Title: A Walk in the Park
Author: Alocer Loki (alocerloki@subdimension.com)




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They sat flying back and forth high and fast, swinging their legs out to propel the swings further. They were completely unaware of any danger, completely unaware that they were being watched.

The playground, situated at one side of a huge park, was shielded from any houses and roads by the tall trees of the nearby wood, and from the foot path, which crossed the park, by a set of low hills. Effectively the two children were isolated of anyone. Out of sight, and more importantly alone.

It was very early on a crisp, autumn, Sunday morning. The trees still held their leaves but they had long since started to change colour. Kiddie hunting season was drawing to a close and neither of the two men had expected to locate a proper target. It was very rare that it ever happened, they had certainly not expected to spy two preteens walking all alone into the big park.

Somebodies parents were going to kick themselves for not keeping a closer eye on their little ones. These two children were perfect, likely sisters they giggled and laughed amongst themselves. The older of the two was about elven or twelve, with long straight red hair which hung loose and reached down to the centre of her back. She was only about four foot eight and very thin, however, her tiny developing breasts were evident against her tight woollen jumper. As was her pert and firm arse pressed against her tight jeans. The girl was lust worthy.

The younger girl was around eight or nine, with mousy blond hair tied in a plat, which trailed down most of her back. Around four foot tall, she was slightly stockier than the other girl. That is not to say she was fat, but a little wider at the shoulders, her backside was also bigger, displayed to the men, as she bent over to retrieve a ball, pressed up tight against a short denim skit.

The dog whined, his tail flapped about, almost as if he knew exactly what they had found, as if he knew he would get his share if he played his part. Eddie wrapped the chain lead around his hand once more, a futile gesture, the dog was far too big to hold back if he did decide to attack one of the girls. It had happened before. A tiny four year old had been torn to pieces, and Eddie and Rob had to make do with the distraught teenage au Par.

It was Eddies turn to chat them up, to earn their trust, not that he minded too much. Despite being far more dangerous, after all it was his face they were seeing but there was always a much better view away from the trees. He glanced over at his partner, Rob, crouched down in the bushes his cock was already in his hands and he was wanking slowly. Eddie took one last pull on his cigarette and tossed the butt into the dirt. Standing up he twisted the ball of his foot on the smoldering fag and tugged at the dog, leading the big, albeit rather cute looking mongrel from the trees and towards the playground.

Kids, in school are taught not to trust strangers. To say 'no' if they approach and offer sweets or a lift or something along those lines. However it is funny how many of them will approach any one with an animal. Little girls especially just want to pet the big cutesie dog. This time was no different; upon spying the dog, the youngest girl walked towards Eddie with small shy steps her small hand stretched out and she stoked it along the dogs brown fur.

Jess, the dog, nuzzled into the child's belly and looked up to lap at her face. The little girl giggled. "He's cute," she squeaked. "What 's his name?"

Eddie smiled, "Jess," he said.

"Your a good boy Jess," giggled the child wrapping her arms around the dogs neck.

The dog just panted and wagged his tail.

The second child quickly came up to him now to play with the dog. She laughed as he licked across her face. "Oh yuck," she giggled. "He licked my mouth."

"He likes you," Eddie said. "He's very fond of pretty girls."

The older child blushed a little. "He's so big," she said. "I want him."

"Well, I'm sure my girl won't be happy that I gave her dog away," said Eddie. It was a lie but all that mattered was gaining the child's trust.

"Oh," muttered the younger girl. "He's so cute."

"Well so are you," Eddie told the child.

The little girl blushed. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes... Ummm what's your name?"

"Tammy... Tamara," said the child.

"Tammy, Tammy is a cute name for a cute girl," Eddie told her.

The older girl wasn't about to be outdone by the younger girl. "I'm Kaitlyn," she pipped in.

"Well Kaitlyn, you are really very beautiful. You could be a model."

"Could I?" exclaimed the child.

"What about me?" moaned little Tammy.

"You both could, trust me, I know I'm a photographer."

"Oh wow!" cried Kaitlyn. "Do you take pictures of famous people?"

"Yes," Eddie lied. "I could take your pictures. You two are so cute, do you want to be in a magazine?"

"Yey!" pipped Tammy.

Kaitlyn swept back her hair. "Yes please," she said beaming.

Eddie put down his bag and removed the Camera, it really was big and expensive, but it was just for show. To convince the children that these pictures were real. What they really wanted were just some nice 'before' shots of the pretty things.

It was now very easy to direct Kaitlyn and Tammy into all sorts of poses for the camera. The children giggled and posed, getting cheap thrills out of being the centre of attention. They wanted to flirt with this man, whether they knew it or not. Their actions stated it.

It was also very easy to get information out of them. The two girls were indeed sisters. Their parents knew they were at the park and were happy that they weren't at home watching tv or playing computer games. Kaitlyn was twelve, and Tammy eight.

