Title: My Sweet Shop Girl
Author: Alocer Loki (alocerloki@subdimension.com)




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The thing I noticed first was her dark, curly hair bobbing up and down. I could barely see it through the small gap in the shelves, but I knew it was a child, she was too small to be anything else. My whole life I have known one thing, before anything else, I am a paedophile, and I needed to see this child. I needed to admire her scrawny little body, and to fantasise about pushing my cock inside her tight little baby cunt. I moved around the shelves, which cut the small shop in two, and gazed down the narrow isle at the pretty child who stood staring at the sweets stacked on the rack. She truly was perfect. Such a cute little girl, every inch of her pale skin was flawless, her eyes were young and bright, her smile mischievous, and her body slim, scrawny, tight and fuckable. She was a paedophiles wet dream. I moved closer to the little thing, she was humming a tune very quietly under her breath, although I could make it out, I didn't recognise it. I came to a stop right next to the child and pretended to look at the sweets although my eyes were glued to her skinny little legs, at the way her thin thighs ran straight up under her dress. Suppressing the urge to grab her, throw her onto the floor and have my way with her was almost too much. However I had a little more self control than that. After a few moments she frowned and turned away from the sweets. "Aren't you having one?" I spoke before I realised it. She glanced up at me and gave me a sweet smile. "Nah," she said, "I don't have any money." Oh such a sensuous sexy voice she had on her. She was a pretty little child sex-queen. I really had to have her. " Nonsense," I spouted. "Choose one, my treat." "I-I can't," she said.

"Why not?

"I shouldn't be talking to strangers," the child said.

I scoffed. "I'm hardly a stranger, I live like ten yards from you, come on, don't worry I don't mind" "I still shouldn't," said the child.

"I am not taking no for an answer, I can't have you leaving here without some sweets in your pocket." The child giggled and smiled at me, such a sweet sexy smile. "Okay," she said. As she picked up the chocolate bar she blushed a little and handed it to me. "Are you sure you don't mind?" "Yes I am sure," I laughed.

I carried my things to the checkout and payed for them, then waited while the child payed for the carton of milk she was holding. As we exited the shop I passed the chocolate back over. "There you go," I said. "Thank you sir," she said quietly.

Those words had a profound affect on my cock which stood rock stiff. I shifted in a vain attempt to make it less obvious. "My name is John," I said, "call me John." The girl smiled. "Oh," she said. "Okay John."

I laughed. "What's your name sweet stuff?"

"Oh," pipped the girl. "Excuse me, Annie."

"That's a pretty name," I remarked.

The child blushed. "Thank you," she whispered.

"You are very polite Annie," I said.

Annie's cheeks flared up an even deeper red and she chomped down on her chocolate. When she swallowed she looked back up at me with her pretty green fuck-me eyes. "Thank you," she said again. I laughed and placed my hand on her back, and guided her towards her house. "Umm," she said. "Sorry, but can we wait?" I shrugged. "Sure thing, don't want mum to see the sweet?" I asked.

Annie nibbled on her lower lip and nodded. Without warning I grabbed the child by the waist and lifted her up. She let out a little yelp as she rose abruptly. I laughed and sat her on the green, local exchange box. She laughed. I placed my hand on her thigh, I could feel her through the dress. "How old are you?" I asked. "Oh my," moaned the child. "I'm eleven John." Still blushing bright red.

"My, I thought you were at least thirteen," I lied, she didn't look a day over nine, but she didn't want to hear that. On the other hand, she was obviously a very clever little girl. "You are very smart." If it were possible I would say that the child blushed even more, she chewed on more chocolate. "Thank you," she whispered. "Do you have a computer?" I asked.

"Umm," said the child. "No, mum says we can't afford one."

I smiled. "You can come and use mine if you like, I've got loads of games."

"Oh, wow," breathed the child. "Really?"

"Yeah sure, don't be shy, I'm alone all day so it'll just me me and you. So come bang on the door whenever you feel like it." "Thank you," pipped the child. She sounded genuinely excited.

Finally she screwed up the sweet wrapper. "Thank you," she said again. "I should go, see you again soon?" "That is up to you," I said squeezing her thigh. I put my hands on her waist and lifted her back down. "Buh-bye." Annie grinned. "Bye," she said, and ran across the road to her house.

Admittedly I never expected to so much as see the little girl again, she was a bright child, obviously flattered by the attention I had paid her, but nonetheless, I felt that she was perhaps smart enough not to take me up on my offer. Despite our being neighbours, I was a stranger to her. So perhaps you can imagine my surprise when I received a dainty little knock on my door. It was lucky I even heard it, I was still young enough to be living with my parents, and as such I spent most of my day locked in my bedroom listening to loud music. Had I not been making lunch I would have never heard it. With a sigh I walked down out into the hallway and opened the door. At the sight of this sexy little creature I smiled widely. "Annie!" I said. The little girl looked up at me, "It is okay isn't it?" she asked.

"Annie," I said, "it is a good time, come in."

I took a step back, and the child glanced around her before coming stepping inside. "Do your parents know you are here?" I asked as I closed the door behind her. "Err not really," she murmured.

"That's okay," I said. "I won't tell if you don't."

Annie giggled. "Thanks."

I held out my hand, the eleven year old took hold of it, and I led her towards the stairs, as we passed the kitchen I paused. "Do you want a drink?" I asked. "Oh umm, yes please," she said.

I let go of her hand and opened the fridge, "Okay lets see, what do you want, coke? Orange juice or.... umm a beer?" The child giggled. "Coke please," she said.

I took out a can of coke and passed it to her. "Come on," I said putting my arm around her shoulders. I led the little girl up the stairs and into my bedroom. As she stepped inside she turned around. "Oh wow, this is so cool," she said. I smiled. "Thanks Annie."

