Part 1

Budd had worked at the college for just under a month. He found most of the students pleasant enough, they let him get on with his job and he was happy to clean up after them, wash the toilets down, clear the garbage, fix the lights, check the boiler and all those things a janitor was supposed to do. He only had one problem group. The cheerleaders. They thought they were above everyone, even fellow students, so they weren’t going to even look at some “upitty nigger” who was only good for cleaning up their mess.

Budd was forty single, black and over six foot tall. He was a hulk of a man with a baldhead, huge hands but with most people he was a gentle giant.

After school he was surprised to find the girls locker room still occupied. He opened the door ready to do his usual chores when he notices the cheerleaders in there. He made an apology and went to leave but the chief cheerleader a blonde called Reese said, “No janitor. We want you to come in here.”

“Okay,” he said nervously, “shall I clean around you ladies?”

“No,” Reese pouted her lips and fluttered her eye lashes, she was gorgeous, blonde, blue eyes, perfect pink skin, lovely red lips, “come over here janitor.”

Budd reluctantly walked into the room. There were eight cheerleaders in the room all in their bright red uniforms, small skirts, crop tops, all showing their flawless pink middles some with navel rings. They wore the red sleeves, which left their shoulders bare, and most of them wore the cowboy hats with the school embalm. He walked into a sea of blondes, two brunettes and one short cut red head. He also noticed one of the brunettes playing about with a small digital camera.

Reese took Budd by the hand leading him over to the lockers, “Don’t be shy janitor. Look, I can’t go on calling you janitor, what’s your name.”

“Budd,” stammered the hulking black man.

“Budd,” Reese giggled and smiled, “I’m Reese and I’m head cheerleader because well, I sucked off the coach and he thinks I give good head.”

The other cheerleaders laughed, Reese noticed Budd blush his chocolate cheeks go a slight crimson.

“It’s okay Budd,” she still held his hands, “I’m over sixteen so if I want to wrap my mouth around a big juicy cock and suck it and put it in the back of my throat until it cums in my mouth I can do that.”

Budd swallowed, he could feel his cock pressed against his tight pants.

“Don’t embarrass Budd,” another blonde joined them, she smiled looking up and down the black man, and “I’m Melissa I stand in for Reese when she’s busy. Which doesn’t mean I deep throat the coach or suck his balls, we leave that to Reese. She loves a big cock ramming in and out of her lips. I prefer to grip a cock and wank it as hard as I can until it explodes.”

“On the other hand,” the red head piped up tipping her cowboy hand, “I’m Alyson by the way. Another good way to make a man cum is to let him tit fuck you.”

“You’ve gotta have tits for that,” the brunette who wasn’t paying with the camera spoke, “Like these.” She held her very large boobs up with both hands, “I’m Jennifer and what I like to do is wrap my pink pillows around a cock and let the guy fuck my titties until he comes right in my face.”

“I gotta go,” Budd tried to walk away but managed to walk into a very attractive and well-endowed blonde.

“Hi I’m Britney,” she chirped, “a cock down my throat is fun and a boy whacking off in my tits can he a certain appeal but a nice wet tight pink pussy is the best way to bring a prick to boil.”

Budd wasn’t stupid he knew something was very wrong. Maybe the girls were drunk.

“I gotta go!”

“No,” Reese put her arms around his huge waist, “we want to play.”

Melissa placed her hand on his crutch, “We want to play hard mister Budd.”

The other two blondes walked forward. The tallest licked her lips, “I’m Alicia. I love to suck men’s balls. I put them in my mouth and roll them around with my tongue.”

The final blonde rubbed her breasts against Budd's belly, it was a high as she could get, “Larisa is my name and I’m just a silly little daddies girl who wants to play with Budd.”

Before he knew what was happening the girls positioned him in front of the camera. The brunette looked in the viewfinder and adjusted where he had to stand.

“I’m Sarah,” she said smiling, “I like to have a cock rammed up my arse as hard as possible.” She said in a mocking matter of fact voice.

Next thing he knew was someone was undoing his overalls. He didn’t know who, he just saw a sea of cheerleaders, their hands pulling his trousers down.

“We have wood!” Alyson grinned staring at the bulge in Budd’s pants.

Reese looked at Budd’s cock then at Budd, “Mouth watering.”

Jesus, Budd thought, this can’t be happening. He was going to get fucked and sucked by eight stuck up white bitches probably with a black guy fetish. He didn’t know how wrong he was.

Larisa and Alicia were rubbing themselves against him.

“Can I suck you’re ass Mister Budd,” Reese giggled as she spoke, “would you like me to stick my tiny pink tongue up you big black butt?”

“Yes,” he croaked.

Britney and Melissa stood each side of him with Reese knelt in front of the huge black janitor. The blondes pulled his pants down so his huge cock sprang out for all of them to see. It was big. Most of the girls had seen a cock but this one blew the others off the map. It was a thick black pipe of muscle with a large bulbous head. Reese stuck her tongue out pretending to lick it.

Budd released both his hands were behind his back and tied. Alyson had used a tie wrap on them while the girls pulled his pants down.

“You’re a big black bastard aren’t you!”? Reese was getting some strange pleasure out of pretend to suck and gobble the cock which jumped and shivered as he felt her breath on it, “I bet you want to ram it right down my tight pink throat don’t you?”

Melissa was the first to grab it. Hold the pulsating black tube. She started wanking him off as Britney took hold of the long thick prick both hands.

“Come on baby,” Melissa laughed, “show us what a black mans cum looks like.”

“Is it chocolate?” Britney wanked harder.

“I love chocolate,” Reese opened her mouth aiming it at the black prick head but never going near it, “Let’s see some nigger spunk!”

Melissa rubbed her hands up and down the thick ever-growing shaft, “Yeah let’s see some corn breed water melon spunk!”

Britney’s arms jerked back and forth two sets of hands wrapped around the huge shaft as they wanked in unison, “Let’s see some of that black power!”

“Coon cum!” Reese laughed at her own joke, “Budd show me some coon cum!”

Budd heard the racist comments but was caught in the moment. Two blonde cheerleaders tossing his twelve-inch prick off towards the face of the head cheerleader.

“C’mon boy!” Alyson slapped his buttocks, “show the girls what they want!”

“Yeah,” Sarah looked up from the video, “we’ve got a hundred bucks riding on this so do what the white ladies say boy!”

Jennifer joined in massaging his balls. A chant of “coon cum” started up. Larisa’s slapped Budd’s arse along with Alyson. Britney and Melissa wanking him off, Jennifer playing with his huge balls.

“Bet these are full of spunk,” she said to no one in particular.

“Ugggh!” was all Budd could say as Alicia joined in the wank. Three sets of cheerleaders hands jerking, pulling , stroking, wanking, until…..

Reese didn’t expect it.

Budd let out as cry and his prick exploded. Reese got a face full of spunk, her mouth was open at the time mocking him and some went in. She gagged, pulling back and spitting.

“Fucking nigger!” she screamed.

The other laughed.

“Fuck you!” she screamed at them her beautiful face matted in Budd’s spunk. Some was in her hair, she almost freaked out.

Britney and Melissa both had some on their wrists. They wiped it on the janitor’s overalls.

“Now boy,” Reese said using some toilet paper on her face, “say anything to anyone about this and we’ll only say you raped us.”

Budd just stared at her.

“Don’t even think of doing anything boy,” Reese threw the spunk covered paper at him, “we own this school. We are the cheerleader squad. Everyone loves us. And what are you?”

Britney smiled, “Just the janitor.”

Melissa grinned, “An uppity nigger.”

Alyson walked past him, “Look on it as a fantasy that didn’t go all the way.”

Sarah packed the camera, “Got it all.”

They all laughed and left.

Budd stood there for a while. He swallowed and thought what each one of them had said.

Didn’t go all the way, he thought, by the end of the month Reese will be sucking my arse while Britney takes my cock down the throat.

He struggled in his bonds and thought of the month to come.

Part 2

Reese sat on the side on her bed looking over at her boyfriend. He was laying on his back naked with his prick sticking out in the air.

“Don’t hold my head,” she said firmly as she crawled over to the erect cock, “and no pushing my head down. You know I don’t like that Jimmy. I’ll suck you but I’m not doing that deep throat thing, you got that?”

“Got it,” Jimmy ached for her lips around his cock. He’d dated the head cheerleader for over two months and he still hadn’t got any head.

He’d asked her to wear her cheerleader uniform with the cowboy hat so he could watch the hat bob up and down on his young hard cock.

“Okay,” Reese took hold of his prick by the root, “here we go.”

She opened her mouth just as her father slammed his fist on her bedroom door.

“Reese honey!” he called, “it’s Sarah on the phone for you.”

The blonde kept her mouth over Jimmy’s twitching mushroom head as she called out, “Daddy can you get her to call my mobile!”

“Honey just come and answer the phone!”

“Daddy,” she licked the piss slit of her quarterbacks cock, “please! I’m busy!”

“Okay honey.”

Reese let her tongue lick the erect shaft before she said, “Thank you daddy.” And her mouth took the sponge cock head between her red lips sucking on it as if she was trying to get a thick milk shake through a straw.

After about of minute of sucking the tune from Dallas rang out. Jimmy cursed as Reese let her mouth pop off his cock as she reached her bedside table for the mobile.

“Hi,” she chirped, “yeah? When? Cool! I’ll take a look.”

She pressed the off button and looked at Jimmy’s cock, her lipstick was visible around the red wet knob.

“Jimmy,” she smiled a smile he knew too well, “I’ve got some serious cheerleader work to do.”

“Christ Reese!” Jimmy sat up running his hand through his immaculate blonde hair.

“Go and pull yourself off in the shower. Be a darling.”

Jimmy pulled his pants on, “I’ll do better than that, I’ll go.”

“Okay,” she smiled, “I do want you to be the first you do know that don’t you.” Her eyes looked up at him like a hurt puppy dog. He went weak at the knees and was unable to resist her.

When Jimmy was heading home with an aching hard on Reese went to her lap top remember her conversation with Sarah.


“Hi, you still got access?”


“I’ve put an avi of the whole thing on the sister site.”


“It’s there now. Go into the private room and the whole spunk festival is there.”

“I’ll take a look!”

The Cheerleader site came up. A picture of Reese and the girls came up. Downloaded buy many a high school boy, she thought, many a boy hand wanked over the image of the girls. She clicked on private room. Keyed in her user name and password and entered the private world of the cheerleaders.

They had several films. The one where they wanked off the teacher, the one where they wanked off the geek from computer class and now the one where they wanked on the black janitor. For fun she watched the teacher again, her and Sarah tossing the man in his fifties off while Melissa (his favourite student and dream babe) pretending to suck him off in front. The blast of cum only caught Melissa’s cheerleader outfit. She didn’t get in full in the face. The geek was fun as well, this time both Larisa and Alicia took the honours of the hand job while Alyson (the girl he dreamed off) knelt in front licking her lips and asking him to show her “some geek juice!” This boy came in full force catching Alyson in her open mouth. He pissed her off so much the avi ended with her punching the poor lad in the balls for messing up her taste buds.

