Part 1

The five policewomen stood on the stage waiting for the curtain to open. Each one in full uniform, helmets, jackets, blouses, skirts, black stockings, and flat black shoes. Each one stood blank faced waiting for the music. Each one under the hypnotic powers of Dr Mason.

Each policewoman knew exactly what was happening but they were unable to control their bodies or their voices.

Behind the curtain the club was full. The word had gone around that the Soho nightclub was doing a uniform special that night. The underground network of gossip also stated that the WPC's performing were real policewomen in real uniforms not the usual mock crap at most strip shows.

In the crowd was a stage party for Dave who was only two days away from marrying his own policewoman Emma who he'd met over a year ago. He was a uniform fan but still hadn't persuaded Emma to bring home her uniform.

The lads had already been to a local pub where they brought on a WPC Stripagram, which didn't do much for Dave, as the uniform was fake. His best man told him about the Soho club and he brightened up. What Dave didn't know was that his wife to be Emma now stood on stage waiting to strip for him and over eight hundred hungry men.

Emma could move her eyes to take in the scene. She was in the middle. On her left were two WPC's she knew from her station, Carol and Louise. Two her right Rachel and her sergeant Jill.

Emma looked at the curtain, she knew that when it opened and the music played she had to rip open her police jacket, the rest was a blur.

Dr Mason sat by the side of the stage keeping control of the WPC's. Five video cameras were set up around the club all aiming at the stage to capture this act. WPC Rachel was the youngest, a tall girl with short red hair and the body of a supermodel. WPC Emma had short brown hair under her police helmet. WPC Carol was the second oldest with short full brown hair with highlights and tits bigger than the other two WPC's. WPC Louise had long light brown hair that hung down on her shoulders. WPC Jill the oldest had short blonde hair and breasts that rivalled Carols.

Each of the WPC's helmets were fixed on with their chinstraps. Their hands moved up to their jackets taking hold of the buttons just underneath their chequered cravats.

The curtain slowly opened as Mark Morrison's Return of The Mack started playing through the clubs sound system.

There was a cheer as the lights flooded the stage revealing the five sexy amazons like WPC's, all straight faced, tough, their hands gripped their jacket buttons. They walked forward and in unison ripped open their jackets showing their white blouses.

They began gyrating on the stage. Each WPC grabbing her crutch as the moved to the music, one hand on top of their police helmets the other pressing fingers into their crotches.

Dave saw Emma he couldn't believe it. Even in his drunken state his cock came to life pressing hard against his trousers.

The five WPC's took hold of their skirts and ripped them from their bodies as the club erupted with applause. Every WPC threw their skirt into the audience black stockings, blacks panties and suspender belts revealed to the crowd.

WPC Rachel and WPC Louise dropped on to the stage and began doing provocative press ups, rubbing their bodies on the floor then pushing up again. They did this with both hands then with one hand in the air and the other held up.

While this went on WPC Jill and WPC Carol fell to their knees, put their hands down their knickers and leant back while they frigged themselves.

At the centre of this WPC Emma grabbed her own breasts and pushed them together through her uniform, trying to lick her own boobs.

Still doing one hand press ups WPC Rachel looked into the audience focusing of a man old enough to be her father and she mouthed the words "fuck me" as she slammed her crutch hard on the floor as if she was fucking the stage.

WPC Louise did the same; the two policewomen started getting faster.

On the stage there were five old fashioned truncheons in front of each of the women.

While the two young policewomen fucked the stage, WPC Jill and Carol crawled across the stage to the truncheons, they made the sticks sit up straight and as the crowd went while they started sucking the black weapons as if they were cocks.

WPC Emma started spanking her own pussy in time with the music as WPC Jill managed to deep throat her truncheon, pushing the black stick down until she started gagging, but she couldn't stop.

By this time the two young policewoman, still doing one handed press ups, moved their free hands so that as they fucked the stage they ripped their knickers off and staged shoving their fingers into their own pussies. As they did this they stopped the press-ups and rolled on to their backs. They moved so that their pussies faced the audience, they put themselves into a crab position arching their backs and exposing there wet cunts to the cheering club crowd.

WPC Carol opened her blouse and pulled her pink tits out of her white bra. She then began to move the truncheon between her breasts, wrapping her tit flesh around the black stick, fucking it between her tits and pushing the head of the truncheon into her oval shaped mouth.

The video camera zoomed in as WPC Jill started fucking the truncheon with her mouth, holding it on the stage and bobbing her head up and down like a mad woman.

WPC Emma picked up her truncheon and walked in front of the other performing officers.