She walked across the room and ran her hand over the various white tower boxes stacked in one corner. "How many computers do you have?" she asked. "Just the one really," I said pointing towards the pc set up on the desk. "Those ones don't work. I keep meaning to take them apart and see how many new ones I can build but never get around to it." The little girl sat down on the red swivel chair and moved the mouse. The monitor went click and the screen cleared. The child turned to me and raised an eyebrow. "This isn't like the computers in school." I laughed and moved up behind the child. Placing one hand on her shoulder I took hold of the mouse and closed the screen down. "That is because this is Linux," I said. The scent of her hair was driving me crazy. "You've got to reset it and make it go into Windows." "Oh, okay," she said.

"Don't worry pet," I laughed. "Here you go, look more familiar?"

"Oh yes," said the child. She looked up at me, our faces were mere inches apart. It took every ounce of my self control to avoid grabbing her and raping this pretty little thing. I stood up, it would be stupid of me to ruin this by acting too fast. "I was about to make lunch," I said. "Do you want something." "Oh no thanks," she said.

"Now honey," I said. "I'm not going to eat and not do you something. That is impolite... I think I might call out for pizza. Do you want some pizza?" Annie giggled and swung the chair around to face me, "You won't let me say no will you?" she asked with a wide grin. "Nope," I said.

"Yes please John... and thank you."

"Don't mention it pet. Games are there," I said pointing at the rack on the wall. "Most of them are installed, so you need just slot the cd in."

I sat with Annie, watching her play computer games for most of the afternoon. I let my hands wonder across her pretty and slim body, she either didn't notice or considered it a fair price. We stopped only briefly to have lunch, at which time we sat on my bed and sitting, the way she sat with her legs crossed allowed me to look up the leg of her denim shorts and see her pretty pale-blue knickers. However the afternoon flew by, and it was, admittedly, a lot of fun. However, before long it was time to say goodbye to my little lust-thing. As I walked her to the door, she clutched onto my arm with a wide grin smeared across her beautiful face. I had to admit that I was quite besotted by her, and that grin was nothing short of gorgeous. "Thank you so much," she said. "I had a great time." "Come by any time," I assured her. "Although its better to catch me when we can be alone." Annie giggled. "Yes I understand," she said. "Well, bye."

"Wait Annie," I said.

The child looked up at me with a raised eyebrow. "Don't I get a kiss?" I asked.

The grin spread across her lips again, and a rosy colour stained her pale cheeks. The brunette girl raised herself on tiptoe and pressed her lips against my cheek. I put my arms around her and hugged her into me. I was encouraged when she put her arms around my waist and pressed her cute body tight into me. I couldn't help myself. I took hold of her head in both of my hands and pressed our faces in close, squashing our lips together. Her breath caught and I held her there, placing kisses on her sweet lips. We stayed pressed together for several moments before I let her go. Annie took a step back, her flat chest rose and fell rapidly. "Oh my," she breathed. I smiled. "Will I see you tomorrow?" I asked.

Annie nodded hard. "Oh yes," she said, still breathless. When a child is breathless like this, it meant only one thing, she was as horny as hell, although it was quite likely that she didn't understand her own feelings. "Bye Annie," I said.


I opened the door and watched her go. She got fifteen yards before turning around and waving at me. I waved back and then gazed on as the sexy pre-teen skipped down the road. I closed the door and took a deep breath. I pressed my hand down against my stiff cock, and then made my way back towards my bedroom... I needed a wank-desperately!

As surprised as I was to see her the first time, her reaction when I had kissed her was enough to convince me that she would come again, and that it would be easy to get what I wanted. I would fuck this child, and she would beg me to do it. When the she banged gently against the door the next morning, I was there in a flash. I opened the door and was presented by my girl, in a pretty red dress. I took a step back and let her enter. It was probably one of her best dresses, I was convinced that her parents had no idea that she was wearing it. I closed the door behind my little tart-girl. "Is that lipstick Annie?" I asked. Annie grinned at me, there was no mistaking that she was wearing makeup, I had always objected to children wearing makeup, I am indeed a true paedophile, and I like my little girls to look like little girls. However, in this case, it enhanced her sexuality. There wasn't too much, and, for all intents and purposes, it was little-girl like. Whether it was the glitter around the eyes, or the pink bow in her hair. She just looked like a sexy little child. Annie nodded. "Yes," she said. I smiled back at her, "I think the rules have changed," I told her.

"Oh?" she inquired. "How so?"

"I think you should give me a kiss before I let you on my computer."

Annie's grin widened, and she came to me. I felt her shudder as I took her head in my hands once again. She closed her eyes and her lips parted just a little. I lent down and kissed the little dear. I gave the little cunt long wet kisses. Sucking her lower lip into my mouth and exchanging saliva with this pretty child. I gave her the most sensual, and sexual kiss that I could without pushing my tongue into her mouth. When I pulled away, I even got a little moan from her. I looked into the green eyes of one horny little girl and smiled. "Did you like that?" I asked. Annie nodded. "Yes," she breathed.

"Come on," I said holding out my hand.

Annie took it and hugged into my arm. As we entered my bedroom the child gasped. I looked across at the computer screen, and was rewarded with the beautiful sight of child sucking cock. I had 'inadvertently' left it up, mostly just to judge her reaction. I looked at her and smiled. "Oops," I said. "Sorry I forgot about that. Just a second." I let go of her hand an started towards the computer. "Wait," Annie called.

I turned around to her, "Yes?" I asked.

"Umm," the poor thing flared up bright red. "Err, do you have any more?" she squeaked. I couldn't have been more pleased by that reaction. I sat down on the chair and patted my knee. "Sure honey," I said. The little girl padded over to me and climbed up onto my lap, she sifted a little until my stiff cock was nestled nicely into the groove of her firm young arse. At this point I had no doubt that I would have my cock inside this child before the end of the day. I put my around her waist and hugged her into me, one of her shaky hands reached out to take hold of the mouse and she started to click through the images. Her breathing increased, as she was assaulted by pictures of little girl's having sex and sucking cock. From the way I was holding her I could actually feel her heart speed up. Oddly erotic is the beating of a child's heart. I leant down and placed my lips against her neck, I gently kissed on the pale skin, feeling the her pulse in sync with the beating of her small heart. A little groan escaped from my young sluts mouth. I glanced up at the photo currently displayed on the screen. Two young girls, no older than eight captured sharing a long deep kiss, their tongues entwined around each others. I kissed Annie on her ear and said, "have you ever been kissed like that?" The youngster shook her head. "No," she breathed.

