Title: Eating Daddy's Cum with Mom
Author: R Xeen (r_xeen@hotmail.com)




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Celine was a cum slut. But not just any cum slut. She was a world champion cum slut. Celine was 19, she stood 5'6, and weighed 130 pounds, She had plump, but firm 36 D cup breasts, toped with tiny soft pink nipples, a narrow waist, and 34 inch hips. She had long strawberry blond hair that reach to the middle of her back and bright blue eyes, but the most striking feature of Celine's body was her cunt lips. They were long and fat, and hung down between her legs a good two inches. Celine had shaved her pussy to better show off her petty pink cunt, because she loved to show it off.

When Celine turned 18 she started to do porn movies. At first they were just the suck and fuck type with some lesbian scenes thrown in for good measure. But Celine's talent was being wasted on these films. She wanted to star in the really hard-core films. The nastier the better.

One afternoon, after finishing a movie, she traveled home to visit with her parents. She hadn't seen them for a few weeks, and she wanted to see how they were doing. Celine was very close to her parents, but she hadn't told them that she was making XXX movies.

Celine called ahead to let her mom and dad know she was coming. When she arrived all looked normal, she came into the house and found her mom and dad sitting on the couch waiting for her.

"Hi mom, dad," she said happily.

Celine's mom, Becky stood up. "Should I tell her or do you want to?"

Celine's dad stood. "No, you go ahead."

Becky cleared her throat. "Celine, we know you're doing adult movies."

Celine froze. She glanced from her mom's eyes, to her dad's.

Becky continued. "And we have to say, you have the hottest body we have ever seem in any adult film."

Celine's eyes widened.

Celine's dad, Jim spoke. "I must admit honey, when we first seem you on that XXX video we were shocked, but... fuck did I ever blow my load watching it."

Becky laughed. "Your dad almost choked me, he pumped so much cum into my mouth. It's nice to see your a swallower too honey. We just hate movies where the girl spits the cum back up out of her mouth. Such a waste."

"Yes, we've seen every movie you've made now, and you've become quit the cum slut, haven't' you?" Jim said.

"All my movies?" Celine said. "When did you find out I was doing this?"

"Just under two weeks ago," Becky said. She came over to her daughter, brushed some of her blond hair away from her face. "We hope you don't mind that we have been making love while we watch your films."

Celine blink a few times. "No not at all. That's why I make them... but normally it's just for guys to get off too."

"Well dear," Becky said, "You dad really gets off on them... and so do I."

"Really mom?"

"Really honey."

Celine looked into her mother's eyes. Becky was a mirror image of herself, just older. Becky was 35, and her dad Jim 36. They both were in great shape, fit and trim. Celine smiled at her mother, glad they weren't mad at her for the career she chose. Then it hit Celine. Did her mom and dad say they had seen all her films? Celine mouth went dry.

Becky said. "Do you want to know what our favorite film of yours is?"

Celine weakly nodded.

"It's the Forbidden Fantasies Made Real video. Where you look into the camera and tell your deepest, darkest secrets and then act out the fantasy."

Celine wanted to speak, but she found she couldn't, her throat frozen.

"Oh, honey hearing you say that you wanted to eat out my cunt after your dad had cum in me... and then seeing you lick into the woman's pussy pretending to be me, watching you eat all that cum from between her legs... God what would I give to have you do that to me."

Celine's jaw dropped. "Really... really mom, you would want that, you would let me..."

Becky hugged her daughter then gave her a big kiss on the lips. "Yes honey, I would love that." Then Becky paused. "But if you just said that on the tape to act out a hot sex scene and didn't mean what you said, I... we understand, don't we Jim."

"Yes Celine, if it's just a fantasy..."

"No dad," Celine interrupted. "It's not. I would love to make love to you both. You have no idea how many wet dreams I've had... how many orgasms I've gotten imagining you both having sex with me... even if it's incest."

"There's nothing wrong with incest honey," Becky said. "If everyone agrees and wants to do it... and I'm now sure we all do."

Jim watched as mother and daughter french kissed. Jim had watched Becky make love to another woman before, but seeing her kissing their child was an incredible sight. His cock pushed into the lining of his jeans and he had to spring it free. Becky and Celine kissed deeply and slowly began to fondle each others breasts. Jim pulled his pants and shorts off, his 9 inch cock springing free at last.

Celine glanced over at her dad, his massive cock in his hand. "Oh, God, mom! Dad's penis... it's so big!"

Becky smiled. "I know dear, it's a thing of beauty."

Celine said. "I'd get wet just seeing that... but kissing you mom, you've already done that to me."

"And me too sweet heart."

"Come on," Jim said. "This thing is going to explode on it's own if you two don't watch it."

"Then quit playing with it," Becky said with a laugh, as Jim pumped his pecker.

