Title: Ex-girlfriend's Gangrape
Author: Enraged




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Chapter 1

It's a Friday at 7:30pm, the end of a grueling week at work. Marcia sat on the bus heading home. Staring out of the window of the bus, lost in her own thoughts, she wasn't even aware of the buildings flashing by. Depression ate at her. Being alone with no really close friends, nobody to talk to about her situation with Mike. She had been with him for so long and given him everything, she thought to herself, even though he said she didn't. It made her angry whenever he said that she couldn't give, couldn't trust, and then punished him for that failure. Unable to admit that she could be that way, even a little bit, she would go on the offensive and the arguments would begin. She had to break it off to protect herself, she thought as the bus neared her stop. She regretted that decision, but pride wouldn't permit to say that. Even when he called her to say how much he loved her and that nothing would be the same without her. Not being able to relent, she spoke to him as though what he sa id didn't really matter anymore.

A pretty, though not beautiful executive of 34, with her glasses on, she looked much younger. She had short dark shoulder length hair that framed an innocent face, and swollen red lips that would look just perfect around a fat cock. With a full rounded ass, and 36D tits, big ruby nipples that no blouse could hide, she was not aware of the many hungry looks she received everywhere she went. Sitting on the bus and absentmindedly pulling at the hem or her skirt, Marcia didn't notice the looks she was receiving from the men around her. After staring at her sweet face and checking out her curvy ass and ample chest, many a man standing around her wondered what it would be like to fuck that big shapely ass, to come all over her pretty face after jamming his cock down her throat.

She was aware of none of this as she sat on the bus lost in her own thoughts. All she wanted to do was to go home, take a hot bath, and go to sleep. Not in her wildest dreams, could she ever have imagined what awaited her there.

Her ex-boyfriend Mike meanwhile, had recently discovered a wonderful thing about living in the big city. What he discovered is, if you feel you've been wronged, and feel vengeful enough, with the right amount of money to spend, you can have just about anything done that you're imagination desires. To anybody. You want somebody killed? Difficult, but you can find someone. Beaten up? Much easier. An arson job? The easiest one of all. And if you want a girl fucked within an inch of her life, to be turned into a degraded and submissive butt-fucking, cock choking whore by some of the biggest black guys around, you can manage something.

So earlier that week, and after much searching, he took a taxi and got out of it way uptown. He hadn't been near this area for many years and in that time the area had been transformed. It looked like an urban war zone. Graffiti everywhere, abandoned buildings, the rusting hulks of cars that littered the streets. I'd hate to be out here at night without my gun, he thought. He pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket and followed the directions on it. Down several blocks and across two avenues, he came to a dilapidated little tenement. There was a bunch of big tough looking black and Puerto Rican guys sitting on the stoop passing a 40oz back and forth to keep themselves interested. It looked like it had been just one of many throughout the day. Oh shit, he thought, this could be bad. He reached behind himself, and felt the 45 colt that fitted snugly between his belt and jeans in the small of his back. It reassured him to know it was there, made him feel safer. He walked over and wen t up the stairs, ignoring the incredulous looks of the men, as he rang a buzzer by the door. Their looks seemed to say; what the hell is this white motherfucker doin' on our block? The door clicked and he entered the hallway letting the door slam shut, just as a few of them seemed like they wanted to say something.

Mike went up the three flights of stairs, and came to a partially open door. After three quick raps on the door, he walked in and took in the surroundings. It was a dingy apartment, one that hadn't seen a paint brush in 30 years. There were empty beer bottles and food containers littering the floor, with roaches crawling all over the place. The only pieces of furniture that weren't busted to shit, was a TV stand, with a TV and VCR on it, and a sofa.

There was a man sitting on the sofa. A black man, he was well-muscled and over six feet. He had that direct, competent look that said you were either a cop or a hood. He was sitting there sipping a beer and watching something on the television. He looked over.

"Whatcha doin' here boy?" He asked

"I'm looking for Jones" Mike replied

"Well, you found him. I wanna know who told you how."

"A little guy named Tito, works at nightbirds. He said you were up for special jobs."

"Fuck! That little bastard."

"Alright, come on in."

Mike walked into the living room, and sat down on the sofa. He looked over at the TV set, and what he saw brought a smile to his face. On the screen, was a young girl, blonde, with her hair in a ponytail and perky tits. She was on her knees and surrounded by 8 naked black men. They were slowly jerking off some monster-sized pricks and talking among themselves while watching the action in front of them. She was wearing a dog collar and leash around her neck and her wrist and ankles were tied together. Her back was arched, and her head was pulled straight back. She was a mess. What you could see of her face and neck and tits was covered in cum. You couldn't see too much of her face though, because a large black man was standing over it and fucking her mouth. He was pulling his ten inch cock slowly out of her mouth than rapidly plunging it back down her throat. His balls rested on her eyes as he hit bottom and he would leave his cock jammed down her throat for quite awhile before ng out and shoving it back down. Mark sat on the couch, spellbound by the action on the screen, "nice tape" he said. "Like it? It's was for an old customer, a real rich motherfucker. Has everything you could ask for, and what does he really want? A videotape of his daughter being raped. Ain't that the shit?" Jones laughed and slapped his thigh.

"Nice work, if you can get it."

"Yeah, I liked it. Now, let's get down to it. What do you want?"

"I got this girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend really, and the bitch fucked me over and dumped me. After ten years."


"You don't know the half of it. Well, I want some fucking payback."

Jones got up at that point, padded over to a small refrigerator, pulled out two beers, and headed back to the sofa. "Alright, lay it out for me and if I like it I'll give you a price" He said passing Mike one of the beers.

"It's gotta be this weekend, her two friends are going out of town on a mini vacation, and she couldn't make it. Work. So she'll be by herself. No phone calls, and no interruptions. Friday night when she comes home I want you there with some buddies and I want that bitch fucked within an inch of her life! On tape! When you're done, I want that bitch to be my but-fucking slut who'll do anything I want. At any time. I want as many guys as you can get, no smaller than nine inches and the bigger the better to really lay it into her" He took a long pull of his beer and paused, his breathing rapid. "I want to see her with cocks stuck down her throat, choking on them, and cum all over her face, I want to see her double and triple fucked!"

"Not too bad, anything else?"

"Oh yeah, that's just for a start. I wanna see the cum pour out of her. I want her to feel that she's nothing but a worthless cumbucket. Turn her into a submissive whore, who'll take my cock in every hole and anybody else's I tell her to. When you're done, I want you to piss in every hole she's got! And I want to be there at the end, I'm gonna spend the rest of the weekend instructing her in the finer points of being my slut."

"OK, I've done that before, and I have the people handy. What don't you want?"

"No cuts, blood, or bad bruises, other than that, the sky's the limit. I want a nice little one-hour highlight tape and all the raw footage.

"Alright, I gonna need some info. I need a photo, her address, what time she'll be home, layout of the apartment, building, stuff like that."

Mike reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope, handing it to Jones.

Jones opened the packet, looking through the contents and letting out a low whistle when he got to the picture of Marcia in a workout outfit. "Great tits, she looks kinda Jewish." Jones commented

"She is, and not too fond of black guys, which made this the perfect idea."

"Says nigger this and nigger that." Mike spoke the lie, hoping to encourage Jones further. In actuality Marcia was terrified of black men after getting smacked and robbed by one a year ago.

"You don't say? One of those. This just gets better and better." Jones put the papers away and turned back to Mike. "Okay, it's not a problem. I got some guys who'll do it for the pussy. It's gonna cost you ten grand, normally it would be fifteen, but she gets our special nigger discount"

Mike smiled, reached back into his jacket and pulled out another, fatter envelope,

pulled some bills out, and handed it over.

"Here's a down payment. Half now, the rest when I get the tapes." He said.

Chapter 2

After getting off the bus and stopping at the store, Marcia tiredly climbed up the stairs to her apartment. She unlocked the door, and went straight into the kitchen putting her stuff away. That done, she kicked her shoes off and removed her suit jacket; underneath she was wearing a thin silk blouse, straining under the pressure of her ample breast.

Walking into the main room of her large studio apartment, she stopped and stared, frozen in horror at the sight that greeted her there: 30 or so naked black men with huge cocks crowded into that room, standing there smiling at her and slowly jerking off. Her bed had been moved so that it was out of the center of the room, and there was a small padded bench with straps attached on all sides and at the legs, in its place. There were five camcorders on tripods positioned about the room, all pointing at the bench. One of the men in front of her took two quick steps forward and slapped her across the face, her glasses flying into a corner of the room. Marcia was stunned. She just stood there and stared blankly back at the man standing in front of her.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here boys? A nice big assed fuck slut, ain't that right bitch?" the man taunted the horrified woman. Another man quickly moved behind Marcia, grabbing her arms and spinning her around to face him. "Looks like we got ourselves some fun for the evening. Any slut that can walk in to an apartment with a bunch of naked men is just begging to be fucked." "Yeah, what a slut!"

Two other men came from around the bed and circled around Marcia.

Both agreed with the statements and one said that only a bitch in heat walks into a room full of strangers. "Well, let's see what she's got under all these clothes," one of them said.

Someone reached out and grabbed one of Marcia's big tits, squeezing it hard and snapping her out of the shock she was in. "No, please don't do this," she pleaded as she tried to slap the man's hand away.

"Shut up bitch," the man who slapped her barked as he reached out and grabbed her by the chin. "We're gonna do anything we want whore, and you know you really want it, so shut your fucking mouth unless there's a cock in it." She tried to make a run for the door but was grabbed immediately by three pairs of hands and dragged back towards the bed.

"Get her clothes off!"

"Fuck her!"

"Yeah, fuck her ass!"

"Skull fuck the bitch!"

"She wants it, All these Jewish bitches do!"

Marcia looked from one man to the next as she brought her arms up across her chest and began to cry. "Please don't make me do this. Oh God, please don't do this to me." The man who slapped her was Jones and, he took a step towards her when she began to plead with them and said. "Take your fuckin' clothes off you big assed whore and show us what you've got."

"No, please no," she cried as she began to back away from Jones.

"You fucking tramp, you'll do what I tell you. " Jones said as he grabbed her by the white blouse she was wearing, and pulled her towards him.

"Let's see your tits, cow!" he sneered as he grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. They ripped every stitch from her body until she was naked and sobbing before them. Once the shirt was ripped off her, the other men moved in, dragged her over to the bed, bent her over on her hands and knees, and began tearing off the rest of her clothing. Her skirt was yanked up over her legs and ass and torn off at the slit; her pantyhose were pulled down over her ass and ripped off her legs. Her bra and panties were torn off her body. It was a feeding frenzy and Marcia was at the center of it all. Marcia never had time to recover from the assault because as soon as she was naked they were on her again. Their hands began to pry at her body; fingers squeezed her tits like melons, pinched her nipples, probed her cunt, and prodded her asshole. They slapped at her hanging tits, banging them together, smacked her ass red, and pulled at her hair. She was cr ying hysterically and begging them to stop as they continued to squeeze her body and curse her,

"Check out those jugs!"

"Let's milk 'em!"


"Fuckin' whore!"

"Jew cocksucker!"

"Hey look, the cunt shaves her pussy!"

"You dirty whore," one of them said, "You shaved your fucking cunt! You're really hungry for some cock, aren't you?"

"Look at you, Any man you meet, he knows you're nothing but a worthless cum bucket."

"I gotta fuck this slut's ass!"

One of the men came up to her by the bed, yanked her head up by the hair and started slapping her in the face with his big cock. "You ever fucked a cock this big, whore" he asked, "well you're gonna tonight. This monster's goin' right down you're throat and up that big, juicy ass of yours."

"Please! Please!" she whimpered. "See, she's begging for it, man!"

She was dazed and paralyzed by fear. She couldn't even fight them when they pulled her off the bed and dragged her over to the padded bench. It was two feet by three feet wide, and just the right height. They flung her face down onto the bench and her arms were pulled behind her back. The men forced them behind her and into a position where each of her hands were clasping her elbows. They duct taped them together in that position. Once they were done they turned her over on her back and made her lay on her bound arms, her head hanging off the bench. One of the gang fastened a studded dog collar around her neck, and snapped a leash onto it saying; "Now, that's how a real whore should be, naked and leashed, waiting for cock." Two of the men held her legs open wide while one grabbed nipples tightly, jerking her tits back and forth, and a fourth man held her head up and spit right in her face "Take that you fuckin' slut!" he yelled.

Marcia lay bound on the bench, her body rubbed, pinched, and squeezed by their hands. The men that were holding her grabbed her ankles and lifted the lower part of her body off the bench until they had her legs open and hiked up into the air, her ass hanging off the bench. It seemed like instantly the hands were all over her again, touching her legs and thighs, squeezing her asscheeks. Her breasts were fondled over and over and her soft nipples pinched until they stiffened to hardness. Fingers were probing between her legs, feeling her cunt. Several of the big black men grabbed her head and forced their tongues down her throat, spitting on her pretty face and tits till they were covered in saliva.

She was terrified, unable to move, afraid of what they were going to do next.

"What a fuck machine! We're gonna have us a train with that whorish body of yours, pig." Jones leered. Not in her wildest dreams did she ever believe that she would be raped.

Except once. Now there dozens of men. Black men, and they were all going to rape her.

Marcia closed her eyes and began to sob. "Please don't hurt me," she begged them.

"Shut the fuck up tramp. You know what a gangbang is baby? Probably do one every week by the look of you. Well tonight, you're goin' to be our little gangfucked Jewish whore." Jones replied. "And you'll love it, beg for more. You just need some teachin'." Little did she know everything that was in store for her.

"Let's see that sloppy pussy," Jones ordered Marcia. He motioned to two of his

friends and they each grabbed one of her legs spreading her open for him. Marcia squirmed violently, but Jones knelt down in front of her wide-open cunt and began fingering her tight shaved pussy. "I knew it, she's wet. This wore really wants to pull a train" He sneered.

"No." "No, please." "No," Marcia cried out. With both hands he spread her cunt lips open and licked her clit. Marcia felt his tongue lapping all over her pussy and darting in and out of her hole. There was nothing she could do to stop him. After Jones got a good taste of her, he stood up looking down at her. "Damn, you sure taste good."

Jones got up and padded over to the front of the bench and stood in front of Marcia, his twelve inch black cock dangling in front of her face. All she could see was a swollen, black dick staring her in the face. "Now it's time for you're first lesson: deep throat. Alright boys, flip the bitch back over." Many hands reached out, and flipped Marcia over onto her stomach, her abused breast pressing down into the vinyl covering of the bench. He rubbed his big black tool across Marcia's face, slapping it against her nose and cheeks, letting her feel his hardness.

She turned her head back and forth trying to avoid the touch of his hot black cock.

"No, please."

"Please let me go."

"What's the matter bitch," he asked. "You afraid of black dick?"

"I think you know what to do with it bitch, this ain't your first cock, c'mon suck it."

The blood drained from Marcia's face as Jones ordered her to take his big black cock in her mouth. It was so frightening, to put that big black thing in her mouth, Marcia thought.

"C, mon suck it, you fuckin' pig," Jones demanded becoming angry.

Still Marcia attempted to avoid the hard black dick rubbing across her face as he tried getting it in her mouth. Jones lashed out, "Smack!" hitting Marcia across the face with his hand. "I'm not going to say it again slut."

"Tonight you're our bitch, got it? By the time we're fucking done with you you'll know you're nothing but a cheap, piece of shit whore. We're going to mark you for life, you stuck-up gutter-slut. Now open that hole." He reached with both hands to Marcia's throat and began to squeeze. Marcia gasped for air, her face turning purple. He let go releasing her soft tender neck. Jones grabbed her hair, pulling her head to his cock. His hard cock touched her lips, and he began rubbing it across her mouth, smearing her lipstick around her mouth, giving her a really slutty appearance.

"C'mon slut, open up," he ordered again, pressing his cockhead against her lips.

Marcia, with tears forming in her eyes, parted her lips so that Jones could enter her mouth. He guided his cock though her soft lips, and using his big hands, moved her head back and forth on his dick, slipping his huge black cockhead in and out of her pretty mouth.

"You fuckin' tramp," he muttered. "You got a real hot mouth." He increased the pace, using her head like a rag doll, forcing her face on and off his cock.

"Go for it Jonsie, face fuck that bitch!"

"Take it you little whore," he yelled out as he fucked his shaft in and out. Marcia felt other hands on her back and the back of her head, pressing her body into the bench and forcing her mouth deeper onto Jones cock. She felt that hot cock slide across her tongue, as the big black rapist plunged in and out of her face. She wanted to die. She felt it grow larger and harder in her mouth.

Jones and his assistants pushed harder on her head forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. His cockhead hit the back of her throat. "Here we go, bitch. Ready to swallow my black dick?" Fear rushed through Marcia as she heard his words. She was unable to stop him as he pulled yet harder on her head and Jones's big black cockhead squeezed into her tight throat. Marcia gagged when the black shaft lodged in the entrance to her throat.

She struggled, trying to get free; she couldn't breathe. Marcia had never experienced anything like this. She knew about deep throating and knew she never could do such a thing. The thought of taking a man's penis in her mouth and letting him push it into her throat was frightening. She was sure she would choke to death trying to swallow such a big thing like his cock. But like it or not, it was happening to her, she was being face fucked like a dirty whore, and she was scared. He had her head held tightly as he forced his prick into her mouth. The cock pushed in further and she felt it sliding down her throat, deeper and deeper. Panic swept through Marcia as her attempts to free herself of this monster black cock choking her were futile. She was being brutality face fucked and was choking. Gagging, her throat muscles gripped and squeezed the black cock as it went down her gullet. Gurgling sounds came from her and her throat muscles tightened more and more around the hot black cock tha t was stuffing her.

Jones groaned from the terrific feeling. "Oh, Fuck."

"What a tight fuckin' throat."

"That's right whore, take it!"

"You gotta try this slut's throat."

