Title: Mary Tyler Moore
Author: Uncle Mike




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Mary knocked on the door tentatively. Tap-tap?

A bellow rattled the door. "Come!" Mary squared her shoulders and marched into the small cubicle that served as the office for her boss, who ran the news operation at WJM-TV.

Lou Grant was a balding fireplug, short and squat with beefy arms that bulged out of his rolled-up sleeves. As Mary came into his office, he slid closed the drawer where he kept his bourbon and planted both meaty fists on his cluttered desk. His expression softened as he saw who it was.

"What is it, Mary?"

"Uh, Mr. Grant, you know, I've been here quite awhile now, and ..."

"That's right, Mary, you have. How long has it been now?" His bushy eyebrows rose with the question.

"Well, about a year."

"That long? Gee, it seems like only yesterday I hired you. Took you off the street. Gave you a job. Saved you from..."

"I don't want a raise, Mr. Grant."

"Oh. So it's been a year, huh?"

"Well, yes. And, you know, Mr. Grant, in all that time, I've never had a day off? Not even a sick day. And, well, Rhoda -- you know my friend Rhoda? -- the department store's sending her to a convention in Florida next week. Florida! And I could share her hotel room, and one of the other window dressers just canceled so there's a plane ticket available, and ... Can I go, Mr. Grant?"

Lou's face clouded over and he leaned forward to glare at her. "I can't let you take a vacation, Mary. We need you. The STATION needs you. How can we put out a newscast without you?"

"But, Mr. Grant, you did all those years before I came here..."

"Yes, and see where it got us? We don't want to go back to those days, Mary. Now, do we?" His chair squeaked as he leaned back, satisfied he'd made his point.

"But, Mr. Grant, you took vacation just last month!"

"Well, I'm not as important as you are, Mary."

She brought her knees together and leaned toward the desk. "Well, if I'm so important, Mr. Grant, maybe I SHOULD get a raise. I mean..."

Lou raised himself up and walked around to the front of his desk, maneuvering through the tight squeeze between Mary's legs and the desk. "Look, Mary," he said, leaning against the desk, "you're not getting any raise. The station can't afford it. And we can't afford to give you a vacation. I'm sorry, but that's final."

Mary began to sniffle as she looked up at him. "But, Mr. Grant, it's ONLY one week. Please?"

The office was cramped, so cramped that there was hardly room to move. Sitting on the desk as Lou was, he was almost in Mary's lap as she sat back against the opposite wall. He could smell her flowery perfume, see the flush on her cheeks, the start of a tear at the corner of one eye.

Lou rubbed his face with his right hand. "Mary, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do."

"But, Mr. Grant, I really need this vacation. Please! I'll get my work done in advance. I can get a week's worth of schedules, update the filing ... I'll do anything you need, just let me go to Florida!"

Lou's hand slowly dropped from his face. He looked at Mary without speaking.

The first thing he noticed, the first thing anyone noticed about Mary Richards, was her bright smile. Even now, pleading as she was, she mustered a brave grin. It lit up her face like a beacon, drawing the eye to her high cheekbones, sparkly eyes, short, shiny dark hair.

Lou kept going, taking in a compact body in a blue business suit cut short enough to show off a fantastic pair of legs. He rested both hands behind him on the desk and looked her squarely in the eye.

"Do you really mean that, Mary?"

She blinked. "Mean what?"

"That you'll do anything to go?"

"Oh, yes, Mr. Grant!" Her grin widened. "What do you need? Something for that special we were going to do on the mayor's office? What?"

"Well, this is something not quite related to work," Lou said slowly. "It's kind of, you do a favor for me, I do a favor for you. You know, Mary."

"Well, OK, I guess. I mean, I really NEED this vacation, Mr. Grant."

"Fine, Mary. That's just fine." As he spoke, Lou lowered the zipper on his pants and undid the belt, pulling his slacks down to reveal a pair of white boxer shorts already beginning to tent in front.

"Mr. Gra-ant!" Mary's mouth opened wide in shock. "I'm not that kind of girl!"

