Title: Life of the Party
Author: Rhetoric (master_kinkstop@yahoo.com)




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Virginia arrived at Mick’s house dressed in as slutty a fashion as she knew how. She wore red hot pants that barely covered her firm ass full ass cheeks. The calves of her long firm legs were strained by the seven inch high heels strapped to her feet and her massive conical breasts strained at the fabric of the flimsy white cotton cut off blouse. She tossed her red hair tied in pigtails and smoothed her plaid skirt. Mick told her tonight he would be throwing a costume party and first prize would go to the naughtiest girl there. Virginia knew that Mick often gave away lavish gifts as door prizes and was determined to win. She straightened her white stockings and strolled into the foyer as the butler let her in.

"Darling, so good to see you. You are looking smashing."

Virginia smiled up at Mick and curtsied. He watched her body move and smiled back. "Am I dressed ok for the costume party, Mick, darling?" Virginia turned around and displayed herself to him. She didn’t hear him as he sidled up behind her and let out a nervous giggle as she felt handcuffs go around her wrists. "Oh you’re dressed great for a costume party, but I changed my mind. Tonight we are going to have a dress ball and you are going to be my date. Now come along. We must get you dressed."

"Let me go! I’ll scream rape! Virginia struggled but Mick just grabbed her pony tails and dragged her into another room.

"Oh, you will scream rape, dear. I’ll be most disappointed if you don’t. Of course no one will hear you with this big gag in your mouth." Mick pushed Virginia onto her back and pressed a rubber bulb into her mouth. It was attached to a leather strip that he wrapped around her head and buckled into place. A rubber tube protruded from her gag and ended in a bulb that rested between her heaving tits.

Virginia moaned and found she could still speak in muffled mumbles. "That’s it, slut. Keep talking. Let’s see how you talk after a few pumps of your gag." Mick grabbed the bulb and held it in front of Virginia’s eyes as he squeezed it. Her eyes popped open as she felt the bulb in her mouth grow in size cutting off her ability to make any sound at all.

"That’s it, Ginny. Now I have tried to get a date with you for a very long time, but you’ve always been so busy. Well tonight you will be busy, but at my behest. Tonight you are mine, little girl." Virginia looked at Mick fearfully and knew she was going to be doing anything he wanted her to for the rest of the evening. Mick got up off of her and forced her to her feet by grabbing her nipples. Despite her feelings about becoming Mick’s toy she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. Mick led her to something which looked like a thin bicycle seat on a long pole. The pole went from a small platform on wheels up to Virginia’s navel. Near the bottom of the pole above the platform was a crossbar. As Virginia was brought closer to the pole she saw to her horror that the seat had two large holes in it.

Virginia began to struggle again and out of his pocket Mick produced a set of stringent black nipple clamps. He ripped off the flimsy top she wore and quickly attached the clamps to Virginia’s hardening nipples. She felt her resistance leak out of her with her cunt cream. "Good girl. We need to put you on your dressing stand to outfit you properly." Mick used the chain that connected Virginia’s nipple clamps and her ponytails to position her on the seat. She had to stand on her toes at first and then was able to gain a precarious balance by putting her feet on the crossbar. Mick chained her ankles in place securing his new ‘girlfriend" in place. Mick laughed at her as he watched Virginia wiggle about. Virginia’s cuffed wrists made it hard for her to stay still and the seat kept rubbing her cunt and asshole maddeningly as she tried to stay it.

"Do you need some help staying upright, little slut? I think I can help you out." Mick reached into a box and brought out the largest dildos Virginia had ever seen. One was long and thick with bumps and ridges all over it. The other was smooth and thinner but just as long. Virginia felt her holes shut tightly and knew what would happen next.

Mick lubed up the dildos and tickled her holes with them. He chuckled at her muffled moaning and pushed them deep inside her through the holes in her seat. Despite her gag Virginia screamed and would have fallen off her perch if Mick had not held her there. She gasped as she was stretched wide open her depths plumbed by the enormous cocks. They pressed against each other as they entered her and filled her completely. Mick turned them on and the vibrators in both came to life. Virginia’s eyes rolled back as her clit hardened. Her holes clutched the dildos as she ground her hips into the seat to get more of them. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!" Virginia moaned.