After much effort Eddie finally managed to direct them through the trees even further out of sight; into a small clearing in the woods. Once they were in that clearing Eddie knew that all chance of them escaping had vanished. It was now time to see what he could get away with. "Tammy," he called. "Show me your knickers."

The little girl laughed loudly and without much of a pause lifted her dress to flash her blue knickers at him. Eddie snapped the pictures. He took the camera from his eye and looked across at Kaitlyn. He smiled at the twelve year old. "How about it?" he prompted.

The child simpered; they both knew that they were doing naughty and dirty things in front of this man, and it obviously excited the young sluts. Kaitlyn unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to show the man her white knickers. "Now show me your bums," he said.

Kaitlyn shuffled around and poked out her fat rear. "Hmmm nice," sighed Eddie.

Tammy was quick to take up the challenge and spun around, bending over she threw her skirt up. "Oh gorgeous," said Eddie.

Kaitlyn scowled at her little sister and then gave Eddie a wide smile and slipped down the back of her little knick-knicks to show off her pretty fat bum. "Oh baby," cried Eddie.

Tammy followed suit and pulled her knickers down to her knees. "So beautiful," Eddie groaned as he clicked away. "Show me your fannies."

In perfect sync the two girls turned around. Tammy pulled up her dress, and Kaitlyn pushed down her knick-knicks until hey were bundled with her jeans around her ankles. The effect was the same the two children displayed their pussies to Eddie. The man gasped, they were truly beautiful. Tammy's a little fatter than her older sister, but they were two gorgeous tight little cracks. Eddie snapped his pictures. He could have cum in his pants just at the sight of these two girls.

Jess barked, and the spell was broken. Kaitlyn flared up bright red and bent forwards to grapple at her trousers. The dog ran over to little Tammy and pushed his cold wet snout into her pussy sniffing and licking at it. The eight year old giggled and tried to push the him away. "Your not meant to go there," the little girl laughed.

Kaitlyn had managed to get her trousers up to her knees when Rob bust from the bushes behind her and grabbed the child around the chest. Everything happened too fast for the children to react beyond crying out in surprise. Rob had grabbed Kaitlyn, his hand clamped over her mouth and the other rubbing her thigh and cunt. Eddie had snatched Tammy by the hair and pulled him into him. She fell to her knees and he pressed one hand over her mouth whiles rubbing her cheek against the hard lump in his trousers. "You've been bad girls." Eddie said.

Rob grinned. "You were told not to talk to strangers," he said. "You are very bad to show one your private places."

Only muffled moans escaped the children.

Eddie lifted Tammy up, keeping his hand over her mouth, until she was standing. At the same time Rob pulled Kaitlyn's trousers off of one of her legs, allowing her to walk but making her a vision just gagging to be raped. Without another word the two men frogmarched the little girls deeper into the woods.

The two girls cried, sobbing sweetly and softly, as they were pushed ever deeper into the woods. They were probably not allowed to come in this far. The stumbled along pushed by the two men, with their little pussies exposed to the world, and trembling from fear. It was almost too much for the two men, but they needed to get them away from anywhere anyone would be likely to hear them.

The children were force-marched for nearly two miles deep into the wood, to what was roughly the centre. It was well away from the roads and the best place for the screams not to draw unwanted attention.

They'd marked out the spot where they'd have their fun if they found any little tarts, it was a large clearing, the two men had put up chicken wire around it, constructing a makeshift cage. They had no intentions on leaving it up for more than a day, and were relatively unconcerned about it being found. The only way in or out was a small gap on one side, through which the children were shoved, followed closely by the two men.

The little girls hugged each other and sniveled. "Please," moaned Kaitlyn, "What are you going to do to us?"

"Oh don't worry," muttered Rob. "We are going to fuck you, and then kill you."

The two girls went ghostly white. "Don't tease them," muttered Eddie. "Don't worry babies we are going to have lots of fun before we kill you."

The siblings shrank into each other, their baby bodies trembled and they sobbed pathetically. With wide grins, the two men closed in on them. "Run!" screamed Kaitlyn.

Both the fuck-babies made a break for it but the only way out of their little makeshift prison, was past the two men. Both of the stupid cunts ran straight into the arms of their captors. Kicking and screaming the two men hurled the children up. Eddie slapped Kaitlyn, the girl he'd caught, across the rump. "Don't be stupid," he snarled and slapped the child again. "If you go out there the fucking dog will run you down and rip you to shreds."

As if on cue the dog barked, and snarled, pacing around the entrance of the gate impatiently.

The children stared at the animal and calmed down. "Please mister don't kill us," sobbed Tammy.

Eddie just laughed, and the to men carried their captives over to a large tree on the edge of the clearing, several branches over hung the chicken wire and one had several meat hooks hung from it. Although they hadn't expected to make a capture, it was always better to be prepared.

Starting with twelve year old Kaitlyn, the men wrapped blue nylon rope around the children's wrists, and hung them from the hooks. The pretty children, swinging and crying, pleaded with their captors. They looked so cute showing of their fat little pussies like this. Rob removed Tammy's skirt so that she would be more displayed like big sister. Their tight, hairless cracks just begged fucking.

