Chapter 1

Fucking unbelievable. That was the only way to describe it. There was this woman, about 30, good body, pretty face, crying her eyes out, head on the floor, tits rubbing on the carpet, ass in the air, with her hands reaching back pulling her butt cheeks apart and begging, and I mean fucking begging, to have her ass fucked.

She was wearing a parody of a schoolgirl outfit. 6 inch red stilettos with white ankle socks, ridiculously short loose grey skirt, white blouse that was totally failing to keep her tits covered and a school tie round her neck. Her auburn hair was tied in bunches. Her make-up was now smeared with tears but was simple with bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow, just as a school kid would do it.

In between the choking sobs she desperately tried to convince Paul that the only place his cock should be was buried deep in her bowels.

"Please baby .. put it in .. now .. I need it .. it'll be so good for you .. I'll squeeze down just like you want .. Oh god .. you know how much it hurts me .. I'll do anything if you'll only fuck my ass .. please bugger me .. pleeeease .. "

Paul was standing there. The sickest grin you ever saw on his face. His cock covered with her spit after the throat job she had just done. He wasn't even kneeling down ready to fuck her. Just standing behind her, watching as her body shook as she cried, watching as she frigged her tight hole with her finger, watching as her mouth kept on finding more words to tempt him to rape her.

"Fuck my ass .. ram it in .. you know I'm just a slut for your cock .. I promise to be a good girl .. I'll clean it for you afterwards .. you won't believe how hot I am .. please .. please fuck your little ass slut .. I'll make it good for you .. fuck my ass, lover .. you know it's yours whenever you want .."

He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, knelt behind her and stuck his finger deep in her anal opening. "You fucking slut. You're nowhere near hot enough yet," he said "for fuck's sake I've told you enough times that you've got to be really hot for it."

Her eyes showed her fear and somehow she started crying even harder, but she never stopped wriggling her butt and spreading her cheeks with her hands and fucking her ass with her finger "Oh god .. please no .. not that .. not again .. I can't .. it hurts too much .. I can't sit properly for days .. my husband will see the marks .. please .. I'm hot enough already .. I really am .. fuck me baby .. please bugger me .. I am hot enough, really .."

Paul smiled and looked at me, putting a finger to his lips to show I should be silent. "OK, you dumb fuck, if that's how you want it, I'll leave."

Her reaction was weird. She should have thanked god he had offered to go but instead she became even more desperate in her efforts to get him to fuck her ass.

"No, no .. don't go .. I'll get hotter .. I'll fuck you .. I'll do anything .. pleeease bugger me .. oh please, oh please, oh pleeease .. don't go .. look at my ass .. it's yours .. it's so tight .. fuck me now .. you'll love it .. I'll be really good .. please lover .."

Paul smiled. "Well, I don't know, unless you're really hot I don't see how I can fuck you. Still, I expect you can think of something that will heat your ass up nicely. How do you think we could get you really hot?"

Crying the whole time, she crawled away from him, still wriggling that butt, and scrabbled at a cupboard door. She reached behind a load of household cleaning stuff and pulled out one of those whips that jockeys use. She held it between her teeth, crawled back to the centre of the room and laid it at Paul's feet. Turning so her ass was facing him again, she spread her legs, laid her hands flat on the floor and, through yet more sobs, started begging him to whip her.

"Do me lover .. whip my ass .. make me hot .. make it hurt .. I love it when you whip me .. your cock gets so hard .. my ass hole will be so hot for you .. your cock will feel so good when it gets up my ass .. oh god .. make me your slut .. use me .. use the whip .. make me burn for your cock .."

"You sure?" said Paul "last time you wimped out on me .. all that talk but no fucking action .. took fucking ages before you realised how good it was."

"Yes, yes, do it .. I want to be hurt .. whip me .. pleeease .. do it hard .. do it .. I'm not hot enough yet .. make me really hot for your beautiful hard prick .. hit my ass .. make me burn, baby .. I really want to be hot .. "

"OK, if that's what you want" he said, and he hit her.

He whipped her ass cheeks so fucking hard I felt the pain myself. He lashed out at least ten times without stopping. Left, right, left - how she was able to stand it I have no idea. Her skin was striped red in an instant. She had grabbed a cushion and was screaming into it as hard as she could. I waited for her to pass out because she didn't seem to be breathing in, just screaming.

Paul stopped. Breathing heavy. Again he smiled at me. He pushed her ass with his foot as if he was prompting her to say her lines and, right on cue, she managed to get out some words.

"So hard .. hurts .. oh god .. please .. no more .. oh god it hurts .. I'm hot now .. really hot, lover .. do me now .. please .. please lover, fuck my hot ass hole .."

Her hands came back to her reddened cheeks. Again they pulled the globes apart and her hole was on view. Her finger went in and out of her tight little anus like a piston as she begged and sobbed and pleaded and cried.

"Nearly ready slut" said Paul. "Nearly hot enough for some cock .. just three more and we should be there."

"Nooo .. pleeease .. no more .. oh god .. oh god .. oh please, no more .."

"Spread those cheeks properly and get your fucking horny fingers out of the way," ordered Paul.

Her voice cracked as she realised what he was saying "God no .. not that .. not there .. no .. please .. I can't take it .. please, lover, please .. not there .. you'll ruin me .. it's agony when you hit me there .. please .. nooooooo .."

But she stretched her ass cheeks so that her tender anal ring was exposed to the whole fucking world and, of course, to Paul's whip. God it must have hurt like fuck. Three straight whacks. Each with a pause in between. Right on her hole. Somehow she kept her cheeks apart while he did it. Her screams were soundless but the veins in her neck were nearly popping. Her head jerked from side to side. Her body flinched with each stoke of the whip and she nearly collapsed to the floor, but she kept her anus exposed the whole time.

"There" said Paul, "I think you're hot enough now. Only thing is, it took so long to get your useless hole hot enough to fuck that I've got no lubrication left on my dick, think you can help out?"

She couldn't speak but she turned and tried to suck his cock into her dry mouth.

Now Paul's cock is big, not huge like those porn stars, but 8 inches and pretty thick. Try sucking a sweet when the saliva's gone, let alone 8 inches of rock solid dick. She tried hard, but failed. Paul grabbed her face, twisted her head upwards so her open mouth was facing him, and spat in her mouth, twice.

She didn't cringe, she didn't puke, she didn't even grimace. All she did was thank the bastard for gobbing on her.

"Oh lover .. thank you .. help me .. I want to throat you .. to get you really horny .. let me suck your cock .. I'll make it wet again .."

But two loads of Paul's spit hadn't been enough and she was still failing to get up a good action on his rod. I don't often take pity on a slut but I pushed the dog's water bowl over to her. Paul laughed as she lapped up the tepid liquid. " Fucking great man, that gives me an idea for next time .. hey slut, think you can work out your next starring role ?"

Her body slumped as god knows what thoughts went through her head. But then she raised her head, reached for his dick, and started a steady sucking motion, taking him deep in her throat every few strokes. Her hands were busy too, cradling his balls, caressing his thighs, gently sliding up his body to rub his nipples, reaching round to his asshole, doing anything she could think of to increase his pleasure, and all the time her head was bobbing up and down on his cock.

My dick was near to bursting but Paul had told me not to do anything and not to join in until he was done. So I grabbed another beer, sat back in the chair and took in the action.

Chapter 2

I hadn't believed him when he had told me about his latest conquest. "She fucking hates it" he said "but now that I've got her where I want she begs for it, takes it every which way I can think of, and then thanks me. The last couple of times she's even paid me to do it."

I'd told him he was full of shit and talking bollocks but he persisted and told me the whole story about how he had seen this woman, her husband and three kids in the park. The oldest kid was about 12 while the youngest was probably 7 or so. Hubby was a bit of a nerd but the whole happy family picnic scene was like something from a fucking film. The woman had attracted him. He didn't know quite why because she wasn't flashing her tits, or wearing tight pants or anything like that, just engrossed in her family. But she was pretty and had a good body for a mother of three.

One thing about Paul is that he loves screwing girls who don't want it. Sometimes they're prissy little maids, sometimes they're cherry, sometimes they're engaged or married, sometimes it's in front of their girl friends, sometimes it's in public. It doesn't matter why they don't want him to fuck them, knowing that they hate him fucking them is the one of the best ways for Paul.

Occasionally, if he's drunk or if it has been a long time since he fucked someone he will just go for a bog standard rape. Grab a chick, slap her around a bit, get your cock up her cunt, and fuck the shit out of her. I've been with him on some of those nights but afterwards - when the woman's crying, grabbing her clothes, running away or lying on the ground begging us not to hurt her or do it again - afterwards, he just ain't Paul. He's still grouchy and pissed off.

Paul prefers to work at it. The chase is part of the thrill for him. Setting it up, making the woman realise he is going to pump her full of cum, watching her face as it dawns on her that she is going to be fucked no matter what she does, often without any real violence involved, that's where Paul is at his best.

So Paul starts to check out this woman and her family. He follows them home and from there it is fairly easy to work out names, phone numbers, jobs, routines and all the little bits Paul loves putting into place. It took him six weeks before he struck lucky. The woman and her youngest kid are shopping, the kid wanders off a bit in the car park and Paul goes for it.

I'd have grabbed the kid and forced the mother to fuck me to get her child back safe. Then I'd probably have fucked the kid as well. But Paul isn't like that. Paul drives his car towards the kid from behind, gets 2 yards away, hits the horn so fucking hard the whole fucking car park jumps, slams on the brakes, screeches the tyres and turns left into a brick wall. The wing of the car is wrecked, the suspension's fucked and Paul is slumped over the wheel - still holding down the horn - pretending to have hit his head. The woman has whirled round, seen the kid missing from her side, screamed, then seen the kid safe in the middle of the car lane, and rushed over.

Picture it - it's so fucking neat. The mother's crying and hugging the kid, Paul staggers out of the car saying "Is she alright? I tried to miss her. She came from nowhere. Thank god I was able to pull the car over. Are you sure she's OK?". The mum is gushing over the kid and thanking Paul for missing her, and the whole fucking car park thinks Paul is a hero. It even got a paragraph in the local paper.

So Paul has trashed his car to save her child, and she is so fucking grateful. She offers to drive him to the hospital to check out his injuries, she offers to pay for the damage to the car, she invites him to meet her husband that evening, and before you can say "fuck" he is a friend of the whole fucking family. Its enough to make you puke but Simon and Judy think he is just so nice, and the way he laughs and gets on with their daughters, Lucy, Tina and little Anna, is just wonderful.

Paul still doesn't push it. Sometimes he doesn't see them for a week or two but in a couple of months he knows loads of shit about the happy family. The layout of the house, when hubby is away on business, that Friday afternoons are always a rush because she has to get the two oldest kids to different places at the same time and, eventually, he hits the fucking jackpot. Next Friday hubby is away for three days and she has to take one kid to some fancy party, another to some fucking music exam, and the youngest needs to be collected from school, all at the same time. Paul offers to collect little Anna from school - no trouble at all he says, anything to help out he says - and the stupid bitch falls for it.

I'd have fucked them all by now, but not Paul. Paul gets the kid from school and for half an hour, him and Anna are on their own in the home, waiting for Judy to return. Paul and the kid play a couple of games. Paul and the kid play a blindfold game, seeing if each can guess what the other is doing. Paul takes some photos while Anna is blindfolded and Paul has now got all the trumps in his hand.

Late that night Paul visits the house, Judy is puzzled but lets him in, Paul shows her the photos. Little Anna is blindfolded in all of them. In the first picture she's on her bed and right next to her hand is a rock solid 8-inch cock. In the next photo there's a big hand on Anna's thigh and the cock is only a couple of inches from her lips. Then there's one with the kid puckering up her lips in a pretend kiss as a huge fucking knife is pointing at her throat. Each photo shows her vulnerable little daughter about to be the plaything of a pervert or cut up into little pieces.

The picture show continues while Judy sits unable to move from shock, fear or maybe just instinct. Paul lays it on the line. He could have fucked her kid but he didn't, he could have killed her little girl but he didn't, Anna knows nothing about the photos, or even that he had his cock out, but ....

... but next time it will happen. Paul goes for the jugular. He tells her that he knows so much about the whole family that he could grab any of them at any time, from school, from her car, from their home, from the grandparents' house, anytime, anywhere. Paul works on her head, telling her he is really her friend, but pushing how he is a complete fucking pervert, and most of all making sure she is aware that he hasn't harmed her children .... yet. She is so confused that she starts to lose it, none of it makes sense - Paul is a family friend, but Paul wants to fuck her kids, but Paul wrecked his car to save Anna, but Paul could kill her daughters, but Paul has been so nice, but Paul wants to rip her little girl's ass apart, but her husband really likes Paul, but Paul is a perverted shit.

Paul just loves fucking with a woman's head. Judy doesn't know whether to call the cops or thank Paul for not raping her children. She starts crying as Paul keeps working on her and soon his arm is round her and he is comforting her as a friend would. Paul starts touching the more interesting bits and she is so fucking lost in her head that she allows him to feel her tits before she realises he's the bastard who wants to turn her kids into fuck toys. She pushes him away and Paul says that if she won't fuck him, then he may as well do the girls like he could have done earlier. In fact, why not fuck them now.

Paul heads for the stairs and the kids' bedrooms, but Judy rushes him. One punch is all it takes and she is flat out. Half an hour later she is awake and listening to Paul telling her she can't stop him like that. The only way he won't fuck her whole family is if she opens her legs for him. She cries, she begs him not to, she says she'll phone the cops, she offers him money to get out, she tries hitting him again but, in less than an hour, Paul has his cock inside her while she lies flat on her bed staring at the ceiling, not sure if she is being raped, saving her kids or having an affair.

The whole night is spent with Paul working on her mind and her body, until she is convinced that she is in too deep, that she has let him fuck her, that she wanted him to fuck her, that she has been unfaithful, that she is his to do with as he pleases, that she can't let her husband know, and that she has to save her children in the only way she can - by keeping Paul's cock busy.

The next two days seal the deal. The kids find Uncle Paul in the house in the morning and he tells them Judy is not feeling well. As it's the weekend Uncle Paul takes the older two girls to the mall where he leaves them with their friends, and takes little Anna along for the ride so that their mother can get some sleep. Paul is just so fucking cool. He knew she could go to the cops while he was away from her, but he knew she wouldn't - not while he had her kids with him.

All Saturday he's fucking her body and her mind. On Sunday they take the kids out to the park and Paul is so much fun as he plays with the children. The girls go and get ice creams, and Paul uses the 15 minute break to rape Judy's ass in the public toilets. Her ice cream is his shit covered cock. So it continues until Judy doesn't know what's right or wrong, and all the time Paul is planting the same thought in her head. She must save her girls from this fucking bastard and his perverted cock.

By Monday the whole deal is sealed and Paul also has some insurance just in case she starts to work out how stupid she is. A few photos of Judy taking it in all available holes, and a video that with half decent editing shows her as a willing partner, and Paul is home and dry.

And now he really goes to town. Each time he fucks her he introduces more rules. Sometimes a 'big' rule like how she must always suck his cock clean after he has fucked her, sometimes a 'little' rule like calling him "lover", but every time he fucks her it gets worse and worse for her - and better and better for Paul.

Every time he turns up at the house she has to be wearing something sexy. Every time he suggests something she has to pretend she wants it. Every time the perverted bastard fucks her she has to thank him and clean his cock with her mouth. Every time he comes into the house she must come on to him, licking his neck, kissing his face, frenching him, rubbing her tits on his chest, grinding her cunt against him, and rubbing his cock through his jeans. And so it goes on.

As further insurance Paul has by now filmed several fuck sessions, most of which show her 'enjoying' it, although there aren't many close-ups in these films - her eyes don't quite seem to be as happy as the other parts of her body. The best video was one where he fucked her on the bed next to Lucy (dead to the world after a couple of sleeping pills) as Judy begs him to take her daughter's cherry.

Paul doesn't care that she doesn't really mean any of it. In fact, he loves it when she is crying buckets and begging at the same time. He knows that her cunt is only wet because of the KY she uses when she knows he is coming to the house. He knows she has spent at least 5 minutes before he arrives pinching her nipples to make them hard for him. He knows that she hates him. And he knows that there is not a fucking thing she will do about stopping him.

Chapter 3

She had been throating Paul for nearly five minutes and the slime was drooling in strings from her mouth, onto her tits, down his balls, on the remains of her schoolgirl blouse, and onto the floor.

"OK you little ass slut" Paul laughed "time for some good hot fucking .. but .. oh dear .. you've cooled down a bit .. better re-light that fire."

She was gasping for breath from the face fuck as she hung her head, turned round, spread those beautiful cheeks again and spat out the words "hit it you bastard".

"Oh dear, Judy" said Paul, "That's not the right attitude is it? I think we should improve on that or else I may have to introduce Lucy to the joys of fucking"

"Oh god .. you bastard .." she sobbed again and then with a massive effort went back to the high schoolgirl voice that she had used right at the beginning, when we had first walked through the door.

"Please whip my ass sir .. please stop me being a bad girl .. I need to be shown how to be good .. I can't help wanting your cock .. I get so hot and your cock is so big and hard .. make me really hot so it will be good for you .. please do it .. do it hard .. pleeease .. pleeease."

So Paul did. Three more hits right on her anus. The fucking anal ring was already swollen and tender from the last beating and in seconds she was screaming in agony. There was no way he was going to get his cock up her hole now. It was so swollen from the beatings that it wouldn't be possible to get a pencil in the tight little opening, let alone his dick. But he knelt down, put his thumbs either side of the hole, gripped hard on her battered cheeks and managed to spread it so that perhaps 1/4 inch of tight opening was just visible.

"OK slut, you know what to do, fucking get with it"

She spat on her fingers, reached back and lubed her hole as best she could. Then she carefully reached for his cock, held it in her tiny hands and brought it to her anal ring. Holding it in place she pushed back and, through her crying and sobbing, begged Paul as though her life depended on it.

"Now baby .. do it .. push into my ass .. make me your slut .. show me how to take it .. do it hard .. make it hurt .. fuck me .. please fuck me .. bugger my sweet little ass with that fucking huge cock .. please lover .. your cock will feel so good when it rips open my ass hole .. fuck me .. please .. my ass needs your cock .. "

Paul pushed, she pushed and the head of his dick squeezed an inch into her beaten and swollen hole. She screamed again and Paul started to sweat with the effort. Then he pulled his dick back out of her ass and watched as her hands tried to drag it back towards the centre of her pain.

"Do it lover .. please fuck me .. bugger me hard .. don't leave me like this .. I need your cock in my shit hole .. use me .. make me a cum bucket .. spunk up my ass .. make it so I can't shit for a week .. please baby .. please .. "

Paul let her pull his cock back into her opening. The head pushed forward past the swollen tissue again and, again, he pulled back out. The pain must have been almost continuous but Paul didn't give a shit.

"Bugger me .. bugger me .. bugger me .." she was almost chanting as she humped back on his cock and took the head just inside her anus, time and time again, as Paul kept easing back to pull it out. The sensitive head of Paul's dick was being squeezed so tight by her swollen ring and for Paul it was just exquisite, but Judy didn't seem to be enjoying it as much. After 5 minutes Paul couldn't stand it any more. He drove his cock hard into her ass and felt the tight walls encircle his raging prick. Her swollen ass was clamped round the base of his dick and the head of his cock was deep in the heat of her bowels.

She gasped in agony, tried to scream but again found her vocal chords wouldn't work, and screwed her face up tight as Paul thrust into her tender whipped ass until his balls were banging against her cunt. Paul didn't move out this time and you could see her raw ass hole clenching spasmodically around his invading cock. She knelt there gasping for a nearly a minute and then, for fuck's sake, then she only fucking started begging again.

"Oh lover .. that hurts so good .. do it harder .. use my hole .. give me your cum .. fuck my tight little ass .. show me how to be good .. fuck that cock up my ass .. make it yours .. do me good, lover .. bugger me .. bugger me hard .. make me your anal slut .. please use me properly .. don't make me beg any more .. please fuck my ass .."

Her arms were still stretched back from her efforts to pull his cock into her and now she moved one hand down between her legs. I though she was going to play with her clit to try to ease her pain but I should have known Paul would have her better trained than that. She gently cupped his balls and caressed them with her fingers, and as Paul started to fuck her anus the fingertips of her other hand were playing with his dick. Whichever part of his cock was not in her ass was gently rubbed and caressed by her dainty fingers from the root of his cock all the way up to the head. She started to squirm her butt around, while moaning and mewling sounds came from her lips. We all knew she was faking it but we all knew it was one hell of a turn-on for Paul and me.

As Paul reached the point of no return, as his balls contracted and his dick swelled up even thicker, she was ready. She gave out the most fantastic orgasmic gasps and sighs and screams that I have ever heard. No porn star could have done it better. If you hadn't seen her eyes and known the pain she was in, you would have thought she was coming like a train. But all the cries of passion couldn't disguise the crying. All the begging for more couldn't hide the hate. Paul was in heaven.

"... Ooooohhhh Goooodddddd .. aaahhhh ... baby ... so fucking great .. I can't live without your cock .. ooooooo .. more, more .. fuck me harder .. I love it .. fuck my ass .. ooohhh lover .. cum in me, baby .. spunk me .. flood my ass with your cum .. split me in half with your cock .. cum in me .. Gooooooodddddd .. more .. harder .. fuuuucccckkkk .."

Paul's body clenched hard as time after time his creamy load shot up his prick into her bowels. Grunting and groaning and slapping her ass cheeks he finally subsided as his fantastically trained slut kept her hands caressing his balls, and tried hard to look like she was enjoying every thrust.

"Oh god, baby .. you're so good .. your cock's so big .. I won't be able to walk properly for days .. only you can make me cum like that .. can you do me again .. please say you will .. oh lover .. keep fucking me .."

After a while, Paul let his softening cock slip out of her tortured hole. As soon as it left her body she turned round and reached for his slimy dick, covered in shit and spunk. She was still begging him to fuck her again, saying how great his cock was, offering her ass for another buggering, and she only stopped talking as she sucked his dick between her lips and took it as deep into her mouth as she could

She worked the cock in and out of her mouth until it was clean, she carefully licked under the head, checked round his balls, and made sure there wasn't one piece of her shit left on his dick. Then she starts giving him a blowjob, trying to get him hard again, and Paul is just laughing at her efforts.

"Fuck, you're a slut. You just can't get enough, can you? Just a fucking cock crazed whore. Well tramp, you going to have to wait. I can't have all the fun just for myself. But because I know how desperate you always are to keep on fucking, I brought along a spare cock."

Paul nods his head at me and I knew that finally I was going to get some relief for my aching balls.

"I know how bad it is for you when even my cock can't keep up with your slutty little holes so, after you've got us a beer, and after you've cleaned yourself up and sorted out that crap make-up, and if you ask Rob really nicely ... you can have some of his cock."

She was still sucking Paul's dick but she half turned her head and looked at me with eyes that were blank. She had obviously known from the moment that we came into the house that she was going to get two cocks that day but Paul had told her to ignore me up to this point. Now she was going to have to go through this all over again.

"Hey Rob," said Paul, "anything special you want her to wear or does 'schoolgirl' do it for you as well. Sluts like this want to please so you can have your choice of outfits. Space girl is pretty good, nurse isn't bad, and there's always hooker, but if you really want a turn-on you should try Roman slave girl."

I spoke for the first time and my voice was full of lust, "Schoolgirl is great Paul, I really don't give a fuck, I just want to stick my cock inside her."

"For fuck's sake" said Paul, "you have got to learn some subtlety, 'just want to stick my cock inside her' is not cool. Where's your style? Where's your class, man?" He turned to Judy "Where's my beer, ass slut?".

She stood up, got beers for me and Paul and went to the bathroom to fix her face.

Chapter 4

Paul looked at me, "Well, did I lie or am I just the coolest perverted bastard in the fucking county?"

"You're cool" I admitted "How the fuck do you get her to do all that. All that 'whip me' stuff and 'I want your cock up my ass' is just fucking amazing. How do you know she won't rip your balls off or try to bite your cock in two - you can see she hates you."

"Hey man, you're talking to an expert" said Paul "At the beginning she might have done but now, with all the shit I've got on her, with the videos of her fucking, and with the hold that I have over her mind because of her kids - man, she ain't doing anything except taking cock. Up till now I haven't even touched her girls but she thinks I will the moment she doesn't do exactly what I want. One day those kids will be joining in, but there's no rush. Might as well get Judy to go through every last position, perversion and degradation that I can think of first - and, of course, all the extra bits that she can think of as well."

"Man, oh man" I said. "But you could rape her kids now. Fucking hell the young one's only 6 or 7. Its years since I had anything that young and sweet."

"No class" said Paul "No class at all. If you fuck the kids now we lose Judy. The kids are the main reason she'll do anything I want. She is so shit scared of what I might do to them - will do to them in time - that she is willing to go along with the whole deal. You've seen her, she is badly messed up in the head, she doesn't know what she wants, what she is doing, or whether she hates it or likes it. Fuck the kids and her brain may just go walkabout and that's no use to me. Anyway, there ain't much difference between 7 year old cunt now or 8 year old cunt next year. No, I'm in charge of this little party and I call the shots. The kids are for later."

He was right. I could see that getting the whole family slowly involved over months or even years was better than one or two fantastic nights of fucking underage cherries. "OK man, you're the boss," I said.

Paul smiled "I fucking know that," he said. "Right, you said schoolgirl didn't you? Now this part might seem a bit clinical but I want you to write down what you want her to do. Anything you want. What sort of schoolgirl do you fancy? 13 year old class slut who has fucked all the boys; little scared virgin 12 year old who has never even heard the words 'cock' or 'cunt', curious 14 year old who wants to learn but isn't sure, experienced head girl wanting to make sure she gets good grades, smart-mouthed bad girl who is in trouble but knows how to get out of her punishment, the choice is yours."

"Fuck ... Really ... Write it down." I stammered, "what is this, the fucking school play?"

"Yeah" said Paul, "that's about it. Judy's good but she ain't physic. Remember you're talking to the master. I've got her well trained. She will do anything, take up any position, make any noise, say any words, play any part, but she needs an idea of what does it for you. She's a pretty good actress and she does elaborate around a theme if you tell her what you want, but I always get so pissed off if I have to keep stopping fucking to put her on the right track.

For the last few visits I've sent her an email a couple of days beforehand, setting out roughly what I want. Sometimes I give her a web site address or a story to read to get her brain around how I want her to be. Sometimes I send a photo or a film which turns me on. I'm telling you, man, its fucking great. Whatever you want, you tell her and one or two days later its there waiting for you in the flesh."

"OK, OK, I get the idea," I laughed and reached for a piece of paper, "but you know what I want. It's what I always want."

As I wrote Paul continued "One of the funniest that I thought of was 'virgin - well, ex-virgin - struggling home after being gang raped at a party'. She hasn't fucked anyone else except me yet, other than her wimpy husband, so I told her that she must prepare herself using these fucking great dildos I sent her. One had those hard rubber spikes all over it and I super-glued strips of coarse sandpaper to the other. Fuck man, she had fucked herself raw in both holes by the time I got started. Her make-up, hair and clothes were just perfectly messed up and torn because I sent her a photo of what I wanted from my own collection. She had whipped her thighs, tied up her tits with string for two hours before I arrived, burned herself twice on her belly with a cigarette, put something like cum on her face, in her hair and up her ass and cunt - god knows what the 'cum' actually was but it looked fucking good on her - and even put a cut into one of those puffy nipples of hers. She managed to get some bruising on her face by deliberately falling over in the yard the day before and trying not to save herself with her hands. Then I made her start the session by going into the park at night and wandering around for 15 minutes before I met her. I was actually hoping she would get raped by someone but she managed to avoid that. But she was still a fucking mess when I picked her up. She really goes for it man, because she knows that if I'm not happy with her then her kids will be getting their holes stretched."

Holy shit I thought. That sounded so good - but I'm crap at fantasy. I'm not like Paul. I don't normally need that shit. If there's a cunt in front of me, I fuck it. But I know what I do like, and I wrote down a few simple instructions. I ain't much good at literature but I think I managed to get over what was required.

'You're a pain slut. You love pain. No crying. And no screaming. You love what you are getting and you think of ways to make the pain worse and beg me to do it. Before you start, get some things from the workshop that you want me to use on you. And bring rubber bands, string, rope, a paddle, a ..'

"Fucking hell, Rob" Paul's voice cut through my thoughts, "hurry up. You don't need to write a fucking book. Just some ideas, that's all, she'll pick up on them and go with it. Promise."

Judy came out of the bathroom before I could write any more.

"Hey slut" said Paul, "Rob's got something for you. Read that and get to work". Paul grabbed the paper, glanced at it, laughed out loud and put it in Judy's hand.

She looked at the words and immediately fell down at Paul's feet, rubbing his crotch, trying to turn him so that he would fuck her instead. "Noooo. No, Paul. I can't do this. It's too much. He's mad. I can't. I can't."

"Oh dear, oh dear. What shall we do then?" Paul smirked. "If you can't do what you're told then we will just have to get someone else to look after Rob. Who could we think of? Did I tell you Rob thinks Lucy is a bit old? Did you know that Rob likes then really young and tender? Rob would fuck babies if he could. Shall we let Anna find out about the real world from Rob? He'd be a good teacher. She would never forget what he taught her."

Fuck, I wanted her to sacrifice her daughter. Paul was right. Young cunt is the best cunt. And young cunt in pain is even better.

"Paul, pleeease. Fuck me again now. We don't need him. It's you I'm doing it for. I only want you. I only want you and your beautiful cock. Just you and me, lover. You don't want other men to spunk in my holes. I want to save everything just for you. Come on, baby," she started undoing his zip. "Fuck me again. Whip me, then piss in my mouth. Fuck my ass again. It's so tender now you'll love it. It'll hurt me so much. I'll do anything for you. I'll lick your ass. I'll eat your shit. I'll do anything for you but don't give me to other men. Please fuck me, lover. Don't make me a whore. Please."

It was a good try, but she didn't know Paul. Paul has always been happy to share. Once he was sort of engaged to a girl for a while. Then he got pissed off with her about something and started handing her round to the guys. She thought they were being really cool and trendy, and that 'swinging' was sooo exciting. It took her a month until she realised he wasn't doing it for kicks. He was doing it for money - 10 for one hole, 20 for all three. If it's a hole you can fuck, Paul doesn't care if its been used by someone else. In fact, he sometimes prefers it that way.

Paul stopped laughing. "I know you're just a slut who needs cock all the time, but you're pissing me off. My friend has told you what to do. Fucking do it. Or do we wait for Anna to come home from school? You've got 10 seconds to decide."

"Oh god, no." She cried. "Not Anna, she's only 7. She'd die."

"5 seconds, cunt. Oh, and Rob would probably enjoy that too. Nothing like sticking a knife in her chest and getting her to choke up blood to improve a blowjob. Times up. What's it to be?"

"You bastards. You fucking, fucking bastards." She got up and you could see the defeat in her eyes. "I'll be back in a minute. I've got to get some things from the workshop."

Chapter 5

Ten minutes later she walked back in the room. I thought she'd done a runner but Paul was confident she wouldn't have the nerve. He was right. He always is.

Somehow she had composed herself. She still wore the schoolgirl outfit because she hadn't been told to change. She had re-done her make-up and there was no sign of the tears that had streaked her face earlier. Her eyes were still red but she now smiled at us both and she nearly fooled me into thinking that she was for real.

"Hi" she said, in that fantastic schoolgirl voice she had almost perfected, " I've been waiting for some real men to come over. I need some special treatment but it's so difficult to get it from the useless fat wimps that pick me up after school. All they want is to play with fresh pussy and get their cocks sucked. I've heard that you really know how to .." she paused to give the words greater effect, ".. how to 'look after' a poor defenceless little girl like me."

She laid a small bundle on the table and slowly unwrapped the cloth surrounding it. "My woodwork teacher at school says that I'm not very good with tools, "she giggled wickedly, "but he doesn't know me very well. I like all kinds of tools and I'm very good at handling them, even some of the bigger ones, but I'm not sure what these are. I found them both in the workshop. Could you men show me how to use them properly? I'm a very willing pupil and I'd love it if you could give me a personal demonstration."

I couldn't think what she would bring to her own torture session. The image of her standing in the workshop carefully selecting tools for me to use on her body went through my mind and my cock pulsed again. She moved round the table and knelt down beside me, placing a hand on the inside of my thigh while her tit pushed against my leg. Her other hand reached under the cloth on the table and pulled out the first of her torture implements.