Mick smiled and showed Virginia the remote control for the dildos. He slipped it into his pocket. "As I said you little bitch. Tonight your cunt and ass are mine. Now we must dress you." Mick took a long skirt off of a chair and wrapped it around Virginia’s waist. It covered her legs and the platform completely. "Now you look like you are just standing there and dancing the way you are moving your hips." Mick then released Virginia’s wrists and brought them in front of her. He took a long stiff sheath of leather and buckled it around both of Virginia’s forms binding them together. The restraint had the effect of hold Virginia’s arms in place and framing her giant breasts.

"Can’t have those hanging out poking everyone in the eye. A scarf should do the trick." Mick took a gauzy scarf and draped it around Virginia’s neck he ran it over her tits rubbing her skin with the rough light fabric and wrapped the scarf around Virginia’s arms. She looked elegant, as she seemed to stand and undulate. Her body, clothed from the waist down and half-naked from the waist up was sex personified.

"It appears the party is in full swing. Let’s go dance, dear." Mick grabbed Virginia’s waist and as he wheeled her to the door it looked as if the two were lovers embracing. Only the bulb gag in Virginia’s mouth made her position look anything out of the ordinary. Virginia shook her head as Mick wheeled her towards the door. Her undulations were rubbing her clit on the seat now slick with her juices and she was creaming down her thighs. "Mmmmmmmmmmm!" she pleaded, but her pleas went unheard as Mick opened the door and she saw a crowd of people dancing on the ballroom floor.

Mick rolled her out to the center of the floor where Virginia’s lascivious movements would look normal. A trio of men introduced themselves to Mick and complimented his date on knowing when to keep her mouth shut. One of them caught Mick’s wink and nod and kissed Virginia’s neck as he moved behind her. He cupped her breasts and found the chain. The other two men took turns pulling Virginia’s nipple clamps as the third bit and kissed her neck. Virginia cried out, but was unheard as each tug on her beleaguered nipples sent vicious shocks to her clit. The men pinched Virginia’s ass and left laughing.

Virginia looked at Mick with pitiful eyes. He looked back at her with hard ones. "Listen, little slut, if you come to a party dressed like a whore with no panties on then this is what you get." Mick adjusted Virginia’s vibe controls giving her more pleasure. She shrieked at the way the rubber dildo vibrated inside her wet holes and came closer to orgasm.

A young girl approached the couple. She was eighteen and had a thin alluring body full of promise. Her long straight blond hair was tied in a blue ribbon. She looked the picture of innocence. She stroked Virginia’s cheek before kissing it, then she griped her ass pulling Virginia’s hips against hers. Virginia moaned as the action made the dildos dig deeper into her cunt and asshole. Mick watched the little girl love his slave and turned her vibes up as high as they would go. Then he tossed the controls in a nearby fountain and watched as Virginia began cumming in the little girl’s arms. Virginia thrust her hips out at the girl that held her and screamed into her gag. Virginia’s cunt convulsed as she fucked her dildos as best she could. She wished she could kiss this girl and eat her cunt and asshole. She would have to beg Mick for that privilege later. She knew she would be begging him for plenty from now on.

The girl broke the embrace and left a bite mark on Virginia’s left breast near the clamped nipple the sensation made Virginia cum again. She hardly noticed at when an older lady who still held her great beauty waited until she thought Mick wasn’t looking and roughly tugged Virginia’s nipple chain. Virginia howled at the pain and for vicious fun the lady grabbed Virginia’s pump and squeezed it four times inflating the gag so much that Virginia’s jaws strained to contain it. Virginia tried to get Mick’s attention little realizing that she had it and that he was pretending to ignore her plight. The lady reached under Virginia’s skirts and began rubbing her clit as she pulled hard on her nipple clamps. Virginia could no longer help herself and orgasm after orgasm smashed against her consciousness. Eventually the lady tired of her sport and left thanking Mick for the diversion.

Mick drew close to Virginia. "Having fun slut?" Virginia nodded and came again squirting her cream everywhere. "Good, because I forgot to tell you. You’re the door prize tonight and everyone here’s a winner." Virginia shook her head and screamed as Mick kicked her platform towards a crowd of men and women. He watched as the ringed her in and began attacking her with their greedy hands. They grabbed her breasts and squeezed and pulled at them. They lifted her skirts and slapped her ass harder and harder. They made love to each other with Virginia writhing and cumming between them. The whole time Virginia wished she could stop cumming, but knew she would never be allowed that respite.

The End