I placed one hand on her cheek and turned her head towards me. As I opened my mouth, "A-gghhh," Annie Moaned. She parted her lips and leant into me, our mouths met and our tongues slid passed each other, and I was able to suck hers into my mouth. I don't think that there had been a single moment in my life when I was more turned on than I was at that moment. I was giving an eleven year old girl a deep long and slow kiss. My hand moved up her thigh squeezing it. I have no idea why I didn't move my hand further up her dress, but I didn't. Annie clutched onto my shirt and held me so tight to her it was almost as if she was afraid to let me go. When we broke away she stared into my eyes. The lust I saw there was gorgeous, and the love which accompanied it was beautiful. I had to admit I was besotted by this child, and now I knew that she was in love with me. She sat there panting like a whore. It was so cute. "I've gotten you all horny haven't I Annie?" I asked. "What," she breathed.

"You are a honey little cunt."

"What!" she gasped.

"You are a very turned on and horny little girl aren't you," I repeated.

Annie smiled and shook her head. "I don't know what that means, but I feel good." I smiled and gave Annie a little kiss on the forehead. "Horny, my little doll, is when you feel all fuzzy in here." I placed my hand on her tummy and Annie moaned. "And when you are all hot, sticky and wet down here." I pushed my hand up her skirt and pressed it against her knickers, feeling her fat little cunny through the thin cotton. Annie gave an audible gasp. "Are you all hot and sticky and wet down here?" I asked rubbing against her pussy. "Yes," she said nodding; she spoke with barely a whisper, almost choking while trying to suppress her moans. That was so sexy! I smiled, and rubbed a little harder. "How do you feel about me touching you like this?" I asked. "Oh," she groaned. "It feels so good."

I continued to rub on her and started to give her little kisses on her neck and face. "John," she moaned. "Umm hum," I moaned in reply.

"C-could you..." she paused.

I pulled back and looked at her. "What is it?" I pressed.

"Could you please... call me a-a uh umm..."

I nuzzled into her cheek and said, "You really are a dirty little cunt."

"OH!" cried Annie.

I rubbed on her harder. "Did you like that my filthy little slut."

"Ahh," moaned Annie. "Yessss," she hissed. "More... please."

"More what?" I asked.

"Ohh-call me dirty names. Please."

"Hmmm," I groaned. "I love you my fucking little slut."

Annie squirmed on my lap giving little moans and cries. "I want you to say that. What are you?" "Oh," groaned Annie. "I'm your little fucking slut."

"Oh Annie, that is right, you are all mine. You are my tiny baby fuck whore."

Almost without warning the Annie threw herself around me, her arms wrapped around my neck and and her legs around my waist. She pulled her body to me so tight that I was amazed that she had that kind of strength. She braced herself on me and trembled as waves of pleasure swept throughout her tiny body. I stoked her hair and kissed on and around her pretty little ear I rocked the poor little tart back and forth, shushing her. "Shh," I whispered. "It's okay." "Mmmm," was the answer I got.

When her grip relaxed I pulled her back a little so that I could look into her eyes. "How do you feel?" I asked. "W-weird," the child mumbled. She shuddered and then sighed. "Oh John what did you do to me?" I smiled. "You liked it didn't you."

The child nodded. "Soo good," she sighed.

I smiled and kissed her on the tip of her nose. "Has anybody ever done anything like this to you before?" I asked. Annie shook her head. "No never," she moaned. "I've never felt anything like that." "Oh that is nice to know," I said. "I would like to check."

Annie frowned. "How... why?"

"Well honey," I said stroking my finger between her brow. "You can't tell anybody about this." "Oh I know," she chirped. "I know that we are doing wrong. I won't tell anyone... I-I love you." I smiled and hugged her to me. "I love you honey," I said.

I ran my hand up her thigh. Annie gave a little cry when my hand slipped inside her cotton knickers. "What..." "Shhh," I said. "I'm checking."

I slipped a finger between her hot little labia. Little Annie gasped trying once again to stifle her moans. I felt her hymen, all soft and with a tiny hole, certainly she had never had anything, if at all, bigger than her own slender fingers up inside herself. and smiled. "You really are my virgin cunt," I said. "Ohhh," groaned Annie.

I pulled my out from her knickers and lifted it so that I could see. My finger was slick with her slime. I ran it slowly across her lips, when Annie closed her eyes I leant in and kissed her again, pushing my tongue deep inside this pretty pre-teens mouth. The little girl squirmed around on my stiff cock. Finally she paused and pulled away. "C-can I...?" she flared up bright red. I could only laugh, after what I had just been doing to her the fact that she was still embarrassed was just outright cute. "Can you what?" I queried. Annie smiled and shifted back in my lab, the bulge that my cock made in my trousers now visible between her parted legs. She reached down and pressed her hand against the hump in my jeans. "Oh honey, of course you can," I sighed. Encouraged the little girl tugged my fly, managing to open it with minimal effort. I leant back and opened the button on my jeans to help her out a little. I gasped as she slipped her hands inside my boxers. Her cold fingers touching on and around my stiff, hot cock. She wrapped them around my shaft and gently tugged it out. As my hard penis popped from the fly little Annie caught her breath. "Its beautiful," she moaned. I laughed. "Well, I've never had it called that but thanks honey."

"But it is," she sighed stroking her hand up and down its length.

I groaned.

"What do I do with it... if I keep playing with it like this will the same thing that happened with me happen to you? Do I put it in my mouth?" she blabbered all at once. I laughed and leant close to her to place a kiss between her eyes. "Well yes," I said. "Sort of the same thing will happen, it is kind of different for guys though when I cum- that is what it is called, I will squirt out lots of what gooey stuff." "Oh," said Annie. "Is it sperm?"