Tears and drool were running down Marcia's chin from the brutal face fucking, and she sobbed around Jones cock. She knew they were all going to do this, they were all going to fuck her throat. Over and over and over.

She felt Jones's balls slap against her chin, and his pubic hair press against her lips. The rape gang around her cheered. "Look at that, she took it all!" "She likes it, the fuckin' whore!" she heard around her. His entire twelve-inch cock was buried inside her throat. He had made her swallow his entire fat black cock. Then holding her head tightly, he fucked her face with his stiff dick. Jones jerked her head back and forth, ramming his cock repeatedly in and out of her throat. Wet gurgling sounds continued coming from Marcia's throat, and long strings of drool hung from her mouth.

"That's it slut, drool over it. Slobber all over it. I like my throat fuck's all wet and nasty."

"Just like this" he grunted, ramming his cock between her lips, his cockhead bumping against her tonsils while she fought the invasion into her tight, gasping throat. Jones continued forcing himself in, and the sounds of Marcia's discomfort only excited him more. The gurgling and choking sounds coming from Marcia and the sight of his oversized shaft stretching her mouth and making her throat bulge drove Jones crazy. Faster and faster he fucked her mouth jamming his twelve inches of hot meat repeatedly down her throat. Marcia felt his cock get harder and it actually seem to grow larger as his pumping increased. Her fear intensified, she needed to breathe, but her rapist was enjoying himself fucking her face too much to care.

"Take it bitch."

"That's it, choke on it you cunt!"

"That's it, take it, take it," They all chanted.

"Swallow it, swallow that cock you whore."

The gagging noises increased from Marcia's throat as she tried to breathe, but his rapid

thrusts down her gullet were too fast and deep.

"Man, you sure do look good suckin' my prick, slut!" he gloats.

"I've always wanted to choke fuck a Jewish whore like you."

Marcia continued gagging; he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt, hearing his friends taunt her, "That's it slut, you got it all" "Choke her harder Jonesie, she's loving it."

"Yeah Jonesie, make that big assed princess choke on it."

C'mon, c'mon, cum down her throat!"

"Look at her wiggle, she's really loving it!"

"Good! 'Cuz she's got a lot more cock to choke down!"

"Damn, this whore's throat's gonna make me cum." Jones marveled, surprised at how quick it took.

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh!"

"Ugh! I'm gonna cum, you stinking slut, I'm gonna cum down you fuckin throat, you white whore!"

Everyone could hear the lewd slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and his balls smacking her chin every time he hit bottom. They cheered at her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat. Using her mouth the same way he'd use a pussy, he fucked it with quick deep strokes. She was gagging and choking, and then it worsened. Suddenly Jones pulled Marcia's head tightly into his groin, leaving it there and letting out a deep low groan. Her nose was mashed against his belly as he came. Marcia felt the huge cock deep inside her throat throb. It began pulsating over and over and Marcia could feel something warm running down deep within her. She realized Jones was cumming inside her throat. It was his hot black sperm she felt running down her throat and into her belly. "How could this be happening to me," she thought. She was being impaled on a black man's cock and forced to swallow his sperm. Her throat tightened around his ejaculating cock, trying to reject the thick fluid, but she only succeeded in intensifying his orgasm and increasing the amount of hot semen erupting from his cock. His cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and thick strands of it ran from her nose. Ropes of semen dangled from her lips and chin. The guy started fucking her face again and seemed as though he'd never stop. The cum dribbled down her neck and spilled down the front of her tits.

Jones began pulling his cock from Marcia's mouth. As it slipped from her throat, another blast of cum shot into her mouth. The taste of it was bitter. It was kind of salty and felt sticky and gooey as it sloshed around her mouth. Marcia gasped for breath. More sperm hit her in the face as she coughed; spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. The whole group of naked black's cheered at the first cumshot on this pretty woman.

"She loves it!"

"What a cum slut!"

"C'mon whore, eat it."

"Swallow it, you fuckin' little whore." Jones demanded.

Marcia, her will broken, closed her mouth, and swallowed his hot seed.

"That's a good little cumbucket," Jones replied.

"Now you can clean the rest off."

He jerked his cock a few times squeezing out one last big glob on the end of it.

"Stick your tongue out, cunt" Marcia opened her mouth and touched her tongue to his black cock. Jones could see the strands of semen still hanging from her mouth as he wiped the glob of cum on her tongue and shoved his cock down her throat one last time.

"Lesson complete. Now you really are a sperm faced, choke fucked, Jewish cumslut." Jones cackled, "C,mon boys, she's ready for her oral exams!"

Gasping for breath, Marcia was again grabbed and flipped over onto her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bench. Two from the crowd each grabbed a pillow like, bouncing tit and started to squeeze, twisting them and pinching the hard red nipples. One of them clenched a nipple in his teeth, biting it, and flicking it with his tongue. An evil looking brute leaned in towards her face, grabbing her by the hair, and smacking her in the face with his cock, asking if she wanted to taste it, feel it in her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat.

"How 'bout it, slut, want some more black cock?" He forced her to nod her head. "You do, do you?" He turned to his friends. "What do you say, guys? Can we help this big assed whore out?"

"Fuck yeah," they chorused. "We ain't even started yet!"

"Ask us for it, whore!" the attacker spit in her face.

"I want to hear you beg, beg us to fuck your pussy and asshole till they're raw."

"Beg, cunt!" he slapped across the face. "I said beg, or you'll be sorry, whore, beg!"

"Please," she bawled.

"Please what?"

"Please," she paused, the tears and shame choking her words. "Please fuck me" she whispered.

"That's it, cunt," he taunted. "All you had to do was ask." "Now let's hear it again, only, how 'bout, would you please rape my skanky cunt and asshole,"

"Please," she wept.

"Say it, cunt,"

"Pl, please," she stammered, "please rape my skanky cunt and asshole."

"That's real nice slut, now say, please choke fuck me."

"Please, please choke fuck me." she sobbed.

"Thank-you," the bastard cackled, "don't mind if I do."

Grinning evilly, he straddled her face, his cock sliding in her open mouth as she gasped for air. "I'm gonna fuck your face, pig! I'm gonna stick my cock down your throat and shoot my load all over your slutty face!" he said, and without hesitation, he sat on Marcia's face impaling her throat again with nine inches of black cock. With a grunt, he stuffed it as far down her throat as he could. When she began to choke, he pulled it out, leaving a few inches still in her mouth. "Suck it, bitch! Suck it, you tramp!" With tears streaming down her face, she obediently sucked on his bloated cockhead. He grabbed Marcia's legs, pulling them towards him and down until she was bent completely in half, her ankles by her ears. It left her cunt and ass wide open to attack.

"C'mon boy's, this whore's got two more holes back there, fill her up," he announced to the brothers.

Marcia felt pawing all over her body. Hands were rubbing her white thighs. Her big ass was being squeezed and fingers probed her cunt. Her breasts were being sucked on and mauled, her nipples were pinched and pulled away from her body until they ached and were rock hard. Cocks kept slapping the sides of her violated face. "Whore, "Filthy whore," "Dirty Tramp," "Fuckin Cunt" different voices degraded her as the gangrape continued. Someone straddled her stomach and grabbing her nipples, wrapped her slick tits around his cock, fucking them. After several quick thrusts between her cleavage, he showered her neck and the underside of her chin with heavy sperm and climbed off. She was being gangraped and couldn't do anything about it. She heard someone yell, "Now you are gonna get fucked, bitch!" She felt someone slide the head of his cock up and down her slit until he felt the hole around the tip. With a powerful thrust, he buried all of it in her. She tried to scream in pain but her cry was choked off as the stiff prick fucking her mouth stuffed itself down her throat. "Don't you like my cock, slut?" He took his cock in his hand and aimed it at her hole, burying it deep in her cunt again with one savage thrust. He shoved it in so hard that her head was driven all the way to the root of the cock in her mouth, forcing her once more to take it into her throat.

"Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... that's it, all the way down your fucking throat, you stupid cunt!" With a yell of joy, the man straddling her face came hard and fast, his cock buried down her throat. Marcia gagged and he pulled out and began depositing a tremendous amount of sperm in her open mouth. Shot after shot flooded her tongue filling her mouth with heavy gobs of cum. "I'm gonna fill your trashy mouth with my load, whore, drown in it"

And he did. His black cock spewed torrents of thick cream directly into her open mouth.

He came into her gasping mouth so much it dribbled over her lips.

Then she heard, "swallow it, swallow it." "C'mon you whore, swallow it down."

Marcia choked, sure that she would drown from all the hot cum squirting into her mouth. She opened her eyes just as more sperm splashed on her face. The men held her head still as more squirted out of the prick inches from her face. Finally done, he pulled her head up by the hair and repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face as they all cheered and yelled at her. "Now you look just like a real cumslut should!" "Man! I ain't never seen a slut love so much cum!" "Look, she's begging for more" "You're gonna fuck and suck and swallow cum until we can't get it up any more, got that you fuckin' white cunt!"

Gasping and choking, Marcia felt as if she was drowning in sperm. It was a heavier consistency than the last load she swallowed. It was so thick and there was so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth remained coated with the residue, sticking to the inside of her mouth, letting her taste the sperm over and over. There were two long trails of it leaking out of her nostrils and sliding down her cheeks. Thick ropes of siliva and cum drooled past her lips and down her neck. As she thought of what was happening, raped by black men and eating their filthy cum, the one who was fucking her pussy suddenly pulled out of her and shot a huge stream of cum all the way up to her tits and all over her belly. She realized the night was far from over certain they would be making her eat a lot more of their black sperm.

Chapter 3

"Okay, boys, I think she's done on this side, let's flip her over," said Jones. They lifted Marcia to her feet. Unable to stand on her own, her arms still taped behind her, they let her drop to her knees on the floor, as they turned the bench around in front of her. She was bent over forwards so that her body rested on the stool with her head hanging over the side and her ass in the air. They tied her knees to the legs of the bench, and also strapped her down around the torso.

"Nice ass, you fucking whore," said Jones," Looks like a tight hole to me." Suddenly, he smacked her on the ass. She wanted to scream as the leash was jerked. She looked up at the evilly grinning faces of the two who were holding her on either side of her head, their cocks growing thick and hard again. They laughed and started to smack her in the face with their dripping, half-erect monsters, making lewd meaty sounds as they thudded against her cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead. She began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, knowing that once again she would have her mouth savagely raped.

Her hair was grabbed once again as her head was pulled to one side." Now lick me, you fuckin pig slut" Crying but obedient, she ran her tongue along his fat cock, pulling it into her mouth. Letting go of the cock in her mouth with an audible pop, she let her head be pulled to the other side, a hard, fat prick stretching her lips wide as it fucked into her mouth. It quickly throbbed and shot a wad of cum into her throat, which she gagged down. Stroking his dick and moaning, the other guy squirted his load all over her face. The others stood around jerking their dicks off in her face and laughing at all the cum that was on it. They began to shoot and cover her face with more cum, In a matter of seconds, her eyes were spermed shut, and every inch of her face was coated with thick goo. Her tear and cum streaked face was on display only momentarily, a trio of big dicked black men, waving their cocks, gathered around her head and stuffed her mouth again. One of them, with an unbelievably fat nine-inch cock, repeatedly rammed the head of it deep into Marcia's throat, his powerful lunges, and girth forcing her throat to stretch painfully to accommodate him. Each time he plunged down, you could see her throat bulge out nastily from the thickness of it.

"Take it bitch, choke on it, feel my come shoot into your belly"

"Yeah, take it! Throat my cock, you Jew slut!"

"Take it down your throat, you nasty little cum bucket!"

The drool welled up from her mouth and began to flow around the rapist dick. He was forcing himself down her throat, the base of his penis was ramming against her full lips, bruising them with the force of his powerful thrusts and rubbing the thick coat of lipstick they kept reapplying off of her lips, smearing it around her mouth.

"Look up at me, cunt." he said.

Marcia tried to open her deep green eyes and look up at him, but they were still stinging from the last load in her face so she just blinked at him and closed them again.

"Once you white bitches suck some black cock, you can't never get enough."

"Isn't that right, slut?" he yanked her hair. "Isn't it?"

"Yes," she gasped.

"Fucking whore," he snapped, as he grabbed both her ears and began to brutally fuck her face again. His balls slapped against her chin, getting traces of her makeup on the underside of his balls. Her head was pushed forward onto his dong. He was so deep in her throat that she could only pull desperately for air through her cum clogged nose. Marcia had the sensation of drowning in men's cum as she felt yet another big black cock throb and erupt down her violated throat.

Gagging on the thick fluid, she painfully choked down another mouth full of bitter tasting cum. It felt to her as if she had a gallon of the men's sperm in her stomach, filling her to bursting. All of the rapist were laughing and delighted to see the white streams running down her face, sticking her eyelids shut, and running over her forehead to soak her hair. Marcia was especially attractive to them now, with her face almost unrecognizable through the layers of their cum, thick ropes of it running through her dark hair. They laughed again as another cock raped her mouth, thinking of the cum which had already shot down her throat, choked down as she fought for breath, coating her throat, and pooling in her stomach.

"I've always wanted to assfuck one of these Jewish whore's, think she can take me?"

"Sure. Those sluts can take a baseball bat up their asses!"

"Yeah! Their ass fucking champions."

"How about it slut, want my big fat cock up your tight Jew ass?" Marcia couldn't say a word with her mouth stuffed. Jones pulled his hard 12-inch cock out of her cunt with a sloppy, sucking sound.

He placed a finger on Marcia's tiny anal opening, pushing on it, testing the tightness of her hole. "Damn, she's got a tight ass."

"My cock's gonna hurt some but don't worry bitch, you'll get used to it."

Marcia heard his remarks and tried wiggle free, but her legs and upper body were held tight and her mouth was still stuffed full of cock. Hands reached out on either side of her, pulling her ass cheeks apart. He slapped her buttocks a few times as she squirmed on the bench, then told her, "Alright you cum faced whore, ready to get assfucked?"

He removed his finger, spit on his hand, and wiped it in her ass crack. He placed his big twelve-inch cock head on Marcia's tiny anal opening, and pushed. Moaning around the siliva coated cock stuffed into her face; she felt the pressure on her anus. It grew stronger and stronger as he pushed, trying to insert his immense tool into something it wasn't meant for. And it was hurting, hurting like hell. It felt like her ass was being split open. He was enjoying Marcia's pain. "This must feel good, huh baby?" "Fucking big ass whore," Jones hissed at her, battering his huge cock into her ass with no preparation whatsoever. "This is what you really wanted isn't it, cunt? A twelve-inch black rod stuffed up your fat ass."

He shoved harder on Marcia's ass. Then, just as the pain neared unbearable, she felt her asshole give way and the black cockhead penetrated her, slipping through her anal opening. Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. That's all she could manage while having her throat fucked. Marcia could actually feel the giant cockhead being gripped by her small asshole. She felt it begin traveling slowly up her anal chute, into her rectum, going deeper and deeper. Feeling the big knob of his cockhead forcing itself up her ass, she thought it hit bottom deep inside her bowels. She couldn't tell yet, but the fat twelve-inch prick hadn't fully penetrated her yet. And Jones was determined to get every inch inside Marcia's bubble butt. It was hurting her now as he pushed in deeper, forcing her asshole to expand obscenely to accommodate his girth. Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he grunted, trying to force his cock deep up inside her tender ass. She was scared, fee ling the massive piece of meat penetrating deep into her. Mike had fucked her in the ass many times over the years, She thought, but he had always been gentle, except once, when they were fighting.

They had been arguing for most of the day about his friends coming over to hang out. She just wanted to be alone with him, and rest. All the time that they were there the fight increased in intensity. After his friends left for the night, Marcia took a shower and retreated to their bedroom, yelling at him and accusing him of not caring about her. Mike got more and more angry, yelling at her, "Shut the fuck up you bitch, or I'm gonna fuckin' come back there and FUCK you're ass!" She continued yelling, taunting him, saying he wouldn't dare; that she would kick him in the balls if he tried.

Suddenly, he was in their bedroom, angry and horny at the same time. Naked and with a huge erection, he moved towards her, red faced with anger. "Kick me in the balls will you, you bitch, c'mon, try it." he said grabbing her by the arm and spinning her around. Hovering over her by the edge of the bed, he ripped the thin t-shirt she was wearing off of her. He grabbed her by the hair and one of her big nipples, and yanked her off the bed and onto the floor. Yelling out, "I'm gonna fuck your face!" he pulled her up by the hair till she was on her knees, his cock inches from her face. Truly frightened for the first time, Marcia started to cry. Grabbing the back of her head, Mike forced his prick past her lips and started fucking her head on his cock. "Not so smart now you fuckin' bitch, with my cock in your mouth, huh?" he growled, pulling her tear streaked face up and down on his dick, coating it with her spit. After pumping her mouth over his cock for a little while, Mike dragged her up by the hair, spinning her around by the shoulders and bending her over the edge of their bed. Her asshole winked at him. Squirting a generous amount of Anal Ease between her ass cheeks he grabbed her hips and with one savage thrust buried himself balls deep in her ass, deeper than he had ever pushed before.

Tears of pain and humiliation ran down Marcia's cheeks as Mike brutally continued to plunge his seven-inch cock into her ass. "Oooooooo! Take it out Mike, please, I'm sorry. It huts, oh!" She wailed.

"Fuck you, you bitch! I'll teach you to fuckin' yell at me, I'm gonna fuck you're goddamm ass raw!" he grunted, slamming into her so hard the antique bed creaked. After thrusting violently into her for a few more minutes, he slammed all the way into her ass one final time and with a groan, started filling her ass with his sperm. After he was done, Marcia, with semen leaking out of her ass and dripping down her legs, slowly climbed back onto the bed and cried into her pillow. After a short while Mike climbed into bed with her and held her in his arms. Caressing her hair, he said he was sorry, he didn't know what overcame him and was terribly sorry he had hurt her. The caresses soon turned to kisses, Marcia kissing back, and they spent the rest of the night making soft, gentle love to each other.