Reese watched the janitor being dealt with hardly noticing she was frigging herself, her fingers parting her pussy lips and searching for the nub of flesh that gave her so much pleasure.

Across the town Sarah answered the door expecting it to be the pizza boy but came face to chest with Budd.

“Oh shit,” she blurted out just as a huge hand covered her mouth and pushed her into her flat.

“We need to talk,” he said slamming the door.

Across the small room he saw a computer and an image of himself being wanked off on the screen.

His hand held the top of her head leading her by her soft brown hair to the computer.

“I knew there’d been more than just me but I didn’t realise you put it on the fucking Internet!”

“It’s a joke,” she squealed.

“A joke?”

He spun the girl around his hand gripping the back of her head and making her look at his prick, which was already out of his pants.

“How’s this for a joke?”

Sarah changed into her cheerleader outfit as quickly as she could. She now stood in front of the black man as she put the cowboy hat on. Her nerves were all over the place, she was half excited, half scared to death. She didn’t know whether to scream, run, cry or laugh. Budd was now naked and had finished watching all the private videos of the girls. He also looked at their digital photo collection of various men on campus naked.

Budd turned to the trembling girl prick in hand and said, “So you like to have a cock rammed up your arse as hard as possible?”

“Erm….no…” she said weakly but he didn’t hear her.

Part 3

Lying on her bed she couldn’t see what he was doing. He’d used a tie wrap to bind her wrists together and then he lay her face down on the bed making her prop her well rounded bottom in the air. She was uncomfortable and tried to move but a hard slap on the left cheek from what she assumed was a hand made her stop.

Budd got on the bed kneeling behind Sarah. The brunette shifted so he slapped her thigh leaving a handprint on her soft pink skin. He huge black fingers lifted her skirt and he took hold of the waistband of her cheerleader issue red panties.

“No,” she whimpered only to have to hard spanks on her upturned buttocks.

He pulled the knickers down till they we around her knees. Her arse was in the air with her kneel but her face and chest on the bed. Budd admired the cheerleader’s bottom, the cheeks already red from the few hard spanks he’d given her. Two crimson globes with a goal between them. He slowly prised her buttocks apart and looked at her little starfish.

Budd had planned this well. He lifted the small plastic tube and pressed it against Sarah’s virgin arsehole. He’d give her an enema first, that would make the butt fuck cleaner.

She gasped as he shoved the tube in.

Ted Wilson’s birthday was as it had always been for the last twenty years. He sat alone in a bar, drunk a little, had a meal and wished he had someone to share it with. He knew he wasn’t appealing, he was over weight, no let’s get real – he was fat. Balding slighting with seven-day-old stubble on his face. He really wanted a fuck but was making do with tossing himself off in the middle of the lonely nights. He was still getting over the cheerleader experience he’d had four months ago. Melissa had seemed so genuine when she got him to strip in the locker room, then the other girls arrived including that stuck up cunt Reese. He couldn’t touch them; they had him by the balls.

Before he left the bar he received a text message asking him to return to his study at the college. He didn’t think much of it, the college secretary thought she owned the teachers lives so he headed back to the campus.

It was gone eleven when he went to unlock his door and noticed it was already open. He cautiously pushed it and switched on the light. The sight that greeted him made him both excited and warily.

On his desk sat Melissa the blonde tease in her cheerleader uniform only the top was cut open and her lovely well rounded breasts were tied in some elaborate breast bondage making them protrude bright red, the nipples hard as a rock. A ball gag was in her mouth and her hands and legs were tied. Her legs spread-eagled one foot tied to a leg of the desk, the other tied to another. Her red skirt was pulled up and her red knickers were ripped on the floor. He noticed a couple of his pencils sticking out of the lips of her blonde cunt. Her eyes were wild and frightened. She tried to speak but couldn’t saliva dribbled out of the corners of her over stretched mouth.

Ted took in the scene and looked at the sign hanging above her.

“Happy birthday Mr Wilson!”

His first thought was to fuck her there and then, but then he looked around half expecting Reese and the other cuntleaders to be lurking in the shadows.

He walked up to her.

“Hello Melissa,” he said taking hold of her distended nipples and pulling on them.

Melissa winced in pain, tears trailing her mascara down her cheeks. Ted took hold of one of the bright red tits, he scratched it, the trapped boob was rock hard. He flicked the nipples with his fingers and then opened his mouth and to Melissa’s horror he sucked each nipple in turn. After this he wrapped his mouth around her left nipple and let his teeth connect with the over sensitive flesh.

Melissa moaned under the ball gag and tried to move.

“These puppies need some attention,” Ted started undressing making Melissa twist and turn trying to get out of her bonds, “keep still Melissa. Or….”

He lifted a staple gun.

“I’ll decorate those hard tits with this!”

Melissa’s eyes widened and she kept still. Ted finished undressing and looked at the bound cheerleader. She was just staring at his ugly body is disbelief. She’d remembered he had a big cock but she didn’t remember it being so long. Under his fat hairy belly it hung semi erect looking at her. He stood with his hands on his hips staring at her bound breasts and abused pussy.

“Let’s get rid of these shall we,” he knelt down took hold of the pencils lodged between Melissa’s cuntlips. He jerked them making her jolt and try to pull away. Mr Wilson looked up at her bugling eyes as he slowly pulled them out.

“You must have really pissed someone off,” he smiled licking her pussy juice from the pencils, “this tastes nice Melissa. I’ve always wanted to taste your pussy. I wanted it to be nice between us. Maybe nothing but a friendship, but you fucked all that up didn’t you?” He jabbed the pencils against her tightly bound tits sending a vicious wave of pain through the blonde teenagers body.

“Yep,” he put the pencils on the desk, “you must have really picked the wrong person to fuck with.”

He knelt down again and examined her cunt. His fingers came up and touched the delicate lips, she shivered at his touch, he took hold of the lips and pulled them open so he could look right up into Melissa’s cunt hole. She was bright red with fear and humiliation snot ran down her nose as she sobbed through the gag.

“Oh baby,” Mr Wilson let go and stood up putting his arm around her, “don’t cry. Or I’ll have to give you something to cry about.”

With a quick jerk of his hand he slapped her rock hard tits. His palm skimming over them but catching the extended nipple. He spanked one of her boobs again, harder making it flatten slightly then he whacked the other as hard as he could. Melissa screamed through the ball gag and Mr Wilson spanked her already aching and oversensitive tits. He held her so we could pull back and smacked his palm across her boobs, under her boobs jerking them up, down onto her boobs making them jerk down and he even smacked them side ways sending them splatting into each other. He trapped tits slapped and smacked making the loveliest noise he had ever heard as Melissa sobbed, cried and squealed during the spanking.

Maybe, he thought, this year wasn’t going to be such a bad birthday after all.

Sarah’s face was bright red when she finished on the toilet. She was crying as Budd pulled her up by her hair and roughly wiped her bottom for her. Snivelling she was dragged by her hair to the bed. He sat first and sat her next to him.

“I’m sorry,” she kept mumbling, “it was a joke.”

“We’ve gotta get this,” he made her look at the black rock hard cock between his legs, “up your arse tonight Sarah. So I think first thing we need is a little lubrication or it will hurt I promise you.”

Sarah looked at him her eyes puffy with tears, her nose running, “What?””

“Spit on my cock or suck it, your choice.”

Sarah tried her best to form some saliva in her dry mouth. She weakly spat on the cock head. He was still holding her shoulder length brown hair when he pulled her up to face him.

“Let me help you?”

“What?” she said dumbly.

“Open wide.”

Sarah’s red lips parted opening her mouth.

Without warning the black janitor spat right in the brunette cheerleaders mouth. She gagged squinting and tried to get away.

“Spit it out on my cock….shit….you haven’t swallowed it have you?”

Sarah nodded reluctantly.

“Well. Can’t have this prom queen swallowing the janitor, the nigger janitor’s spit can we? We’ll put it in your yearbook shall we? Sarah most likely to swallow spit.”

“Please don’t…” she said for a moment thinking he was going to publish it in the yearbook.

“Lubricate the way cheerleaders should,” he took hold of her head with both hands, “open wide! Wider!”

Sarah dumbly from shock opened her mouth as wide as she could and Budd slammed her mouth on to his cock with such force most of it was on it’s way down the cheerleaders throat before she knew what was happening.

Roughly he fucked her head on and off his cock letting her mouth produce enough spit as it tried to digest the black meat invading her face. He heard her gag and gargle but laughed fucking her skull as hard as he could jerking her on and off his prick by both his huge hands using her hair.

“That should be enough,” he pulled her off, spit and foam spewed from her red lips as she gasped for air.

Sarah was suddenly back on her stomach on the bed. Two pillows were put under her waist as the huge black janitor took up his position behind her gripping her pink bouncing buttocks and pulled them apart. The janitor aimed his ebony rock at the cheerleader’s puckered arsehole and pushed forward.

“Not there!” she squealed, “It won’t fit! It’s too big!”

Budd reached around with one hand covering her mouth tightly as he rammed forward with all his might. Sarah’s eyes bulged out as a couple of inches of black cock meat invaded her virgin butt hole. Budd kept shoving in ignoring the high-pitched protests behind his huge hand over her mouth. Tears began flowing down Sarah’s face on to his hand; she couldn’t believe what she was feeling. The janitor’s cock felt huge inside her as he fucked her tiny virgin arse.

The pillows added support as Budd fucked away at the cheerleaders arse. It was tight. Tighter than anything he’d fucked before including Sarah’s virgin throat. But the more he fucked the easier it became. He took his hand away from her mouth but before she could scream he grabbed the back of her head and shoved it into the bed. Her face pressed hard against the mattress as the big black man fucked the stuck up white cheerleader in the arse.

His black cock rammed in and out from her pink bouncing buttocks. He pulled her up by her hair and repositioned himself still with his cock in her arse so he sat on the bed and she sat in his lap.

“Now fuck it baby,” he grunted pulling her hips up and down making her fuck his cock.

Sarah was in a daze, a mixture of pain and pleasure shot through her body. She was riding his dick and something made her start of like it.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and spoke, “Fuck harder!”

She started to bounce up and down on his prick. Faster, harder. The cuntleader was getting off on it!

Budd reached around taking hold of her firm breasts as she started fucking his cock without her help. She was in frenzy, screaming and swearing while she rammed her arsehole up and down the shaft of his big black cock.

He came suddenly inside her. Pulling her all the way on to his shaft his prick pumping spunk into her. She squealed not in pain but in delight. He pulled her off his cock and pushed her on to the floor.

Sarah looked up at him, his cum dribbling out of her arse. He face flushed. Her brown pussy wet.

“You forced me,” she said in a strange way, “the raped me. You sodomized me.”

Budd grabbed her head pulling her to his spunk stained cock. He started wiping it around her face and in her hair.

“Can you rape my pussy now?” She said.

Oh shit, Budd thought, the first one I pick is a fucking masochist.

Ted Wilson pressed his cock against Melissa cunt lips. She was looking straight at him trying to plead with her eyes, saliva spilling from the corners of the ball gag in her mouth.