"I'll take care of that for you dad," Celine said as she dropped to the floor in front of him. Skillfully she took hold of his manhood. She paused to admire it, it's size, the feel of the head, his foreskin pulled back tightly. Jim's balls were shaved, just like the man she blew in the movies, she smiled up at him, slowly opened her mouth, blew a stream of air over the head of his pulsating cock, then flick the tip of her tongue across his piss hole. She squeezed his shaft, and worked her hand up to his fat purple head. A droplet of precum dripping from his cock, and Celine licked it off.

"Mmmmm," she said moaning loudly. "That tastes good."

Becky knelt beside her daughter. "Oh honey, your dad's cum really is great tasting. I can't wait for you to find out."

Celine smiled at her mother, then up at her dad. "I don't think I'm going to have to wait long."

She then placed her dad's cock in her mouth and began to glide her tongue over the head and down the shaft. Her lips pressed tightly to his shaft and she started moving her head back and forth on him, fucking his cock with her mouth.

Jim looked down at his daughter as she sucked him off. Becky started to undo Celine's blouse, she pushed it off her shoulders, then undid her bra. Celine's big tits' sprang free. Becky started caressing her daughter's tit's, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Then she took one into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Jim cried out. "Ohhhh I'm going to cum soon!"

Becky sat back up. "Oh good, I want to watch."

Celine pulled her dad's cock from her mouth. "Do you want to cum all over my face daddy? Like in my movies?"

"Ohhhhh...." Was all Jim could say as long white ropes of cum gushed from his cock head and splashed over his daughter's face. Celine opened her mouth wide and let her dad's second blast discharged squarely into her mouth, splashing across her tongue and the back of her throat.

Celine mother cried out too. "Yes honey milk your daddy's big cock. Let him give you a facial, he loves doing that."

Celine held her mouth open, but Jim's jerking cock wildly sprayed all over his daughter's face. Several creamy ropes of cum landed on Celine's forehead and nose, it draped across her cheeks and chin. Celine watched each load erupt from her father's cock, then when she felt he had given her a good soaking down, she plunged his penis back into her mouth and sucked the last of his cock juice out of his fuck pole and down her throat.

Becky leaned into her daughter, hugging her as she sucked on her daddy's cock. She kissed her cheek, and licked up so of the milk cum that coated her right cheek. Celine let Jim's cock go and turned to face her mother.

"Will you lick up daddy's cum from my face and kiss it into my mouth mommy?"

Becky moaned. "God yes honey."

As Becky lick the cum from Celine's face, Celine began to undo her mother's blouse. She worked her big tit's free, then mashed her tit's into her mother's. Becky lapped up the creamy, gooey cum from Celine's chin, and spit it into her mouth. Jim looked on as Becky sucked up and thick white gobs of sperm from his daughter's face. Thin strings of which spanned both their faces now, with Becky's cheeks and chin and her lips equally coated in his cum. Now Celine was helping to lick the cum off her mother's face. Jim's cock got hard again as mother and daughter spent several more minutes licking up all the gooey strands of cum and kissing deeply.

Once their faces had been licked clean, Celine said. "Well daddy, I've sucked off a lot of cocks, and I can tell you, your cum tastes the absolute best."

"Thank you honey."

Celine then stood up, kissed her mother deeply again and said. "Now, mom, how about you and I get into some juicy cunt eating. My pussy is on fire. You do like girl-girl sex right?"

Becky cupped her daughter's face. "Oh honey, yes, yes."

Jim followed behind his wife and daughter as they striped off their slacks and wet panties. Once in the bedroom, Celine laid down in the center of the bed and spread her legs wide. Both Becky and Jim gasped. They had seen their daughter's cunt spread wide in the video's, even seen it up close as a cock, or toy, or tongue fucked it. But now, seeing her spread wide in front of them, seeing her cunt juices dripping out it was so much better. She reached down and grabbed the sides of her long, fat lips and pulled them wide, opening up her fuck hole. Droplets of watery cunt juices streamed out of her entrance.

"Oh honey your so wet!" Becky said.

"Eat me out mommy, eat your daughter's fuck hole."

Becky said, "Oh yes honey, be nasty, say nasty things to me." She then jumped onto the bed and began to suck at Celine's outer lips. She quickly plunged her tongue inside her and sucked away at her pink inner walls, drinking up her cunt juices.

"Mommy, I want to eat you too, move into a sixty-nine with me."

Becky quickly did as her daughter asked. Jim watched as mother and daughter began to give each other's hairless pussy's a tongue bath.

Celine said. "Mmmm, mommy you taste so good, and I love that your cunt is shaved too."

Becky said, "I shaved because I love the look of your shaved pussy dear, and as for my cunt tasting so good, that's because your daddy cums in there so often."

"Mmmm," Celine moaned. "Daddy, will you fuck mommy and cum in her cunt for me so I can have my forbidden fantasy and eat your cum out of her hole?"