"Holy fuck" was all I could say. She had actually done it. She was gently rubbing the inside of my thigh, gazing into my eyes, and asking me to demonstrate the correct use of a carpet stapler. She had gone and got a fucking carpet stapler for me to use on her body. I hadn't told her what to get and I didn't really know what I thought she was going to bring back from the workshop .... but for fuck's sake ... a fucking carpet stapler .... this was fucking unreal.

I still can't believe that Paul had her that well trained. All these years later I'm still not sure that she wasn't somehow enjoying this shit.

She kept going. "My tits get all tingly when I see a big tool like this in a real man's hands," She licked her lips as she gazed up at me, "does that mean the tool has got something to do with my tits? Look at them .." she pulled open the blouse to show her breasts with the nipples rock hard. "My nipples always throb when I hold this tool and I don't know why. Can you show me?"

Her left hand was now rubbing my cock through my jeans while her right hand caressed the stapler. I was going to lose it very soon. I had been watching Paul whip her, face fuck her and bugger her for nearly two hours. I hadn't cum in a week anyway and being the private audience to Paul's abuse of this willing slut had kept my cock at maximum hardness.

It was no use. Before we went any further I had to cum. I thought I'd try some of Paul's fantasy stuff and see if it worked. I'm no actor, but I can remember lots of bits from films and things. OK so they're porno films. Is it my fault my education was a bit limited?

"Look tramp," I said "You know you're supposed to address me as 'sir'. This isn't the first time you've blatantly disregarded the rules. You will be punished."

She got into her part immediately. Paul had done one hell of a job on her. "Oh sir, I'm sorry, I try to remember but I keep forgetting because my body is always hot. My nipples get so hard I can't remember things. I try to concentrate in class but my cunt gets all wet. Perhaps if you punish me I will be better. Would you punish me? Please sir."

"Yes" was all I could say - I told you I wasn't an actor. "Get on the table. On your back."

She obeyed immediately and lay there waiting for my next move. I got her to lay with her head over the edge of the table, her knees bent and her feet wide apart. Her blouse was wide open and I pulled her skirt up to her waist to expose her cunt. "Get my cock out and suck on it as I punish you". I realised I was shouting with the excitement, and it struck me that even in a porno movie my lines would sound pretty crap. But I was so hot. She opened my fly and released my throbbing dick.

Gently jacking me off with one hand, she licked my cock head while she used her other hand to cradle my balls. Making an 'O' with her lips she slowly sucked the end of my cock in and out of her mouth, while licking all round the head. Fucking heaven, man. I was having trouble keeping up with the plot. I could have cum just letting her caress my dick with her tongue but I managed to hold back. Reaching for the whip Paul had used earlier I tapped her thighs apart.

"Right, you disobedient slut, this is should help you remember to call me sir." I said and raising my arm, I sliced the whip down on her inner thigh. She flinched and her legs snapped shut to try to protect her tender thighs, while her mouth gaped open. I may not be an actor but this was something I was really good at. As her mouth opened to scream I drove my cock into her throat. The invading rod of hard flesh made her gag and she tried to push me away.

I moved back, my cock was desperate to cum but I wanted more. "If you even think of not taking my cock all the way into your throat, or of closing your legs or doing anything that pisses me off you will be expelled from the school and I will train Anna to take your place."

My words reached deep into her mind and the reaction was almost immediate. Her legs opened so wide I though her cunt would split. You could see the sinews standing out at the top of her thighs. She begged for forgiveness. "Oh sir, I'm just a bad girl. I need to be punished. Show me how to be a good girl for you. I'll be much better than Anna. Keep me as your special girl. If I'm punished properly I won't forget. Don't use Anna. Please give me another chance, sir. Whip me hard so that I don't forget. Use my tits as well. Punish my nipples. It will help me to remember even better if you work on my tits, sir. Try putting your cock in my mouth again now, sir."

She pulled my raging hard-on back into her mouth as far as it could go. One hand returned to my balls while the other snaked its way between my legs and her finger, moistened as she had been pleading for torture, pushed its way up my asshole.

I slashed down with the whip again and again, marking the sensitive flesh on her thighs. She writhed beneath me but kept slurping my cock in and out of her mouth as her hand worked its sensual dance on my balls and my prostate was gently tickled by her fingernail. I reached for her puffy nipples with my free hand and twisted hard as my hips punched my cock into her throat.

I desperately wanted to whip her cunt but I couldn't get the right angle until I bent over her body and slammed my dick so far down her neck that her nose was squashed against my body. I was going to cum any second. I held my cock in her throat as I whipped her moistened cunt lips. Her legs snapped shut as the first hit struck home, but immediately she forced herself to part them again. Her vulnerable hole was laid bare for me to smash down again without mercy.

Her attempts to scream around my invading cock, her twisting body, her gagging throat and that finger in my asshole sent me over the top. I spewed huge globs of spunk down her throat. I had been rock hard for over two hours with sperm boiling up in my balls. Now that it was released it seemed like I was spurting forever. My aim went to pieces as my exploding cock took over my brain and I whipped frenziedly at her cunt, legs, belly, tits, anything I could reach.

Slowly my orgasm passed. I stood there trembling as I regained my strength. Judy was limp beneath me.

Chapter 6

"I think you had better take your cock out," said Paul "suffocating her now would be an awful waste."

He was right. My softening dick was still wedged into her throat and it was must have been two or three minutes since her last breath. I pulled out and slapped her face to bring her round. She gasped awake, retched, and rolled off the table onto the floor where she knelt with her body heaving as she coughed and spluttered drool and spunk onto the carpet.

I kicked her in the side and sat down to recover from my efforts. "Enjoy that, you little pain slut? Don't worry - there's plenty more to come. I just had to get rid of that load from my balls before they burst. Now I can concentrate on hurting you properly. Is that what you want?"

She coughed one last time and wiped her mouth. Slipping back into the character she knew she had to play she answered as best she could. "Oh please, sir. Please punish me properly. Please make sure I learn all my lessons well."

I picked up the string she had brought from the workshop. Tying a slipknot in one end I placed it over her tit and told her to pull her nipple outwards so that I could get the string round the meat of her breast. Pulling tight on the string I wrapped it round her tit as tightly as I could several times and then tied another knot to hold it in place. Repeating this action on her other tit got them standing to attention in no time. The colour of her taut flesh was beginning to change to pink as I took two rubber bands and looped them round the base of her nipples as many times as I could. She just knelt there and let me work on her body, as her face alternated between grimaces of pain and false smiles.

"There, that's got some of the preparation work out of the way. Let's see what else you've got in the bag" I said.

She turned back to the table, rubbing her rock hard tits against my thigh. Her hand gently fondled my limp slimy cock as I waited for her humiliation to continue.

"I haven't seen these used before," she said as she pulled a pair of G-clamps from underneath the cloth on the table, "and I don't know what I should do with them. I'm sure that they could be really nasty if they were in the wrong hands. But if someone with the proper experience was to show a little girl like me what to do, I'm sure I would never forget the lesson."

Fucking hell. She was really good. My cock was starting to recover already and it seemed that I should start the lesson now. "Yeah," I said. "These are special clamps to give you nice hard tits. You won't need no 'push-up' bra with these babies. And once they're on you've got the added bonus of a couple of good handles for me to grip onto. Come here, give me your tits and I'll show you how they work."

She swallowed hard and sat up on the floor and put her hands behind her head to thrust her breasts towards me.

"I'd love to have big firm tits like those models, sir." she pouted "You've already made my breasts much better than they were and I love the colour, but I would be so grateful if you maker them even bigger. Will these clamps really make my tits push out hard so that I can show them off to the boys? I hope they hurt as well. When my tits hurt my nipples get really hard and my cunt gets so wet and I get all tingly. I like that. Can you make my tits hurt, sir. Please do it, sir."

I reached down and positioned the clamp ends around the underside of her left tit, and started to turn the screw. As it squeezed her flesh from underneath the top of her breast began to stand even further out from her chest and even though the rubber band round the nipple was cutting off the blood supply, the pressure of the clamp forced the bud to become even more engorged. Once the clamp was attached firmly enough to hold on its own, I placed the other clamp on her right breast and repeated the action.

"Oh god, that hurts, sir." she moaned the words with a sweet tone as if she was getting her clit licked, instead of having her tits tortured. "Do it some more please. My tits look so lovely when they push out like that. All the boys will love them, sir. I'd love to get the football team to look, and if they get even bigger I'm sure they would pay attention to me."

"Don't you worry, you little fuck slut. They'll be lots bigger before we finish. All the boys will be wanting to get their hands on them. And the more they grab and maul them, the more they will hurt."

She had moved both hands to my cock and was gently jacking it back to rock hardness. One hand at the base and the other gently encircling the head. I started tightening the clamps, sometimes together, sometimes separately so that one tit got bigger than the other before I evened up the pressure again. The clamps were squeezing her already swollen breasts from beneath, taking her flesh to a hardness that was like bone. The nipples were so rigid I wasn't sure if I would be able to squeeze them to increase her agony. Fucking hell, she was a sight. The two G-clamps hanging from beneath her breasts, the dark red colour of her skin, the distorted shape of her tits and the throbbing nipples that seemed to be pulsing visibly, made her look like some masochistic cartoon from a porno computer game.

The whole time she kept on talking. I reckoned it was to stop herself crying. If she could keep thinking up words to go with the show then she could try to ignore the pain. If she stopped to think about what was happening she would realise the full extent of the agony she was going through.

"Oh, they're really getting big now, sir. And they hurt so much. Hurt so good. My cunt's all wet. My cunt juices are starting to drip down my thighs. You're a real expert, sir. Will you keep showing me how to look good? Look at my nipples. They're huge. I hope they don't burst. The boys will love my tits like this. But they do hurt so much. I'll let the boys feel them and then they will like me. They might let me get their cocks out if I let them play with my tits. My cunt needs cocks to stop the tingling feelings. Would you help me, sir? Please help my cunt. It needs to be rubbed. Please, sir, please rub my cunt while you squeeze my tits."

My cock was getting really hard again as I reached the limit that I could turn the clamp screws. The clamps just wouldn't squeeze the flesh any tighter, and I knew the bruising would be with her for weeks. The thought of how her tits would look in the morning sent another quiver through my cock, which she still gently caressed. I hoped Paul would let me come back again soon so I could work on those bruises.

I ignored her pleas for relief for her hot cunt and sat back to study her body. " OK slut, lesson one is over. That's the best way to use G-clamps. Now its time for lesson two. Let's show you how to use a stapler."

Chapter 7

"You're doing good, slut," said Paul, who was sitting watching as he stroked his hard cock, "Keep it up and maybe Lucy won't be joining us ... just yet."

She smiled gratefully at him as she stood up, straddled my legs and reached down for my raging hard-on. Her right hand stroked it some more and then edged it into position at the lips of her dripping cunt. She may not have been a real pain slut, but I've never come across any woman whose pussy didn't juice up when her tits were as engorged as hers.

"Oh sir, I so want your cock to help me. Please take me. You'll love it in my warm box. I can squeeze you so well if your cock is in my pussy. Mr Paul has taught me how to make it really good for you. You won't even have to move. I'll do all the work. I promise you'll love it, sir. Please let me have your cock. My cunt is dying for it. Please sir. Pretty please .."

Shit. This woman was something else. Her tits were now going beyond dark red to a deep purple shade. In half an hour or so they would be permanently damaged. Her nipples were like fucking bullets as they brushed against my chest. Her asshole had been whipped and fucked. She had been throating cock on and off for two hours. Her cunt lips were swollen from the beating I'd dished out only moments before.

But in spite of the pain, in spite of the threat to her children, and in spite of her desperate need for relief, the little slut was teasing me. Her hand moved my cock head backwards and forwards through the dripping lips of her cunt, and on every stroke she managed to get some small relief by rubbing her clit.

"If you fuck me I'll beg you to use the stapler. Please help me, sir. My cunt really needs you and I want to show you how much I've learned. You've taught me so much already and it's only fair that I repay you. You'll love it, sir. I'll show you such a good time if you'll only stick your beautiful cock inside me. Please, sir. Please do me, sir. If you cum inside me I'll let you show me how to use any tools you want. I'll have to scream when you do, but I know you won't mind because you're such a wonderful teacher. Please, sir. Fuck me. You know you want to. Please, please."

There was no way I could resist. My cock was rock hard again and her pleading and teasing had me almost begging to be fucked. I was so far gone I didn't seem to be in control anymore. At that moment she was the master and if she had told me to beg, I would have.

"Alright, slut, fuck that cock." was all I could manage to say, and she slowly slid down my throbbing shaft until I was in to the hilt. She was burning inside. It felt like my cock had entered molten lava. Her gasp of pleasure at the first real relief she had received since we had arrived that morning was genuine, but she didn't start to fuck herself on my rod or even push her clit down onto me to increase her pleasure. Instead she put all her effort into giving me pleasure. I sat back in the chair and felt the ripples of ecstasy as her cunt began to squeeze and release my cock.

As she clenched and gripped my dick with her hot pussy she reached back, picked up the stapler and started to suck the handle. Now, 'woman sucking stapler' is not normally a big turn-on for me, but right then, knowing what I was going to do to her later, it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Again my mind was blown away by what this slut was doing. She wasn't only letting me hurt her, she wasn't just participating in her own torture, she was fucking organising the whole thing. And yet from her earlier performance and the way she had begged Paul not to let me near her, I was certain she wasn't doing any of it willingly.

God knows what Paul had done to her mind. How he had managed to enslave her to this extent I couldn't understand. Years later I told the story to a woman I fucked on a fairly regular basis and she said that it was because she was protecting her kids. Women are like that - just stupid sluts, I suppose.

Her lips sucking the stapler, the slut look on her face, the vision of what was going to happen to her in the next few moments and the incessant contractions of her cunt walls on my cock sent me over the edge again. I grabbed her tits and mauled them as hard as I could as my spunk jetted deep into her cunt. Wave upon wave of pleasure hit me as her sweet body milked everything I had in my balls. Her screams of agony as I worked over her tits and swollen nipples, just added to the fire as my painslut got what she wanted.

The sweat was pouring off me as my breathing returned to normal. I had hardly moved physically but the orgasm had been so intense that I was having trouble getting my mind back on track.

I slowly squeezed her purple rock hard tits as I came back down to earth. "Suck it, bitch," I said. I was back in control and I still had to finish her lessons.

She climbed off my dick, put down the stapler and knelt between my legs. Her mouth immediately engulfed my slowly softening cock and gently sucked her cunt juice off. Backing off and lifting my cock so she could lick down to my balls, she sighed as though she had been the one to have all the fun. "Thank you, sir. Oh thank you, thank you. That was wonderful, sir. You're so good at fucking. I'll tell all the girls in class how good you are. I'll get them so jealous they'll all want to be fucked by you. Thank you, sir, thank you .."

Chapter 8

Paul and I sat back and relaxed. The only sound was the slut's mouth slurping away on my dick. Paul pointed to his watch and mouthed "One hour. Kids. Home". I realised that we would have to hurry if the last part of the session was going to be as enjoyable as the rest. Paul had told me that her children knew nothing of their mother's double life. Paul was still 'nice Uncle Paul' to the girls and, for now, that's how he wanted it to stay. Whether her wanker of a husband knew what was going on Paul didn't care, although it was difficult to believe that he didn't notice the whip marks and bruises.

"Right slut," I said, "back on that table only bent over it on your belly this time."

"Oh sir," she moaned, licking my prick as she tried to keep it in her mouth, " please let me keep sucking your cock. It's so beautiful. So big. So good for a little girl like me"

She was wasting time. She may have got the stapler but she knew what it would do to her flesh if I used it. One more cum from my well used cock and she probably reckoned she would be safe. There wouldn't be much time before her children came home and she knew Paul always allowed her to change and compose herself before the girls came through the door. If only she could delay the last act of this play she might get away without the final agonies I wanted to inflict on her body.

Her only problem was that both Paul and I knew this and we weren't going to let the climax of the show pass out of our reach.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my cock. I reached for the whip that was on the table and slashed it down onto her tits. Her hands shot forward to try to protect her swollen breasts from any more pain. Her scream was deafening.

"You fucking little piece of shit." I shouted "You will do what you are fucking told and do it now. Move those fucking hands or I'll fucking cut them off. Put them behind your head. And stop that bawling. If you can't remember what you are meant to be doing then perhaps I'll get that fucking little Anna to remind you. When my cock breaks into her sweet tight virgin ass I will be telling her that it's only happening because her useless fucking slut of a mother couldn't carry out a simple fucking instruction. Now get on that fucking table."

Her hands moved away from her throbbing breasts and she placed them on the back of her head. I still held her tight by her hair as I continued to shout at her.

"Stick those fucking tits out, slut, and see if you can guess what to say next. No second chances. Say the wrong thing and you lose a tit and Anna gets my cock. Come on, bitch. You've been slut-talking all fucking day. Now you're really going to beg or you're dead. What do you fucking want?"

"God .. please, please .. no .. please .. I .. I can't .. I .."

She was losing it. Perhaps the suffering was too much even for her. The strain she had been under for most of the day was coming to a head and she was reaching the point where the pain was driving her over the top."

"I .. please .. no .. I .. want .. no .. no more .. please .. please .."

Shit, I thought. Oh well. Might as well finish her off and wait for the kids. We could have some serious fun with three young cunts and from what Paul had said her husband would be easy to subdue when he got home.

Paul had other thoughts. He hadn't worked on this bitch for months to let an unthinking bastard like me fuck it up. Sometimes I wonder why he lets me join in with some of his fun. He leant forward and whispered in her ear.

"Calm down, Judy, it's only a bit of pain. You can do it. Just a bit of fun for Paul and his mate. It'll be over soon ... but he does mean it. He's already done time for rape and only just avoided a murder charge. Think it through. A little bit more pain and the girls will be safe. If he gets his hands on Anna she won't live through the night. Only you can save her, and you are doing really well so far. Don't make a mess of it know. It would be so pointless. Think of what you've been through already. It would have been for nothing. One last effort and it will be over. The girls will be safe. We'll have gone. And you know that your body will recover. Come on Judy, you can do it."

Paul was hitting all the right buttons. If he ever wanted to stop being a pervert I'm sure he'd be a major success as a sports coach, urging his team on as they go out for the last quarter when they're 15 points down.

She gulped in air and managed to stop crying. You could see her brain working it through as Paul looked at me and silently indicated that I should do nothing for the next couple of minutes. I stood still, holding her hair in one hand, the whip in the other. And then it came.

She clasped her hands tight together behind her head, pushed her tits forward, looked up at me and pleaded for more agony.

"Please sir .. please sir .. please could you whip me .. please .. please whip my tits .. I'd love it if you could hurt them some more .. it will make you hard again, sir .. please use my tits for your pleasure .. they're yours .. hurt them .. whip them .. please .."

Paul stood up, smiled, winked at me and said "Well if that's what she wants ...."

I didn't hesitate. The whip came crashing down on her exposed breasts. The stretched, vulnerable flesh showed the marks immediately and small droplets of blood oozed from the stripes that lined up across her poor tortured mounds. I gave each tit five strokes with the whip as she cried out in pain. Each gasp of agony was cut short as she desperately tried to keep her sanity and her children's innocence.

"OH GOD .. Oh .. please .. more .. hit me again .. the pain's so good .. OOOOOHHHHHH .. yes .. harder .. please .. please .. AAARRRGGGGHHHH .. it's .. it's .. it's so good, sir .. please .. more .."

Fuck knows how she kept it up, but she did, and in response my cock started to harden yet again. I pulled her up from her kneeling position by her hair and pushed her towards the table.

"Bend over it, slut, now." I ordered her, and she obediently got into position with her hips tight up against one end of the table. Her swollen tits, still in the grip of the clamps, stopped her lying flat but that wasn't a problem to me. I picked up the carpet stapler and walked to where her nipples were touching the tabletop.

"Now, slut, " I said as I looked into her eyes "the final lesson might make you move about a bit, so I think now is the time that we should show you exactly how to use this tool. It's a stapler. It's used for fixing things down. What could we fix down with these?"

Her eyes were blank, and although she tried to use the right slutty words she was obviously struggling again. Also, for the first time she didn't come up with the right answer. I mean, fucking silly cow, it was fucking obvious, but the stupid slut obviously wasn't thinking straight. Perhaps she had something else on her mind.

"My hands, sir." she said "If my hands were fixed down then I couldn't move and I would be nice and still for the last lesson."

"God you're a dumb fuck" I laughed. "If your hands are fixed down what's going to hold your ass open when I bugger you. You don't think I'm going to touch your butt, do you? My hands are going to be busy elsewhere. No wonder you're bottom of the fucking class. I bet Anna would have got the answer right."

She began to cry. It wasn't the pain, although that must have been excruciating. It wasn't the prospect of the new agonies that were going to be hers in a very short time. It was the humiliation. Of all the pathetic things to blub about when your body is being used as a DIY demonstration, she was fucking crying because we thought she was more stupid than her little baby daughter. I told you women were stupid.

"Arch your back so your chest is pushed forward" I told her. "That's right. I want to see your stomach flat on the table, the clamps touching the table, your head up and those nipples as close as possible to the table top. Now, because you're a stupid slut who knows fuck all, I'm going to have to do this lesson twice. Ready bitch?"

I don't think she had actually worked out what was about to be fixed down to the table. To be honest, I'm not sure her brain could hold any thought for longer than a few seconds without being distracted by the searing fire coming from her tits. Paul knew, of course, and moved forward to hold her hands tightly up behind her head, pushing her tits out even further.

I put the stapler in position on her swollen nipple and squeezed the trigger. As the staple speared through her engorged teat into the table three things happened. My cock took a massive lurch upright - I couldn't believe how turned on I was so soon after my last cum, Paul dropped his body onto hers to prevent her pulling away, and she went fucking ballistic. She desperately tried to wrench herself free from the searing torment that lanced through her brain from her raw, swollen, hypersensitive nipple. Her screams were music to our ears. Her hands and arms nearly escaped from Paul's strong grip as she frantically attempted to reach for her white hot, pain filled nipple to somehow ease her suffering.

"Lesson one." I said, and grabbed her hair to raise her head and shoulders back up off the table. Placing the stapler carefully on her other teat I repeated the act of torture. Her reaction was only slightly less than the first time.

"Lesson two. Do you understand, slut? Are you learning?" I smiled into her face. "Have you learnt what this tool is for? Remember, if you try to move you will rip your nipples open. They will be sliced apart. And no amount of surgery will sew them back together. Right now they're just punctured - people pay to have their nipples pierced and that's what you just got. Of course, not many people have a table as a nipple decoration, most people go for a ring but then, most people aren't stupid little fuck-toy pain-sluts.

Her reddened eyes stared back at me. "Y .. Yes .. sir .. I understand .. I won't move .. I promise .. please get it over with .. please .. "

"Good girl. Now, the final lesson is coming up and I don't want to hear any backchat. Understand?"

"Yes sir. I'll be good and learn my lessons. Please show me what to do. Please do it now. Please make it end."

I moved to the other end of the table.

Chapter 9

Paul kept hold of her hands behind her back as she dropped her head and tried desperately not to move her breasts which were now just balls of pain. She could no longer distinguish between the different types of agony that came from her breasts. She had no thoughts left in her head about which part of her tits hurt worst. The bindings round her tits, the rubber bands on her nipples, the cuts left by the whipping, the pressure of the clamps, or the final stapling of her nipples to the table. All she knew was the unending agony from her purple, swollen tits. The tiniest movement, a sob in her throat, Paul re-adjusting his grip on her hands, even her own breathing caused more waves of searing anguish to erupt in her tortured flesh.

"That's not going to work," Paul said, "I want your head up so I can use your mouth. Hold on a second, Rob, just let me get that rope and I'll sort her out at this end. Don't start your fun down there at her ass until I've got the slut properly trussed."

He let go of her arms and grabbed the rope. He grabbed the two bunches of hair at the side of her head that were still trying to give her a schoolgirl look, and tied them and the rope together. He jumped onto the table and looped the rope over the pretend chandelier light over the table and then tied it off. Her head was now stretched upwards with her tits nailed to the table.

"Don't pull too hard, slut," he warned her as he gripped her arms again, "the light won't take too much strain and you'll have a problem explaining to hubby how it got pulled out of the ceiling. OK, Rob, seems like we're all ready at this end. Off you go."

I stood between her legs and kicked her feet further apart. Reaching down I roughly forced two fingers up her sloppy cunt and played around for a short while. Her cunt was still aroused with the entrance folds puffed up and begging. She didn't have a clue what was about to happen as I carefully took one of her cunt lips and placed it against the edge of the table. The staple gun fired its steel pain-maker through the soft flesh into the table. Before the agony really hit her I did a second fixing to make sure that she was really secure.

She jerked massively and tried to scream but, just like earlier, we had got her to the point where her vocal chords didn't seem to be working correctly. Panting frantically as she realised that any movement caused torment beyond her understanding, she tried to keep her body still.

"Hey slut," I said, "Nearly there now. Just got to fix the other side of your pussy, give you a bit of a fucking and then its over. But you've been slacking. I haven't heard any begging or slut-talk from you for fucking ages. If we're going to put all this effort into giving you what you want, the least you can do is to join in."

"Uuuhhh .. uuhh .. oh god .. noooo .. pleeease .. please .. "

"No more warnings, slut. Either you start to get with it or I'm going to enjoy every hole Anna's got. Which is it to be ? Either you start loving it and tell us all about it, or Anna becomes a fuck-bunny."

"Oh no .. please .. please .. no .. I can't .. I can't take any more .. it's too much .. it hurts so much .. pleeease, no .. I .. I .. "

"Fucking great." I laughed "Paul, is this under-age piece of tail blond or brunette. I can't fucking wait. How old is she? Seven? Eight? God they scream so good at that age when I bust their cherries. Its amazing how they have different screams for a busted cunt cherry and a busted ass cherry. And when those torn pre-teen lips and crying mouth try to clean the shit off my cock it always makes me hard again. Who needs this fucked up old slag anyway? Juicy fresh cunt is going to be mine tonight."

"Noooo .. noooo .. please .. fuck me .. don't fuck Anna .. please do me .. I'll do it .. I'll do it .."

There was a long pause and then she was back on the case.

" .. Please sir .. fix my cunt properly .. use me .. whip me .. fuck me .. bugger me .. teach me to be good .. fuck me again .. my cunt needs to be fucked .. my tits hurt so much .. it's lovely .. all this pain .. give me more .. give me your cock, sir .. please staple my cunt so I don't move .. please do it .. pleeeease .."

I reached down to her cunt, placed the other fold against the table and fired the gun twice more. She jerked as the staples spiked through her flesh but kept talking through her pain.

" .. AAARRRGGGHHH ... oh, sir .. so good .. so .. hurts so much .. more .. oh god .. give me more .. use my cunt .. use me .. oh god .. fuck me .."

"Nearly right, slut. But it's not your cunt I want. I've already had that today. I think I'll take some asshole now. So, if you would care to reach back with those pretty little hands and make sure that I can see what I'm aiming at, we can all start to enjoy ourselves."

She moved her arms slowly back to her buttocks, trying not to move her body against the agonising fixings at her cunt and nipples. Grasping her cheeks, she spread her ass wide for its second invasion of the day.

Paul walked round to join me and take in the view. Her head was stretched upwards by the rope, and her neck muscles were straining around her throat. When Paul began to shaft her mouth it would be easy to penetrate to his full depth. Blood still trickled slowly from the whip marks on her breasts, which were now swollen to an unnatural size. Rock hard and now almost black, her tortured tits were fixed firmly to the table by the staples through her nipples. The teats seemed to be slowly pulsating as little rivulets of blood oozed from the holes where the steel had fired it way through her precious buds.

Through the remains of her blouse and skirt, which had been partly whipped and torn during the torture session, her body shone with sweat as if it had been oiled and her hands had difficulty gripping her ass cheeks which still bore the marks of the beating Paul had given her. Her feet, held at their unnatural, pointed angle by the stiletto heeled shoes that she still wore, were stretched wide apart. Her thighs were striped with the whipping I had enjoyed so much and her exposed cunt was swollen and glistening. The lips of her pussy now stretched wide apart and cruelly stapled to the table edge. Her swollen, vulnerable, beaten asshole was being exposed by her still unmarked hands, ready for my cock to add to her own private hell.

"Not bad," said Paul. "Not subtle, but not fucking bad. I should bring you along more often. It's good to get more variety don't you think, slut? Now, as you seem to be very short on saliva again, I'll just get a bit of juice on my cock so that it doesn't hurt when it rams down your pretty little neck."

I stepped back as he moved between her thighs and slid his dick straight up her cunt. I picked up the whip and waited for my turn. She hardly moved as he pumped her pussy a few times before withdrawing and walking round to her face.

"Lucky girl," he smiled down at her, "Not just cock, but cock with extra flavour. Your love juice, some old spunk and a bit of blood to finish it off. Now lets see how good you are at getting a final load out of my balls. Anything you want to say before we start?"

Some of her enthusiasm had gone but the words still came out about right. "Oh god .. please .. fuck me .. both of you .. finish it .. I want you to cum in me .. please .. do it quickly .. do it now .. fuck me .. use me .. "

Paul slid his cock into her mouth and thrust forward. He was in her throat with only one shove and then he started to slowly fuck her face. I pushed my dick into her gaping cunt to get the lubrication that I was going to need, then pulled back and waited until Paul was in to the hilt. Her ass seemed to be begging for it as I smashed the whip down onto her poor raw hole, just as Paul had done earlier. Paul's face told me that the gagging sensation it forced from her throat as she tried to scream around his invading cock was sending him into ecstasy.

Her hands somehow maintained their grip on her buttocks as I hit her pouting anus twice more. Then I couldn't stand it any more. My cock took over from my brain and almost dragged itself into her tortured swollen hole. I lunged forward as my cock desperately sought the relief it needed in her tortured bowels. Paul grabbed her hair as I whipped her back and we pounded her hard from both ends. Even though we had both cum already and we both wanted to make the pleasure last, it was obvious that this last climax was going to be on us in a rush. We almost came together, the urge to fill the slut with spunk was just too great, and the pleasure was over too soon. Exhausted, sweating but grinning like Cheshire cats we looked at each other across her battered body.

"Fucking great, man, just fucking fantastic."

We slowly eased our cocks from her tortured holes and relaxed as Judy lay panting on the table. Paul wandered off but soon came back with a knife, her purse and a pair of pliers. He cut the rope holding her head, left the pliers and purse on the table and started to get dressed.

"Hey, slut," he said, "better get yourself together. Kids will be home soon and you always have a drink and a biscuit waiting for them."

"You fucking bastards," she wept as she reached for the pliers, "you BASTARDS. Get out of my home. I hate you. I fucking hate you."

"Now, now," Paul laughed, "You know that's not what you really mean. I could've sworn you were begging for it earlier. And don't forget those wonderful videos I've got. It's just a shame we weren't able to film this little love-fest. Hubby would have enjoyed this one."

"You bastard. You know I don't want any of this crap" she sobbed. "Please stop doing this to me. Please. I'll pay you. I'll give you whatever you want. Please get out of my life."

She placed the pliers around one nipple staple and started to lever the steel out of the table and her engorged teat. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHH .. oh shit .. oh fucking hell .." she cried as one breast was freed from the table. She clenched her teeth and pulled out the other staple, causing herself yet more pain as she slowly released her fixed tit and tried to stand up so she could reach her cunt.

Paul laughed "You were right with two out of three. You will pay me just like we agreed - 200 a fuck. You must remember. It was only three weeks ago that you were begging me to start taking money for my time and trouble." He smiled at me, "I'm sure you wouldn't want to go back on your word, even if you were hanging upside down with your clit being stretched at the time. Now, let me see I came twice and you managed to get three loads out of Rob, so a cool thousand will do it. Hope you went to the bank earlier like I told you. As for giving me whatever I want - again you're dead right. Anytime, anyplace, any fucking way I want it. Don't ever forget that. But get out of your life - no way. This is just too good to leave. If you weren't so good at it I might have finished with you by now, but then I'd also have finished with your darling little daughters too, and I wouldn't have left much that was recognisable. So, all in all you're probably doing the right thing. Now slut, where's the cash?"

She faced Paul and spat at him "Bastard, bastard, bastard."

But she picked up her purse, got out ten crisp 100 notes and gave them to Paul. " Please. I can't keep this up much longer. I'm close to breaking. It's too much. Please, leave me alone. My husband's starting to ask where the money's going."

"Stupid bitch," was Paul's answer, "stop fucking whining and sort yourself out. I'll call you in a couple of days and we'll have a little chat about my next visit. You ready, Rob, time we were off."