“I’ve waited a year to do this,” Ted said, “Ever since I saw you that first day in you jeans and t-shirt. You had an Alice band in your hair. I thought I’d like to fuck her.”

His mushroom head slowly prised her pussy lips open. He eased erect cock into her. Melissa was shaking her head.

“My mistake was I should have kept it in my head wasn’t it Melissa?” He looked at his prick the tip inside the blonde cheerleaders pouting lips, “but I told you how I felt and you decided to tell it to the clan and then you all humiliated me with you fucking wank game in the camera.”

He held the back of her head and made her look at his cock entering her cunt.

“Watch it,” he groaned pushing another few inches into the cheerleader, “watch your ugly teachers cock in you prime and proper cheerleader pussy.”

He made her watched as he fucked his prick in and out of her. She made little whimpering noises and snot and tears dripped on to the shaft as he fucked her.

To her surprise he removed the ball gag while he screwed her. She gasped for air and spoke in short bursts, “Sorry Mr Wilson. It was a joke. It was Reese’s idea. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll be good. I’ll fuck you. I’ll suck you. Please Mr Wilson.” She winced each time he rammed into her.

Wilson pulled her head forward and planted his lips on hers. His mouth opened, as did hers and his tongue moved in. Melissa had no choice but to join in. Her juices were starting to flow in her, but the pain in her breasts remained.

“Good girl,” Wilson mouth came free, “shove your hips forward as I fuck. Help me fuck you. You want me to fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes….” She gritted her teeth, “…Mr Wilson.

Anyone walking into the office would have seen a strange sight. A man in his fifties naked, a teenage girl with shoulder length blonde hair wearing part of a cheerleader uniform, a cowboy hat on the floor, her hands tied behind her back, her legs stretched open on the desk. They were fucking. It looked like she was party to it as he shoved into her she shoved against him. Her breasts were bright red – bound.

Ted Wilson pulled out Melissa suddenly. He didn’t want to cum inside her. He didn’t want to make her pregnant. He looked at how her legs were tied. Tie wraps. He got a pair of scissors and cut her legs free. He then lifted her off the desk and pushed her on to her knees.

“Time to suck,” he said taking hold of both sides of her lovely face and aiming his cock at her bright red lips.

Melissa looked up at him with her puffy eyes. Puppy dog eyes, he thought as he rubbed his prick over her wet crimson lips.

“Mr Wilson…” she started to say but he pushed his cock head into her mouth.

She held it between her lips for a moment, and then started to suck on the fleshy head. Wilson was a bit long than she remembered. Not that thick, but long. Her tongue licked the tip of his prick as her cheeks sucked in and out. If she made him come this would be over, she thought, and she’d sucked Gary off only a week ago so it shouldn’t be too bad. Suck the prick and wank him off. Then pull it out so he doesn’t cum in her mouth. But she couldn’t wank him her hands were still tied. She’d just suck as hard as she could.

“Good girl,” Wilson patted her head positioning her so her head was against the desk and took a firmer grip on the top of her head.

He started fucking her lips. Melissa didn’t expect this, she tried to pull away but her head hit the desk. She had nowhere to go.

He was pushing more cock in her mouth. Melissa tried to push it out with her tongue but that didn’t work. His grip on her head tightened as she felt the cock head fucking further into her mouth, towards her throat. Shit, he was going to make her deep throat.

Mr Wilson slammed his hip into Melissa’s face her head bouncing off the desk as he fucked her face harder than he’d fucked her cunt. Her eyes were tightly closed, saliva drooling from the corners of her stretched lips as the teacher started to skull fuck the cheerleader. Both hands now held her head as he rammed into her face. His belly slapping against her nose, his balls getting closer to her chin.

His cockhead popped into her throat and she started to gag. It pulled out again, then in this time staying longer. Wilson’s balls resting on Melissa’s chin. Her throat convulsed swallowing around the cock. Her juices tried to digest the meat filling her mouth and gullet. Then Wilson throat fucked Melissa the prim and proper cheerleader. The teasing bitch. He rammed her hard against the desk, getting turned on by the sound of her choking and gagging.

Mr Wilson was having a great birthday, throat fucking Melissa and now he was going to spunk all over her face. He went to pull out but the first wave shot right down the cheerleader’s throat, she gagged as he pulled out of her lips followed by a river of foam and spunk. The second wave caught her right in he face. White juice all over her nose, lips, pooled in her eyes and on her forehead. He slapped his cock around her face, whacking her cheeks and then pressing his piss slit against her nostrils so some cum spat up her nose.

Melissa tried to spit but she automatically swallowed Mr Wilson’s thick creamy spunk. She felt it wet all over her face as she looked up at him he slapped his cock in her eyes. Then he let his prick rest on the top of her head, whipping his cum in her hair.

“Right,” Wilson rubbed his wet cock over the top of her head making her blonde hair sticky, “let’s have a break then we’ll see about fucking those trapped titties of yours.”

Part 4

“So Coach Henderson,” Reese said looking into the bulky forty year old man’s eyes, his face was flushed and sweat dribbled down his forehead, “the budget for the new cheerleader outfits, how much it again?”

All during the conversation Reese kept her hand tightly wrapped around the man’s prick, pulling the foreskin back and forth. It was a monthly routine. Reese tossed Coach Henderson off and she got her way.

“I can’t move the funds,” he groaned awkwardly.

“Can’t you?” she didn’t letting up tossing him harder, “Shame because I was wondering…but no…”


“I was wondering…” she licked her lips, “if this time I let you squirt your coach juice in my face.”

“Mouth.” He said determined.

“How much do we get,” she was speeding up. Coach Henderson was so predictable. It always took her four minutes to wank him off, “better hurry.”

“Two grand I can…” he winced, “I can take it out of the training centre fund. Mouth right? You said mouth didn’t you?”

“Yes coach…”

“And call me daddy.”

That’s a new one on me, she thought.

“Okay Daddy,” Reese smiled cutely, “you can cum into my mouth but I’m not putting my mouth around it Daddy. You’ve got to shot it into my mouth Daddy. Right.”


“Come in my mouth Daddy!”

Reese put her head down, closing her eyes. Her open lips just over his cock. Henderson wanted so much to shove her head down and ram his prick into her throat, so far down he’s end up spunking out of her pussy. But he knew she’d cry rape and he was a teacher and he’d….


Reese forgot how good the coach was a firing his load. A thick load of hot coach cum spewed from his prick like a volcano and right into her open mouth. It hit the back of her throat making the blonde retch. She pulled her head away when he suddenly grabbed the back of her hair.

“Two grand if you swallow it.”

A string of cum trailed from her red bottom lip to the tip of his cock. Reese squinted and swallowed the coach’s load. She took out a pink hanky and wiped her lips.

“I’ll see you at the game…Daddy,” she said sternly getting up of the chair in his office and walking out into the changing rooms.

Coach Henderson made a note in his diary, “Reese swallowed cum.”

As she came out of the changing room she bumped into Sarah.

“Hi babe,” Reese smiled, “ you look tense? Wassup?”

“Nothing,” Sarah tried to walk more normal, the cock in her arse and pussy the night before was making her walk bow legged, “did you see the web?”

“Wasn’t it cool!” Reese giggled, “I just got our costume budget confirmed. Took some unexpected protein to do it but it’s ours.”

“You didn’t suck…”

“No!” Reese cut her off, “I’m not putting any sausage in my mouth except Jimmy’s. I did a little hand action and I had to drink the outcome.”

“Oh,” Sarah knew Budd didn’t want Reese first. She’d agreed to help him if he kept on servicing her. She didn’t realise how good it was to be fucked, “Is Britney in the gym again today?”

“Yeah, working on the moves for the next game.” Reese smiled, “wanna go and get a shake I need to get this taste out of my mouth.”

“Maybe later, I got class.”

“See yah!”

“See yah!”

Ted Wilson sat at his desk trying to read but not winning. He couldn’t get the thought of Melissa the night before out of his head. He had tit fucked her while her boobs were still bound. Pressing them hard against his cock his fucked them until he came in Melissa’s open mouth. Then he undid her bonds and let her get dressed and go. The rest of the night he waited for the police to arrive. Maybe they’d be at school. Maybe they’d wait till after class. Maybe….

Melissa walked in. He waited for the officers behind her, but none came. She was in her jeans and Kiss t-shirt. He knew underneath the shirt were too very sore, bruised boobs. In her hand she had a few bits of paper.

“Last weeks assignment,” she said cheerfully.

“It’s late,” Ted said surprising himself.

“Well,” she looked for the words, “I was busy last night.”

“Okay,” Wilson said quickly and she was gone.

Was that it? Was she treating it the same way he’d treated his abuse? Were they even?

Wilson tried to relax but he still couldn’t read.

As Melissa left the office she met with Budd. She looked at him coldly. He’d grabbed her that night. He’d bound her in Wilson’s office. He made her the teacher’s sex present.

“Hi Melissa,” Budd smiled, “did Mr Wilson treat you well?”

“Yes…” she said.

“Shame, I thought he’d beat you arse up and fuck you senseless. Anyway, you got a hall pass?”


“A hall pass bitch you know what they are don’t you?”

“I haven’t…”

“Well, you just better come with me then!”

Budd took her arm and led her towards the gym.

The gym was not part of the main buildings of the college it sat alone passed the swimming pool. That afternoon it was deserted as it always was on those days. Britney used the time to work out some cheerleading moves. She was in her uniform with cowboy hat and a baton when the doors burst open. Melissa was pushed in roughly dressed as Britney. Followed by a huge hulky black guy. The janitor.

Britney went to run but Budd was across the room and rugby tackling her. Melissa would have run if it wasn’t for the baton Budd had rammed up her pussy before they entered the gym.

Budd grappled with Britney. He let her get on top them whacked both fists into her huge tits. The girl screamed and fell off him. He leapt up standing over her and holding the baton in his hand.

“I know all about the website,” he snarled, “and now you a Melissa are going to play a little game to keep me sweet before I report your arse to the dean and he throws you our of college. Would you’re daddy like that? Would he?”

“No,” sobbed Britney holding her sore boobs.

“We won’t let him find out then will we?” Budd threw the baton across the gym, “Melissa! Come over here! Look how Melissa is walking; she can’t walk very well because I shoved a baton up her cunt. And this is the game Britney. Its called pass the baton. From cunt to cunt.”

By the time he’d finished talking Melissa was next to him. He lifted her skirt to show Britney the long gold baton protruding from her pussy lips. The handle was sticking out and thicker than the rest of the stick.

“Rules, simple, just like you dumb cheerleaders like it. You put this,” he took hold of it a shock it making Melissa shriek in pain, “into Britney’s cunt.”

Britney thought of an idea, “Maybe you’d just like to fuck us Mr Janitor?” She smiled opening her legs where she lay.

Budd looked at the cheerleader and her inviting crotch. He shook his head and kicked Britney right up the cunt. Winding and screaming the blonde teenager doubled over.


