucking minute. Yeah. And in their asses too. You're walking around letting it go to waste."

He slid his free hand onto her belly. She gasped again, staring at it. He rubbed her belly, sighing in pleasure at the softness and warmth. His other hand joined the first and he caressed her flesh, sliding up and down her hips, her sides, then up along her ribs before coming around and sliding over her breasts.

She whimpered and pulled at the leather strips holding her in place. His hands rubbed very softly against her rounded orbs. He stroked the sides, then the center, avoiding the nipples. Then he bent over and slid his tongue onto her belly, just above her thatch of pussy hair. He slid it upwards along her belly, very slowly, winding it from side to side.

His tongue slid up between her breasts then curved around one, circling it before passing across and circling the other. Finally, his hands stroking her titties from the sides, her slid his tongue directly up onto her left breast and onto her nipple. He closed his lips on the little round bud and sucked, first gently, then stronger.

He shifted to the other tit, sucking on that nipple. He closed his teeth around it and gnawed lightly, drawing a whimper from Laurie. His fingers kneaded her soft, malleable breast meat, digging deep furrows in the soft round orbs.

He eased downwards, sliding his tongue down her belly again as he shifted himself back towards the foot of the bed. He stared at her cunt from inches away, his hands caressing her thighs.

"Virgin pussy," he sighed. "Ain't had no virgin pink for a while now. Nice N fresh N tight."

His fingers eased into her tight slit, and rubbed along it, then peeled the outer lips apart, revelling her soft, gleaming pink skin, raw and moist and lovely.

Laurie whimpered again, refusing to watch, staring up at the ceiling in total humiliation as the giant black man pulled her cunt open and stared into her.

He rubbed his fingers along her slit, then bent and slid his tongue into her, rubbing up and down her pink flesh, moistening it, slipping into her hole, sliding over her clitty. He spread the top of her cunt apart like a flower and slid his lips onto her clitty, buzzing and humming as he lapped hard with his tongue.

He screwed a finger into her tightness, sighing in pleasure as her cunt sucked and chewed and bit down on his finger. He pumped it slowly, his tongue whipping up and down against her clit. He laughed, then slid upwards along her body, his heavy muscular frame crushing her as it rasped upwards.

Then he was over her, on her. His eyes stared savagely down into hers. His heavy frame crushed her into the bed. He seized her hair and forced her head up and back, then mashed his lips against hers. His tongue jabbed into her, flittering around like a live thing.

He reached down to his cock and pressed the head against her moist center, then began pushing downwards. He pulled his lips from hers, but held her hair tightly, staring into her eyes. His eyes bored into her as he slowly drove his cock through her pussy lips and into her body.

She opened her mouth, a gurgling sigh of breath escaping as her eyes widened.

"No! No I... Oh! OOhhh! UUnnnnnggghhhhh! AAAAaaarchhhh!" Her head pulled desperately, her body shaking and tearing at the bonds holding her. Her muscles strained and pulled to no effect as his cock slowly drove through her, mashed against her cherry, and then burst through. It slid deeper inside, forcing open the never before entered passage.

The fat, bloated cockhead thrust high into the writhing girl's belly, moving upwards until it finally came to rest against her cervix.

Laurie's eyes bulged wide, and the air puffed out of her in short, gasping groans. Her insides were on fire with pain and shock as the thick, hard organ rested inside her.

The feeling, like no other she had experienced, was shocking to her system. Never before had she felt such... pressure inside her. Never before had she felt her cunt pierced, her soft tunnel pried apart. The thin flesh was tight around his pulsing tool. Her cunt lips were clamped down tightly against the base of his prick.

She groaned, the sound choked back by another cry of pain as he drew back slightly then thrust inward. His weight was an overwhelming, squashing her. His skin was hot against her, his hands rough as they kneaded her flesh. His tongue slithered in and out between her mouth, slipping over her own tongue, scouring her teeth, caressing the insides of her cheeks.

He ground his loins into her, then began to pump, grunting at the effort or forcing his thick organ up and down her tight fuck tunnel. He pulled his cock out half way, then slid it slowly back in, watching her eyes still. His hands slid down beneath her, hard, steel-like claws gripping her buttocks and pulling her tight as he ground his pelvis into her soft thighs.