"Oh, come off it, Mary," Lou said, suddenly grim- faced. "Don't tell me that guy who dumped you before you came here never got anything. You're way too old to be playing the innocent virgin, Mary. This is how it is: You want a vacation, you suck my cock."

"Mr. Grant, you're drunk."

"Yeah, and so what? I'm still your boss, drunk or not. But I won't be your boss if you don't do what I say, Mary."

She stared at him as he pulled down his shorts, exposing a short, thick dick already stiff and standing out from his dense pile of pubic hair. "I mean now, Mary," he said flatly. She was shocked; he'd never acted like this before. But she was also strangely aroused. It had been so long since she'd had a man, even Mr. Grant was beginning to look good to her. Oh, well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Like a robot, Mary stiffly dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him pleadingly, but Lou only took her head in his hands and drew her to him. Opening her mouth and closing her eyes tightly, she took him in. His cock was short enough for her to take it all in, even when he pressed forward and his crinkly hair rubbed against her nose.

"God damn it, Mary, don't just stand there," Lou commanded. "I said suck it!"

Mary slowly closed her lips around his rod and began to move back and forth. As she pulled back, she could see her spittle gleaming on his fat cock. Unhappy with her pace, Lou grabbed her head more tightly and pushed her down on him, faster and faster. "Use your tongue, Mary!" he whispered. "You know how."

She licked the head of his cock and reached a hand up to cradle his balls. "Yeah, that's it," he encour- aged her. She began to suck harder on him, her cheeks hollowing with the effort. The familiar taste of cock began to excite her.

As Lou began to moan in delight, Mary swung her head underneath him and licked the underside of his rod from balls to tip, then flicked her tongue at the head. Then she grabbed his ass in both hands and pushed him into her mouth all the way, building up to a frantic pace.

Lou's moaning got louder until he finally cried out. "Damn, that's it! I'm gonna shoot! I'm gonna shoot it all!"

As he did, his cum jetting down Mary's throat, the door to his office opened and a white-haired head peeked around. "Hey, Lou," came the deep bass TV voice of their anchor, Ted Baxter. "Can I talk ... Oh, sorry, Lou, I didn't know I was ... Mary! Hey, Lou, that's Mary!" As he went on, Ted's voice got higher and faster.

"Get in here, Ted," Lou ordered. Mary had drawn back in shock and the last flecks of cum dotted her face, which was turning bright red. Ted was an idiot, but even worse, he had a big mouth. How could she ever live this down if word got around?

Ted slipped in and closed the door behind him. He looked back and forth from Lou to Mary and stared at Lou's shrinking cock. A calculating look came into his eye.

"About..." His voice came out as a squeak; he cleared his throat and started again in a deep, booming tone. "About that raise, Lou. The one you said I couldn't have? Don't you think you should reconsider?"

Lou looked Ted straight in the eye while raising his shorts and zipping up his pants. "No, I don't, Ted," he said slowly, enunciating every word. Mary looked from one man to the other, feeling Mr. Grant's cum dry on her face as she followed their voices like a spectator at a tennis match.

"But, Lou..." Ted was back to his high, whining voice. "You don't want me to tell..."

"Look, Ted, I don't care what you saw. I can't afford to give you a raise."

"OK, then, Lou, I'll..."

"You'll what, Ted? Tell the station manager? Look, Ted, if I get fired, whoever takes over is gonna can you before you can spit." Lou paused and looked down at Mary, who was trying to shrink into her chair. "Tell you what, Ted. I'll make you a deal. You don't tell the station manager, OK. And I'll let you fuck Mary."

"What!" Mary bounced out of her chair. "Mr. Grant, you have no right to -- what do you think I am?"

"You've already shown what you are, Mary. Now we're just dickering over your price. Tell you what, I'll give you a second week of vacation."

"I don't..." She was furious, too furious to form a coherent thought.

"You don't have a choice, Mary. Come on, Ted."

Without much resistance from Mary, Ted and Lou slipped off her jacket, unbuttoned her white silk blouse, and unzipped her skirt. Shortly they had her down to a plain white bra and a demure pair of white blue cotton panties. Shaking off their help, Mary herself had peeled down her pantyhose and stepped out of her blue pumps. She sighed inwardly but resolved to get it over with. At least it would be a cock in her cunt, and she'd been without one for too long. She hoped Ted wasn't as inept at fucking as he was at everything else.