"Okay babies," said Eddie. "You dumb bitches need to be punished for trying to get away."

The two girls wailed and cried. Little Tammy begged them not to hurt her. Rob smiled and plodded his way to a pile of toy's they'd set out earlier. Although, instead of rummaging through them, he plucked a handful of stinging nettles from a small patch growing on the outskirts of the clearing. "No!" screeched Kaitlyn.

Rob walked back to the girls. "Oh what's wrong?" he asked. "I was being nice. Nothing mean about loverly plants like these look."

He stoked them gently up against the bottom of Tammy's belly and down over her pussy. The child screamed her head off and kicked around. "Stop!" she screamed, wriggling and writhing. "Please stop!"

Rob stoked the nettles down the baby girls legs and then back up on the insides of her thighs, covering them with little lumps; he smacked them upwards into the underside of the eight year olds cunt.

The little girl screamed constantly and snapped her legs together, only to jerk them apart again when the nettles stung her further. Finally the man brought them up and worked the stem between the child's tight pussy lips. Tammy's screams grew even more desperate. The eight year old had probably never known such pain. Rob was as hard as a rock.

Taking the initiative, Eddie moved up behind the child and held her still for Rob to work the nettles right up into her crack. He then pressed the child's legs together, increasing the pressure of her sensitive flesh on the stinging plant. Rob pulled the nettles through the child's closed cunt. All poor Tammy could do was to scream her head off. Her little immature body shook and convulsed. It was a cum making sight. The nettle branch didn't last for ever and soon it had all been worked out from between Tammy's legs. "Well on to your botty," gloated Rob. He throw the old stalk away in favour of a fresh one and moved behind the child.

"No!" screamed the child "Ahhhhh no!"

Rob whipped at the child's bottom with the nettles, brining them up with similar blotches which already covered her legs and pussy. "You look so much cuter like this," he said to her.

The man reached forwards and parted the child's buttocks with his hand and smiled at the sight of her tight little arsehole. "Aww so cute," he said and tickled it with the leaf of one of the nettles. All Tammy could do now was to sob pathetically.

"Stop it," her bigger sister cried. Tears were streaming down the twelve year olds face.

Rob looked up at Kaitlyn. "Don't worry," he said. "It is just about your turn."

Looking back down at Tammy Rob forced the stalk of one of the longer, more ridged nettles into the little girls bum hole. The poor bitch screamed her head off as her insides were raided with the nasty plant.

All attention was turned to Kaitlyn. Rob grinned and held up the nettles. "No... No!" she screamed.

The man chuckled and started to swat at her pussy.

The two preteen girls looked exhausted. They hung there, hardly moving, other than to cry and shiver. The nettle stalks poked out of both of their bottoms like cruel tails. Both had their legs, pussies, and bums covered with blotches from the stinging nettles. The camera clicked away as Eddie took some more shots of the little girls. "Man I need a fuck," muttered Eddie, and he put the camera down.

"I reckon we should shag the little one first," remarked Rob reaching his hand out towards poor Tammy.

"No!" Kaitlyn managed to cry.

"Oh," said Eddie. "We have a volunteer."

Rob spat into the twelve year olds face. "You will pay for that you little bitch," he muttered and pulled the child off of her hook.

"Please let us go, stop hurting us," blubbered Kaitlyn.

"No," said Rob and he dropped the child into the centre of the clearing.

Eddie was on her quickly and tore the twelve year olds jumper from her. The sexy little girl, crouched and shuddered, shivering in the cold autumn air, wearing only her cute little trainers, a pair of white socks, and a cute, if rather pointless, little grey training bra.

"You've got nice tits cunt," laughed Eddie. "Take off your top."

The preteen hugged her little developing chest. "No," she sobbed.

"Fucking whore," shouted Eddie and threw his fist into Kaitlyn's stomach.

The child grunted, doubled over, and collapsed to the floor; rolling around in the dirt the little girl gasped for air. Eddie spat at her face and then kicked her. Rob laughed and joined in ramming his large work boots into the child's side.

Poor little Kaitlyn screamed her head off. They didn't want to damage the girl too much too quickly, they had a lot to do and they wanted the children to live through most of it. So they stopped, Eddie grabbed Kaitlyn by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Reaching behind him he pulled out a long thin knife from where it lay hidden from view. The little girls eyes looked as if they might pop out of her skull when she saw the blade. "No, no! " she screamed.

Eddie pushed it under her bra, between the tiny tits and pulled it upwards cutting the garment in two. Between them the men pulled the little bra off. "Oh gorgeous," sighed Rob squeezing on one of Kaitlyn's little titties.

They truly were beautiful perhaps the size, of a large hens egg, or even at tiny bit bigger, with big puffy pink nipples. Poor Kaitlyn just cried as the two bad men squeezed and pinched her little breasts. Rob clamped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "Ahhh," cried Kaitlyn. "It hurts please stop... Please."