I was trying to dress slowly so that I could watch the show. The sight of her carefully pulling staples out of her body as she grimaced and flinched was really sweet, and I was hoping I could delay our departure until she cut the string round her tits. But Paul was insistent.

"Bye, slut, see you soon. Give my love to the children .. or else I will." and we were gone.


Chapter 10

I didn't get back to play with her bruises.

In fact, it was over three years before I saw Paul again. I had yet another run in with the cops and ended up doing time for borrowing some wanker's car, and his wallet, oh .. and his wife. A legal technicality (just occasionally, I thank god for lawyers) got me off the rape charge, but they hit me hard for the car and the money.

After I came out of prison I did this and that for a while and then, one afternoon, I was sitting in a bar fucking miles away from the old town, just getting into my third beer, when Paul walked in. He had been travelling to sort out some deal on porn films and, as always, he preferred to drive rather than fly. Paul liked to slowly cruise in the car for hundreds of miles, often taking a few days, rather than have the hassle of airports and loads of officials checking him out. It was like we hadn't missed a day since our last meeting and we sat and talked for hours.

We talked about everything. Football, the fucking government, the cops, that tasty new starlet with the big tits that's on all the magazines, everything. I told him about my time inside, which was fucking boring, and he told me about how he had moved on with his perverted life.

"What you been doing while I've been avoiding faggots?" I asked.

"Oh, you know, fucking this and that. General enjoyable stuff like I've been doing for years. Got into making porn films and I've been having loads of fun on the internet."

"Yeah, I know," I replied, "I love those porn sites."

"Oh, they're OK, but that's not what I meant. I have a nice little stable of on-line sluts. You know. They want their lives fucked up but they don't know how to do it. So I do it for them."

"Hang on," I said, not understanding what he was getting at, "how do you fuck someone on the internet? Remember, I've been inside for three years. I know how to get pictures and films off the computer but fucking someone?"

"Man, I was doing this long before you went inside. Don't let it bother you, Rob, you couldn't do it anyway. What happens is that stupid fucked up sluts write to me and ask me to humiliate them, hurt them and generally treat them like shit. I've always said that most women want to be raped and on the net they can be. They write to you in fucking droves if you advertise in the right places and they beg to be my online personal cunt whores. Lots of them are pissing about, or lose their nerve or just forget what they were doing, but every now and then you get a nugget. I reckon no more than 5% are serious but if you've had hundreds of initial contacts like I have over the years that means 20 or 30 sluts that are for real and crave a real man to tell them how to seriously piss their lives away."

"You're kidding." I said. I couldn't believe this. I'm good at fighting and fucking but not so hot on the technical stuff. What Paul was saying was new to me but I didn't want to look like I was totally stupid. "So what do you do to them. I mean, you can't actually fuck them, can you?"

"Of course not. Well, not on the net ... but I've met a few in the flesh and made sure they know their place - usually on their knees with their mouth or ass around my cock. But you don't understand, do you? They want to be humiliated and made to do things that they can't get in their own lives. I get all sorts. Sad pathetic housewives whose husbands can't get it up, single middle-aged women who want good hard sex but haven't got the bottle to walk into a bar on their own, young college girls who want to experiment, you'd be amazed at what goes on out there. We email each other and I tell them what to do. They don't do it with me .. well, not to start with .. but if you work them right they do it to themselves and then you move on to making them do things with people - men and women. Mostly they love the humiliation and it's so simple. It's like they have absolutely no fucking imagination of their own. It's fucking amazing. They fall over themselves to do it. I always start with simple things like getting them to wear more make-up or shaving their cunts, but some of them have gone on to much greater things. I reckon I'm responsible for at least five divorces and I know of three sluts who got pregnant from strangers because I told them to go fuck the first guy who walked past them at the check out."

"Fucking hell," I replied, "I could do that. It sounds great."

"No you fucking couldn't," said Paul. "I know your weird tastes. You get someone on-line and in your first email you would tell her to cut off her nipple. You'd fuck it up at the first try. The internet is the ultimate in mind fucking. They don't have a clue who I am, but I make sure I know loads about them and check most of it out. I get them to tell me everything and they love it 'cause I use it to humiliate them. I warn them I will probably ruin their lives but that is what they want. The possibilities are endless. I had one the other day who was a television news anchor. Blonde hair, green eyes, pretty fucking tasty according to her description, although one of the joys of the net is that she may actually be a 50 year old bald slag with one leg and a face like a dog's ass. She was the first one I'd had who was on show to the public. The ideas I had for her were fantastic. Sitting reading the news with a dildo up her cunt, putting liniment on her nipples just before appearing on television so they would be sticking out through her jumper, getting her to suck off a cameraman just before the show and leaving some cum in her hair for me and the whole fucking world to see. Fucking hell, the inspiration you can get from just a few words is amazing."

"Shit." I could see this would be fun. "Who is she? What channel is she on?"

"I haven't got any fucking idea." Paul was laughing. "It would have been great if the stupid slut had given me an email address that fucking worked. I was going to start in on her in a major way but when I wrote her first instructions, my email came back with some crap about the address not being valid. If she ever writes again it better be the most groveling apology you ever heard - stupid fucking cow. I told you there were loads of time-wasters as well as diamonds. But what the hell, easy come, easy go."

And then I asked him about Judy. "Whatever happened to that slut we fucked? She still putting out? Done her daughters yet, or have you left one for me?"

He smiled "Sort of. It's a very long story .. and there are some bits that didn't quite go according to plan but being an adaptable person I can move most things to my advantage. You know, you might just be able to help me out again. What are you doing for the next month or so."

"Absolutely fucking nothing that I can't walk away from right now." I answered. " Especially if it means I get to fuck that slut again. I thought of loads of new ways to make her scream while I was inside."

"OK," he said "let's go home."

So we stopped off for my gear at the place I was renting and set out on the long journey back to the one of the best ass fucks I'd ever had. The journey took a couple of days and as we toured the highways Paul brought me up to date. I don't know if all of his story was true but I guess enough of it must be because now I've seen most of the evidence myself. His tale was fucking incredible.

After that day when we had fucked her it had been a week or more before Paul got back in touch with Judy. He fucked her a couple of times over the next few weeks, beat her up a bit and generally had an enjoyable time but he could tell she wasn't as pliable as she had been. He thought it was because we had gone too far, but eventually she tells him why she isn't really concentrating any more.

She's pregnant.

She worked out that it happened when we fucked her and, because I was the only one who spunked up her cunt, the little bastard was probably mine. Paul had taken away her birth control pills some time before I got near her because it increased her humiliation and, as I told you, Paul loves to work on their minds. He had told her that if she got knocked up she would have to abort it, but now she was actually pregnant she refused point blank to go through with his plan.

Paul had been thinking about setting in on Lucy, her eldest daughter, and he used Judy's growing belly as part of his new scheme. He still fucked Judy regularly and whipped her when he wanted, especially as her tits got bigger through the months, and when he told me about the day he made her beg him to try to beat milk out of her nipples I nearly cried I was laughing so hard.

But while abusing her body he also started on her mind again. He kept telling her she was a big fat cow who had gone back on their agreement to keep his cock happy. How she couldn't satisfy anyone with her oversized sloppy cunt, drooping udders and bloated belly. How she was too old, past it and ugly, and how she was going to have to think of something different to protect her daughters from Paul's lust.

He fucked her less himself but started to make her fuck other guys. Sometimes his mates, sometimes just men he met at the bar, but nearly always for money. One time he told her to meet him in a hotel room. When she got there, four huge construction workers were waiting instead of Paul, and gave her a thorough going over for 6 hours. The guys had already paid Paul and when it was over and she could hardly walk, Paul showed up, made her pay for the room and then pay him for all the times she'd been fucked.

Another time he had taken her to a party and tied her up on a bed with a 'Free Fuck' sign on the door. He reckons she took over 30 loads of spunk in her cunt that night, not to mention the blow-jobs and buggering which must have taken the number of male orgasms in that room to over 70. Afterwards he made her suck and fuck him as gently as if she loved him to say thank you for getting her all that attention.

At one S & M club she became a weekly attraction which got to be more and more popular as her belly and tits got bigger and bigger. Paul didn't give a shit about the baby. She took cocks, dildos and even baseball bats up her cunt and ass. One performance included the use of a cactus which ripped her vaginal walls to shreds.

Paul introduced her to the delights of canine sex, which she hated so much that at first that she became hysterical until Paul showed her a video of a dog doing a 9 year old blonde piece in the ass and told her how Anna could help her out if she really truly felt she wasn't up to it.

All the time he was working on her mind saying how it was so difficult for him not to fuck her kids because she was just so fucking ugly. After a couple of months he had got her round to agreeing that to save Tina and Anna, she would sacrifice Lucy. Lucy was going to be fucking boys soon anyway, and if her cunt could help her sisters avoid a life of pain then it was Lucy's duty to open her legs for Paul's benefit.

That was weird enough but the next bit showed how classy Paul is. He decided that he wanted Lucy to be different to her mother. One unwilling but begging slut is a turn-on but, to Paul, two would be boring. I'd fucking go for it - two sluts doing exactly what I tell them sounds like heaven to me - but Paul is far more subtle.

Paul decided that he wanted Lucy to be a slut alright, but a real desperate-for-cock, will-die-without-sex, nymphomaniac, slut. No pretending, not like her mother, but a teen tramp who was in need of fucking several times a day. Not only that, but Paul decided that he wanted Lucy like that just for him. When he was with her she was to be almost crying out to be fucked, but if he wasn't there she was to control herself. He wanted her for himself and selected friends. He didn't see the point in going to a whole load of time and effort so that a load of spotty little kids at school would gain the benefit. He didn't want her giving it away to every punk who stuck his hand up her jumper. An insatiable, cock hungry, slut schoolgirl, but only when she was with 'Uncle Paul'.

Chapter 11

With her mother on board, Paul began to make this dream come true. Lucy started getting 'birds-and-the-bees' lessons from her mother, but they weren't the normal sort of lessons. There was loads of emphasis on how to give pleasure in sex and how to treat your special man, lots of talk about how sex is natural and girls should try to experience everything, and a ton of indoctrination about how good it is to know your own body and bring yourself to orgasm.

Suddenly, it was necessary for Lucy to see a hypnotist. Her father thought it was to help her grades improve, but Paul and Judy knew that the hypnotist was one of Paul's friends, and he slowly worked on her brain dropping in loads of little snippets that would one day all come together and make sense of Lucy's life. Paul didn't want her fucking him because she was hypnotised - that would be too easy - Paul wanted her life to revolve around sex, and sex with him, and if enough suggestions went deep enough into her mind then eventually she would think that fucking Paul is what she was put on this planet to do.

Lucy started to need special vitamin supplements. Well, that's what it said on the bottle. Paul supplied and Judy made sure that her daughter took three every day. Her tits seemed to grow a lot quicker than her friends and she seemed to have stopped growing pubic hair. Her cunt was wet most of the time, while her clitoris and nipples always seemed to be hard. When Lucy asked her mother about these things she was assured that it was only natural and, of course, she was told that it was very important to relieve the pressure building up in her body by bringing herself off whenever she could.

Lucy began to dream more than she used to. And her dreams always seemed to revolve around sex. Some of them were so vivid it was almost as if she was watching a film - which is exactly what she was doing. The night time 'vitamin supplement' included a sleeping drug which left her mind readily accessible to sound but without allowing her to wake up. Every night Judy was putting a tape on in her room and Lucy spent hours listening to the sounds of fucking, interspersed with a voice telling her all the great things that a girl can do for a man. The voice was Paul's and after a while the voice started to suggest that Paul was her man. Paul was the one she was meant to fuck.

Every evening, between 1.30 and 3.00, Judy was going to Lucy's room while hubby slept soundly because of his drugged night cap, also supplied by Paul, and in a hazy, part-drugged, part-hypnotised, dream-like state, mother and daughter watched porn films. The videos were fairly tame to begin with and they never got to the sort of pain-wracked, spear-up-her-cunt, BDSM that I enjoy, but that is how Paul wanted it. If he fancied something different later, it would be easy to move Lucy's mind that way. Over the months the films took Lucy along a sexual path from kissing to sodomy, from lace gloves to leather bondage, from spanking to light whipping, from willing partner to desperate slave to sex.

Paul and Judy kept this up for nearly six months as Lucy's mind was turned around. No longer a normal 13 year old starting teen life with the usual sexual curiosities. Instead she was a sex slut, dreaming of fucking every night, dedicated to playing with her body, practising how to look like a schoolgirl tramp in front of the mirror, wondering when that special person would show her how to really fulfill her life by fucking non-stop, hoping that special person would be Paul who she dreamt of all the time.

As always, Paul didn't rush it. He kept the training going continuously to make sure that everything was so deep in her brain that it would never change.


That evening we stopped at a motel, ate and then drove to a nearby bar. There was a juke box and this was obviously the only place in town where anything happened. We drank, chatted and eyed up the girls dancing on the floor.

One group of women were drinking more than the others and were dancing as though they were a bunch of sirens. It was obviously a girls-night-out when the stupid sluts get a load of courage from the alcohol, prick-tease all night and then go home to laugh about it with their friends.

Paul, as you may realise, does not approve of this sort of behaviour. In fact, it gets him really fucking pissed off. Women have their place - and usually its on their backs with their legs apart. Paul has got nothing against women dancing or getting drunk. In fact, this is usually a good thing because it gets them on their backs quicker, but when they start to try and get uppity - that's when they've gone too far.

I could tell he was spoiling for a fuck, and I could see that at least one of the group was going to be carrying home a little present for her husband, deep inside her body. What I didn't realise was that Paul was going to go for the least likely candidate.

There were six girls in the group, a couple with short skirts, a couple with tight jeans (just failing to keep fat backsides in place), one with a sweet pair of cut-offs that made her the pick of the bunch and one with a knee length skirt. This last was fairly drunk but way behind her louder and brasher friends. Overdressed middle-aged women trying to look like they are 17 again are always good for a laugh, and while each of them had some redeeming feature they were mostly suffering from self delusion.

Paul leant on the bar and looked at them. "The quiet one," he said. "Ass is too big and she's way wrong on the lipstick colour, but she'll do for tonight."

"What?" I replied. "She is the only one there who isn't pissing me off. The other sluts are in serious need of slamming up against a wall and having their cunts split open but that one is the boring little housewife. Lets fuck one of them - or two or three - I don't really mind."

"No. The brunette is tonight's star prize." said Paul

"I'm all for a night-cap," I replied, "but that piece in the shorts is better by far even though her tits are non-existent. And she's easily the drunkest of the lot. Grabbing her will be a piece of piss. Look at her ass - fuck I'll enjoy pulling those peaches apart."

"Still just going for the physical," sighed Paul. "When will you learn that fucking their heads and their lives is so much better - and you get your rocks off at the same time. The brunette is half willing already, she just needs a bit of help to commit emotional suicide. All we have to do is time it right."

She sipped her drink and chatted with her friends but she wasn't the centre of the party. The others moved around, danced a bit and flirted at the bar but she stayed at the table. Mid thirties, reasonable looks, brunette with long floating curls, an OK body apart from the ass but, as the evening wore on, she seemed more and more out of place with her friends. Eventually it seemed to come to a head. They were pissing themselves at some joke while she just sat there with a strange look on her face somewhere between a scowl, a wry grin and boredom.

"C'mon, Candi," shouted the cutoffs girl over the music, "you're supposed to laugh. Didn't you get it. The man only had a three inch weenie!!" The blonde collapsed with giggles as her friends drank and laughed. The brunette smiled at her, and then said something quietly to the group. She stood up, put on her coat and headed, a bit unsteadily, for the door. She had obviously decided that it was time for her to leave.

"Time to move," said Paul, "follow me in about five minutes, but stay back to start with."

He made it to the door first and held it open for her. She said something to him and he smiled back as he followed her out. I waited, finished my drink and then went to the car park. I stood outside a back exit and lit a cigarette. Looking round I couldn't see either of them but then I noticed smoke drifting out from behind the corner of the building, about 30 yards away. I moved over to the area but stayed on my side of the building when I heard a female voice.

"I've got to do something with my life. I'll go nuts if I stay in this shit place any longer. My kids are great and Pete is OK but the whole thing is stifling me. I seem to have been raising kids and looking after the house all my life. It's just so fucking sad that the only time I get on my own is when I go out with that bunch of losers. Once a month I 'have fun'. Once a month we sit and make up poxy stories about how we fancy the milk man, or the delivery man or just some bloke we saw last Thursday. None of us have the bottle to do anything about it and all that happens is we get pissed, we talk about it, we go home and we start to look after the fucking family again. If I don't DO something soon I'll go crazy."

Towards the end of this whinge she had started to cry. Nothing big, just girly blubbing like they all do for no reason that anyone can fathom. Then I heard Paul. It was his 'you can talk to me voice', the one that is full of concern.

"Hey, its not that bad. You're good looking, and you're young. Your whole life's in front of you. And you say that the kids are good. What are they, boys or girls?"

"Girls. Teenagers. They're a handful and Pete doesn't help much. All they seem to want to do is to lounge around the house or go out with their friends." The booze and the night air was coming together in that way that makes people speak the truth. Usually too much of the truth. "I'm sure the oldest is already screwing around. At least she gets it. I haven't had a decent shag in months. He's always too tired. I've started looking at the internet for some relief but that just makes it worse."

"How come?" Paul coaxed her along the path to her destiny.

"The only sites I seem to like are the weird ones. I could never get into pictures and so I started going to the story sites. I thought I'd like the romance stories but I accidentally found one about .. about .. you know .. women not wanting it."

"I've looked on the net a lot but I don't see many stories about prudes," said Paul.

"No," she replied, "not women who don't want sex at all. Women who don't want it at that time. Women who are forced to have sex."

"Oh, I understand." Paul kept pushing her along. "So what's wrong with that. It's only fantasy, isn't it?"

"Well, yes. I suppose so." She didn't seem very certain. "It's just that I can't get the stories out of my head. Being forced to do things. It's weird but it gets to me. I shouldn't tell you this but it makes me so hot."

"That's OK - I won't tell anyone your innermost thoughts. It's good to talk this things through. Why not get your husband to join in?" Paul replied. "Any real man will always try to help out, and if it's what you want, what you need, I'm sure he would do some play acting to help you."

"I've tried." She started to cry again. "But it just made things worse. He said it was perverted and that he had always loved and respected me and that he couldn't possibly do anything like that. I'm so fucked up. I just wish I could do something different."

"I think you are about to," said Paul, "but you really should be careful what you wish for."

It went quiet.

Chapter 12

I moved up to an area of shadow right by the corner and looked round. Paul had obviously been comforting her as she opened her heart to him and he had now moved on to the next stage. They were kissing. Paul's hand was on her tit and she was letting him fondle her body through her blouse. After a while they came up for air and she seemed to realise what she was doing.

"No. NO ... I've got to go home," she said.

"What for?" replied Paul. "To be with a sad husband and kids who don't appreciate you. Stay here, babe. I'll make your life change in one night."

Paul started to kiss her again. She had her back against the wall and was unable to move away from Paul's body that was grinding against her. His right hand moved back to her tit and started to maul her breast. She resisted for a moment and then suddenly stopped trying to push him away. It was like a bad film where the heroine fights against the handsome star until she realises she wants to give herself to him - then the music gets louder, the titles come up and everyone goes away happy. But the reason for her submission wasn't the realisation of true love - it was the knife in Paul's other hand - and only some of the participants were going to be happy at the end of the evening.

Paul moved his lips to her ear as the knife gently scratched her throat. "Be very good and your wishes will come true. Be stupid and you will never get to wish for anything ever again. Now we are going to have some fun. You are going to have to do most of the work because I am holding a knife in one hand and this gorgeous tit in the other. Do you understand."

"Y .. yes .. please don't hurt me .. please .. I didn't mean it .. let me go .. please .. don't make me .." she whimpered.

"You won't get hurt as long as you are sensible," replied Paul, slowly caressing her neck with the side of the knife, "and you're the one who was saying how you wanted something different. Now lets see what we've got to play with. Open this blouse so I can feel your tits properly."

Hesitating at first, she moved her hands up and slowly began to undo the buttons. Her fingers were fumbling but Paul wasn't in any hurry. He gently played with her tit as the knife continued tracing the outline of her throat, barely visible under her long brown hair.

"Take your time, baby," he said. "I've got all night. And I wouldn't want to rush this wonderful moment. The first fuck with a new partner should always be as long and slow as possible. Don't you think?"

"Yes .. no .. I don't know .. I don't what to fuck ... please let me go .. I don't want this .. I didn't mean to tell you those things .. I don't wanted to be raped .. please .." She was whimpering but not crying. The drink, the knife, Paul's soothing words and the needs of her own body were a strange mixture and her confusion was obvious. She finished unbuttoning her blouse and stood still with her arms at her sides.

"Come on," said Paul. "Join in or I might think you didn't want to do something different with your life. Open up, lets see what's on offer."

She slowly pulled open the flimsy material to reveal a white lacy bra. Paul's hand immediately moved back to her breast and started to finger the firm nipple that was poking through the material.

"You're enjoying this," he smiled. "Your body wants it. Your nipples are hard already and I bet when we get down to business your pussy will be soaking wet."

"No .. no .. I can't help it .. it's the cold air .. please stop .. let me go home .. please .. no .. please .."

"We might go home later. Meet the kids perhaps. But we've got to finish this bit first. I promise that you'll be begging for it soon. Now, lets get these tits out, shall we?"

He folded the material of her bra down under her breasts. No matter what state a woman's breasts are in - pert, silicon, floppy, big or small - to have them pushed up in this way nearly always makes them look good. It puts them nicely on display and very available. Paul's fingers were gently rolling over her nipple. She was still whimpering but the tone of the sounds coming from her throat had changed slightly. The stupid slut was being betrayed by her body.

"Good girl," said Paul. "Skirt next, then we'll get those panties off. Come on, lift it up and show me what you've got while I concentrate on these milk givers here." He bent his head and began to suck her teat in and out of his lips, while delicately grazing the end with his teeth. No pain. No force. Just helping her body take over her mind.

"No .. aahh .. no .. stop .. ooohhhh .. please .. its .. ooohhh .. it's not right .. please don't" she gasped, but her hands reached for the hem of her knee length skirt and dragged it up her thighs. Paul carried on working over her tit with his hand and her nipple with his mouth as she leant back against the wall. The knife was still resting on her neck but she didn't seem to notice. Paul stopped sucking and stood up.

"The panties," he said, his voice firmer than before, "get them off now." He began to squeeze her nipple with his fingers. At first she enjoyed the extra pressure but it soon went past pleasure and bordered on pain.

"Aaahhh .. oh .. oh that's so .. ooohhhh ... oohh god .. its .. no .. your hurting .. stop .. please .. aarrgghh .."

"Panties. Now," was Paul's response.

"Oh god .. sorry .. please .. stop .. I'll do it .. please .. I'm sorry .. don't hurt me .."

She was his. How the fuck he does it I shall never know. I would have fucked her up against the wall half an hour ago. I'd probably have left her on the ground with blood dripping from her ruptured ass. But then I would have probably been caught by the men in the bar and ended up fighting my way out or being beaten up in a squad car by the bastard cops. Paul, on the other hand, had just got her to apologise for not stripping quickly enough.

She struggled to get her panties down. Paul was still partly leaning against her so she couldn't reach further down than her knees, and Paul wasn't moving - just working that nipple. Mixing the pain and the pleasure. All the time his mouth was working on her lips, neck and ear as his tongue licked the sensitive parts of her face

"Please .. I can't .. oohhh .. aahhh .. no .. please .. they won't go any further .. please .. aarrrggghhh .. no .. it hurts .. please stop .. please .. I can't reach .. you'll have to do it .. please .. do it for me .."

Fuck it was funny. I'd forgotten how good Paul was at this. This poor bitch was about to be fucked against her will but she was saying sorry and asking Paul to help her get ready to be ravaged. Paul raised his foot, placed it on the material stretched between her legs and pushed the panties to the ground.

"Legs apart," he ordered, "and your skirt has slipped down. Pull it back up and tuck it into the waist band."

As she moved to obey her instructions Paul eased his fingers off her nipple and returned to sucking it slowly as he stroked her tit. She looked a treat. Her legs were spread wide and her skirt was pulled up at the front to expose her cunt to the night air. Her blouse was now off her shoulders and halfway down her left arm fully exhibiting her breasts which were jutting out towards Paul's hands. She looked like the slut she was about to become.

"Get my cock out and lets get to the action," Paul whispered in her ear as he allowed the pressure of the knife to increase fractionally. She tried to protest but before she could reply he began to kiss her mouth again. Her hands moved to his cock and caressed his hardness through his jeans. Undoing the buttons she reached in for her prize and began the action that must be natural for any woman when holding a hard cock. Encircling his rod in her grasp she slowly worked his dick harder.

She was ready. Her other hand reached further down to hold his balls as Paul positioned himself so that she could move his cock to her warm slit. Neither of them had touched her cunt throughout the seduction, but as she guided the head of his dick into her hole and Paul started to fuck her, I could hear the sound of a wet cunt slurping with juice.

Paul worked her over for some while. More like a lover than a rapist he slowly brought her to her peak and then almost ripped her nipple off as she went over the edge. As her first climax subsided he called to me.

"Rob, I know you're there. Get over here and join in."

Paul kept up his slow regular fucking of her wet hole, but as Candi floated down from her orgasm she realised I was standing next to her.

"Get his cock out," said Paul. "He is the next part of your life changing experience."

She was in a daze. Her body wanted sex, half of her alcohol befuddled brain wanted it too but the other half told her she was a plain housewife who was being fucked up against a wall by a stranger and her marriage was teetering on the edge. I helped her a bit by dropping my jeans and putting her hand over my hard cock. As if it had a mind of its own, her hand again began to move up and down. Paul kept working on her as she approached her second cum of the evening.

"No .. please .. it's not right .. I've never .. ooohhh .. ooooohhhhh .. not two of you .. my husband .. aaaahhhhh ... oohhh .. oh god .. oh fucking hell .. aaahhhhhh .. oh shit .. oh shit .."

Her legs were giving way and Paul had to hold her up as he continued grinding into her pussy.

There was the sound of voices as a group left the bar and walked towards us. It was Candi's friends with a couple of hopeful Romeos.

"Hey lover boys, reckon you could take on all five of us ..." " Five of us - they wouldn't be able to manage one of us. Their cocks would give out ..." " What cock - I was dancing with that one and there was nothing going on in the basement when I went looking ..."

The girls fell about laughing and the two men decided it was a waste of time and went back inside. As they came nearer, Paul increased his pumping of Candi's wet cunt. The bastard was going to time it just right. As her friends passed by he was going to cum inside her. From the way he was working on her nipple and the sound of her ragged breathing it was apparent that Candi was going to arrive at her third cum at about the same time.

The women might have passed by without noticing if Paul hadn't made Candi explode yet again as his spunk filled up her vagina.

"Oh god .. not again .. oh .. oh ... yes .. yes .. yeesssss .. aaaaaaahhhhhhh ... oooohhhhh ... christ .. more .. oh god .. oh fucking hell .. "

The women stopped.

"Someone's having a good time." " That's Candi. Look. It's little Miss 'I'm tired and I'm going home early'." " Going for a shag was obviously what she really meant. Lucky cow." " Christ almighty. You're right. Whose the bloke. She kept that quiet." " No she didn't. It was far louder than I am when I get fucked." " Hey, Candi. You OK?"

Paul's mouth was at her ear. The knife was hidden by his head and her hair but the blade was pricking into her glistening neck. The menace in his voice nearly scared me.

"Tell them its OK. Tell them you're having fun. Tell them to fuck off and get their thrills somewhere else."

"I'm .. I'm .. fine .. oh .. oohh .. really .. its OK .. oohhh .." Candi gasped out as Paul licked her ear and continued to roll her delicate nipple between his fingers. She was still high after her orgasm. The sensations reaching into her mind from her tender nipple, that had been rubbed, licked, squeezed and sucked almost continuously for thirty minutes, were keeping her from thinking straight.

"You sure?" said the least pissed of her friends. "You don't sound right, Candi. You sure you're alright?"

"Get it right or your dead," Paul whispered into her ear, "and then kiss me while Rob gets his cock inside you."

"Oohh .. yeah .. aaahhhh .. I'm OK .. I just want ........"

Paul moved to her side and started kissing her deep. I took my cue, moved in front and pushed my cock up her sloppy hole.

"Holy cow. She's got two of them." " Greedy bitch. Couldn't have saved one for us, could she?" " Hope Pete doesn't find out." " Come on, leave the slut to get on with her rutting. I'll make sure Pete does find out." " Bye Candi .. try not to get home too late"

Laughing and giggling they moved over to their cars and, five minutes later, after they sorted out who was driving which friend home they left the car park honking the horns and catcalling from the open windows. Candi began to cry. I carried on fucking her as she sobbed her heart out and Paul cleaned his cock on her skirt.

"Oh god .. oohhh .. you pair of fucking shits .. why .. aaaahhhh ... why are you doing this .. aahhh .. you fucking bastard .. "

I came in a rush, spurting my juice far into her defenceless body as she raised her hands and tried to push me away.

"Bitch." I said, and slapped her a couple of times. "Stand fucking still while I finish or you'll need surgery on your face."

Squeezing out the dregs I pulled my cock out of her cum soaked hole and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. "Come on, slut. Get your mouth to work. I don't want your filthy cunt juice all over my clothes. Clean it."

I took the knife from Paul and held it next to her face so that she had the right encouragement. When she finished cleaning her mess off my cock I pulled her to her feet. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Please .. please let me go .. you've done it .. you've had your 'fun' .. now let me go .."

"Why the big performance?" asked Paul. "You've fucked before. You enjoyed parts of it. I bet it was better than you get from your husband."

If anything her tears increased. "You bastards. One of those girls is Pete's sister. She never liked me. She's bound to tell him. The way she'll tell it, he will think I wanted it. You fucking bastards have just wrecked my marriage. He'll get the kids and the house. What shall I do?"

"Ain't life a bitch," laughed Paul. "Anyway. You did want it. They only stopped and saw you because you couldn't control yourself when you came. You're a slut Candi. And now everyone knows. Enjoy the rest of your sad little life."

We left her sobbing against the wall. It would have been good to carry on enjoying the other parts of her body, but we had another long day tomorrow and a boy needs his sleep.

Chapter 13

The next day our drive to Paul's home continued at a leisurely pace while Paul continued his story.

The day arrived when Judy's baby was born. The happy husband was at the hospital by her bedside, but the baby was stillborn. After all the abuse of the past year this wasn't really surprising but Judy was so badly traumatised that she started to act irrationally and it was obvious that she needed specialist help. Hubby noticed that instead of blond hair, pale skin, thick lips, and all the bits that his other kids had that were so like his own baby pictures, this dead baby has black hair, Mediterranean skin, thin lips and absolutely nothing about it looks like it comes from his genes.

The not-so-happy husband started to think about it and over the next couple of weeks the arguments began. Judy was not really with it anyway because of the trauma of the still birth and, if she admitted anything about the baby's father or what has been going on for the past year, then she's completely fucked. One evening the argument raged on. Incensed by the injustice of her husband's accusations that she had been enjoying an affair, when in fact she has been tortured, fucked, buggered and abused non-stop to try to save her children, Judy lost it completely. She really couldn't remember exactly how it happened but she did remember the blood, the iron in her hand, the dead body on the kitchen floor and, for some weird reason, the fact that he had never given her an orgasm in all their married life.

She was hysterical when she called Paul. He was the person who had been organising her life for the past year and she didn't know where else to turn. The call was probably the last rational thing that Judy ever did. Paul, of course, does everything right. He's a bit like the bloke in that film, the one where they go to that guy who cleans the car and gets rid of the body and sorts everything out. Paul gets round to the house immediately and takes control. The kids are asleep and know nothing about it. A couple of calls and Paul has arranged the fake car accident, and his mate at the morgue is all ready to make sure that the paperwork will be in order. The police are involved but only because another drunk driver has gone off the road and killed himself, and this helps to make everything seem legal.

Judy's mind has now left for planet Zog. She acts fairly normally, doing the washing, cooking the meals, cleaning the house and all that woman shit, but it's all done on automatic. She also fucks when she is told and will say anything you want but there is no spark left, no spontaneity, nothing of her own will exists behind her blank eyes. So Paul moves in, adopts the children, 'looks after' Judy and makes sure that the kids have a normal life. Well, Tina and Anna have a normal life, while Lucy seems to be totally infatuated with her new 'Dad'. Now he is in complete control of the house, Paul has no difficulty in putting the final pieces into place so that Lucy's new life as his personal nympho can begin.