While Ted stripped, Lou swept the clutter off his desk and dropped into his chair.

Ted stopped, one foot stuck in a trouser leg, and looked at Lou. "You're not going to stay here, are you?"

"Where am I gonna go, Ted? It's my office."

"But, Lou..."

"Just shut up and fuck, Ted."

Mary had unhooked her bra and released her cupcake- sized breasts, adorned with small brown aureoles. Silently, she stepped out of her panties and got onto the desk, placing her ass on the edge facing Ted, her feet just barely touching the floor. She looked up at him and closed her eyes. I should think of something else, she told herself -- no, of someone else, someone I'd really like to be fucking right now. But who? And then she got an idea.

Ted moved toward her, stroking a long, thickening cock as he stared at her triangular bush and pale pink pussy lips. He reached up and put two fingers up to Mary's lips. Abruptly, she licked them, and he brought his hand down and caressed her cunt until she was fully lubricated.

Stepping forward, Ted eased his cock into her. Mary grunted as he slipped it all the way in, pressing her legs open wider as he began to pump into her. Mary lay back on the desk as Ted grabbed her slim hips and drove his cock into her cunt, giggling as he did. Mary's body jiggled under the impact of his dick but she was other- wise motionless, unwilling to give him any more pleasure than she had to.

Lou looked hungrily at the rutting pair and bent down to suck on Mary's tits, slobbering his tongue around the sides and then sucking them into his mouth one at a time. Mary's nipples hardened into tiny buttons as Lou sucked one tit while mauling the other with his rough hands. She kept her eyes closed tightly until Ted shouted "Mary! Oh, Mary! I'm doing it, Mary! I'm ...uuuuuuunnnnggghhhh!" Mary felt a warmth burst into her cunt as Ted shot his wad into her.

"Geez, Ted, you coulda pulled out," Lou said angrily, rising from his chair. "I sure hope you're on the Pill, Mary. We don't want another Ted walking around."

Even as Lou was speaking, the door to the office opened again. "Hey, guys, the show's starting in 15 min..." Murray, Mary's best newsroom pal and the show's writer, stood speechless in the doorway.

"Oh, Murray!" Mary tried to cover herself, but soon gave up. What the hell, she was already the office slut, she thought.

"Mary, how could you!" Murray stepped into the office and shut the door behind him. The small room was so crowded now that Ted banged into a file cabinet and almost fell over as he tried to put his clothes back on.

"Oh, Murray!"

"With TED, Mary!"

"Oh, Murray!"

"I mean, Mary, I knew you ... I mean, I figured you ... I mean, I didn't think about it a lot, but you're not a kid ... I mean, you're still young, but I knew you saw guys ... I mean... with TED!"

"Oh, Murray! ... Murray!" As Mary watched in stunned amazement, Murray flung off his clothes and pushed Ted aside. His small pot belly overhung a slim cock that lengthened as he moved closer to her. "I'm sorry, Mary, but I just have to," he said softly as he reached be- hind her knees and lifted her legs up until her heels rested on his shoulders. "Mary, I just have to!"

He pushed his cock into her already-wet cunt, driv- ing between her reddening pussy lips and into the cushiony dark tunnel. "Mary, you know I love you," Murray said. "I've always loved you, from that first day." He pushed his cock deep into her, their pelvic bones knocking together. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever known." He drew all the way out and pushed back in, sliding deep within. "I've wanted you so long. I just had to!" His hands roamed up and down her shapely legs as he rammed himself into her crotch.

She was angry and stunned, but also getting very hot. She'd never even seen this many cocks in her whole life! Closing her eyes again, she thought of her mystery lover.

Mary gripped the edge of the desk with both hands as her body shook under Murray's frenzied pounding. She groaned as his cock filled her cunt and her whole body trembled with the impacts.

"I'm cumming, Mary," Murray murmured. Then louder: "I'm cumming! I'm cummmmiiinnnggg!" Again Mary felt the warmth burst inside her as Murray's cum pulsed into her cunt.