Marcia supposed the he had raped her and admittedly, she dared him to, but even then, even though he hurt her, it had never hurt like this. She felt bloated. It felt like he had pushed so far up into her belly that she could feel it in her chest. Then just when Marcia thought she couldn't handle any more, she felt his balls on her ass; he was all the way in.

"What a tight asshole." He exclaimed.

"Okay, he we go, baby." "Time for lesson two: assfucking!"

The whole gang was going wild, jerking off in Marcia's face, slapping her cheeks and forehead with their cocks as she made muffled sounds of pain around the prick lodged in her throat. They all encouraged their leader on as he reamed out her asshole with his big black dick:

"That's it. Give it to her."

"Shove it up her ass."

"Yeah, fuck her asshole." "Jam it up the slut's asshole."

"C'mon man, shove it in, she's loving it!"

"Make that Jew whore scream."

"Bust that fat ass!"

He began withdrawing his cock almost all the way, then plunging back in. Marcia felt every inch as the huge black cock buried itself in her ass, over and over and over. She screamed every time he drove in, but the cock in her throat only muffled the sounds of her discomfort, and caused the exited man fucking her mouth to slam into her face harder. Her anal ring hugged Jones cock, letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed through her hole into the depths of her bowels. She could only lie there whimpering as her ass was forcibly impaled on his unrelenting tool, and her mouth was violated yet again.

As Marcia choked on the cock plunging down her throat, One of the men laughed and they all urged their leader to fuck her even faster and ram his cock up her ass even harder and deeper:

"Give it to her Jonesie. She's really feeling it!"

"That fat Jew ass is hurting now."

"You're the man Jonesie."

"Give her your cock, man!"

"I'm going to fucking cum all over myself if I don't get a piece of this sleazy whore's ass!"

"She's nothing but a whore. Shit, she'll probably get ass-fucked fifty times before the night's over."

"Yeah, the little slut's learning her place now."

"How do you like it, cumbucket?"

"Feel good, you cum faced whore?"

Spurred on by their encouragement, Jones piston'd her tight ass, slamming into her and shoving her nose deeper into the pubic hair of the man raping her mouth.

"How do you like it tramp. You feeling good?

"NO!" Marcia tried to reply around the cock lodged in her throat.

"Well take this!" Jones said as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight asshole.


"Yeah that's it bitch, squeal like a fucking pig!" shouted Jones.


With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated his hips in circles and widened her asshole even more. Screaming as if a baseball bat had been shoved up her ass, Marcia sobbed.

"You want me to take it out? Sure baby, I'll take it out," Jones said as he pulled his fat prick back out of her ass. Marcia convulsed as the cock tore back down her ass, and caused her even more pain and cramps. When he had removed all but the tip of his cock, he asked her, "Is this better now?" "GGGHHLLMMMMMM!" Around a fat cock this was Marcia's only reply.

Laughing, he said: "Sorry you stupid whore, can't do that. But I can sure do this" and he rammed all twelve inches of his cock brutally back into the woman's ass. Enjoying her tight asshole, he sawed in and out of the helpless woman.

With every deep stroke up Marcia's ass, she whimpered in shame and torment. Listening to the sobs escaping her obscenely stretched lips; Jones made sure that every thrust was faster and harder than the thrust before. Marcia, tied to the bench, could only moan in agony as the men violently raped her. She felt her mouth filling up with sperm again. Again and again, she swallowed the hot gooey load as another cock immediately took its place in her mouth. They barely gave her time to breathe. Cock after cock fucked deep into Marcia's throat, leaving behind their hot cum. Her whole face had become a mess covered in sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks and neck.

Marcia's asshole felt like it was on fire as the anal rape continued, faster and faster up her chute. His cock actually felt like it had become harder as he kept ramming it up her asshole.

"This ass fucking whore's incredible. She's so fuckin' tight."

He rammed his cock savagely again, slapping his balls against her soft cunt as his frenzy grew, and he neared cumming.

"Take it you fuckin' whore, take it up your ass!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped.

"Fuck her, Jonesie! Fuck her!"

"Rip that ass apart, Jonesie!"

Again he pulled out almost to the tip and rammed his hard black meat brutally back up her ass.

Over and over, he buttfucked Marcia as hard as he could.

"I'm gonna assfuck the shit out of you, slut." He growled.

"Yes, oh yeah," He grunted in pleasure with every stroke up her butt.

"Take it, you assfuckin' whore," he bellowed, as he slammed up her tiny anal orifice again. Marcia squirmed in pain, hoping to dislodge the big cock, but it was impossible. He rammed faster and faster ravaging her asshole like a madman. "Gonna cum in your ass, you fuckin' slut." I'm cumming!!!" With a throb, Marcia felt him bury his cock deep in her ass. Hot cream started flowing deep inside her bowls. His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like a minute and literally flooded her ass with cum. She felt his cock stop throbbing and he eventually pulled out of her ass. As he withdrew, she felt some of his sperm dribble from her asshole and seep down into her raw cunt.

Marcia had hoped that the brutal gangrape was over. But that hope vanished when she felt her ass being invaded again and another cock began assfucking her. The cum in her asshole made this next entry easier. He slipped right in burying himself to the balls. He fucked her asshole for a few minutes, withdrew, and sank his cock up her cunt. He raped both of her holes, fucking her hard in the cunt, then ramming back up her ass until he filled her rectum with his load.

She was skewered again, a cock in her throat and one in her pussy, being fucked violently, the man in front of her slamming his hips into her face, making her lipstick smeared lips swell from the battering. She had lost all sense of time and herself. All she cold feel were cocks, swelling and pumping into her. She grunted again as a cock popped out of her ass and another shoved itself in, dripping semen down her thighs. Her knees felt bruised by the shag carpeting of her studio apartment as she kneeled tied over the bench, getting brutally ass fucked over and over and over again.

Meanwhile, a group of the animals started ransacking her apartment; shouts and laughter rang out as they uncovered a vibrator and several sets of matching blue and purple satin bras and panties. Going through her desk, one of them found a big red magic marker. Running over to Marcia's cock impaled body; he started writing on her with it in big red letters. On one asscheek he wrote: "WHORE" on the other: "CUMBUCKET". And across her big rump, with an arrow leading straight to her rectum, he wrote out, "GANGFUCK ME HERE".

It seemed to go on and on. Huge black cocks continually filled her throat, cumming in her mouth and all over her face. They fucked her cunt repeatedly, and deposited their hot sperm in her rectum after blasting her asshole wide open. Marcia became limp, unable to do anything more than lie there, grunting and crying, their rape toy. Marcia gagged around the cock filling her throat as another cock came in her ass, filling her bowels to overflowing with jism. They were animals, using her like meat, degrading her, saying she really wanted it. "This dirty whore loves getting gang-banged! She's getting off taking us all on!" The brutal, degrading gang rape was shattering her innocent mind and sexy body with its pain and humiliation. Cock after Cock invading her, pounding, squirting, and being replaced by another, then another, then another, and then another.

She couldn't resist when the black man with largest cock of the bunch, stood over her cun drenched face. His cock was twelve inches half hard, at full length it was fourteen and almost the girth of someone's wrist, Saying he was ready to fuck her throat, He told her, "See this whore, you get all of it to the balls." He leaned over and pretended that she was whispering in his ear, "The slut says she wants it." He told the crowd. His cock was so massive; Marcia had no idea how he could possibly make her swallow it.

Smiling, he told her how only a half-hour ago he had fucked her ass with his giant tool. He taunted her; "you're a whore! You love being fucked up the ass; you want my big cock shoved down your throat! Tell me how you love it slut! You love my cock, don't you?"

"I ...love your cock!" she sobbed, "I'm a whore...a slut, I love it in the ass."

"I didn't hear you say you wanted my cock down your throat, whore!" he roared.

"I...I...oh please...shove you're cock down my throat..."

"Now suck me bitch, open up" the rapist commanded, slapping Marcia's beautiful, tear and cum soaked face with his fat, slimy cock. "Suck on my big black cock, you trashy, Jewish slut!"

Broken, she opened her mouth wide, taking his hogleg in. She could smell the scent of her own ass on his prick. The giant knob on the end of his prick filled her mouth. It hit the entrance to her throat. Her jaw was stretched wide and she felt this giant knot pushing against the back of her mouth. He was merciless; he didn't allow her anytime to get used to it. He simply shoved it down, down Marcia's abused throat. He pushed inch by inch, deeper and deeper.

Nostrils flaring wide she felt her throat expand and tighten, more than with any of the other cocks that had raped her throat. Deeper it went. Hands gripped the back of her head, driving that fat sausage further in to her throat. She knew she would take it all. She had no choice.

Her horrified eyes tracked that monster fat cock as more and more of it slid past her lips.

"Look at this stupid bitch take my cock!" He shouted, pulling Marcia's head forward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a cunt instead of a mouth.

"She loves it! I told you that all these Jewish cunts were nothing but slutty whores!"

He gritted his teeth in pleasure as he held Marcia's head in place and spitted her beautiful cum coated face on the long, fat length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to swallow the inches of almost wrist-thick tool he was pushing down her gullet. He pushed deeper, forcing it down. He drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all fourteen inches of his massive prick. Finally the slap of his balls on her chin, fourteen inches of black cock buried in her throat. Marcia felt like it was in her stomach. His balls draped over her pretty chin, Marcia was gagging and thrashing wildly, and his cohorts were going wild. "I don't believe it, the bitch took it all!" "Fourteen inches, Jesus, what a slut!"

"Look at her throat! It's bulging with his cock!"

"Damn! I gotta me another piece of that whore!"

"Suck that cock, bitch! Shit, look at the way she's taking that big prick!"

He was nearly ready to cum. "Make it spit in your throat, you nasty little whore!" He gloated. He viciously grabbed another fistful of her hair, and rammed himself as deep as he could within her tight throat. Marcia gagged violently; her throat bulging as he drove down.

"Look at this slut, Pete," he said to his buddy. "This bitch has got my dick good and wet.

You like to eat black cum bitch." he said as he faced fucked the abducted woman.

His cock was jammed entirely down her throat, his pubic hair pounding her lips. It made no difference to him the young woman was gagging. She was his slut. Just a piece of meat to spew his cum in. "RRGHH!!" He growled, his entire body spasiming as he came. Impaled, Marcia felt the throbbing begin. His seed fired into her throat. She couldn't feel the sperm spurting from his cock but she knew he was cumming. A warmness grew in her chest. It was from the sperm being deposited deep within her. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. Marcia made loud gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his sperm. He continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly weakening. Marcia slurped it down rapidly, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips.

The rapist jerked her head back and forth violently, her hair whipping around like a doll's. She could feel his cum sliding down her throat and into her stomach, but could only gulp down more as it shot into her mouth and throat. "From now on all you are is a mouth, a cunt and an asshole all wrapped up in one slutty package."

"That's what god made you for bitch. To be a cumbucket!" She gagged as he came again in her throat, her lips at the base of his shaft; its spasm's causing him great delight as her throat squeezed his cock tight. Then the pulsating stopped and slowly the extraction began, pulling the shrinking black cock from her mouth and throat. "God damn, she's one good cocksucker," he sneered. "I gotta tell my buddies about this Jew whore, have us another party" He said, wiping his cum covered cock in her hair.

Still tied to the bench, the ninth man in a row got at Marcia's upturned ass with a vengeance. "Cumbucket" he ordered, " Tell us how much you want to have your ass fucked!" He straddled himself over her leaking, stretched out asshole, and plunged his rigid cock into her bowels with a single long stroke that made her groan in pain. "Well, slut?" She was so broken by this time she would say whatever they wanted, "I...I want you... fuck my ass...please fuck my ass... I'll do anything you want," she sobbed in a horse whisper.

"Well, boys" he said, "The cum bucket here asked us to fuck her ass. I guess we better do what she wants." Stroking in and out of her ass with an easy pace, he stared at her abused rump and noticing the "gangfuck me here" sign that was written on it, it gave him an idea "Hey, lets see what this fuckin' whore can really do!" He shouted, motioning over to one of his friends.

He began to pump her ass steadily from above her cheeks; his cock going down into her bowels almost vertically, as the other man knelt on the floor behind her and tried to shove his large, hard cock in her ass as well. Meeting too much resistance, he got up and disappeared for a moment. He came back with a big tub of margarine and plunged his dick into it applying a heavy coating.

Trying again, he slid into her already stuffed rectum much easier. They went at it with no remorse. They began to double fuck her ass with a fast, brutal pace, both banging against her ass cheeks at each stroke, plunging their rock hard shafts into her violated hole, the two huge cocks rubbing against each other inside her belly. "You love it, gutter-slut!" One of them growled, double raping her hole with their cocks, making her asscheeks bounce with every ruining thrust. "You're the kind of whore who really loves every-thing we do to you."

Marcia just lay there letting them rape her hole, moaning pitifully each time the two cocks moved inside her. After a few minutes of that lewd double pumping, a third got in front of her face "I'm going to fuck those sweet lips," He said. "Stick my cock all the way down you're tight throat. You like swallowing cum, slut? You like deep throating cock?"

"Yes," Marcia said, her voice cracking with humiliation. "Say yes, I want to be your deep throat whore." He insisted. She swallowed, "Yes... I... want to be your deep throat whore." She whimpered, as their laughter rang out.

He shoved his foot long dick into her mouth, his cock buried down her throat and his balls pressed under her chin. "Oh yeah, nothin' like a slut sandwich," He bellowed as he began thrusting his cock in and out of her throat. He gripped her head between his hands as he felt her throat spasm around his cock, sending chills up his spine as her saliva dripped from her lips and slid down his testicles. "C'mon you cock suckin' whore! Take it!" He shouted, fucking her face with long, sharp jabs, feeling his pelvis smack her nose with each fucking motion, reveling in the feeling of using this cunt like a piece of meat. This three-way assault went on for another ten minutes, an eternity for the victim of that savage gangrape. The man jamming her throat pulled his cock out and while jerking it, he slapped her across the face with it. It was so heavy and large; it moved her head as it slapped one cheek then the other.

Her ass was being double fucked so brutally she was grunting like a pig, crying out "Ooooooohh! Ooooooohh! Ooooooohh!" The man beating her face with his cock groaned, and spurted. His cock jerked and spat thick sperm across her gasping face, and into her open mouth. Glob after glob plastered her face as he buried himself in her neck one last time. "She's all yours." He told the two slamming her butt, withdrawing his cock from Marcia's windpipe with a sickening plop.

The other two couldn't resist much longer: after a few more minutes of that brutal double fucking, they wanted to cum, and did. One of them extracted his cock from her tortured ass and jumping up, shot his load all over her pretty face, while the one still pounding at her asshole spent his jizz between her ass cheeks shouting, "Tell us you want another ass fuck, slut!" "Ask for another slut!" "Please, I want another ass fuck..." She choked out the words.

They all fucked her, everywhere. Three holes, no waiting. The men loved using her, and a couple of them were pretty imaginative in thinking up ways to do it. They also loved humiliating her and breaking her will. That's why they enjoyed taking her in the ass so violently and raping her face. Brutal and degrading, they liked telling her that she was pure trash; an ass fucking, gang banging Jewish slut who was only good enough to be a choke fucking cum drinker for anything with a cock. At one point, when one of the guys said, "Hey, I just found $100 in the cunt's desk. I'll give it to any two that can bust her ass at once the worst!" two men with the fattest cocks there started double-fucking Marcia's ass, taking side bets on how wide they could stretch out her hole. After twenty minutes of this brutal ass raping, they came, sending a river of cum into her belly. Finding a ruler, they measured her gaping hole at 5 1/2 inches across. The hours passed with dozens of cum shots in all her holes; some of the gang even yanked her head back by her cum soaked hair and stuck cocks in her ears and nose, which they filled with sperm. Marcia was continuously sandwiched, at one point she had two men alternately double penetrating her ass and cunt, with four up front choke fucking her face in turn.

Chapter 4

He lifted Marcia's head up by the hair "Open you're fuckin' mouth," he screamed. Marcia, no longer the person she was, obediently opened her mouth, waiting for yet another cock to lodge itself into her abused throat. Suddenly, hot piss started filling her mouth.

"C'mon you piss slut, swallow it." He yelled at her, "Swallow it you Jew whore!"

Tired and broken, she wasn't even really aware of what he was doing. Marcia closed her mouth and swallowed it down. She opened her mouth again letting in another mouthful and was forced to swallow it again. He moved closer to her mouth forcing her to take his cock inside. He held her head onto his cock; forcing her lips tight around it and making her drink the hot piss as it flowed from his cock. He kept his hands placed on her head, keeping her in place as she continued to swallow the flow.

Another man ambled over, "Still thirsty, cunt?" he asked, "Open up, I got some more." Taking his still respectable half-hard cock, he grabbed Marcia's head and forced himself into her mouth, sliding down her fucked out throat. She started gagging from the cock hitting the back of her throat, and lodging itself there. Suddenly her eyes grew wide, and she started struggling. Yelling out, "Take my piss, you Jew slut!" he started pissing right down her throat. Not a drop came from her mouth. She was swallowing everything. A full ten seconds went by with Marcia's mouth mashed against his pubes, her throat bulging with the cock that was hosing pee straight into her stomach. Finally, he finished, pulling out of her mouth. After two more forced pisses down her throat, she lay moaning, looking seven months pregnant, her now rounded belly under her, swollen with the gallons of cum and piss shot down her throat.

A revived Jones got off Marcia's bed where he had been laying down and reading one of her music magazines. He walked over to where she was kneeling, still bound to the bench. He knelt over her butt, spread her red colored ass cheeks, and eased his rock hard cock past her ass ring. Her asshole was so blasted open by the many double anal rapes that night that he easily pushed his twelve-inch cock into her. Her ass chute was loose. It was like fucking a five-dollar crack whore on payday. How different from the first time I fucked her ass! He thought. He pushed deeper into her ass and shoved it all the way up her once tight asshole. Once he was in, he casually pumped her a few times, "I always wanted to do this, and since you're such a slut, you get the prize." he said, and then started pissing. Marcia was too tired to even struggle, she lay there whimpering weakly as he filled her already distended belly with more hot piss.