Apart from the fact that Judy is now just a human robot, hubby's death has helped Paul's plans greatly. Things improve even more when the insurance policies pay up. Judy is now set up for life, or she would be if she hadn't signed everything over to Paul. Five million is the grand total - plus the house. Life is about to become sooo good for Paul, and sooo bad for the women in his life.

After three hours on the road listening to Paul's story, I was almost constantly hard. I needed another fuck and, as luck would have it, one was coming up in less than two miles. We were in the middle of some forest when we rounded a corner and in the distance were a couple sitting by the roadside. As we got closer one of them, a big looking guy of about college age, gets up and tries to flag us down. Paul slows to a stop and mentions to me that there is a gun in the glove compartment in case they give any trouble.

"Thanks for stopping," says this college kid ever so politely, "can you give us a lift, please?"

"Yes," says Paul in his 'I'm a normal friendly bloke' voice, "of course we can. What on earth are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

"We had got a lift from a truck driver, but he tried to touch Vanessa. I hit him and he threw us out of the cab. We have been here since midnight and we really do need to get going or else we'll be late."

As he was saying this, Vanessa came up to the car. Veerrryyy tasty. Long, tanned legs. Cut-offs that showed enough cheek to get you really interested. Tight top showing an excellent pair of tits that obviously didn't feel the need for the extra support of a bra. And a face which was looking pretty fair to me, especially when you realised that she wasn't wearing any make-up.

"Can they give us a lift, John?" she asked.

"Of course we can," Paul spoke before John was able to answer. "John's told us your terrible story. I can't believe that there are really people as bad as that truck driver. I know you read about these things in the papers but you never expect it to happen to you. Are you alright? It really isn't safe for you youngsters to be hitching on these roads."

I was having a big struggle not to burst out laughing but Paul's concern was very deep and very convincing. Vanessa gave him the sweetest smile and was obviously thankful that they had stopped a car with some nice people in it.

"Oh yes, I'm fine," she smiled. "I always feel safe when I'm with John. He's wonderful. That man was so horrid and I couldn't believe it when he tried to touch me. John was really marvelous and stopped him immediately. I love him so much."

I had to feign a coughing fit to stop laughing as she gushed out her story and kept stroking John's arm and looking up at his face. John looked a bit embarrassed but obviously knew what he should say in his role as prince-fucking-charming.

"It was nothing, honey. People like that only understand one thing. They need to be taught a lesson. It's a shame you stopped me from hitting him again, but you're the important person in my life and as long as you're happy then I'm in heaven."

"OK love-birds" laughed Paul, "Get in the car. This is Rob and we were about to swap driving, so now is as good a time as any."

This was news to me but I know Paul. He obviously had some plan to deal with these two and it presumably included me at the wheel while he did more important things. I moved to the driving seat and as soon as everyone was settled, I got us back on the road.

Paul was half turned in his seat carrying on easy conversation with the couple and winning their trust. "So, you said you might be late for something. What would that be?"

Vanessa gave a sweet giggle. "Our wedding. We couldn't be late for our own wedding. John is going to make an honest woman of me in two days and we still have a long way to go. John has been so good but after our car broke down yesterday we haven't had much luck with getting lifts. That truck driver was the last straw. We're so grateful that you turned up when you did."

Paul laughed, "And we're pleased that we were in the right place at the right time. Now don't you two worry. We'll get you home without any problems. Paul and Rob will make sure you're well looked after. Won't we, Rob?"

"Oh yeah," I replied "We'll take care of you."

The journey continued with Paul chatting away with the happy couple until after an hour or so Vanessa feel asleep with her head on John's chest. Paul smiled, pointed out that they must both be exhausted and suggested John tried to sleep as well. Half an hour later the love birds were quietly unaware that I had turned off the road onto a side track and Paul was now facing them with his gun pointing at the girl's face and a pair of hand cuffs dangling from his left hand.

John noticed the bouncing of the car over the unmade road first and opened his eyes to check. Paul looked straight at him and very quietly and very menacingly said "Do anything I don't like and her face will look like road-kill chicken. Move very slowly and put on the cuffs. One move that isn't to my liking and your fiancee is just so much splattered flesh. Careful now .. nice and slow .. her life is in your hands .. good boy .. that's done it .."

John obviously wasn't much more intelligent than the truck driver he'd hit. He had just surrendered without a fight. With his hands in the cuffs there was virtually nothing he could do, and now him and his tasty little bride-to-be were ours. I turned off the track, drove another fifty yards or so and stopped in a clearing.

Vanessa awoke. "John, darling, you moved your arm," she complained before focussing on Paul and the gun. "JOHN !!! He's got a gun."

Paul's evil smirk was a picture. "I think he knows that already sweet-cheeks. Now get out of the car, nice and slow, we only want your money and then you can go."

I nearly lost it again at that one, but she seemed to believe him and slowly opened the door and got out. Paul gave me the gun to cover John and followed her. He stood still as she opened her purse and gave him the few notes that were inside. "We haven't got much, but take it and leave us alone. I thought you were nice people but you're as bad as that truck driver. At least he didn't try and rob us."

"Oh well," said Paul turning back to the car, "you live and learn, don't you? Now, John, swing just your legs out of the car and stay still. I'm going to tie them together so you don't get any ideas. We don't want anybody to try anything silly, do we. Nice and calm and then we can all get on our way."

Once his legs were tied Paul made him stand up, undid one of the cuffs, pulled John's arms behind his back and re-secured them. He then gagged him, got some more rope, tied it to a couple of handy trees and then around John's legs, cutting the other rope so that John was now standing with his legs spread wide apart. Slipping some rope through the cuffs Paul threw one end over an adjacent branch and tied it off. By pulling on the rope John's arms would be forced upwards, bringing his head down to try to relieve the pressure on his shoulders.

Having tied John to his liking Paul placed a rope noose around Vanessa's neck and tied it off to another nearby tree. Removing a second set of cuffs from his back pocket he secured Vanessa's arms behind her. It was at this point that the reality of their situation hit them. John started to make strange noises through his gag while Vanessa started crying.

"What are you doing?" She whimpered. "You've got our money. That's what you wanted. Now leave us alone. We haven't got anything else."

"Now that's where you're wrong," said Paul. "I'm sure if you think for a minute you can come up with something else you have that we might want. I'll give you a clue. To be specific it's something you've got. John can't help you with this one."

The look on her face as she realised what Paul was talking about was a picture. " No. You can't. John will stop you. You'll go to prison. I'm going to be married. We'll tell the police. You can't. No. Just leave us alone and we won't say anything."

"Silly girl," was Paul's answer, "John hasn't got much say in this, although a bit later we may ask him his opinion. Anyway, I've worked something out that will stop you telling anyone about our little bit of fun."

Paul went back to the car and got out two video cameras and a tripod. I remembered that he had been on some deal about porn films when I met him and, obviously, this was part of his equipment.

"I'm a bit of an film buff," Paul laughed as he busied himself setting up the cameras, "and I make films that sell to a .. specialist .. market. It takes lots of film to make a really good movie and the amount of editing that you have to do is really excessive, especially when the actors are amateurs. But by the end of today I will have lots of film and, with a lot of editing depending on how much of a film star you are, I will be able to make a really nice little movie. If it comes out OK I'll probably send you a complimentary copy - think of it as my wedding present."

"You ... You .. You cruel man," She cried, "You won't get any co-operation from us. We are not going to take part in your sick plan. You'll only have incriminating evidence against yourself."

I loved the way that even when she was about to be raped she couldn't bring herself to swear. I love this sort of innocent, stupid slut.

Paul had finished setting up the equipment although I was surprised that both cameras were pointed at John. As always, I assumed Paul knew what he was doing. He again returned to the car and got a large knife, a wrench and some fishing line. He set the cameras going and moved over to John.

Picking up the wrench he stood in front of John and smiled as he smashed the tool into his left knee. John tried so hard to scream through his gag that I actually felt sorry for him. Vanessa made up for the poor quality of John's scream and the sound of her anguished howls as she saw her knight in shining armour being assaulted was sweet music to my ears.

Paul hit the other kneecap. I didn't hear them break but John's agony was apparent from his face. Tears were running down his cheeks, snot was coming from his nose and the tension in his neck and cheeks as he tried to bear his agony made the veins stand out like purple rivers. His legs sagged under the strain but that merely placed pressure on his arms and shoulders. With a huge effort, he managed to force his legs to hold him up as Paul stood in front of him. Smiling into his face Paul kneed him in the balls. He sagged again and the snot running over the gag was joined by puke that had forced its way out of his throat through the only available opening, his nose.

Vanessa was screaming continuously. "STOP .. Stop .. You'll kill him. He's choking. Don't hit him again. Please, stop. Please. Leave him alone. He's tied up. Please stop."

Paul turned to her. "Now," he said, "I thought I heard you say you wouldn't co-operate, but perhaps I mis-heard you. What was it you said? Were you going to be a good girl and be a classy actress, or were you going to be a silly girl and watch John suffer a bit more? You know you'll do what we want in the end. It's just a question of how many bits we remove from lover-boy here before you decide that you always wanted to be a porn star, and that today is going to be your debut."

Chapter 14

Vanessa was kneeling on the ground sobbing. She knew she had no choice but she couldn't help trying to persuade Paul not to do it. The stupid fucking bitch tried to appeal to his good side. What a stupid slut. Paul's 'good side' - there ain't so such thing.

"Please, please. Don't make me do this. We can pay you more money. I can send it to you. I can't do the things you want. Please. We love each other. I've always been a good girl. We're getting married in two days. Please don't make me. My parents would die if they knew. Poor John. He's done nothing to deserve this. He's always loved me. Don't make me. Not before my wedding day. I'm a virgin. Please don't make me. Please. Please"

Paul and I turned to each other, whooped and did a high-five. A fucking virgin. And if she was virgin cunt, it was 100-1 she was virgin ass. One each. Oh this was going to be fucking fantastic. It always beats me that every time I rape a girl she tries to stop me with words that only help to turn me on and make my cock even harder. Don't they teach them anything at school?

Paul decided it was time to see the goods and grabbed the front of her tight top. Bringing the knife up to her face he ordered her to stay still if she wanted to keep her flawless skin. She became quieter, but as Paul slipped the knife into the material just below her neck and ripped it downwards exposing her large breasts, she began to cry again.

"Please, no .. don't do this .. please .. please .. "

Paul ignored her and grabbed the waistband of her shorts. A couple more cuts with the knife followed by Paul grabbing the flimsy panties and tearing them from her body and she was really starting to lose it.

"Look Vanessa" said Paul, going into his 'good guy' act, "its going to happen anyway. It can happen with pain for you and complete agony for John, or you can be a good girl, let John keep some of his more interesting body parts and, who knows, you may even enjoy some of it. It's up to you. Believe me, I enjoy the pain part almost as much as the humiliation part."

"But .. but .. I can't .. not with John watching .. it'll kill him." she sobbed as she bent over to try to hide her tits and lifted up a leg in a pathetic attempt to keep her cunt from view.

"No, my poor stupid little fuck toy, 'it' won't kill him, I'll kill him," replied Paul. "If that's what you want, it can be arranged. Think it through, dumb ass. A bit of sex, a nice video with you agreeing to everything, probably with a bit of begging thrown in and we'll have had our fun. We'll have our insurance that you don't go to the cops and you can get married in two days. Or .. we do a great torture and rape movie. John loses his ears, his tongue, a few fingers and then, in the finale, his nuts and his cock. You get to eat most of the bits we've hacked off. You also get to enjoy more pain in a couple of hours than you ever imagined possible. Whipped tits, sliced nipples, a branch up your cunt, your ass stuffed with brambles, and those are just my ideas. Rob has loads more little scenes worked out in his brain. And, because we don't have your agreement not to report it to the police, it won't be your wedding in two days, it'll be your funeral. Now, have a little think while I have a nice chat with John. I'll be back for your decision in a minute."

Paul strolled over to John and stood between his outstretched legs. "How's things my friend," he said. "Hope you are breathing OK now. Puke does tend to block up the nasal passages, doesn't it. How much more pain do you think you can stand? I'd love to find out. Or shall I start in on sweet-cheeks over there? What about slowly cutting off her nipples and feeding them to her? And then we could start to slice off her tits, half an inch at a time. Perhaps fucking the knife up her ass would finish her off but it might only leave her unable to shit without infecting herself and dying slowly through blood poisoning rather than blood loss. We could find out. What do you say? Look, you seem to be having difficulty talking at the moment so I'll make it easy. Nod your head in answer to the questions that I ask, and if you get a wrong answer I'll give you a little tap on the balls to help you get it right. OK?"

John groaned through the gag but nodded his head to show he understood.

"Good. Now in a minute we are going to introduce sweet-cheeks over there to the joys of rock hard cock. She's going to find out what she has been missing all these years. Is that OK with you, John?"

The trussed up college kid shook his head violently and wriggled as though he was trying to loosen the ropes.

"Oh dear," said Paul and kneed him in the balls, "and I really thought we were starting to understand each other."

John's face again creased up in pain. He jerked around as he tried to protect his crotch from Paul who brought his knee up into his scrotum twice more. John crumpled, as much as you can crumple when your arms are held up by a rope which will dislocate your shoulders if you fall to the ground, and tried desperately to breath through his nose as Paul stood quietly in front of him. As John recovered Paul reached over and squeezed his nose so that he could not breathe and, for the fourth time, crushed his balls with his knee.

"John, please pay attention," said Paul. "Your fiancee is going to be fucked by me and Rob. She will be joining in the fun with some enthusiasm or else we will kill you both, very slowly and very painfully. All we want you to do is to agree and to add a little encouragement at the right times. It makes for a much better film if everybody knows what their role is, says their lines at the right time and generally looks as though they are enjoying themselves. Now. I'll ask you again. Is all of this OK with you?"

John was trying to shake his head to loosen Paul's grip on his nose, as his face started to become an interesting shade of red.

"I hope you're not shaking your head to say 'no' again, John," Paul smiled. "I can't believe that you would be that stupid. I'm going to let go now and we shall see if you have learned anything. Is it OK for us to fuck Vanessa?"

Paul released his grip and John desperately tried to get air into his lungs through his nose. After a few seconds of spluttering Paul grabbed his hair and pulled upwards so that John was staring straight at him. "I said, is it OK, John?".

John nodded his head furiously as Paul laughed. "I knew you would see sense in the end. I'll tell Vanessa the good news in a minute but first lets get you ready for your part in this production."

Checking that I was still covering John with the gun, Paul picked up the knife and proceeded to cut off John's clothes. When every last bit was on the ground in front of him Paul went and got the fishing line and began to work on John's cock and balls. First, he tied the line tightly around the base of John's dick. It looked as if the line might be cutting into the flesh but Paul stopped short of removing his manhood and made the binding just tight enough to prevent any blood flow into John's soft cock. There was no way this guy was going to get a hard-on until the line was cut.

The next loop of fishing line went round the soft dick just below the head, and was fixed with a slipknot which would cause an extra bit of agony when pulled tight. Paul continued with his work as he carefully trussed up the large pair of balls that were hanging in front of him. The sac, that was now so swollen after Paul's assault, was tied round with the fishing line so that each ball was separated and wrapped up like an Easter egg, again with slipknots incorporated in the ties. The three free ends of the lines from each of his balls and cock head were left loose.

Paul stood up and looked at John. "Does this hurt?" he said as he pulled gently on one of the lines to John's balls.

John's muffled scream and frantic head nodding gave Paul his answer. He repeated the process with the other two lines until John was crying with pain, and then tied the lines around the wrench. He held the wrench up to John's face.

"I've only pulled on the lines gently so far," Paul told him. "Think what it will be like if I really go for it .. like this" and he dropped the wrench. The fishing lines stopped the wrench 6 inches above the ground where it jerked around as John's gag failed to contain his scream of utter agony.

"Fucking wimp. That's just a little reminder of what can happen if you don't do as you are told," said Paul. "I'm going to cut you down now but you just stick around here while I have another chat with the star of our show."

Paul cut the rope holding John's arms and legs and he sank to the ground in a pile of misery. His hands were still cuffed behind him but he rolled into a ball as he tried to gain some relief from the intense pain that was slicing upwards from his groin.

Chapter 15

Vanessa was sitting on the ground unable to think straight. She had watched Paul totally humiliate her husband-to-be whom she had thought would be her protector against all things evil. The realisation that there was nothing he could do to save them and that she was going to suffer all her worst nightmares and more, was having its effect on her mind. As usual, Paul was in charge and everything was going exactly as planned.

"Hello, my little virgin." Paul's voice jerked her away from her thoughts of the hell that was to come. "I hope you've made up your mind. John over there hopes that the decision is a big 'yes'. He's agreed to help us to make this a really special movie and he wants you to join in."

She looked up at him and through her tears came her answer.

"How can you be so cruel? What have we done to deserve this? I'll do it to save John, but I won't enjoy it and I won't help you."

"Yes you will," replied Paul. "If you don't then John is going to be missing a couple of the important things that make a real man. Why not discuss the whole thing with him? But before you do lets make sure I have your full attention."

Paul called me over and got me to stand behind her to hold her still. I used the opportunity to grab two handfuls of tit and mauled her flesh as Paul cut two pieces of fishing line and made them into loops. He reached forward and took her nipple between his finger and thumb. She tried to twist away from my grip but had no chance. She was no match for the two of us and after Paul had slapped her face a couple of times she stopped struggling. He gripped the nipple hard, slipped a loop of line round the base and pulled it tight, and then did the same with her other teat.

"Oh god," she cried as the pain started to enter her mind. "Please .. no .. take them off .. please .. they hurt .."

"Those are staying on until the end of our little party," said Paul. "There is nothing quite like hard painful nipples to keep a girl's mind in line, and it makes them look so good for the camera. Of course, there may be a little problem cutting the line off now that the loops are tied up but I'll let you deal with that when we finish."

"Please .. its hurts .. Please don't .. oh god .."

Paul ignored her, undid her rope and led her over to where John was still lying in anguish on the ground.

"Keep your eye on them," he instructed me. "They can talk and touch as much as they want but make sure they don't try to undo any of the bindings. I've got a load of preparation to get through if this thing is really going to be fun."

As always, I was amazed at the lengths that Paul went to. If I'd been on my own she would have been fucked in every hole by now, her useless boyfriend would be bleeding his life away on the ground and I'd be in the car 20 miles away. But not Paul. Preparation, thought, careful planning, detailed execution - they're all things that most perverts don't bother with, but Paul was an expert. That is probably why I had been in jail four times already while Paul's criminal record was one speeding ticket.

Paul now worked away on getting the whole thing set up. He had been carrying his film making equipment with him for his business trip and now it all came out of the car. Cameras and tripods were positioned. Microphones set up. A large blanket was laid out on the grass. A couple of stakes were driven into the ground nearby. And for twenty minutes Paul sat writing cue cards - big wipe-over pieces of board that have the actors' lines written on them. Paul said he had to use them all the time in his films because guys with big cocks and girls with big tits couldn't remember to say 'yes' without help. Eventually everything was ready and Paul walked over to the happy couple holding the boards.

"And the decision is ... ?" he asked.

They both looked up dejectedly. "OK." said John. "You win. We'll do what you want but please be gentle with Vanessa."

Paul shook his head slowly in feigned amazement. "God you're a stupid wanker," he said. "We are going to do exactly what we want, and so are you. Vanessa is ours, and so are you if we want. Just be thankful that I'm not gay. One word of protest and this changes from a porn movie to a snuff movie. Now, read through these. In a couple of minutes we are going to do some shots of you two saying these lines. We'll do it several times so I've got a selection of different voice-overs to use when I do the editing. You'll be saying these lines during the film as well, but in case you fuck up in the heat of the moment I'll have a load of extra bits I can use later."

John and Vanessa sat and looked at what Paul had written. Vanessa started to cry almost immediately while John tried to comfort her. He kept telling her that they were only words and he knew that she really loved him and that nothing could stop him loving her and that it would be alright and that he would look after her and tons of other bullshit. The dickhead was doing Paul's work for him.

After five minutes Paul propped the cards up against a nearby tree and started the camera. "OK kids. It's show time. Sweet-cheeks, read out the first card"

"Oh no, please, no" was her response. Paul sighed, walked over to where they were sitting and picked up the wrench that was still tied to the ends of fishing line. He said nothing as he yanked it so hard that John was pulled 2 feet towards him. His agonised screams filled the clearing as the sobbing Vanessa started begging for mercy for her man. Paul returned to the camera and looked straight at Vanessa.

"I said, read out the first card."

"Oh god .. p .. p .. please f .. f .. fuck me." she managed to say through her tears.

"That was crap" said Paul. "Try again. If you don't get it right in another two goes, John's balls are going to be taking another tug of love."

It took four tries before she managed to come up with something that Paul thought was even close to acceptable, and John's sobs of torment as the slip knots in the line tightened round his aching balls were noticeable in the background the whole time.

After half an hour Paul was getting reasonable lines from them, and if their voices didn't convey too much expression there was enough material to allow him to put together something that would be passable on film, particularly with the music, gasping and moaning that he would dub on later. From reading everything that was on the cards it was obvious what the plot of the film was to be and, as always, my admiration for Paul's twisted mind was undiminished. He had also got them to say lots of simple words, like 'yes', 'please', 'now', 'more', 'harder' and many others, so that he could insert them later.

"Right. Lets move to the action shall we?" Paul finally said. He tied John's fishing lines - which were too fine to be picked up by the camera - to the stakes outside the view of the lens so that his movement was restricted to the blanket, removed their hand cuffs and reminded them that I had the gun and was covering them both. "Lie down and start cuddling each other. Fuck-baby, get your hand around his dick and try to jack him up to something like a hard on. Lets go."


Whenever I watch the film it is always better than it was in real life. Paul is a very good editor and although I know that the happy couple were only participating to save their lives, I can still be convinced by the words and action on the screen that they both really wanted her to get totally and completely fucked. As a fuck film its not bad, but as a rape film it's crap because the pair of lovebirds seem to enjoy what the girl is going through. It's only because I know they were tearing their souls apart as they begged for Vanessa to be taken in every hole that the film is such a turn on.

The film is an hour and a half long but in reality it took over four hours of filming, with three cameras, to get all the footage including all the different angles. We had to stop to change positions, to get them to agree to some new act that their innocent little minds couldn't comprehend, to repeat their lines, to give John's fishing lines a pull or two, to allow Vanessa time to stop crying, and a hundred other things. I just couldn't be a film star. I got my rocks off three times during filming but I only really enjoy the whole scene when I watch it again as a completed movie.

The film starts with the lovers lying naked on a blanket on the ground. She is jerking his cock first with one hand and then two. She is kissing him and moaning like mad but nothing seems to be happening to the stud's dick - not surprising really when the blood flow is cut off by fishing line - and she starts to get sulky and disappointed. John, who doesn't seem to be enjoying having his cock jerked about, says that he loves her but is worried by his inexperience. Both of them are virgins and with their wedding happening the following day he doesn't really know what to do sexually. Vanessa agrees that it would be better if they had some experience.

A stranger appears - its funny how you never really get a clear view of the faces of either of the strangers in the film - and says he has been watching for a while and perhaps he can help. They agree and soon John is sucking nipples and licking cunt, with encouragement from the stranger. Vanessa, meanwhile, is learning how to suck the stranger's cock. When only Paul or me were in shot the other of us was using a hand held camera for close-ups, and there are lots of close-ups of Vanessa's sweet lips working away on mine and Paul's hard dicks.

When John has got Vanessa's cunt wet and ready with his tongue, both her and John start begging Paul to fuck her so that they can see how it should be done. John holds her cunt lips open as Vanessa spreads her long legs as wide as they will go and Paul rams his cock as hard as he can up her virgin hole. He explains to John that it is no good being gentle with virgins because it is better to get the pain over in one go. As the fucking continues Vanessa is told how to use her hands to increase Paul's pleasure by feeling for his shaft as it slides into her, by caressing his back, by kissing him and by encouraging him with words and groans. John is shown carefully studying the action as he helpfully holds her legs out of the way.

After a good 15 minutes Paul cums deep inside her unprotected vagina and, as he pulls his dick from her oozing cunt, he explains how important it is for the woman to have the man leave his potent seed as deep as possible in her body. It seems that John has missed a few of the more important points and asks if Paul could show him again. Paul is not able to assist immediately but offers the services of his friend who has also been watching all the action. Both John and Vanessa are happy to repeat the process only this time she is made to fuck herself on my rampant cock as I lie back and relax on the blanket. John is allowed to suck her nipples as this scene continues.

After I shoot my spunk deep into her cunt John is able to demonstrate his new found skills and lick out her drooling slit. The mix of slime, spunk and blood is carefully recorded as John laps everything up. At the other end of the blanket Vanessa is doing the same job on Paul's cock, although by now her cunt juice is congealing on his dick and she has to work hard to get the shaft clean. Her efforts are rewarded by a growing hardness in Paul's cock and she is allowed to continue sucking, including some forced deep throat with Paul's hand behind her head, until his cock empties its second load into her mouth.

John has finally finished cleaning her sloppy cunt and is heard thanking the two men for their help and asking if there is anything else he should know. He is interested in everything and hopes to learn other techniques to keep his bride-to-be happy. Paul tells him to tongue Vanessa's ass and soon she is prepared for the next invasion of her sweet virgin body. Vanessa is busy working on my cock with her mouth and hands and is showing off her new found deep throat skills. Twice, when she gags on the cock and pulls back, she is heard to ask the man to help by using his hands to force her head down onto his dick, because she wants to be sure she is doing it properly.

Once my cock is really juiced up I remove it from her drooling mouth and move round to her ass. John pulls her cheeks apart to reveal a nicely tongued hole and Vanessa reaches back to position my rock hard dick ready to commence her first sodomy session. To the sound of John's voice encouraging me to fuck her hard, my cock tears her hole wide open as I follow Paul's previous advice to get the pain out of the way. Although Vanessa seems to be having a hard time initially, she is soon moaning and begging for more as she reaches back to cradle my balls.

After spunking up her ass I again have my cock cleaned thoroughly by Vanessa's sweet mouth and she works on it for half an hour before I get hard again and shoot my final load into her throat. By this time Paul has finished his turn at raping her ass and she immediately has to start cleaning a second shit covered cock. John is busy licking out the cocktail of spunk, shit and blood which is oozing from her wide open hole.

The film ends with John solemnly shaking our hands and thanking us for showing him what to do while Vanessa is lying on the blanket, frigging herself and begging for more. John kneels down beside her and her hands try again to get his cock hard but he still can't get it up.

When it was over we went through their gear and removed anything valuable. In her make-up bag I found a nail file and my nasty brain started to think of the possibilities. I had a word with Paul and he agreed that as we had the time to make a short little movie about pain. I knew I had one more cum in me if only I could get the right stimulus.

Chapter 16

John had mostly recovered from the pain in his crutch and was now just suffering the continual ache that happens when your balls are crushed and then trussed up. I thought this was not really in the spirit of the game so I kicked him in the nuts a few times.

"Noooo .. stop .. please .." Vanessa was trying to move her body to protect her humiliated fiance. "You said that if we co-operated you would leave us alone."

"Yeah, right," I smiled. "I'm a liar."

"Please leave us alone," she begged, "haven't you done enough?"

"No, we fucking haven't," I laughed. "This is the bit I really enjoy. This is the bit where you beg for the pain my little slut. And if you don't, I'm going to cut his balls off, one at a time."

John was lying curled up clutching his battered scrotum. I re-tied his arms and legs to the trees to leave him spread-eagled on the ground. Vanessa was left without any bindings at all, apart from the fishing lines which were still doing a great job on her nipples. I grabbed John's cock and started to slowly work the nail file over the head - backwards and forwards on the same area all the time. At first John was unable to distinguish between the new pain and the continual ache he was suffering but then he began to realise that a different kind of agony was filtering its way into his head.

"Please .. no .. for the love of god .. haven't you done enough .. christ .. please .. stop ... it's too much .."

"You see, Vanessa," I smiled, "Only you can stop this. Soon I'll draw blood, but when that happens I'll start somewhere else. He thinks it hurts now when I'm rubbing the head but wait until I start just below. That's where it's really sensitive. Oh, I was forgetting, now you've had cocksucking lessons you know that."

"Noooo .. please .. help .. please god .. stop .. pleeease .." John's voice was beginning to sound desperate as the backwards and forwards action made the top of his cock turn from bright red to purple.

"STOP. STOP." Vanessa threw herself towards me to try to push me away, but I was waiting for her move and grabbed her by the throat. Holding her tight in one hand I reached for the knife and placed it on one of John's swollen balls. The point pushed down and a small trickle of blood welled up from the bloated sac. I pushed Vanessa's head down to John's crutch. John was howling in pain and begging as though his life depended on it - which, I suppose, it did.

"Try that one more time you little slut and his balls get spiked to the ground. Understand?"

"Yes. Yes. Please stop. I'll be good. Please leave him alone," she whimpered.

I threw her down to the ground and picked up the nail file again. "OK but only if you do this right. Beg for pain. If I get something, a file, a branch, a bramble, anything, and you don't beg me to hurt you with it, the knife goes all the way through this guy's spunk maker. And then it'll be the other one, followed by slashed nipples, sliced cock and impaled ass until you get it right. You beg or he becomes a blubbering eunuch. No second chances. Ready to play? Right, now I'm holding a nail file. Your turn ...."

"I don't know what to do .." she cried, "please don't hurt him. Please leave him alone."

"Stupid bitch," I said and pushed down with the knife until it stuck halfway into John's ball. He screamed in white hot agony and then passed out. "You better work out what to do by the time he wakes up or it goes all the way in."

Paul emptied a bottle of water over John's head and he groaned.

"OK, Vanessa," I said, "I reckon you've got about five seconds before he remembers there's a knife in his balls. Hope you've sussed out the right words by then."

I was in heaven. Inflicting pain is just so good. It doesn't really matter whether it's a man or woman who is in agony as long as I get to hear screams. Women are better in some respects because they can offer so much in return for mercy, but men and boys are so centred around their cock and balls that the terror in their eyes is fantastic when they think that they are about to spend the rest of their lives without their pecker. Desperate isn't the word.

John began to scream again and to help him along I twisted the knife just a little. Vanessa was unable to comprehend what was going on. It seemed obvious to me, but the stupid slut just wasn't thinking it through. Eventually, as John was offering to be my slave for life if I would only take the knife out, she finally got somewhere near her role.

"Do it to me instead," she blurted out.

"What? Stick the knife in your balls? Yeah, stupid cunt. Believe me, if you had any, I would but perhaps you can think of somewhere else I could put it."

"My .. my .. oh god .. put it in my breast." She sobbed out the last words as her brain finally cottoned onto the game, and her only way of saving her loved one.

"Not bad, but I need more enthusiasm. And anyway I told you fucking hours ago that I'm holding a nail file, or have you forgotten? We'll get round to the knife later."

"Oh god .. the file .. use the file on me .. not John," she whimpered. "Use it on my .. on my .. breasts .."

"They're too big, cunt, think of something in the same area but a bit smaller. Something that is already hurting. And when you've thought of it started begging properly. I ain't stopping with this knife unless I'm convinced you seriously want me to hurt you."

"Oh noooo .. nooo .." she was crying as she realised her nipples were about to be sacrificed for John's potency. "Oh god .. my nipples .. use the file on my nipples please .."

"Right place but nowhere near enough enthusiasm," I grinned as I twisted the knife further into the swollen sac between John's legs. "This seems like more fun at the moment."

John was becoming delirious. His attempts to save his balls and stop the pain were going off the scale. "Pleeease .. no more .. for god's sake .. please .. aarrrggghhhh .. help me .. I'll give you anything .. please stop .. I'll be your slave .. I'll suck your cock .. aaarrgghh .. I'll give you everything I have .. please .. stop .. help me .. oh god ..Vanessa .. pleeease .. stop him .. help me ... please .."

She tried again. Desperately now. Her chances to save her man were diminishing with every second. "Please Rob .. please .. use the file on me .. file my nipples .. please .."

"Getting there, fuck-face," I goaded her.

"File my nipples .. pleease .. use it on them .. they hurt so much already .. you'll enjoy it .. I'll rub your cock while you do it .. please .. please .. make them bleed .. I want you to do it .. oh god .. please hurt me .."

I decided to give her what she wanted. Leaving the knife sticking up out of John's bleeding ball sac, I moved over to where Vanessa sat sobbing. "Push your tits out for me, you little pain slut," I told her. "Make me believe it's what you want."