His thick black fingers dug into her tender ass cheeks, squeezing, kneading, pinching, digging into the malleable flesh as he forced her up against him. She whined, and the sound was music to his ears. He bit her throat, then licked her, his tongue sliding up from under her chin to behind her ear.

His fat fuck meat pulled back, then thrust inward, starting to pump in slow movements, fighting the tightness of her hot belly. He rolled his hips from side to side as the girl whimpered and moaned and grunted and whined. His cock worked in harder as he tore her virginal cunt box open.

"Like that, little bitch? Dirty little white whore! Wagging your ass around in front of everyone! You want it! Don't you? Don't you?!"

He tore her head back and she cried out in pain as he pulled her hair.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried, her eyes tearing.

"Slut! Dirty little slut!" he sneered, mashing his lips down over hers again as he humped into her with greater strength. His ass rose higher and higher with each stroke, as he used more and more of his cock to stab her.

His cockhead slid up and down her with tremendous force and velocity, pounding into her with deadly energy, ripping down her cunt tube from her pussy lips to her cervix, then tearing back up again. His heavy thighs bruised and hurt her thighs, but neither noticed, or cared. Both were concentrating on his hard cock as it pumped inside her.

"Oh Yeah! Take it! Take it, bitch! Bitch! Whore!"

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" she grunted, gasping for breath as his heavy body pounded down into her.

Then he stiffened and came, flooding her belly with his steaming white jism, pouring thick, gooey wads of juice into her cunt tube, draining his balls down into her guts as he eased his motions and lay still atop her.

He sighed, and pulled up, rising to his knees again as the girl stared up at him, sniffing and blinking her eyes.

"So you been fucked. It shoulda been done years ago, you stupid bitch. Now I want you to promise you'll slide this pretty cunt of yours over at least three cocks every day." He leered and rubbed her pussy.

"I... I promise," she whimpered.

"Good. Now, we got a few more things to get through, business to take care of."

He untied her and let her sit up.

"I'm gonna take some more pictures. You, baby, are gonna pose for em'. The longer it takes you to do it right, the longer we'll be at it. Understand?"

She nodded, fearfully.

For the next half hour he put her through gradually more and more obscene poses. At first she just modelled, though with her legs open, her body posed. Then he added toys, and lust filled expressions. She had to pose with her legs wide, a dildo half buried in her snatch, her back arched and a look of bliss on her face, for instance. He did his best to make the pictures look like she'd willingly posed for them.

Laurie's desperate desire for him to finish and leave, and the knowledge that she was totally at his mercy, overcame her shyness, her humilation and embarrassment at the filthy, obscene poses, and the disgusting things he made her do.

He ended with a careful rehearsal, where she pretended to be masturbating with the aid of a dildo. He went over it again and again, insisting on the right facial expressions, on the right grinding of her hips and movement of her body. Then he filmed it, gleeful in the knowledge that she looked, as far as the camera was concerned, like she was really jerking off.

Her orgasm was quite convincing, better than many he'd seen, and he'd seen a lot.

His voice was a club he used to beat her down with. Laurie, hardly a strong willed person to begin with, was easily intimidated even by ordinary people. She was terrified of him, and was soon a pliant, obedient tool, quick to obey his every lewd wish.

She stripped and dressed and stripped again for him. She said filthy things into the microphone as he videotaped her. She professed her lust for her sister, for her father and mother, for little children and dogs and horses. She begged to be fucked, to be whipped, to be tied and beaten and sodomised, all the while pumping herself with the dildo an staring desperately into the camera.

She confessed to having raped little girls, to having fucked the family dog, to having cheated at school, and lusted for black men all her life. She tearfully accused her sister of having raped her with a dildo years ago, all put up, all lies, but said convincingly.

He screwed a heavy hook into the wall, then cuffed her hands together and bound her to it. The hook was high, forcing her to stand very, very straight for him. He put a ball gag in her mouth then, just in case she had ideas of warning her sister, then waited.