“You’re forgetting one thing,” Budd made Melissa lay down so her crutch was near Britney’s, “I don’t like you bitches. I’ll fuck you in my own time, not because I like you but because I just like to see that expression on your white faces, when your eyes bulge and you go red. I don’t fancy you or love you. Wilson’s a dumb ass he fancies you Melissa in a strange way. He should have really fucked you up; you shouldn’t have been walking today. I left pins for your tits and crocodile clips and a battery in the corner so he could wire you up and send a shock through those big hard nipples but he didn’t did he? So I get another chance to screw you up Melissa and to fuck you up Britney. Now play the fucking game!”

Melissa looked over and Britney who was still cringing with pain. Budd expected this a look of defiance between the two cuntleaders. He removed his belt and slammed it across Britney’s tits, then right across Melissa’s over sensitive boobs. Both girls fell back in pain on the impact.


Melissa aimed her cunt at Britney’s open legs. She inched forward until the handle touched the other blonde’s cuntlips.

“Don’t!” Britney shuffled away but Melissa pushed forward so the handle started to prise open the flaps and move into the tight opening.

“Fuck Brit!” Melissa cursed as Britney shoved her hips back. As she did the belt caught her right across the face slamming her head hard against the gym floor and making her nose bleed.

Britney started to wail in pain and Melissa saw her chance to get the baton rooted into her friend’s pussy. Pushing herself forward with her shoulders she eased the handle deeper into the cheerleader.

Britney clutched her bloody nose trying to set up as she felt the cold stick probe inside her cunt. She dare not push back so she pushed forward letting more of the baton enter her. Now the baton was deep inside both Melissa and Britney and only a small bit could be seen between the two blonde cunts. Britney pushed herself up, blood dribbled into her mouth. She looked up at Budd who was smiling at them both waving the belt.

“Ohhhh,” Melissa groaned, “don’t jiggle it so much…aaahhhh…..” she shivered as Britney tried to pull the thing out. Melissa’s cunt muscles held the baton tight as her juices started to flow, “…fuck me with it…”

Britney started feeling the same way; even though her face hurt she felt her cunt spasm around the handle.

“Oh fuck,” Melissa brought her hand down to her pussy, probed, found her clit and started rubbing away.

Britney did the same and soon both girls lay in the middle of the gym in full cheerleader uniform a baton inside both pussies with the girls frigging and fucking themselves.

“Owww…fuck me…” Melissa squealed.

“Me….in me…” Britney groaned.

Budd glanced up at the other end of the gym. There as arranged was the geek from the website. Aiming his digital video camera at the two fucking cheerleaders.

Both girls were now on their laps, smacking their pussies together; the baton disappeared inside them both. Britney grinded her cunt against Melissa’s making their cunt lips brush against each other and their fingers changed to one another clits.

“Kiss each other.” Budd edged them on.

Melissa leant forward and her mouth found Britney’s. They were now locked together with tongues and by the baton. They fucked each other until they both screamed in ecstasy in each other’s arms.

The geek disappeared before the girls recovered. They lay in a heap on the gym floor. Budd left them. He had other things planned for them. More later, he thought, time for the geek to have some fun.

Part 5

The phone rang, it was the tenth time that night. Junior leant over the bed, found his thick glasses, then found the phone. He knew what was coming. A squeaky female voice on the other end spoke, “Is that Junior?”

“You know it is,” he sat up in bed.

“You got a hard on Junior?” he unmistakable voice of Alyson came down the line for her nightly taunt of the geek who fancied her, “you want me to put it in my mouth?”

There was a giggle in the background. Junior knew it was Jennifer. The two were like simese twins, inseparable.

Junior yawned, “Yeah put it in youth mouth.”

Alyson noticed he wasn’t upset, his voice was matter of fact. He didn’t care.

“You fucking freak Junior!” she spat down the phone.

“Look Alyson..”

“I’m not..”

“Yes you are you ginger cunt. My mom and dad are away for the week I thought you like to come over and we could play Jackass then I could fuck your mouth.”

Alyson went to say something but someone grabbed the phone. There was a scuffle, then the sound of palm on face. Then silence.

The next voice Junior heard was his friend the janitors, “We’ll be over in a minute. Get the camera and the stuff ready.”

Ted Wilson looked into the pink hole, he pulled the flaps of skin open a little more and checked the clit. His finger rubbed against it. Melissa shivered.

“No permanent damage,” he said rubbing his finger against the hole, “a baton? You say? You shoved a baton up your pussy?”

“I didn’t,” Melissa sat on Wilson’s sink in his bathroom as he looked up her cunt, “Mr Janitor…I mean the janitor, the nigg…Owww!”

Ted slapped his palm on her open pussy.

“That’s not a nice word Melissa. Not a word I want to hear in my house.”

“The black man,” she swallowed feeling his probing finger pushing into her cunt, “we did that stupid trick on him. He made me and Britney fuck each other with the baton.”

“Did he?” Ted brought his face close to the cheerleader’s pussy, his tongue found her clit. She almost jumped as he licked it, “Tell me more.”

“He’s gonna get us all. He doesn’t want to fuck us…he…just…..there right there….he just want’s to hurt us….he said ……aaahhhh….yes….he said you should have hurt me more….more….more!”

Melissa had arrived at his apartment unexpected. She was in a little black dress which stopped before it reached her knees. It was backless and very sexy. She said she wanted him to look at her pussy. How could he disagree? She was concerned she was damaged for life.

Her teacher pulled his head away, his chin and lips coated in her juices, “So you fucked Britney?”

“Yes,” she suddenly became a little tearful, “what shall I do?”

“Well, you can prove your not a lesbian?”

“How? Oh?” She knew exactly what he meant.

“Ring your parents, tell them you won’t be home tonight. Then strip off and come back in here. I want to shave you.”

“What?” Melissa’s face screwed up, “shave me? My legs? I do them every day.”

“Your cunt.”


Ted stood up and looked into Melissa’s blue eyes, “Say the word. It’s only a word.”

“My cunt.”

Melissa went to call her parents.

Junior did the strap tight on Alyson’s head. She would have complained if she didn’t have a ball gag in her mouth. The computer geek fixed the football helmet hard on her head. Apart from that she only wore her white panties and a small white bra covered her shivering pink body.

The video camera was already set up in the corner of the boy’s bed room. He looked over at the black janitor who was causally holding Jennifer. She wore a football helmet and most of her cheerleader outfit. The black man held her around the front so his large arms crushed her huge breasts under her taunt uniform.

“Ever see Jackass?” Junior grinned at Alyson, “they do all kind of crazy shit to each other. When Budd told me what you bitches did I had an idea. Let’s make out own Jackass video and then we can send it in.”

Jennifer couldn’t yell for help, her own knickers were in her mouth covered in black tape.

Alyson edged away from Junior as he raised a base ball bat.

“Come here,” Junior snapped, “stand in the centre of the room.”

They were in Junior’s front room. His parents were away.

“Stand still!”

The base ball bat hit Alyson’s head suddenly sending her crumbling to the floor. The helmet protected her a little, but not enough. She grunted as she fell on to her knees. Junior whacked the bat a second time on the back of the helmet smashing her face on to the floor.

“Oh fuck,” Junior laughed, “I forgot to put the fucking camera on!”

Jennifer started to struggle so Budd dragged her into the kitchin. She wasn’t part of Junior’s plan, he had another idea for the brunette with the melon sized tits. He threw her on to a table and looked around the kitchen for some inspiration.

The camera was switched on. Alyson stood on uneasy feet, waiting for the bat to hit her again. Junior looked at her, her legs were wide open, as she struggled to stand. He swung the bat. It smacked right in between the cheerleaders legs. He heard her scream through the gag so before she fell he thumped the base ball bat into her cunt again.

The black janitor opened the freezer and took out some ice. He wandered over to Jennifer who was lying on her back on the table. He ripped open the front of her cheerleader uniform and rubbed ice into her chest. Her nipples became erect, like organ stops, he saw them pressing through her purple bra. Even on her back her tits stood out, huge pink lumps of flesh. Budd got on to the table, opening his trousers he pulled out his thick cock. He straddled Jennifer’s chest tearing away her uniform so he could get to the pink pillows. He tore her bra off and took hold of her tits pulling them apart and placing his cock between the valley of her chest. He pressed them back over his cock amazed that his black prick disappeared between the pink flesh. He pushed her breasts hard together and started to tit fuck the cheerleader.

“These feel great,” Budd laughed as he watched his prick poke out of the end of her tits stabbing her chin.

Under the football helmet Jennifer tried to tell him to “fuck off” but the jockstrap was tightly bound in her mouth.

“Fucking great,” Budd fucked her tits faster, “oh by the way bitch, that’s Junior’s jockstrap in your mouth. Oh and he didn’t wash it.” As he said that he came. Spunk blasted out of his huge black cock right into the visor of the football helment, on to Jennifer’s face, up her nose, in her eyes.

Junior walked between Alyson who was doubled up in pain on the floor, “I liked you. I really fucking liked you. But you had to fuck about with me. Why? Because I was a fucking geek? Was that it? Wasn’t I a member of the fucking football team?”

Junior pulled Alyson’s white knickers down, her full round arse in the air, pink with goose pimples.

“You’re gonna tell me why.” He pressed the handle of the base ball bat against Alyson unprotected arsehole.

She paniced tried to get up but Junior was too quick, his foot came up and slammed on top of the football hat pinning her head to the floor.

“Now you have a choice Alyson,” Junior pressed the bat so it made her puckered star fish open slightly, “we get naked, get on the bed and we do all the things I’ve wanted to do to you. Or I ram this base ball bat up your arse until we have to go to ER to get it out. Grunt once for yes, twice for no.”

Through the gag Alyson’s contorted face grunted once.

“Good choice,” Junior eased off the bat, “and just to make sure you play properly my new friend is gonna be the fuck referee.”

Junior glanced over at the kitchen. Budd had taken Jennifer’s football helmet off and the gag and was using her mouth with her head angled at the side of the table and him standing on the floor. He thrust his hips back and forth and even though Junior couldn’t see it he knew the janitor’s black cock was ramming deep into the busty cheerleader’s open mouth. He knew he was holding her hair fucking her face on and off his cock as he slammed back and forth. Always going a bit deeper until….

“Yes! Right in there! Deep throat! Yes!” Budd’s tensed buttocks showed he was right in Jennifer’s convulsing gagging throat and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Junior looked down at Alyson shivering at the throat of his cock, in her mouth, throat, between her tits, in her hands, in her pussy and maybe even up her arse.

Ted Wilson rubbed the shaving cream on to Melissa’s blonde pussy. She was very compliant, sitting on the bathroom side holding the back of her thighs up her back against the bathroom mirror.

“Tickles,” she giggled.

“Does it,” his fingers played around her pussy lips rubbing cream against them.

The teacher lifted a razor, an old fashioned cut throat razor. Melissa went slightly pale, “Don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t cut you,” he knelt down between her legs his face inches away from the teenage cheerleaders cream covered cunt, “as long you keep still.”