Jim jumped onto the bed and moved in behind his wife. Celine grabbed her dad's cock and helped to push it into her mother's fuck hole. Jim began to ram his cock into Becky's pussy. Celine flicked her tongue over her mother's clit, which brought Becky to orgasm. Becky pressed her face deeply into Celine's long, fat pink folds, her fleshy cunt meat spreading out over her face. Celine rocked her hips, and fucked her mother's face while she felt her tongue pressing deeply into her cunt.

"Come on daddy, cum in mommy's cunt for me," she said. "Flood mommy's cunt with that tasty sperm. Fill her up and watch me eat it out of her. Then you can get good and hard again and I'll let you fuck me. Do you want to fuck your daughter's daddy? Do you want to shoot your cock cum deep into my cunt? Maybe mommy will eat your cum out of my cunt after you have cum in me. Do you want to see that daddy?"

Jim began to moan and grunt. He was close to cumming again.

"Do you want to fuck me daddy? Tell me do you?"

"Ohhh yes honey I do."

"How much daddy, how much do you want to fuck me?"

"Ohhhhhh," Jim cried out as she flooded Becky's fuck hole.

"Yes daddy, fill mommy's cunt up with your sperm, empty these balls into her."

Jim did just that, squirting everything he had into Becky's cunt. When his cock dropped out of her, Celine quickly took it into her mouth and sucked it clean, licking off all the cream. Then Celine pressed her mouth tightly to her mother's baby exit and drank the creamy mixture of her daddy's cum and her mother's juices.

Celine and Becky ate each other out for the next 30 minutes. For the first 20 minutes, Celine face stayed glued to her mother's fuck hole. When she finally moved away, she opened her mouth to show her father that she had not only sucked all his cum out of her mother's cunt, but she still held onto the creamy mixture. She then started to blow little bubbles with it.

Becky feasted on her daughter's creamy cunt, bring Celine to orgasm. Her cunt gushed and soaked her mother's tongue that was so deep inside her. Becky lapped up all of her daughter's discharge, then moved off her.

Jim said. "Look at this honey, Celine still has all the cum she sucked out of you in her mouth."

Becky laid down beside Celine and looked into her mouth. Celine's tongue and teeth were coated in the gooey mixture of sperm and cunt juices and spit. Celine then pointed to Jim and then to her cunt. She mumbled, `fuck me'.

Jim quickly moved between his daughter's still spread legs. His cock hard again and ready for action. Celine grabbed the back of her mother's head and pulled her to her mouth. Becky dipped her tongue into the pool of creamy cunt flavored cum that her daughter so skillfully held onto, both their tongues now swimming in the gooey mess that pooled at the back of Celine's throat.

Jim paused as he looked at his daughter's engorged cunt lips. His big cock head rested against her tight, wet hole. Slowly he pushed forward and his daughter's creamy cunt ate up his cock, sucking it in like a hungry mouth. Jim felt the hot, wet walls of Celine's cunt grabbing his cock and pulling it deeper.

"Oh my God, I'm fucking my little girl!" Jim moaned.

Celine and her mother swapped the sperm back and forth between them as Jim fucked her. Celine smiled up at her mother and over at her father, showing them one last time all the cum cream she held in her mouth, then she swallowed it all down.

"Mmmmm, shame on you mom for keeping all of daddy's cum to yourself all these years."

Becky smiled and then kissed Celine. "Don't worry dear, now you can have as much of your dad's cum as you want."

Celine smiled wickedly back at her mother. "Promise?"

"Yes honey, and I don't think you will get an argument from your dad."

Jim just smiled at them both as his cock rocked his daughter's body.

"Look at him mom, he's just happy to be fucking me."

"You got that right baby."

"So cum in me dad. Flood my cunt with your cum. Fill me up."

"Oh yes baby I will."

Celine kissed her mother again. "Well you suck all of daddy's cum out of my cunt when he cums in me mommy and share it with me in a cummy kiss?"

"You know I will sweet heart."

These words got Jim off, his cock exploded and he began to pump load after, thick, cream load of sperm into his daughter's wet cunt hole."

Celine kissed her mother again as her father slowed down his strokes. She squeezed her inner muscles, gripping his cock shaft and milking his penis for the last of his cum. They could all hear the sucking wet sounds her cunt made as she gripped his massive cock.

Celine smiled at her father. "Thank you daddy."

"Ohhhh you are so welcome baby." Jim said as he pulled his semi ridged cock from her hot, sticky wet hole.

Becky happily moved between Celine's legs. She didn't start licking at her fuck hole at first, instead, she sucked on her daughter's clit, bring her to a powerful and quick orgasm. Then as Celine came down from her climax, she began to slurp and suck Jim's creamy load out of her. Once it was all in her mouth, she lapped up Celine slit and over her clit one last time before moving up to her mouth.