Rob grinned and twisted on the nipple viciously. Kaitlyn screamed and jerked her body away. "Oh you are so sexy," laughed Rob, although his voice was all but drowned out by the child's din.

"Please let it go," she cried.

Of course, Rob did no such thing, he just tormented the child by squeezing and twisting on her nipple, this way and that, just to make it as sore as he could. Eddie put his head down sucked the child's other breast into his mouth, the whole thing. He chewed and sucked on it, several times clamping his teeth into it and biting hard. Kaitlyn, sobbing pitifully, just stood there and took it. Not that she had much of a choice, she was held fast by her tits. Rob soon got bored of playing with the child's nipple and joined is friend in sucking the child's bosom. The two men sucked, chewed and bit on the child's chest. Their heads pressed together side by side. Although were as Eddie concentrated on the fatty tissue of the child's tit, Rob worked on her sore nipple. Finally the man bit in deep.

Kaitlyn squealed and pulled away ripping her nipple from Robs mouth and tripping over pulling the other one from Eddie as the child tumbled to the floor. She curled up, her bound hands cuddling into her chest. Her tiny breasts were covered in red and purple bite marks, and bled at several places, including one nipple.

Eddie crouched down beside the crying girl. "I'm gonna fuck you baby," he jeered.

"Leave me alone," sobbed Kaitlyn.

"No," he said slapped the child across the face, and then the legs.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" screamed Kaitlyn.

Eddie smacked his fist down into Kaitlyn's tummy, the little girl bucked upwards with a grunt and desperate cry. Before she had a chance to regain her breath Eddie pulled her legs apart and and leaned down over the girl, pinning her down with his own weight as he pulled his stiff cock through the fly of his trousers. Rubbing it up against the child's of and tight little pussy he grinned at her, dribbling spit over her face. "You tasty bint, I am going to enjoy this."

Eddie licked Kaitlyn's face, the little girl screwed her eyes shut and mewled. The man pushed his hard cock against the tiny virgin hole. She was so very tight. The little girl threw back her head and grunted, "Ahhh, ahhh ,ahhh" as Eddie made a slow assent into her cunt.

Feeling her hymen Eddie gritted his teeth and rammed forwards tearing through it and pushing deep into the twelve year old girl. Blood lubricated his way with his next stroke in. Fucking little kiddy cunts, especially virgin kiddie cunts was just a great feeling. Heightened by the look of agony on Kaitlyn's face, and the screams and grunts the twelve year old made with each inwards thrust.

Rob crouched down beside the fucking pair, his own cock in his hand. He stroked away on himself and squeezed on the suffering child's tits again. Just to torment her pretty and sensitive nipples again.

Eddie fucked into the child fast and hard; stuffing cock in as deep as he could and with as much force as he could muster. He liked the idea that his cock was painful for this cunt. He wanted to milk that enjoyment but his cock didn't last for long. Soon the man exploded deep inside the girl, filling her little womb with cum.

The bottle smashed right next to Kaitlyn's head. Rob had thought about breaking it over the child's head, but hadn't wanted to knock the bitch out, he wanted the slut conscious for this. Kaitlyn swung her head around to see what the noise had been. Rob shoved the broken bottle into her face.

A long shard of broken glass sliced through her cheek, digging it self into the bone. The twelve year old screamed and wrenched away causing the glass to open a long and deep slash in her face. Blood poured out from the wound.

Rob grabbed the twelve year old by the hair and pulled her back so she was facing him. With nothing else that she could do, Kaitlyn screwed her eyes shut. "Look at me or I'll cut your fucking eye lids off," he shouted at the child.

The panicked little girl did as she was told and stared, through her tears, up at the man. Rob shoved the broken glass back into her face. The poor child couldn't move away this time and the bottle cut unto her nose and cheek opening up deep cuts in her face.

Rob pulled the glass out of her face and brought it down on her chest, cutting into her sternum and, drawing the glass downwards, he cut into the side of her left breast. The poor pubescent slut screamed her head off. She squealed in deafening tones as the man cut into her tit. Kaitlyn, writhing around, finally got her arms, still tied at the wrists, from under Eddie and pulled them up to protect her chest.

Rob stabbed at them with the broken bottle. "Get those away," he shouted slashing at her forearms. Kaitlyn screamed and jerked them away. Rob spat into the child's face and sliced into the nipple of her left breast.

At the intense pain, Kaitlyn screamed and brought her bleeding arms back up into the glass. Rob sliced at them again, opening nasty deep cuts. "I told you to keep these out of the way," he shouted at her, although he could barely be heard above Kaitlyn's screams.

Rob pulled his arm up and slammed the broken bottle into the child's shoulder stabbing the glass deep inside.

Katilyn just let out a continuous agonised screech. The poor child was being put through unbelievable pain.

Joining in the fun, Eddie picked up one of the long shards of broken glass that lay on the floor beside Kaitlyn and slowly started to work it into the side of her small right breast. He picked up a second shard of glass and pushed it in through the nipple of the same tit. The sound she made was numbing. The two men were high off of her pain. She just had to suffer more, she had to suffer bad. Rob started to do the same, on the little girls other tiny tit. Pushing bits of glass through the flesh and into her little fatty bag.