“Okay,” she looked down at him, “this isn’t a trick is it? You’re not going to…”

“Sssh,” he pressed the razor against her skin, he felt her tense.

Slowly, almost tenderly the teacher shaved the cheerleader. When he’d finished she was uncut and hairless. He rubbed the towel against her pussy making her shiver.

“One more thing,” he said, “this stops spots and stuff.”

“What?” Melissa wondered what was in the bottle.

He suddenly grabbed her throat holding her hard against the mirror and poured the liquid on to her freshly shaven pussy. She struggled, confused, he started rubbing the liquid into her clean cut skin, pushing some of it between her pussy lips. The pain came suddenly, it was after shave and it was burning.

She screamed trying to get away. His hand slapped her cunt while he held her against the mirror. A few slaps and he was finished. He moved away letting her slide off the bathroom side and hope around the room sobbing rubbing her sore burning cunt. The more she rubbed the more it hurt.

“In the shower,” Ted spanked Melissa’s bottom heading her towards the shower.

She started crying out loud in pain as he pushed her into the cublical.

“Melissa,” he entered the shower with her, “baby,” he held her chin, “it was for the best, now I’m going to wash it off. Wash it all off.”

Tears streamed down her face smudging the mascara as before, her bottom lip quivered as he turned the shower on, took the shower head and ran the warm water between her legs. He rubbed her as the water washed the after shave away.

“That better?”

Melissa winced, “Still hurts.”

“Oh that’s inside your cunt.”

“Please don’t…”

Mr Wilson pulled the shower head off so he was left with the pipe bubbling out the now hot water. He reached under Melissa opening her cunt lips.

“Oh don’t complain,” he grinned, “you’ve already let the janitor ram a banton up there.”

And without warning the teacher rammed the pipe into Melissa’s sore and tender cunt.

Part 6

Alyson was sobbing as Budd held her head in place. He gripped her red hair and the back of her neck. Junior edged forward his cock aiming for the cheerleaders mouth.

“Open wide!” Junior yelled.

Alyson kept her mouth shut. Budd grabbed her face from behind squeezing her mouth, pursing her lips, “Open up cunt,” he hissed, “or I’ll fuck your face so hard my prick will choke you.”

Alyson slowly opened her mouth, Junior eased his prick head through the wet red lips and into her mouth. Budd grabbed the top of her hair and started fucking her head back and forth making the boys cock fuck her mouth.

“Get it nice and wet Alyson,” Budd said yanking her head on and off the boy’s cock, “because it’ll make it slide down your throat a lot easier.”

Junior held the side of the redheaded cheerleaders face, he loved the sight of his prick sliding in and out of the girls lips.

“Here we go!” Budd pushed her head forward.

Junior felt his prick ram into Alyson’s mouth, right down to her throat. He felt his cock go down her gullet and her lips press against the base of his prick. Budd held her head in place, she wasn’t going anyway.

Alyson gagged and choked as the boy fucked her throat. She couldn’t move the janitor held her hard. She could feel the cock slide up and down her gullet.

The janitor suddenly released her, she threw her head back, spit and foaming gushing from her lips. Tears in her eyes. She choked and coughed as Budd gripped her by the hair again.

“That was just a practice run,” the black janitor informed her as he lifted her face to see Junior’s wet and erect prick waiting for more throat fucks.

Sarah walked past the sex shop several times before going in. She was incognito, wearing a black leather coat over her black off the shoulder evening gown and dark glasses. She parked her daddy’s car a few streets away and walked into the lower end of the town. She saw the sex shop, knew they had what she wanted and staked the place out by walking back and forth along the street until she plucked up the courage to go in.

When she was inside her jaw dropped at the wall to wall display of magazines, videos, DVD’s and sex toys. She stared at the adult novels and titles like “Bound Teacher For Torture”, “Whipped Niece”, “Mom Sucks”, “Whipped, Bound and Raped Schoolgirls” and “Face Fuck Cheerleader.” This one caught her attention as the cover was a cartoon of a cheerleader’s face buried in a black man’s lap, with two other black guys (one with a gun) standing in the back ground. She grabbed the book and made her way to the sex toys.

She wanted a cock. A big black cock like Budd’s. She wanted two, one for her pussy and one for her arse…no…she decided three, one to face fuck her. She was getting wet just thinking about black cock when she noticed the man behind the counter looking at her.

“Can I help lady?” he smiled, white teeth against aging chocolate brown skin.

Sarah guessed her was in his sixties, his black hair almost grey, in a strange way he reminded her of Bill Cosby.

“Erm….hi…” she smiled removing her glasses flashing her blue eyes at him, “I need a cock…..erm….a black one. Big. About….” She turned red as she held her hands up to show the elderly Negro the size of the black cock she wanted, “this big and thick.”

“Once you go black you never go back,” the old man laughed, “you college kids been messing with some of the street lads, gotta be careful baby doll, hope you used protection.”

Sarah flushed as she said, “It was the janitor.”


Fuck, alarm bells started ringing in the lovely brunette’s head, a tingle went over her body. Fuck, he knows Budd.

“Yes,” her voice caught nervously, “he fucked me and I want a cock like his to fuck me again.”

The old man walked out from behind the counter. He wandered over to the front door and put on the latch, then turned the sign to closed. When he turned, his zipper was open and a foot long, thick black prick hung from his pants.

“This about the right size baby?”

“It’s beautiful,” Sarah squirmed feeling her juices dribble down her inner thigh.

“Runs in the family,” The old man walked up to her one hand took his prick and held it up, the other went to the back of her head, holding her soft young brown hair, “Budd’s my boy. Now I think you’d better introduce your self to the snake, how about you…”

Sarah was on her knees, she opened her mouth for his prick, grasping the throbbing head between her warm lips. She was in a frenzy, sucking, lapping and kissing the prick. Running her mouth up and down the shaft, nibbling the thick black cock pipe. She wrapped her lips around the side of the shaft and ran her mouth along it making it all wet. The brunette cheerleader turned her attention back to the thick head, sucking it into her mouth, moving her lips further down the erect cock, moving the meat further into her mouth, towards the back of her throat.

The old man looked down at the book she’d dropped when she fell to her knees.

“You a cheerleader?” he asked looking down at her mouth wrapped around his cock.

She looked up at him and nodded slightly.

“You want a face fuck?”

Without taking the thick hard cock from her mouth she nodded again.

“Okay baby,” the old man gripped the side of her face, holding on to her hair and her ears, “one face fuck coming right up.”

He pulled his hips back, his prick almost coming out of Sarah’s warm mouth, then he shoved back hard ramming his cock between her lips. And again, he started fucking the brunette cheerleaders face. Slowly at first, then faster and harder until he heard her grunt each time he thrust his cock deep into the face. His balls slapped against her chin, his stomach smacked her forehead and his cock slammed in and out of her tight pink throat.

The old man lunged forward amazed at the rough face fuck the cheerleader was taking and the fact she was taking his cock in and out of her throat. He held her head hard against his crotch feeling her swallow around his prick in her convulsing throat. He then pulled her off his cock by her face, watching it slip from her lips followed by saliva and foam from her gasping mouth. He slapped his cock around her face, she stuck her tongue out for him to slap his cockhead on.

After a while he pulled her up by her hair. She took her coat off. She was wearing a lovely little black dress, off the shoulder showing her pink bare shoulders and slender throat he’s just been pounding.

The old man reached under her dress and pulled her wet knickers down.

“Fuck me,” she gasped.

“You’re soaking wet baby,” he pulled the black knickers off her feet.

He threw the knickers aside and walked over to a chair. He sat down, his cock standing to attention.

“Sit down,” he laughed pointing at his dick.

Sarah put her lovely young legs either side of the chair, straddling his thighs, she put her hands on the old black man’s shoulders and looked directly at his face. Her expression was a mixture of lust and nerves, she sucked on her bottom lip as she knelt down, her dress riding up her thighs. She reached down and grasped the root of the black cock, guiding the knob to her dripping, pouting pussy lips. He felt his cock touch her wet skin, there was a pause then she slowly sank down, the cock pushing into her cunt.

The old man sighed as he watched his ebony shaft disappear into the pink lips, all the way down she slid making little gasping noises.

“Lovely,” he groaned, “sweet, tight, little cheerleader pussy.”

He looked up at her face, a wave of panic seemed to come over it.

“Don’t know why you want it so bad down you girlie?” He reached up cupping her breasts, “all you know is you gotta feel that black meat in you tight white cunt.”


“You like a big hard black cock up you girlie?”


“I knew you love it, now fuck it girl. Fuck it hard.”

“Fuck hard…” she started to rise and fall, her athletic legs holding her weight and moving her up and down the thick black cock.

Up and down she slid. Sarah couldn’t believe she was fucking a black man, old enough to be her grandfather let alone her father, but she wanted black cock so bad.

Up and down the cheerleader bounced, he held her waist and watched her fuck his hard thick black cock.

The old man felt her soft bottom bounce against his thighs. Her tight white buns, her tiny little pink starfish he’d fuck sooner or later.

“Fuck…fuck….fuck…..big black horsey…” Sarah groaned and mumbled as she slid up and down the old man’s meat faster and faster.

There was a lovely squealing noise as her juices ran down his prick and into his pubes. She held on to his shoulders and fucked him harder and faster.

“I’m gonna cum girlie!”

Sarah pulled herself off the cock, her hands grabbed the shaft and started pumping away as her mouth wraped around the bulbous throbbing head. She sucked as hard as she could on the mushroom head as both hands wanked him off.

He groaned louder and he unloaded his spunk in her mouth. She was surprised at how much there was, she had to start gulping the thick cream down as he carried on cumming.

“Swallow it!” he yelled at her, “swallow every drop or I won’t let you fuck me again!”

The words reached Sarah and she swallowed every last drop of cum. Licking his cock and balls clean afterwards.

Sarah sat back and looked at the old man, he was exhausted, sweating, his thick prick limp but still huge.

“When you’ve had a rest, can you fuck me up the arse,” Sarah smiled, “and shove a big black dildo in my pussy so I’m like being double fucked.”

The old man looked at her lovely blue eyes, flawless pink skin, brown hair and smiling lips, “Sure girlie, I’ll fuck you as nasty as you want.”

“Lick it,” Junior pressed Alyson head firmly in place, holding it by her gorgeous short ginger hair, “suck it and lick it.”

He rubbed her face in it. Budd stood by the side of the bed, bent over, hands behind his back holding his arse cheeks wide open. Alyson’s lovely cheerleader face was shoved between the parted cheeks, her tongue trying to lick, her lips trying to kiss and suck and do what ever they wanted.

Ten throat fucks for Junior had come before this, she was sobbing all the time and no matter how much she asked them to stop they said no.

“Eat the janitor’s arsehole!” Junior tore at her hair, yanking her face up and down the crack between the black cheeks.

“Stick your fucking tongue in bitch!” Budd yelled over his shoulder, “and don’t stop sucking cunt!” He said to Jennifer who was on her hands and knees, his big prick in her reluctant sucking mouth.

Junior pulled Alyson’s head away for a moment, she gasped for air.