Celine opened her mouth wide and Becky slobbered and drooled the cum onto her out stretched tongue. Celine drank all of the creamy mixture, then spend half an hour kissing and caressing her mother's tit's and ass and pussy.

Jim sat back, spent, and watched the two woman as they made love.


That weekend, Celine ate some or all over every load of sperm her father's balls could produce. She sucked it out of his cock, licked it off her mother's face or out of her cunt or had what was spit into her mouth after Becky had sucked the juice from out of her own cunt.

The morning she had to leave, Celine was on her hands and knees, her father rocking her cunt with his big cock from behind as she licked and sucked on her mother's fuck hole. Celine loved to lick her mother, marveling that she was getting to view and taste and smell the place she had slipped out of 19 years before.

Celine looked up at Becky. "Mom, you know when you promised I could have as much of dad's cum as I wanted?"

"Yes dear?"

"Well, I have to be on the set of my next video this afternoon and I will be away until next weekend. And well, I was thinking, would you or dad object to keeping all this cum, maybe put it in a bottle in the ice box for me."

"Ohh fuck..." Jim said at hearing his cum slut daughter asking the question.

Becky smiled at Celine. "We would love to keep it all for you honey. What do you plan to do with it?"

Celine winked at her mother. "You will just have to wait and see, but I'm guessing you know exactly what I'll do with it." She then licked her lips.

Jim screamed out and sprayed the inner walls on his daughter's cunt with his cock juice. She again skillfully milked his big cock, pulling all the sperm out of his shaft until she knew her cervix was swimming in the gooey white sperm.

When Jim's cock dropped out of her pussy, Celine turned around and took it in her mouth and sucked his head and shaft clean.

Becky said, "Do you want me to suck your daddy's sperm out of your cunt and spit it in your mouth honey?"

"No mom, I was planing to keep this load in my vagina for the trip to the video shoot, you know, so I would have something to snack on during the trip."

Becky kissed her daughter's mouth, tasted her own pussy juices and a hint of Jim cum on her lips. "That's a wonderful idea honey."

Celine said, "And you two will fuck lots and keep all that cum for me?"

Jim smiled. "Ohh baby after this weekend, I have so many memories and images in my head, nothing could stop me from fucking your mother ten times a day!"

"Good," Celine said, "But I don't expect daddy to cum that many times, but if you can manage 5 cums a day, that will be 25 loads for me to play with and eat and be nasty with...Mmmmm. and as for the memories, I'll bring a video camera next week so we can make our own movies."

"Great!" Both Becky and Jim said.

Celine reluctantly left a half hour after Jim last came in her. She finger fucked herself and licked the cunt juices and sperm off her fingers as she drove to her next video project. She wished she could have just stayed at home and enjoyed all another day of fucking her father and eating out her mother. But she knew she had some hot sex coming up this week and that would get her by. But nothing had been as hot as fucking her mom and dad, nothing.

That week, Jim and Becky fucked like rabbit's. Becky had set the alarm clock for 5 am, and as soon as it went off, Jim was in Becky's hot, wet cunt, giving her a pounding. Becky described what it was like for her to eat her daughter's cunt and to suck Jim's sperm out of it. This of course this had Jim cumming in minutes.

As soon as Jim shot his load in Becky's pussy, Becky would stand up and let the creamy, white liquid drain into a wine glass that she held under her fuck hole. Jim helped out, by holding Becky's cunt lips open, so that more of his sperm would drip out of her. Becky finished off by finger fucking herself and wiping the residue off her finger and into the wine glass. Most of what was discharged this way was Jim's sperm, but many times Becky came during the fuck sessions and the milky fluid was also made up of her cunt cum.

Becky loved the idea that their daughter wanted this mixture of love, and was excite thinking about how she was going to drink it. She knew Celine was a cum slut and would certainly have some nasty idea of what to do with it.

Becky also gave Jim several blow jobs, milking his cum into her mouth, then spitting it into a wine glass. As the week progressed, Jim was able to cum 6 or 7 times sometimes more a day. They fucked most of the day, and late into the night. Becky had her own nasty ideas about how Celine would use the cum they collected, so she used four wine glasses. One she used when collecting the cum Jim sprayed into her cunt. This wine glass was almost full now. The spermy mixture in that glass, because it was mixed with her own cunt juices, was a watery paste, semi clear colored cream.

The cum she collected from Jim's blow jobs was much thicker, and much more milky in color. The third glass, was from any cum Jim had sprayed on Becky's face or tits, when he tit fucked her. This cum was very rich and sticky, very gooey and it too was a milky colored, but much thicker, not having any saliva in it. The last glass held the cum that Jim had shot into Becky's ass, when they had anal sex. This cum was honey colored.