Soon Corie came home. She found a note from her sister telling her to turn on the TV and VCR and watch the tape there. He watched in glee as the girl's eyes shot up and she stared in disbelief and appalled shock at the images on the TV screen.

He waited.

Her expression became more and more angry, stunned and horrified as she listened to her sister talk about the affairs they had had together, and watched Laurie jerking off with the dildo. She seemed unable to tear herself away from the TV, as if afraid she would miss something even more terrible.

Finally she turned it off, snatching the tape out and throwing it across the room.

"Laurie!" she howled in anger. She stormed up to the bedroom door and threw it open with furious anger. He slipped out of the closet and followed her in, coming up behind her as she stared in amazement at her twin, hanging from her wrists.

"What in the fuck is the matter with you?" She demanded. "Have you lost your mind? Are you sick?"

Then she spun as she sensed him there. He smiled evilly and closed the door behind him.

Part Two

"You're gonna make a tape just like that, baby," he grinned. "Only, maybe you don't have to, you lookin' just like her."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm the guy who just fucked the cherry right out of your sister here. And I'm the guy who's gonna fuck you till you beg for mercy."

"You get away from me!" she gasped, her hands coming up as if to fight him off. He laughed and moved forward. She backed away, her eyes wide and frightened.

"Come on, baby. Gimmie what you get between your legs.

"G... G... go away!" she yelled.

His hands went to her dress and before she could respond ripped it right down the front, tearing the whole front half off her. She screamed and automatically tried to cover herself. He grabbed her arm and swung her wildly around then grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped downward.

The tatters of her dress fell off, leaving her clad only in her black lace bikini panties and bra. He flung her back and she tumbled onto the bed, then quickly scrambled out of it and backed against the wall. He sniggered as he caught sight of her scanty underwear.

"What kinda bra you call that, whore?" he sneered.

Her bra, really a half bra, cupped and supported her breasts from beneath, but left them bare from just below the nipples on up.

"How come that little bra thing don't even cover your nipples, whore?" he jeered. "It's so they stick out through your dress, ain't it? You want guys to see them and wanna fuck you just so you can turn em' down."

"I... I do not," she panted.

"Whore! I found your pretty dildo in your lower drawer. You gonna tell me you don't pump your little pussy with it?"

She turned beet red, her eyes flipping between him and her sister, who was watching with wide eyes.

"Maybe you two cunts use it on each other, huh? You like to suck pussy, whore?"

"You... you leave me alone!" she cried.

"Not likely."

He grabbed her bra and tore it off. The force pulled her off balance and she fell against the bed. He quickly grabbed her ankle, lifting it high as she squealed in fright. He laughed, holding her upside down in the air, her free leg and arms flailing helplessly.

He reached down and tore her thin panties off, then pawed her crotch, grabbing and rubbing her fuck mound as she swung and thrashed in desperate attempts to free herself.

He grabbed her windmilling arm and threw her onto the bed, then leapt atop her.

"Gonna put you in your place, whore," he snarled. He flipped her onto her belly and his big hands slid beneath her, jerking her ass up into the air.

"No! No!" she screamed.

"Shut up, whore. You're gonna get just what you deserve."

His fat hand slapped down on her ass and began squeezing and kneading her buttocks as the girl squirmed furiously. She tried to turn and slap and claw back at him but he easily dodged her enraged blows. He jerked her legs apart and rubbed his groin into her, his hands pawing at her breasts.

She dug her fingernails into his wrist and he snarled and jerked his hand back. He grabbed both her wrists and pulled them up behind her back, then shoved them up her back, up high behind her neck as she squealed in pain.

His hand not only pinned her wrists up behind her back but also forced her chest down into the bed. His other hand slid under her belly and jerked upwards, raising her ass higher. Her knees came off the bed and she squalled in anger before they fell back again.

"You gonna like this, bitch," he sneered.

His cockhead pressed against the writhing, cursing girl's crotch, then pushed in between her pussy lips.

"Stop it!"

"When I'm done."

His cockhead forced her cunt lips open and sank down into her silken belly. She screamed and gnashed her teeth. her body shook and writhed against him, but he held her easily in place.

