Title: Baby Girl Rape
Author: Kidfuckr (reddoor22@hotmail.com)




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I walked in on my Dad to see his hairy legs squatting over my baby sister. I could see his large balls rub- bing against her chin as he turned to look at me.

"Hey Bud," he said as I stood there - staring and speechless - unable to ignore such a lewd and disgust- ing sight. Unable to comprehend this new level of perversion. This new level of depravity.

"Hey kid, you're just in time." He said. "Get your little ass over here." I dropped my book sack on the floor. I was cautious at first. My dad could be real unpredictable and I'd learned early on to be weary of him. But when I looked down between his hairy legs to see his hard cock sticking straight up as it always did against the thin trail of hair on his stomach, a steady stream of precum running down the shaft, I knew he wasn't looking to fight - but to fuck.

I curled my lip up at the sight of him. He smelled. He always did. In 1977 he worked in the mines and at that time there was a lot of work to do. Every day after work he'd come home covered in that thin misty soot from head to toe.

"What are you sneering at ya little fucker?" he asked and reached up to grab my 10 year old cock through my pants. I bucked my hips forward and grunted.

"You're little cock is already hard so don't go giving me shit about what I'm doing."

Of course - I knew better than that.

"I've been waiting all day for you to get your little ass home so I could try this. I've been hornier than a mother fucker all day. It took everything I had not to go and shove my cock up your little sister's cunt. I waited because I knew you'd like this."

My dad continued pressing my on my cockhead with his long fingers and I continued moaning and pushing my hips toward him. We'd been having sex since I could remember and he probably started me at the same time he did my sister - as a baby, but we never talked about that. In fact, I was the one he caught licking out my baby sister one day after he came home early from work and the rest is, as they say, history.

"Like what?" I asked him reaching down to unbutton my pants.

"Like watching me take a dump on your baby sister's face." He replied and grinned.

"What?" I said meekly not believing what he was saying now. There seemed to be no end to my dad's depravity.

"I said, I'm gonna take a shit right in your kid sister's face and your gonna help me," he said and grinned. It was an evil grin, twisted and perverse in it's own way. "Now get your face down between my legs. I want you to get a close up of this shit."

I did as he said moving back behind him, already smelling the funkiness of his dirty ass crack. I could see the hairs were all plastered and wet with his ass sweat.

"Smell good?" he asked me and chuckled. "You ain't seen nothin yet." He said and then moved his ass closer to my baby sisters face. She just laid there, her blue eyes staring up at his hairy ass hanging over her without a clue of what it really was.

Suddenly the silence of the room was broken by a loud wet fart. I could see my dad's asshole open up as the nasty gas filled the air around my baby sisters face. The wind of it blew her thin hair as she wrinkled her nose and then turned her face. My dad grunted again as another fart blew out of his hairy hole. He moaned then getting off on how perverse this was and then having and audience to watch it all.

"How'd you like that one?" he asked me turning his head, his eyes intense and strong.

"That was nasty dad," I replied, yet still harder than ever.

"Oh yeah, " he said still squatting over my baby sisters little body.

"Well take a look at this!"

Suddenly a thick brown log of shit started to push out of his hole. I could see the muscles in his legs strain and the veins in his neck pop out as he pushed. I could hear him grunt as the log pushed out of his smelly butt. It was thick and hard at the end and smelled worse than anything I could imagine.

"How's that look champ?" he asked me without turning around.

"I just grunted and said nothing." It looked like a brown snake pushing it's way out of his ass.

Suddenly it broke off and fell right on my sister's face.

"Aahhhhhhhhh," he moaned and let out a loud wet fart right in her face. Bit's of shit fell in her open mouth. I could see her eagerly pushing the shit out of her mouth with her little tongue. She had an utter look of disgust at the anal assault from her own father.

"What's she doing now?" my Dad asked me as if I were his commentator and this were nothing more than one of my school projects.

"She's got shit all over her face and in her mouth. She's trying to get it out with her tongue."

"FUCKIN A!" my dad said reaching back with his large hands to pull his ass cheeks even farther apart. Suddenly another large log began to ease it's way out of his ass.

"Mmmmmmmm," he moaned as it broke off and fell on my sisters neck and chest. It was followed by another loud nasty fart as bits of wet shit exploded from his filthy anal cavity.