Each glass was labeled as to how it was collected. Cunt, Mouth, Body/face, and Ass. Becky was sure Celine would love this surprise.

By ten o'clock Friday morning, Jim had cum in or on Becky 36 times. They were in the bedroom and Jim was deeply fucking Becky again, his cock ramming into her cervix as he worked on shooting load number 37 into her hot, wet cunt. As he fucked her the phone rang. Becky reach over and grabbed it.


"Hi mom, whatcha doing?"

"Ohhh, hi dear, well I'm getting a good deep fucking from your father right now."

"Mmm, good. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. How is the collecting going?"

"Very good dear, you will be surprised."

"I can't wait. But mom, I want you to do something for me."

"I'll do anything for you dear."

"After dad cums in you, I want you to keep that sperm in your hot, wet cunt, and I want dad to add to it, I was thinking you can use a kitchen funnel and have dad jerk off into it. I'm so wet right now thinking about eating your cunt mom, and I really want it swimming with dad's sperm and your cunt juices. So masturbate lots too mom, fill your fuck hole up with cunt flavored cock cream for me."

Becky moaned loudly at hearing her daughter's nasty talk.

"Hand the phone to dad."

Jim eagerly took the phone. "Hi honey."

"Are you fucking mom nice a deep dad?"

"I sure am honey."

"Good, now listen carefully, I'm going to help get you off. Are you looking at mom's pussy? Look at her pussy, see you cock going in and out of her wet fuck hole? How image that cunt is mine, image you cock deep inside my tight little fuck hole. Does it feel good daddy?"

"Ohhh, yes dear," Jim moaned.

"Can you image that I'm 13 daddy, can you image fucking your little girl when I was that young? Or younger. Image how big you cock would look in me then. Can you image that daddy? Your big, stiff cock in my tight little cunt... or how about if I was 9? Can you see your big hard cock sliding up inside my preteen cunt. My hairless preteen cunt. Can you image seeing my hairless cunt daddy? Image it before I started to shave it... and can you image seeing my little pink lips stretched so wide to take you big, hard cock?"

Jim screamed out and dropped the phone as he exploded inside Becky. His big cock squirting a massive load of sperm deep inside her body.

Becky picked up and phone, "Ohh honey I don't know what you said, but your daddy is cumming buckets inside me right now."

"Good, mommy, now start rubbing your clit, I want to be tasting lots and lots of your cunt juices when I eat daddy's sperm out of your hot fuck hole tonight."

Becky rubbed her clit and brought herself to orgasm as Celine told her a nasty story. She said she would be arriving home around 8 pm, and Becky promised to get Jim off 4 or 5 more times. As for herself, she said she was sure to climax at least 10 or 12 more times, making for a lot of liquid to be sucked out of her. Celine was delighted at the thought and told them she had a big surprise for them too.

Becky and Jim followed their daughter's advice, they got a kitchen funnel and Jim worked hard the rest of the afternoon jacking off into it. They had recorded the phone conversation with Celine, and played it back over and over again, the voice of Celine and her nasty stories to them, getting them off again and again. Jim came 7 times into Becky's cunt and Becky orgasmed 15 times herself.

Becky had placed pillows under her ass and stayed centered in the middle of the bed, her legs spread wide. Jim had placed the funnel in her only when he was jacking off. Every drop of fluid that came from his cock, or that she added when she orgasmed stayed inside her. Twice Becky had to pee, but Jim didn't want her to get up, so he held a blow close to her urethra and Becky pissed up into the air and let her pee splash into the blow.

It was 7:45 when Celine pulled up outside her parents house. She ran to the door and to the master bedroom carrying a brown bag. A big smile crossed Celine's face. She paused to drink in the sight. Her mother was spread eagle in the center of the bed, nude, her big tits spread out on her chest, her big brown nipples hard. Her ass was propped up by two pillows, her hairless cunt looking swollen and wet. Jim was sitting beside her, nude as well, his cock swelling at seeing his daughter.

Celine was wearing a black halter top and black mini skirt. She flashed them her bald pussy, then peeled off the halter top to expose her shapely tits and her tiny, pink, but very hard nipple. She pulled her mini skirt down off her shapely hips and turned and wiggled her ass at her dad.

Celine opened the brown bag she had brought and pulled out a video camera. She set it on the night table and focused it between her mother's legs, then she crawled onto the bed with the bag and laid between her mother's legs, her face directly over her pussy. "Come down her daddy, I have need of your services."

Jim quickly moved to join Celine between Becky's out stretched legs. Celine opened the bag, and took out three items. The first was a clear plastic spoon, the next a clear plastic straw, and the last item was a clear plastic speculum.

Celine held the speculum up, "Do you know what this is dad?"

Jim nodded, "I think so."

Celine pulled on the handle, the duck like bill of the speculum open and closed. "It's used to look into a woman's vagina, with it inserted, you'll get a nice clear view of mommy's cervix. Do you want to see her cervix daddy?"