He thrust hard, jamming a half foot of thick hard meat up her fuck tunnel.

"AHhhhhhhhh!" she screamed.

"Love it, bitch! Love it!"

He pulled back then rammed forward, driving another four inches up her twat. He sniggered in satisfaction as she wailed in misery. He began humping into her with small, sharp jerks and rutting motions. His hips grinding and punching into her ass flesh.

He turned and looked at her sister, grinning from ear to ear at the girl's wide eyed stare.

"Hey, whore, you like what you see? You jealous?" Laurie turned her head away and he sniggered again.

He pumped harder, using more length, thrusting into the girl with furious lust. He pulled out suddenly and jerked her back up, pulling her backwards off the bed as he got off himself. He dragged her by her arms and hair back to her sister, then forced her down to all fours at Laurie's feet.

He pressed his boner against her slit and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from the terrorized girl. He pumped hard for a long minute, his hands holding her hips tightly, jerking her body back and forth with him.

He pulled back out again, grabbing Corie by the hair and forcing her to her feet, her shoved her into her sister, mashing her body into Laurie, mashing their naked flesh together. He sniggered as he mashed her rounded tit orbs against Laurie's, rubbing and grinding them together.

Corie tried to push herself back but was helpless under the enormous weight he pressed against her. She was mortified and shocked and stunned but the lewd, perverted actions the giant black man was forcing upon her, and the presence of her sister only made matters worse, much worse. Now it seemed there were no depths to which the filthy beast would not stoop as he forced the sisters into a lewd, lesbian embrace.

He yanked the gag out of Laurie's mouth and the girl panted and gasped loudly as she sucked in fresh air. He held Corie's hair, making her whine and yelp several times as he pulled hard on it. He pressed her against her sister's face as he squeezed her breast hard.

"Kiss her, slut," he snarled. "Give her a big, wet, juicy dyke kiss."

Both girls looked at each other in appalled shock, neither wishing to carry out the vile order. Then Corie gasped in new pain as his heavy fingers twisted her titty with cruel violence.

"I said kiss her, you filthy little whore," he growled. Laurie, not wanting her sister to be hurt any more, kissed her chastely on the lips.

"Not like that you stupid cunt! I want a dirty wet tongue kiss. Let me see you shove your tongue right down her throat."

Frightened, Laurie kissed her sister with an open mouth, her tongue tentatively slipping through her lips and sliding along her sister's closed oral entrance.

"Open your mouth dyke!" he ordered, jerking Corie's hair by the head. She cried out and her sister's tongue slipped into her mouth, shocking her into silence.

"Let me see some tongues dancing," he sneered, rubbing his cock against Corie's buttocks.

The two kissed wetly, pretending to push their tongues into each other's mouth. He kept pulling Corie's head back though, and wasn't satisfied.

"Push your tongues out, sluts," he snarled. They were forced to slide their tongues out and slither them against each other as he watched, then push them inside each other's mouth. He joined in the kiss, making a wet, lustful, three way joining of lips and tongues. He shoved his tongue into both girl's mouths as he continued to rub their round tit mounds together.

He gripped his hard cock and pressed it up against Corie's asshole, then jerked up hard. The girl cried out, tearing her lips back from her sister. He only chuckled in lewd delight, pushing up with more pressure.

"Fuck! Don't! Oh God!" she moaned.

"Shut up, slut. You know you want a big nigger cock up your asshole!"

Laurie, unable to see what he was doing, gasped in shock at the words, her eyes widening as she saw her sister's face cringing in pain.

He drove his cock up high and deep, ignoring the girl's agonized groans and whines as he used his heavy body to hold her in place for the obscene anal penetration. He buried every inch of thick black meat in the struggling, whimpering girl's anus, barking at her and her sister to continue their incestuous kissing.

He gripped Corie's right hand and pulled it up between the twins bodies, pressing it hard into her sister's left titty.

"Squeeze it, slut," he hissed. "Give it a nice workout. Let me see you dig those fingers into that soft tit meat."

Helpless to refuse, and whimpering with pain from the deep anal assault Corie squeezed her fingers down around her twin sister's tit meat, her fingers mashing and kneading the tender meat as she was ruthlessly sodomised.