I smiled. They really do teach kids a lot about this stuff these days. "Yes honey, sperm, or cum or spunk." "Wow," she sighed. "I wanna see."

I chuckled. "Well I really want to show you."

"Should I put it in my mouth? Like in the pictures?" she asked.

"I would love that," I told her.

"It makes you feel good?"


"I want to do it... for you," she said fluttering her pretty eye lashes.

"Have a taste please," I breathed.

The little girl slid from my lap and knelt in front of me. With her hands still stroking me she poked out her tongue and ran it up the length of my shaft. I gasped. "Do you like the taste?" "I don't know," murmured Annie, and then grinned and lapped at my cock.

"Oh fuck honey, ahhh," I groaned.

She opened her tiny mouth wide and squeezed the fat head of my cock past her teeth. Her lips closed around the thick shaft and she sucked on me. "Ohhh, fuck," I moaned. My hand stroked through her hair. "Up an down doll-face," I moaned. "Move up and down," "Mhmmmuh," Annie moaned and slowly she started to move her head up and down.

My cock filled this tiny little girl's mouth so much that she was able to vary the amount stuffed inside her by less than half an inch, but fuck did it feel good. I had never had such a young mouth around me, and now I didn't ever want her to stop. I wouldn't say that it was the best blow-job I had ever received, far from it, but it was an eleven year old girl with my cock in her mouth. That fact in itself was enough for it to feel better than any other sexual experience I had had in my life. Finally, however she pulled her mouth off of me and sucked in a deep breath. She looked up at me, and frowned I smiled at her. "What's wrong honey?" I asked. "You've not cummed," she moaned.

I laughed. "It takes a little while sometimes honey," I told her.

"It didn't for me."

"Shhh," I said. "It will happen, just takes a lot of playing and I'll pump lots of hot spunk over your pretty pre-teen body." "Ohhh," she moaned. "I want that... umm would... would it feel good if I rubbed... umm my err place against... against you?" I laughed and leant down until our faces were less than an inch apart, I gave her a peck on the lips and said, "Yes, it will, feel very good for both of us." "Oh my," sighed Annie, and she stood up.

I put my hand on her hip. "Say it," I told her. "Tell me that you want to rub my big fat cock against your baby pussy." "Oh," breathed the girl. She blushed, a deep red colour coming up over her already flushed face. "I want to rub your big fat cock against my little baby pussy." I took hold of her with both of my hands and lifted her onto my lap. My baby whore was sat facing me her leg straddling my waist and my cock nestled nicely between her legs. She started to squirm against me rubbing herself against my stiff tool. I pulled up her dress until it was bunched around her waist, only the thin cotton of her pink knick-knicks separating my cock from her cunt. "Should I take these off," she squeaked, fingering the waistband of her knickers. "Oh yes please," I said.

She wiggled and writhed on my lap struggling to pull her underwear off, finally she managed to pull it from one leg and she appeared to be satisfied with that, leaving her knickers dangling from her right ankle. She looked down at her tiny tight snatch, displayed like an open flower. "Now that truly is beautiful," I said running the back of my finger over her plump and wet vulva. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes," I said.

Annie grinned and shifted forwards until her hot cunt was pressed tight against my hard cock. "Oh ," she moaned. "That feels nice." The little eleven year old started to move against me rubbing herself against my penis. She gasped and moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes breathing deep. "I love you," I said holding onto her. "I love you," she moaned right back.

"Do you really want to taste my cum for me?" I asked.

Annie opened her eyes and nodded. "Yes John," she moaned. "I want to taste your cum... if that is what you want." I hugged her in to tight to me. "Go lay on the bed," I said.

"Oh... are we going to have sex?" she asked.

I smiled. "No."

"Oh... why not?" she asked.

"Oh honey," I said stroking back her hair. "We will have sex if you want to, but I was going to cum in your mouth first." Annie grinned again. "We can do that first," she said.

The little girl padded over towards the bed, as she raised her leg to climb on, I called to her. "You'd better take your dress off," I warned her. Almost without pause the little girl turned towards me and grinned, she leant down and grabbed the hem of her dress. Slowly, she lifted it until her pretty bald cunt was in full view. Then she stopped, and with a coy and silly smile she asked. "Why do you want me to take off my dress?" "Oh baby," I sighed. "Cum can be very messy, we don't want to stain your pretty dress now do we? Besides, I think you'll look so gorgeous all naked for me." Annie moaned and shifted around where she stood. Without further pause she pulled her dress up over her head. Baring her pretty cotton ankle socks she now stood perfectly naked in front of me. She looked down at her body. "Do you think I am sexy?" she asked. "Oh honey," I said.

Getting to my feet I walked over to my pretty little preteen sex-goddess, my stiff cock nestled nicely in the small dip under her ribs, I put my arms around her and pulled her into me. Even at her full hight her head reached the center of my chest. "Oh baby," I said. "You are the sexiest girl I've ever seen." "Ohh" moaned my little girl, nestling her face into me. "Can you take your clothes off too?" She didn't wait for answer and fumbled with the buttons on my shirt. I stoked her hair, and let her fiddle with my clothes. She finally got it open, and I helped her pull it off of my back. She smiled at me and stoked her small gentle fingers across my belly and chest, and then ran along the same trail with small kisses. After a few moments she took a deep breath and I felt her fingers slipping inside my underwear. My trousers were already unfastened and it wasn't much for her to pull them and my boxer shorts down to my ankles. I heard her giggle and gasp as I climbed out of my jeans. "I think you are sexy," she said. "I am all hot and wet." I stoked my hands through her hair and kissed the top of her head. "Lay down honey," I said. "Yes," she groaned.

She turned away and for the first time I got a sight of her perfectly shaped fat little bottom. I couldn't resist reaching out and squeezing on it. Annie yelped and jumped up onto the bed. She lay down on her back and grinned at me. "I like your bum," I told her. Annie giggled and blushed. "Thanks," she whispered.