"Like that cumbucket?" he asked, "I'm pissing up your big fat ass, you Jew whore!"

He urinated in her ass for almost a full minute "I can feel your ass filling up with my piss cunt" he gloated "Take it, you piss slut." "Take it all."

Jones reached behind him and came up with a butt plug the size of a fist. As he pulled his hardening prick out of her ass, he slammed it in to her; "here you go baby, don't want you leakin' all over the place." Totally excited by pissing up the hapless, gangraped woman's ass, he got up and stepped around to the front and grabbed her by the hair, "I got something for you again slut, something you can't get enough of." he said.

"Open up, baby." He said as he spitted her mouth with his fat prick. Jones began sliding his cock back out, pulling the fat head out of her throat with a pop like a cork. Jones pushed his cock downward again, thrusting his rigid prick deep into her throat tube, pushing down until he could feel her lips pressed firmly against the base of his shaft. " Hmmm...yes, that's good slut...Marcia the deepthroat slut...the ass fuckin' whore." He watched the entire length of twelve inch his cock disappear into the woman's mouth He pushed forward again, jamming his cock deeper into her mouth and down her throat leaving it there. Marcia struggled to breathe. "Choke, whore! "Choke on my fuckin' cock!" "Yeah! This is all you are now slut; A choke fucking, piss drinking, Jewish cumbucket!" "Gag on it you tramp, gag!" he cursed, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. He started to throb in her bulging throat; cum seeped around the base of his fat prick, and thick wads of it poured from her nostrils. H e groaned and pulled out of her mouth with a pop. Marcia gasped and drew in a huge breath of air, Jones's cock spraying hot cum right up her nose. The next blast re-coated her forehead and eyes, and left fat globs of cum hanging from her long, dark lashes. It drooled down her cheeks and rolled down the sides of her nose. Marcia coughed on the jism that had shot up her nose, and half a mouthful of cum spilled out of her parted lips.

Jones, after that final cum blast grabbed his cell phone and padded into the kitchen to call Mike.


"Yeah, it's Jones."

"Dam! You've been goin' at it for eight hours!"

"Yep. Like a day ah work."

"How is she?"

"Well she's been workin'. She's about as fucked up looking as you can get."

"Goooood! Gimmie some of the details."

"Hold on a minute, let me get to the page." Jones looked through the pages of the tattered notebook he brought in with him. Standing by the sink, he could hear the curses and cheers of his gang, along with some grunts and gagging sounds coming from Marcia. He wasn't sure what they were doing in there, but it sounded interesting.

"Alright, here's the score card, lets see, She got fucked a total of 125 times, two to four guys a pop. The breakdown is: 52 deep throats, 17 pussy fucks, 31 ass fucks,"

"Holy shit!" Mike exclaimed.

"Wait, wait, I ain't done yet." Jones replied "Where was I, uhhh, 6 double pussy fucks, 19 double anal, penetrations, some pissing down her throat and up her ass, and I couldn't even count how many times we came on her face."

After a few moments of stunned silence, Mike asked, "Tape?"

"Oh yeah. Five machines from every angle, and we'll do a complete pan of her just before we leave." "When are you gonna be done?" We're gonna pack up now so be here in twenty minutes."

Jones had two cigarettes and headed back into the living room to get dressed and to start gathering up the equipment. His men were idling around; some were getting dressed, others were cleaning the cum off their cocks with Marcia's collection of bras and panties. All of them were staring at her abused body still tied to the bench, the butt plug stuck in her ass, her cum, and piss-swollen belly trapped beneath her. Even these hardened thugs were amazed that a human being could be so defiled. They had experimented in Jones absence. Her hair, stiff with layer upon layer of drying white semen was pulled back into a ponytail; a pair of tied together shoelaces was strung from her ponytail to her bound forearms, pulling her head back and making her face an inviting target. It was obvious that the gagging sounds Jones heard was Marcia being choke fucked one last time by a conga line of throbbing cocks that shot their load on her face. Her face is a thick mask of cum, blobby and almost pu ite. She was completely unrecognizable. A steady, soft, moan came from her lips, bubbling with the residue of cum still lodged in her throat. Her bare pussy was red and puffy and gaped open obscenely wide. Goo was seeping out of it and pooling onto the carpet. Her graffitied on body was marked with the trails and splotches of dried jizz. "Fuck! You leave her for five minutes and she sucks everyone in sight. What a fuck pig!" Their boss said. Laughter rang out.

Jones walked up and holding her leash, looked at her soulless, cum covered face, "You look good, whore. You look just the way you ought to."

"I've waited fuckin` ages for this." Mike said as he walked into the room, pulling his pants off. He walked over to her ruined face still held up by her ponytail "Looks like someone got the fucking of her life," he teased. "What a pig you are now, cunt. You're the dirtiest piece of white trash I've ever seen."

"See what happens when you cross me, Marcia?" He gloated. "Look at you now, a worthless gang banged tramp, a zoned out cumslut. And I knew you'd like it, you fuckin' whore!" Smearing the massive amount of cum dumped onto her face with his cock, Mike taunted her, "You sure are a messy eater Marcia," he chortled. "Let me help you clean up." The others got close to see. Shoveling huge globs of semen onto his cock he plunged it down her loose fucked out throat. She swallowed twelve of those perverted cumsickle before the majority of jism was gone. On the last mouthful, Mike grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her open throat, lodging it there. "Oh yes, she's still tight enough. Oh fuck yes."

Holding her face as he started to fuck into her slack throat he thought, How often he'd wanted to do this; choke her with his cock, teach her, her place, the fucking stuck up bitch. He began to skull-fuck her in earnest. "Keep your eyes open, pig, I wanna see you're face when I let my load go." Marcia opened her eyes. "Here it comes, cunt," howled Mike. He shuddered as he felt himself ejaculate into her hot throat. Once again, semen oozed from around lips that were jammed to the base of someone's cock, dribbling down her chin.

"What do you want from me?" Marcia whispered.

"We're back together bitch, I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you every night. I might even bring over some of my friend's so they can get them a shot at Your nasty holes too. Bottom line is, you do whatever I tell you, whenever I tell you." He expected her to be his slave. To do whatever he told her to do. Totally broken, she knew she would, she had no choice.

"Tell me you love me, cunt," Mike whispered in her ear. "And don't forget to look in the camera." she looked right in the camera. "I love you," she said, her new life starting

Ex-girlfriend's Gangrape, part 2 (MMMMM/F, nc, inter) Written by Enraged

Leroy Rodgers sat in his van sipping a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette when he spied Marcia leaving her building. In the four weeks he had been staking her out, he noticed a change in her personality since that brutal gang rape five months ago. On that terrible night just before the attack, he saw a pretty, curvaceous woman, confident in her abilities and place in the world. That seemed to be gone now. Following her in the van as she trudged up the block, she seemed smaller to him, turned inward. Her back was no longer straight and she always walked with her head down. She seemed a lot more submissive, easy for a man to dominate. That was going to make his plans much easier. The setup was gonna be prefect, her pattern never changed.

Every night, Marcia would head home from work briefly, stopping at the store on her way, and walk over to Mike's house. Her business suit would be gone and in it's place was a shorter, tighter, slutty outfit consisting of a schoolgirl like dark plaid mini-skirt with a slit up to the hip, so short it just barley covered her ass, riding up and exposing black satin panties as she walked. She had high heels on with sheer mid thigh length black stockings, and a low cut, black satin bra thin enough to see her nipples, popping from the cool night air. The bra was one size too small, exposing part of her aureole and making her ample cleavage swell out over the top of it, her breast jiggling with every step. Leroy thought that in her regular clothes, she looked hot, but innocent. In this outfit however, she was a cheap and easy gutter tramp for anything with a cock and five bucks, a thick coat of dark red lipstick on her swollen lips and a dog collar around her neck.

Every night, while passing a string of crowded bars that lined the way to Mike's apartment in her slutty outfit, dozens of men coming out of the pubs half in the bag, couldn't help but notice her. Leering at her, many of them would drunkenly grab at her ass or squeeze one of her tits causing it to pop out of her bra. Lewdly groping at her body and rubbing up against her, they would make perverted and disgusting propositions. They would ask her, her price for blowjobs, pussy and ass fucks, and gangbangs, assuming that she was nothing but a cheap prostitute. One bleary eyed gent in a three piece suit pulled her bra down, and pinched her nipples, offering her two hundred dollars to piss down her throat. She was abused and humiliated like that every night, which was exactly what Mike had in mind making her wear that whore's outfit and taking those long walks to his apartment.

Leroy, following her in his van had been taping all of these incidents, both for his own amusement, and as a sort of sales pitch to rope in all of the guys needed for his plans. So he was totally prepared, whipping out his professional camcorder, when one Saturday night, a mixed group of thirty or so black and white, jock like yuppies spilled out of the bar on Marcia's block drinking beer and acting real wild.

They caught sight of Marcia walking towards them looking like a two dollar slut, bouncing and jiggling with one breast almost totally popping out her bra. They started hooting and yelling out "Hey, look at this whore!" "What a hot fuckin' slut!" "Let's get some!" and surrounded her on the street. "Well look what we got here, guys," one of them growled at the others, twisting Marcia's arm behind her back and forcing her into the middle of the pack. "Let's see your big tits, slut!" "She sure likes showing off!" "Filthy fuckin' whore! Jiggle your fat tits for us!"

"Hey, baby, you deep throat? All you whores gotta deep throat." A broad shouldered guy sniggered. A piece of wadded up paper struck her chest and bounced off onto the floor. It was a crushed dollar bill. "That enough for a blowjob, baby?" another laughed. "You look like a real cheap whore, get on your knees and suck my cock, c'mon, there's nobody looking." "She's a real cock-sucking whore if I ever saw one." One of the guys said, "Hey whore, you're gonna party with us." All of the guys started to cheer. "You must suck a lot of cock don't you?" Everyone laughed and howled, "You know what slut," He said, "You got a lot of cock right here."

Forming a tight circle around her, they pushed her back and forth, whipping her around the circle, each man grabbing her around the waist and grinding his crotch into her ass, dry humping her in turn. Marcia struggled against them, but to no avail. Frightened, she started to cry. "Please let me go," she moaned. "I'm not doing anything to you." The man behind her, his bulging crotch grinding into her big ass said, "Not yet whore, but you will. You will."

They started pulling her hands to their crotches, making her squeeze their engorged members. They fingered her slit, and pulled her asscheeks apart, prodding at her asshole through her panties. Pulling both of her 36D tits out of the bra and pinching her nipples, they poured several bottles of beer on her head and tits. "Fuck man," the guy said. "I love these jugs." He reached around and began kneading them.

Marcia struggled to pull free as the beer cascaded down her bare stomach, soaking her skirt and panties. She continued to whimper. One of them was down on his knees, chewing on her cunt through her panties. She felt his tongue prodding against her slit. He stood up and pulled her skirt down, grinning drunkenly. "Oh yeah, shaved. We're gonna party, bitch", he slurred, "Bob! Chris! Get some rope from the truck. Tie her hands back. She's gonna party." They cheered and whistled and started sucking on her nipples and sticking their tongues in her mouth. She gasped again as a hand was thrust in between her legs and cupped her puffy, hairless cunt. She tried to wriggle away but was helpless as the hand squeezed her repeatedly. The men snickered and growled. "She really needs a hard one,"

"She's gonna get dozens of em'."

"Please! Please don't!" she begged.

"We'll show you what whores get in this neighborhood," the broad shouldered man said. Calling her a slut and a cheap whore, they told her she was gonna take them all on for five bucks a hole.

She tried to scream, but a hand was put over her mouth. The group of men picked her up and dragged her back down the block to a large park. It was one of the nicer parks in the city, and the reason she got an apartment there. But it was totally deserted at night. Leroy followed at a discrete distance, filming the whole thing and thanking his lucky stars as they carried her to a picnic area in the center of the park.

She continued to struggle, but the men were much stronger then her. As they carried her towards the picnic table, Marcia could feel their hands groping all over her body. One of them, to accompanying cheers and catcalls, said they were gonna have an ass fuckin' good time with her. One of the black guys commented that she had a real nice body for a whore. She was gagged by many fingers invading her mouth.

As a beefy black guy held her by her beer soaked hair and a hand through her collar, the others began poking at her cunt and ass. They roughly squeezed her tits telling her, "you got some firm titties, cunt." She again tried to scream, causing the men to laugh. Someone ripped the bra off her squirming body with one hand. He pulled her up and started to roughly suck on her tits. He bit and chewed her nipples and she yelped in pain. He told the others that her nipples were hard and tasty. After a few minutes of roughly pawing her big tits, he looked up into her green eyes and said "Time to earn your five bucks whore."

The men dragged her struggling half-naked body over to the old cement picnic table and put her up on it. As one man held her down, another started shoving her skirt up around her waist. Marcia kicked her legs and screamed but he managed to push her skirt up anyway. He quickly ripped apart the flimsy underwear she was wearing. He noticed a tattoo just above the crack of her ass and called out to his friends.

It was one of two small red ink tattoos Mark had made her get. It read: "Gangfuck Me Here 10 cents", and had an arrow pointing to her asshole. The other tattoo was inked into the middle of her shaven pussy reading: Jewish Cumbucket 5 cents", with an arrow trailing down to her cleft.

Mike had gotten the idea for the tattoos from her gangrape five months ago when the gang of rapist he had hired took a red magic marker and wrote those and other lewd comments on her body. He liked them so much he decided he wanted a more permanent version of them, so he took her to a small tattoo shop downtown. He had made her earn both tattoos by charging exactly that from the very happy artist.

"Hey, check this out!" he said as the men gathered around. "We were gonna overpay this fuckin' whore."

All of the men laughed. The black guy said "I don't care who fucks her pussy, but I get that tight looking ass first." Marcia started to moan "Ohhhhhh Noooooo!" They moved her face down across the table with her knees on one of the benches. This left her ass sticking out in the air and her head hanging off the other side of the concrete table.

She struggled weakly; knowing there was no hope of escape. They tied her ankles and calves through each post supporting the bench she was kneeling on. They tied her arms behind her back. The black guy walked up to her and lifted her head up by her shoulder length hair, slapping her. He said, "You're gonna get the gangbang of your life, you fuckin' slut".

"You sure look hot, bitch. Just wait till I get my cock up your ass and start fuckin' you hard. You'll look even better screaming and begging for me to cum in your ass. Now, tell me how much you want our cocks. And how much you want to get gang fucked like a cheap whore. I want to hear you beg for our cum like the dirty cock suckin' slut you are." He reached to Marcia's breasts pinching the nipples painfully. She moaned and sobbed, her will to resist broken five months ago, the words he wanted to hear coming quickly.

"Yes, yes...fuck me with your cock." Marcia reluctantly replied.

"Doesn't sound like you mean it whore." He squeezed her nipples again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, God. Oh, God. I want you're cum...I want you're cum in my mouth." "Cum in my mouth. Cum in my ass too," she cried out.

"What about on your face?" He asked giving another squeeze.

"Oh! Yes...Yes...cum all over my face."

"You're a cheap fuckin' whore, aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes, Yes, I'm a whore."

"Should I treat you like a dirty whore?" He twisted her nipples again.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes." Tears formed in her eyes. "Fuck me like a filthy dirty whore."

"And what about that asshole? Don't you want it there too?"

"Yes...Oh, yes...Fuck my ass too."

"You're a whore that likes it up the ass, aren't you?" he asked as he pulled on them causing her nipples to extend from her chest. "Yes...Yes...Oh, God yes. Fuck my asshole too. Fuck me up my ass. I'm a dirty whore...so fuck me up the ass. Just do it...do it, shove it in my ass and stop hurting me, please...please." And she sobbed out loud, tears running from her eyes as she kept softly begging. "I'm a whore...I'm a whore...fuck me...fuck my ass, please...please just fuck me in the ass." He began rubbing the head of his big dick on her lips smearing her lipstick. "Okay, bitch, open up. You've got a job to do," He said. Marcia sobbed and begged the men again to let her go. The black man responded to her pleas by climbing up on the bench in front of her, kneeling in front of her face and shoving his cock against her lips. He said, "shut up and swallow my cock, pig!"

He ordered her again to open her mouth. She started to meekly obey, knowing he would force her anyway. He pressed his plum-sized cock-head against her quivering lips and inserted the tip of his prick. She tried to jerk back, but her head was being held firmly in place by many hands. He drove his cock-shaft even deeper between her lips, and she felt her jaws stretch open to accept his monstrous girth. "That's a good whore. Just open wide, cunt." He commanded,

"Come on, whore! Give me your throat!" as he thrust even more of his huge prick between her straining lips. Drool was cascading out of the corners of her mouth, and he could feel his cock-head bump her tonsils, triggering her gag reflex. She spewed up another gurgle of saliva, which dribbled uncontrollably down her neck as she struggled to accommodate even more of his 14-inch manhood.

"Eight more inches to go, slut," he cackled. "You're only half-way there, bitch. Wider, damn you." "You cheap fuckin' whore I'm gonna go so deep It's gonna come out you're twat, you fucking slut."

He jabbed another two inches down her throat, and could feel her esophagus constrict around his tool, squeezing and milking it as he plunged another inch down her windpipe. Her face impaled on his prick, Marcia found herself unable to breathe. Struggling against the men holding her down, she felt herself blacking out as the man in her mouth slashed into her throat ... another inch .. then another. He plowed the remaining three inches into her throat, and she could feel his cock head wedged past her sternum like a golf ball. Now, he picked up his pace, choke fucking her throat while she helplessly bucked about.

With one quick thrust, he shoved his big fourteen-inch prick halfway down her throat again. Marcia didn't have any choice but to try to swallow. "That's it man, fuck that whore's mouth." "Ram that cock down her throat."

