Title: Rape in The Mall
Author: Unknown




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I spot her in the mall, the cutest little girl I think I've ever seen in her shorts and T-shirt. I'd guess 12 or 13, average size, no obvious fat. Dark brown hair and eyes, sweet little mouth. Undeveloped flat chest straight down to her waist and hips. Legs slender, no real curves. She's gorgeous! And it appears she's either here alone or has separated from someone. I follow her as she moves down the central core, her little ass swaying.

God! She's turning down the service corridor! The only place for her to go there is the bathroom! At the end of the corridor I know is a large janitorial storage closet. As she enters the bathroom I go to the closet, pick the lock. Now, as long as no one else comes..... The door opens, she steps out. I grab her, my hand over her mouth. I pick her up. She's very light. I carry her to the closet, take her in with me, squirming.

I turn on the light. Yes! Everything I'll need! I push her down on the floor on her stomach, grab a cloth to gag her. I grab her arms, twist them behind her back, bind her wrists with tape. I turn her over, look into her fear crazed eyes. She tries to scream into her gag as I rip her T-shirt off. She's nice! Flat smooth chest, nickel size nipples erect with tension. I rip the shirt completely off, feel her smooth long neck, down her flatness, fingers circling each pink tit. I move down, straddle her hips so I can caress her flat stomach, heaving as she cries and gasps.

I grab her legs, tie one ankle to a table leg, spread them to tie the other down. With my knife I strip off her shorts and panties. Now she's spread naked before me, her bald little cunny open. I stand up, look at her sex while I get out of my jeans and shorts. When she sees my steel hard 8 inch cock she starts thrashing, muffled screams..... exciting me.

I kneel over her chest, my balls resting on her. I grab her hair. Cock in hand I rub it all over her cute face, down her neck, across her chest. I slap it up and down a few times on her nipples, then rub down her stomach, across her sweet cunt. I lean down, suck her hard tiny nipples while I fondle her pussy lips. I kiss her all over before moving between her legs.

As I spread her cunt open even more she bucks her hips, crying hard. She's got a delicious looking hole, so tiny. I see her glistening cherry, her beautiful clit hood. She freezes when my tongue first glides between her cunt lips then thrashes again. I hold her hips so I can really taste her. She smells so little girl clean! I lick all over between her legs, then press my tongue into her virgin hole. Her pussy tastes almost sweet! I suck one cunt lip into my mouth, then the other, massaging them with my tongue. Up to her clit, so soft and delicate looking. I lick it repeatedly. I suck my finger to moisten it, jam it into her ass, causing her to arch up at the intrusion. As I finger fuck her asshole I suck on her delectable clit, lick her more all over.

I need her now. I get up, pull her up by the shoulders, bend her over the table. Before she can figure out what's happening I mount her from behind with my moisten my cock, ram it up her virgin asshole. She stands, arching away from me as her skin tears, my hard rod stretching her tiny hole. I push her back down, her body convulsing with agony and fear. I hammer all 8 inches deep into her hot moist rectum, feeling her deep sobs. I hold still, just delighted with her tight butt. I pull almost all the way out, slam into her again, hard. Then again, and again, my cock repeatedly violating her innocence, for several minutes. I feel my climax start, but not yet.

I pull out, blood running from her violated hole. With my hand I smear it between her legs. I push her back down on the floor, lie over her, rubbing my cock against her pussy. Now she seems to know what's coming. She screams anew into her gag, bucking hard. Her body stiffens again, her face squinched up in terrific pain as I mount her again from the front and drive my cock through her cherry, feeling it burst around me, her virgin blood, squirting out. I sink 4 or 5 inches in before there's no more room. I lay inside her young body, her vagina clamping down hard on my cock. Her eyes open, tears streaming down, her head rolling back and forth as her muffled cries intensify. I fuck her cunt slowly, not hard like her ass. Just knowing this is a very young girl I'm raping this time has me more excited and hard then I've ever been!

Every time my climax just begins, I stop, squeeze my cock if necessary, to halt it. I fuck her little twat a good 10 minutes, an eternity of pain to her. Finally I can't hold back any longer. Grunting and sweating I feel my cum rise up, explode from my shaft, deep into this juvenile cunt. Again and again I fill her up, each spasm better than the first. It lasts almost a minute, driven by her fear, pain, and age. Finally spent I lie over her back, leaving my cock inside her cunt until it slips out on its own. I lie there for a few more minutes, listening to her pitiful sobs. I straddle her again, rub my cum and blood drenched cock all over her chest.

Time to get out of there. I stand, wash off, and dress. I look down on my sweet little girl victim, blood and cum puddled between her legs, some still slowly leaking from her battered cunny hole. Her chest and tummy heave with her gasps. I kneel beside her, remove the gag, take her pretty face in my hands. "That was a great fuck, kid," I tell her, then kiss her for a minute before replacing the gag. I take a couple pictures of her lovely little body, a few close-ups of her fucked cunt.

Before I leave, but where she can't see me, I remove the wig, mustache, beard. I turn my jacket inside out, a whole new color. I'm not worried someone will find her before I'm long gone. It's only 6:00AM now and the janitorial staff won't be in there 'till after 9:00. Plus, I live in the next state. I prowl every Saturday, never my state, always different towns, always find a victim. Up 'till now it's been girls maybe 12 to 15.

The End