The two men filled them with broken glass, until it stuck out at all angles of the bloody lumps on Kaitlyn's immature little chest. Kaitlyn lay back staring into nothingness, unable to scream because her throat is so raw; she just looked so cute.

"My turn," said Rob.

Eddie stood up and looked down at his clothes stained with the child' s blood. The men had spare clothes in case of such an eventuality, but that didn't give the bitch the right to bleed on him.

Eddie paced his foot down onto the child's right breast and mashed it down into her chest, the glass, which filled her tits tore into it causing the child even more pain.

Eddie's fun was interrupted when Rob grabbed the child's legs and flipped her over onto her front. Kaitlyn grunted as her tiny, ruined pubescent tits were now mashed into the ground. Rob yanked the nettle, stuck deep into the child's arse out and threw it aside; taking out his cock, the man lifted Kaitlyn's rear up until it was level with his waist. The twelve year old didn't have the strength to fight, or even to struggle, she just lay there with her face in the dirt panting like a whore.

Even when Rob pushed his cock into the tiny girls tight little bum hole all Kaitlyn could do was give off a pathetic grunt. Not that it ruined Rob's enjoyment of his rape. He fucked into the twelve year olds arse with force, trying to get sounds from her. He pounded her as hard as he could. As she moved her tits rubbed into the ground moving the glass about inside them causing the child to scream, and for her body to make involuntary twitches.

It wasn't too long before Rob exploded into the child's bowls, filling them with cum. As he pulled out he admired the blood dribbling down her legs, although ti was not nearly as much as what stained the ground around the child. They couldn't let the child bleed to death. Eddie was the first to grab her and pull her up right. He lifted her and dropped her body down next to a large oak, on the east side of the clearing.

Dropping her down he propped her up against the trunk. Rob came up next to him holding a reel of old barbed wire they'd found near a rail bridge while scouting. Kaitlyn whined and tried to move but Eddie pinned her down with his foot while Rob quickly wrapped the wire around her belly and chest, threading it under her arms so that they wouldn't prevent the affects of the wire. Going behind the tree Rob rapped the wire around a severed branch and and started to twirl it around. The wires tightened with each revolution of the branch. Kaitlyn whined and screamed as the barbs cut into her skin, and then really started to shriek as the barbed wire started to crush her.

Her belly depressed inwards squeezing to a fraction of its normal size. Her rib cage was a little less forgiving, but not totally and it wasn't long before cracks, followed by loud screams could be heard. Broken ribs was a good sign to stop. Besides they still had the bleeding to deal with.

Rob returned to where they had their toys stashed and grabbed a large petrol can, although it's real use was when they had had their fun with the two baby whores, there was no harm in using it to help Kaitlyn live a little longer. Well it would harm her, but not as much as letting her bleed to death. Using an old rag , Rob dabbed a little of the petrol on the many wounds the child had on her belly, chest and arms. He didn't remove any of the glass, just made sure that there was petrol around them. The child cried loudly squirming and jerking as the petrol stung her cuts and as Rob moved the broken glass around.

Rob made sure he was as far away from the little girl as he could be, having played with petrol, he didn't want to start playing with fire. Eddie crouched down in front of the little girl and brushed her messy hair from her eyes. "Shh," he said. "You need this so you don't die so fast." he told her.

He sparked up his lighter and lit the pubescent girls tits. The fire quickly spread over her chest and belly, cauterising all of the cuts. Poor Kaitlyn screamed her head off. The plan was that if they put her out fast enough she wouldn't suffer any severe burns. They didn't want to burn her too much, that it made pretty preteen bitches look rather ugly. Thus Eddie stood up and pulled out his cock and pissed over the child, extinguishing most of the flames; the man then used his boot to stamp out the last of the flames on Katlyn's tits. A little new blood started to flow from her tits, but not much. Eddie wanted her bleeding a little anyway.

Collecting up the last few bits of broken glass from the floor the man crouched down by the twelve year old.

Stroking her cheek he spoke softly to the child. "Look at me baby," he said. Slowly Kaitlyn's eyes focused on Eddie. The man was quite amazed that she was still conscious after all she had been though.

Eddie smiled at her and then pushed a shard of the glass into the little girls vulva. "Ammmmm," moaned Katilyn.

He took the shard of glass this was the longest single piece that had broken from the milk bottle and Eddie had saved it for just this. Pulling open the little girl's pussy lips he slid it up inside the child's freshly raped, cunt. Kaitlyn screamed, throwing her head from side to side as more blood seeped out of her cunt.

One more piece was inserted into the little girls vulva. The last piece of glass, a long thin sliver, Eddie wanted to use somewhere special. Playing around with the twelve year olds bleeding pussy for several moments the man exposed the little girls clit. Licking his lips he pricked it with the glass. "Mmmm" screamed Kaitlyn jerking.