He held her easily, one hand around her right thigh, almost encircling her leg, the other clasping a thick mass of curly hair. He began pumping into her asshole, the girl's grunts and moans sweet and sensual to him as he ran his cock up and down in her gut.

He forced her head downward, bending her over until her face was against her sister's tit.

"Suck that titty," he sneered. "Suck it hard, bitch."

He yanked and jerked on her hair until the whimpering girl complied, folding her lips around Laurie's nipple and sucking frantically in hopes of easing the pain in her hair. He watched from above, urging her on, demanding she suck harder.

She sucked and nibbled and chewed on Laurie's nipple,, then licked out, her tongue pushing out far as she lapped over every inch of her twin's left titty, then shifted to the right. She sucked and licked on the nipple there too, her ass jerking upwards with every brutal thrust of his big dark cock.

He pulled her down more, forcing her to her knees before her whimpering sister. He dropped to his knees behind her, his cock buried up in her asshole.

"Lick her out, whore. Let me see you give that pussy a good cleaning. Finger her too, stick your fingers up that twat to the knuckles."

"No! Please!" Corie whimpered.

He jerked her head up and down cruelly, producing squeals of pain as he tore at her hair.

"Lick that cunt, whore!"

She stuck her tongue out and began lapping at Laurie's pussy pie, her tongue moving desperately over the delicate folds of her sister's cunt lips.

"Stick it in her. Pull those pussy lips open and shove your tongue up her snatch!"

She sobbed in pain and humiliation, her hands going up to her sister's groin, her fingers touching her puffy pussy lips and gently prying them apart. Her tongue slid inside and lapped at the soft, glistening pink cunt skin.

His right hand had slid down between her thighs and was rubbing and squeezing at her own cunt pad as he continued to fuck his cock way up into her rectum. His dark, angry black cock was pumping steadily inside her anus, reaming her out with painful force.

His fingers dug at her cunt meat, squeezing, pinching, twisting the sensitive flesh. Two fat, giant fingers were thrust up into her silken depths as he ground his other fingers down against her clitty.

Her tongue pushed into her sister's fuck hole, and she tasted the remains of the black man's semen. She moaned anew, but kept licking, kept sucking. She slid her lips onto her sister's clitty as the man ordered and licked and sucked on it. She pushed a finger up into Laurie's tight pussy tunnel and pumped it in and out, then forced a second, and under threats and pain, a third, then fourth.

Laurie moaned and writhed against the wall as her sister pumped her pussy with four fingers. Her legs were spread, forcing her up onto her toes. The cuffs dug hard into the flesh of her wrists and her back ached from the pressure of her stretched out position.

She was disgusted to the point of nausea, first by the deep tongue lashing she and her sister had exchanged, and then, as horror mounted, by Corie's hard sucking and licking of her breasts. Now, as she stared in numbed shock at her sister performing cunnilingus on her, as she felt her sister's tongue lapping at her clitoris and her fingers pumping at her cunt tunnel, only fear of the giant black man's response kept her from screaming in horror.

But worse was to come... much worse.

He pulled his cock free of the straining teenager's asshole, then stood up. He quickly unfastened the cuffs holding Laurie aloft and the girl almost fell, caught by her sister. He grabbed both girls by the hair and pulled them over to the bed, tossing them in together.

"Now get to work, babes," he sneered. "Let me see some good, hot, hard lesbo action."

They both turned and stared at him in confusion and uncertainty.

"Get to it!" he snarled. He shoved Laurie down on her back and jerked her sister over her, so she lay upon Laurie as a man would. Under his angry orders they were soon stroking each other's naked bodies as they kissed deeply. Their bodies ground together, Corie grinding and humping her crotch into her sister's vulnerable loins.

They squeezed each other's breasts, and, just as Corie had had to, Laurie was forced to give her sister's titties a hot tongue bath, sucking and nibbling on Corie's nipples. Corie was shifted around and the two engaged in a sixty-nine, lapping at each other's cunt slits as their fingers kneaded their ass flesh.

He knelt beside the bed, shifting from one pussy to the other, barking out orders when one or the other was not energetic enough to his liking.