"Fuck her...Fuck her...Choke fuck that bitch."

He thrust hard in and out of her mouth viciously. The outline of his bulbous cockhead could be seen working in and out of her throat. Out of the corner of her eye she saw other semi-naked men moving in. The big black man said, "nobody fuck's this whore's ass 'cause it belongs to me!" So the other men started taking turns in her shaven pussy as the man started really fucking her face in to the hilt. The other men kept her dripping cunt constantly filled with cock.

"Your pussy is so fucking juicy! I bet you fuck a couple dozen guys a day, don't you? Well, you're going to get all the cock you can handle tonight super slut."

She felt them cum in her again and again. There was so much cum in her already that she could feel it dripping down her thighs.

"You love my black cock, don't you bitch?" The man raping her mouth boomed. "I know you do, you white whore. All you sluts do." For emphasis, he pulled out of her mouth, grasped his dick at the base, and slapped it against her cheek.

"Yeah, you love it, you cheap slut. Your face shows it." He wrapped his hands in her hair and pushed forward with his hips again, the huge cock ramming into her mouth to the top of her throat. "Deeper...Deeper...Ohhhhhh...You fuckin' nasty whore."

With another push, he forced his cock back through the narrow opening, his pubic hairs smashing against her lips, causing Marcia to gag, her face impaled her on his full fourteen inches of hard meat. Marcia's throat spasmed around the hard intruder, her lungs heaving for air, as her mouth opened even wider in a gag reflex. Her feeble efforts only made the sensation to his dick greater and he held her jammed tightly on his cock for almost a full minute, reveling in the convulsing of the helpless white woman's throat muscles on the shaft and head of his cock. Marcia grunted, as yet another drunken animal thrust his cock inside her leaking pussy. It was the fifth or sixth, she was beyond keeping track. She wanted to push away, to wriggle off the invading cock, but she couldn't get any leverage with her arms pinned behind her back. Bent over the table, legs spread and mouth stretched around a huge cock, she was a helpless target for whoever wanted to fuck her pussy.

The guy behind her started fucking her so fast and hard, her nose was mashed straight into the pelvic bone of the man whose fourteen-inch cock she was deep throating. Gurgling and squirming, the beer and cum soaked woman tried to relax her straining pussy as much as she could, desperate to lessen the pain of the brutal fucking. But it was useless.

The cocks were just too large and the fucking too violent. Despite her best efforts, each thrust drove a wave of pain up from her ravaged pussy and through her body. Suddenly, she felt a stinging pain on her ass. Someone had delivered a slap. "C'mon you little whore," the man behind her growled. "Shake your whore ass." Every plunge of his cock made a wet, squishing sound in her pussy as the invader displaced the thick globs of sperm left from the previous rapes. Marcia felt the jism boil over into her ravaged pussy as the guy fucking her from behind pulled out. Sperm was now running out of her and down her thighs in big, slimy ropes.

Finally the black man began to cum in her mouth. She felt him shoot his hot sperm into her wide-open throat. He pulled out and shot the last spurts on her face. A few of the men who couldn't wait to get at a hole had beat off and sprayed cum all over her back and hair. They pulled at her breast, which were mashed against the concrete table, scraping her nipples painfully across the rough surface, squirting all over the rock hard nips. After a while, some of the men who had fucked her pussy also started fucking into her mouth. She could taste the mixture of their sperm and her pussy juice. She just lay there taking cock after cock in her violated holes.

Marcia's mouth hung partly open after the third or fourth man, she could do little but kneel there with her mouth open and let the men fuck her face brutally. All of them were rough with her. Wanting to degrade and hurt her as much possible, they kept forcing their large cocks entirely down her throat. Grabbing the back of her head with their hands and jamming her down on their cocks until her lips touched the base. Leaving their pricks lodged in her throat, they cheered as she gagged and choked with the effort. As each man ejaculated down her throat or in her face, they cursed her, calling her a skank, a pig, a cum sucking whore.

Another cock in her mouth, the man grunting as two others grabbed her head and forced her nose even deeper into his belly. He laughed at the way she snorted and the way her throat milked his cock as he gyrated his hips. " That's it bitch. Yeah! Choke on that cock you cumslut-whore! Yeah, like that, cunt. Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yes. Take it you whore! Take another wad you fucking slut! Take it whore!" he shouted as his balls emptied down her throat. Marcia coughed and cum ejected from her mouth and out of her nose, spilling semen all over the man's cock and belly.

With that the black guy said he was going to fuck her ass. She begged him not to saying he was too big. He stepped up on the bench, straddling her bound, spread legs. He shoved his black fourteen-inch monster up her cunt to get it good and wet. He quickly jabbed in and out of her sloppy, jizz filled hole. While he was doing that, he pushed a long wet finger into the little puckered hole between her wide open ass cheeks.

She continued to beg and plead until one of the men put his prick in her mouth to keep her quiet. She tried to scream but the guy grabbed her by the back of the head, pulling her mouth around his cock. He began to furiously ram it in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. She gagged from the sudden impact of his cock jamming its way down her throat. He battered his cock head against her tonsils until she began to gag up a mixture of spit and pre-cum.

"Come on, whore, suck it...suck it...oh yeah...that's it... all the way down your fucking throat, you stupid cunt." She had no choice but to try and swallow. He continued to fuck her throat. They were all shouting, "Fuck her like a whore, get you're money's worth." "Choke that bitch."

Two men grabbed the sides of Marcia's head so her mouth became more like a hole just to fuck. "Hurry up man, drop your load in this slut."

"Yeah, I wanna fuckin' choke her too!"

"Don't worry " someone laughed." "We can fuck this pig until we're sick of it."

"Fuckin' whore sure can take a lot of cock."

The black dude took his enormous cock out of her pussy and began to rub the slimy bulbous head of it around her butt hole. Suddenly he inserted it into her asshole. She felt a burning sensation as he slowly pushed inch after inch up her anal cavity. He got about half of his dick in her and stopped. He told her to relax her ass.

Across from the picnic tables, covered by some bushes and trees, Leroy was working the video camera, pacing back and forth choosing his angles and zooming in and out on the action. He thanked God that the area was so well lit. This is so fucking great, he thought, his cock rising. This is gonna bring me some serious money.

Marcia was concentrating on the cock in her throat, trying to breath through her nose, taking her mind off of the anal intrusion stretching out her ass. Suddenly the black man jammed his cock into her ass up to the hilt. "No! Don't!" She gurgled around the cock in her throat, writhing, thrashing, and straining against their grip on her back and waist.

"Oh, man! He's shoving it up her ass!"

"Fuck her ass, Steve!"

"That little asshole will never take a cock that big!"

"She'll take a fuckin' fence post if she has to!"

"Man, I gotta do that!"

"Yeah, me too!"

"Uhnhngggghh!" Marcia groaned as his cock thrust into her, forcing its way through her little opening.

"What's the matter big-tits? Never had a cock up the ass?"

"I've wanted to do that to every tight assed bitch I've ever met!"

"Feed her cock, Steve!"

"Stuff that ass full, man!"

The pain was incredible. Marcia went nuts, bucking against the hands and the hard black pole shoved up her ass. She felt more hands pull her ass cheeks open, and tried to slide away from the cock in her ass. Sliding forward as fast as she could caused the cock in her mouth to go straight back into her throat.

"So you like it now whore? Here than, gobble it all up you cock sucking slut!" said the man fucking her face. He shoved his hips at her mouth as hard as he could. Thrown backward by his movements, her asshole made a loud squelching sound as it was stabbed to the hilt by the cock behind her. Guttural sounds escaped from around the cock in her throat each time the man behind her drove his cock hard into her ass. More hands reached out to hold her down. The crowed yelled out, "Make her suck the jizz out you." "Cum down the cocksuckin' whore's throat." as the man holding her head jammed his cock as far down her throat as it would go. "Yeah! That's it pig. Choke on my cock, you sleazy whore." He grunted, his fat prick lodged in her windpipe, the crowd pointing and laughing at the way the slut's throat bulged around the thick cock. Saliva welled up from her mouth, and began flowing around his dick. One man squatted right near her face, watching her buck and gag around the cock jammed b deep in her throat and the drool pouring down her chin. He sneered at her, "You like that, bitch? Huh? You like swallowing cock meat? Isn't that nice whore, a big cock ramming your throat, he's gonna cum soon and you'll have to swallow it all or you'll drown in it. Then it's my turn, I'm gonna fuck your throat whore, I'm gonna fill your belly with cum, you cheap slut!"

Getting orally and anally raped, Marcia lay there grunting and gagging with every thrust, trying to swallow cock and breath. Her choking and gagging could be heard over the group's laughter, Leroy's microphone picking up every sound. She looked like a rag doll being fucked by a pack of wild animals.

She was nothing more than a set of holes for a hard dick to be shoved into as the men on either side rammed her backward, shoving the fourteen-inch up cock up inside her ass, and sending her swallowing forward on the twelve-inch dick in her mouth. The two men holding her head pushed harder causing her to gag, getting even more excited by the lewd noises. As the man buried his cock into her open, choking mouth, he jeered at her, "Yea bitch, I'm using your little whore mouth just the way it's supposed to be."

"All right, now that's the way to stuff a pig" his friends said and slapped him on the back.

After nearly fives minutes of ass and throat fucking, the guy in her mouth suddenly grabbed her head and brutally pushed his cock all the way back in.

"Take it bitch, take it all you fucking whore, uuuuggg, every drop you little pig-slut" the man grunted. With her nose buried in his pubic hair, she felt his cock begin to throb and pump cum into her stomach. Marcia felt the cock spurt gobs of thick heavy semen into her throat. Every time she swallowed the men shouted their approval. "Eat it pig" "That's the way you fucking cum-slut" "Keep eating cum like that bitch and your tits will get even bigger!" His huge cock was so intense as it throbbed, expanding and contracting, pumping hot juice into her gullet, she thought her engorged throat would burst. She felt the throbbing subside and eventually stop, and he pulled out of her throat with a pop, shooting two thick jets of cum all over her face. He then started rubbing her face with his slick cock. Marcia's whole body shook from the ass pounding she was receiving and her head lowered as she gagged and choked, sending a glob of sperm up into the roof of her mouth and out through head.

"Jeez, I think the fucking slut's getting off."

"Of course she is," Someone replied. "She's just a sleazy little cum-bag. Needs a good rape to get her off." Marcia felt a hand grab hold of her cum stained hair and jerk her head up. "Isn't that right cum slut?" Marcia coughed again, letting another glob of cum drool over her lower lip and onto her face. "Hey, this ain't rape," Another replied "you can't rape a fuckin' two dollar whore."

The pain was starting to subside as her ass became used to the big black log moving in it. Before long the black guy was fucking her ass with his whole cock, as they all slapped his back and urged him to pound her. "That's it, Steve! Fuck the bitch!"

"Rip her ass apart, man!" "Give it to her!" "Look at him go!" "She's gotta feel that!"

"That whore's gonna have one sore, fucked out ass tomorrow!"

She cried out in pain as his huge cock gave a hard lurch forward.

Someone slapped her ass hard, cursing her. His cock worked deeper, tearing her asshole apart as it drove into her. "Oh my God!" she sobbed. "Oh my God!"

"You love it, you cheap fuckin' slut!" a voice said.

She could feel his big balls slamming into her sloppy cunt as he slammed it home into her ass. Sometimes her asshole fought him; sometimes it sucked on his cock, trying to drag it deeper. "Feel that whore?" he panted, "You got an ass full of cock." Rooting in her ass as hard as he could, he told her, "You know what you are slut? You're a stupid, cheap, worthless, two- bit whore. Nobody wants you, you butt fuckin' gutter tramp." He drew his tool out several inches, than thrust in violently. His cockhead slammed up into her ass with terrible force spiking into her guts. He tore his cock back and forth inside her, working it in and out until her numbed sphincter gave up the fight. "Nobody cares about you except as a 15 cent cumdump. This is how your gonna spend the rest of you're life; a fat cock in you're ass and down you're throat, with cum all over that slutty face."

He repeatedly drew the whole thing out of her, stepping back slightly to watch his cockhead emerge from her violated ass. Her asshole gaped open. Than he pressed his cockhead to it and slammed it back up into her anus, impaling her.

He grunted loudly as it shot up Marcia's ass. Large gushing streams filled her tight hole. The rim of her ass burned from the abuse. "That's another dime I owe you whore." He chuckled. When he pulled out and got off, her relief was very short lived. Another man, using his sperm as a lubricant, rammed his almost three inch thick cock into her still somewhat tight ass with one vicious thrust Marcia screamed around the cock in her mouth, her asshole stretched obscenely wide. Raping her wide-open ass with all his strength, he would fuck her as hard as he could for more then a dozen strokes. Jerking his cock totally out of her and then brutally shoving it back into her stretched out hole, causing Marcia to spasm as he again impaled her. "Damn! Look at the whore get butt-fucked!" Someone laughed, as he continued to fuck violently into her wide spread butt. "Shit!" they exclaimed. "Look at him go!"

"Yeah, he's really fucking the bitch now!" "She's some kinda slut, isn't she, boys?" Her asshole stretched and dilated around the intruding fleshy organ, almost turning inside out from the brutal thrusts of the eagerly pumping animal. With each rapid inward movement, Marcia groaned helplessly around cock and involuntarily squeezed down on the monster in her ass. Each withdrawal and she gasped in another quick breath.

The one in her mouth screamed, "Here it is, just what you wanted whore. A load of cum." His cock spurted jets of semen splashing against her cheeks, lips, tongue, nose, and eyes. Sending a few more volleys to the back of her throat, she gagged and choked again while trying to swallow the man's cum. He was quickly replaced by another prick, only thicker. "C'mon, I ain't got all day, suck my cock you stupid slut!" He grunted.

She was trying to open her mouth, but he was in too big a hurry and began fucking her face violently. He jammed down her throat and didn't pull out. "Oh, yeah, you fucking whore," he spit in her face as he battered the bulbous head of his dick down into her esophagus until he came, filling her bloated belly with more semen.

Another man climbed in front of her. Slapping her nose and lips with his meaty, twelve-inch cock, he yelled at her, "Give me that throat whore!" and plunged balls deep into her mouth. Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head he began to violently fuck her face. Everyone could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat. "Suck me you slut! Take my cock...take it all you whore!" Using her mouth the same way he used her pussy, he fucked it with quick deep stabs. She was gagging and choking, her nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. Cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and shot from her nose. Thick strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her face and seemed as though he'd never stop. Sperm dribbled down her neck. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air and coughed up more cum that was lodged deep in her throat. As he wiped his dick with her hair, he said "Damn, you fucking sucked it dry, you little whore." She passed out. "What happened?" one of them asked.

"Oh, the whore just fainted. It doesn't matter. Her ass is still open, fuck her anyway!"

"Yeah!" the others cried. Someone began to pound his rigid cock full-length into the unconscious woman's asshole. Each deep thrust of the man's massive organ brought a grunt from the helpless woman's lungs, but no other reaction, as his thick tool opened her sphincter and abused her rectal muscles further until they relaxed and allowed him free access. Slamming his hips against her ass, he drove his cock fully inside her butt hole and finally shot his full load of cum deep into her ass, pulling back on her shoulders to ensure that he was completely inside as he spurted his hot sperm. Pulling his dripping cock out, he turned to the man behind him. "Next," he said with an ugly grin. One by one, the crowd took turns ass-fucking the comatose slut.

Another group of forty black men came upon the hapless woman's gangrape. They were drinking and playing basketball on the darkened courts nearby, and were attracted to the noise. Laughing while they watched the passed out slut be repeatedly violated, a few of them went over and asked if they could join in the fun. "Sure, the whore's cheap enough, we got you and your friends covered." Replied a man who was violently pumping Marcia's ass. "The more the merrier."

Some were pulling her head up in order to stick their cocks inside her slack mouth, and unconsciously she swallowed the hot gooey loads as one after another took its place in her mouth. They barely allowed her time to breathe.

Leroy zoomed in on the helpless, unconscious woman's face as the thick black monster plunged in and out of her slack mouth. Her face was unrecognizable with all the semen on it, her eyes closed, tears still rolling out. "Eat it you fucking tramp!" The rapist yelled as he pounded away at her, her sore throat forced open again and again as the man fucked in and out of mouth. The only sound heard from her was the cock popping in and out of her gullet. Her throat was bulging up then down as the black man choke fucked her until he came down her throat.

Cock after cock fucked Marcia's mouth and ass, leaving behind their hot creamy loads. Her whole face had become a clotted mess covered in sticky sperm that was now running down her cheeks and neck while others pulled her ass cheeks wide apart for better access to the depths of her slack asshole. "Next." Soon, her asshole had been pierced so many times by hard cocks that the tiny pink pucker had swelled into a red-rimmed hole, gaping open for repeated penetration by cock after cock. "Next." Her ass dripped with the copious loads of semen shot inside, and her stockings and thighs were streaked with white cum. "Next." Her round buttocks glistened with shiny smears of sticky cum.

"Next." Two men positioned themselves on either side of their helpless captive, one on her left and one to her right. The one on her left went first. Holding his massively erect organ in his hand, he aimed it between Marcia's rounded ass cheeks and drove it unerringly through her gaping sphincter. He shoved his cock completely inside her gaping asshole, the thick tool doing little now to fill the ravaged opening. Then he pulled back until just the swollen cock head remained inside. The other one, his heavy dick in his hand, pushed the bulbous head against his partner's cock. After he balanced himself, he gave a mighty shove, and suddenly her asshole was filled with two cocks at once.

Marcia woke with a groan and protested weakly, but was completely unable to resist as the as the pair of men began rhythmically pumping through her anal ring and into the depths of her intestine, stretching the already-abused tissues still more. Thrust after hard thrust slammed twin lengths of cock meat up her asshole. The men used no finesse and took no care in looking after the needs of their kidnapped whore, but merely used her well-spread asshole for their carnal pleasure. Marcia's limp body was buffeted back and forth as her ravishers banged into her from either side, smashing against her rounded buttocks and driving deeply into her rear opening. Leroy's camera recorded the savage anal rape and clearly showed Marcia's ravaged hole stretching and pulling in every direction as the two pricks ripped through her once tight sphincter.