I climbed onto the bed with her and straddled her chest, I rested my backside lightly against her and let my cock lay down across her face. Annie giggled and started to lick at it. She gave a gasp when I grabbed hold of my stiff penis and started to rub it up and down fast. She giggled and tried to lick at the head of it. As my hand rubbed it. "Open your mouth really wide," I told her. My beautiful baby girl did as she was told and parted her full lips. I placed the head of my cock inside and wanked furiously. I had an eleven year old girl under me with her mouth open and waiting for my spunk to be shot into her open mouth. Naturally, I lasted about ten second. "Oh fuck baby!" I cried as my cock jerked in my hand. String after string of spunk shot from my cock straight into her waiting mouth and over her pretty face. It took me several moments for the world to come back to me, I looked down to see Annie close her spunk filled mouth and swallow. "Oh honey!" I said with a smile. She smiled at me. Cum dribbled down her check and neck, and coated her lips. "I quite like it," she said. I shifted down her body so that I could press my mouth down over hers. I licked the cum from her lips and, when she opened her mouth, I kissed it to her. Annie moaned around me and her tiny body squirmed under me. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I knew better than to just have her there. I knew that she would let me and in fact wanted it, but I also knew she wasn't ready for how much it would hurt for me to give her a relatively dry fuck. I lifted my face up to see her. A line of cum was slowly making its way down her cheek. I wiped it up with my finger and brushed it over the young girls lips. I smiled when she sucked them in to get at the cum. She really did like it. "I want to fuck you Annie,"

The child spread her legs. "I want you to fuck me John," she breathed.

I rolled off of her just to get a look at her open legs and then turned back to give her a slow kiss on her neck. I wanted to suck on it, to give her a mark, but I knew better than that. I looked up at her. "It is going to hurt," I told her. Annie hesitated. "Oh," she breathed. "How much?"

"Depends," I said stoking my fingers down her flat belly. "Might be a lot, but I'm going to make sure that you are all slippery so it doesn't hurt too much." I eases my finger into her tight crack and little Annie whimpered. "It... its okay if it hurts," she said. "I want to do it... for you."

I had to smile and kiss her again. "Oh baby," I groaned. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," she breathed back.

"Just wait one second."

I climbed off of her and practically ran for the bathroom, I returned moments later with a bottle of baby oil. "I am going to rub this all into your pussy to make it very slippery for me." Annie blushed and grinned but opened her legs wider. I moved around the bed so that I could get the perfect view of her fat little vulva. I needed this girl. I popped open the cap on the baby oil and squirted some out into the palm of my hand. Placing the bottle on the bedside table I perched myself on the edge of the bed. I placed my hands onto her belly, just above her fat little cunt and began to massage the oil in. I rubbed in small circles down over her steaming little cunt and rubbed the oil inside her sticky wet cunt. I grabbed the bottle of oil and pulled open the beautiful hole to squirt the oil into it. Annie gave a little cry and subsided into moans as I played with her gorgeous preteen cunt. I rubbed my hands and fingers about her tight little cunny for several minutes, getting off from the moans coming from the little girl as much as playing with her. I rubbed some of the oil on to my stiff cock and looked up at her. "Are you ready baby?" I asked. "Oh fuck yes," she gasped.

I smiled and ran my hands up her small body spreading the oil over her pale skin. "Ahhh," she gaped. I moved squeezing the small lumps of her chest and then moved my hands to her neck, finally back down over chest. I climbed onto my pretty little girl and positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock against the tiny slippery little pussy. Annie had her eyes closed and was moaning loudly. I eased my cock into the tight little hole and felt her hymen resisting my entrance. I placed a kiss on Annie's lips and then thrust in. "Ahhh!" the child cried as I broke her cherry. "Ahhhhhh!" I pushed my cock in a few inches and then pulled out a little to fuck back into this pretty little girl. She was so tight but the oil, her cunt juices, and now the blood made the passage easy. I couldn't resist from fucking into her hard. Her gorgeous face screwed up against the pain and tears dripped from the corners of her eyes. She gave sexy grunts ever time I pushed my cock in. When I pushed in I felt her small body shift on the bed beneath me. I was fucking a child. A moment I had dreamed of all my life and, much to my dismay, it was over as quick as it had begun, I had been inside her less than three minutes before my cock jerked. I thrust in one last time as hard as I could. Her whole body was shaking under me. I could hardly believe it she was cumming. I hadn't expected that. I didn't have time to consider it any longer before my own body entered the strongest orgasm I'd ever had. My legs stiffened and I screwed my eyes shut as my balls squirted hot thick cum deep into this child's body.

Annie groaned and curled up on my chest she twisted and stared into my my eyes. "That hurt," she said.

"It made me feel really good," I assured her. "I love you so much baby."

"I wanted you to like it," Annie said and placed her head on my chest.

I closed my eyes just content to feel my loverly little girl curled up on top of me. "Love you back," murmured the girl.

I felt my consciousness edge away from me but I didn't care, at that moment all that was important was the touch of my eleven year old lover. At one point a thought drifted across my mind, it barely registered on a conscious level although it nagged, I shouldn't have a naked child in my bed when my parents got in. My eyes snapped open and I lurched, it is odd sometimes how a single thought can drag one out of slumber so fast.

My sudden motion disturbed Annie and she lifted her head and blinked several times. She yawned, and then blushed, quickly covering her mouth with her hand. The child rubbed her eyes and glanced over at the alarm cock sat at the side of my bed. "Shit!" she suddenly spat.

"Annie!" I cried with feigned alarm.

The eleven year old flared up red with embarrassment but appeared not to care. She planted her hands onto my chest and pushed herself up. Annie shook her head. "I am soo late!" she exclaimed.

I felt a tinge of guilt, I didn't care that she was late, just that I still had a few hours before anyone would turn up. I gripped her head and pulled her to me, I mushed my lips against hers, letting my tongue snake inside her willing mouth. Annie moaned and started to kiss me back but eventually pulled away. "Please John," she murmured. "I am going to be in so much trouble, I'm three hours late."