In the circumstances she did quite well, thrusting her chest towards me and holding her position for most of her torture. I started slowly just working the file over the tip of her teat. The fishing wire around the base of her nipples had been in place for several hours and the engorged buds were now hyper-sensitive. The pain got to her very quickly.

"God .. aarrgghh .. no .. please .. no .."

"OK," I said and went back to John's limp dick. Starting on a new area right next to where blood was now oozing from the roughened head, I soon had John back in the groove.

"Please .. please .. stop .. anything .. I'll do anything .. aaaarrrrggghh .. oh christ .. pleeease stop .. "

In moments Vanessa joined in again. "No .. leave him alone .. please .. do it to me .. I can take it .. please .." She reached beneath the base of her nipple with her finger and thumb to hold the throbbing teat still, as she pushed her chest towards me.

"I don't believe you, cunt face," I said, as I stopped filing for a moment to turn the knife another quarter inch in John's pierced scrotum. "You lied last time so if I start on you again you're going to have to keep begging for more all the time I'm doing it. OK?"

"Oh god .. yes .. I'll do it .. please leave John alone .. please .. I'll .. I'll hold my nipple for you .. I'll let you file it .. I'll ask you to keep going .. please .. just stop hurting John .."

I happily swapped John's battered cockhead for Vanessa's raw nipple and went back to work. John's moans lent a sweet undertone to Vanessa's high pitched whimpering and occasional screams.

"Aaarrrggghhh .. yes .. that's it .. do it .. nnnggghhh .. I .. oh god .. its .. its too much .. I can't .. please .. no more .. please .."

I lifted the file and looked into her eyes. Through floods of tears she realised that there was only one way for John to survive this ordeal. She took my hand and moved it to her other teat. "Do that one as well .. aarrrggghhh .. go on .. harder .. AAAAAARRRGGHH .. more .. more .. please .. do it .. don't stop .."

When blood was dripping from each of her nipples I stopped and looked around for the next implement to increase her pain. Her screaming died down to constant moans, frequently broken by gasps and sobs. Off to one side were some brambles - thick and wiry with thousands of small needles all round each stem. I went back to the car to get some gloves and then took the knife out of John's bloody ball sac and cut two of the thickest I could find. Making Vanessa push her chest out again I wrapped them round each of her tits, starting at the base and working up to her nipples. As each small thorn entered her tits she screamed again, especially when I squeezed the briars into her flesh. I couldn't make the ends stay in position so I told the tortured sobbing girl to hold them in place.

Picking up a small branch I began to whip her breasts as she struggled to hold the brambles in position. The plant stopped the makeshift whip from reaching her flesh but each stoke drove the needles of pain deeper and deeper into her. I was rock hard again and knew that I would not be able to last much longer. Moving Vanessa next to John I turned her head sideways so that her mouth was able to suck my cock while I could whip her beautiful bound tits.

"Last bit, sweet-cheeks," I laughed. "You keep those brambles on your tits and suck cock like you've never done before. I'll whip you and stand on John's balls. John is going to scream. Right, everyone knows what to do? As soon as I come, we can all go home."

Vanessa did her best but seemed to find it difficult to concentrate which meant the blow job went on much longer than I had expected. I played my part really well and by the end I had managed to whip most of the brambles off her body although shit loads of needles were still embedded in her tits. John should have got a special mention for playing his part with enthusiasm as I used his scrotum like a wah-wah pedal. Eventually the fun had to end and I came deep in Vanessa throat, while placing all my weight on John's balls.

When I had finished we packed away the filming equipment and left the two lovers in the clearing trying to untie the fishing lines without increasing their agony.

We checked the local paper on the internet a few days later and pissed ourselves laughing when we saw that they had gone through with the wedding, although John had been in a wheelchair because of a "temporary mobility problem". As a special momento Paul sent them a copy of the video to the address on her driver's licence.

Chapter 17

As we drove through the evening Paul finished his story about what had been happening with his new family.

On her 14th birthday Paul had decided it was time to introduce Lucy to her new life. The birthday girl gets her 'special' presents in private when her sisters have gone to bed. Her mother just sits and stares at the TV as Lucy opens a selection of boxes that have been purchased at various sex shops. Vibrators, dildos, love-balls, corsets, high heels, the sluttiest nurse's uniform a mind could think of, ball-gags, you name it, Lucy now seems to own it. All of these things she has seen on the videos. Most of them she has fantasised about owning. Some of them she has secretly bought or stolen since her mind became obsessed with sex.

Paul gives his special girl some champagne, and the alcohol - with another 'supplement' added - means that Paul has one of the best nights of his life. Lucy enjoys most of it and even those bits that hurt at first seem to be a price well worth paying now that her life has meaning. It seems that ever since she could remember she wanted to be Paul's fuck-toy. Her mother doesn't seem to notice and Lucy is absolutely certain that she must dedicate herself to being Paul's sexual plaything.

She leaves school to be 'privately educated' at home. Educated by Paul, of course, with a bit more help from his hypnotist friend who now gets young cunt as payment for his work. Paul doesn't mind sharing and Lucy is ecstatic when she gets more sex and sees that Paul is happy. Lucy spends each day trying to think of things to keep Paul happy. She studies sex manuals, she watches blue movies, she reads every porn novel she can get her hands on. She fucks him whenever, however, where-ever he wants. She suggests new positions or ideas the whole time, but never complains if Paul doesn't want to fuck tonight or chooses something different to what she had planned.

She is a complete slave to Paul and although wanting sex the entire time, follows the strict rules he has laid down.

1. Whatever Paul says is right 2. Whatever Paul wants he gets. 3. Never even think about fucking anyone else unless Paul says so, then do it in whatever way Paul says. 4. Paul can fuck anyone he wants and she will think it is wonderful and will join in if Paul says so.

Her sisters are not to know about her addiction to sex with Paul. They may wonder at some of her more revealing costumes and they might think her relationship with her adopted father is a bit weird, but they are to be kept as innocent as possible of Paul's perverted desires until he decides how he will use them. In her perverted little mind it is very simple. Paul is God.

I sat in the car and listened to this story. Paul obviously was God. He had all the money he could want. He had two women who would fuck him any way he wanted. One of them was apparently not as good as she had been but still did whatever she was told, but the other was still only 15 and was everything a man could dream of. He also had two other little cunts coming up on the rails to help out with his perverted ideas if he ever got bored.

It was about midnight and we were an hour or so from home when Paul phoned Lucy. " Hi fuck-bunny" he said, "how are those tight little holes? In need of a cock?"

I could hear the squeal of delight at the other end of the phone when she realised it was her lover coming home, and for a laugh Paul put the phone on 'speaker' so I could hear her properly.

"Oh god, lover. Please hurry back. My cunt needs you. I'm going crazy without your beautiful cock. Say you'll fuck my ass before you do anything else when you get home. I've been practicing squeezing my ass muscles on the dildo and I know you're going to love the way I can give you even more fun when you bugger me. I need to suck you. I'll do it all night long. I won't let you take your cock out of me for a moment. Please hurry. I'm playing with myself now and knowing you'll be here soon is making me so wet. Hurry lover. I love you and your hard cock. Please hurry home and fuck your little cock slut."

"If you've been good I got a friend who can help you out as well," laughed Paul, " but before you make yourself cum, I need to get a couple of things organised. Have you been doing everything I told you to Tina?"

"Yes, baby. I'll do anything you want. You know that. Does your friend have a big cock? Will you both fuck me together? Can I suck him while you bugger me? Oh .. oh .. oh .. ooohhh .. fuuuccckkkkiiinnngg cuuuummmiiinnggg .. ooohhh ... oohhh .. oohh .." The phone went quiet for a minute as she tried to get her breath back. "Oh god, I love you. I can cum just by hearing your voice, you beautiful man. You must come home soon to fuck me properly. I'll make it so good for you. Oh god .. now my juices are running down my leg .. "

"God you're a slut." Paul smiled at me as we listened to her gentle gasps and moans. "Where's your mother? Is she down at the bar?"

"Yes, lover. She went out three hours ago. She is supposed to be back by two o'clock. Come home to me baby. Come and fuck your little tight slave cunt. Hurry, please. I can show your friend how wide I can spread my legs so that he can get full access to my wet hole. I can do you both if you want. Two minutes in my ass, two minutes in my mouth, and then back to my ass. He'll love how I can throat his shit covered cock. Is he a good lover like you? I cum every time you touch me, lover. Oh .. oh .. oh .. I'm getting there again .."

"You'll wear out that clit of yours," Paul replied. "I'll get Judy on the way in and be with you in an hour or so. Make sure you don't cum again until we get there. I want you to really be in need of cock when we come home."

"Oh .. oh .. oh .. you're so cruel .." she giggled down the phone, "I'll never be able to stop playing with myself now I know I going to be fucked tonight. It'll be such sweet torture but I'll try. My cunt will be so fresh and open and ready for you. Please hurry. I'll go mad if you don't stick your big dick in me soon."

"Just do your best" said Paul. "See you later."

I know Paul had told me she was a slut but that call was amazing.

"So," said Paul. "Do you still want to come and meet my little nymphet?"

Did I? Paul isn't noted for stupid questions but that one took first prize. I'd give my right ball to meet her. She didn't know who I was, I had never even seen her photograph, but there she was offering me every hole she had over the phone just because Paul had said he was bringing a friend home.

"Yeah, OK." I said, trying not to sound like I was drooling at the prospect of meeting his teen fuck-bunny.

An hour later we were driving through the darkened streets on the rough side of town.

"Sorry about this diversion." said Paul. "Got to pick up Judy. She can't drive in her state but she still fucks well if you don't want any natural reaction, though her acting is still pretty convincing. Seemed to me to be exactly what hookers do, so I've had her on the streets for the last few months to earn some money. We don't need the cash but it keeps her out of Lucy's way and sometimes it's a laugh quizzing her to find out how she got a black eye from a punter, or gang banged in her ass by six drunk college kids, or whatever. She wont tell you on her own, but if you see the signs of something on her body and ask the right questions you often get interesting answers."

We pulled up outside a closed bar and from 30 yards away a hooker walked towards us. It was Judy. Now, I know that I didn't see her at her best that day three years ago but I did get a good look at her tits. The prostitute walking towards us had hooters twice the size of Judy's even after I'd tied them up.

"Those tits could take your eye out," I joked.

"Yeah," laughed Paul, "cost a bit as well, but they look good on her and it's what the punters want. She also knows how to walk, talk and use her body to the maximum effect. By doing everything expected of her she gets more clients and I get more money."

He was, as usual, dead right. The legs in their ridiculously high heeled red leather lace up thigh boots, the swirl of the miniscule rah-rah skirt as her hips sashayed towards us, the waist-coat that didn't even try to meet at the front and was cut so short at the sides that her tits were visible from virtually every angle, everything about her said 'this is your dream hooker'. As she reached the car I saw a tattoo on her stomach. Curving over a heart formed round her belly-button were the words 'IF YOU WANT IT' while curving underneath was the line 'I DO IT'.

"The tattoo's a bit in-your-face isn't it." I said. "I thought you were the classy, subtle one, Paul."

"Fuck off." he laughed. "She's a fucking whore. She shags guys against a wall, sucks cocks for peanuts and sticks her head in the dirt so her ass is available. What do you want, fucking Shakespeare? ... Hey Rob, why not get in the back with her and have a blow-job for old times sake."

I wasn't actually that keen. I had been having trouble with a hard on since his phone conversation with Lucy and I wanted to save up my cum for her young cunt. " Well, I was thinking I might be better with Lucy if I didn't spunk now," I said.

Paul laughed. "Don't worry about that. You could have had three colossal orgasms in the last half hour but I guarantee that Lucy would get you hard again in two minutes. She is one sweet piece. Enjoy yourself with Judy. I promise that your first meeting with Lucy will be even better if you get rid of your first load now."

I got out of the passenger seat and climbed into the back after Judy. Her body, her clothes, her hair, her make-up, even her smell all said "I'm a whore. I'm the whore in your wildest fantasy. Fuck me."

"Hi slut," I said. "Remember me?"

She looked at me but there was absolutely no recognition in her eyes. In fact, I think she would have had trouble recognising a lamppost. There was nobody home.

"Judy," Paul twisted round to look at her, "give me the money and then give my friend the best blow job you've ever done."

"Yes, Paul" was the only reply. She reached into her small purse and gave Paul a wad of notes. 400 or so if I guessed right. Paul took the cash and put the car into gear as she turned towards me. The transformation was almost instant. It was as if you had flipped the switch that said 'slut whore' and then watched the screen dissolve as the bored streetwalker disappeared and the pixels rearranged themselves into 'your honey for the night'.

"Hi baby," she moaned, as if sitting next to me was turning her on. Her hands worked the magic they had all those years back and within a few minutes my shirt was open and my nipples had been caressed and sucked. My jeans were on the floor as her hands and mouth explored every part of my body. She seemed to have more than one pair of hands as my thighs, ass, stomach, balls and cock were all subjected to her expert fondling.

My dick was rock hard as the head was gently stroked with one hand and my balls were caressed by the other. She had shucked the waistcoat from her shoulders so I could play with her tits and she was rubbing the huge mammaries on every available part of my exposed flesh.

Her mouth slowly enveloped my cock head and gently sucked it back and forth between her lips, before sliding downwards towards the base in one long sweet slow movement. When she hit rock bottom she held still for over a minute as her throat swallowed around my solid manhood until, just as slowly, she pulled her mouth back up my cock to the tip. She kept this up without pausing, for the short ride to Paul's place.

As we got near to the house her hand increased its gentle caressing of my balls, somehow she got a finger into my ass to work on my prostate and her moans of pleasure heightened. Her timing was excellent. As Paul brought the car to a halt, my cock exploded into her throat as she swallowed and swallowed. As she gently withdrew my cock from her mouth she lapped up any remaining gobs of spunk and spit that were left on my shaft.

"How was it?" asked Paul. "She's fucking good, ain't she? She's had so much practice that I'm thinking of entering her in a competition. If she wasn't a bit past it I'm sure she could suck for Texas."

"Not bad, not bad at all," was my reply, "but you know it would have been better if I had been able to cut her tits off at the same time."

"Yeah, I know." Paul smiled, "but your method never leaves any fun for the next day. Unless you're going to stick them back on somehow. These are my women and they don't get damaged unless I say. Come and meet Lucy."

Author's Note : The second half of this part of the story degenerates through hardcore to extreme, culminating in snuff.

If you do not wish to read material such as this, stop when you are uncomfortable. You are an adult. You make your own decisions.

Whatever you want.

Chapter 18

As we got out of the car the front door opened. A blonde teen vision in white came out onto the porch and stood there jiggling her tits in the excitement of seeing Paul. She squealed with joy and bounced down the steps to hug him, kiss him and offer him her body.

Yes, I know it seems a strange thing for a 15 year old kid to do at 2.30 in the morning on the front porch, but she did. And she was doing it without saying a word. A few moans but not one word.

She gasped with pleasure as she placed one hand high up on his neck, her fingers spread to pull his face down to hers. The elbow of that arm was gently sliding across his chest to arouse his nipples. Her fingers were caressing his neck and head while the ball of her hand moved sensuously against his cheek. I tell you, just that one arm and hand would give any man an erection, but that was only one limb - the three others were all doing their bit.

Her thigh was between his legs gently rubbing against his crotch and although this leg offered her only support, even that was working hard to turn him on. Her other leg was wrapped round him. The heel of her 6-inch stiletto shoe was being carefully dragged up and down the backs of his legs as her calf managed to stroke the underside of his ass. Her hips seemed to pulsate as her pussy pushed and rubbed over his groin area, while her other hand was working hard on touching his ass cheeks and trying to get between his legs from behind. Her tits, which were far too big for her tiny waist, continually moved against his body as her mouth and tongue worked overtime on his neck, face and lips. She alternated between placing butterfly kisses on his neck, breathing into his ear while encircling it with her tongue, licking and kissing his face and frenching his mouth. The whole time she was whimpering and moaning as if she was in continual orgasm.

I had cum in Judy's mouth only a minute before, but the sight of this nympho using her body to beg for a fucking was causing my cock to harden.

"Hi fuck-bunny," said Paul, as he gently moved her away from his body, "this is my mate Rob. He knows your mother from way back and he's going to be staying over for a while. Are the girls in bed?"

"Yes lover," she gasped in the sexiest voice I had ever heard, "they won't see me taking you to heaven and back. I want to show you my latest trick. It'll blow your mind when you cum in my love hole. Can we do it now baby?" She had glanced at me for nearly two seconds and then she only had eyes for Paul.

Paul told Lucy to get some beers and then took us into his home. The house had been big before but Paul had added some improvements with the insurance money and it was now huge with loads of necessities like swimming pool, bar, pool room, hot tub, you know, all the things you need to really enjoy life.

Judy went up to bed, Paul sat on the couch with Lucy at his feet, continually rubbing his legs and crotch, while I sat opposite.

"You've done it again, you bastard," I laughed. "I didn't really believe you but this kid is incredible. How do you manage to stay away from her for more than 20 minutes. I'd be fucking her all the time."

"It can be difficult" replied Paul, "but when you can have it anytime you don't need it all the time. The quality is so good that the quantity ain't so important. The best times are when we get other girls in on the act. With Lucy here as decoy we have managed to get some really fresh cunt on the end of my cock. She suckers them in and I stretch them out. Anyway, I'm going to bed, but if you fancy a go with fuck-bunny here, I haven't got a problem."

"Fucking ace, Paul. Are you sure? She's fucking dynamite and I don't want to piss you off."

"Couldn't give a shit," he said, "you know me - they're all just wet holes as far as I'm concerned. Just one thing though, don't beat her up. You don't need to. Just let her do her stuff, I promise it will be a revelation. Lucy, you're going to fuck Rob tonight." With that he drained his beer, stood up and went upstairs leaving me with the sweetest, sexiest, sluttiest little teen I had ever seen.

For about two seconds Lucy looked disappointed that she wasn't going to fuck Paul. Then knowing that her master wanted her to fuck me instead, and being in dire need of a cock, she moved over to my side, half crawled onto the chair and whispered in my ear. "Come and fuck my tight wet cunt. I bet your cock is big and hard and beautiful and I'm dying to find out how it feels as it pumps inside my little schoolgirl pussy. My tight 15 year old ass is just waiting for its turn as well. I can feel it pulsing already. Do you like schoolgirl asshole? Paul says my butt is the best he's had. Please say you want to try it out."

"Oh, for fuck's sake," I moaned, trying not to cum in my pants. "You fucking bet, little girl. You fucking bet. Upstairs. Now."

As I followed her to the bedroom it was impossible not to be impressed by Paul's handiwork. The high heeled shoes were exquisite on her dainty feet. Her long legs were just the right shape and her butt moved like a dream inside the designer white lace dress that had been cut to somehow make her look innocent while exposing and accentuating as much flesh as possible. Her breasts were absolutely natural but at 38 D were really far too large for her slim body, although any man with a cock would have thought they were just perfect. Through the lace material it was obvious she didn't need a bra and the slight upturn to her tits, that ended in the same puffy nipples that her mother had, left no doubt that the owner of this body was a sex toy.

Her long blonde hair, full lips, high cheek bones, round innocent blue eyes, and sweet button nose gave her face a mix of angel and slut that was enough to get you hard without even looking at the rest of her body. And it was mine for the night.

Normally I really enjoy giving out pain. You cannot beat watching the tears, hearing the screams and feeling the ridges left by a whip, while your cock is deep inside some tortured little cunt. But Lucy never gave me a minute to think about how to hurt her.

She was incredible. Her lips, mouth and throat were like nothing I have ever experienced, and I've experienced a lot. Her hands worked the entire time and even her feet were in on the act. Her cunt and ass were so hot and tight, and the control she had over the muscles inside her body literally sucked the cum out of my balls time after time. The moment I spunked inside her she was working to get me hard again, and I don't think she repeated any position or technique through that long glorious night.

When I finally woke up the following afternoon my cock felt sore, but lying there thinking about Lucy and what she had been doing to my body, soon started the blood flowing back into my shaft.

I got up and went downstairs where Paul was lying back in a chair that must have been specially made. He was virtually on his back with his legs raised up and supported so that his ass was totally accessible. Judy was on her knees with her face stuck to his butt, her tongue deep in his anus. Lucy was giving him a long and very slow blowjob as she cradled his balls and he played with her nipples. The television had a video of a pre-teen girl being raped by four pirates on some buccaneer's ship.

"Hi," said Paul. "make yourself some breakfast and coffee. I'll be with you when I'm finished."

From the kitchen I could hear the sound of Paul reaching his climax as the kid on the video screamed her tiny little heart out. I made a pot of coffee and wandered back to the main room.

Chapter 19

"Enjoy last night?" asked Paul as the women finished cleaning him with their mouths.

"Fucking amazing," I replied. "Absolutely fucking amazing."

"I told you she was the best, but you've got to realise that to reach that sort of level you have to work at it. It's no good just hammering your cock into a cunt and hoping for some class action. Now, if you're interested I was wondering whether you would like to help with my next project. I've been thinking of taking on a partner. These sluts can be too much for one man sometimes, and they know fuck-all about football. A little more male influence around here might not be a bad idea. What do you think?"

I couldn't think of anything that could be better. Paul had everything any man could want. Well, the only two things any man could want - money and sex. If he was happy to let me join in I wasn't stupid enough to turn him down.

"Great" I said. "As long as I'm not going to be just the gardener or the pool man. What do I have to do?"

"Well, Judy was a pretty good start and Lucy turned out really well after all the work I put in, but now its time to get Tina in on the act. Her training started a couple of months ago. Same as Lucy's. Vitamin supplements, chats with Lucy about her developing body, hypnotherapy sessions, you know, all the shit I did before, and she's progressing nicely but I'm not sure that I want her to turn out exactly the same as Lucy. I was thinking that we ought to try something a little different and I'd been wondering which way to take it. Meeting you again firmed up an idea I'd been playing with."

"You want a pain-slut?" I guessed. "Ace. I'll be fucking great at teaching her how to enjoy the whip."

"Rob," he sighed, "I really like you but you've got to stop your mouth and cock doing the thinking for you. Use your brain occasionally. Yeah, pain-slut would be nice and fairly easy to achieve but why not take it further? Why stop at making her a masochist? Why not see how far we can really degrade her? What if pain-slut was only level one - think what level two or level three would be?"

"But pain is pain" I answered. "We could make it so that she enjoyed extreme pain but, as you've said before, you can only cut off a pair of tits once. What else is there we could do?"

Paul finished his coffee and set out the deal. "About six months back I was over at one of my film outlets and this buyer asked me for some 'extreme' movies. I asked him what he wanted and he showed me a tape from Japan. There were these really sweet looking oriental girls, couldn't have been more than 17 or 18, and they were being pissed on, shit on, everything you could think of. This guy was deep into this kind of crap. Does nothing for me, but he reckoned a decent film of this sort of thing was worth five or six times what I'm getting for the films now. And remember that my films are pretty classy and expensive already."

"There were several problems with the films he could get. Most of the films were in Japanese without any understandable dialogue. Any films with western girls seemed to use real ugly slags in the starring role. Usually the film quality is rubbish - often there's a good bit of action but there are lines on the screen, the lighting is bollocks, and the whole thing is so wobbly that it looks like it was filmed in someone's garage with a wind-up camera held by a kid who is having a wank at the same time. And the worst thing as far as he was concerned is that it is almost impossible to get a film where you are convinced that the woman is enjoying it."

"Well" I said, "what woman likes having shit on her. Most women are stupid but that's fucking mad."

"It takes all sorts, my friend," Paul replied, "but the difficulty is that when he does find one with a woman getting into it, she's always about 50, or looks like she would have trouble getting a dog to fuck her because she's so ugly."

"Oh, I understand, its really simple," I laughed, wondering if this was actually a real conversation we were having. "We need to make highly professional films of women being totally degraded, with piss, shit, puke and fuck knows what else being dumped on them and in them. The women must be real good looking babes, presumably with great bodies, faces, hair and make-up. They've got to be English speaking and they've got to be begging for this to happen to them, begging convincingly. Paul, this ain't going to happen. What else does he want? They must have blue eyes? They've got to be teenagers? They must have straight teeth? They should be able to remember their lines? I thought we were supposed to be living in the real world."

Paul looked at me. "Yeah. If they were blue-eyed, teen actresses as well as everything else, that would help. But the real world .. well .. wait for a bit .. I'll show you something later .."

Paul left it there and we went out to the pool. The next couple of hours were passed sunbathing, swimming, drinking beer and being worshipped by Lucy and Judy. Lucy was non-stop, trying things out on my body with her hands and tongue, enjoying every moment as she went from Paul to me and then back to Paul. Judy would do anything, absolutely anything, but only if you told her to do it.

At 3.00 Paul stood up and told Lucy to get ready for the other children who would be home soon. Lucy took her mother and made sure she was dressed decently and sent her to the kitchen to get the meal ready. Lucy herself changed into a pair of jeans and a top that looked like they were sprayed onto her lithe body with its oversized breasts. The sex toys were tidied away, the videos were put in a locked cupboard and, within reason, the house looked like a normal home.

There was the sound of laughter and the front door opened. In walked Tina, joking with her younger sister, and I knew what it was that Paul was waiting to show me.

Now Lucy was stunning and had sex written all over her, but her 13 year old sister was even better. Any description that I gave would fail to do her justice. Blond hair framed the most gorgeous face with the most fuckable lips I had seen. It was like taking the faces of all your favourite models and porn stars and putting them into the computer and gelling them into one. She was fucking brilliant, and she was a teenager, and she did have blue eyes.

"Hi, Paul, Lucy," she said. "How's mum?"

"Pretty good today," was Paul's solicitous answer. "This is Rob. He's going to be staying with us for a while. What have my special girls been up to at school?"

Anna, who was now 10, showed Paul a project that had got a B+ and then went to her room. Tina waited for her younger sister to finish and then, bouncing with schoolgirl excitement, stood in the middle of the room to make an announcement. " I got the part. I got the part. I'm going to play the lead role in our school play. I knew I could do it."

"That's wonderful," smiled Paul as he hugged her. With a sideways glance at me said, "I knew you could. I always said you were a great actress. I'm sure you will have a great career in films. You'll be a star. Well done."

If her training was going as well as Paul reckoned, and if we worked on her in the right way, I knew exactly what sort of films she would be starring in during her brilliant, but probably brief, acting career.

Chapter 20

That evening, when the two younger girls were in bed, we planned how Tina's career was going to come to fruition.

"Can we really do it?" I asked. "I know you've trained Lucy to perfection but is it possible to make a kid like Tina enjoy eating shit and fucking dogs and being tortured."

"Don't see why not," said Paul. "It's just the same as Lucy's training only a bit more intense. You didn't know Lucy before all this started. She was a normal kid - if anything she was a bit of a prude - but look at her now."

I did. She was lying naked at Paul's feet, playing with her clit as she watched more porn on the TV.

Paul continued. "My hypnotist friend is better now than he was a couple of years ago when he did Lucy, and he's been going on about how susceptible Tina has been in the sessions they've had already. He reckons the only limit will be what our evil minds can think up. Anyway, if it doesn't work out exactly how we want we can always just have her round here to fuck as we want. I don't need the money from the films, I just like seeing how far I can go with a girl's mind. Either she'll be the filthiest film star you've ever seen or she'll be another fuck-toy for us, only probably with a very wide masochistic streak."

"OK, if you think so. You're the boss." I replied.

So Tina's training started in earnest. Much of it was the same as Lucy's had been two years previously but it was slanted to the perverted. If it was filthy, degrading and involved pain or animals, Tina's mind soaked it in.

Lucy was a great help. She often sat with her sister when Paul and I were out at the bar, and little by little she moved Tina's mind towards the abject humiliation that was her destiny. Lucy gained Tina's confidence, and every weird thing that was planted in Tina's mind by the late night videos, the drugs and the hypnosis was rationalised by Lucy as being quite normal and the sort of thing that should be enjoyed and encouraged.

Soon Tina's favourite masturbation fantasy involved being raped by dogs. She became used to licking her own hand clean after she had finger fucked her ass. Lucy showed her how to give head by practicing on dildos which got bigger and bigger. Naturally, Tina found she that was gagging as she tried to throat the plastic monsters but, encouraged by Lucy, she would keep working her throat. She was often sick when she achieved full penetration but Lucy told her she had to keep working on the puke covered pretend prick until it was cleaned of her mess.

Lesbian sex soon became part of Tina's life but, after the early sessions, she always seemed to be the one with her tongue stuck up Lucy's holes, never the one receiving any pleasure. Lucy was always most horny when she had her period, and Tina sometimes spent over an hour with her face in Lucy's cunt lapping up menstrual blood as her elder sister had orgasm after orgasm.

Just like her older sister, Tina seemed to be on heat the entire time, but when she frigged herself she could only cum satisfactorily when pain was part of her play. At first it was just a need to squeeze her nipples so hard that they hurt. Then she started to use clothes pegs whose pressure could be increased by twisting the ends. Her need increased through rubber bands, alligator clips and needles, until pliers became her favoured aid to masturbation.

As the vitamin supplements began to take effect Tina's body blossomed. Her tits seemed to be growing at an alarming rate until, at 48DD, they finally seemed to have reached their maximum size. The hypnotherapy implanted the thought that these mammoth jugs were unnatural and Tina's mind wandered between a love of her body and a need to have her breasts beaten. The pain helped her to obtain incredible orgasms but, like a drug, she needed to increase her suffering to reach the next peak.

The movies in her late night film shows moved on rapidly from normal sex to forced sex to rape to bondage, S & M, bestiality, scat, piss, puke and anything else Paul could get his hands on. Tina started to take an unnatural interest in dogs when the family were out in the park. She made regular trips to the zoo where only the bigger male animals were of interest, until Paul introduced her to the snake house where her eyes lit up as she obviously fantasised about a long, curling, dildo with a mind of its own.

Judy was introduced to the show and was amazed to have someone giving her pleasure for the first time in years, as Tina's tongue cleaned her ass or took the place of a tampon. The only thing that wasn't allowed was full penetration of her ass or cunt. Paul didn't want her broken in by dildos or vegetables and as her fourteenth birthday approached Paul set himself a new goal. He decided that Tina was to lose her virginity to a dog. In fact he wanted her to take on three dogs so that the first loads of cum in her cunt, ass and mouth would all be hot dog cum.

The videos, hypnosis, tapes and every sex conversation she had with Lucy now revolved around how normal it was to have sex with animals. How it was only natural to fuck dogs because if it wasn't then their cocks would have been a different shape that wouldn't fit into a woman's cunt. How male dogs had a constant sex drive but bitches only came into heat occasionally which left the males frustrated and a danger to society unless someone got the cum out of their balls. I often wanted to laugh as Tina listened to this bollocks and nodded her head as the importance of allowing dogs to fuck her cunt was explained to her.

Paul bought the dogs, three big mongrels with short hair - better for filming - and oversized cocks and balls. Tina was allowed to let them lick her cunt and ass but was forbidden to go any further until she was completely ready. Lucy made sure that although Tina enjoyed the lapping of the lolling tongues, she couldn't reach a climax without pain to push her over the edge. Her life was already most of the way down the slope of degradation that Paul had planned but, just as with Lucy, he wanted to make sure that there was no way back to normality. He wanted her to be a complete slag, desperate for any degrading, filthy experience as the only way to obtain satisfaction.

Her cunt and ass became areas for producing agony rather than pleasure. Lucy helped with suggestions for increasing the pain and it wasn't too long before Tina could be seen with her tits burning from the muscle ointment she had rubbed into her skin. The torture would be increased by pins stuck into her breasts as they bulged around the constricting rubber bands that were around the base. Her cunt lips would be safety-pinned to her thighs while chili sauce oozed from her ass. One hand would be working her nipples with a pair of pliers as her other hand frantically rubbed a nail file over her exposed clit as she tried to cum. Even then her efforts would often be in vain until Lucy whipped her thighs, belly or tits.

Chapter 21

As Tina's training continued along the steady path laid out by Paul, we lived in his house and worked hard at thinking up extravagant fantasies for her to enact when she began her new starring role. We fucked Judy and Lucy almost non-stop and my balls were drained several times a day. Every now and then we had fun sending Judy out to earn money as a whore, usually to the roughest areas of town and sometimes we took her on special trips to meet the winos, or to act as a bachelor party cum-bucket.

One evening Paul and I were driving home from a film deal when he suddenly pulled the car over in a busy street.