After forty-eight of them had taken a turn butt-fucking the captive woman, some more than once, they stood back for a moment staring at her limp, full body, streaming cum from every abused orifice.

Still only semi-conscious, another man gripped a handful of Marcia's hair and jerked upward, tilting her head up and back. "Damn! I really wanted those puffy red lips to give me a blow job, but since she's out of it, I'll just have to fuck her throat." His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her mouth open, her smeared red lips parting invitingly. "Now just open up real wide, slutface, and I'll slip it down nice and easy" he ordered her.

He placed his rigid cock just between her parted lips. Then, his face contorted in anger, he drove it into her mouth up to the hilt, his balls slapping the underside of her chin. Her throat bulged as his cock drove deep within her. A couple of men gripped the back of her head, slamming it forward, her mouth helplessly engulfing him. Her face disappeared in his groin as he brutally jammed himself in her windpipe, gyrating from side to side, stretching her throat even further. His face twisted with hate and erotic pleasure as he started bucking into her face with hard, driving thrusts, his testicles slapping her chin and her throat bulging with each forward thrust of his hips. As Marcia gagged on his member, he groaned in reaction, slamming into her violently. He suddenly stiffened, as he felt the boiling semen rising up within him.

One last time, he drove himself deep within her mouth and held himself there. Marcia's bright red lips unconsciously wrapped around the hilt of her rapist cock as the first burst of semen shot into her belly. Gurgling sounds came from her wickedly distended throat. A malicious smile crossed the man's face as he heard Marcia gag on his first shot of cum. Semi-conscious, she tried to swallow the large quantities of sperm that was issuing into her throat, but a lot of the stuff escaped out of her mouth and through her nose. She now had gallons of semen inside her belly.

"Fucking white cunt whore!" He spits in her eye as he rips his massive dong from her throat with a resounding pop and sprays more of his steaming cum all over her slack face. "So how do you like that, huh?" he baits her. "You fucking white-trash whore." He grips his massive battering ram and wipes the bloated head across her face, shooting and smearing the last of his juices over her lips and nostrils until he was drained completely. "She's one excellent face fuck!"

Marcia woke up feeling another cock slide out of her throat. She had been moved off the bench and her arms were tied on either side of her torso, the ropes across her body squeezing her tits tightly outward, the nipples engorged. Her knees were lashed on either side of her shoulders, folding her almost in two; her exposed holes gaping open. She was on the ground laying on top of one of the men, his hands at her shoulder blades, pushing her into an almost sitting position. She had his cock buried in her ass, sperm still leaking out around the base from the massive anal rape a while ago. Marcia's belly was beginning to look swollen from the gallons of cum she had consumed. Another man was in her pussy and a black man was again pushing a big cock past her lips.

Marcia felt a surge of warmth shoot into her mouth. The sticky liquid came in bursts, and soon she was unable to swallow it fast enough. Streams of sticky white jizz dribbled out from the corners of her lips. She quickly swallowed. He was pumping his cock with his own hand now, hosing more hot goo onto her upturned face and lips, splashing it against her cheeks. Her mouth still open, he directed a few more squirts of his juice into her mouth. Finally, it slowed to a trickle. He squeezed his hand down the shaft, forcing the last drops out of his piss-slit, and wiped the prick-head across the bridge of her nose, globs of cum dropping into her eyes. He laughed. "Hey, whore, you should see yourself!" he chortled. "You've got cum all over your face!"

Another man grabbed her head back and lodged his cock in her windpipe. "Take it all in slut. Don't tease." The man commanded as forced his cock down her throat in a single plunge.

"Yeah. That's it pig. Choke on some cock. You sleazy cunt-bitch." He grunted while fucking her throat like a cunt. "Uuummpphh" Marcia cried around his cock. Spit began to escape from her lips as her mouth was again used like a hot, wet cunt. She ended up being forced to take the whole thing down her throat. "Fuck her mouth", somebody said and the man began to lunge up and down, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, his balls whacking against her eyes. Marcia was groaning at the effort of deep-throating another cock. And all around her the guys continued their laughter and jeers and lewd, obscene chants.

"Yeah! Fuck her! Fuck the slut!" "Ream her tight ass!" "Fuck her face!"

"Jam it down the bitch's throat!" "Ha! Look at her choke on that meat!"

"Damn" He whispered. "You're a great little cocksucking whore ain't ya?" Marcia had heard that particular statement so many times in the past four months it almost sounded natural to her. "Lookit these fat tits shake!"

"I'm next." "No I am!" "Fuck you!"

Suddenly the man pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock in his fist, yelling,

"Take it all over your face slut!" he screamed as he stroked his cock, plastering her with a torrent of jizz that dripped from her nose, cheeks and chin, running into her hair. Cum jetted out from its head in spurts, shooting down into Marcia's gasping mouth. The man then pushed his still-spurting cock back into her mouth, forcing her to take it all down, as his cock convulsed and sprayed its last inside her windpipe. " You fucking stupid pig! When someone cum's in your slut mouth, you take every drop unless you're told otherwise. Do you understand you fuckin' slut?" He shouted as he slapped her face.

Several choke fucks later and still impaled on another huge cock up her ass, a man pulled out of her throat, pointing his drool covered dick at her face. Just before he came, she begged him to stop, sobbing that she couldn't take anymore. Sperm splashed everywhere on her face. A man held her head still as more squirted out of the prick inches from her face. Finally done, he pulled her up by the hair and repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face as he yelled at her, "The only thing you beg for is cock! You walk around dressed like a cock-sucking whore, and you want us to stop! Who the fuck do you think you're kidding pig? You'll fuck and suck us all until we all get tired of you, got that you cheap slut!"

The next ten men took their turns fucking her pussy or forcing their dicks in her already over stuffed ass and did the same thing. When ready, they would pull out of her, squat above her head, squirting their sperm all over her face or tits and then use her beautiful dark hair to wipe off their dicks. "Slut!" someone shouted, and pushed his prick at Marcia's face just as the first thick, white trail of jism erupted from the end of his cock. "Suck on this, you hot-assed tramp!"

Blinding cock-slime squirted into her eyes. More slopped over the bridge of her nose and splattered against her cheek. The man hit Marcia with his cock, bruising her lips and stinging her nose while he covered her face in spunk. She yelped from the burning pain that stung her eyes and tried to turn her head away from the wash of jism. Hands twisted in her hair, pulling her face back around to meet the jolting slaps of the fat cock and the thick ropes of jism. "You like that?" a man asked, and the others laughed. "Feel's good whore?" "Damn, but you're a real slutty cunt!" When the tenth man finished, she was forced to service two of the gang members at once. The two gigantic men had fought briefly over who would get her first, but had decided that there was room enough for two. Now she had one black and one white cock in her mouth at once. The two bigger than average size organ's stretched her soft lips obscenely beyond their limit, forcing her jaw open painfully. With so much meat in her mouth, all Marcia could do was lay there, ass impaled, mouth forced open, and drool all over herself. Some would come over and pinch her rock solid nipples; some would slap her face. Others would spank her gaped open cunt lips and some would grab her head or hair and force her mouth even further down the two lip stretching cocks. A lot of the guys thought it was fun to spit all over her. Soon spit was dripping from her face, her ears, her hair, and her sides.

"Suck those cocks you filthy slut!" "Yeah, choke that pig! "

"Move man, let me show you how to twist a bitch's nipple! "

"Hurry up, I want a shot at this whore! "As the men increased their strokes in her face, they degraded her further with vile sneers. "You like this don't you slut?" Asked the white youth.

"Can't get enough cock, can you whore?" Echoed his friend. "She needs that slutty mouth washed out with cum." "I think she's got a real thing for black cock." "She a ten cent whore man, any cock will do. She loves it all." "Look at that slutty face, all stretched out."

"I think the pig here needs another sperm facial."

"More! More! Give the pig more!" The crowd chanted.

Tears fell down Marcia's face as her two assailants verbally humiliated her and double fucked her mouth. "Ohhhh," Groaned the black man. "I'll cum on her fuckin' face, you fill her mouth." He pulled his long, black pole from her mouth and slapped the fat head against her cheek. His friend pumped his cock in deeper to Marcia's throat. Both men neared climax at the same time, grunting and pumping their fuck sticks rapidly.

The first blast of semen shot to the back of Marcia's throat, causing her to choke and cough as he continued to pump his seed onto her tongue. Seeing her mouth open up, the young black man aimed his cock and fired his first jet of cum right into the small opening beside his friend's cock. The double spray of jizz quickly filled her mouth and ran down her chin.

Satisfied with the mouthful of cum they had given her, both men targeted her face for the final spurts of their cum. In a matter of seconds, Marcia's eyes were spermed shut and literally every square inch of her face was coated with a thick new layer cum. Her tear and semen streaked face was on display momentarily before the next pair brandishing hardening cocks stepped forward and stuffed her mouth again. So it continued as man after man used her mouth or pussy or ass.

Marcia, her bound form carried back over to the picnic table was laid on her side, her cunt and ass open for double pumping, her head lolling over the side, stuffed with cock. Her ravaged anal muscles were relaxed completely, allowing any and all cocks to charge their way inside and spew another hot load of sperm deep in her blasted out rectum. Her cunt was shafted again and again by hard dicks until the pink labia curled back and opened completely, inviting yet more hard fucking into the sodden channel.

Both ends of Marcia's pain racked body were covered in their white, sticky sperm. Her memories became increasingly disjointed. She would remember cum spurting into her face and eyes, cocks and fingers penetrating her asshole, hands pulling on her hair as her head was jerked back and forth over someone's cock, and hands pulling at her sore nipples. She had no idea how many men had used her or how many more were to come. One man was hammering at her ass, another was using her cum covered face as if it were her cunt, his hands gripping her sperm soaked hair as he jerked her head back and forth on his cock. She pulled back and tried again to beg them to stop. "Open you're fucking mouth, slut, and suck that cock, you bitch! You never refuse a cock, hear me!" He said and cut off her begging with his huge blue-back cock rippling with veins. "Take it you white trash whore! " he shouted. The crowd around her pointed and laughed at the way slut's throat bulged around the thick cock with e thrust. The other man was literally trying to stab her to death with his penis. He was thrusting into her open asshole in a mad frenzy while slapping the side of her asscheek with his right hand. "You need this, slut!" he snarled. "You need cum in your belly! You filthy whores can't get by in life without plenty of cock meat inside you!"

Even over the noise of the crowd, Leroy, with his camcorder taking in all the action, could hear the wet, sucking sounds of the man's penis ramming in and out of her cum-soaked asshole and the counter-pointing loud cracks as his hand impacted on her quivering butt. As one set of men spent themselves in her abused holes, another pair appeared with erect penises and took their places. Her holes were never empty for more than a few seconds.

Marcia was rolled onto her back, a couple of men pulling her up by bound calves and back until the only part of her on the table was her head and shoulders, her gaping asshole inches from her slack face, her abused red rimmed mouth open. They squeezed her swollen belly and a river of semen poured out of her wrecked asshole, filling her mouth and covering her face with a quart of the vile jizz. Her head hanging down, face a pure white mask of sperm was again being fucked. A man standing in front of her was sliding his cock in and out between her lips, fucking it right into her throat. Another man knelt over her. He held her two fat, bound breasts in his hands and mashed and squashed them around his cock as he thrust it into her cleavage, his juices a puddle in the hollow of her violated throat.

Her face, hair, and tits were completely covered with sperm. It ran down the sides of her face into her ears and onto her neck. She couldn't open her eyes because there was so much cum on them. She had to try to breathe through her mouth because they even shot cum up her nose. Her dark brown hair looked streaked white because there was cum matted and drying in it. She was repeatedly triple banged by one man after another for almost an hour. They would continually switch her positions to get into her three holes. Sometimes she was on her back, or her side, or on her bound knees. Her mouth was always full of cock as was her dripping pussy and gaping asshole.

"Open up, slut, you ain't done yet. My balls are ready to burst and you're gettin' it all. The man stood right in front of Marcia's face, held up by her hair off the table's edge. Only a couple inches away he aimed his black cock at her. A small trickle of piss hit her directly on the lips splattering her cheeks. "No, please no more," she burbled, as he dribbled some more on her swollen lips, wanting her to drink it and not spoil all of the cum on her slutty face. "Please, please..." she groaned.

He paid no attention to her pleas, but rather grabbed her head in his hands, sliding his urinating cock into her. "Open up, you filthy slut." He forced more of his pissing cock into Marcia's mouth. "Start drinking, whore." He pushed his cock deeper as her mouth filled with piss. She had no strength to fight. She started swallowing trying to keep up with the flow of hot urine. She was afraid that he might force his cock down her throat and drown her in piss, it had been done to her before.

She drank from his meat swallowing over and over, sucking his urine directly from his bladder. Leroy, still filming in the bushes, had a great view watching her throat swallowing the bitter urine. Loud gulping noises came from her throat as the hot fluid poured down her throat. It gushed down her throat and burned upon entering her belly. It seemed to go on forever. Nearly a full minute passed before he finished relieving himself in her mouth. Marcia's stomach felt full "Good girl," he sneered. "I knew you'd be a great piss drinking slut."

"We're gonna fill your slut belly up with piss, whore." A lot of them wanted to piss into the fucked out whore's mouth. Twelve more men lined up waiting their turn to relieve themselves in Marcia's throat and watch her swallow the contents of their bladders. By the time she finished the ninth man's urine, her belly was bulged out, engorged with piss and cum. Still she was force fed more. She passed out again as another man started pounding her ass; her unconscious body fucked in every hole another forty times before the crowd tired of her and left. The crowd was laughing as they started getting ready to leave, "She really looks like a Dirty Whore now!" someone said. As they all started leaving, several took the time to spit in her open mouth, and on her face and tits.

Leroy went over to the now quiet picnic area filming Marcia from every angle until she started to wake up. Judging from what he'd witnessed in the past three hours, he was gonna have to revise his plans for her. He thought that maybe over a hundred guys had just fucked her, and he wanted to top that by double. He didn't know how many hot loads she swallowed, he couldn't keep count that high, or how many of the guys came in her face, but she had their cum all over. It was all over her face, nose and lips, half dried globs running down her cheeks and chin and pooled up on her neck; it was splattered in her hair which and was pretty wet from the sweaty gang-fucking. Caked on dried sperm was smeared all over her tits and piss swollen stomach and her belly button was a little pool of semi-solid cum; her pussy a gooey, cum filled mess totally obscuring the five cent tattoo. More cum was still flooding out of her completely loose and sloppy pussy and ass and was smeared all over her ch and thighs as she lay there in a daze, totally exhausted with her legs spread wide open, sweating and breathing heavy. It was over. Marcia groaned as she slowly tried to pick herself up off the ground, the pressure of getting to her feet causing a stream of jism to jet out of her loose rectum.

Two police officers, one of them a sergeant, were standing in front of a police van writing out reports on the false noise complaints the police had received concerning a gang in the park. It was late, and they didn't look too hard, the Metropolitan police having a reputation for being more than half criminal and 100 percent lazy. As they stood there talking about the cash they got from a recent drug bust and smoking cigarettes, they saw Marcia and stared in awe as she stumbled out of the park towards them.

She was a sight to behold; her hair was sopping wet from sweat and cum, long trails and blobs of semen covered her lipstick-smeared face. Her belly was round and pregnant looking from all of the piss and cum forced into her. Sperm was splashed all over her tits and stomach and her belly button, and a few one-dollar bills were plastered to her tits and stomach, payment for the massive gang rape. Her skirt, still bunched up around her waist was soaking wet, and her hairless pussy was covered in a gooey mess. More semen was flooding out of her completely loose and sloppy pussy and was leaking all over her inner thighs, and a long, thick string of cum slid out from between her asscheeks. She was the most fucked out looking whore they had ever seen, and with cocks rising, they looked at each other, a whole conversation written in that one glance.

Marcia stumbled towards the two cops, grabbing the sergeant's arm, "Please help me," she cried. "What seems to be the problem miss?" he snickered. "I...I...was on...on...my way to my...boyfriend's apar...apartment...and a gang of m...m...men dragged me here and raped me!" she said, cum leaking out of the sides or her mouth as she talked. "I don't think so" replied the sergeant. "Whaaat!" "You can't rape a whore" said the sergeant reaching out and pinching one of Marcia's sore nipples, "You think we're fucking stupid or something? You're a cheap fuckin' whore who didn't like the tip she got, so she's gonna complain about it" "Noooo...I'm not...please..." she continued to sob. "I mean, look at you, you're dressed like every hooker I've ever seen, and you've got cum all over you," he was casually pinching Marcia's nipples as he talked, pulling her by them towards the police van as his partner opened up the rear doors. Pulling one of the cum coated dollar bills stuck to her body and ng it up to her face he told her, "See, they even paid you. And got their money's worth, seems like." He laughed. "That makes you a whore in my book, so shut the fuck up, get in the van, and gimme a piece."

The sergeant grinned as he stuck a stubby finger into her cunt, drawing a squelching noise and a sob from the silently weeping whore. He removed his finger coated with the semen of dozens of rapes and, sticking it into her mouth, sneered, "And what a busy whore you've been, c'mon John we got ourselves a real fucked out whore here. Her cunt's got so much cum in it, I don't think she'll mind a bit if we drop a load or two into her, will you slut?" They both grabbed Marcia by the arms and hustled her into the van, throwing her to the floor and closing the doors behind them. Unbuckling his gunbelt, the sergeant told his partner, "We gotta take our uniforms off John, don't want any of this whore's cum on them." "Yeah, I know. This bitch has got a sweet looking mouth, I think I'll fuck it." he replied, moving up to her face.