"Will another hour make any difference?" I asked.

"She is going to smack me," moaned Annie. "With the slipper." Her voice mumbled off with the last words.

If laying next to a naked child hadn't aroused me enough the idea of her being beaten by a slipper was a real turn on. I wished I could watch while her mother spanked my sexy little whore. "Will another hour late change that?" I asked again.

Annie hesitated and then shrugged. "No," she admitted. "But..."

I leant forwards and pressed my lips to her left nipple, I kissed all around it and then looked up into the child's face. "Well baby, you stink of sex - your smelly fuck juices are all over you," I told her.

"Oh," gasped Annie. She pressed her knees together, moaned a little and then smiled at me. "You won't let me go home a smelly slut will you." she emphasised the word 'slut' gleaming the thrill of dirty language that I had noted before.

I pulled her into me and sucked on her pretty little nipple. My hands trailed down her sexy little body, they slid over her skinny thighs and between her legs. I could feel the hot wetness of my baby slut's cunt. I let her nipple out of my lips and trailed small kisses up her chest, over her neck and finally onto her face. Annie opened her small mouth beckoning me to kiss her properly. I slid a finger into her tight little hole, Annie gasped loudly, and I chose that moment to push my tongue deep into her mouth.

The little girl writhed against me, caressing my tongue with her own hand humping at my hand of her own accord. For my part, I played with her tight little cunt, I let my fingers search out the small crevices of her pubescent pussy. When I caught her clit she would gasp into my mouth. It didn't take too long before her whole body shuddered in my arms. She pulled her mouth away. "Ahh! ahh!" she cried really grinding her cunt hard against my hand.

Annie fell backwards onto the mattress, the springs bounced her up and down for a few moments while the eleven year old fought to catch her breath. Annie groaned and gave me a cheeky smile. "I though we were tying to get rid of the sex smell," she muttered.

"You sarcastic bitch," I muttered at here.

"Yeah," giggled Annie. "But I'm YOUR sarchie bitch."

I groaned and leant down to place a kiss on her forehead. "Yes baby," I whispered. "You are all mine." I leant back up. "Besides we are going to take a shower to get rid of that smell little whore."

Annie raised an eye brow. "Little pence whore?" she asked. It took her a moment but as the actual meaning of the words took hold she shot me an oddly gleeful smile, with her tongue trapped between her teeth. "I'm your fucking whore," she spat at me.

"You've got such a filthy little mouth cunt," I jibed brushing my finger down her nose.

Annie mewled and rubbed her legs together. I rolled my eyes. "Don't tell me you want to cum again," I muttered.

"Ah-huh," my darling girl answered.

The sight of her bald little pussy was too much to resist anyway. I licked my lips and moved down until my lips pressed against Annie's belly button. The child giggled when my tongue brushed across the small crevice. She lifted her plump little backside off of the bed and swayed her hips about showing me just where she wanted my tongue. A quick fuck had done a lot for this darlings confidence.

I had to oblige and ran my wet tongue down over her vulva and into into her wet little crack. For an eleven year old she now tasted and even smelled rather grown up - maybe not as strong but it was certainly similar. I ran my tongue up and down her tight little crack, she continued to wriggle her hips, grinding my face into her little tight spunk hole.

My tongue soon found out her hidden little clit, it may have swollen up larger than it would have otherwise have been but that still meant it was tiny. Upon the discovery I gave it a little nip. Annie gasped. I licked around it quickly and then sucked what I could into my mouth. It appeared that was all the eleven year old could take and she started to tremble again. Her orgasm was not nearly as powerful as the one she'd had only minutes before but she still wriggled and moaned her gorgeous little head off.

I raised my head and watched her pant, enjoying the rise and fall of her near-flat chest. She had such pretty little pink nipples. "Have I kissed the hurt from your fuck all better?" I asked.

"Oh my," groaned Annie. "Yesss."

I laughed and laid back myself, my neglected cock stood up proud, desperate to get a piece of the girl for itself. She looked at it and sighed a small smile pasted on her lips. "Do you..." she started and took a deep breath. "Can I?" she tried again.

I reached across and stroked my hand across my baby's face. "Do you know what I like the most?" I asked her.


"Can you lick on my balls honey?" I asked. I must admit I was feeling a tinge of embarrassment myself.

Annie grinned at me. "Oh my," she breathed and ran her pink tongue across her lips. I could have sworn her mouth was watering!

The little girl went down between my leg, I felt her hand stroke my balls, and then felt her lips pressed against them. "These smell good," she said looking up at me and then flared up bright red, as if she wished she'd not told me.

Her small beautiful face buried itself against my testicles. I caught my breath as her tongue lanced out over them. My balls are such a sensitive spot that I started to groan almost immediately but I could barely stifle the giggles when she tickled me too much. It was my turn to wriggle as I felt her lovely little mouth work to make my balls wet. She suddenly opened her mouth wide and sucked one inside. I gasped as her greedy young mouth worked on me.

I closed my eyes and sighed, it was such a gorgeous feeling, having your balls sucked and liked by an eleven year old girl. Her hands started to rub against my cock. "Oh baby," I groaned. "Suck me off honey."

"Mmmm?" came a query from her ball filled mouth.

"Such my cock baby lets make cum on your face again."

My testicle left her mouth with a pop, and jump from me. I felt her tongue again brush against my balls and she slowly ran it up my cock and twirled it around the head. She looked up at me and smiled before stretching her mouth open wide and taking me inside. I reached down and stroked my hand through her dark hair. In a zealous moment I pushed down hard on the back of her head, jamming my cock against the back of her throat. I felt it contract and heard Annie gag. The girl pulled off to suck in her breath. "Oh baby that felt good," I assured her. "I want you to fuck me with your mouth - do you understand what I mean?"

"Mmmm," sighed Annie. "Yes John."

The little girl took my cock back into her mouth and pushed down, a little deeper this time than she'd yet gone on her own accord. Her breath whistled in though her nostrils, Annie groaned and started to move her head up and down. "Oh yes!" I gasped. "Like that baby."