She was too weak to stop him though and Eddie pushed it in. Burying the glass into he child's cunt severing its clit in two. The little girls body bucked and shook and, finally, she blacked out. The silence, which overcame the area, was almost disturbing, but was quickly broken by Tammy's panicked screams.

"Now calm down," shouted Rob slapping the little girl's legs, not that it helped very much.

In frustration Rob threw the child onto the ground and grabbed it's hair. Pulling her across the clearing he shoved her face into her sisters tits, opening up small cuts on the eight year olds cheeks. "Do you want to end up like this bitch?" he shouted.

"No!" wailed Tammy.

"Then shut the fuck up."

Tammy fell quiet, although she couldn't stop herself from crying and sniveling while Rob stoked the little girls cheek. "Now honey," he said. "If you are a really good girl, and do what you are told, then that won't happen to you okay."

Tammy nodded.

"Will you be a good girl?"

"Yes," squeaked the little girl.

Rob lent down and kissed the tears from the child's eyes. Giving Tammy a light pat on the bum he said, "Take off the rest of your clothes honey."

Sniffing back her tears, Tammy pulled on her top. She pulled it over her head and shifted back and forth wearing nothing but a pretty white petticoat. Rob fingered the light material. "This as well baby," he said.

The child closed her eyes and pulled it over her head. Dropping it onto the floor she looked up at Rob, a little naked girl shifting from leg to leg. She shivered, starting up at the man, the nettle poking out of her arse swayed from side to side like a cute little tail. Rob looked down at his stiffening cock. "Baby," he said. "I've got your sisters poo all over my willy. I want you to put it in your mouth and suck it clean for me."

Tears ran down the eight year olds cheeks, she switched her gaze from Rob to her burnt, bleeding, and unconscious sister. Leaning forwards, Tammy openned her mouth and sucked his cock inside. "Oh yes that's it baby," Rob groaned.

Tammy gagged on the taste of her sisters shit but she kept on sucking. Not that she knew what to do with it now that she had it in her mouth. She just sat there with his cock in her mouth. Something that quickly grew tedious. Rob sighed and grabbed hold of the child's hair to pull her off of him. "Ow!" cried Tammy.

"Now bitch," he spat. "I want you to go over there and wee all over your sister."

Tammy stared at the man in utter disbelief. Rob snorted and slapped the child across the face. "Okay?" he insisted.

"Yes," cried Tammy.

Rob let go of her hair and the little girl walked hurriedly towards her big sister. As she passed Eddie the man gave her a slap across the rump causing the child to yelp in a sexy fashion.

The eight year old stood straddling her sisters slumped body. She trembled a little and small "ah," sounds escaped her.

"Over her face," said Rob.

"Mmmm," moaned Tammy and she shuffled forwards until her small virgin pussy was over the child's face.

"Turn around."

"Ohh," sobbed the eight year old. After some work she managed to turn so that she was facing the two men and have her little cunt aimed straight at her twelve year old sister's face. Poor Kaitlyn just lay there unconscious.

"I-I can't," sobbed Tammy.

Rob took hold of his belt and started to wrap it around his hand. Suddenly, Tammy pissed herself. A long stream of yellow piss poured out of the little girls pussy and covered her big sisters face.

Kaitlyn shifted and opened her eyes. A little before squeezing them shut as the piss stung them. She seemed to realise what was happening to her and cried out, just as Tammy finished doing her wee-wee.

"Now come back here," said Rob. "I am going to do my wee-wee in your mouth and I want you to drink it all."

"Oh please don't," cried Tammy.

"Get here," growled Rob.

The eight year old girl hurried forwards and fell to her knees in front of the man. She looked up at him with pleading eyes but opened her mouth when he laid his fat cock over her lips. Taking it inside she closed her mouth around it and stared up at Rob, waiting.

Rob sighed and let his bladder go. The strong morning piss pumped out of his penis into the little girl's waiting mouth. She choked on it and the liquid poured out down her chin and over her smooth flat body but she swallowed as much as she could. When Rob pulled his cock from her mouth the little girl gasped for breath.

Rob shook his head. "You've been a bad girl," he said.

"What!" cried Tammy.

"You spilled some of my piss."

"No," sobbed the child. "Please don't hurt me please."

"Oh baby," Rob sighed. "It's too late for that."

"No it isn't pleeease."

Rob stroked his hand into Tammy's hair and took a hold of it. "Well if you are a good girl, and let me fuck you, then bend over for Eddie to bugger you we won't be so hard on you okay?"

"B-but that will hurt," sobbed the child.

Rob grabbed hold of the little girl's hair and yanked her head back, gathering the spit in his mouth he launched it into the little girl's face. Tammy cried out in fear, shock, and pain. "No nearly as much as it will hurt if you don't do as you are fucking told," shouted Rob into the terrified child's face.

Tammy just stared at the man, stunned into silence.

"Do you want us to fuck you like the little slut you are or do you want us to nail you to the fucking tree?" he sneered at her.