Dragged onto her hands and knees, her engorged belly almost touching the floor of the van, the officer started slapping her face with his prick. He started rubbing his plumb sized cockhead across her lips smearing cum and lipstick across her face trying to get her to open her mouth. "Open up whore," he yelled at her. "Open you're fuckin' mouth." Marcia's lips parted slightly and the officer forced himself in making her lips open wider to take in his big tool. He shoved his tool in her mouth. He made sure she knew that he was going to make her deep throat him. "You're going to feel every inch of my cock you whore." He was brutal to her. Squatting in front of her upturned face, he jerked his hips, impaling her throat with his fat twelve-inch cock. Marcia struggled, but there was nothing she could do. "Let's see how tight of an ass she's got left." The sergeant smacked her ass cheeks. "Spread her ass for me John," he ordered the other officer. In a daze, she only realized what was going to happen next when the Sergeant started pushing on her abused asshole. She tried to cry out to them around the cock pistioning in and out of her mouth,

"Please, please stop." "Don't please...Ahhhhhhhhhh!...Nooooooo!" She screamed around the cock at the top of her lungs as the Sergeant's cock forced her asshole open. The pain must have been incredible taking that huge fat black cock even in her blasted open hole. The sergeant had managed to force the head of his cock in her rear, and he was grunting, trying to ram all of it the rest of the way in. Slowly it disappeared, inch by inch inside Marcia's ass. She screamed and gurgled around fat cock the entire time it passed through her asshole, painfully stretching her abused sphincter until the Sergeant's forearm thick fourteen-inch cock was completely buried inside her rectum.

Marcia was moaning and grunting in a hysterical panic from being so savagely stuffed up the ass by this massive piece of cockmeat. He grinned at John still violently fucking her throat and slapped the whore's ass as he pulled all the way out, jamming his cock back into her clutching ass, watching the way it disappeared into her tortured hole.

She still had what seemed like a gallon of cum on her face and some still dribbled from her mouth and nose each time she coughed around the fat cock invading her throat, the tightness of it making his whole body tingle with pleasure. He grabbed her ears like handles and jerked his hips forward, making her gag and choke, wanting to hurt her, wanting to make her pay for everything women had done to him. Again and again he rammed his turgid cock against her throat, her body brutally pinioned between the two men, until she gagged violently and he pushed hard into her face. Seeing his cock slide down her pulsing throat, his hips slamming into her face, a feeling of power overwhelmed him as he took this whore on her hands and knees before him.

Her anal rape seemed to go on forever, each motion a tearing of her insides, an explosion of pain, which seemed never-ending. Her throat was raw from all the throat fucking, her nose clogged with semen. Her mind felt only the agony coursing through her from her ass. She could feel every inch of the cock buried deep inside her bowels, and she screamed around the cock in her throat each time it moved.

The sergeant rested just a moment, then began fucking her asshole with a vengeance. Again Marcia's screams resumed. The sergeant was ramming her ass unmercifully. His cock would slide out and he would quickly force it back in all the way slapping his balls on her asscheeks. Over and over Marcia's ass swallowed up his giant fourteen-inch black prick. Finally he pulled out spewing cum all over her ass. His cum shot all over her crack and cheeks running down and sliding into her blasted open fist sized asshole. Once the Sergeant finished creaming all over her, he shoved his half hard cock up Marcia's ass one last time pushing the last drops of his sperm inside her anus.

The other officer was in front of her face, completely buried in her throat, his balls resting under her chin for almost a full minute, just feeling her throat spasm around his tool. The man's cock started stabbing in and out of her throat, fucking her face brutally, violently. He looked down at her head as he slammed his hips into her face again, his cock throbbing in her throat as he fucked her face. He felt a grin of lust and hate twisting his lips as he looked down at her, bucking and gagging around his shaft. He pulled out momentarily and lunged, driving into her throat again. After ten minutes of making Marcia choke on the twelve-inches of his hot cockmeat the officer couldn't restrain himself.

"I'm cumming you fuckin' whore, Ahhhhhhhhh!"

He didn't pull out of her. He left his throbbing, ejaculating cock buried deep inside Marcia's throat while he emptied his himself into her belly. He could feel her gagging and choking as his hot sperm spurted deep down inside her. He loved the feel of shooting his jizz deep in her throat. He jerked several times as he continued to come; glob after glob of thick, slimy sperm gushed out of his cock. The first couple of spurts filled her throat so he pulled back an inch or so, then rammed forward, shoving all that sperm in one, almost solid mass straight down her throat. He came for a long time, and had to "plunge" cum down her throat three more times.

"That's it, whore. Take my cum down your throat, ahhh!... ahhh!.... yes... yes... swallow it, cunt."

When he finished he extracted his cock leaving Marcia gasping to breathe and coughing up some of the white sticky sperm, gooey jism surging out of her nostril's as she tried spitting it out of her mouth. The officer laughed at her as she choked, "what's the matter whore, too rough?" The two cops left Marcia passed out on the floor of the van, cum running from her ass and nose. After about an hour they returned. They climbed back into the van, smelling like a brewery. They grabbed her around waist, pulling her back up onto her hands and knees. The sergeant moved in front of her face unzipping his fly as his partner held Marcia's head up by her cum stained hair. The sergeant started slapping her puffy lips with his fat cock telling her to open up. "Do it now, or I'll shove my nightstick up you're fuckin' ass!" Marcia looked up at him and opened her mouth. Saying "Take my piss, you slut!" he slipped his cockhead in about three inches and let loose. His hot piss filled her mouth almost instantly and began leaking down her chin. As it gushed from his cock, Marcia made gurgling sounds as she swallowed it all down her throat. "C'mon you piss slut, swallow it!" He yelled.

His partner held her head jammed over the sergeant's cock, her lips wrapped tight around it. She was drinking his hot piss as it flowed from his overfilled bladder, some of it escaping from around his prick and dripping down her chin as her mouth filled up and emptied down her throat with each swallow and a loud gulp.

The Sergeant looked into Marcia's cum soaked face. "Still thirsty, cunt? Open up, whore, you got one more." He partner took his half hard cock, grabbed Marcia's head and pulled her mouth to his shaft. He forced himself between her lips until she started gagging from feeling the massive, soft cock hitting the back of her throat. He held it there and stood there breathing deeply. He started urinating right down her throat. Not a drop came from her mouth. She was swallowing everything. At least a minute went by and still she was force-fed hot piss. Finally, he finished, pulling out of her mouth, letting her fall back to the floor of the van, holding her swollen belly, overfilled with piss and cum.

Getting Mike's address from her the two cops drove there and left her lying in front of his building, half-nude and bent over the back of a discarded sofa, her legs splayed and her cum-filled cunt and asshole open for the whole world to see.

She awoke to the feeling of a cock slipping in and out of her relaxed cunt. Fingernails scratched roughly at her nipples. "Wha... what, again?" she thought weakly, and realized that it was another man raping her. His cock felt smaller and softer then many of the others she had taken tonight, but it was still hard and long enough to reach deep into her and press against the end of her vagina. She could smell his alcoholic breath, and saw the rough hands that scrabbled at her full breasts. She thought she should try and shake him off, but the exhaustion and the soreness in her nether regions made movement almost impossible, so she just let him take his pleasure with her body. Apparently, the drunk had chanced upon her naked body while walking home and decided to avail himself of her holes while she lay unconscious.

Now that he had penetrated her and was pumping his hips hard against her ass, she could feel the slight burning within her well-used pussy... and was too tired to fight it. The prick slipped in and out, in and out, his pelvis banging hard against her ass. She had to breathe shallowly again as the drunk began to pick up his tempo, fucking into her so hard, he was driving the air from her lungs. Her tiredness was so complete she barely noticed as he slammed all the way back in, and came. He began to spurt his seed wildly into her sucking vagina and sagged forward, crushing her over the sofa back. She found herself fading again, becoming distant from her poor abused body, as he lay on her back, panting with his recent exertions. She thought to herself that she couldn't take another rape as she drifted away into oblivion again, whilst he slowly picked himself off her still body and left her lying there, with her ass raised high in the air and her face buried in the sofa. He was alrea ted, and within a few moments, the rape became another distant memory in his clouded mind.

She felt fingers at her anus, smearing her juices about and probing at the soft opening. Gasping, she tried to turn around to see who it was however, all she could see was his dress pants, fallen to the ground around his ankles.

She felt something blunt pressing into the crease of her butt. "Oh, no, please, no!" she screamed and was rewarded with a hand across the back of her head. By the time the fogginess cleared from the head, her ass cheeks had been forced apart and her anus had been penetrated once more. She could feel the ridged head of his organ embedded in her sore asshole, forcing her rectum apart as it probed deeply into her back passage.

"Urgh! Aaargh!" she groaned as it slipped further into her. The awful stretching of her fucked out ass felt worse this time Her flesh pulled around his invading cock, bringing about an involuntary shudder from her. This obviously pleased her attacker, who drilled even more deeply into her buttocks with his not insubstantial tool. She cried out again. She let her breath out in a long slow exhalation as he completed the insertion of his cock into her anal sphincter. It was impossible; she had been stretched to the limit and beyond. She squealed as he began pumping in her ass. "Uh... hhh... uh... hhh... uh... hhh," she grunted in time with his thrusts. The motion of the cock in her butt made her scream when she felt the man drive his cock balls-deep in her ass as the organ expanded and began jerking violently, spilling his seed deep into her bowels. Her pelvic muscles spasmed, her insides clenching hard at the organs within her body, milking them as the man pulled his cock out of he s with a loud squelchy popping sound.

She drifted further into unconsciousness and did not feel the hands of a group of eight men who chanced upon her body, still bent over the sofa, cum leaking from every hole. "Nice ass, you fucking whore," said the leader, popping a finger into the slack and leaking orifice. " Looks a little fucked out though."

They all nodded to each other and unzipping their fly's, a couple of them started to smack her in the face with their half-erect organs. She began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, as one laughed, and grabbing the back of her head, forced his stiff cock deep into her warm wet mouth, sticking her so deep she choked on it. She coughed and spluttered but he kept pumping her wet mouth, grunting as he did so. His two hands gripped her head like a vice as he fucked her mouth remorselessly. Someone asked. "Like that bitch?" They all laughed.

Marcia could feel his hot meat slide in and out of her mouth, her screams were muffled by him, her arms tired and useless, she could feel him bang through the back of her throat, she could taste his pre-cum juice. Suddenly he pulled out, making way for another cock, a line of saliva trailing from her mouth to the first mans tip fell onto her neck, and began to roll down to her firm breasts. "Try this for size bitch" Violently a second hot prick was forced into her warm mouth, the men were laughing now, pounding her mouth, all she could do was weep, silently and uselessly. The second man was smaller, his penis was thicker though and she could barely take it in her mouth, her puffy lips stretched around his hot thick prick, she felt the man quicken his strokes, as he groaned, grabbing fistfuls of hair he pulled her mouth deeper on him. "Eat it bitch! " She moaned, the other men goading him on. "Go on man, give it to her!" "Let her taste cock man, do it!"

Sweat began to bead around the mans lips, his violent pace even quicker now, Marcia's head was a blur as she was pulled onto him time and time again, suddenly the man let out a scream and held her head towards his body, making sure she would get it all. Their was a second pause, and suddenly a thick rush hit the back of her throat, she tried to get free but his grip tightened as he rhythmically pumped his fat prick deep into her mouth and throat. The man let out a low sigh as the gelatinous liquid oozed down her throat. She struggled, but he held her tight choking her on his seamen, He let her go, and they watched her as she coughed and spluttered, his white jism arcing out of her mouth in thick lines. She rasped for breath, her face against the sofa back, retching and coughing. They laughed.

"I'll try to be gentle with you, whore bitch, it looks like you've had a long, hard day. And it's about to get longer and harder" She felt rough hands open up her butt cheeks, squeezing them hard. She felt the head of a giant prick forced between her ass cheeks, not in her yet, but waiting, a voice whispered in her ear, "Wait for this bitch, tell me you want it, tell me you want me to stick this up your ass hole, come on, tell me!" "No..no.." "Tell me you want it whore!" She sobbed in pain and the fear. "Yes...I want it..." "Say it louder tramp!" "I want it, I wan-" She was suddenly stopped by the pain, as with a single thrust he sank his massive prick deep into her ass hole. It went half way in and stuck, too big even for her gapping hole, the sheer size almost ripping her open. With a grunt and a mighty shove he was fully in her, thick gobs of semen oozing from her destroyed hole. "That's what you need bitch!" Pounding, pounding, another then another, her ass hole was numb wit n as his strokes became more and more deep, more and more violent, she felt she was losing consciousness again. "That's it, guy - Fuck 'er! Fuck the goddamn slut - Yeah!" the men egged him on. Her buttocks were red as he lay on top of her and pounded into her mercilessly, he held her head up and whispered into her ear.

"All you cheap whores want this!" Her ass being pounded furiously, another man steps onto the sofa in front of her head, pulling it up by the hair then forces his entire cock into her mouth with a grunt. She gags but does not fight him.

"Yeah, whore!" He growls. "Choke on me!" Her face flushes dark red and she makes a gagging sounds as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking the air supply into her lungs. "Bitch...fuckin' bitch." He steps back, pulling out of her as a stream of thick white cum laced drool spills down her chin. "Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming on this whore's face!" he shouted as jet after jet of semen flew from his spasming cock, gouts of cum splattered wetly on her cheeks and lips, covering her eyelids, draping themselves in her hair and down her forehead. Cum flew into her gaping mouth as she gulped in air. Cum flew up her nose. It landed all over her shining face. Her left eye was glued shut as one monstrous jet landed directly into her blinking eyelid. It flew across her eyebrows and splattered onto er forehead. It covered her lips and chin. A blanket of white began to hide her face. It dripped down like warm pudding. Her left cheek from cheekbone to jawbone was almost completely covered with a soft blanket of white liquid. The right side of her face was lined with sperm in five separate places.

Another steps up, his cock bigger and fatter, and it doesn't take long before the poor whore is choking and gagging on him as well. The men all take turns fucking Marcia's face, slapping it, choking her, making her gag and cough up thick white jism, thrusting angrily into her, yanking on her hair. Someone shoots off in her throat, his legs wide apart, hips pumping as he unloads into the gasping slut. A moment later after he pulls his dripping prick out of her, another takes over, spurting hard hot jets of cum into her wide open mouth and on her cheeks.

"Give it to her in the ass again!" they chanted "hurt the bitch." watching in pleasure as another cock began to force open her anus, her wrecked sphincter beginning to slide open as he forced his cock inexorably downward. She struggled vainly as she felt a prick press into her ass, his cock popping past her anal ring, a tired moan bubbling around the cock in her throat as more come flooded straight into her gut. It felt like she was being torn apart. As another man found her mouth, the cock in her ass forced itself all the way back in and began reaming her out, drawing back slowly before jabbing brutally back in, the man loving the way she shook and groaned. He slapped the cunt's ass again as he pulled out before jamming his cock back into her watching the way it disappeared into her shaking, writhing, sweating body. Her ass rape seemed to go on forever, each motion a tearing of her insides, an explosion of pain never-ending. Her tits flared into pain again as someone pulled at t pples. She could feel every inch of the cock buried deep inside her bowels, and she screamed around the cock in her throat each time it moved.

Mike found Marcia an hour later still bent over the sofa, as he stepped out for a pack of cigarettes. Still unconscious, she had been fucked up the ass by another dozen or so passers by. Circling around her, Mark took pictures of her with the camera he got from his apartment. Shooting from every angle, he took special care to photograph her monstrously gapped open cunt and ass, and her very pretty cum coated face before carrying her inside, and nursing her for the next week and a half.

Leroy followed slowly behind her in the van watching her bounce and wiggle as she walked, her panties riding up the crack of her ass. He happily remembered that incredible night. He used four tapes, getting every single rape on film. Anonymously sending Mike copies, he marketed them on the internet underground as a series: Hooker Gangrape 1-4 at $200 bucks a tape. It did so well; it got him a brand new Pathfinder 4X4. She was one hot bitch and he wanted her now, wanted jam his cock down her throat, and fuck her ass until she cried, but he would wait for Saturday.

Remembering how she looked and felt with his cock lodged in her throat, he smiled evilly to himself, thinking back to that night, picturing it in his mind. After the brutal ass fucking's she had received and the dozen or so forced deepthroats, he stood over her cum drenched face. His cock was twelve inches half hard, at full length it was fourteen and almost the girth of someone's wrist, Saying he was ready to fuck her throat, He told her, "See this whore, you get all of it to the balls." He leaned over and pretended that she was whispering in his ear, "The slut says she wants it." He told the crowd. Smiling, he told her how only a half-hour ago he had fucked her ass with his giant tool. He taunted her; "you're a whore! You love being fucked up the ass; you want my big cock shoved down your throat! Tell me how you love it slut! You love my cock, don't you?"

"I... love your cock!" she sobbed, "I'm a whore...a slut, I love it in the ass."

"I didn't hear you say you wanted my cock down your throat, whore!" he roared.

"I...I...oh please...shove you're cock down my throat..."

"Now suck me bitch, open up" he yelled, slapping Marcia's beautiful, tear and cum soaked face with his fat, slimy cock. "Suck on my big black cock, you trashy, Jewish slut!"

Broken, she opened her mouth wide, taking his hogleg in. The giant knob on the end of his prick filled her mouth. It hit the entrance to her throat. Her jaw was stretched wide and she felt this giant knot pushing against the back of her mouth. He was merciless; he didn't allow her anytime to get used to it. He simply shoved it down, down Marcia's abused throat. He pushed inch by inch, deeper and deeper.

Nostrils flaring wide she felt her throat expand and tighten, more than with any of the other cocks that had raped her throat. Deeper it went. His hands gripped the back of her head, driving that fat sausage further in to her throat. He watched her enjoying the way her eyes followed his cock as more and more of it slid past her lips.

"Look at this stupid bitch take my cock!" He shouted, pulling Marcia's head forward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a cunt instead of a mouth.