By this time the men watching were mesmerised. WPC Emma pulled her knickers down and kicked them off her feet into the crowd. She held up the truncheon and then put it to her mouth spitting on the head. Dave knew what was going to happen next, he'd dreamt of it, now his wife to be was doing it in front of 800 strangers. The policewoman began pushing the truncheon up into her own pussy, her face grimacing, her eyes closed tightly. She kept on shoving it in until at least four inches were inside her tight, dripping hole. She then crouched down until the handle of the truncheon was touching the floor and as the crowd roared she whacked the black weapon into her pussy, pushing it hard into her vagina. She stood up and pulled the weapon out without a care and threw it into the crowd.

The young WPC's now probed their pussies with their truncheons, still aiming their cunts at the men.

The music stopped, WPC Emma tore open the front of her blouse showing her white patterned bra. WPC Carol stopped tit fucking the black truncheon and stood up letting it sit between her big police tits. WPC Jill stood up, the truncheon lodge in her throat, holding her head up, showing the swell in her throat. The young WPC's inserted the truncheons and stood up.

The crowd went wild with applause.

"Can we please have a volunteer up on the stage," a voice boomed over the sound system.

Men charged forward, but Dave's best man had already spoken to the management and in a second Dave stood on the stage with the five half-naked policewomen.

WPC Jill pulled out the truncheon with a wet plopping sound. WPC Carol opened her breast and her black weapon fell to the floor.

Emma went off stage and came back with a chair, which she placed in the centre of the stage. She also had a microphone in her hand, "Please sit down lover." She said in a strained voice, which Dave later found out was controlled. At that moment he thought it was something Emma and his best man had thought up.

Dave sat down his whole doing shivering with anticipation, his cock harder than it had ever been in his life. Once seated WPC Rachel stood in front of him. Her face bright red. Her lips pouting. A black truncheon poking out of her red haired pussy.

"Sir," she said in a husky voice, "can you pull it out please."

"Sure," Dave's voice croaked.

He carefully took hold of the truncheon; it was wet with her juices, which ran down from her stretched pussy. When he had hold of it, she pushed down, making the weapon slip in a little further. Her hands came up one grabbing the top of her police helmet, she sucked at the fingers on her other hand as she slowly started fucking the truncheon while Dave held on to it. She was soon slamming up and down as hard as she could, the black stick disappeared inside, and her pussy touched the top of his hands. He could feel her red hairs and he groaned as his cock pressed hard against his trousers.

"Fuck," she grunted as she bounced on and off the truncheon.

Suddenly she stopped, the weapon half in her red pussy, the stick coated in her sticky vaginal juices.

"I was bad," she cooed sucking two of her fingers noisily, "I've been a bad policewoman and now I have to be punished."

Dave went to let go of the truncheon but Emma's hand stopped him.

WPC Rachel started unbuttoning her blouse, "Spank me," she moaned, "spank me so hard sir. Spank my bottom till it's bright red. Will you spank me?"

"Y..." Dave could hardly speak.

"Spank WPC 678's naughty naughty bottom," Rachel continued, grinding herself on the truncheon, "spank my bad bad botty."

There was a strange silence over the club as men watched. Two video cameras were now on stage filming the event.

"SPANK ME!" she screamed.

"Okay," Dave pushed the truncheon deep into her and using the weapon pulled her towards him, "get over my knee then you dirty little cop!"

WPC Rachel now straddled Dave, her breasts pressing against his face, her hands on his shoulders. He jerked the truncheon making her bite her bottom lip. He slapped the left cheek of her bum, hard. Then the right buttock even harder.

She repositioned herself so she was over his lap, her long black stockinged legs out straight, her hands on the floor.

"Spank me!" she screamed.

Dave began spanking the young red headed policewoman. He slapped at her arse cheeks, left, right, then in the middle. The truncheon inside her red pussy jerked as he smacked her.

"Harder!" she yelled, wincing at the blows.

Dave put as much force as he could into the spanks, his cock was rock hard pressing into her belly as he whacked away at her bottom his palm stinging as her perfect buttocks turned from red to crimson.

Tears were rolling down WPC Rachel's face. She gritted her teeth as he spanked but she still managed to yell at him, "I can't feel it! Harder!"

Watching as if transfixed the other policewomen started smacking their own backsides. WPC Emma standing spanking her own pussy very lightly groaning as she ground her palm into her sex.

"Where...." Smack! "" smack! Smack! "" smack! Smack, "fucking Disneyland?" WPC Rachel sobbed as she tried to talk; her arse was burning under blows.

Dave stopped, his hand smarting, "That's enough," he breathed.