“Just stick your tongue up his arse,” Junior whispered in her ear.

Her face was a picture, sweaty, dirty, mascara running down her cheeks, lipstick all over her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and Junior pushed her head back in as if guiding her tongue to the black janitor’s arsehole.

“It’s in!” Budd yelled, “the cheerleader has her tongue right up the janitor’s arse!”

Budd started fucking Jennifer’s face while Alyson’s face was held buried between his arse cheeks.

“C’mon,” he grunted, “take it deeper cheercunt!”

Junior pulled Alyson’s face away and dragged her by her hair to the toilet.

“You dirty fucking whore!” he half screamed, “you ate the janitor’s arse.”

Budd sat on the bed, holding Jennifer’s head he started skull fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. She gagged, choked and groaned but he kept on fucking.

“Fucking whore,” Junior slapped Alyson around the face and pushed her head down the toilet.

As he did he held her down from behind and rammed his erect cock into her pussy without any warning. He started slamming her hard with her head in the bowl. One hand held her head down the other held her shoulder. As Junior fucked her he realised she was a virgin. A fucking virgin. It turned him on and he rammed into her harder.

As Budd came her held Jennifer against his crutch and slapped her buttocks, “Swallow you medicine!” SMACK! “Swallow it all!” SMACK! SMACK!

Junior flushed the toilet on Alyson’s head as he fucked her tight ginger pussy. The bowl filled with water and she struggled, pulled her up by her wet hair, pulled out of her cunt and pressed his cock against her mouth. He blasted her face with hot cum. All over her lips, chin, eyes, nose and forehead. He slapped his prick against her face and made him suck his cock a little more.

Budd let Jennifer fall to the floor choking on his cum.

One more time Junior forced his prick down Alyson throat, holding her wet head, her wet hair pressing against his belly. When he realised her he loved the way a string of cum stuck to the end his cock and her lips.

Alyson heard a click and saw from the haze a flash.

“A Kodak moment,” Junior grinned as the string of cum broke from her lips.

Melissa lay on the bed, her stomach under a few pillows. Her pink buttocks smarting from the spanking the teacher had just given her. He now sat behind her with the tube of KY jelly. He spread some on his fingers, then pushed them into her puckered pink starfish.

“Owww,” she moaned, “not there please.”

SMACK! On the back of her thigh.

“Baby’s got to grow up sometime and all the jocks out there want anal sex.” He slipped two fingers into her tight hole, “you’ve never been butt fucked Melissa?”


“Say it into the camera.”

Melissa turned her head towards the video camera in the corner of the bed room, “No, I’ve never been butt fucked.”

Ted had set the camera up after the shower, he spanked her in front of it and made her suck his balls for the lense. It was for a record, so there was no misunderstanding, he said, so she couldn’t accuse him of anything.

“Not my bottom please….”

Ted Wilson fucked his fingers in and out of the blonde cheerleader’s arsehole. Her puckered pink hole sucked the fingers, almost drawing them in.

“Don’t clench baby, relax.”

Relax! She thought, you’re shoving your fingers up my bum!

To help her relax he pushed his other hand on to her pussy and rubbed the lips. He’d been mean shoving the shower head up her cunt, but she needed to learn. Pain and pleasure are so close.

“Please fuck my pussy not my bottom.”

Melissa didn’t know how much this turned the teacher on. He was going to butt fuck her very very hard if she kept up the baby talk and those little squeals she made each time he pushed his finger back into the stretching hole.

Mr Wilson positioned himself behind Melissa, with his fingers still fucking her virgin arsehole. He brought his cock closer, removed his fingers and spread her trembling buttocks. He pushed his huge, round, bulbous head against her puckering little butt hole. He let it rest against the tiny hole, now wet with the jelly. His hand came under her stomach lifted her bottom higher as he pushed his thick hard cock into the tightly clenched hole of her arse.

Melissa’s eyes bulged as he pushed himself in, her face wet bright red and she thought she was going to scream.

“It’s hurts! Take it out! It hurts!”

Ted started fucking the blonde cheerleader’s virgin arse.

“Please! It hurts! My bottom hurts!”

Ted took a hand full of Melissa blonde hair, pulling her head up and pulling her further on to his cock. Making her grunt in pain, her face screwed up and red, her whole face wincing every time the teacher fucked into her butt.

He pulled her up so her could kiss her neck. One hand grabbed her young full breast and the other started frigging her pussy, finding the clit and rubbing it hard.

“Owww!” she moaned.

Ted fucked the teenager’s arse while he finger fucked her cunt. The pain and pleasure mixed. Melissa felt the line blur as the pain in her butt was over taken by the pleasure in her pussy.

Wilson was fucking the blonde really hard now his thighs slapping against the buttocks and his hand flicked, rubbed and pinched her clit. Juices spewed on to his fingers, as Melissa started twisting and squealing. She was cumming.

“Do you like a hard cock in you arse Melissa?” Wilson grunted with each fuck he grabbed the teenager’s face.

“Yes!” Melissa half screamed, “Fuck my arse! Fuck my bum! Cock in my bum!”

Wilson came on these words. Melissa felt a strange sensation as hot spunk spewed inside her. The throbbing pain mingled with the thick cream the teacher was shoving inside her. Her eyes rolled as she came again more violently, her body tensing and jolting. She let out a long hard groan of pleasure.

The teacher slid out of the blonde, pushing her down so he could look at his handy work. Her pink starfish was wide open and full of cum. He’d stretched her open and the sight of the well-fucked arsehole between those beautiful flawless buttocks made the teacher even hornier.

Melissa’s hands came around, her fingers probing and prodding her damaged hole. She shoved two fingers inside her butt, covering them in cum and started fucking away with her fingers. Her other hand fingered her well-lubricated pussy.

Mr Wilson watched in amazement as the blonde cheerleader fingered herself in both holes. She twisted on the bed whispering, “Fuck my bum and my cunt! Fill my holes! Fill me up! I want cock!”

Wilson wandered to the bathroom for a quick wash. He loved the idea the blonde teenager was having a sleep over – with him. He was going to fill every one of her tight pink holes, fuck her pink pillows tits and fuck her sweet innocent face. He was going to make her do things he’d only read about. It was going to be a long and hard night for Melissa the cheerleader and her teacher was going to love every minute of it.

Reese’s dad Mr Connor’s looked at the blonde kneeling in front of him. Her name was Tara, she wore a cheerleader uniform, but from a school across the town. Their uniform consisted of black hot pants, a cropped black top showing the teenage girls midriff. Tara was gorgeous, huge blue eyes, full lips and lovely long blonde hair. Her young tits taunt against her uniform top. Stacy was just as beautiful and just as blonde but she had legs, long, lovely, legs all the way up to her perfect arescheeks. And Stacy was bending over across the room, her hot pants pulled tight into her arse crack so her bouncing pink cheeks, which Mr Connor’s had already spanked, were on full display.

Reese was at her friends. His wife was out of state. And these cheerleader’s wanted to earn a hundred bucks each.

“Nasty teasing bitch,” Mr Connor’s looked down at Tara.

Her was naked. His erect cock sticking out and aiming at Tara’s face.

“Want my cock bitch?” He said spitting on his hand and rubbing himself, “want it?”

Without warning he slapped Tara hard around the face. He held her blonde hair so she couldn’t move and slapped again. Not mild slaps. Full force. Red palm marks appeared on her cheek as her slapped her hard three more times. Each time Tara winced and tried her keep her eyes on Mr Connor.

Stacy glanced between her legs.

“What you looking at bitch?” Connor said to her, “you’ll get some in a minute.”

He turned back to Tara, a tear trickled down her cheek, “Okay, reading for your lunch cheerleader?”

Without any thought for her Connor rammed his cock into Tara’s mouth. He pushed it all the way in and held her head against his naked crotch. She struggled, he heard her choke and eased off letting her pull her mouth off his prick.

As it left her mouth a string of saliva stuck to his cock head and Tara’s lovely lips. He slapped her face again and made her throat him once more. Holding it a little longer this time so she really struggled. Again her mouth slid off his cock, she coughed and gagged. He took hold of her hair and lifted her to her feet.

“Two hundred dollar cunts,” he called them both as he slapped Stacy’s left buttock.

SLAP! Her right buttock. Stacy didn’t budge. He made Tara knee by Stacy’s apple cheeks. SLAP! Stacy’s bum stung under his palm. SLAP! Tara’s face smarted.
SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Three right on the centre of Stacy’s butt and SLAP! One right between her legs, trying to smack her pussy. SLAP! SLAP! Tara fell over under the onslaught, both cheeks on her face bright red.

Connor held his cock, “Swallow your medicine Tara.”

Tara knelt back up, opened her lips and swallowed.

The doorbell rang.

Fuck! Thought Connor.

He pulled out of Tara’s throat, leaving the girl coughing and spluttering. He pulled on his bath robe and made his way out of Reese’s bedroom.

He went into the bathroom, made his hair wet, got a towel and went down stairs.

When he opened the door he didn’t expect to see Britney standing there.

“Hi Geff,” Britney said slowly, “is Reese in.”

“No Brit,” he looked at her large firm breasts under the thin white t-shirt, all she wore was a white t-shirt and cut off jeans, “she should be back any minute, do you want to wait.”

“If that’s okay, you see I really need to talk to her.”

Connor noticed Britney have a little trouble walking.

“You okay?”

“No, not really.”

She went on to tell Mr Connor what Budd did to her, she missed out the lesbian kiss and the fact she really wanted to fuck Melissa.

During this Connor led her up stairs, he walked behind she he could watch Britney’s tight butt in her cut off jeans. The more she talked the harder he got. He didn’t know why he was going to do it, or how he was going to get out of it, but he knew he was about to fuck the face, tits, cunt and arse of his daughter’s best friend.

Britney saw Tara and Stacy in the bedroom. Stacy still bent over, hand prints on her buttocks. Tara on her knees, her face bright red, saliva and drool coming out her mouth.

“Time to join the party,” Mr Connor grabbed Britney’s tits from behind squeezing them as hard as he could and shoving her into the room.

Part 7

Sarah wasn’t too sure at first but the old man said he wouldn’t fuck her pretty pink arse it she didn’t. He patted his knee.

“C’mon little white bitch,” he grinned, “I just wanna warm your cheeks up a bit before I fuck your sweet little arsehole.”

Sarah pulled up her tight little black dress as he said, she didn’t have her tong on anymore and she lay over the man’s knees.

“You’ve got a lovely pink arse,” the man rubbed her flawless butt cheeks, “lovely.”


“Ouch,” Sarah jolted.

She looked down at the digital video camera the janitor’s dad had set up so it looked up at her face. He wanted to capture every expression, every wince, every squeal, every time she held in a scream or bit her bottom lip to hold in the pain.


“Owww,” she moaned trying wiggling on his lap, she could feel his thick cock pressing against her.

The old black man started smacking her bum as quick as he could. SMACK! On the right pink cheek leaving a red handprint. SMACK! On the left buttock leaving another red print. SPLAT! Right between her legs his palm slapping against her wet dripping cunt.