"She loves it! I told you that all these Jewish cunts were nothing but slutty whores!"

He gritted his teeth in pleasure as he held Marcia's head in place and spitted her beautiful cum coated face on the long, fat length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to swallow the inches of almost wrist-thick tool he was pushing down her gullet. He pushed deeper, forcing it down. He drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all fourteen inches of his massive prick. Finally the slap of his balls on her chin, fourteen inches of black cock buried in her throat. He was in heaven; no bitch had ever taken him all the way. His balls draped over her pretty chin, Marcia was gagging and thrashing wildly, and his cohorts were going wild. "I don't believe it, the bitch took it all!" "Fourteen inches, Jesus, what a slut!"

"Look at her throat! It's bulging with his cock!"

"Damn! I gotta me another piece of that whore!"

"Suck that cock, bitch! Shit, look at the way she's taking that big prick!"

He was nearly ready to cum, the feel of her tight throat sending him over the edge. "Make it spit in your throat, you nasty little whore!" He gloated. He viciously grabbed another fistful of her hair, and rammed himself as deep as he could within her tight throat. Marcia gagged violently; her throat bulging as he drove down. "Look at this slut, Pete," he said to his buddy. "This bitch has got my dick good and wet. You like to eat black cum bitch." he said as he faced fucked the abducted woman. His cock was jammed entirely down her throat, his pubic hair pounding her lips. It made no difference to him the young woman was gagging. She was his slut. Just a piece of meat to spew his cum in. "RRGHH!!" He growled, his entire body spasiming as he came. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. Marcia made loud gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his sperm. He continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly weakening. Marcia slurped it down rapidly, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips.

Leroy jerked her head back and forth violently, her hair whipping around like a doll's. He could tell she felt his cum sliding down her throat and into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot into her mouth and throat. "From now on all you are is a mouth, a cunt and an asshole all wrapped up in one slutty package." "That's what god made you for bitch. To be a cumbucket!" She gagged as he came again in her throat, her lips at the base of his shaft; its spasm's causing him great delight as her throat squeezed his cock tight. Then the pulsating stopped and slowly the extraction began, pulling the shrinking black cock from her mouth and throat. "God damn, she's one good cocksucker," he sneered. "I gotta tell my buddies about this Jew whore, have us another party" He said, wiping his cum covered cock in her hair.

He had started to formulate a plan even than. No bitch had ever taken him all the way before and he wanted another taste. And he didn't see why he couldn't make some more money off her big ass at the same time.

Coming into the apartment several minutes before Mike every night, Marcia followed the routine he had established for her. The night after the hired gangrape, he had told her that she was going to be his permanent cumbucket. He told her that every night he came home from work, she was to be there, waiting for him to fuck her throat. She was not allowed to wear any clothes around the house except her collar, panties, and high heels and whatever cum was on her face as she made him dinner and cleaned up around the house. Anytime he wanted she had to get on her hands and knees so he could yank her underwear aside and fuck her pussy, ass, or face. Every once in a while he would jam his soft cock in her mouth and piss down her throat. Stripping down to her panties, and high heels, she would make a cup of tea, leaving it on the coffee table for him and kneel down on a pillow in front of it and wait for Mike.

Coming into the apartment, he would usually check his mail and his messages as he changed into his evening clothes. After having some of his tea, he would walk up to a still kneeling Marcia, and without a word whip his cock out, waving it in her face.

Marcia opened her lips and his cock slid through and into her mouth. She gagged as he pushed his cockhead too deep, closing her lips tightly and sucking on it, working her tongue against the head in an attempt to satisfy him so he wouldn't choke her. "That's it. Suck that cock, baby. Suck it good," he sneered. She sucked as hard as she could but he wasn't satisfied. He held her hair as he pumped his cock into her mouth, sliding his bloated cock shaft back and forth across her straining lips. He pulled it out then and wiped the saliva-coated prick across her face several times, then he slid it back into her mouth again. He gripped her head with both hands, holding her around the ears as he spread his legs and began to pump steadily; using her mouth like it was a cunt. He sneered as he humped into her, using greater and greater force, his cockhead punching against the back of her mouth as she tried desperately to control its cruel plunges.

Then he gave a harsh thrust and his cockhead slipped right down her throat. She choked and gurgled helplessly, in fear and pain as his long thick cockshaft followed the rounded head down her gullet. "Swallow it, whore! You cheap slut. Swallow that cock!" He drove his cock in her to the balls, his pubic bone mashing her nose as his balls hung down against her jaw. He groaned in pleasure at the feel of Marcia's throat swallowing continuously, instinctively trying to draw the thick chunk of meat lodged inside it down into her belly. He drew it back, fighting the sucking power of her throat, then thrust forward, pumping his cock inside her throat tube. He ignored her strangled choking moans as he fucked his cock in her throat, holding her tight by the ears.

Her vision began to blur from lack of air as his thick bloated fuck tool blocked her windpipe. Finally he pulled it back into her mouth, then out, letting her gulp in air as he wiped his cock against her face again. He snickered then thrust it back into her mouth and straight down her throat. "Yeahh! Yeahhh! Your mouth and throat were built to swallow cock you stinking cheap slut!" He held her head tightly and began to really fuck into her, his cock pounding up and down her throat, sawing over her tongue as he humped into her.

His balls slapped against her jaw and chin as he fucked her mouth and throat with cruel relish, driving his cockhead almost down into her chest with his forceful strokes. He pulled back suddenly, his cockhead popping out of her throat tube like a cork coming out of a bottle, and held his cock in front of her. Then a thick wad of cum spit out and hit her in the face. Another followed and another and another as cock juice spit against her cheeks and forehead and mouth and nose. He used his cock to smear the cum juice across her face as he held her tightly by the hair, then he pulled back with a laugh, as the cum poured over her face. He said that since she was now such a slut he would rent her out for gangbangs when he needed some extra cash.

Almost every weekend was the same, all of Mike's friends, all of whom used to be her friends as well would come over to hang out, drink beer, and watch movies. And of course, gangbang her. They all loved how Mike had turned her into such a whore, A big assed party favor whose holes were open for anybody who needed to drop a load. Mike would force her to her hands and knees squeezing her tits and telling her to crawl around and blow every guy there. She listened to their rude comments... "Fuck, look at that sweet pussy!" "Hey Mike, can I fuck that big fat ass of hers till she passes out" "I can't wait to shoot my cum in that fucking Jew whore!"

Marcia would cry a little as she approached the first guy. Mike yelled out "skull fuck the two bit whore!" as he would shove his cock into her pouty lipped mouth and start fucking her face. She would gag but he would just shove more of his dick into her throat. Marcia's eyes bulged as the cock pushed its way down deep into her throat, red lipstick smearing down it length. He pulled her hair back further to watch her throat expand as the cock implanted its self and began to fuck her slutty mouth. "Give it to her really hard!" "She's such a whore!" "Boy can she suck dick, I've never had a woman suck it so good, you'd think the tramp was born with a cock in her mouth!" "Suck him good bitch!" "Here it comes, slut! Suck it deep!" With a grunt, he held Marcia's head still and shot his wad into her gulping mouth. "Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... that's it, all the way down your fucking throat, you stupid cunt!"

She gasped and gurgled as she struggled to swallow the full load of cum, only to have the satisfied man pull his cock out and another ex-friend eagerly slide his cock between her puffy lips. "Swallow it you Jew whore!" He yelled as he grunted and came. Copious amounts of sperm shot down her throat as she gagged. Long strings of cum dribbled down her chin and onto her tits. All her old friends would laugh at her as she crawled on to the next guy, and the next, and the next. Everyone was so horny at the thought of choke fucking Mike's girlfriend and their ex-friend that no one guy lasted very long. One after another they each slapped their cocks on her face, nose, and lips smearing the thick coats of lipstick that Mark kept re-applying. In about 40 minutes she had swallowed 12 loads of her old friends cum and her face was covered with the sticky residue of what she hadn't been able to swallow.

"Who wants to be the first to fuck her slutty ass tonight?" Mike would ask, picking one of the guys at random. "Take it, you assfuckin' whore," one of her friends bellowed, as he slammed up her tiny anal orifice. Before she really knew what was happening, she would have a huge cock plunging into her tiny pink puckered asshole. Shoving it in hard, she would scream out in agony. "Hey Brian, shove your dick in the bitch's mouth to keep her quiet!" The others would merely laugh at her as they gathered around and watched her tiny asshole open up for a huge cock. He would fuck her furiously and cum quickly in her ass, lubricating it for the next guy. "I can't believe you are such a fucking slut Marcia and I didn't get a piece of ass from you before!"

As Marcia continued to get her ass brutally fucked, the others are screaming in approval as they witness their friend's little whore get mercilessly fucked up the ass. "Come on Marcia...me too!" some of the others would stand around jerking their dicks in her face. As the first few guys began to cover her face with cum, the guy in her ass would pull out just before he came. "Come on Marcia, open up, I want to fill your fuckin' Jew mouth with my cum!" He would run up to her face and ram his thick, huge cock down her tight throat for a bit, and shoot load after load of sperm into her gagging face. Her face was covered in sperm. There was a line of sperm leading from her hairline, down across her left eyebrow, over the eyelid, and down across her cheek. It was thick and ropy. Another jet had landed between her eyes, dripping slowly off one side of the bridge of her nose like white syrup. Two lines criss-crossed her other eye, trailing down onto her right cheek. Small droplets festoo er forehead and lips. It hung in gooey ropes from her lips and mouth, dripping down onto her tits.

John, a friend that she thought was the most gentle person in the world, crawled naked behind her. He reached forward and grabbed her arms, pulling them back behind her, dropping her onto her face and shoulders on the rug. He pulled her wrists together behind her, then forced them up high, until she screamed in agony. "You love it, don't you, cunt?" he sneered, forcing her wrists right up behind her neck, mashing her face into the rug as he spread her legs wider with his free hand. He took his cock, which was thick and hard as steel, and slid it effortlessly into her cunt. He fucked her hard and savagely for a long minute, then pulled out and shoved it up her ass. She burst into tears, utterly mortified by having her old friends gang fuck her so violently, calling her a Jew whore, a cumslut, a gutter tramp. She again had a big fat dripping wet cock in her asshole. He buried it inside her, then fucked hard and fast, his hips smacking and slapping against her buttocks. "I been wan to do this to for years Marcia," he sneered. "Give you a good hard cock up your fat ass, you fuckin' whore."

He let go of her wrists and they fell limply apart as she moaned in relief. Her arms twitched and jerked as they slowly pulled away from her back and fell onto the rug on either side of her. He fucked his big bone into her with renewed energy, both hands on her hips as he jerked her back to meet his savage thrust. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah," he grunted. "I'm fucking you're ass, slut!" He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up and back against him as she cried out in pain. He slid his arms underneath her armpits and brought his hands up and back behind her head, jerking her back hard against him. His cock rammed up into her asshole, his balls mashing against the underside of her buttocks. He held her there, then bent her back as he ground his loins against her ass, twisting his cock inside her anus. He pulled back even harder, bowing her back to the point of breaking as he pumped his boner inside her rectal tunnel. His hard thrusts actually lifted her off her knees, his stabbing straight up into her and making her jerk upwards. He sneered and laughed, ignoring her whimpering please for relief, then he suddenly pulled his arms away, letting her fall back onto the rug. He gripped her hips tightly as he pistoned his fuck-pole up down into her anus with furious energy, his hips bruising her soft ass meat as he skewered the sobbing woman.

He groaned in relief as a thick wad of cum spewed out of his cock tip and pumped into her belly. Wad after wad sprayed her asshole until he had emptied himself inside her. "Ahhhhhhhh," he sighed, easing his pumping, leaving his cock buried inside her as he leaned forward, his hands pressing down on her shoulders. "That was good, slut," he sighed. "Bet you liked that, huh, on your knees gettin' a good hard one up the ass, that's just what you needed. Maybe Mike will let me do this every night, whore."

"Sure," Mike said, "gimmie twenty bucks a week, and the slut's hole is yours."

He heard her best friend Dennis say, "Open up slut, I want to pump a load down your fuckin' throat!" As she obediently opened her mouth, she felt Dennis push the head of his cock into her mouth as he knelt down into her upturned face. He gave one quick lunge and pushed his cock deep into Marcia's throat. She arched her back as she felt his cock bottom out in her throat, trying to align her throat with his cock. She felt him pull back and slam in against her face, he was pushing his entire length down her throat with quick hard lunges.

"Yeah, take it! Choke on my cock, you Jewish slut!"

"Take it down your throat, you nasty little cum bucket!" The drool welled up from her mouth and began to flow around her friends dick. He was forcing himself down her throat, the base of his penis was ramming against her full lips, After five minutes of vicious throat raping, he rocked deep into her throat and began to erupt. She coughed around his cock as her mouth filled with cum. He quickly pulled his cock from her mouth as she swallowed the load that he had left there. He continued to shoot his cum onto her face, and felt his warm sperm wash over her nose and lips. She heard him moan "Ohhh shit!" as he fired another rope of sperm over her eyes and forehead. Panting, he smacked and rubbed his still stiff cock over her face and was quickly replaced by another. "Fuck her mouth!" another said as her old friend began to drive his hips, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, his balls whacking against her chin. Marcia was gurgling at the effort of deep-throating another cock. Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock in his fist. Come jetted out from its head in spurts and landed in her awaiting mouth. The man then pushed his still-spurting cock back into her mouth, forcing her to take it all down , as his cock convulsed and sprayed its last against the back of her throat. Finally he was spent.

Marcia looked up, cum was dripping down her chin and onto her tits. "This slut loves cum", Mike told them, "Well then, suck some more, bitch", another man said as he took his huge, swollen cock and began to rub it. Marcia crawled over to him and started to suck it, taking it into her mouth. The man groaned in pleasure as he watched her submissively take his cock. Others began to move in. One grabbed her head and began to force her again into deep-throating the man's cock. He was much bigger than the other man, making her gag as it was forced down her throat. As she tried to pull away, a man behind her slapped her ass hard with his hand. "Take it you slut", the man who slapped her said tersely.

The man then pushed his cock back into her mouth harder this time, pulling her head down over it. Her lips were tightly splayed around the huge cock but finally she took it all in. Several others knelt beside her and began to squeeze her tits roughly, pulling at her nipples, and rubbing them briskly.

"Swallow that cock" they began saying. "The slut's enjoying it!" The man said. He pushed his cock into her tight pussy, left over semen making it slide in easily. He began to ride her without mercy, banging against her ass relentlessly, making her groan as she deep-throated the other man. The man getting head then pulled out of her mouth. "Cum all over the slut's face" someone said. "Jack me off in your face Marcia" the man then ordered. Marcia was hesitant but someone gave her ass another hard slap and she reached out to grab it. She began to rub it faster and faster. "Open your mouth slut" the man said and then came; his hot sticky cum splattering over her face and landing in her mouth.

Hands grabbed her hair, forcing her head up so she was staring at a hard cock. She looked at the round little piss hole as he pushed it forward. "Open up slut," he jeered, pushing his cockhead against her lips. She opened her lips and his cock slid through and into her mouth. She gagged as he pushed his cockhead too deep, closing her lips tightly and sucking on it, working her tongue against the head in an attempt to satisfy him so he wouldn't choke her. "That's it. Suck that cock, whore. Suck it good," he sneered.

She sucked as hard as she could but he wasn't satisfied. He held her hair as he pumped his cock in her mouth, sliding his bloated cock shaft back and forth across her straining lips. He pulled it out then and wiped the saliva-coated prick across her face several times, then he slid it back into her mouth again. He gripped her head with both hands, holding her around the ears as he spread his legs and began to pump steadily, using her mouth like it was a cunt. He sneered as he humped into her, using greater and greater force, his cockhead punching against the back of her mouth as she tried desperately to control its cruel plunges. Then he gave a harsh thrust and his cockhead slipped right down her throat. She choked and gurgled helplessly, in fear and pain as his long thick cockshaft followed the rounded head down her gullet. "Swallow it, whore, fucking cheap Jewish bitch. Swallow that cock!" He drove his cock in her to the balls, his pubic bone mashing her nose as his balls hung against her jaw. He groaned in pleasure at the feel of her throat swallowing continuously, instinctively trying to draw the thick chunk of meat lodged inside it down into her belly. He drew it back, fighting the sucking power of her throat, then thrust forward, pumping his cock inside her throat tube. He ignored her strangled choking moans as he fucked his cock in her throat, holding her tight by the ears. Her vision began to blur from lack of air as his thick bloated fuck tool blocked her windpipe. Finally he pulled it back into her mouth, then out, letting her gulp in air as he wiped his cock against her face again. He snickered then thrust it back into her mouth and straight down her throat. "Yeahh! Yeahhh! Your mouth and throat were built to swallow cock you stinking cheap slut!" He held her head tightly and began to really fuck into her, his cock pounding up and down her throat, sawing over her tongue as he humped into her. His balls slapped against her jaw and chin as he fucked h er mouth and throat with cruel relish, driving his cockhead almost down into her chest with his forceful strokes.

He pulled back suddenly, his cockhead popping out of her throat tube like a cork coming out of a bottle, and held his cock in front of her. Then a thick wad of cum spit out and hit her in the face. Another followed and another and another as cock juice spit against her cheeks and forehead and mouth and nose. He used his cock to smear cum juice across her face as he held her tightly by the hair, then he pulled back with a laugh. Marcia sobbed as her friend's cum poured over her face. She submitted to every vile command and would drop to her knees, or bend over when ever someone would ask.

Eventually, all 12 of her ex-friends fucked and re-fucked her ass, slapping and spanking her while they made fun of how much her asshole had spread open calling her a sloppy anal slut, a cheap whore. Cock after cock was thrust into her pussy, forced down her throat, and rammed up her asshole. It went on and on and on, while she knelt there every weekend like a mindless piece of meat, unable to do anything but grunt and swallow cum. Unbeknownst to her, she was soon, to be the star in a gangrape that would make anything before it pale in comparison.

The End