WPC Rachel crawled off of his lap, she knelt in front of him, her face bright red, her eyes puffy from tears that covered her face, "Thank you," she said slowly and rubbed her pretty face on to his hard on that pressed against his trousers.

She rubbed her cheeks over his erect cock and kissed it through the cloth.

WPC Jill grabbed WPC Rachel's head, pulling her back as WPC Carol knelt between Dave's legs.

Jill began spanking Rachel as Carol rubbed her breasts on Dave's hard on.

"Titty fuck," WPC Carol whispered, "let me titty fuck you. "

Dave looked around for Emma. She was busy spanking WPC Louise.

WPC Carol started undoing his trousers, "Tit fuck! " she suddenly yelled pulling out his thick erect cock which felt ready to burst. The police officer placed her large soft boobs around his cock, smothering them. She then started rubbing them up and down, wanking him off between her gorgeous hot tits. As she pumped away his cockhead kept on popping out from between the warm tit valley. WPC Carol looked into Dave's eyes, "You like?" she cooed, "what if I licked it when it comes out? Shall I suck you?"

Her head moved down, mouth open and as his cock appeared she sucked the sensitive head, she then licked it as it disappeared into her pink cleavage.

WPC Carol did this for a little while, and then she made her mouth into an O so that his cock popped into her mouth as it was wanked by her tits.

"You," suck! , "Ready, "suck! "To," suck! "Cum?"

She began sucking him harder, her cheeks hollowing. She held it in her mouth; he could feel the inside of her cheeks and tongue rubbing on his prick as she continued wanking the shaft with tits.

"I'm going to cum!" Dave screamed, "do it faster!"

WPC Carol suddenly stopped leaving the man's cock between his tits. She licked her lips, tasting his precum.

WPC Rachel's head appeared her mouth open. She took the cockhead in her mouth and WPC Carol started the tit fuck again, harder, faster!

"Tell me!" Carol screamed, fucking as hard and as fast as she could with her tits as if they were another cunt.

Dave watched his cock being sucked by Rachel and tit fucked by Carol. WPC Jill held the top of Rachel's police helmet.

"Tell us!" Jill said.

Dave shivered, he was going to cum, and he could feel it.

"Now!" he yelled.

Suddenly WPC Carol pulled away and WPC Jill shoved WPC Rachel's head down on to Dave's cock so that his nine-inch prick slid over her tongue and rammed into her throat as he came. Her throat went into spasms around his prick he spunked into the young policewoman's throat.

"Swallow!" Jill commanded, "swallow it!"

WPC Rachel had no choice but to gulp down Dave's cum.

When she were sure the officer had swallowed Dave's cum she pulled her head off. Dave felt his cock unplug from her throat.

His cum stained prick slipped out of the red heads mouth and WPC Carol began licking it clean.

The music started up again.

WPC Louise and Emma took the centre stage and started dancing together, rubbing their bodies up and down each other, every so often Louise would slam her palm hard into Emma's crutch and Emma would follow suit as the beat got stronger.

WPC Carol dragged Rachel by her helmet to her feet and ripped open the front of her blouse.

WPC Jill knelt in front of Dave holding his limp cock in her gloved hands. She kissed his cockhead, then sucked on it in time with the music.

WPC Carol began slapping WPC Rachel's breasts also in time with the music until they became red and sore. WPC Emma and Louise were now on the floor doing a sixty nine, their uniformed heads pounding into their crutches.

WPC Jill now started deep throating Dave's cock in time with the music as WPC Carol put the young redhead policewoman in an arm lock and walked her to the front of the stage. Someone handed Carol the microphone and she said, "Who wants to fuck a ginger twat?"

WPC Rachel used the free hand to open up her pussy lips to the cheering crowd. The older policewoman pulled her arm up further and put the mircophone against the WPC's cunt lips.

It was a sight. Two policewomen violently biting and sucking at eachothers pussies, while their sergeants head bobbed up and down in the crutch of the young man swallowing his cock with each gagging stroke. At the front of the stage another older WPC held a ginger haird cop in an arm lock shoved a microphone in the red heads cunt, the mircophone picking up the sound of the hard metal object sliding into the policewoman's soaking wet vagina.

WPC Carol left the microphone in Rachel's pussy and let her arm go. Both hands now grabbed the girl's boobs and squeezed them as hard as she could.

WPC Emma and Louise now found a truncheon, one end was inside Emma's pussy the other inside Louise's. The two police officers buffeted against each other.

The sergeant was now trying to suck in Dave's balls with his cock, her tongue lapping against his hairy sack.

To Be Continued

Title: WPC Monty • Author: Wallace Mason ( • Published by 2000-2004