“Uggh!” Sarah tried to move but he held her, “not on my pussy that hurts.”

“It’s supposed to,” grinned the old man slapping her hard in the cunt again. Once! Twice! Making her grunt with pain.

He went back to SMACK! Right cheek. SMACK left cheek. SLAP! Pussy. And repeated it about ten times until Sarah started sobbing, tears rolling down her teenage cheeks. Her bum felt on fire and her pussy ached and stung.

“Pl…please….stop…” she blubbered.

“Once you’ve stopped crying,” he said smacking her smarting buttocks even harder making her sob even louder, “stop crying,” SMACK! “and I’ll stop,” SLAP! “spanking.”

Sarah gritted her teeth but she still sobbed because it still hurt. Her now crimson flawless buttocks a nice apple red covered in hand printed. Her pussy lips bright pink, the inside of her legs growing redder.

She held in the sobs. Looking directly into the camera trying to focus and hold in her natural instinct to cry her eyes out.

“Okay,” the old man stood her up, “enough for now.”

Her made her stand in front of him. Her face hot, wet with her tears. Her mascara running down her face and snot dribbling from her nose.

“You look a mess,” he took out an handkerchief he had used many times and started rubbing the tears and mucus from her face, “now we’re gonna fuck your arse, you want that don’t you.”

“Yes,” she sniffed.

“And you want this,” he held up a huge black ten inch plastic cock, “in that stinging cunt of yours don’t you?”


“So, to recap, what do you want?”

“Your cock in my bum and that cock in my pussy.” Sarah pouted.

The old man took his trousers off and sat on the chair. Her pulled Sarah around pulled, she was now naked apart from her hold up black stockings and her black wonda bra. She stood with her back to him, he took hold of her arse cheeks and pulled them open aiming his black prick at her tight pink starfish.

“Sit down,” he chuckled.

Sarah slowly eased herself on to his cock. He watched in awe as his bulbous cock head prised open her arsehole and slowly she took the shaft inside her. Her eyes were closed and she sucked on her bottom lip as she felt herself slide on to the old man’s rock hard prick.

The old black guy loved the sight of his cock inside the beautiful cheerleaders arse. His black meat a striking contrast to her soft pink flesh and her red over stretched arsehole.

“Now fuck it,” he commanded smacking one of her well-spanked buttocks.

Sarah was an athletic girl, she used her leg muscles, placing her hands on her upper tights and leaning slightly forward she started fucking herself up and down the thick black prick. As she picked up her pace her pink buttocks slapped against the black man’s thighs.

The old man held her hips to stop her fucking, she sat back, his whole cock deep inside her. He reached around and handed her the black dildo.

“Stick this up you cunt,” he groaned.
“Okay,” Sarah’s voice quivered, she was on the verge of cumming when the old man had stopped her.

Sarah felt the huge black prick deep inside her bowels as she pressed the thick plastic head of the black dildo against her pussy lips. She pushed it in slowly, letting it part her pink fleshy lips and move inside the walls of her cunt. She gave out a little groan as she shoved it in hard and started fucking herself with the giant dildo.

The old man could feel the fake cock inside her, it sent a shiver of pleasure through his body. He reached up and grabbed her young cheerleader tits and started to grope and twist the nipples.

“Right, bounce and fuck my little teen cunt.”

Sarah raised herself up, pulling the man’s cock from her arse until the mushroom head was the only part inside her, she then slammed herself down the shaft. At the same time she thrust the fake cock in and out of the aching, dripping wet pink pussy.

As she bounced up and down her perfect buttocks smacked against the old man’s chocolate brown thighs. The sight of his wet black prick sliding in and out of the teenage cheerleaders arse cheeks was almost too much for him to bare, plus he could feel the plastic prick ramming in and out of her and he could hear the sound of both her pussy and arse suck against the invading pricks.

“Fuck them!” he yelled slapping her bouncing pink cheeks, “fuck ‘em like the whore you are!”

“I’m a whore!” she screamed fucking herself as hard as she could, “fuck me.”

“Fuck baby. Fuck my cock meat!” the old man reached down lifting the video camera and filming his cock slamming in and out of Sarah’s arsehole.

“Fill me up!” she groaned, “fill me with black cock. I want black cock!”

Suddenly she stopped, shivering all over, her juices flowing freely, her body spasming on the real and fake prick.

“Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh,” was all she could say as she came.

The old man took this opportunity to pull her off his cock and admire the large stretched hole his prick had made. He spun her around as she was still cumming, the black dildo sticking out from between her legs. He made her kneel in front of him, he placed his prick between her cleavage, pressed her young boobs around his thick black cock and started tit fucking the cheerleader.

Sarah instinctively leant her head forward and formed her mouth into an O. As he tit fucked her, she caught his prick head in between her lips, sucking on it before it disappeared down between her rip pink pillows.

This time the old man came with full force right into Sarah’s beautiful face, coating her lips, cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead in a mass of thick hot spunk. He filmed her cum coated face before he let her wash it off.

When Sarah was dressed she looked a little nervous at the old man.

“I don’t know you name,” she said sheepishly.

The old man rubbed her cheek and brushed some brown hair out of her eyes, “Budd Snr. Just call me that.”

“Okay,” she smiled a little, then lifted the book Face Fuck Cheerleader, “can I take this? And the dildo?”

“Sure,” Budd Snr went behind the counter, “Fifty dollars.”

Sarah found her handbag, “Have you got any pals who would like me to….”

“I have a few,” the old man grinned, “How many can you take at one time?”

“I don’t know. I’d like to try two, then maybe add some more.”

Budd Snr calculated the cute cheerleader would probably be able to take five or seven at the same time. Two in her mouth, one up her cunt, one in her arse, one between her tits and for good measure one in each hand.

“Do you take Amex?” Sarah asked.

“That’ll do nicely.”

Britney couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. After Mr Conner had squeezed and groped her breasts, he made her sit in the corner. With her hands on her head and told her if she moved he’d punch her in the tits. Just to prove his point he slammed in fist into her left boob as if he was trying to punch right through to her rib cage.

He then turned his attention to the two rival cheerleaders.

“These cunts want money,” he explained to Britney, “they’ll do anything I tell them. You don’t believe me? Watch, Stacy, stick your tongue up my arse.”

The leggy blonde knelt behind Reese’s dad who removed his towel. The blonde opened the man’s hairy butt cheeks and pressed her face between them.

“Stick it in Stacy, or you won’t get paid,” He reached behind and pushed her face in a little more, “that’s it, right in. Now wiggle it about.”

Britney noted that Reese’s dad wasn’t bad looking for his age. He was fit, well toned and she now noticed he had a very thick large prick, which stood out waving in the arse.

“Keep that up Stacy. Tara, come and eat your supper.”

Tara, whose face smarted from the earlier slaps, knelt facing the cock. She looked very reluctant.

“You don’t like this do you?” he slapped her face with his cock, “you really don’t like me shoving me prick down your stuck up little throat do you.” This time he held her by the top of her head and slapped her hard several times with his hand, “but you can’t do anything about it you fuck toy.”

He shoved his cock into her mouth as she tried to turn away. The result was his huge prick pressed and stretching her cheek, he kept pushing, and her cheek kept stretching until she moved her head back. Reese’s dad pulled his cock out and grabbed Tara’s face, he shoved his hand in her mouth and shoved it in and out, her lips opening up as far as they could go.

“Do you want this for my cock!” he yelled at her pulling her lips wide open and slapping her around the face again.

“Stacy, come and hole this cunts head,” Mr Conner’s glanced over at Britney and smiled.

Britney wasn’t sure what the smile meant. Did it mean she wasn’t going to be slapped and choked? Or did it mean she was going to get the same treat meant?

Stacy was happy to unplug her face from the man’s arse. She went around and held Tara’s head. Mr Connor’s was still fucking his hand in and out of the girl’s mouth. He pulled out and wipe her saliva on her face. He then repositioned his cock, pressing it against Tara’s bruised lips.

“Open up,” he commanded.

To Britney’s amazement Tara opened her mouth. With Stacy holding her head she had now where to go and Reese’s dad started ramming his cock into the pretty traumatised face.

Tara choked and gagged as the man fucked his cock deep into her mouth. Britney could see the blonde cheerleader’s throat expand as her friend’s dad forced his cock hard into the teenager’s mouth.

Mr Conner held it in Tara’s throat, his balls crammed up against her lips. He held her head with Stacy and said to Stacy, “I can feel her gag around my cock. Feel it.”

He made Stacy touch Tara’s spasm throat.

“You’ll kill her,” Stacy said nervously.
Roughly Mr Connor pulled out of Tara’s throat and mouth. Foam, saliva and muck poured out of her lips as she fell to the floor gasping for breath.

“You think you can do better?” Mr Connor grabbed Stacy’s face pressing her cheeks together.

“No.” she whimpered.

“Lay on the bed.”

Stacy lay on the bed as the man ripped her hot pants open then tore her thong apart. He kneaded her arse cheeks and without any warning he shoved his thick wet cock into the cheerleaders butt. He started fucking her arse, grabbing her head and pulling her up by her hair. He held one palm against her forehead pulling the tall blonde up and shoved his other hand down her sobbing mouth.

“Fucking cunt!” he snarled ramming cock and hand as hard as he could.

Tears and pain covered Stacy’s tortured face. Britney felt this went on for far too long, about three minutes during which she thought he would gag her.

Mr Connor pulled his hand out first letting Stacy scream, then he pulled his cock out. Quickly his hands grabbed both cheerleaders by their hair and pulled them to face his cock just as hot spunk spewed from it into the beautiful faces of the girls. He came a lot, coated both girls in cum. To finish off his rubbed their faces on his cock then he let them go.

Naked with a dwindling hard on he paid them both the promised amount with a little extra. He made them clean themselves up before they went.

Britney heard the front door close and she knew she was alone with Mr Connor.

He walked into the room still naked, sat down and coaxed her to sit by him.

“C’mon, I won’t hurt you. You’re Reese’s best friend.”

Britney reluctantly sat by Mr Connor.

“You are cute,” he said rubbing his finger on her nose, “and you are one big melon smuggler.” Both his hands cupped her twin torpedo’s, “so big. Big a juice. Bigger than Reese’s.”

“I won’t tell anyone,” she eventually managed to say, “Stacy and Tara are tease bitches so they got what they deserved.”

“All tease bitches get what they deserve,” Connor’s hands and eyes paid Britney’s soft huge boobs all the attention, “Do you buy your bras from a parachute factory?”

He pulled her closer so her chest pressed against his. His hands now cupped her face.

“We’re not going to tell anyone are we, because if we do we’ll tell everyone about the nigger ramming a cheerleading baton up your virgin cunt won’t we?”

Britney shivered, “We won’t.”

“Right,” his hands were by her mouth now, both thumbs slipped between her lips and pulled, “you’re mouth needs to be all wet. And we need some final touches.”

Britney went through with the final touches. The first was to wear Reese’s cheerleading outfit, the second….