"Ahhhhhhh FUCK! This is hot," I heard my Dad say. Suddenly I looked even closer to see a thin runny string of shit and ass juice drip from his asshole directly into my little sisters mouth. She smacked it unknowingly and then closed her eyes and turned her head in disgust.

"Goddamn..." I whispered watching this incredibly disgusting show while eagerly jacking my 10 year old cock. Seeing that was almost enough to make me cum.

Suddenly my dad turned to look at me. He smiled. The combination of him looking at his smelling shitty asshole and his smiling face was uncanny and it was also driving me crazy.

"Well Bud, I think I'm pretty much done here. Nothing much left in the old pooper. I was still stopped over watching him squatting over my baby sister's face like she was some type of human football ready for him to punt. That's when he lowered his ass and began rubbing his asscrack all over my little sisters face.

"AAAAHHHH FUCK DAD!" I said feeling like I was going to cum any second.

"That's so fucking nasty!" and indeed it was. My little sister's face was covered with my Dad's shit and he was in fact getting more shit in his ass crack by doing that than if he hadn't. At one point I wondered if she could still breathe.

"Fuck it feels good too kid. Rubbing my dirty shit covered ass all over your little sister's face and mouth."

I couldn't see my Dad's hands, but I could tell he was jacking his cock. I wondered if he too was ready to cum.

My Dad then moved away from my baby sister to look at his work.

"Goddamn." He said staring down at her with his intense blue eyes. Her entire body was wet and messy and brown but remarkably, she wasn't even crying.

I could see my Dad's cock dripping precum. "Fuck this is nasty," he said reaching back toward his ass with his hand and wiping it across his shitty hole. He brought it back, his fingers caked with shit. He sniffed it a bit and then turned his head.

"Fucking stale beer," he said and then ran his fingers across my little sister's mouth. He suddenly inserted them and slowly began sliding his thick shit covered fingers in and out of her little baby mouth. I knelt there jacking my little 5 inch cock obscenely. This was so fucking hot. Then to my surprise my little sister began sucking on my Dad's shitty fingers! They went in brown and came out white.

"Fuckin little bitch likes it!" my Dad hollered and grinned. "She's a natural little shit eater."

Then I watched him take his long middle finger, smear it in his shit and then slowly stick it up my little sister's cunt. I watched in amazement as he fingered her hairless bald cunny.

"Fuck Dad," I said still jacking my cock.

"Pretty hot, huh boy," my Dad asked and grinned up at me. Aren't you glad I waited for you."

I just nodded yeah as he continued finger fucking this 10 month old baby. He then reached up with his shitty fist and began jacking his hard adult cock. The sight of him kneeling there, his shit covered cock dripping cum while fingering my little sister was too much and I started cumming.

"AAHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!" I yelled, "I'M CUMMMINNGGGG!!!" I shot several feet into the air. Cum shot out all over my shit covered baby sister's face and even landed on my Dad's arms and leg.

"Fuck son," my Dad said, "I told you to warm me before you shoot off like that."

I just shrugged still coming down from my high.

My dad eagerly eyed my cock as he reached between his legs and grabbed his cock. "Fuck this feels good," he said as he began jacking off with his shit. I watched his thick white cock turn a slimy brown and listened to the squishy slick sounds of his jacking off.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" this feels good kid," he said. Suddenly my Dad stood up - his cock jutting straight out from in between his hairy legs. His cock curved hard to the right and the head was lemon shaped. A string of shitty precum fell from the tip. I reached down and wiped it off for him.

"Fuck kid!" he said and jerked his hips forward as I suddenly wrapped my hand around the shitty head, "Grab your sister and follow me."

I picked up Katie and followed my Dad into the back of the house. A brown shit stain smeared his asscrack and ran down between his legs.

Once in the bathroom he sat down on the commode.

Put your sister down, he said. I obeyed putting the little shit baby in the sink.

I looked at my Dad who just grinned, spread his legs and pointed to his cock. "Suck it," he said, his voice seemed to echo in the small room.

"No way!" I said repulsed. "That's disgusting." Suddenly, quick as a flash my Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me down on the floor twisting it back in the process.

"Do it or I'll break your fucking arm off!!!!" he hollered.

"AHHHHHHhh, ALRIGHT!" I screamed already smelling his funky asscrack and shit covered cock.

I leaned forward.