It wasn't long before Annie learned how bob her head hard and fast on my cock, she avoided the depth at which I'd pushed her too but this really was a great blow-job. My baby girl started to experiment with sucking harder, and running her tongue around my cock while she fucked it in and out of her tiny little mouth. I groaned - quite involuntarily - when she hit the right spot. Annie was learning fast, picking up exactly what made me moan and wriggle the most. Although by that time it was too late. I reached down and grabbed hold of her hair to drag her off of my cock. I pushed her down onto the bed and knelt beside her wanking hard on. Annie shuddered and stared longingly at my stiff penis that hung above her face. Like a good girl, Annie opened her mouth wide the moment my sperm erupted from my cock.

There wasn't nearly so much this time not for the third time that day - despite my rest. Still, what cum there was, landed over her sweet little face, much of it hit straight in her mouth. Annie waited for my cock to stop squirting and then closed her mouth to swallow. Annie grabbed of my arm and pulled her self up right. The little girl shot me a smile, the rest of my cum dribbled down her face. After a moment she raised a hand to wipe her face but I caught it in time. "No-no my little spunk covered slut," I said.

"Oh my," sighed Annie.

She moved her free hand hand down to rub at her bald little cunny and then twisted a little. "I need a wee," she whispered.

Annie started to climb from the bed but I kept a firm grip of her wrist. "John," she moaned. "I need..."

I placed a finger over her lips. "Shhh," I cooed. "Come on baby."

I climbed from the bed and pulled Annie up to lead her from the room. She pulled at me a little. "Your going to watch!" she exclaimed.

I laughed and placed a light kiss on the young sexy girl's cheek. "We are going to be really dirty and bad," I whispered to her.

Annie's eyes almost popped from her head, her breathing was becoming ragged, her flat chest rose and fell in rapid succession. "What do you want me to do?" she gasped.

I smiled and ran my tongue across her lips, tasting the sharp dryness of my spunk that still stuck there. I tugged her across the room and glanced down at the bath-tub. "Get in," I told her laying a small kiss on her forehead.

The child looked excited but her teeth scraped down hard across her lower lip. Annie climbed over the side and into the bath. I picked up the jug, which sat perched on the windowsill, and smiled at the sexy eleven year old. Annie looked at the jug foe a fraction of a second before her entire naked body flared up in scarlet. "You - you want me..." she stammered, pointing.

I screwed up my face and grinned at her. "Oh yes honey," I told her.

I used my free hand to separate the child's legs and then held the pot just inches under her tight little cunt. "I don't think I can," squeaked Annie.

I leant in close to my baby and gave her a small kiss on her nose, "Sure you can honey, relax, don't worry about getting any on me. It will be very dirty and bad," with that I ran the finger of my free hand through her closed slit.

"Ahh-ah," Annie gasped.

She wriggled in front of my almost losing her balance, I continued to rub her between her legs and soon I could hear small grunts issuing forth from Annie's throat. She closed her eyes and after a few more moments I felt the hot liquid wash over my hand, the tangy smell tickled my nostrils as the child urinated, over my arm, and into the jug.

I leant in and placed my mouth against hers, I pushed my tongue inside. Annie gasped and opened up wider for me, as I kissed her I felt the long rush of piss come to a halt, and the last few drops splashing onto the back of my hand. I took my head away and looked down at the near quarter full jug. Annie backed away also and stared down at her urine. "Oh my," she whispered. She pressed her hands hard to her sides to try and stop them from shaking.

"Stand very still," I told her.

Annie nodded, she seemed almost too breathless to talk.

I raised the jug, and with a smile at her began I pressed the beaked rim against her shoulder and began to pour the steaming yellow fluid down over her chest. Annie gasped, and squirmed as I poured her piss out over her flat nipples. She gazed down at her own chest, transfixed as the last of it drizzled away. Her head snapped up. "That is so sick!" she cried. Her brow ruffled and an almost concerned look crossed her flawless features. "I'm sick."

"You liked that?" I asked.

"Ah-huh," answered Annie. "Yeah..."

I smiled and leaned in, I grabbed her and pulled her piss drenched body into me, smearing much of it over my torso as I hugged Annie hard against me. I squashed our faces together and licked deeply into her sweet mouth. My eleven year old lover wriggled in my embrace, her own smooth tongue slid against my teeth, I felt her gasp, trying to suck air straight from my lungs to her own. I lifted my head from her mouth. "I love you," I whispered.

"I'm sick," Annie groaned again.

I laughed. "There is nothing wrong with that baby," I said.

"Yes there is!" squeaked Annie.

I was confused at how to proceed. "There is nothing wrong in liking that," I told her again. "I'm a sick pervert."

"No you are not!" piped the little girl in my defence. "Your not a pervert."

I couldn't help but grin. "Well then what am I?" I perused.

Annie's lips curled into a sweet, serene smile. "You are my boyfriend," the child said.

I hugged the child even-tighter into me. "Oh baby," I breathed. "and you are my sweet, sick, and very sexy girlfriend. That is why I love you so much."

Annie sighed, and held on tight. I didn't want this hug to ever end, although, due to the pains in my own bladder, I was almost glad when Annie let go after what must have been five or more minutes. I gave her another kiss on her forehead. "Lay down," I told her.

Annie cocked her head. "Oh what are you going to do?" she asked.

"You'll see, lay down and spread your legs really wide," I told her.

Annie gasped. The small girl settled herself down into the empty bath, she let her back rest on slanted end opposite the faucet. With her legs bent up almost double she spread them as wide as the bath would allow. It was a perfect position. I climbed into the bath with her, standing just at merely inches from where her legs ended, my toes were surrounded by what of Annie's piss hadn't drained away down the plug-hole. I started to stroke my cock, trying to coax myself into relaxing. My piss shot forth after only a few moments and splashed directly onto Annie's pussy. The little girl cried out in surprise. I pissed up over her chest and then back onto her tight little pussy.