"Fuck" he said, "it's been a while. Why not?" and pointed to a family in the burger joint opposite where we had parked. The parents were about 40 and looked so fucking normal that they could have been Mr & Mrs Middle-of-the-road. But their kids .. that was different. Their kids were two girls, obviously twins, dressed in the same fucking outfits for fuck's sake. They had long dark hair, innocent little faces, skinny bodies with small tits that could have been in training bras, and legs that had not yet filled out enough to be interesting.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked.

"If it involves a bit of virgin busting then, yes, I expect I am." I replied. " That Lucy takes your mind off it but I haven't raped anything for nearly six months. And I haven't raped anything that young since before my last visit inside. What shall we do about the parents?"

"Might as well let them watch." Paul smiled that evil smile that says his mind is off and working on how to get his pleasure while totally fucking up someone else's life. "We'll follow them for a bit and see where we end up."

We waited for the family meal to end and watched them drive off down the highway. Paul followed at a safe distance until they turned into an area of fairly large houses and eventually into their drive. The house was on a corner plot and the house next door was obviously empty with a For Sale board outside. This meant that the next property with anyone in it was at least 80 yards away.

"Looks like it's meant to happen," laughed Paul. "Not that we'll let them make too much noise, but it's so stupid the way people don't think of their loved ones' safety. If they lived in a flat or on a crowded street of small houses their little girls would still be virgins tomorrow, but they never think it through do they."

"You are so right," I joined in. "Always wanting to better themselves. They buy a bigger house in a nice secluded area but forget that virgin cunts need proper protection. Oh well, in a few hours they'll realise that they should have been more careful. There's an awful lot of nasty people out there, and if we didn't do it someone else would."

We sat in the car laughing and joking for the next half hour as we made sure the area was clear and the family had settled down for the evening. Then we got our gear, walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

Dad answered the door and almost immediately hit the floor as I cracked his head with a baseball bat. We walked into the hall as his wife came through from the front room asking who was calling so late. Paul grabbed her and in two minutes had her cuffed, gagged and tied to a chair. The man started groaning so we did the same with him and then checked out the ground floor, locking all the doors and windows and ripping out the phone. The girls were obviously upstairs so, after making sure that the adults couldn't do anything to disturb us, we decided to invite them down to join the party.

The girls had advertised their rooms with name plaques (fucking stupid, like you're going to forget which one is your room) so Paul decided to visit Janice while I opened to the door to Patricia's room. She was asleep on her side and it was easy to get the handcuffs on before she was even awake. Her pathetic struggles as I woke her with one hand over her mouth soon stopped when I held the knife next to her forehead and told her that any noise would result in her losing her eyesight.

I picked her up in one arm, slung her over my shoulder and went out onto the landing. I saw Paul's back at the bottom of the stair as he propelled the other half of our virgin sacrifice to the gods of rape and sodomy into the main room. I followed him down and laid Patricia on the table next to her squirming sister, head to toe.

"Well," said Paul, getting out of his clothes, "no point in hanging about." As soon as he was naked he ripped the flimsy nightie from the trembling body in front of him, grabbed her knees, pulled them apart and moved between her legs.

"Nooooo ... please ... no." His victim had suddenly found her voice. "Please, don't ... I'm a virgin ... please .... Please .... leave me alone."

Her sister was still too scared to say anything, probably because I was enjoying myself cutting off her cute satin jammies. I made sure that the knife blade nicked her every now and then, particularly when I was near her cunt or tits. She was petrified and was lying as still as she could.

"Sorry, sweetie" growled Paul. "This cock's got a mind of its own, and right now it knows exactly what it wants." He spat on his fingers and rubbed the goo between her cunt lips.

"Bit dry at the moment," he said, "but don't you worry, I'll soon get some lubrication deep inside you."

Paul placed his cock against the tight entrance to her vagina and worked the head in.

"Nooooo .. pleeeeaasssseee .. noooo .." Janice began to cry and beg in that special way that no actress has ever really been able to repeat. When young virgin cunts are about to find out what its like to be fucked for the very first time they really put their heart and soul into trying to save themselves. Silly bitches don't seem to realise what a turn-on it is, but they do it every fucking time - and its fucking wonderful. I just stood there groping Patricia's cunt as I listened to the lovely sound.

"Nooo .. noooo ... don't ... aaarrrrggghhhhh .. oooohhhh .. Goddddd ... Noooo .."

Paul jerked his cock into her as far as it would go, and then just stood still as she thrashed around on the end of his hard dick. As she began to calm down he pulled back and rammed his throbbing erection back inside her tight vaginal passage. It took three goes to get completely embedded into the little slut and then he really went to town. He fucked her hard and fast. You wouldn't have thought that it was only that morning that he had last dumped his cum inside a girl, but the primeval urge to rape had taken him over and he was letting it loose with a vengeance.

I hadn't been idle. After the initial sounds of Paul's invasion of Janice's cunt, I had turned my attention to my own personal heaven. Shifting my weight I positioned my hard cock at just the right angle and gave it everything I had. I made rock bottom in one go, and the dry walls of her vagina gripped my cock so tight that it hurt. The tiny body beneath me sang her song of pain.

"Aaaaarrrggghhhh ... god .. help me .. noooooo .. I can't ... aaarrrgggghhhh .. nooooo .. pleeease .. oh nooooo ... oh godddddd ... " her screams were like a great guitar riff. I wondered for a moment if it would be possible to release a CD of "The sounds of rape" - you know, like the sounds of racing cars, or whales or even fucking steam trains - but then I was back on the case and pounding her tender cunt as hard as I could. It was just so fucking great to be breaking in virgin schoolgirls again. I didn't even really get round to hurting her properly, just a bit of nipple pinching before my balls started to rise and I felt the cum shooting its way along my dick to its destination in her womb. Fuck it was ace, man. I was fucking shattered as I pulled out to the sounds of her sobbing and moaning.

It was only then that I realised Paul was still going. Janice was more with it than Patricia, and between her screams and sobs she tried the other begging turn-on that all stupid raped slut cunt girls seem to think might stop the assault. "Aaarrgghhh .. noooo .. please .. nooo .. oh god .. please don't cum inside me .. I'm a virgin .. I'm not on the pill .. please .. don't make me pregnant .. noooo .. pleeeaase .."

I mean, is there anything more guaranteed to make you spunk as deep in their stupid tight little cunts as you can. If you hadn't thought of giving them a little bastard to remember you by, the stupid fucking sluts go and remind you. It's as though they actually want to be made pregnant. And once it's in your mind you just have to spunk inside them. Which is exactly what Paul did. Plunging his dick as deep into the ravaged hole as it could possibly go.

After leaving as much cum inside Janice as he could Paul pulled out. "Fucking hell, I needed that," he gasped. "Fucking great .. really shouldn't leave it so long next time ... Hey, cunt-face," he reached for Patricia, who was lying with her head by her sister's butt, and grabbed her throat, "get your mouth round this and clean it up now before I break your fucking neck."

The kid obediently opened her lips and let Paul move his cock over her tongue. I was pissed that I hadn't thought of doing the same and decided to make up for lost time by giving Janice the same treatment, only with the refinement of holding the point of the knife 1/2 inch from her eye to ensure her co-operation. Neither of them were any good at cleaning blood and spunk covered cocks but they didn't resist as we used their mouths as a wash basin.

Chapter 22

I went in search of some beer while Paul sat down and relaxed in an easy chair next to the traumatised parents. The father was moving in and out of consciousness with a blood trickling down his face, while the mother was crying and sobbing. When I returned with a six pack, Paul had taken the gag off the woman and was letting her pleas for mercy start to turn him on.

"Please go .. go now .. we'll be good .. please .. you've done enough .. oh god .. we won't tell anyone .. don't hurt them any more .. pleeease go .."

"Yeah, right," said Paul. "Look, you old hag, I've heard every fucking line you can think of and it ain't going to have any effect. Me and my buddy have got at least two more loads of spunk to get rid of before we're through and, by a lucky coincidence, we've got a virgin ass or two, and two mouths, that haven't had any cum yet. Seems to me that we couldn't possibly go until we've introduced ourselves properly to your sweet little daughters. It would just be rude to leave now, with the job only half done. No, I think we'll have to stay until your little trainee sluts have been face-fucked and buggered."

The mother's sobbing reached a new level. Ass fucking was obviously something that she had never thought about in her entire life, and I'm not sure she understood what a face-fuck was.

"Noooooo .. please ... noooooo .. " she wailed. "Not my little girls. Nooo .. pleeease ... nooo .. they can't .. they're only young .. please don't .."

"No need to worry," said Paul, loving every minute of the conversation as the woman became more desperate, "they won't have to do anything. We'll do it for them. And as for being young .. well, yes .. that's why we're here. Be pretty fucking stupid to waste all our cum on a couple of fucked up old slags, wouldn't we?"

"But they're only children," she begged. "You'll hurt them .. they'll never recover .. you've done enough .. please go .. please .. don't hurt them anymore .. "

I had started to rummage about looking for money and stuff. She saw and somehow thought that robbery was our real motive.

"I'll show you where the money is .. you can have it all .. just leave the girls alone .. you can have everything but don't hurt my daughters any more .. please."

Paul leant forward. "Ok bitch, where's the cash, and what else have you got that we could take?"

She wasn't thinking straight. Tied up in a chair. Her daughters, moaning quietly, lying on the table as we recovered. Her husband completely fucking useless. She was prepared to try anything to get rid of us and Paul latched onto her desperation immediately.

"My purse is in the kitchen and we keep spare cash in that dresser" she answered. "Take it all. Take it and go."

"Any thing else," snarled Paul getting up and standing next to her. "Come on, bitch, all of it or the girls get to start on stage two."

"Noooo .. we haven't got anything else .. we put all our money into the house .. " she cried, "we're not rich .. we struggle to pay the bills .. please just leave us alone .."

"Fucking liar." Paul grabbed her hand. "What about these rings. Look like they're worth something to me. And this necklace .." Paul painfully jerked her engagement and wedding rings from her finger, and then reached for her blouse and tore it apart to expose the necklace and a large pair of tits in a really fucking unattractive bra. He ripped the necklace from her body and then stood and admired her heaving breasts.

"Perhaps you have got something that can save your kids," he smirked. "That could be fun. Yeah. Why not make the supreme sacrifice so that your little girls don't get hurt any more?"

It took a couple of moments before Paul's suggestion made sense to her. Then she began crying again "God no .. you .. you .. noooo .. I can't .. I'm .. my husband .. it's .. noooo .. "

She wasn't making much sense but Paul was relentless. "Oh well, I suppose not. Shame though. Still, I expect you're right. You just sit back and watch us bugger two tight virgin assholes."

As Paul moved back towards the table she wailed her defeat. "Noooo .. no .. all right .. I'll .. I'll do it .. oh god .. oh god .."

Paul had won again. He splashed some of his beer over the father's face to help him regain full consciousness. Paul wanted him to see how his wife was about to offer herself to his daughters' rapists. Then he untied the sobbing woman from the chair, released her arms from the handcuffs and told her to stand in front of him as he settled back into his chair.

"OK bitch, start the show," he ordered.

Fuck it was funny. She had absolutely no idea what to do. She must have thought Paul was going to throw her to the ground and fuck her, and now she was completely lost. He was telling her to take the initiative and this was something she obviously didn't do, even with her sad fucker of a husband. As she just stood there crying Paul decided to help her out.

"Look cunt," he said, "it's very simple. Either you start a little striptease, get out of those clothes, suck my dick and stick it up your slack hole, or I go and get a bit of virgin ass. Right now I can't think why I'm even giving you this opportunity to please me. Unless you start convincing me that your worn out cunt is going to be worth the effort of me getting hard, I'll just take my pleasures somewhere else."

She tried but she was still crap. She sort of jiggled from one foot to the other and took off her blouse and skirt without any style at all. Then she started crying again and froze. Her husband was trying to move from the chair where he was well secured. He was mumbling something into his gag. Paul got up and moved to the table. Fisting his cock he stuck it straight up Patricia's wet slit and turned to the woman.

"Last chance. I'm just getting a bit of lubrication and then I going into a fresh ass. You've got less than a minute to save your little girl's butt."

Finally, the mother-instinct kicked in and overrode the prude who had previously inhabited her body. She still wasn't really any good at any form of sex but at least there was a determined effort to get Paul to fuck her instead. She managed to remove her underwear in quick time and, as she reached the table, she put her hand round the base of Paul's dick as it moved slowly in and out of her daughter's cunt.

"Please .. please .. do it to me instead," she whispered, trying not to let her family hear her humiliation.

"Sorry," said Paul, "you've got to do far better than that. Lets start with more begging for me to fuck you, using the right words and saying them so we can all hear."

"Oh god .. please .. no .." she pleaded but one look at Paul's face told her she had no choice. She continued through her tears, "oh god .... please ... please have sex with me instead of Patricia ... please."

I don't know how Paul kept a straight face. He told me later that no-one - not even when he was enjoying his first fumbling fucks as a 13 year old boy - no-one had ever asked him to 'have sex'. The woman was obviously a lights-out, missionary-position, under-the-blankets, once-a-month, frigid bitch. There was no way she was going to be a good screw even though her ass had to be cherry, but Paul wanted to fuck with her mind much more than he wanted her body.

He was not going to miss out on tight little-girl virgin asshole, but if he could freak out the parents at the same time he would be in his element. I'd have thought that seeing their daughters raped and buggered would fuck up any parent's mind, but Paul wanted to go further. He wanted the mother to take his cock willingly, and he wanted the father to know that she had begged to be fucked by the man who had raped his daughters. Sometimes Paul's a bit complicated for me, but you could see that his cock was now rock solid as he pushed the bitch to her knees and gave her the usual command.

"Suck it, bitch."

Paul pushed his cock to her mouth and she held it there, just touching her lips, until Paul reached down and grabbed her head.

"Suck now or you're fucking dead and your girls' holes will be sliced to ribbons," he snarled and pulled her mouth onto his cock. She gagged and tried to pull back but Paul just held onto her and pumped in and out for a minute or so. Then he pulled back and stood looking down at the sniveling woman. "Beg to suck it again, or it goes up the kid's ass." he said.

"Please .. please .. let me .. let me suck it .." she managed without much conviction.

"Fucking crap," said Paul. "Do it with enthusiasm and use words like cock and dick. After that you will beg me to fuck your cunt and then your ass. I'll help. Every time I think you need to improve on what you're doing, I'll twist your nipple like this."

He reached down, grasped her big nipple and twisted it hard. She screamed and tried to pull his hand away. Paul slapped her face with his other hand and then gripped her other nipple, "and if I twist both nipples like this ... it means you are only 3 seconds away from watching your daughter's asshole wrapping itself round my cock. So you'll have three seconds to do something to make me want to fuck you rather than her."

"Aaarrrggghhhh .. " she struggled to regain her breath as Paul released her nipples, waited for five seconds and then grabbed one again.

"Come on, bitch, get begging and sucking," he said.

"Aaaarrgghhhh .. please .. please put your .. put it in my mouth .. I .. I want to suck .."

Paul kept his cock 6 inches from her lips, reached down and grabbed both nipples.

"Oh god .. aaarrrggghhh .. your cock .. I want your dick in my mouth ... put your big cock into my mouth .." she gasped and reached for it with her hands at the same time as leaning forward. Paul's shaft disappeared into her mouth and then he pulled back again.

"More bitch," he said. "Build up a nice rhythm, beg a bit, suck a bit, beg a bit, suck a bit .."

She looked mortified but did her best. At the beginning the begging was a bit repetitive but with only a few minutes training and some more attention to her nipples she really got into the swing of it. As her husband sat and cried into his gag, his prude wife was on her knees begging Paul to let her suck his cock, to fuck her mouth, to spunk into her throat, to use her mouth as a cum hole. Between each line Paul's dick went deep into her mouth, getting reflex gagging actions, loads of spit, and wonderful stretched lips as the base of his cock got nearly as much sucking as the head.

Chapter 23

The mother's body was actually not bad once she was out of her crap clothes, and watching the action I was getting hard again. I moved to the table and rolled Janice over. Spreading her butt cheeks I spat on her asshole and started to open it up with my thumb.

"Come on, bitch," said Paul noticing my movements, "my buddy is about to start fucking again and you haven't got me even close to cumming yet."

The stupid cow re-doubled her efforts but Paul was in control. He was getting maximum pleasure but making sure that when he felt he was close to spunking down her mouth, he pulled his cock out to calm down while listening to her begging.

"Look, I'll help you out," he said, as the mother tried desperately to make his cock spurt. "My cock prefers cunt to mouth, so if you keep the begging going and open your legs at the same time we might get this finished before daughter number one loses her ass cherry. Get onto the table ... lie across those pretty little bodies and spread wide."

With drool running down her chin she climbed onto the table and by supporting herself on her hands and feet managed to avoid putting any weight on her daughters.

"No bitch," said Paul grabbing a nipple and twisting, "I said spread wide. That means legs doing the splits and hands pulling your slack cunt lips apart so I can see what I'm doing. While you're there you can suck my mate's cock so that you have a chance of getting spunk out off us both."

She immediately altered her position, spread her legs wide, reached down to her cunt and opened it up. Her head lay over the side of the table and she started begging Paul to fuck her.

"Please put your cock in me .. I want to be fucked .. I want you to fuck me .. not my daughters .. spunk into me .. please .."

By now the dumb-ass woman was deep into her own logic. She had to try to make these men cum before they could use her daughters again. She wasn't very good at this but she was going to try. You could almost see that in her mind she was making a wonderful sacrifice - perhaps she thought she would go to heaven because of the humiliation she was bringing on herself to save her children - or perhaps she was just another stupid cunt.

Paul and me didn't care. She was going for it now with enthusiasm. I let her encourage Paul to rape her for a bit and then moved round to get my cock into her mouth. I continued opening her daughter's asshole with my thumb and fingers while she sucked my dick, and as Paul fucked her cunt she still managed to get out a few words on the outward strokes as I fucked her mouth.

"Fuck me .. uuunnnggghh .. spunk in my mouth .. uunnnnggghhh .. cum inside me .. please .. uunnnggghhh .. stick your cocks into me .."

Her husband's mind was gradually being torn apart. Looking over we could see the abject pain in his eyes as he sobbed and spluttered into the gag. His wife was now seriously begging the two men who had raped his precious daughters to fuck her to oblivion, and he could only sit and watch.

"Shit," said Paul "its just not happening. I can't cum with an old cunt. But your virgin asshole might do it. It should be really tight and it will hurt you like fuck, but your screams when my dick rips into your bowels might just get the cum out of my balls. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to use these sweet little holes at either end of the table."

"Oh ... nooo .. please cum in my cunt .. uuunnnggghhhh .. please fuck me .. uuunnnngghhh .. use my cunt .. "

Paul reached for one nipple and twisted hard. I forced my dick right down her throat so she couldn't speak. Not getting a reply, Paul grabbed her other nipple as I withdrew from her gagging mouth.

"Aaaarrrggghhh ... aaarrgghhh .. god .. no ... aarrgghh .. please ... yes .. yes .. fuck my butt .. do it .. do it now .."

She lifted up her legs, moved her hands behind her ass cheeks and opened her small asshole to view. Paul instantly wedged the head of his cock into the tight opening as I slammed my cock back into her begging lips. Her screams around my dick nearly made me spurt down her throat but somehow I held back. Paul altered his stance just enough to put all his weight behind his next thrust and in one surge drove his cock past the defeated muscle that was trying to clench her asshole tight.

It didn't take long. We had been trying not to cum but the way the pain made the mother move was just too much. Her gagging, screaming, tortured throat worked it's magic on my cock and I let go. Shot after shot of hot spunk made it into her stomach. I slowly withdrew and let the final spurts cover her crying face. Paul was in a virgin ass. They are always soooo hot. The first time an ass is buggered is always the best. Tight, hot and clenching around his pounding cock, her anus finally sucked the spunk from Paul's balls. He pushed his dick as far into her as he could to get the most from his orgasm, and topped it off by nearly ripping her nipples off at the same time.

The girls beneath her had stopped moaning and now just seemed shell-shocked. Their sensible plain normal mother had just begged to be fucked and taken a load at each end. Not only that, the men that she was pleasuring were the same men who less than an hour earlier had taken their cherries in front of their mother's eyes.

Paul and I stood back from the table. Grabbing the woman Paul soon had her tied back in her chair, while I sat back to relax. Putting the gag back over her spunk covered mouth Paul didn't let up on her even though she had just ruined her own life by fucking her daughters rapists in front of her husband.

"Not bad for an old whore. But I doubt that we can wait so long for the third sperm bath. I think I'll bugger one of your daughters anyway."

Her wail as she realised she had been tricked was unreal. She collapsed sobbing and moaning against the rope tying her to the chair while her husband looked as if the world had just ended. It was enough to get some blood back into my cock. I love causing pain, but when I'm with Paul the pain that gets dished out is just soooo good. Sticking a knife into some girl's tit is special. I've always loved the frantic screams that come from a cunt that realises how hopelessly she is caught. But Paul, well, with twisted persuasion and a bit of nipple pain he can ruin people for life. He cuts them so deep no plastic surgeon could ever hide the scars. Just fucking brilliant.

Paul pushed both the daughters off the table and ordered them to crawl over to where we were now sitting.

"Suck time," he said. "Who's the lucky one who gets to clean the shit and blood off my cock. I think its ... you." Paul wavered until finally choosing Patricia for the foul task. Picking her up from the floor he pushed her head to his crotch and, grabbing her hair, whispered in her ear what she had to do to avoid having sliced nipples. She gave in instantly and began lapping her tongue over Paul's softening cock. Carefully cleaning her mother's shit and spunk from around the head she worked her way down the shaft to his balls and then back to the top. Completely resigned to her fate, she then opened her mouth and began the long job of sucking Paul back to hardness, so that he could bugger her virgin asshole.

Janice was almost thankful she was with me rather than Paul. Without any threats she managed to raise her body to my waist and take my dick into her mouth. Either she was a fast learner or she wasn't quite as innocent as she seemed, and she set to her task with a steady bobbing rhythm. I moved her body a little so I could amuse myself with her budding tits and lay back to enjoy the feelings in my dick.

It took the girls a little while to get our cocks back to rock solid, and then we let them carry on longer than necessary because it is just so good to have a tight wet mouth slurping on your cock, especially when Paul starts adding his own special commentary.

"That's it you little slut. Suck it well. Work around the head a bit more. You want it really hard when it busts your butt open. Down to the base. Hold it in your throat. That's right. Hold it. Hold it. Now up again. Make sure you get lots of spit on it. It's the only lube your asshole is going to have. Imagine how it's going to feel. My cock, rock hard, and your ass, tight and hot. It's going to be great. You'll be able to tell all the boys at school that you take it in the ass. They'll love you for that. Able to fuck whenever they want. No need to worry about getting pregnant. No need to stop fucking when you're having a period. Always available. The boys will know you're an ass-fucker. It's obvious. They'll all want some and you won't be able to stop them. You'll have spunk dripping from your ass all day."

Both kids were crying as they gave head, adding to the spit and drool on our cocks. Try it sometime. Having your cock sucked by a blubbing teen is fantastic. They can't breath properly. The sounds of a gagging, crying, sobbing, slurping, sucking mouth around your hard dick should be patented. Instant erection.

Once we were both ready Paul grabbed Patricia's hair and pulled her up.

"Get on the table, slut. It's ass breaking time. Lie down on your front and get those hands back to spread your cheeks."

I arranged Janice at the other end so that her head was next to Patricia's butt, and held my throbbing cock at the opening which Janice was showing to me. Pushing hard I managed to get the head into her sphincter at the first attempt and then started the hard work of forcing the rest of my dick into her anal passage. Screams came from both ends of the table as Paul entered the virgin hole at his end.

"Aaaaarrrggghhhh .. no .. no .. help .. please .. I can't .. it hurts .. oh god .. noooo .. no more .. take it out .. oh please, please, no .. "

I shut my eyes and let the sounds of two begging virgins increase the pleasure in my groin. After a short while, I heard Paul's voice.

"Need more lubrication. You're spit will do nicely" he said looking at Janice. " You'll have to suck it or your sister's ass is going to start hurting me. You wouldn't want that, would you, you little ass slut." He pulled out his dick from Patricia's bleeding hole, grabbed Janice by the hair and stuffed his cock into her mouth. I took the hint and gave Patricia my shit covered dick. Sliding in and out of her mouth as I watched the revulsion on her tear stained face.

We kept it up for over half an hour. Couple of minutes buggery, couple of minutes of head, couple of minutes buggery, and so on. Twice we moved round the table to rape a different sister as Paul pointed that that they should get as much experience of sodomy as possible so that the boys at school wouldn't be disappointed. The sweet feeling of different assholes and mouths eventually started to take its toll and even after cumming twice already I realised I was about to blow my third load. Patricia's ass was the hole that got my spunk, which meant that Janice was the one who was caressing my softening cock with her mouth when Paul filled her ravaged hole with his cum. Patricia then did the clean-up duties on his dick.

We were finally fucked out. There was no way we could give anymore spunk, although in a couple of hours I knew that Lucy would be trying her hardest to get at least one of our cocks hard enough to give her some release. Paul told the fucked up family that we knew where they lived and that any attempt to tell the cops would mean at least one daughter would be kidnapped and sent back in a selection of little pieces. Taking the money and jewelry we had found, we left the happy family to try to repair their lives.

Chapter 24

Tina's birthday arrived. Paul had been building her up to her special day for weeks and now everything was ready.

The dogs had been trained on some old slags Paul had paid to do a couple of bestiality movies. A select band of Paul's 'business' associates had been brought in to enjoy the view and join in the fun. Anna was away at camp and we had converted part of the house into a torture chamber. By putting Lucy and her mother on the pill, Paul had arranged for the heaviest day of their periods to fall on Tina's birthday.

Tina was dressed in a skirt that was no more than a 5 inch wide cloth belt, a school blouse that was ripped in all the right places, a school tie that set off her schoolgirl make-up and pig-tails, and white ankle socks with 6 inch pink stiletto heels. Small clamps, enough to cause pain but not agony, were visible through her scanty clothing hanging from her nipples and clitoris.

At 9.00 Tina was at the front door welcoming her guests - none of whom she knew. Eight different men arrived and only one of them could be called even remotely reasonable. Fat, ugly, sweaty, greasy, dirty, old - in fact, it was as if Paul had selected them for their repulsiveness. Tina met each one and introduced herself.

"Good morning sir," she said in a little schoolgirl voice to go with her little schoolgirl uniform. "I'm the birthday virgin. I'm fourteen today and I'm going to get fucked. Can you help me to have a really special day?"

She put her arms around their necks and gave them each French kisses of welcome as she worked her tongue around their rank mouths. It was revolting to watch. Slobbering fat guys, old men with hardly any teeth, a tramp who stank and had a beard which seemed to be alive with fleas, but Tina gave each the welcome of his life. They mauled her huge tits, felt her bald cunt and reached around to finger her sweet ass. Tina let them. In fact, Tina moved and twisted to make it easier for them to gain access to her body. And as she kissed them and whispered into their ears that she hoped they would bugger her later in the day, she fondled their cocks through their trousers.

When everyone was present the party began with Tina licking and slurping on the two bloody cunts presented to her by Judy and Lucy. Paul and I were filming the entire time as she seemed to relish the taste of menstrual blood that trickled around her mouth and onto her school blouse. The whole time she was playing with her clit while spreading her legs as wide as possible.

This was followed by a minor torture session where Tina adorned her body with clips and pushed pins into her breasts. She then begged each man to pull the clips off without opening them, and to remove the pins but only after pushing them in further and twisting them around. Tina lived for the pain but her eyes still filled with tears as the men sat and amused themselves with her body. The men were asked to draw lots and the lucky three whipped her body for 15 minutes, mostly concentrating on her massive tits and huge puffy nipples.

Drinks were served as Tina sat and played with the cock of the first dog. She had practiced sucking dildos for hours and hours, and soon her lips were wrapped around a big dog cock. Making sure that everything was visible to the audience and the cameras, Tina slowly and carefully licked, throated and sucked the cum from the animal. When finally the hot thin strings of cum shot from his cock, she took the first loads in her mouth and then, as she swallowed, let the rest splash over her face and run over her chin to fall on her tits, until finally taking the still spurting cock back into her mouth to suck the last dregs of dog cum into her throat.

She then laid back and invited her audience to use any of the items provided on the coffee table. First the next three men in the lottery draw were given their chance at whipping her tortured flesh. Paul had arranged that nothing too heavy in the way of torture implements was available yet and, as soon as the beating ended, a mix of attachments, clips, pins, rubber bands and stinging ointments were soon spread over her young flesh. This time they weren't removed and Tina moved to the second dog.

Starting as she had with the first animal, she fondled his cock and then sucked and licked him to full hardness, before laying back over a specially made chair that forced her legs to the maximum width possible to leave everything on view. Calling the dog to her she let him lick her cunt and then, with Lucy's help, reached down for his dick. With a cry of joy she pulled it into her hole and then lay back. The dog rammed home and furiously fucked her virgin cunt. Tina squeezed her tits and clamped nipples as the animal pumped away at her tight wet hole. When the dog spunked inside her and his dick slipped from her bloody gash, she carefully laid it on its back so that she could clean her own blood and slime from its wilting dick.

The men continued her torture and increased her pain. Whips and paddles were provided as Tina stood or knelt or laid on the floor to allow each man to strike to parts of her body that most satisfied his taste. Crying continually from the pain, but begging each of her tormentors to increase his efforts and suggesting poses to make her vulnerable body more accessible, she was a pathetic sight, but one that was so horny the men all had trouble moving because of their hard cocks. Paul had advised them not to cum until they were invited to join in but it was obvious that at least two of them had already stained the front of their pants, while three others had left the room for much longer than is necessary to take a piss.

Tina's body was a mess. Bright red from the ointments and beatings, with red welts from the whips raising lines across her flesh that were only broken by clamps attached to her flesh. Several of the pins had broken off and been beaten below the skin, while her tender nipples had been single out for so much attention that they were now raw and bleeding. The inside of her thighs were striped and sore while her cunt lips had swollen so much from the whippings that her vaginal hole was no longer visible. Her anus was swollen and her butt cheeks had been whipped so much that they seemed to be one continual red and pulsing welt.

Tina's ass was the final hole to be offered to the canine studs, and the build-up of fondling and sucking the dog to full hardness began again. Soon she was bent over with her ass cheeks pulled wide apart as a dog cock was guided into her tight anus. Her screams of pain were real, but soon changed to excitement and then joy as she finally achieved her first orgasm, as she was given a dog cum enema.

The first part of her party was now over, and food and drinks were served by Lucy and Judy, wearing the most fuckable maid outfits. The meal took far longer than Paul's timetable allowed as the women were mauled and fondled. Paul had ordered that the girls were to allow the men to do anything but they were not to touch their cocks. At the time I didn't know why but Paul was adamant that the visitor's dicks should not be seen by the girls until the appointed time.

Eventually, Tina returned. Cleaned of dog cum but still wearing most of the pins and clamps that had been put on her earlier. Her tits were now tied with rope while her nipples were encircled with dampened string that would shrink as it dried. Apart from the guy who appeared to be fairly normal, the rest of the men picked straws to determine what order they would take her and then the next part of the birthday party started.

Each man had 30 minutes to do whatever he wanted to Tina, with 15 minute free-for-all sessions in between. She was beaten, burnt, kicked, whipped and tortured. She was bound into a huge variety of positions, with one wanker taking so long to tie her in a position of complete agony that he only left himself two minutes to fuck her. She drank piss, ate shit, licked up puke, and swallowed spunk non-stop. She took their cocks in all her holes, between her tits, in her hands and even in her armpits. She begged for more, suggested improvements and encouraged each pervert to do more to her body.

It seemed that being a pervert also meant having a weird dick. Not one was normal, although they all seemed to be filthy. There were cocks of all types - large, small, bent, thick, one with a huge head but thin shaft, one with a thin head but which just got thicker and thicker towards the base, ones with huge veins, ones with cock rings, with piercings, with tattoos and one that had hideous scars. Tina loved them all and begged for more.

As if the size of the cocks on offer wasn't enough, Tina's holes were subjected to invasion from a huge variety of dildos. All of them big, most of them ribbed and studded (although Paul had not provided any with spikes - yet), some of them able to squirt liquid from the ends, and the liquid was always some solution that burnt (petrol, vinegar, toilet cleaner, etc). There were three cattle prods provided and these were used by nearly all the men, and a couple of them had great fun cleaning out her holes with bottle-brushes.