"Just hold your nose," my Dad said spreading his hairy legs some more. I bent down and ran my tongue across my Dad's cock head. Precum and shit smeared my tongue and I tried to spit it out into the bowl below him. My dad then slapped me hard in the side of the head. "You swallow that shit!" he said meanly.

I began to cry. "Now get down there and suck my fuckin cock!"

I moved in again closing my eyes as I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his hard cock.

"AAAHHH Fuck Yeah," my Dad moaned, bucking his hips forward as I blew him.

"That's it ya little dick sucking faggot. Ya fucking shit licker. Suck my fuckin cock. Suck on that hard Dad cock."

I gagged as he pushed my head down on his thick dick. Suddenly I began to vomit and could feel it in my stomach.

"Uuuuugghhh, agggghhhhh," I choked as the thick stuff erupted from my gut. I backed up as vomit flew from my open mouth all over my Dad's cock and balls and legs.

"You filthy little faggot!" my Dad screamed. I expected him to hit me again, but was surprised to see him reach down and slowly jack his cock with it.

He just grinned again and grabbed his slimy shit and vomit covered cock by the base and waved it at me like a weird treat. "You did it - now you eat it." He said.

I leaned forward and again began sucking his hard cock into my mouth, vomit and all.

After a few minutes my Dad was grunting like crazy.

"That's enough," he said pushing me away. "Get your little sister out of the sink."

I stood up, my hard little cock sticking out between my legs. My Dad quickly reached out and grabbed it, pulling on it with his large shit covered hand.

"UUUgh," I moaned as he jerked my cock. "That feels good Dad."

When he stopped, I went over to the sink. My baby sister looked up at me through a dark brown mask. It was already turning hard and drying on her face.

I handed her to my Dad who in once quick plunge shoved her down on his hard 7 inch cock.

My little sister let out a yell that almost split my eardrums.

"AAHHHHHHHH FUCCCKKKKKK YEAH!" my Dad screamed bouncing her up and down on his cock. Suddenly there was blood and it was coming from my sister. It began leaking from around his cock shaft and running down my Dad's hairy balls and into the toilet below.

All the while she was still screaming and crying and I had in the meantime began jacking off again.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!" he screamed one more time and brutally slammed my baby sister all the way down on his hard cock, the cords of his neck straining like they were gonna burst.

His legs suddenly kicked straight out as he came, blood shit and cum erupting everywhere.

"I'M CUUUUUUMMMING!" I screamed as I began shooting as well, blowing my load all over my Dad and little sister. Some hitting my Dad in the face as well. He came too in a total explosion of hot fucking blood and cum mixed with shit. Incest cum.

Suddenly everything came to a stop. I looked down at my Dad. My baby sister impaled on his fat cock. The water in the bowl below a bright red.

"Oh fuck," I said as he pulled her off his cock with a sick 'plop' sound. As he did, runny shit that was red and yellow and white spilled out of her cunt onto his deflating cock and balls. My Dad simply dropped her on the floor. She wasn't moaning, wasn't crying, wasn't doing 'anything'.

My dad just sneered at my horror like he always did.

He nodded and then spread his legs and pointed with his thick finger to the bloody glob between his legs.

"Lick me clean," he said and smiled.

I just shook my head with disbelief when he grabbed my hair and pushed my face down between his legs. My mouth opening on his cock and instinctively pushing out my tongue and wrapping it around his thick blood coated mushroom head.

"Mmmmmm," that's it kid, "Clean that dirty fucker off. Suck off all that blood and cum and shit. Make sure you get it nice and clean. Yeah boy, that's it. Taste your sister's bloody guts on that cock??? You like that don't you boy?"

By that time I just looked up at him, lost in a daze, my face covered in a mask of blood.

"Yeah, do it good for Daddy. Get me real clean , ya hear? And maybe I won't do the same to you."

I did as he said and even pushed his legs apart further and ran my tongue all over his big hairy balls and then down along his nasty ass crack.

"OOOOHHHH Fuck YEAH!" my Dad said getting hard again. "Clean out that fuckin ass. Get all up in there kid."

"That a boy. That feels so fuckin good son."

After I was done cleaning off my Dad to his satisfac- tion, he simply got up and left the room. I then turned to look at my baby sister and suddenly wondered if she was dead. I wondered if my Dad had fucked her to death. Blood was still running from her pussy that was now a funny shade of red. I filled the tub with water, bathed her swollen little pussy, and wondered what my Dad would think of next.

The End