Title: The New Stacy
Author: Rhetoric (master_kinkstop@yahoo.com)




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Stacie woke up groggy wondering where she was. She tried to move, but found she could not. When she fully awoke she realized why. Her arms and legs had been secured by straps to pulleys set into the floor and ceiling. The weight of the pulleys strained her muscles and caused her to groan. When she looked down she saw that her slim body was naked except for a leather g-string she definitely did not wear out that day.

Thoughts of dressing brought Stacie’s mind back to the events that caused her to be placed in her current position. She remembered coming out to this old property, a castle, really, to appraise it with her assistant Jorge. She had worn a tight black dress and was having fun ordering him around and teasing him on the ride up. It was strange, she thought, that he did not seem to mind her bullying as much as he usually did. Still it didn’t bother her. She was the boss of their real estate company and it would stay that way. People took her seriously. They looked at her tall skinny body and knew she meant business all the way.

Stacy tested her bonds again and remembered a cloth being pressed to her face just as she turned away from Jorge for a moment. Just as she was wondering if he was to blame the door to what could only be described as her cell opened and Jorge came in to face her. "Ah, Stacy, you look delightful." He moved his eyes over her long full blond head of hair and then down to the sparse bit covering her vagina. Stacie watched his eyes and shouted at him.

"You better let me go or I’ll have you in prison! I’m a big wheel in this town, buster. People jump when I talk."

"Oh I think not, dear. I think that before I’m done with you the only thing people will do when you talk is point and giggle. Oh they might fuck you, but they certainly won’t listen to you."

Stacy screamed in rage and let loose a torrent of obscenities. "That’s right, ducky. Just keep it up. After I’m done with your modifications all the screaming you do won’t make a bit of difference."

"Modifications?" Stacie’s voice broke with nervousness.

"Yes. It seems you really can’t handle the power that your father’s death has given you. You use it to bully and crush those beneath you. I think that if something were done to make you seem a bit less ferocious then the spell might be broken."

"Wh . . . what are you going to do to me, you cocksucker?"

Jorge grinned at Stacie and said, "Let’s see how long it takes you to guess pumpkin." Silence riegned while Jorge went to a suitcase and brought out two plastic domes. They were see through and had a strap connecting them. Stacy thrashed about grunting as Jorge placed each dome over one of her tiny breasts. Stacy had always been very flat chested and was very self conscious of her breasts. Now this animal was going to do something to them. But what? Jorge seated the large, bulbous domes over Stacie’s breasts pressing them down. He run the strap around her back fastening it. Already Stacy could feel the heat under the domes build up. She squirmed as her nipples hardened.

Jorge took a plastic tube and connected one end of it to the strange plastic bra, then he connected the other end to machine on the floor. "Anything bitchy to say before we begin, sweety?"

"You better stop this you sick bastard!"

"Alas those were your last words as a high powered business woman." Jorge flipped a switch on the machine and it whirred to life. Stacy screamed as it felt as if her tits were being pulled off of her chest. The hard plastic domes suctioned to her body and the machine on the floor sucked all of the air out of them. She looked down and saw her poor nipples pointing straight out, the skin of her breasts straining at the suction.

"Ohhhhh! Stooop! It huuurts!"

"Stop? Oh no, dear. This treatment won’t be finished for weeks. When we are finished, well you know those absurd porn chicks with rock hard bodies and tits the size of watermelons? Well, sexy girl, that’s going to be you. Good luck running a company looking like a slutty cow. Now I must go do lunch. Be back in a bit." Stacie begged Jorge not to go but he just laughed and left her. The pain in her tits was unbearable as the pump on the floor stretched her flesh.