One man went out to his car and returned with nettles, rose stems and a bottle of cockroaches. Tina took everything that was stuffed into her. Continually gripping her clitoris and begging for more, she managed to cum more times in that day of pain than she had in all the months of her training. She screamed, moaned, cried and yet still begged and begged for more. She was a true pain-slut. There were only a few moments when she wasn't in the depths of agonising suffering, but she knew that any small respite was just a breathing space while the men worked out what else they could do to her wretched body.

Between each session Judy and Lucy cleaned her up as best they could but Tina's holes were now a bloody mess, and the whip marks were only just visible as her bound tits turned purple. Her face had been whipped, one of her nipples was shredded, and her cunt lips had been roughly sewn to her inner thighs. One guy had broken two fingers on her left hand while another had hit her so many times in the face with his fist that she had lost three teeth and could no longer see out of her left eye.

Her lips, swollen from the beatings, were torn in three places where safety pins had been pushed through to hold her mouth together to see if she could stop screaming. She had managed to keep fairly quiet for nearly 20 minutes of that session but when they used all the cattle prods at the same time, while her tits were whipped with barbed wire, and one bastard pulled two fingernails from her broken hand, she had been unable to control herself anymore. Her howls of agony filled the room as the pins holding her lips together were ripped apart.

Blood dripped from her ass after the fifth man had rammed a bottle into her bowels and then kicked her repeatedly in the gut until it smashed. Her cunt, which was also a bloody mess, had been fucked and fisted, filled with a brandy bottle, a baseball bat and even a cactus. She had sucked the dogs again and licked their assholes. There didn't seem to be one part of her body that wasn't bleeding, marked by the whip or covered in spunk, piss, shit, snot or puke.

Chapter 25

Finally, only the last man remained. He hadn't been in the draw at the beginning because Paul had told him he would be last. Tina dragged herself over to him and reached for his zip.

"Whip me master," she whispered through her ripped and swollen lips. One safety pin still hung from the top lip and blood dribbled from cuts on her face and the corner of her mouth. "Bite my tits. Stick your fist up my ass. Fuck me with your cock while you burn my nipples. Use me. Please. I'm yours. Help your birthday girl to cum again."

The guy sat there and looked at her.

"No," he said. "That's not my thing. What I want is really simple. What I want is you to suck me. Just that. Suck my cock as though it is the best thing you've ever seen. Suck me as though you love it."

I nearly pissed myself. What a fucking stupid wanker. Paul had told me how much these guys had paid him and all this idiot wanted was a blowjob. Judy or Lucy could have done that for him. Fuck, any whore on the street could have done that for a twenty. He'd paid over three grand to be part of this session and, apart from a bit of whipping, he hadn't really taken part yet. Still, I zoomed in on the scene with my camera, while Paul carried on doing the long shots.

Tina smiled through her battered lips, unzipped him, reached in and pulled out his cock. Lucy gasped in shock and even Judy seemed to register that this wasn't right. Two of the other men grunted in disgust, a couple of others started laughing and one guy decided that now was the time for him to leave. It was all too obvious why this guy was going last. No-one would be having a go at Tina after him. At least not until she had taken a series of penicillin injections and been given a clean bill of health by at least two clinics.

His cock was big. His cock was rock hard. His cock was covered in sores. Open sores. Sores with pus oozing out. The yellow filth was slimed over his dick where it had spread while in his pants. Most of the oozing matter was a white-yellow colour but a couple of the boils exuded a darker bloodier slime. From the tip of his cock dribbled a light green fluid. The thing stank of decay. You could smell it for fucking miles. It overpowered the stench of sweat, blood, puke, shit and piss that had been present for several hours. Fuck knows what diseases this guy had but I wouldn't wish that dick on my worst enemy.

Tina reached for it with both hands. In pain from her broken fingers she tried to cradle his swollen balls, while her right hand enveloped the suppurating shaft. As she closed her hand on the festering cock, pus from one of the abscesses seeped between her fingers. Lucy, the kid who would do anything for sex, puked up in the corner. I had trouble keeping the camera steady.

I knew we had trained Tina well, but she wasn't a fucking robot. No way was anyone going to suck that monstrosity. Paul was going to have to admit that even his methods didn't always work. He would have to give the man his money back. We'd done well, and Tina had been a revelation, but this was just too much.

I should have trusted Paul. Tina gazed at the diseased lump of flesh in her hand, and started to gently jack it off. As she slowly moved her hand up and down the revolting dick she looked up into the man's eyes and moved her face next to the slimy mess. She rubbed his cock over her face. She smeared some of the fetid goo dribbling from the head onto her one open eye. She moved the putrid mess over her face and lips, allowing the pus to rest on her own open cuts. Her face was soon covered in a ghastly mix of reddish, yellow slime which slowly dribbled down her cheeks.

"I love your cock," she murmured as she licked at the shaft. "It's beautiful. Please, please can I suck it? I'll make it so good for you. You'll never forget today. I'll take it all the way down my throat. It'll be the best head you've ever had. Let me suck your cock? Please."

Without waiting for an answer she opened her mouth and caressed the foul oozing head with her damaged lips, gently holding the ghastly slime that was leaking out of his piss slit on her tongue. She continued to stare into his eyes as she swallowed the vile liquid and carefully moved her mouth up and down over the bulbous head. Slowly wanking his dick into her mouth she gave him the most sensuous blowjob I had ever seen. From the mewing noises in her throat, the look of total adoration in her eyes, the sexy movement of her body, you would have thought she was sucking on some porn star's hot rod rather than the repugnant abscess covered lump of filth that was between this asshole's legs.

Her broken hand managed to play gently with his ball sac, while she alternated between throating his cock and licking the head. She pushed a finger into his anus to caress his prostate as she worshipped his repulsive rotting shaft.

When his 30 minutes were up she was still gently working her mouth on his dick and it was not until 45 minutes passed that he lent back, grabbed her head and thrust his cock deep into her gagging mouth to spurt his foul load of putrid sperm into her throat. She continued to lick and kiss his cock until he finally pushed her away.

The show was over. The pain-slut who would accept any treatment that could be imagined, was sated ... for now. Her battered body was still on the floor as she lay semi-conscious in exhaustion. The men left, complimenting Paul on his work and asking him to make sure they were invited to any other sessions he was going to arrange.

Our original plan had been to enjoy Tina for the rest of the evening, degrading her further in an orgy of filth and pain but there was no way she could take it. We were also no longer keen to put our cocks inside her body. The thought that she must have caught several diseases during the session from the 'normal' men, and the fear that the affliction of the last customer could be passed on, prevented us from wanting to fill her holes with even more cum. Lucy and Judy cleaned her up and put her to bed, before being our fuck-toys for the evening as we watched highlights of the day's work on the video screen.

Tina needed serious surgery after that day and the drugs needed to sedate her meant she was out of it completely for two weeks. With his editing skills, Lucy acting as a body double to fill in some gaps, and all of us doing voices where Paul wanted some dialogue, begging or moaning, Paul made 17 movies out of the footage we had taken. He released them over an 8 month period to maximise their impact and made a fortune. They were acknowledged on the net as masterpieces, with articles and forums on "the new wonder-slut" and hundreds of suggestions for her next films.

Tina took over three months to fully recuperate but even as she lay in her rest bed, it was obvious that we had overdone the training. Although we kept her under a loose surveillance she continually looked for ways to degrade and abuse herself. She desperately tried to get Lucy and Judy to whip her wounds. She picked at the scabs to make her cuts take longer to heal and was delighted when some turned septic. We found her in the toilet licking the bowl, we had to sell the dogs to prevent her eating their shit and piss, she deliberately broke her fingers again by putting them in a workbench vice to help her reach a climax, her mind was now so degraded that we had trouble preventing her from maiming herself.

Eventually we strapped her to the bed until all her injuries had healed. Paul tried to reverse some of the training but it was in too deep. After a while we gave in and let her degrade herself provided she didn't damage her body too much. We locked the workshop, removed all the knives from the kitchen, and searched the house for any items that could cause real damage. Even then Tina managed to break various bones, cut herself on broken glass, use the cheese grater on her nipples, and was always searching for anything large to stick up her ass or cunt.

She would eat her own shit, puke it up and then eat it again. She obsessively picked at her clit with her nails to make it bleed and try for yet another climax. We had to imprison her in the house and arrange for one of us to be with her the entire time.

We held special fuck sessions with groups of high paying perverts where every depravity was allowed, but these damaged her so much that the medical bills began to eat into our profits. Neither Paul or I ever fucked her. Although we got a doctor to come to the house and regularly check her over for HIV and the pox, we still didn't trust the results. We occasionally accepted blowjobs but there was no way we wanted to catch any of the germs that must have been swimming around her body.

The fantastic looking teenage girl had gone too far down into the cesspit even for our tastes. Her body was a mess. In less than two years the scar tissue that covered so much of her flesh could no longer be hidden by plastic surgery. The bones that had been broken two, three or more times couldn't be re-set properly any more. Her internal organs were starting to fail because of the regular severe beatings during the filmed fuck feasts. Her tits were permanently bruised, with one having a large bulge where blood vessels had burst, and one of her nipples was shredded to virtually nothing.

Her cunt lips were in tatters and stretched to over 4 inches. They had been pierced so many times with needles, staples and nails that most of the flesh was now too hard to get a needle through. Her cunt gaped wide permanently and only the largest dildos or massive deformed cocks could give her any form of vaginal satisfaction. The nerves in her clit had been abused so much that they no longer responded to any stimulus. The sphincter muscle around her anus was so slack that she couldn't keep her bowels closed, and she needed frequent enemas and constant cleaning to prevent shit dribbling down her legs.

Her mother and sister had looked after her at the beginning but their pity soon turned to disgust at the way she refused to help herself and just sought more pain, more filth, more debasement. The films had almost stopped selling because the sweet, fresh, young, filth-loving pain-slut now looked like a haggard thirty year old slag.

In the end Paul sold her to a snuff movie producer for a tidy profit. Her final film was well made and contained several highlights. In one scene all the bones in one hand are broken, one at a time, and then the limp fingers are forced round a rock hard cock and crushed in the fist of its owner who wanks himself off. Another clip showed one of her tits being drilled through in several places while the other was skinned. Her eyelids were cut off and piss and shit rubbed onto her eyeballs. Her teeth were pulled out one by one. The finale as she bled to death while being choked on a shit and puke covered monster dick, as her cunt was fucked with a sword and a white hot poker put up her ass was a really special moment.

The really sad thing was that not one of us missed her. Even Anna, who had been told that her sister had a mental illness and had been the only one to show any patience with her, was over her disappearance in less than a week.


Chapter 26

To celebrate the return of 'normality' in the household Paul and I decided to go on one of our fishing trips using Lucy as the bait. We set off to the coast where Paul had a small house and soon we were lazing on the beach while Lucy went off to see what she could find.

The idea had originally been Paul's and, to begin with, Judy had been the bait. Now Judy wasn't so useful we had trained Lucy in her role as lure and her sweet natural charms helped her to win some prize specimens.

Sometimes she would return with a nice young teen of her own age that she had befriended and who then was drawn into our clutches.

Sometimes she came back with an older college kid who might be on holiday without her parents for the first time and was attracted by the prospect of a night doing the clubs.

Sometimes she came back with an older woman who was supposedly helping Lucy to find her way home, and who we always thanked in our special way.

It was always fun because we never knew who Lucy would return with, but she always managed to get someone who made our evening, and who sometimes stayed with us for several days. The rapes were even more enjoyable with Lucy helping out in any way she could. Opening the girl's legs, licking our assholes while we fucked fresh cunt, forcing the woman to lick out her dripping pussy, carefully helping our cocks to go from cunt to ass and back again, and ensuring that the raped cunt was traumatised in every way possible.

This time Lucy beat even her high standards. I was just reaching for another beer when I saw Lucy walking along the beach to where we lay. She was smiling and laughing as she held the hand of the sweetest little piece of jail-bait. As she approached us she waved and pointed us out to her new friend.

"Hi," she laughed, "this is Britney. She's lost her mummy and daddy but I said that you would help her to find them. Britney, this is my dad and my uncle. They'll look after you."

"Hi, Britney," we chorused.

"Hello," she replied, "I went to get an ice cream, but the man had sold out of the type I like and then I couldn't find mummy."

"That's rotten," said Paul in his 'you can trust me because I'm a good person' voice. He pointed to the road behind the beach. "There's an ice cream shop over there. Why don't we all get one and then we'll help you find your parents. What does mummy look like?"

We got up and sauntered slowly to the shop, getting the sweet little piece of virgin meat away from the beach where her frantic parents would by now be searching.

"She's really pretty and is wearing a lovely blue costume," came Britney's reply.

"I'm sure we'll find her really easily," said Paul. "Say, why don't I carry you on my shoulders. I expect your feet are tired and you'll get a really good view. You'll be able to look for your mummy."

The gullible kid went along with Paul's idea and soon her legs were either side of Paul's neck with Paul's hands considerately holding her thighs to stop her from falling, as she was carried further from the beach. Lucy and I went into the ice cream shop while Paul and Britney chatted outside. When we got back Paul had been working his magic.

"Hey Rob, Britney's been told that she isn't supposed to talk to strange men and she's worried that her mummy might be angry with her because she's with us, so we've decided that the best thing to do is to go and find a policeman. He'll make sure she's OK and find her mum."

"Er .. yeah," I replied not quite knowing what I was supposed to say.

"I think the best place will be that cafe up the road. There's always a couple of policemen there. It's where they grab a coffee on their breaks. Me and Lucy will take Britney there and she'll be safe. Why don't you go back to the beach? Could you check the car on the way?"

"Good idea," I replied, realising that the plan was to get her even further from the beach before stopping the pretence and that one man with two girls looked far more natural than two men. "See you soon."

I turned, walked to the car and drove it up a side road. Parking by some empty garages I waited for Paul to pass the spot where we had grabbed girls before. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later they turned the corner.

Lucy opened the car door while Paul swung Britney off his shoulders and threw her in the back. He jumped in next to her as Lucy got in the front and we were off. It had taken five seconds to change from helping Britney to kidnapping Britney. The tinted windows meant that the stupid kid couldn't do anything to attract attention and her fate was sealed.

"What are you doing .... where are we going .... why ..."

Paul slapped her hard. "We are the men mummy said you shouldn't talk to" he laughed. "And now you're going to find out why."

It only took five minutes to get to Paul's house but in that time she was stripped of her bikini, her arms were tied behind her with the bra while the scanty material that had been covering her hairless mound and sweet ass was now stuffed into her mouth and held in place with some cord. Paul was amusing himself sticking his spit soaked fingers up her virgin pussy. Lucy had turned round to watch the fun and was frigging herself as she watched the little cunt squirming to rid herself of the invading digits.

I turned into the drive, opened the garage doors with the remote and drove in. The doors closed behind us and Britney's nightmare began.

Paul usually set the pace on these trips and this time he had obviously decided her body was what he wanted. Playing with her mind could wait for later. A straight rape was going to be the first item on the agenda, and it was going to be hard and fast. He carried the struggling girl into the house, up the stairs and threw her on the bed. Lucy was right behind him, and by the time I got to the bedroom they were already into their well rehearsed routine.

All three were naked. Britney's arms were still tied but her gag had been removed. Paul was kneeling on the bed between Britney's thighs, one hand holding her left leg while the other pinched her small nipples. Lucy was holding her other leg down while sucking and slurping on Paul's cock, getting him to maximum hardness and giving him as much lubrication as she could.

"Stick it in the slut" he ordered, and Lucy guided the throbbing member to Britney's tiny slit. After rubbing Paul's cock through the virgin pussy lips a couple of times she pushed the head into position and moved her hand back to his balls.

"Do it, lover," she encouraged, "make her scream. I want to taste her blood on your dick. Do her now."

Paul plunged forward and Britney's world changed forever.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh .. nnnnoooooo .. nnnoooo .. aaarrrggghhh .. stop .. pleeeease .. nnnoooo .. help .. " she looked at me and hoped I would somehow stop her agony, "aaarrrrgggghhhhh .. nooo .. it huuuurrrrts .. pleeease stop .. nnnoooo .. pleeease ... take it out .. pleeeasse .. "

Paul was riding her hard and her pleas for mercy just made his cock harder as Lucy helped in the rape of the little virgin. She had moved behind Paul and her hand was pushed between his legs to fondle his cock on the back strokes. She was rubbing her tits against his back and standing on tiptoe to lick his ear and whisper encouragement to increase his pleasure. Her fingers played around his asshole and she kept encouraging Paul to fuck her harder. It didn't take long and as Paul neared his climax Lucy pushed her finger into his ass. Paul shot his load deep into the newly raped cunt who was now sobbing uncontrollably.

Lucy moved to between Britney's thighs and as Paul's cock emerged she engulfed it with her sweet mouth. After five minutes of gentle sucking as she cleaned Paul's dick, she turned her attention to the ravaged pussy that was now dribbling a mix of sperm, blood and cunt juice. She licked up the gooey mess as her hand worked on her own clit to bring her to a shattering orgasm.

"What hole are you going to fuck?" she asked me as she recovered.

"I'll start with a bit of cunt and then use that tight ass," I replied, "so flip her over and we'll continue this ex-virgin's lessons."

Lucy got on the bed, turned Britney over and then lay down on the crying girl with her head positioned just above Britney's ass. I moved up to the bed and Lucy reached for my rock hard dick. A few minutes of Lucy's expert lips and tongue soon had me gasping. She took my cock from her mouth and slid it down past Britney's asshole to her ravaged cunt. After putting my cock into the damaged hole she moved her hands round to my butt and pulled me into the hot channel that now lay wide open between Britney's legs. The second rape soon had the little slut gasping for mercy again.

"Oh god .. nnnooo .. pleease .. no more .. its hurts so much .. please leave me alone .. take it out .. please .."

"OK," I said, smiling at Lucy who knew exactly what was coming next as she reached for my slime covered dick, removed it from the battered pussy and positioned it at the tight anal ring that was just begging to be invaded.

"Oh god .. thank you .. thank you .. " gasped Britney, thinking for a second that her torment was over and not realising that it was about to become much, much worse. "Thank you .. please let me go .. I want my mummy .. thank you for not hurting me anymore .. aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh .. nnnnooooo .. aarrrgghhh .. god .. nnnoooo .. " her screams echoed off the walls as her pathetic thanks were interrupted by the most pain she had ever known. Lucy had pushed the head of my cock into her anus and I was finishing the job of opening up her tightest hole. My throbbing member tore past the sphincter muscle that tried in vain to protect her bowels and was deep in her hot anal canal. As I hit rock bottom I couldn't resist just holding it there. Virgin ass. There is absolutely nothing better in the world. So hot. So tight. So fucking brilliant, especially when the slut who's giving it to me is begging me to stop.

"No .. no .. no .. oh god .. please no .. oh god .. hurts .. please don't .. hurts so much .. pleease .. stop .. pleeease .. take it out .. I'll do anything but please stop .. aaarrrggghhh .. please .. no more .. please .. no more .. no more .."

Lucy was pulling Britney's cheeks apart to make sure I got maximum penetration and, when she could, she was spitting on my dick to help increase the lubrication and my gratification. Lucy's moans and Britney's clenching ass sent me over the edge in too short a time and with Lucy fondling my balls, I rammed home and gave the little buggered slut her first spunk enema.

Lucy lay panting above Britney's battered asshole and begged to suck my cock clean but I thought it was only right to allow Britney to do the honours. Lucy reluctantly agreed and swiveled round on Britney's prostrate body to grab her face with both hands and force her mouth open.

"Here slut," I said as my shit covered cock slid into her mouth, "time for you to enjoy another new experience."

She gagged and retched but Lucy did her work well and with no danger of Britney's teeth spoiling my fun I moved my cock in and out of her mouth at will. After 10 minutes we released her from her task and Lucy immediately added her own juices to the scum on my dick which Britney had failed to clean properly. Lucy's expert tongue soon had all the shit removed from my cock which was rapidly regaining its erect shape.

Chapter 27

"Fancy a DP?" said Paul who was now standing next to me.

"Sounds good to me," I replied. "Hold the little bitch while I get underneath"

He grabbed her hair and told her to lift her body off the bed so that I could lie down. Her small torso was soon resting on my chest and her legs were spread wide. Paul made her sit up, position my cock at her dripping cunt and then lower her pussy down onto the invading pole. Crying the whole time but too scared to make any real attempt at resistance, Britney began to fuck herself on my dick. We let her carry on until Paul got tired of watching and moved around to her ass. Pushing her forward he shoved his cock into the open anus that was presented to him.

Lucy immediately got between our legs and began her caressing and sucking of cocks, balls and assholes to add to the pleasure we were taking from the small helpless girl squashed between us. Because we had both got rid of our first loads, it was more than half an hour later that Paul exploded in her ass, which was the signal for Britney to sit up and start to fuck herself up-and-down on my rampant cock. For an amateur she was doing pretty well and my juice flooded her fertile vagina soon after. By this time Lucy was desperate for relief, and as me and Paul regained our strength she sat herself down on Britney's head and forced the little slut to lick her hot cunt until her own climax shook her beautiful body.

Later that evening, after Lucy had cooked dinner, we sat and worked out what to do next. The TV news had an item where Britney's parents had appealed for her to come home and said the usual crap about 'how she wasn't in any trouble' and 'just phone us, darling'.

We told the talking heads on the screen that Britney was actually in big trouble but she couldn't phone right now because she was a bit tied up and Lucy was now getting her to tongue asshole in just the right way.

Paul liked the look of the mother who was blonde with freckles almost everywhere, but he hated the father who looked like an ex-wrestler. He was fucking huge. He sat at the small table where they were doing the press conference with his arm round his wife. He gazed at her while the cameras went for the trembling-lip close-up as she begged her little girl to come home. What Paul hated was that the husband was obviously deeply in love with his wife, and that meant that Paul's mind started to work on how he could fuck up this man's happy existence. Paul wasn't going to be satisfied with ruining his daughter. He wanted to wreck the mother as well. And, if he could turn the father's love to hate it would be just perfect.

Paul laid out the plan. We would keep Britney for a couple more days and then, when the news and police had got bored and moved on to the next crime, we would offer the daughter back. But only if the mother became our slut.

For the next two days Britney was tied, whipped, fucked in all holes, taught how to deep throat, became an expert ass licker, was fisted, buggered with bottles and generally had several years sex education compressed into 48 hours. Her tight young holes were getting loose with constant abuse.

Paul was right about the news and the cops. On the second day a shooting at a local garage dominated the news and the mayor was on TV telling everyone how the criminals would be tracked down by his wonderful police force. Britney no longer rated even a mention as the second to last item on the news, you know, the 'social caring' item just before the 'amusing story to leave you with a smile'.

Paul bought a mobile phone, posted a letter to the kid's address telling the mother to call the number and waited for the stupid bitch to walk into his trap. The next day the phone rang.

"Hello. This is Danielle, Britney's mother. I've got a letter that says you know something about Britney," said the tied female voice on the end of the phone. It was obvious that she was making several calls a day to cranks who were using her distress as wanking material.

"Yeah," said Paul. "Call again from the phone box at the beach in 30 minutes, or Britney's little finger will be coming home in the next mail. The finger with the scar just under the nail."

"Oh my god. You've got her. Is she all right? Let me speak to her. Is she hurt? What do you want? Let her go," the woman was in a world where hope and fear met and she was putty in Paul's hands.

"Phone in 30 minutes," he said, and killed the connection. Immediately I was off in the car to watch her movements as she followed Paul's instructions.

20 minutes later I was there as she arrived with her husband, dashed into the booth and frantically dialed the number. The phone ran, but Paul didn't answer. It ran again every minute until exactly 30 minutes after Paul had given her the instruction when he picked it up. He told her to go alone to another call box and phone again.

She got back in the car and they moved to the next phone. It was only a couple of hundred yards away and I was able to call Paul to let him know that the father was still with her. I watched as she made the call and then ran back to the car shouting to her husband to get out. I knew that Paul had given her 10 minutes to get to the next call point, without her husband. Trouble was, the phone Paul had chosen was nearly five miles away and she had been told that if she wasn't alone and on time she would be receiving various other parts of Britney in her morning mail.

It worked. The husband wanted to protest but she wasn't going to risk it and, still shouting her explanation to him, she drove off at high speed. Paul made Danielle phone him on three more occasions from different places until, an hour later, she was waiting outside a bar as I drove up. Her instructions were just to get in the car and say nothing and she did exactly what she had been told. I drove to a deserted car park where I told her to get out. Paul moved in then and soon she was driving down the freeway with her daughter's captor.

Paul's devious methods were working as usual. He showed her some photos of her little girl as proof that he had her and then spent two hours convincing her that there was only one way to get her back. If anything didn't go according to plan her daughter would be just so many bloody packages. She sobbed, begged, offered him money, and tried everything she could think of, but Paul was adamant. The price was simple. Her body. Her willing body. Her willing body in front of her husband.

After she agreed, Paul gave her a couple of pills that he had got on the black market to make her body want sex. Her cunt would soon start to ooze juice while her pussy lips, clit and nipples would become engorged. Her body would be doing all the right things but Paul wanted to be sure that her mind was going to join in as well. For two hours he kept working on her - telling her how Britney's life depended on what happened in the next few hours.

He explained exactly what she had to do. He ran her through the actions and the words that would save her daughter - but would ruin her. To help with some appropriate lines he gave her a couple of his old film scripts, "Slut wife begs" and "Anybody's".

A few more phone calls and an hour later I was waiting in the motel cabin we had selected, for her husband to come through the door. He entered the room and immediately saw my gun pointed at his chest.

"No fucking about." I ordered. "Put on the handcuffs, now. Then sit down."

Reluctantly he clamped his wrists together and sat in the chair by the door. I tied the poor bastard's legs and arms securely to the chair, gagged him and phoned Paul.

Chapter 28

As they came through the door the woman began her audition. It was an test that would determine the fate of her child, and she was determined not to let her one chance slip away.

"Oh baby," she purred as she draped herself over Paul, "Say you'll do me properly this time. I want to give myself to you completely. My useless husband can't give me the rough fucking I need. Please say you'll do it to me."

Her voice nearly cracked as she talked about her husband, but she managed to keep going. The man's face was a picture. All his wife had told him was that she had something important to show him. It would be after the show that he would find out the truth. But she knew that if she acted her part well enough to save Britney, then her husband would never believe that she had been forced. Paul had made sure she realised that any failure, any indication that she was not desperate for the fucking she was about to receive, anything that showed her husband that she was only trying to save her little girl, would mean that the deal was off.

It was fucking brilliant. She couldn't win. If her husband hated her by the end of the night, her daughter would be released. If her husband still wanted her, then her daughter died.

She turned to Paul and gave him a deep kiss while pulling at the buttons on her coat. It fell to the floor to reveal that she was naked underneath except for stiletto shoes and a choker round her neck. She began purring and moaning as she wrapped her body round Paul, who was acting as though he wasn't very keen with her husband watching.

"Dani, you lovely little slut, I'm all for fucking you some more, but doesn't it bother you that muscle man over there can see what you're doing."

She tried not to look at her husband but Paul had turned her so she faced him and had her back against Paul's chest. As he ran his hands over her tits he bent to kiss her ear and whispered so that only she could hear "Remember - Britney needs you." Taking one of his hands from her tits she moved it down her body and pushed Paul's fingers into her wet cunt. She then moved both her hands behind her to fondle Paul's cock though his jeans.

"Him?" she managed to get some venom into her voice. "Muscles? Only in some places. The only one that counts is fucking useless. You're what I need, lover. Ohhhh .. god .. harder .." Paul was twisting her nipples which were already hard because of the pills he had given her. "Do me baby. Do me anyway you want. Use my holes. Show that wimp what a real man can do. I need you now. I need it hard. Fuck me."

"OK," Paul replied, "but because you're such a slut I brought along some help. Go and say hello to my buddy. He is a specialist in rough fucking. When he's finished with you it'll be weeks before even your slut cunt needs fucking again."

She walked past her husband, swaying her hips, playing with her breasts and licking her lips. She reached for the buttons of my shirt and started to undo them while kissing my face.

"Say you'll fuck me too," she gasped, "I'll do anything you want. I want cock inside me. Please fuck me. Please fuck me really hard. I'm desperate for a real fuck."

She moved her mouth over mine and stuck her tongue down my throat. Her hands had finished with my shirt and now started to remove the rest of my clothing. Paul decided to help her man enjoy the show. He moved over to him and started adding to his agony.

"She's so fucking hot, isn't she. You're one lucky bastard, but why don't you give her the treatment she keeps begging me for? We've been fucking for a couple of months now and she's just such a dirty bitch. Loves to be slapped around and really gets off on my dick when I work her tits over as I'm fucking her."

The husband looked like he was being punched with every line that his wife and Paul were making up. His face had gone from hatred through disbelief and was now fast approaching complete bewilderment. The lies were working into his brain, and his eyes were telling him that his lovely wife, his childhood sweetheart, his precious little darling was really an unfaithful slut who wanted rough sex. On top of losing his cherished innocent daughter the mental stress was getting to be too much to bear. Paul didn't let up and in a lower voice, so the wife couldn't hear, piled on the agony.

"Your daughter is the same, of course. Once she saw what her mother was like she wanted a go. Came over to my place and begged to be fucked and buggered. She's been having a great time with us. We made some films and passed her round a few friends. Fuck, she's one great lay. I bet you've been lusting after her for some time. But, I'm forgetting. You're not into roughing up sluts, are you? You're the lovey-dovey type. Flowers, soft lighting, mood music and no fucking idea. Sit back and watch how a woman wants to be taken."

Paul raised his voice again so that the manipulated wife could hear. "Your slut woman has been begging me to fuck her ass. She says you won't do it. She tries to lead you on and get you excited but you keep saying it's dirty and she doesn't really mean it. You just can't see how desperate she is to be buggered. You're just so stupid that you can't see she needs to be slapped about and taken hard to reach a climax. Watch her beg now she knows there are real men in the room."

By now I was naked and she was on her knees sucking my cock. I had moved round slightly so that everyone got a good view of her head bobbing up and down. She wasn't bad but hadn't taken me into her throat yet. I leaned down to her ear, whispered "Britney", and then grabbed her hair and pulled her face off my dick.

"Want some help to get that cock good and deep in your throat?" I asked.

She looked up at me with a mix of pain and pleading in her eyes, but seeing no mercy she knew she must continue with the charade. "Yes please, lover. I've always wanted to give head properly but my useless husband won't help me. Push my head onto your dick. Help me to do it right. Make me gag on your cock."

I didn't need another invitation and with both hands dragged her lips all the way down my shaft. I did it nice and slow so that it was more difficult for her to pretend that she wanted it. When my cock first touched her throat she started to reach but I just kept the pressure going. Only her throat tried to resist me. She didn't try to pull her head back or push against me with her hands. She just let her head be used as a wanking machine. As my cock slowly slid deeper down her neck the constricting muscles and her constant gagging made my dick swell even larger.

I had to be careful not to come. We had another surprise planned for hubby and while I was happy to spunk into any hole, Paul knew that every little bit of mental anguish that he could add to her husband's agony was another nail in their happy married bliss. I pulled back and let my cock sit on her lips. "How was that baby?" I asked, "I wonder if Britney will learn how to do that to her boyfriends."

Coughing and spluttering it took a short while before she could form any words, but the reference to her daughter kept her mind on track. "Oh god. That was great. Do it again. I can take it, lover. Please use me some more. Do it harder. Use my mouth."

I carried on slowly fucking her throat until I was close to coming. Reluctantly pulling her head off my saliva covered cock, I pushed her towards Paul. "Don't forget there's another cock over there. Sluts like you need more than one cock and I expect you want to demonstrate your new found skills on a fresh dick."

She crawled over to Paul who was standing right next to her husband. "Hey Dani, me and wimp-boy here have been having a little chat" said Paul, "and he is hoping you are going to show him what he should have been doing to you all these years. Do you want me to slap you around a bit before you start on my dick?"

She closed her eyes in resignation but her husband's mind was already fooled into believing that his darling wife had betrayed him. All he saw was that she closed her eyes because she was so happy that someone finally understood her needs.

"Use me," she pleaded, as she reached for the zip on Paul's pants, "make me your slut. I want it rough and hard. Hit me. Please."

Paul slapped her face a few times as she undressed him. Not hard but enough to make her realise that she had better keep up the pretence or else she was going to be really hurt. As soon as Paul's cock was free she bent her head and took him into her mouth. Bobbing up and down she sucked him to full hardness just inches from her husband's dazed eyes.

