Title: Have a Coke
Author: Henry IX (henryix1510@aol.com)




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"Hey Danny, do you remember that broad that stopped by our table last week? As I recall, you were pretty impressed at the time."

Nick Caluso was calling from his well appointed office, one befitting the owner and operator of, "The Club", the coolest spot in town, attracting both the "hot" crowd and Yuppies alike. He and Danny had grown up together. Danny was a good man to know in situations that demanded "hands on" attention.

Nick, Danny, and Angelo, another old friend, had been sitting at a table in the club when she approached Nick. He stood up and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek and introduced her to the crowd as simply, "Vivian." She was about 5' 8" with wavy brunette hair of medium length, a very attractive face with a cool look and a great smile. Not voluptuous, but slim, trim with great legs, a dancer or athlete's type of body. Altogether, sexy as Hell.

He took her onto the dance floor for a few minutes and returned without her. Naturally there were questions, but Nick was not forthcoming, and just passed her off as a friend. It seemed a little weird, but he just said he'd talk about her when he had something to say.

"You're damn right I remember her, she was hot. Are you going to tell me what that was all about, finally?"

"Her husband is Ken Blake, a lawyer from the D.A.s office, she's an executive in a search outfit. They've been coming to the club for a few years. I knew her a little from the old days; she went out with a guy I knew. Anyway, one night they're here and he gets a call. I was there when he took it and he tells me to tell her that this is an emergency, he's out of here, and to take a cab home."

I gave her the news and, of course, offered to take her myself, which she accepted. On the way home she hinted that if I could put a little powder in her way she would be grateful. Since then, she's come around now and then and I provide her with product. She wouldn't know where to get it if it weren't for me and she's deathly afraid of it coming out because of her husband, so I'm perfect for her.

I've given her a good price so its been fine for her so far, but its about to get better. Unless you're too busy, stop over Monday night about eight. The club's closed but my office will be open. She's coming over to pick some up and she's going to find out that her money isn't any good any more. I'm giving it away to close friends, but only those who are very close, if you get my drift. I thought you and Angelo might want to stop over and see how she settles the bill. What do you say?"

"Are you kidding me? If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, we are definitely there. I assume that we will not be confined to the role of spectators should events transpire."

"Danny, she is a cool customer, I've come on to her a few times and she won't give me the time of day. Friendly, but distant. I've been aching to turn the tables. I want to see that bitch on my couch, naked, with her legs spread and a cock at each end. And that's just for starters."

"Nick, and I think I can speak for Angelo, count us in."

Vivian drove onto the parking lot, almost up to the front door. She hit the buzzer, heard Nick say to come up, and did. Nick was a godsend. She loved the feeling a little buzz gave her and it sure helped with the sex with Ken, who was a hotter lawyer than a lover. Nick was discreet, that was what made him so valuable.

She knew that he wanted her but even though the idea wasn't all that repellent from a physical point of view, there was no way that she was going to have an extra marital affair. She was willing to put up with his teasing and occasional touching, certain that she had him under control.

As she entered his office, she was startled to see the two men from the table the other night. She remembered Danny, who looked that night as if he could see through her clothes by the intensity of his stare. It had been unnerving. Tonight, he was smoking a cigar, with a glass of whisky in his hand, and smirking at her. Angelo had been quiet that night as he was now, and she had little impression of him.

"Hey, Vivian, glad you're here. You remember Danny and Angelo? Don't worry they know why you're here. They're tight, they're in the biz with me."

She was shocked at how lightly he appeared to value her privacy. They were strangers to her, and she preferred that they stay that way. She hadn't expected this. Before she had a chance to assimilate the information, a real thunderbolt hit.

"The guys asked me what I was charging you. They reminded me that it's free to our good friends and I agreed. So you don't need any money, just a gesture of friendship, and its yours."

She did not like the sound of this. "I think I'd rather just pay, Nick, although I do think of you as a friend."

"No, money is not going to do it. Why don't you sit down here and have a drink with us. I think we can work this out."

She was feeling apprehensive as she sat on the sofa alongside Nick and took a glass of scotch and ice from Angelo. She drank quickly, hoping to calm herself, and accepted another.