Annie moved her hands even before I had finished and started to caress her cunny rubbing and stimulating herself while I my piss splashed all over her. My bladder emptied pretty quickly and I was left staring down at the filthy piss covered girl masturbating like mad. I groaned and turned around so that I could turn the shower on. The water shot out freezing cold and I jumped as it splashed against my skin. I couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

Annie giggled and I felt her arms wrap around me. "Come out of the cold water you silly boy," she told me dragging me to her end of the tub.

I turned around to face her. "I want to give you shower sex baby."

Oddly enough, Annie's smile faded and a twinge of fear crept into her eyes. I leant down and kissed each of them shut. "Oh baby," I moaned at her. "I didn't mean sex like that, I want to rub with you in the shower."

Unfortunately that didn't help matters any. My fickle little creature opened her mouth and sucked in her chest. Moisture pooled in her eyes, adding an extra glint. "Don't you want sex with me any more?" she moaned.

"Oh baby," I sighed pulling her into me very tight. "Of course I do."

Annie pressed her face into my chest and I placed my hand against her hair. "I just don't want to hurt you any more," I sighed. It occurred to me that that was simply a lie, I didn't want to scare her.

Annie pulled back from me, the tears were still gathering fast. "I would do it for you," she said with a defiant tone on her voice. "I'd do anything for you."

I was touched, deeply in my soul. My heart beat heavily in my chest out of sheer love sent the way of this beautiful preteen girl. "I know," I whispered. I rubbed under her eyes with my fingers to clear her tears away. "I'm doing this for you. I'll fuck you again on our next date okay."

Annie sucked in her chest and nodded. Again I saw the tinge of fear, the fresh memory of how I'd almost brutally punched through her virginity. Her young pussy had to be sore after that, if I wanted to keep this precious thing, I knew I needed to give her my love, not just my lust.

I gently pulled back on her stepping us both under the warm water of the shower. It really was time to wash the smell of sex from us both. I grabbed the soap from the dish and started to rub it against her body.

Annie took a step back in order to make it easier for me to form a lather on her smooth young body. "Oh my," Annie groaned.

I started to rub the suds in to her, massaging them with my hands, I followed the contours of her chest, and moved down over body and then rubbed the soap up against the child's pussy. Annie gasped and jumped into me, she grabbed the soap from my hand, and kissed me on my chest. With obvious and childlike glee she started to soap up my cock and balls. While she worked on me I let my hands wander over her body. I rubbed the soap around her back and down to her arse. Annie gasped when I grabbed her arse, she dropped the soap and it slid across to the other end of the tub, leaving a slick snails trail in its wake.

Annie eyed me suspiciously, it was like she was willing me to take advantage of impending situation. She spun around splashing me with the water that flew from her long black hair. I could smell the peaches from that water. The child bent over and I was confronted with the gorgeous sight of her pink little bum-hole. I reached down to squeeze her arse and to run my finger up that crack, and tickle her rear hole. Annie gasped at my actions. Although stayed in that same compromising position, gripping to the soap with both hand. I slowly, and as gently as I could, inserted a soapy finger into her rear end. Annie cried out, although not in pain and shot upright the soap slipped from her fingers again and came to rest over the plug hole.

The wide eyed girl turned to look at me. I didn't give her time to speak before grabbing her arm and pulling her to me, our soapy bodies slid against each others and I leant down to kiss her. Annie moaned and rubbed herself against my leg. I broke off for a moment and whispered. "I'm going to fuck your bum next time too," I leant back down to kiss her again but the child turned her head away.

"Y-you can do that?" she asked.

I used one hand to turn her face back up towards me. "You said you'd do anything I wanted," I said.

Annie gasped and nodded. "Oh yesss," she hissed. "Oh fuck yess."

I smiled and licked down, back into her mouth.

I could have stayed there all day, just rubbing, kissing and sliding our soaped up bodies against one another. However I didn't want to put Annie in any more trouble with her mother than she already was, and I certainly didn't want to open any chance of anyone walking in on the two of us (although the idea of what the look on my parents faces would have been was very tempting). I rinsed us both off and helped Annie out of the shower. With her hair plastered down to her head, and all of her makeup washed off, Annie once again looked the very innocent little girl. I shook my head and then wrapped Annie up in a big fluffy green towel.

I grabbed another towel and ran it across my body, taking off only the excess moisture to stop myself from dripping over the floor. I perched myself on the side of the bath and took much more time over sweet little Annie. I allowed my hands, under the cover of the soft towel, to brush along her smooth pale skin. I worked it around her nipples, and into her tight cunt crack. Annie squirmed. "Your not meant to be making me horny again!" she protested.

She was, of course, right about that, but I just grinned and said, "Well I'm just making sure we wipe away the last of your naughty sex juices."

"Your making more," bit back Annie.

I muttered under my breath and turned my attention to the just as desirable area that was her fat little bum. I salivated over the idea of being able to fuck her there. It was almost unbearable to think that might be several days away. The whole, 'it could be tomorrow' side of my mind was being squashed away by arguments that Annie was now nearly four and a half hours late.

No parent would let their child off with that, the spanking might have been the least of Annie's worries. As that thought flashed across my mind my hand came to rest on her loverly bottom. I licked my lips, I had to admit that I wished I was the one who was going to give the child the beating. Or at least that I'd get a chance to watch. Of course, that was impossible.

I licked my lips again and wondered what it would take to convince Annie that I needed to give her a spanking. She had of course said that she'd let me do anything but I doubted that she had that in mind. "John?" the little girl giggled. "I know you like my bum but you've been squidging it for ten minutes!"

That brought me back down to Earth. I laughed and let the girl down from my lap. She let the towel fall away and posed nude for me before running off back to my room. I stood and followed her. Annie was stood staring down at where her clothes had been strewn about the room. When she did move, the girl seemed to be moving against water, struggling to pick up and slip her clothes back on, to bring herself down from status of lover back to that of sweet innocent child.

It was most certainly the most fun I'd ever had in a day, and from the looks of things that was much the same as Annie's sentiment.

The End