As Murray's cock softened, he pulled out of her sopping wet pussy. Mary lay back, too exhausted to move, as he dressed. Ted and Murray opened the door and were about to leave when Gordie, the weatherman, walked past. He stopped short and stuck his head in the doorway. "Jesus Christ, Lou, this place smells like a whorehouse! Oh, hi, Mary... Mary?"

A loud groan shuddered out of her as Murray and Ted pulled Gordie into the room, now packed wall to wall. Quickly Gordie sized up the situation and shucked his clothes.

Mary stared up at him, awed. Gordie was tall and powerfully built, his dark skin bulging with sinewy muscles, showing the results of the weightlifting he did in his off hours. He was just as she had imagined him when Ted and Murray were banging away at her cunt. She smiled. She wouldn't have to keep her eyes closed now, she thought.

With a tenderness Mary never expected from such a strong man, Gordie caressed her taut stomach and gently massaged her breasts. She murmured softly as he knelt before her and began to lick the inside of her thighs. She sighed as he moved closer to her crotch, still licking and sucking. It felt like butterfly wings, she thought, as Gordie began to flick his tongue at the edges of her pussy.

Ted, Murray and Lou watched in silence as Gordie pressed forward, tenderly spreading Mary's pussy lips with his fingers and pressing his tongue into her steaming cunt. She shivered all over and reached down, entwining her fingers in Gordie's short, dark curls, moving her hips to match his swirling tongue's motion. "Ohhhh, yess!"

Gordie fingered her clit, sending waves of passion through her as he twiddled the sensitive button. Mary's hips closed around him and her moans grew louder until all at once she stiffened and a flood of juices poured from her cunt. Gordie lapped them up and nuzzled her crotch before rising.

Mary looked him in the eye. "I want you," she said huskily. "Give me that big black cock. Give it all to me me, big man." Ted, Murray and Lou exchanged shocked glances.

Gordie bent down and put his arms around Mary's waist, lifting her easily up to him as he slid his cock inside her. She gripped him tightly with her thighs as they began to move together. Bending down to her, Gordie kissed her hungrily and their tongues wrestled together. Their passionate rhythm was so frenzied that Gordie's cock filled her completely. When he withdrew, it released a vacuum and their moans were joined by wild, primal sounding noises as her cunt let go. Mary lifted her legs, crossing her ankles behind Gordie's ass as her breasts rubbed against his massive chest.

Crazed with lust, Mary kissed and sucked his face, his neck, his shoulders, holding him to her tightly. Gordie kept up a maddening pace, driving his huge cock into her cunt again and again, his tight butt squeezing with exertion as he buried himself to the hilt.

Ted and Murray fell back into their chairs, worn out just from watching the spectacle. Lou pulled out his bottle of bourbon, took a slug and passed it around as the room grew hotter and steamier. Still Gordie and Mary went at it, grinding together as sweat poured down their bodies. Gordie's back was glistening with moisture and Mary's hands slipped up and down it, her pale skin standing out sharply against his ebony.

The sturdy metal desk began to squawk in protests as their pounding grew wilder. Mary flung back her head and shouted to the ceiling. "Fuck me, big man! Harder! Harder! Yesss! Fuck me harder! Fuck me all the way! Oooh, I want to feel you all the way inside me! Pound it in! Yes!"

She spread her legs wide, making Murray duck as her foot swung toward his head. "Get ready, Mary," Gordie yelled. "Get ready, I'm cumming!"

"Yes, yes, do it! Fill me up! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmiiiinnnggg!" As Mary screamed in ecstasy, Gordie let out a bellow and exploded inside her. His ass bucked back and forth as cum shot out of his cock and filled Mary's cunt, boiling out with her pussy juices and dripping onto the floor. Mary's body was rocked by wave after wave of intense orgasm and her fingernails dug into Gordie's back as she gave herself up to utter lust. "Oh, yessss! Yessss! God, yessssssss!"


Mary, as it turned out, took three weeks off that month. But she never did get down to Florida with Rhoda. She and Gordie did have a great time at home in Minneapolis, though.

The End