"Show me what you can do," said Paul. "I'm not going to help because real sluts throat cock on their own. They also do it as hard as they can. Are you a real slut?"

She didn't answer but just worked his cock deeper into her mouth. As it reached her throat she put her hands around Paul's ass and literally pulled her head down onto his rampant dick. With her lips hard up against his body she held her head in position as long as she could before releasing the pressure and slowly drawing her lips back up his shaft.

"Good girl" Paul praised her, "now keep that up while wimp-boy sees just what he's been missing."

She was doing well but her technique was not perfect and although she carried on impaling her face on Paul's dick for another ten minutes, he was able to stop himself coming fairly easily. Anyway, he was saving himself for the next stage of her husband's mental torture.

"Right bitch, we'll do some more of that later. Sluts like you just can't get enough cock in their throats and we'll let you swallow some spunk later on. But right now I bet your cunt's getting all wet and sloppy. We really must fill it up or you'll never reach the sort of cum that you keep telling me you need."

"Oh god, yes," she replied, standing up and moving to the sofa in the middle of the room. "Fuck me now."

Paul looked at her as though she had forgotten something and as he moved over to the sofa he mouthed the word 'Britney'. She saw his anger and immediately realised that she had missed one of the parts Paul had told her was crucial if she wanted to save her daughter.

"My wimp husband always wears a condom," she said lying back on the cushions and spreading her legs wide, "but I need to feel your cock, not some piece of rubber. I need to feel hot spunk up my cunt to really get off. Please say you'll spunk me. Please. Please." She gyrated her hips and reached for her pussy lips to spread them wide."

Paul smiled. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Are you on the pill?"

"No. And it's my most fertile time of the month. But I don't care. I need to feel your cum inside me to take me over the edge. When you spunk into me you'll make a bastard for me to remember you by. Breed me lover. Breed me." Tears were welling up in her eyes as she begged Paul to ruin her marriage and her life, but her husband wasn't looking. His head was sunk down as her words hit him like bricks.

"Fuck you're a slut," laughed Paul as he slotted his cock into her wide open cunt. "Keep talking."

"Fuck me, lover .. give me a baby .. spunk in my cunt .. make me your pregnant whore .. breed me lover .. show that wimp how to really fuck a woman."

Her cunt was sopping wet from the drugs and the natural reaction of her body to having throated two cocks, and the sound of her juices slurping out of her hole as Paul moved his dick around in her pussy filled the room. He started to slap her tits in time with his thrusts and she winced as the pain increased.

"Come on, slut," encouraged Paul, "you know how I like that slutty talk when I'm fucking you."

"Oh god .. your cock is so big it hurts .. my cunt will never forget the feel of your beautiful dick .. fuck me harder .. cum deep in my cunt .. make a baby in me, lover .. you can fuck me anytime .. just call and I'll be yours .. waiting with my legs spread for your cock .. do it .. fuck your little slut hard."

Paul tried, but he couldn't hold it back for long and soon his balls were throbbing as he spunked deep into the poor slut's hole. He was now gripping her tits so hard that they were changing colour but she bravely kept up her act to save her child.

"Oh yes, lover .. yes .. fill me up .. give me a baby .. breed my slut cunt .. it's yours .. cum in my pussy .. I need to cum .. more .. please .. more."

Paul finished pumping his seed into her vagina and, with a last slap of her tits, pulled out. Immediately I was between her legs.

"A cum slut like you needs two cocks before she can get off. Ain't that right?" I sneered.

"Oh yes .. oh yes .. do me again .. fill me up with more cum .. please .."

I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide on either side of her head. Stuffing my rock hard dick into her wet hole I lent down, whispered that she must remember Britney and let her hands reach for my balls as her mouth clamped itself over mine to kiss me as deeply as she could. Releasing one ankle to reach for her swollen nipples I started to twist and pull her buds. With her legs at that angle her clit was being hit every time I slammed into her and soon she was on the verge of her climax. I reached down with my hand and pinched her clit as hard as I could while shooting my potent sperm into her fertile open cunt.

Her scream of pleasure was a death sentence to her marriage. She might have been able to explain about saving Britney. She could have told her husband about the drugs. It was just possible that he would believe she was being forced to act. But she couldn't disguise the pleasure she had got from being ravaged by a couple of hard cocks.

Paul had come up to her shoulders and now pulled her back so that her head was hanging down over the side of the sofa. "Suck time," he said and pushed his semi-hard dick between her lips. He started slowly, to allow her to pleasure his cock, but after a while he was pumping her throat hard. She gagged and reached as she tried to breathe, but the spit and slime drooling from her mouth was running over her upside down face and into her nose and eyes. She looked a fucking mess but Paul was really getting into the groove.

Eventually he stopped, stepped back and bent down to whisper in her ear. She looked at him with pure venom in her eyes while Paul just shrugged his shoulders. Hubby couldn't see what was happening because of the angle of her head and all he heard were Paul's next words.

"OK, Dani, if that's how you want it. I'll fuck your virgin ass if you insist ..."

"No .. please .. " She moaned quietly to Paul but he just looked at her with that evil grin of his and mouthed the word 'Britney'. Realising there was no escape she began the final part of her degradation. Pulling her legs wide over her head so that her cunt and ass were on display she looked up at Paul and begged to be buggered.

"My ass .. fuck my ass .. I'm virgin .. my husband won't fuck me there .. I want you to break me in .. bugger me .. fuck my tight hole .. wreck my ass .. please .. make me your ass slut .. I want to feel you inside me .. I want your cum deep in my butt .."

Paul was fingering her tight cherry anus and she was wincing in pain. "It's going to hurt" he said. "Are you sure? My cock is much bigger than my fingers and it'll probably rip you apart."

"I don't care .. I need it .. now .. oh god .. do it .. bugger me .. I need you to fuck my ass .. do it hard .. do it rough .. bugger me now .. please .. "

I moved to her head and cut off her begging by sliding my hard cock into her mouth. Holding her throat I could feel the head of my dick as it made her neck bulge. Paul placed his cock at her tight hole and very slowly pushed it all the way in, half an inch at a time. Her screams around my cock were absolutely fucking magic. I began pounding her throat while Paul trashed her anus. As a demolition job it was amazing. After two minutes she pissed herself and then she puked over my dick. It didn't stop us. We just kept hammering into the shattered body that had once been a kind mother and a loving wife.

Paul came first and worked her tits as her bathed her ass with spunk. I was close behind, with my hands round her neck and chin to get the maximum penetration I shot my load straight into her belly. She had passed out as I was in the middle of spunking but came-to quickly when I moved away. Gagging, coughing and spluttering, she tried to regain some small bit of self respect as she lay on the sofa crying, but Paul wasn't the type to show mercy. She was soon on her knees cleaning shit, blood, piss and cum from Paul's dick before moving over to lick her puke of my soft cock. When she had finished we got up to leave.

"Good girl," said Paul. "Not great, but not bad. If it had been great you would have Britney now, but because it wasn't A+ we'll keep her for another couple of days. I know you'll understand. Bye, Dani."

That's the amazing thing about Paul. He manages to fuck everyone. Just when you think that it would be impossible to beat making the mother fuck us in front of her husband, he does something to fuck her up even more. Her wails as we left the motel room were the icing on the cake.

Chapter 29

Lucy was ecstatic that Britney was to be with us for a couple more days and made the most of her new lesbian lover. While the fucking was good we knew that we had to go home again soon and three days later we made the call to her parents.

Paul, bastard to the end, dressed Britney in a sexy tight skirt with a cut off top and left her with her hands tied behind her in an alley. He then told the local winos she was one of his street whores who had cheated him and was being punished. We gave them an hour with Britney before Paul phoned the mother to tell her where her little girl was.

We hid near by and watched as the distraught parents arrived to find their sweet daughter being gang raped by a load of diseased old men. The husband went berserk and may have even killed a couple of them before the others ran off leaving Britney's well fucked body on the ground. It was obvious from the way the father refused to let his wife even comfort her kid that Paul had managed to fuck up their happy marriage.

We drove home well pleased with our week's work and let Lucy take turns sucking our cocks until we arrived at the house.

Life went back to normal for a while but Paul had one last slut to turn to his pleasure. By now Anna was well aware of what was going on around her. Lucy was always desperate for sex. Her mother was a robotic whore. Paul and me were hardly ideal examples of good parenting and it was obvious we had to do something.

Paul had started her basic training but she was not reacting in the expected way. Although she saw fucking all the time, although her mind was being influenced by drugs and hypnosis, she wasn't really getting into sex in the way her sisters had.

"Deep down she's a prude," said Paul one evening. "She accepts what goes on around her but she thinks it's dirty and disgusting. She won't even watch some of the late night talk-shows because of the 'awful people who should know better and shouldn't be talking about their private lives on television'. For once, I'm lost as to what we should do."

"Well," I said, "Why not go with the flow? We rape her regular and because she's a prude she'll hate it. If we keep raping her, especially good rough stick-it-up-her-ass rape, it will really fuck with her mind."

"That's an idea," said Paul mulling over the possibilities. "But we could do that to anyone. Its easy to grab a girl, keep her here and fuck her all the time. I want Anna to fuck loads but to hate the idea at the same time, I'm just not sure how to turn her into that sort of fucked up slut. How do I make her have sex, if deep down she doesn't want to. The whole point of what we've done before is that, deep down, Lucy loves sex and Tina was desperate for filth. So how do you turn Anna around. Fuck, if she got married she be one of those once-a-month-because-it's-my-duty wives."

"That's it - duty." It isn't often that I'm quicker than Paul in the ideas department, but this time I saw it way before he did. "If she thought it was her 'duty' to have sex then that could do it. We could keep the prude but have a girl who fucks because it is her duty to serve men, even though they are disgusting pigs."

"Who you calling a pig?" laughed Paul. "I prefer goat, or horse. But that could work."

It not only could work, it did work. Anna's training took a slight twist. She was still exposed to all the sex we could drive into her brain but the slant was now that men can't help it and women are only on this earth to serve the men. Men only rape because their sexual needs have not been fulfilled by some woman somewhere. Women had a duty to fuck with the poor men who were unable to control themselves. It wasn't the men's fault. They had been created with a constant need for sex, and women had been created to satisfy the men.

Some women enjoyed sex, some women were cruel and charged money for sex, some women stupidly tried to prevent men from having sex and, if the poor man just couldn't control himself anymore, they would end up being raped. In fact, it was only because men tried so hard to control themselves that women weren't being fucked in the street the whole time. Men were actually trying really hard not to constantly impose themselves on women but their genes meant that they were fighting a losing battle.

A woman's duty was to help men - all men. A woman's duty was to extract the cum from men's balls whenever a man wanted it. It was all right for a woman not to encourage a man, it was even OK if the woman didn't really like fucking, but if any suggestion of sex came up then it would be because the poor man was fighting hard against his natural instincts and was being overcome by his terrible fate. Men made a huge effort not to ask every woman to fuck within a minute of meeting them, but they only managed this by making comments or suggestive remarks in the hope that the woman would take pity on them and help them relieve the constant pressure in their balls.

Anna fell for it. Every bit of the perverted shit that we pumped into her fitted with her weird life anyway so why shouldn't she believe it? She saw Lucy and Judy fuck at the drop of a hat. She saw me and Paul get desperate for sex if more than a day or two passed. She saw other men at the house who would be going crazy for a chance to fuck Lucy. She saw Judy going out specifically to help men by offering them her body. She looked at videos where women were constantly trying to get spunk from the men. She was told that her solemn duty was to help the poor men in their constant battle with their own bodies.

Her prudish nature was also satisfied. She need not enjoy being fucked. She didn't have to ask men to fuck her. She was only doing what she was meant to do. For a woman not to fuck various men several times a day would be like not having to take a piss several times a day. It wasn't good or bad, it wasn't enjoyable or nasty, it wasn't even that it really mattered. It was just one of those natural things and once it was done you didn't need to piss again for a while, and a man wouldn't need to fuck for a while. Depending on the man it may be a day before he needed to fuck again or it may be 10 minutes but that was just in the nature of things. While it did seem strange to her that she mostly met men who wanted to fuck all the time, she put that down to bad luck.

As her training neared it's conclusion we worked out the best way to take her virginity. Paul sent Judy and Lucy away for a bit. We carried on fucking other women but made sure Anna didn't realise. During the week we fucked a couple of sluts at the bar, had a great time raping a college student when we broke into her room, and enjoyed some slut's virgin ass when we disturbed her and her boyfriend in their car in the park, but we pretended to Anna that we hadn't had any sex for several days. As her birthday approached it was obvious that she was getting concerned for our well being. She thought that we must be putting up an heroic struggle not to rape her and she even told us we should go and find a prostitute the night before her big day. Paul said that they didn't work on Fridays and the stupid cunt accepted his explanation.

On her birthday morning I had to tell her that Paul wasn't well. She asked what was wrong and I said that now she was fourteen she was old enough to understand that he just couldn't keep up the unequal struggle anymore and that his body was rebelling because of a lack of sex. If something wasn't done soon he would become extremely ill and may eventually die. Struggling not to laugh, I explained that I just didn't know what to do. Lucy and Judy weren't back for another week, and when a man got to this stage it was very difficult for a woman to have sex with him because of all the extra demands that were made. A man in his state could only be brought back to normality by intense sex sessions over at least a two day period.

She asked if I was OK and I confessed that I wasn't feeling too well either but that I was trying to make the best of it for Paul's sake because he had been my friend for so long. Her next question was exactly what we had expected.

"Can't I help? I love him so much and he's always been so kind to me. Although he has seen my body getting bigger he hasn't tried to touch me at all. My breasts are so big now and my vagina always seems to be dribbling fluid. Lucy says that's because I'm nearly ready to start my life of service to men, but that you and Paul have been trying hard not to have sex with me yet because you're not sure I'm properly prepared."

"I know, darling," I said, "but just listen to you. It proves we shouldn't touch you yet because you won't use the words that a man needs to hear. I expect Lucy has told you all the things to say when you're helping a man but you just won't do it."

"I know them. I can say them." She replied "but Lucy said I only need to do it when I am actually having sex with a man. I don't need to say them all the time like her. I know all the things I'm supposed to do. Let me help. Please. Paul needs me. When I've helped him to get better I could help you too."

I nearly came in my pants. She was doing everything just as we had worked out. The little slut was preparing herself for the ultimate sacrifice to save us poor men from our intolerable need to fuck. I started on the next stage, although I was starting to talk such bullshit that I was having trouble not laughing.

"Well, its probably the only thing that can help us now, but you realise that we are so ill that you will have to make a huge effort. It's not just fucking that we need now. To get better you will have to do everything on your own and make it really good for us. If you don't go all out to make it the best fuck we've ever had, we may relapse and then even Lucy and Judy will not be able to help us."

"I'll try. I'll try really hard," she said, her bottom lip trembling although I could tell that her mind was taking her down a road where she was the heroine coming to the rescue and saving not one, but two, poor wretched men who were worn out with their overwhelming burden. "I'm sure I know most of the things to do - Lucy has been teaching me - but is there anything else that I don't know."

"Its really difficult for me to tell you," I said. "You're so sweet, and so good to help us like this."

"Let me help you," she said, "tell me what I need to know."

Chapter 30

An hour later Paul and I were lying on the huge bed in his room when the door opened and Anna came in. She was dressed as a nurse. Well, that's not quite true. Bits of her were dressed as a nurse. She had a nurse's cap, a white choker and white elbow length gloves. On her feet were white high heeled boots that went up to mid thigh. The only other item of clothing was a totally inadequate apron which just covered her erect nipples unless she moved whereupon it merely emphasised how large her firm tits were in comparison to her tiny waist. The bottom of the apron was cut to expose her hairless cunt while her ass and back were not covered by any material at all apart from a couple of flimsy straps.

Her dark brown hair had red streaks and the make-up would have had her thrown out of any hospital car park, let alone a hospital ward. Her ruby red outlined lips contrasted with the flawless pale skin and the deep green eye make-up which must have taken her ages to put on. She was enough to make you cum just by looking.

"I'm the new nurse," she said in a voice that somehow conveyed the impression that she was frantic to get a cock inside her. "I'm going to help you boys get better."

"Oh god," I moaned, my cock going to full erection at the prospect of the joys to come. Paul managed to be more in tune with her reality (and our fantasy) and gasped out that he hoped she could help but he was not convinced because he was so ill.

She walked to the bed and immediately reached for Paul's cock. She squirted cream onto it and began to move her hand slowly up and down while fondling his balls with her other hand. Bending to take the head of his rock hard dick between her lips she kissed and licked and suckled the top inch while staring straight into his eyes. Every now and then she would move her head back just enough to say a few words. "I'll make it better, lover ... I'll help you to cum ... you can fuck me with your cock ... my cherry is yours whenever you want ... please get better .. I want you to fuck me so you can be well again .."

I'd never seen her like this. Lucy had reported back to us that her training had been going well, but around the house we only saw the prude, never the slut. I had been unsure whether she would actually believe all the crap she was being told, but the drugs, hypnosis and indoctrination had obviously worked their way into her brain. The stupid slut was going to rescue the men who had so bravely fought against their primal urges and the only way she could do it was by fucking our brains out. I know I've said it before, but women are so fucking STUPID.

She put more cream on Paul's dick, pushed the front of her apron down to her waist and moved up the bed to slide his erection between her glorious tits. Massaging her nipples as Paul's slippery cock slipped back and forth she continued to promise she could help him recover. "My cunt can help you ... please say you'll use me ... I can do everything that Lucy can ... I'm ready to be your slut ... I want you to take my virgin hole ... say you'll break my cunt open ... please ... please ... I know it's what I must do ..."

Paul lay back on the pillows looking at her. If he didn't get it inside her soon he knew he would explode. Even someone who has fucked as much as Paul can only take so much. "OK," he said. "It's the only thing that might help."

Anna moved further up the bed to sit astride Paul and rubbed her cunt lips over his cock. She pulled off the apron and reached for her pussy lips to spread them around the cock that lay beneath her. She started to massage her creamy tits as she moved her hips so that her outer lips were sliding up and down Paul's cock. "I promise it will help," she purred. "I'll make it the best you've ever had. I know you're ill so I'll do all the work. I'll take my own virginity on your cock. Don't worry if you haven't got the energy to fuck me. Just lie still while I fuck you with my cherry cunt."

She pushed up from the bed and reached between her legs. Fondling the head of his dick with her fingers and tossing his shaft with her other hand she lowered her body until she had the head of Paul's throbbing member lodged in her tight hole.

"Be brave, lover," she said, "I'll try to be gentle."

She slowly let her body move downwards as her tight wet virgin cunt engulfed Paul's cock. Like me, Paul has broken in hundreds of cherries. Usually the best way is hard and fast, listening to the screams to increase the great feeling of a ripped open cunt spreading itself around your invading cock. But afterwards Paul said it was the best virgin breaking he had ever experienced - and he didn't move a finger, he just lay there as Anna impaled herself on him. She broke her own hymen slowly, and then just as slowly raised herself back up his dick before again gently pushing down. She must have been in pain but you couldn't tell as she gently massaged Paul's cock with her bleeding hole.

"Break me lover ... open me up ... be the first to fuck this tight teen cunt ... it's fresh and it's all yours ... fuck me ... I'll remember your cock forever ... get it in deep ... feel my cunt suck you in ... fuck me ..."

Her hands had moved to increase his pleasure. One was gently rubbing his nipples while the other was stretched behind her body to cup his balls. Paul's dick slid in and out of her sopping vagina, covered in her love juice and streaked with red blood, as Anna drooled slightly from the corner of her perfect mouth and coaxed the cum from him.

"Fuck me ... fuck me with your cock ... you're such a great fuck ... I'll never stop wanting your dick ... cum in my virgin cunt ... give me your sperm ... no-one has ever fucked me before ... I want you to cum inside me ... please spunk your little teen slut ... spunk into my vagina ... please cum for me, lover ... "

Paul erupted. His body almost jumped from the bed as his cum shot from his aching cock into her unsullied pussy. He finally had to move his hands and he grabbed her hips to hold her tight onto his spurting cock. Anna reached her climax, or gave the best act I've ever seen of a girl in the throws of ecstasy. Moaning and begging and crying out with rapture she caressed his balls to get the last drops from his sac. As Paul lay back she lifted herself off him and bent to take the softening member into her mouth. As carefully as she had first sucked him she now gently licked away her cunt slime from his cock and was overjoyed as he began to harden again.

She continued to suckle his growing cock as she wanked his shaft with gentle strokes from her gloved hands. As he returned to full hardness she looked up at him and purred.

"I knew I could help lover. I know that we must do it lots more to make sure you recover fully but now you've been able to cum once I hope we can cure you completely. Are you ready to fuck me again? I'd love you to add to the spunk that's inside me. Can you manage to fuck me or would you like me to fuck you? I'll love it whichever way you chose. I just want you to put your cock back into me."

"I'd like to see if I can fuck you this time," said Paul trying hard not to show how smug he was that his plan had worked. "But you may have to help me. Lie on your side and open your legs."

She complied and again reached for his cock with her hands to locate it at the entrance to her cunt. Paul pushed a bit but let her do most of the work as his dick slid easily into her ravished hole. She gasped as he entered her again but soon settled into satisfied little mewling sounds she thrust down onto his hardness with regular strokes. As she concentrated on making Paul's cock cum inside her sopping vagina, she looked over at me.

"Oh god," she exclaimed. "Oh Rob. I'm so sorry. I'd forgotten about you. You poor darling. How could I be so cruel? You must be so desolate. Watching Paul get better while your own illness gets worse. I'm so sorry. I'll make it better for you too. Can you slide over here? Are you strong enough to put your cock in my mouth? Let me help."

I pretended to have difficulty moving but bravely managed to get my cock near to her sweet lips. As she humped Paul's dick she reached for my erect shaft and enveloped it with her mouth. In two goes it was deep in her throat with her lips hard up against my body. She removed a glove and dipping her finger into her juicy cunt she used the lubrication to help her push it into my asshole. Her other hand found my balls and she lay still.

Her throat massaged my dick as her finger gently tickled my prostate, and her hand gently squeezed my balls. For over a minute the only movement you could see were her hips thrusting down onto Paul's groin. Then she moved her head up to the top of my dick, said "I love your cock" and pushed her mouth back down to rock bottom. It was like no blowjob I had ever had before. She only touched the head of my cock with her lips about once every minute and there was virtually no visual movement at all. It would have made a crap film because she looked like a still photograph, but her swallowing throat around my cock was like a rippling vacuum cleaner.

I held out for as long as I could but I had no control over the action. Throating usually involves me holding the slut's head as I drive my cock in and out of her mouth. When I want to go deep I go deep, when I want tongue or lips on the head of my cock I move back a bit. I'm always in control which means I can make it last as long as I want. But Anna was teaching me something new. I lay back, loved every minute and tried to make it last as long as possible. In the end I gave up. Her finger in my ass frigged my prostate to increase the intensity of my ejaculation and several pints of cum spurted up my shaft to enter her stomach. After the first two spurts she moved her head up to take the rest of my spunk in her mouth, with the final jets going over her face.

She held my cock at the base and looked at me as she toyed with the cum in her mouth. Dribbling and drooling so that she looked even sluttier than before, she used her shit stained finger to catch stray globs and put then back into her mouth.

"I love your spunk, Rob," she moaned. "Give me all you have. Promise you'll always use my mouth when you want to cum. Let me be your spunk slut. Let me, please."

Chapter 31

The whole day was spent fucking and sucking as Anna worked hard to reverse the terrible illness that we had endured. Paul and I had trouble in curbing our enthusiasm for fucking this sweet little piece, but we knew that it was important that this first session went according to her expectations.

She was nothing like the prudish little goody-goody she was normally. She was doing her duty and seemed to be enjoying herself. It would only be later that we would find out if she still retained her puritanical attitudes or whether she was now a hot-ass slut like her sister.

Half way through the second day Paul and I decided it was time for a relapse. She had more sacrifices to make and we wanted to convince her that she was still not fully performing her duty unless she went further than she could yet imagine.

Her face crinkled in disappointment when it seemed that Paul and I were falling back into the clutches of our awful illness. She had spent the day dressed as a showgirl. Sequins and tassels were all over her scanty clothes which accentuated her tits, waist and ass in the most blatant way. Her face and body was covered with fantastic over-the-top stage make-up and her lips, cheeks, eyelids and much of her body glittered.

While we had continued fucking we had tried (with some difficulty) to be less than totally enthusiastic all morning and as Anna tried harder and harder to regain our interest she sensed something was wrong. Paul did the talking and he explained how this sort of regression was normal. We had expended so much strength fighting our urges before she had helped us that we might not ever be able to return to normal. The only cure was more sex, and it had to be more extreme. He didn't want to mention it but unless her ass was available as well as her other holes and unless she really tried to satisfy all our needs, even those deep down fantasies that we had been bottling up, it was possible that her efforts so far would have been in vain.

She fell for it. Asking us to follow her to the main room she lay over the swivel stool that had been built for one of Paul's films. The stool was like a small bed with a height control so that it could be moved to cock height whether you were standing or kneeling, and swiveled round so that a girl could be gang banged by a circle of men without them having to move. She lay on her back with her head hanging backwards over one end of the stool while she pulled her legs way back in that double-jointed way some porn stars can manage so that her cunt and ass were totally exposed. Moving her hands down to her ass she looked at us and offered herself completely.

"I want you to bugger me," she said. "I want one of you to break open my ass while the other fucks my face. When you want to change, just turn me round and you can have a different hole. Start in my mouth so I can get you well lubricated and then make me an ass slut. I've got to get you both well, and I know that my tender virgin ass can help. Please fuck my ass. Lucy says that after you've both sodomised her she can't shit properly for days. I want to be used like that. Please."

Paul and I tossed a coin to see who would be first in and I won. I stepped up and let her slaver all over my cock. Sliding it up and down her throat to make sure it was as slimy as possible while Paul loosened her ass with his fingers. As soon as I was as hard and wet as she could make me, I turned the stool round.

She lifted up her head to look at me and moved her hands to either side of her last virgin opening. "Do it, lover. Please do it now," she begged stretching the puckered hole with her fingers. "Use me like the slut I am. Fuck my ass. Trash my tight little hole with your beautiful big cock."

I didn't need any further invitation and wedged the head of my dick just inside her anal ring. I popped it in and out a couple of times as Anna almost cried in frustration. "Do it properly, Rob, please. Ram it home. Make me scream. You'll love it. My ass is tight and hot and just waiting for you to make it yours. Please bugger me."

I lent forward and thrust as hard as I could. Her ass was so tight that the sensation around my spit covered dick was close to pain, but after a couple more hard shoves my cock started to move more easily. The whole time Anna kept looking at me and begging for more as I ripped her ass open. "Aaarrgghhhh .. oh god .. so hard .. do it .. do it hard .. god it hurts .. aaarrrggghhh .. don't stop .. use my ass .. make your cock split me apart ... oh god .. it hurts so good .. fuck it harder ... make me an ass slut .."

Paul waited until I was into a good rhythm and then pulled Anna's head back to start getting her lubrication on his own cock. She was soon being impaled from both ends and once Paul was ready we pulled out, swiveled the stool and started fucking the new hole that was waiting to be ravaged. Anna didn't miss a beat. My shit and blood stained cock went straight down her throat and was soon cleaned by her lips and tongue. With changes every few minutes we kept up the double fucking for more than half an hour. Anna was completely breathless the whole time but even when she didn't have a cock down her throat for the few seconds it took to turn the stool , she still managed to beg for more, or to be fucked harder or longer or rougher.

All good things must end and eventually we came. Paul was first to spunk up her ass and the very next turn of the stool meant had my own cock also spurting into her already flooded ass. We rested as Anna tried to get up but it took a while for her cramped legs to unwind and allow her to walk. She looked like she had just got off a horse and the high heels didn't help her as she started to hobble to the bathroom.

"Where you going," asked Paul.

"I've got to clean up," she replied, "Your cum is dribbling from my ass down my legs."

"And fucking good it looks too," was Paul's response, "so leave it dribbling. If you must clean it up, do it here with your fingers and mouth."

She turned and bent at the waist so we could see how her once tight little anus now gaped wide. Sperm oozed from the ruined orifice in small globs and then slid down her thighs. She reached back and tried to collect it with her hand before turning her head to look at us and licking her fingers clean.

"OK," said Paul, when the steady oozing was reduced to a trickle, "break time's over. Get sucking."

She obediently bent to her task and soon had us both returning to semi-hardness.

For two days we put her through the mill. Everything we could think of. Two cocks in her cunt at the same time. Making her masturbate. Swallowing piss. Ass licking. Further deep throat training. Bondage workouts. What to do with a cucumber. The correct use of a double headed dildo. By the time Lucy and Judy returned we were cured. Anna was exhausted but happy, and immediately reverted to her puritan ways by refusing to discuss what had occurred, wearing her less attractive clothes and scolding Lucy for the way she constantly needed sex.

We decided it would be more fun not to take Anna out of school. Every day she set off wearing the clothes Lucy had bought for her. All of them sexy rather than blatant and Anna spent most of the day trying to pull the skirt down to cover at least some of her thighs; holding her books in front of her huge tits which were even more obvious in the blouse that was too small; trying not to walk in a sexy way when she was wearing four inch fuck-me heels.

The boys in her class soon worked out what to do. Being nice to her didn't work, but almost everything else did. Almost any comment on her clothes, body, sex in general, or how they wanted her resulted in Anna offering blowjobs to help them get through the day. Soon blowjobs weren't enough and her cunt was brought into play. Her ass wasn't part of the fun for nearly a month but then it too fell victim to her overriding need to perform her duty to mankind.

Her grades started to fall until the male teachers got in on the act. Anna hardly had any education for the next two years but her report card said she was near the top of the class. The girls in her year got pissed off until the boys expanded their enjoyment by persuading Anna that watching lesbian sex really helped them to control their urges. Anna was now being used by the three dykes in her year and was persuaded to entice innocent girls into her arms for the enjoyment of her classmates.

The circle of boys and men who fucked her kept expanding. Kids from neighbouring schools, friends of the teachers, the neighbourhood cops, workers on building sites she passed on the way to school, the local group of bikers, if they were male and bold enough to ask for sex or even just shout out that she had a great pair of tits, Anna would soon be fucking them up against the nearest wall.

It was so fucking funny watching her when she finally got home every day from school. As she came through the door she would try to mop up the cum streaming from her well used cunt and ass before Lucy grabbed her to lick it out of her holes. She would try to push her sister away until Paul or I told her how exciting it was for us and to let Lucy have her fill. It seemed that there was always something different to disgust her and her complaints about why the other girls weren't pulling their weight in helping the poor boys to control themselves were hilarious. After she was gang banged by the rival team at a football match she was more pissed off at the opposition cheerleaders than with the boys on the team. She couldn't understand why none of the other girls had helped out.

One day we had gone to the park to catch some rays and check out the local talent. We sat on the grass some distance from most of the other people because Lucy was being particularly randy and kept reaching for our cocks to suck. We had sent Anna for some more beers but she had been gone for over an hour. Paul had spotted her after 15 minutes with our drinks but she was with two older men and was heading into the public toilets. Since then, nearly all the men who went in seemed to be taking about 15 minutes just to have a piss and there were several angry women hanging around outside wondering why their husbands were taking so long.

We had been lying back while Lucy sucked us off but when she had finished we told her that she would have to play with herself if she wanted anymore sex. Paul sat up, and looked at a family walking a little distance away. The wife was tiny, pretty and blonde but what had really caught his attention were the two daughters messing about behind her. They were twins, about 12 years old, and were laughing and playing with a small dog. The husband was carrying a third girl, about 8 years old, on his shoulders. We watched as they went past.

"I've been thinking," said Paul. "It might be time to bring some new blood into our little circle. I like to have a project on the go and I was wondering if some new faces would be good for our films."

"Why not," I replied. "I assume you're talking about those kids with the dog."

"Yeah, it could be fun. With Lucy to help it should be much easier than last time. I'm toying with the idea of getting the husband to become gay and take massive pricks up his ass. But it might be better to see if we could work on both of the parents so that they offer the kids to us. It'll be difficult to work out which twin to fuck first, but my life is full of tough problems. What do you think?"

I laughed. "Fucking hell, Paul, you're such a bastard. But we might as well go for it. It could be fun. As for which of the poor cunts gets corrupted first I don't really mind, although I always prefer them as young as possible.

"It's a deal then. Lets go and recruit some fresh new pussy."

"OK Paul," I replied. "Whatever you want."

The End

Title: Whatever You Want • Author: wontworry ( • Published by 2000-2004