"I sure do!"

"What about you mommy? Can I open up your sweet cunt and look at your cervix?"

Becky moaned. "Oh yes honey, please do."

Celine lowered her nose to her mother's vagina first and sniffed. She drew several deep breathes, then said. "Oh mommy, your cunt smells so good, like a used condom."

Celine paced the bill part of the speculum into her mouth to get it wet, then using her left hand parted her mother's inner cunt lips. She slowly inserted the beak of the speculum and once it was all the way inside, a good 3 inches, she pulled the handle back and locked it in place. The mouth of Becky's vagina was stretched open over 2 inches wide. Jim peered over Celine's shoulder, he was now looking directly into his wife's cunt.

"Ohh fuck!" Jim said. "Becky your cunt is full of liquid."

Celine smiled up at her mother. "You two did a great job, just look at all that cock and cunt juice? But mom, I can't see your cervix, there's all this gooey, milky cream in the way. Daddy will you help me to see mommy's cervix?"

"God yes honey, what do you want me to do?"

Celine turned onto her side slightly, twisting her hips so her hairless pussy faced her father's hard cock. "Well first daddy you can get that big fuck pole in me."

Jim wasted no time in doing just that, pushing his hard cock deep into his daughter's tight cunt. She draped one leg over his ass, and scooted up close to him so she could take all of his penis.

Celine looked up at her mother, "Mommy, daddy is fucking your little girl, what do you think of that?"

Becky smiled down at her daughter. "Ohh baby, make your daddy cum in you."

Celine smiled back. "Don't worry mommy, he will. Now daddy, it's time for you to help me see mommy's cervix." She handed him the spoon. "Well you feed me daddy?"

Jim grabbed the spoon and dipped it into Becky's speculum stretched cunt. He scooped up a spoon full of the runny cunt flavored sperm. Celine opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue out at him. Jim directed the spoon into her open mouth and poured the creamy mixture onto her tongue. Celine smiled at her father, then looked up at her mother, who was watching intently. Celine closed her mouth and swallowed the milky mix.

"Mmmm, mommy that taste so good, do you want a taste?"

"Ohh, yes honey."

"Daddy, would you feed me another spoon full please?"

Jim eagerly dipped the spoon into Becky's cunt. Again he scooped up the runny cream and feed it to his daughter. Celine, then pulled herself off her father's hard cock, and crawled up to her mother's face. Becky opened her mouth wide and Celine let the cum drip from her tongue onto Becky's. Gooey strands of cum spanned their tongue's, and Becky had to lean up and deeply french kissed Celine in order to get all of it.

Celine moved back down between her mother's legs again and quickly impaled herself back on her dad's ridged cock. He slowly started to fuck her as Celine opened her mouth to receive yet another mouth full of cunt flavored sperm. As Jim dipped the spoon into the creamy mix he realized that it was getting thicker, the first few spoons of it were runny, but now it was much thicker.

"Mmmmm, mommy, daddy's cum is getting thicker and I can taste even more of your cunt juices in it."

Becky moaned loudly as she watched her daughter eat another spoon full of the cream liquid. Jim spoon feed several more loads into Celine's mouth before she stopped him.

"Look daddy, we can almost see mommy's cervix now." She picked up the straw. "I'll drink the rest of your cum out of her with this."

Jim watched as Celine pushed the straw into Becky's cunt. The surface of Becky's cervix was coated in a gooey cream, which she began to noisily suck off. The slurping sounds were so loud and such a turn on, that Jim lost it and began to pump load after cream load into his daughter's pussy.

Celine paused. "Mommy daddy's cumming in me!"

Becky moaned loudly and she began to cum, her orgasm causing the last of the juice in her wide open cunt to gush out of her and spay all over Celine's face. Seeing her mother's cunt squirting caused Celine to cum, her cunt gripping her father's cock so tightly, that he grunted in a pleasure filled cry of pain, his balls now emptied, her cunt now swimming in his gooey sperm.

Celine went back to sucking on the straw as she came, drinking the last of her mother's orgasm out of her hole. The pink lining of her cunt still wet and dripping with pussy juice, but her cervix now cleaned of sperm.

"Look daddy, you can see mommy's cervix now. You can see the little hole that leads to her womb. I was in there once daddy..." Celine looked up at her mother. "Did you and daddy fuck lots when you were pregnant with me mommy?"

"Yes honey we did."

"Then I bet that's why I love cum so much mommy, daddy was spraying all over me when I was still inside you."

Jim said. "I bet it was because she ate so much of it when she was pregnant honey, your mommy loved to suck cock."

"And swallow," Becky added.

Celine pulled the speculum out of her lick it clean, and then pulled free from her father's cock. She moved onto her back and spread her legs wide, with one hand she parted her inner cunt lips and with the other pushed the speculum into herself.