Nick turned toward her and began to speak. "After you came to our table the other night, that's all the guys could talk about. Who is she, how do you know her, what did she want, on and on. Not to mention, what a great looking piece of ass you were. I told them that we didn't have that kind of relationship and they asked why not? They offered to come here tonight and help out. They are very hot for you."

Vivian couldn't believe what he was saying. Was this a dream, had he gone nuts? Did he think she was going to have sex with these people? This was incredible.

"I know it seems a little odd when you first hear it, but just give it some thought. Its up to you, no one is going to make you do anything. We can just have a drink or two and you can leave. No pressure, I promise."

She was going to finish her drink and get out of here. At least, he was a gentleman. The men began to discuss the business of the club as if she weren't there. After a few minutes, Angelo pulled a bag out of his pocket and pulled his chair up to the cocktail table in front of the sofa. Danny moved over also as Angelo spread some coke on the marble surface.

"C'mon Viv, join in. Just a little dust among friends."

She was glad he had offered. She was really feeling a strong desire for a hit and watching was making it worse. She took her turn and sat back on the sofa, sipping her drink. Angelo put some music on the stereo, and poured everyone another drink. She didn't want another, but she didn't say anything. She was sailing along and had decided not to think about the new problem of how she was going to replace Nick. Suddenly, she had to.

"OK Viv, why don't you be on you're way. We've got some work to do, and we don't need company."

She was afraid. If she walked out of here now, she was out of luck with no hope. She had never actually asked what they wanted of her; maybe it wasn't as bad as she thought. "Nick, I'd like to be friends, what do I have to do?

The two men facing the sofa watched as Nick draped his arm around her shoulder, moving her a little closer in the process. "I'm not sure, Viv, let's just play it by ear." He leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the lips, hardly brushing them. Somehow, this light touch had an electric impact. She was stunned at how good it felt. She remembered all she had to drink and inhale, and she realized where she was coming from. She had better be strong. She hadn't had sex for over a week and could definitely tell.

Before she could gather her wits, he moved her closer again and this time, kissed her hard and deep. He pressed her head into the sofa back and continued the passionate embrace. She felt her tongue play with his as exquisite feelings shot through her body. She had worn a gray skirt and jacket with a white blouse underneath. Very businesslike. She still couldn't move, but she felt Nick unbuttoning her jacket. He broke the kiss and slid his mouth to her ear. He whispered,

"Just relax, baby. This is going to feel so good you're not going to believe it. Just trust me and it'll be OK."

She shuddered as she felt his breath on her ear. Now she felt her blouse being undone. Although alarmed, she seemed unable to offer any resistance. He kissed her cheek, her neck, and down to her bra. It was sheer and her nipples, which were now standing out straight, showed through. He put his mouth on her right nipple and licked it through the bra. As he did this, he reached to her waist and lowered the zipper on her skirt.

"You guys get this table out of the way, give us some room to stand up."

The two men moved as quickly as their iron hard dicks permitted. Danny couldn't believe his good luck. She made him stiff the first time he saw her, and he had thought a few time since that night of what he would like to do to her. She had brushed him off and he had been pissed. If he ever got his cock up between those beautiful legs, we'd see how cool she is.

Nick stood up and took her hands, lifting her to her feet beside him. She didn't understand what was happening and why she was responding this way. She couldn't seem to catch her breath. She was holding her skirt with one hand and her blouse together with the other. Nick walked behind her and turned her so that she was facing the two other men. He began to kiss the back of her neck, and moved the collar of her blouse aside so that he could kiss her shoulder. He reached around with his left hand and took the hand holding the blouse closed. He drew it away and held it to her side. Then he slipped her blouse off.

She felt herself blush and tried not to make eye contact with the two ogling men. Her mind was in turmoil. She was not a promiscuous woman, but something was happening to her tonight. Was it the powder, was it because there were three men here? Whatever the reason, she was definitely turned on. This was wrong, but she felt powerless to stop. His hands were at the clasp of her bra, and it was off. She still held her skirt as he reached around again and cupped both of her tits. He played with the nipples until she couldn't control herself and let out a groan. Again, he whispered in her ear from behind.

"You see. It's not so bad. You like being undressed in front of us. You like being told what to do. Wait until you feel my cock way up between your legs, you're going to love it. Drop your skirt."

She leaned her head back against his chest; relaxed her hand, and her skirt fell around her feet. Her panties were a match for the bra, and her pubic bush showed through. She knew there was no turning back from here. She was about to change from a proper married lady into a coke whore in one night. There was nothing she could do about it.