"I-I want want you to f-fuck me," sobbed the child.

Rob slapped the child's face. "That is for being a bad girl," he muttered. "Now lay down."

When he let go of the child's hair, Tammy did all that she could do; she sat down and lay back. The little girl closed her eyes, her little naked body, coated in sweat and piss, trembled. The stings from their earlier fun were like a red rash which covered the lower half of the baby girls body. She was utterly fuckable.

Rob nudged her with his foot. "Spread your legs," he said.

With an embarrassed sob the Tammy opened her legs for the man. Rob knelt down in front of her and rubbed his hand into her fat little vulva. She was hot, and wet from her piss. Rob pushed his finger up inside and licked his lips. "Oh please," sobbed the baby girl, shifting around.

Rob ignored the eight year olds pleas and spat against her pussy. Shifting up, he rubbed it in with his rock hard cock. "Oh baby, this is really gonna hurt," he told her.

"Please no!" screamed Tammy.

Rob shoved in, tearing through the little girl's hymen. Tammy threw her head back and shrieked. "No!"

Rob pushed into ever deeper into the small child, his fat, and stiff cock tearing its way though the little girl's pussy. Tear's ran down the poor baby girl's face as she was mercilessly raped. She threw her head from side to side, screaming and begging the man to stop!

Her pleas and cries were getting to Rob. He just couldn't hold himself back and he rammed into the little girl and hard and fast. Tearing open her tiny preteen vagina as he went. Until, finally, he sprayed his load up inside the poor child.

Rob pulled off of her to look at the exhausted little girl gasping for air and crying her eyes out. He didn't have long to admire his work before Eddie grabbed the child's hair and dragged her out from under him. "You know you really shouldn't tease the whore," he said manhandling the little girl over until she was knelt with her arse stuck in the air.

Tammy didn't put up any struggle, she was probably too tired, and in to much shock to do so. She just cried, still begging for them to stop doing this to her. Although she did scream when Eddie shoved his cock inside the poor child's arse. Tammy didn't have the strength to fight the man as he fucked her arse. Although she squirmed as much as she could, the child was practically helpless. Tammy screamed each and every time Eddie rammed his cock up her backside.

When he came, and let go of poor Tammy, she just collapsed, face first, into the dirt. "God she looks cute like that," muttered Rob as he crouched down to lift her arse back into the hair.

"Please," murmured poor little Tammy.

"Shh," said Rob kneading the little girls buttocks. "My dogie wants a go too."


Rob slapped on the little girls arse brining up bright red hand marks, and also attracting Jess. The huge mutt padded over to them, panting he licked at the baby girl's torn arsehole. His long tongue ran right up her blood soaked pussy and across her arse. "Good boy," Rob encouraged.

The dog mounted the child. Thrusting forwards with vigour it took the dumb animal a few tries before he managed to get his enormous cock buried into the child's arse. God, did Tammy screech when the dog tore into her.

Happy that she was not going anywhere, Rob let go of the child and took a few steps back to watch the show. The poor baby girl shrieked like an animal; her whole body was shoved back and forth as the dog fucked into her, her face rubbed into the ground, and blood dribbled down her legs. It was a gorgeous sight.

The two men sat down to catch their breath and to regain their stiffies. They each opened a can of beer and watched the dog rape the eight year old girl.

Jess lasted for almost a full can but finally broke away from the child leaving her semiconscious on the ground while he licked at her torn orifices. After a few more minutes the dog walked away to lay down in the shade.

Almost miraculously, Tammy lifted her head, her small and broken body squirmed and she wriggled towards the opening in the chicken wire. The two men watched as the eight year old approached freedom inch by inch. Rob stood up and walked up behind her. Taking hold of her legs he lifted the eight year old up, "No!" cried Tammy, her face again rubbing against the dirt.

"Oh no baby," said Rob.

He carried the little girl across the clearing and dropped her down against the base of the tree her sister was tied too.

Taking the wire cutters he freed the older girl and shoved her out of the way with his foot. The Twelve year old was in a worse state than her little sister and couldn't even wriggle her way towards the exit, instead she just stared at it with longing, tear filled eyes.

Rob next released Tammy's hands from their bonds and pulled her until she was pressed, front first, against the tree. Placing a knee into the centre of her back, to stop the stupid whore from getting away, he pulled her left arm out and placed it flat against the tree.

Eddie was there in a moment brandishing a hammer and several six-inch nails. Tammy couldn't see what was happening and hugged the tree as if she expected it to help her. She seemed totally unaware even when Eddie placed the first nail against the centre of her wrist. That is, until he smacked it with the hammer.

The child's body bucked and she screamed again.

Eddie smacked the nail a second time; driving it through her wrist and into the tree. The man banged it in until only half an inch protruded from the child's arm. He took a second nail and hammered it through her hand and then a third next to the second. Moving to the other side the man put four nails into the child, two through her wrist and two through her hand, pinning the poor, pathetic wretch to the tree.