As she stretched herself open, she handed Becky the straw and said. "Here mom, have a drink from me."

Becky moved between Celine's legs and drank the creamy load Jim had just deposited in her.

Jim smiled as he looked on. He had never done anything this hot before and Celine had only been home an hour. What great kinky things were yet to be played out? His cock jumped at the thought!


Celine and her mother Becky moved into a sixty-nine and ate each other out for the next half hour each reaching a satisfying orgasm on the other's tongue and face. Jim watched moving around from side to side, first watching Celine licking Becky's cunt, then Becky eating Celine.

The rest rejuvenated his cock somewhat, but he had cum a lot that day. Still he was sure he could get it up for still more fucking, even if getting off would be harder to do. Celine thought other wise.

"Now I have a surprise for you two." Celine got up and grabbed the brown bag. She pulled out a video tape and placed it in the VCR. She smiled at the video camera, still running and capturing all the hot, kinky action. "So mommy, do you think daddy is going to jack off a lot watching the tape we are making?"

"No honey," Becky said, "Not jacking off. Fucking me or cumming in my mouth as we watch it, but not wasting his cum on his chest without me."

Celine smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear. Now, this tape is of my newest video, that one I just did. I just know you are going to love it."

Celine sat on the bed between her mother and father and pressed play. The TV flashed and Celine face filled the screen. Celine grabbed her father's cock in one hand and ran her fingers into her mother's slit with the other. They in turn each caressed Celine's hairless slit, both taking turns finger fucking her.

"Now mom, dad, this is a different type of movie, it's a facial flick. What your going to see will truly give me the title of cum slut!"

Celine began to talk on the tape. "Hi facial fans, get ready for an extreme treat. I've got 400 guys, that's right four hundred young studs here all waiting to cum on my face. Let get started shall we."

Beck and Jim gasped as they watched Celine step onto a heavy plastic green blanket and kneel down. She pushed her blond hair back, and pushed her chest out, showing off her pretty pink nipples. She was completely nude, and started slowly finger fucking herself, then bring her wet finger's to her mouth.

Three men entered the picture all jacking off. Each vigorously rubbed the shafts of their big cocks. The first guy to cum, a big black man, send a river of thick white sperm gushing all over Celine's left cheek. She casually turned her head and caught his remaining squirts in her mouth. The camera focused in on the thick ropes of cum as they splashed over Celine's tongue and her upper teeth. Her mouth close briefly, and only to swallow.

As soon as the black man had cum, he moved away to be replaced by another young stud. The other two men came at the same time. One blasting this milky load right into Celine's open mouth, the other man, shooting his cock cream over her right cheek and forehead. Two more guys jumped into the picture, their cocks already cumming. Their sperm wildly arcing into the air to land on Celine's face. Celine took three more heavy laden loads of cum in her open mouth before swallowing and opening her mouth to accept more.

Some of the men aimed for her open mouth, others simply came on her face. Celine kept her eyes open even when the sperm splattered into them. Gooey strands dripped off her forehead and eye lids, Even her eyelashes were caked in cum. Thick gobs of gooey white cum built up on her cheeks and chin and slowly oozed off her face to land on her tits.

More then 50 men had cum on her in under 15 minutes. Every inch of her face was coated in a thick veneer of creamy white sperm. Rivers of it now flowed off her face and down her body, coating her tits and her hairless pussy. Celine continued to finger fuck herself, now able to rub the cum that greased her slit into her fuck hole and over her clit.

When 100 men had cum on her, Celine's face was so heavily coated in cum that you could no longer see her eyes. Her hair was dripping in it, now matted down by the weight of the thick liquid. Her eyebrows were no longer visible. She was still trying to catch and eat as much of the cum as she could, but now, she just kept her head facing forward, so if any of the men wanted to cum in her mouth, they had to stand in front of her or aim in that direction.

An hour into the tape over 250 men had jacked off on her. Celine's body was now a shinny white glaze of sperm. Her little pink nipples could only be made out as little bumps, it was like she was wearing a white T-shirt. A pool of cum now filled the area under her cunt where she knelt. Her face had a massive build up of sperm on it. The camera would move in close to show new jets of cum hitting her cheeks or forehead, and then slowly oozing down to drip onto her coated breasts, dozen's of long stringy strands of cum dripped off her cheeks and chin in every direction. All of her hair was coated, as was her back.

Becky and Jim both came watching their daughter become a reservoir of male cum. When Jim ejaculated, Celine quickly got his cock in her mouth so she could drink it. Jim was simply amazed at how much his daughter loved cum. When the tape reached into it's second hour, over 400 men had used her face as a dumping ground for their loads. Celine had eaten more then 100 of these loads. Several inches of cum was now pooled under her, and this she scooped up and rubbing into her long fat cunt lips. Celine had brought herself off five times as the guys lined up again to cum on her once more.