Danny and Angelo were practically salivating. It looked like Nick was going to bring it off. She looked sexy as Hell and Danny couldn't wait to get his hands on her. He knew that she disliked him and that made it even more fun. Like him or not, she was going to get a large helping of Danny tonight.

Nick turned her again to face him and kissed her deeply, crushing her tits against his body. His hands went down inside of her panties and cupped her buttocks. He squeezed and rubbed them causing her to squirm. She could hear the other two commenting about her body as they removed their clothes. She would never have believed in a million years that she could ever do such a thing, but she was doing it and she couldn't stop. Nick removed his hands, and quickly dropped his pants and sat on the sofa in front of her.

As he did, he took her arms and pulled her to her knees. He held her arms on either side of his thighs and pulled her closer. She was kneeling in front of him and staring at his cock, which was rising even as she looked at it, it seemed to be beckoning to her.

"Alright, Viv, its time we got to know each other better. I've wanted to fuck you from the first time I laid eyes on you but I never thought I had a chance. It looks like you made it easy for me. Let's see if you suck as good as you look."

As he spoke, he took his right hand and put it behind her head. He forced it down and began painting her lips with his cock it. The touch jolted her and she couldn't think at all. He pressed her head closer and she opened her mouth, allowing the hard prick to slide deep inside. Somehow this intense humiliation had become part of the turn on. Her tongue began running over his cock as he moved her head back and forth. She heard him groan and knew that he was getting his money's worth. Suddenly, she was swept away and all thoughts of right and wrong flew from her mind. She sucked noisily on his cock, swirling her tongue from root to tip, moaning as she did.

Now she felt hands on the waistband of her panties as someone began pulling them back over her ass and down her thighs. They were forced underneath her knees and finally off. She was totally naked in front of these three men, while sucking a cock. She was also very excited. It was Angelo who was behind her as both men now ogled her naked genitals.

"What an ass!" Angelo exclaimed as he ran his hand over her buttocks. Suddenly Danny slapped her on the behind. "Move those knees apart, I want to see what you're hiding in there."

She spread her knees further apart and felt his finger moving between her pussy lips, which her position prominently displayed. He moved it back and forth spreading moisture all over her pubic area. Then the finger moved slowly inside her cunt, as far as it would go and she softly moaned around Nick's cock.

"She is wet. I think she's having more fun than we are. We've got to catch up." With that, Danny removed his finger and moved up behind her. She felt her buttocks being separated, and his cock moving up to her open hole. With a grunt, he pushed himself deep inside and began pounding her from behind. She had never been so excited. She knew what she was doing was terrible, but she didn't care. She began rocking back to meet the pounding prick as she sucked hard on Nick's member.

Danny reached under her body and cupped her swinging tits. He pinched her nipples and pulled on them as he thrust into her. Suddenly, Nick pressed her head down until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt him jolt as his cum squirted down her throat. She tried to pull back but his hand held her tight and she relaxed and began to swallow.

Just then the cock behind her began moving faster and this set her off. She nearly fainted as she came and Nick finally released her head allowing her to breathe again. She was gasping as she thrust her ass back onto the surging prick. She felt her hips pulled hard against his body as he exploded into her womb.

Finally, she shuddered to a stop and just remained kneeling with Nick's softening cock in her mouth and Danny's flaccid member slipping from her dripping cunt. She heard Angelo say, "Hold her arms, Nick." and she felt him move up behind her as he put his hands on her buttocks. Nick held her arms close to his thighs so that she could hardly move. Angelo spread her cheeks apart and began to lick from her pussy to her asshole.

She felt his tongue force its way inside and she began to realize what was in store for her. She had never been screwed in the ass and she was frightened. It seemed so awful what he was doing to her as his tongue moved in and out. Why did he want to do that to her? She flinched as a finger replaced his tongue.

She looked up, "Nick, please, I don't want that. I've never done it."

"Well, how do you know, Hon. You might love it. Its Angelo's specialty. He's pretty good at it."

He pulled back and opened her sphincter with his thumb and forefinger. With his other hand, he began inserting a finger. He was careful, but it still hurt and she tried to move away but there was no chance. She heard Danny, mocking. "Where you going, beauty? You're going to get it and you're going to love it. Damn, I think I'm getting hard again. You were right, Nick. She is one hot fuck."

