He saw her one night while he was driving home from a friend's house. She was undressing by her bedroom window. He slammed on his brakes and parked so he could watch. She was young; he could see that even from his parked car forty feet away. She had to be a preteen maybe 9-11 years old. She had on underwear and was getting ready for bed. Her window was on the side of the house and her drapes were open about half way.

He wanted a better view so he quietly got out of his car and snuck up to the side of the house. He hid in the bushes and looked directly into her bedroom window. There she was pulling off her bra and white cotton panties. He was hard as a rock already. She was cute very cute, a pedo's dream. Tall coltish body and legs with tiny cherry size tits and a tiny white butt. He looked at her panties trying to see a mound on the outside and was rewarded with just the slightest outline of her tiny pink slit marking her white cotton underwear. Shit she was hot, just the way he liked them. She had brown hair long and straight, thin arms, thin legs, and her ribs showing through her chest and a tight little tummy. She didn't have any waist yet. She looked like she had a hairless pussy too.

He wanted her bad. He had to figure a way to get into her panties. Maybe he could come back during the day pretending to be a utilities person or maybe a cop. Whatever he was going to do, it had to get him into her house and alone with her. He pulled out his cock and started to jack off while she brushed her hair in the mirror. He looked at her tiny little butt and wished he could slide his cock into it. He was getting close to cumming and wanted to see more of her when she turned and walked towards the window. He froze thinking she could see him. But she was just reaching for her stuffed animal in the windowsill. He could see all of her chest and god she looked hot. He exploded into his hand and his knees got weak. He wanted her; he had to have her, to fuck her tiny slit and to lick it. He was going to fuck her if it was the last thing he did. He snuck around the house peeking into the windows trying to see who lived in the house with her. He saw a single mom and that was it. She was overweight and ugly. He figured she was alone, he saw no wedding ring and because it was still early and no other lights were on except the living room light.

He drove home to get ready for later. He simply couldn't wait any longer. He got a long screwdriver some ropes and duck tape. He wanted to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed once he started his adventure, or should he say her adventure. He finally returned to her house about 3am in the morning. All the lights were off. He looked in the living room window just to be sure no one was awake and saw an empty bottle of wine that the woman was drinking earlier. He knew she would most likely be sleeping soundly now. He crept around to the back door and pried the door lock open. He was inside the back door now. His heart was racing and his cock twitched in his pants. He hadn't worn any underwear and could feel the heat of his cock against his leg.

He slowly shut the door and walked towards her bedroom. He saw the door was open as he rounded the corner. He crept down the hallway and noticed the other bedroom door was closed, that was a good sign. He got to the bedroom door and peeked inside and saw the young preteen sleeping under the covers. He slowly walked over to her bed and looked at her quiet little body lying there. He wanted to pull back the covers and ram his cock into her tight little pink slit. But that could wait for now. He tied four ropes to each bedpost and left loops on the open ends. He peeled some tape off and stuck it to the bed as well. Now was the time to tie her up. He tried to tie her hands without waking her. But as soon as he started to move her arms she woke up. He cupped his hand over her mouth in a hurry.

He sure didn't want her mom running into the room and ruining his plans. He quickly and quietly tied her arms, taped her mouth, tied her legs and then rested for a few minutes while he admired his sex toy prize. His cock was purple and hard thinking of what was coming in the next few minutes. He cut off her T-shirt and panties with some scissors. He looked at her naked lithe body laying there panting, her small chest moving up and down. He noticed her gaze locked upon him waiting to see what he would do next. He stripped his clothes off. His cock was at attention and she didn't miss that. He leaned down and caressed her small chest. Then he ran his fingers down to her small mound. She had such a puffy and beautiful mound it was all a pedo could want. It was perfectly round and swollen with a tiny tight pink slit right down the middle. He leaned down and ran his finger the length of it. Shit he was hot and she was hot looking. He climbed up on the bed and got between her legs. He leaned down again and ran his tongue up the tiny slit of hers. God it tasted good, a slight sour and sweet taste. She smelled like urine and cunny. He liked the way she smelled.

He could tell she had not taken a shower that night. He licked her and sucked her clit. It was so tiny but it was peeking out at him. She jumped when he sucked her clit into his mouth. He nibbled it and she started to tense up at the unexpected feelings she was experiencing. He knew she had never felt these feelings before. He continued to suck and lick her slit. He ran his tongue up her slit and pushed his tongue into her cunny hole. Oh she tasted so sweet and he just had to get into that pre-teen hole of hers. He climbed up over her and positioned himself with his rigid cock at the entrance of her tiny pink cunny. He rubbed his cock up and down the length of her slit several times to coat his cock and make it easy to slip into her. She was shaking and he knew he wouldn't last long once he got inside her tight pink slit. He pushed a little and the purple head of his cock slipped into her cunny. He felt the ring at the opening grip his cock head. She was crying and it really excited the pedo rapist in him. He pushed harder and could feel his cock head hit her hymen. Oh how good it felt to be raping a virgin preteen. He pushed harder and she tensed up even more. He knew her hymen was starting to give and she was in pain. He pulled back and she thought he was stopping. He reached the outer ring of her pussy grip and then plunged in as fast as he could. She made a muffled scream into her tape bound mouth.

It wasn't enough to wake her mom. For the first time in his life he was bottomed out in a tight bleeding preteen virgin cunny. Her cunny was pulsating against his purple cock. He figured it was from the sudden trauma to her hymen. But he liked the way it felt. If he weren't careful she would make him loose control over his hot sticky sperm. He didn't want to coat her cunny walls with sticky baby seed just yet. He wanted to savor the feeling. He would splatter her cunny walls with his hot baby making seed soon enough. He looked into her watery eyes and she was staring at him. He liked it when they looked at him while he was doing his deed. He slowly pulled out and the entered her just as slowly. He kept up a real slow pace in and out all the way to the limits. He wanted to pace himself.

He slowly increased the speed at which he was fucking the little 10-year-old. He was at a medium pace when he felt her cunny started spasming real hard and fast. He guessed she had just had her first orgasm. He was right because he noticed her eyes were closed and she was breathing fast. He couldn't take it any more. He increased the pace of his fucking her cunny until he exploded inside her tight little slit. His balls kept pumping the slick white goo into her for at least 2 minutes. He felt her cunny get real wet and his come was running down the inside of her tight little legs. He looked down and could see her entire ass crack coated with his sperm and her blood. He kept fucking her until his dick went limp. He got dressed and left feeling really worn out and satisfied. He might have to visit her again soon.

The End

Title: Young Rape • Author: PedoDreamer (n/a) • Published by Planetsexstories.org 2000-2004