Stacie sobbed as she labored under its torture until at one point she noticed a sensation in her nipples that did not hurt. In fact the longer she thought about it, the better it felt. Stacy moaned again, because she knew that before long her pussy would begin to wet. Spread eagle as she was she would be unable to hide it from her captor and tormentor. An hour passed and sure enough Jorge came back to see exactly what he wanted to see. He ran his finger up Stacie’s left thigh and held it up in front of her nose. She moaned when she saw it was covered with her own juices. Jorge smeared them on her face and went back to his suitcase. He brought back what looked like a music stand, but instead of the part that would normally have held the music there was a very long and thick dildo.

"Oh god no, please don’t do this! I don’t . . . I can’t!" Stacy turned red and began sobbing.

"I think you do and you will. After all, what is a slut without a cock in her cunt?" Jorge hooked one end of a plastic tube to the base of the stand and the other to the pump. Stacie stared horrified as the dildo began pumping up and down. Jorge moved the dildo under Stacie and adjusted it so that it pumped deep inside her. It never completely left her and with each stroke it filled her vagina completely. Jorge stood back to examine his handiwork. It seems you are almost a small b-cup now, sweetcakes. Won’t be long before you are a c and then on to even bigger and better things.

Stacie cried out as her cunt clamped down on the invading twelve inch dildo. "How fuuuuuck! How big are you going to make me?" Stacy whined this last unable to control her body she fucked the dildo back with swift pumping of her hips.

"I think double H ought to do the trick. Oh they’ll be sticking out a foot or so away from your chest, Stacie. Try getting anyone to look at your face when you talk with fifty pounds of tit poking them in the chest."

"Ohhhhh, nooooo! Please don’t. I’ll be . . . better! Oh fuck this dildo’s killing me! Make it stop!"

"Actually I can see it’s already given you a major attitude adjustment so why not give you another cock for good measure." Stacie threw her head back as waves ov pleasure flowed throughout her body. The cock pumped hard and deep inside her and she always fucked it back. Her slippery cunt walls gripped it as it invaded her and tried to hold on as it left her. Obscene slurping sounds could be heard as time after time she was filled to bursting.

Jorge licked his lips and went behind the struggling girl. He dropped his pants and spit on his cock wetting it well. " I hope you know what a pain in the ass you are, dear. If not, this should be a hint." Jorge grabbed Stacie’s hips and lined his cock against her asshole. She screamed as she felt the velvety smooth skin of the head rub against her pulsing bud. Jorge grunted once and pushed inside her. Stacie jerked about as she was impaled for the second time that day. The pain of Jorge’s entry was too much to bear and Stacie began crying and shrieking. Jorge laughed at her and moved his thick hot cock in and out of Stacie’s ass. He held her over the mechanical cock that raped her cunt and whispered cruel things in her ear as she helplessly watched her breasts grow under the cruel suction. Sgrew hot as she was being fucked and dearly wished her breasts were free so that she might pinch her nipples. Strange that thoughts of escape no longer occurred to her.

This scene and many like it occurred on a daily basis for so many weeks that Stacy lost count. By day she was raped and used for sexual pleasure. At night she was chained and tied in demanding positions. She was made to sleep with all of her holes filled. The first night she lay awake pumping her cunt and ass muscles around the dildos locked in place there by her chastity belt. She only fell asleep after several orgasms.

Always Stacie’s breasts were tortured by the pumps until one day she was made over exactly in the image Jorge had told her she about. Her slender form was interrupted by the largest breasts that she had ever seen either in print or in person. They were natural as well but stuck out from her like the front of a zeppelin. When Jorge undid her plastic bra the air met her new breasts for the first time and she gasped. She felt them and realized for the first time that she was no longer restrained.

"That’s right, little girl. Now I own you. If you give me anymore trouble I’ll drag you back here and make them even bigger. Now what do you have to say about that?" Stacie moaned and broke a nail unzipping Jorge’s pants. She wolfed down his cock as she sucked it hard. Her tongue snaked up and down it and she hummed as she bobbed her head up and down. She was no longer sucking off her enemy and captor, but the man who had given her a great gift. As Jorge pumped load after load of cum down her throat she wondered just how she would use that gift to get what she wanted. Because she would get everything that was coming to her.

The End