By the time the third hour of the tape had played, Celine had been on the receiving end of more then 800 creamy loads. The men crowed around her now, 8, 10 at a time, all jerking off, sometimes all 10 cumming at the same time. Celine now would let her mouth fill with sperm, massive pools of it, which made it impossible to even see her tongue. When she swallowed these loads you could see her throat bulge as the sperm made it's way into her belly.

Many of the guys tried to cum on Celine a third or fourth time. When the last cock squirted on her, 1169 loads of cum had been deposited on her body. Where she knelt, a pool three feet across and four inches deep had built up. Celine then began to reach into the pool of milky white sperm and scoop it up in her hands and splash it against her face, she scooped it up again and again, letting it pour out of her hands and over her head. She washed the cum into her hair like it was shampoo.

Rivers of cum ran off her face. She caressed her tits with it, rubbing her erect nipples, pulling and pinching them. She scooped up hands full and poured it into her mouth, then swallowed. She scooped it up and rubbed it into her cunt. Then she laid down in the pool and began to roll around in it. She pushed her face into the cream and held it there for a minute blowing bubbles. Then she lay in the milky liquid and with one hand she opened her cunt wide and with the other began to scoop several hands full of the sperm into her cunt.

She then fist fucked her pussy. As her finger and hand disappeared into her, the sperm squirted out around her wrist. Finally Celine looked done. She stood up and asked for a jar. A large five gallon glass jar was given to her, and some of the men helps raise the plastic tarp and drain the cum off it and into the container.

Then jar was quickly filled and a lid placed on it. Celine looked at the camera, her face still heavily coated. She brushed away some of the cum from her eyes, but they still looked milky and her eyelashes were still thickly coated. She then said. "Thanks boys, I'm going to take this jar of cum home with me and eat it there. And trust me guys, I will drink every drop of this cum. I'll have it on my toast, and on my cereal, I'll have it as a soup, I'll eat it all."

Celine then grabbed a pink halter top and pulled it on over her cum stained body. She then pulled on a pair of green shorts. She slipped on her sandals, and with the jar of cum under her arm headed for the door.

Jim and Becky were both stunned. Their daughter was leaving the video shoot completely covered in cum. She wasn't going to get cleaned up. Wasn't going to shower. The camera man followed her to her car. She got in, smiled at the camera man, her face and hair still dripping sperm, the car seat and steering wheel now stained by the cock juice. She waved once more and simply drove away looking like that.

"Ohh honey," Becky said, "That was fantastic!"

"It sure was,' Jim said.

Celine said, "And you know what mom, when I got back to my apartment, I stripped down and got into bed like that and that's how I slept, completely covered in cum. And I didn't even wash the sheets after, they are still coated in that spermy residue. Now, viewing my video has made me thirsty. How about bring me all that cum you and dad made for me?"

"Coming right up!" Becky jumped off the bed and race to the kitchen. She returned with the four glasses of cum. "Sorry it's not as much as you got in your video dear."

Celine said. "Mom, this is better, this is daddy's cum." She kissed her father. "I love daddy's cum more then any other."

Becky set the glasses down beside her daughter. Celine lifted each up and read the label. "Cunt, face and body, mouth, and ass! Ohh mommy you let dad fuck your ass and drained it into a glass for me!"

"Yes honey, I hope it will taste okay."

Celine raised the glass to her mouth and took a sip. "Mmmm, it taste so good. You ass juice makes for a wonderful taste." She then looked at her father. "Dad, will you fuck mom's ass for me now, so I can drink some fresh stuff out of her."

"Anything for you honey, anything!"

Celine smiled at her father. "Anything daddy?'

"Yes honey anything."

Celine kissed him and then said. "Then this weekend I want you to get me pregnant."

Jim's jaw dropped. He looked at her, then at his wife.

Becky smiled. "Well you can get started on that after you've cum in my ass, I want to feel Celine sucking the cum out of me first."

Celine smiled at her mom. "Don't worry mom, we can still share dad's cum. After all it only takes one sperm to get me pregnant. And now that I'm off the pill, I'm only doing lesbian video's until daddy gets the job done."

Jim jumped up and grabbed Becky, turning her around. "Give me that tight ass of yours woman, our child has a need, a need for seed!"

Celine sampled the other glasses of cum her mom and dad had saved for her as she watched Jim fuck her mother's asshole. She was looking forward to being pregnant, to carrying her daddy's baby. She was also looking forward to having both her baby and her mother nursing on her swollen, milk filled tits at the same time, but that would be nine months away.

She moved around so that her cunt was in front of her mother's mouth. Without the need to ask, her mother began to tongue fuck her, licking deeply into her long fleshy folds. It was going to be a very hot and wet weekend, very hot and nasty weekend!

The End