Title: Cheerleader's Rape
Author: Perfect 9 (purfect9@aol.com)




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Caroline walked up to my van as I was pulling out of the parking space after the big game. "Hi" She chirped. "Tough game. Looks like we lost another one."

"Yeah, but I've worked out a strategy for the next game, one that the cheerleaders should know about. Hop in and I'll show you." Came his casual reply. He'd show her all right. He'd show her what happens to little bitches who stand him up and then act as if nothing had happened.

As Caroline walked around to the passenger side, he glanced around the dark parking lot. The van itself obstructed the view from the school entrance, and no one was parked to his to his right.

"I really should be getting home." Caroline mum- bled nervously, but settled into the passenger seat. Karl scanned her smooth thighs from the knee to where they disappeared into her too tight, too short cheer- leader skirt. He could actually see her bush hairs fighting their way from the edge of her bright yellow panties when she leaned waaaayyy out to pull the door shut.

His heart pounded with anticipation.

"What did you want to show me?" Caroline asked.

"Put your seat belt on." Karl said, with a firm- ness in his voice that compelled her to obey.

As soon as the buckle clicked, he snapped the handcuffs around her left wrist, maneuvered behind her and cuffed her right wrist so that her arms were locked tegether behind the seat.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Caroline cried out as he began cranking the seat into a reclining position. "I HAVE TO GO!" she wailed again.

"What I want to show you, bitch, is how nicely my dick fits into every hole in your body." He rendered her even more helpless by tying her legs to the base of the seat. Within one minute after she got into the van, they were cruising out of the rear entrance of the parking lot, and into the night.

"You're gonna rape me?" She said, her soft voice quivering from fear.

"I'm going to fuck you. Whether you call it rape or not is up to you. I know you want me. If you cooperate, then it won't be rape, will it?"

He pulled the van into a secluded area where they wouldn't be bothered, shut off the engine, and knelt over her. He ground his mouth against hers while unbuttoning her cheerleader blouse.

He was delighted to find that her bra released in the front, and he unhooked it and began to passionately to devour her tits and nipples.

She gasped, realizing that her skirt was being pushed down to her bound ankles, followed by her panties.

This was all happening too fast, and she didn't know what to do. His hands were all over her, his fingers sliding into her pussy and then rubbing her juice up to her clit. Suddenly he straddled her and jabbed his hard cock into her mouth as he lowered his mouth to her steaming snatch.

He went right for her throbbing clit, and it felt so fine she knew there was no way to fight it. She relaxed, closing her lips around his cock, and in a few moments she felt her orgasm approaching. Caroline sucked him hard, hoping to bring him off with her as the convulsive waves of ecstasy washed over her.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, however, and sandwiched to her ample bosom as he slid forward to untie her ankles.

He got off her and rolled her off the reclined seat, onto the mattress in back. Leaving the hand- cuffs on he pulled her body toward the back of the van, and when her chained arms cleared the top of the passenger seat, he rolled her onto her stomach.

He slid her blouse and bra down one arm, across the handcuffs, and up the other arm, thereby exposing her naked back. He spread the moons of her buttocks, lowering his head to lap some of the juice from her pussy upward to her dry, tight asshole.

Caroline moaned in pleasure, wondering why her ex- boyfriend had never licked her bottom before.

She was still in a daze as he scooted his body under her helpless arms and onto her smooth back. His thumbs peeled her thighs apart slightly as his throb- bing cock sensed the heat of her sopping wet womanhood and the tip found its way inside her.

One thrust buried it effortlessly to the hilt. She moaned with even more intense pleasure as her vaginal walls yielded to the intruding shaft. But her pleasure was not his goal.

After three or four thrusts, he pulled out all the way and slid up her body that scant two inches or so that make so much difference. His full weight was on her as he gripped her shoulders; his pecker-head now pressed firmly onto the moist pucker of her anal open- ing.

"No. Not there. It won't fit there!" She tried to squirm away in panic, but suddenly with one fluid motion he covered her mouth tightly and rammed forward with all his might. She froze, her eyes bugging out as several inches of his cock-shaft slid into her virginal butt-hole before her tight, dry rectal membranes stop- ped his progress.

A high pitched but muffled scream was drowned out as his palm firmly gripping her lips together.

Tears began to flow freely from her bulging eyes. She had never known such agony. His dick felt HUGE! Why had he rammed it up her tiny little ass?

He pulled back and thrust forward again, this time going all the way in. Her body jerked as he hit bottom but then she quit squirming and her scream ended in a grunt followed by a low moan.

As he began to move in and out of her bowel track, she closed her eyes and fell silent. Her anus loosened a little bit more, and he began to wonder if she had lost consciousness. He didn't really care as he began to fuck her in and out, in and out... God her tight little butt felt so good wrapped around his dick.

Then something strange happened. Her eyes re- opened wide, as if in surprise, and then closed again. Her hands, which had been on his buttocks in a feeble attempt to slow his thrusting, began to cup and massage his buns. And then she began to fuck back against him, keeping time with his quickening pace.

He let go of her mouth and moved both hands to her soft, full butt cheeks, massaging them and alternately spreading them apart and pressing them together.

They in turn alternately flexed and relaxed around his pumping cock-shaft. Damn she felt good!

"Oh God, harder. HARDER!" She cried as she began to buck and writhe like a rodeo bull. It was all he could do to stay inside her as her climax hit.

Jesus, he thought. If she would have moved like this when she was fighting me, I'd have never gotten it in! He gripped her waist tightly and held on as he began to cum into her throbbing, bucking bottom.

Finally he pulled out, sat up, and uncuffed her. He handed her a paper towel to wipe off with, and used another to wipe the mattress off where her pussy had left a large we spot.

"You forced me. You raped me. You s-s-sodomized me!" she wimpered.

He nodded.

"Will you wear my class ring if I let you do that whenever you want?" she smiled.

The End