He took numerous snapshots of the two, then, as Corie stared up from between Laurie's thighs in shock, knelt behind Laurie and forced every last inch of cock down into her asshole. He fucked her with furious strokes, jerking on her sister's hair to keep Corie licking at her slit.

After pumping into her for a couple of minutes he pulled out, crawled around to the other end and shoved his cock down into Corie's asshole again, pumping her hard and steadily for long minutes. He pulled out again and crawled back, shoving his cock into Laurie's asshole and pumping her for only a minute before spraying his juice up inside her.

Then, his cock limp after several cums, came rehearsal. Laurie, already obedient, parroted everything he told her without problem, though he had to keep snarling to get her to put emotion into her voice. Corie was more difficult, but she too managed a creditable performance after a while.

He took dozens of snapshots of the girls, both looking happy and aroused, arm in arm, kissing, their tongues probing at every orifice, their bodies arched in ectatic release, their hands squeezing, fingering, groping each other.

Then came the video camera, and more toys.

First they writhed together on the bed, arm in arm, tongues tasting each other's mouth, hands squeezing asses and tits, groans filling the air as they tumbled over and over.

Corie slid down her sister's body and licked and sucked her pussy as Laurie arched her back in seeming orgasmic bliss, then they sixty-nined, both grunting and panting in supposed ecstasy as they stuffed their tongues into each other's pussies.

Each girl sucked he twin while pumping Corie's vibrator up and down in her sister's pussy. Then both girls lay back side by side and masturbated, first with just their fingers, then with a pair of big black dildos.

They intertwined their legs and ground their pussies together as their hands squeezed and groped each other's ass and titties, and their mouths slid over each other's throat and face and lips.

Corie was then tied tightly with coarse rope, the rope wrapped all around her body, criss-crossing her breasts, binding her wrists behind her back. She knelt between Laurie's legs as the other girl held a leash which attached to a collar around Corie's throat.

"Suck me, whore," Laurie ordered, glaring down at her helpless sister as the girl lapped at her cunt.

"Suck harder, bitch, or I'll whip your ass," she growled.

She ground her pussy into Corie's mouth as the other girl sucked, then, after a prolonged orgasm, she sat back on a chair, pulled Corie over her lap and spanked her ass soundly, while the camera watched and listened.

Corie was forced onto her knees, her face pressed into the rug, while Laurie, wearing a strap-on dildo, thrust into her with hard, butt bruising strokes, her hands kneading her sister's ass flesh. Corie moaned in fake pleasure as Laurie snarled insults, often vile and obscene.

"Shake your ass, little slut," she barked, "or I'll let those German Shepherds fuck you again."

He finished the film off with a hot shower scene, the two sisters soaping each other up and exchanging soul touching kisses as their hands and bodies rubbed wetly together.

He put aside the camera and got in with them. Both girls were forced to clean his body, soaping and scrubbing every inch of him as though they were slave girls. He put both down on their knees before him and made them both tongue and lick and suck his cock, which hardened again.

They sucked his balls and took turns bobbing their mouths up and down on his cock shaft. Then both girls got on all fours, reached back, spread their asses and begged that she be fucked and sodomised. He took turns, able to hold back his cum for long minutes as he pumped each girl's pussy then each girl's asshole.

Finally he came for the last time, dumping a heavy load of jism down Corie's pussy tube.

Like many others who had experienced a visit from him, the twins did recalled it with loathing, at least consciously. Unconsciously however, their fantasies often turned to black men after that, giant, muscular black men with huge cocks.

Though she would have dismissed it as entirely circumstantial, Laurie's first sexual experience afterwards was with a large black man, and Corie bought a new dildo, a big black one.

Also, they had been introduced, however unwillingly, and under however frightening the circumstances, to the beauty and softness and sensuousness of each other's body. Within weeks they were once again laying within each other's arms, kissing and squeezing and fondling their luscious twin selfs as they writhed in the throes of ecstasy and orgasm.

And when a copy of the video tape arrived in the mail, each watched at least some of it by herself, and helplessly fingered her pussy as she stared in wide eyed horror.

The End