"Stay," said Rob, smacking the child's arse with his hand.

When the two men let go the child hung against the tree, blood dripped from her arms and stained the bark and dirt beneath her.

Eddie walked over to their tools and picked up a rope. Rob grabbed Kaitlyn and pulled her upright. "Please let us go," the child managed to breath, albeit very faintly.

"Oh," said Rob. "I'm sorry baby, but we have our hearts set on hanging you."

"No, don't kill me," sobbed the poor child.

Rob held her still, not that she put up much of a struggle, while Eddie tied a noose in the rope. He slipped it around the twelve year olds neck and the two men swapped places. Rob took the rope and threw the free end over a branch of the tree. Yanking down he pulled Kaitlyn up until she was standing on her own. Her head was pulled upwards and she sobbed, unable to go anywhere. Blood seeping from several places on her her cut and burnt body.

Eddie came up behind the little girl and slowly inserted his cock up her arse. He took it slowly so that he wouldn't cut himself on the glass they'd inserted into her cunt. He pushed in deep and sighed. "Yes she's good," he muttered, and started to fuck her.

Rob pulled on the rope lifting the child almost a foot off of the ground. Her cries were cut off in a choke. Rob tied off the rope and walked in to get a close look. Eddie rammed into the choking girls abused arsehole and Rob ran his hands, carefully, over the little girls small and glass filled breasts. He watched her crying as she tried to breath, he aggravated the glass buried deep in her little fatty bags, new blood poured down her chest and she swung back and forth while Eddie fucked into her.

The poor child didn't last too long before her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she hung limp from the branch. Although Eddie was far from done; he continued to fuck into the dead little girl's arse for several long minutes afterward before spraying his load for the third time.

Leaving Kaitlyn's body hanging from the tree the two men took their belts and approached the poor Tammy, she was breathing softly but was still awake. The two men started to lash out at her, beating her back and arse. "Ahhh!" cried poor little Tammy.

She couldn't move, she could hardly even scream. Her small body twitched and jerked under the blows of the two belts. The men delivered them as viciously as they could. Little Tammy deserved no less than a full hearted effort.

They only stopped when Tammy stopped screaming. The little girl's head was pressed up against the tree and she tried desperately to catch her breath. Rob pressed his body against her. "Aww," he said. "Don't worry baby, it'll all be over soon."

At that same moment Eddie smacked the nails, already buried through her left hand, once again with the hammer. The sound of a the hammer smashing the bones and the subsequent scream sent shivers down Rob's spine.

Rob looked down at the mangled hand, a large part was indented where the hammer had struck it. His mouth watered. Eddie passed him the hammer. Rob took a step back and swung the iron head against the child's other hand.

The nails drove in deep and the bones were smashed. "Oh fuck," sighed Rob and mangled the bones in her right wrist.

He passed the hammer back to Eddie and watched the man smash up the child's other arm, and then laughed with glee when he cracked it against the little girl's ankle. The agony Tammy was in was unimaginable. It wasn't over yet, although there wasn't much time left.

Rob grabbed up the small axe from their equipment and hurried over to the girl. Eddie quickly got out of the way. Rob sneered at the poor broken girl and swung the axe, hacking her left hand off in one blow. The right hand took three to take it off completely.

He threw the child's body down against the floor. Blood poured from the stumps where her hands had once been. Without pausing, Rob climbed onto her and shoved his cock back up her cunt. He looked at Tammy, her breathing was very shallow and her eyes were gazed.

Rob held out his hand and Eddie passed him the knife.

With his cock buried deep inside the dieing child Rob leant back and took the knife in both hands. With a grunt threw his hands down punching through her chest with he blade. Tammy choked on her own blood and her body convulsed. "Oh yes," groaned Rob and pulled the child's body against his own until the small eight year old finally stopped moving.

Laying her back down onto the ground Rob started to fuck the dead child. Shoving his cock into the unresponsive whore. It was a great feeling, although not as good as it had been while she had been screaming in agony.

When he came into the girl Rob looked up to see Jess gnawing at one of Tammy's severed hands, still nailed to the tree. Eddie, meanwhile, had already stripped off his clothes and had Kaitlyn's body wrapped in them.

Getting up off of the dead little girl, Rob followed suit. Taking off his clothes he wrapped Tammy's body up. Taking his time to touch the child's loverly cunt one last time. With a smile he gave it a kiss and then covered it over. Picking her up he dumped her over her big sister and went to help Eddie pry the eight year olds severed mits from the tree.

They piled everything up in the clearing. Taking only the things which wouldn't burn. The knives, the axe, the meat hooks, the barbed wire, and the chicken wire. Eddie stuffed Kaitlyn's knickers into his bag as souvenir, and finally doused it in petrol. The place being a clearing there was a good chance the fire wouldn't spread, although there were no guarantees.

The men washed up and got into their clean clothes before throwing a match onto the bonfire to get it started.

"Come on boy," called Rob.

The two men, and their dog walked from the woods, and through the park, leaving the two dead girls to burn.

The End