She was beyond embarrassment. Having some stranger's finger up her asshole was unimaginable, but it was happening, and she was getting hot again. What was wrong with her?

His finger moved in a circular motion, opening her up. She just knelt there, resigned to her fate. She felt Nick move out from in front of her, but before she could even think about it, Danny took his place and gripped her arms. "No sense letting a beautiful mouth like this one go to waste."

Angelo's finger slid slowly out of her and she could feel her opening gaping. Now there was pressure as his cock started pushing into her. He had swiped it along her wet pussy lips so that it was both slippery and hard. He stroked her buttocks as he pushed and said calmly to her, "Just relax and it will slide right in. Once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you ever did without it."

She tried to open up and even pushed back towards him. Once he got inside he did indeed slide in without too much pain. It was an odd feeling but not a bad one. He began moving slowly in and out and it began to feel good. "Oh, oh oh," she began to chant with the movement. That ended as Danny shoved his penis between her lips. "Do it good, you bitch. You don't look so cool to me. Do you like me better now?

For a second she thought how disgusting it was for her to be at the mercy of these toughs, but she was quickly overwhelmed with passion. She ran her tongue over the cock in her mouth and began sucking again. She felt Angelo's hands opening her buttocks and thrust back as hard as she could. Danny pulled her head off of his cock and presented his balls to her open lips.

"Tongue 'em bitch, clean 'em up good." He pushed her head down and she obeyed, licking his balls, taking them in her mouth and finally running her tongue up and down his cock from tip to base. The sight of his balls in her mouth was too much for him. He stuffed his prick back into her mouth just in time as his cum erupted between her lips. She continued sucking as tears ran down her cheeks. She was mortified but she couldn't stop.

Danny groaned and patted her on the head. "You're really good kid. I can't wait until next time." Just then she felt Angelo's cock swell and felt the warm spurt deep up inside of her bowels. He held her hips tightly to him and she came with him one more time, nearly collapsing from the explosion.

Vivian lay on her back on the sofa, totally spent. Her right leg was bent at the knee and leaning against the sofa back. Her left leg lay flat, also bent at the knee so as to allow maximum cooling on her worn genitals. She felt sperm oozing from her, puddlng on the sofa beneath her crotch. She had it on her cheeks and lips and neck from the excess that she hadn't swallowed. She knew they were all staring at her, at her matted pussy hair and dripping cunt and asshole and she didn't care. She was beyond shame and, at any rate, had nothing more to hide from these men.

Angelo got on his knees between hers on the sofa, leaned over and began running his hands over her perspiration soaked skin. He caressed her tits lightly, barely touching the sore nipples but causing them to rise nevertheless. Now he scooted down until he was looking directly into her pussy. His hands slid up to the backs of her knees and raised her legs, spreading them as he did. She felt his tongue move inside, licking her all over and she thought how disgusting that must be with cum still running out of her.

Nevertheless it was getting her turned on again and she resigned herself to endure whatever else he had in store. The other two just watched as finally, he leaned over and looked down into her face. "I think you liked that, Honey. You kind of got into it didn't you? How about an old fashioned you on the bottom, me on the top fuck?" She stared up at him, hardly comprehending what he was saying. How could he want more?

"Get me hard, baby and we'll do it again." He leaned over with his hands on the arm of the sofa and plopped his soft dick into her mouth. She began running her tongue over it and felt it growing in her as he pumped in and out. The two other men sat there; content to watch, commenting to each other on her outstanding ability as a cocksucker. He changed his mind and finally came in her mouth. She swallowed the smaller amount easily. Uncaring.

Ten minutes later, everyone was dressed again and Vivian couldn't believe what she had just done. She couldn't wait to get out of there. True to his word, Nick handed her what she had come for in the first place and walked her to the door. He looked her in the eyes and said softly, "Don't try to tell me you didn't get into it. I told you it wouldn't be so bad. I'll bet that next time, you'll be looking forward to it."

She hurried out without a word, but deep down, she knew he was right. As bizarre as that evening was, it had undoubtedly been the best sex of her life. Was she some kind of nympho? She didn't know the answer, but she knew she'd be back. After all, what else could happen to her?

The End