“This is Reese’s favourite lip stick,” Conner painted the lip stick on Britney’s mouth like a clown’s smile, “she sucks cocks with this on. She paints cocks with this. You’re gonna paint my balls with this.”

Britney was in a daze, a mixture of total confusion and fear. Mr Connor started slapping her hard in the face as he made her lay on the bed with her head hanging over the side. She saw his cock aimed at her mouth. Suddenly she thought about getting away but it was too late. Mr Connor rammed his prick into Britney’s mouth with force it winded her. He then started fucking her face in a frenzy, his balls at first slapping against her eyes, then they were against her lips. His cock was all the way in her throat, his balls crammed against the lipstick, mashing against it, her face painting his balls. Britney’s eyes bulged as he shoved a little further, his testicles nearly forcing themselves in her mouth, He held it there feeling her throat swallow around his shaft. Then he slowly eased out.

Britney was about to puke when she heard him say, “Not painted enough.” And he shoved his prick all the way in again before she could protest. He rammed it right into her throat, pressing her head against the bed, his balls crammed up against her mouth. He force fucked Britney’s face, throat fucking the blonde cheerleader as hard as he could.

She thought she heard him say something as he pounded mercilessly her gullet, “Take it Reese! Eat it! Eat daddy’s cock!”

Part 8

Melissa awoke the next day, glanced over at Mr Wilson, felt the stinging sensation in her bottom and layback to try and sleep some more.

Britney awoke in her own bed, her throat still sore and her breasts still aching from the groping, pinching, slapping and punching Reese’s dad inflicted on them before he let her go.

Alyson awoke with the taste of Junior’s cock still in her mouth. She got out of bed and struggled to the bathroom, only to realise with horror she was till in Junior’s house. Junior grabbed a handful of ginger hair and led her back to the bed. She insisted she needed to pee, so he took her to the bathroom and watched her. If she didn’t pee, he’d shove her head down the toilet again.

Jennifer awoke in her own bed remembering the Budd face fucking her and rubbed her raw breasts.

Sarah was still awake, she hadn’t slept. The black dildo was deep in her arse as she read about a young teenage cheerleader being force fed black cock from a whole gang of negros.

Reese awoke, leant over and kissed Larisa on the mouth. Larisa responded by opening her lips and letting their tongues meet. Their mouths sucked and licked as Larisa moved her hand down to Reese’s naked pussy. Her expert fingers found the right spot and started rubbing.

Alicia awoke to find she was in prison. The local jailhouse. She could remember why. She brushed aside her long golden blonde hair and looked through the bars at Sheriff Nickson who was unlocking the cell door.

“Heavy night?”

“Hi Sheriff Nickson,” Alicia tried to sound cheerful and chirpy, “how did I get here?”

“You don’t remember?”

“No sir.”

Alicia realised she was in her Snoopy nightdress. It didn’t make sense.

“A fella brought you in here last night for your own safety. Found you wandering the streets.”

“Fella, who?”

“The janitor from your school.” Sheriff Nickson sat by the girl, “you’d been drinking my girl. Not a good thing for the daughter of the local mayor.”

“I can’t remember.”
After Budd had pushed Jennifer out at her house and left Junior to play with Alyson he decided Alicia was the next girl to get his treatment. He knew where she lived. A wealthy bungalow just outside of town. He packed his car with what he need and drove there straight away.

Breaking in was easy. He found an open window and eased himself into the dark house. To his surprise and joy he found himself in Alicia’s bedroom. To one side was a desk, covered in schoolbooks, posters coated the walls of bands and film stars. On the other side of the room Alicia lay in bed asleep. She wasn’t actually in bed she was on top of the sheets, her Snoopy nightgown riding up her lovely body. Her blonde pussy on show, neatly trimmed, lips pouting. In her sleep her fingers wandered down to her cunt lips and rubbed them lightly. Budd couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the lovely blonde cheerleader frigging herself in her sleep.

Budd slipped out of his clothes and knelt at the foot of the bed. He moved her hand away and shoved two fingers roughly in the girl/s cunt. She jolted gasping something like “cock”. Budd finger fucked her hard making her jerk up and down the bed. Her eyes didn’t open once. He moved around her body still with his fingers ramming in and out of her tight virgin pussy.

He put his head next to hers on the pillow and whispered in her ear, “You want cock?”

“I want cock,” she murmured in her sleep.

“A big hard cock.”

“Big…hard…cock….” She answered turning her head to one side.

“What about balls?”

There was no reply. Budd took his fingers from her cunt and grabbed her face holding it still. He rubbed his cock all over her lovely sleeping face.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered.

Her lovely red lips parted, Budd placed his ball sack on her mouth.

“Suck them,” he commanded, “suck them or you won’t get cock.”

To his amazement Alicia started sucking noisily on his balls. She sucked one into her mouth, licking her tongue around it, then let it slip out of her lips to be replaced by the other.

After a few minutes of ball sucking he pulled the cheerleader’s sleeping body further down the bed, put a cushion under her neck so her head touched the bed. He repositioned himself above her head.

“You still want cock?”

“Cock,” she said dreamily.

He popped the head of his prick into her mouth and fucked her face very slowly, pushing in as far as he dare without waking her up. When he pulled out, he slapped his prick around her face and wiped it with her long blonde hair.

Silently moving around the room he stood at the base of the bed, where he legs now hung over the side. His lifted her up be her ankles and aimed his cock at her dripping virgin cunt.

As he eased himself into her he pushed her legs over her head and lay on top of her ready to gag her if she woke. He stared into her sleeping face.

“Ask for cock,” he whispered.

“I want cock, big hard cock.”

Budd pushed his big hard black cock into the teenage cheerleaders pussy, slowly at first, easing in and out, but soon he picked up pace. He felt her virginity break as he started fucking her harder, his hands groping her tits through her nightshirt.

The bed squeaked as he fucked her. He eased of, because he didn’t want to wake anyone. Then he had an idea.

Budd kept his cock deep inside stuck up bitch Alicia’s pussy as he lifted her off the bed. Instinctively her legs wrapped around his body. He stood there and fucked her as hard as he could. She groaned, moaned and occasionally mouth “cock” as he fucked the sleeping cheerleader. When he came he pulled out and let his spunk spew out, onto her crotch and down her legs.

He laid her back on the bed. He’d fucked her and she didn’t even know it. He wanted to roll her over and fuck her arse but he had other plans for Alicia. And that was why he took her to the sheriff’s office, called two friends of his and let the sheriff in on the plan.

“Now,” Sheriff Nickson patted Alicia’s naked leg, “I’m going to have to call your daddy.”

“Don’t!” she almost jumped up, “please don’t. Can’t you just let me off with a warning.”

“Not really,” the sheriff got up to leave the cell.

“Can I do something?” Alicia expected a blowjob would save her from this. She hated blowjobs, especially older men, but it helped with her grades. As long as they didn’t force their dirty little cocks down her throat she didn’t mind.

“Tell you what,” Sheriff Nickson lingered in the cell doorway, “I need to get out of here for a while but my deputies off sick. How about you keep an eye on the other prisoners while I go get some breakfast.”
“Sure,” she looked at her clothes, “I’ll need some clothes.”

“I’ve got a deputies uniform somewhere around here.”

The uniform fitted Alicia perfectly. Tight police issue trousers, blouse, tie, and belt. She even had a smoky the bear style hat, which Nickson insisted she wear. He gave her a baton and a small cattle prod.

“These are illegal in some states.” He smiled showing her how it worked, “it’s got new batteries so make sure only use it in dire emergencies.”

He gave her the keys and led her to the other cell. Two disgruntled Negroes sat in the cell, big mean looking blacks who reminded her a little of Budd.

“Okay, I’ll be back in about an hour deputy Alicia.”

“Okay,” she said her voice catching nervously as the sheriff left.

“Hey officer cunt,” one of the black men spat as he got off of his bunk, “how about some breakfasts.”

“Erm,” Alicia reddened, “what do you want? Coffee?”

“How about some apple pie pussy and my dick dipped in some deputy throat.” The other man laughed.

Alicia didn’t see the funny side. She turned to leave when she heard the cell door creak open. The new deputy turned to see both black men on the wrong side of the cell.

“How did…” she stopped in mid sentence.

“This is Saul and I’m Jacob and we’re gonna rape the arse off you officer cunt.”

Before she could do anything Saul’s huge fist flew at her face, hitting her right between the eyes, everything went black.

Larisa pushed her fingers deep into Reese’s vagina as she licked at the head cheerleader’s clit. The reaction she got was just what she expected, Reese buckled, arching her back, letting out a squeal and came into Larisa’s lapping mouth.

“Don’t stop,” Reese guided Larisa’s head further into her crotch, “that’s it baby. Just like thaaaaaaat!”

With a shudder she came again. Larisa rubbed her face all over her lover’s dripping cunt. If their boyfriend’s could see them now, well if Reese’s boyfriend could see them. Larisa gave up the idea of pretending to be straight to please her parents long ago. Reese still kept the pretence, or was she bi sexual, Larisa meant to ask her as her tongue darted in and out teasing the clit as she rammed at least four fingers into Reese’s cunt.

“You like that Reese?” Larisa asked between licks.

“Yeah. Fuck yes.” Reese writhed on the bed. Why the fuck couldn’t boys tongue fuck like Lezzie Larisa. She’d let Jimmy go down on her a few times but he was useless, he licked in all the wrong places and stuck his finger in and just moved it around expecting it to send her into waves of passion.

There was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Larisa called out.

“Honey,” it was her mum, “it’s getting late. You girls can’t spend all Sunday in bed.”

“Oh yes we can,” Reese whispered.

“Sure mom,” Larisa licked Reese’s pussy lips, pulling her fingers out, “Reese and I are just sorting out a few cheer moves for the next big game.”

“Good honey,” Larisa’s mum assumed her daughter’s head was buried in the beautiful head cheerleader’s lap, but she accepted it, at least there was no way Larisa would get pregnant, “just hurry up breakfast is on the table.”

“Sure,” she licked Reese, “mum,” lick, “be down in about,” lick, “ten minutes.”

Reese giggled as Larisa moved up the bed to kiss her lover on the lips.

“Ugh,” Reese pulled away, “stink.”

“It’s your cunt juice,” Larisa held Reese’s head and forced her tongue into the girl’s mouth.

The forced French kiss went on for a while with Reese trying to pull away. Eventually the stronger girl let her go.

“You’re such a fucking hypocrite,” Larisa said, “you want me to munch away at your fishy cunt, you won’t go near mine. Selfish bitch.”

“Don’t talk to me…”

Larisa grabbed Reese’s head and slammed it hard against the pillow.

“Shut the fuck up Reese or I’ll tell everyone you’re a muff diver. Jimmy would love to know what a cunt licker you are.” Larisa rubbed her nose on Reese’s, “I love you.”

“Gross.” Was what Reese wanted to say but she held it in. She liked girls, they were great at oral and didn’t insist you swallow six inches of meat that wasn’t designed to go in your mouth in the first place. Yes, she liked girls, but she loved boys. Men. The thought of Larisa loving her sent a chill down her spine.

Instead of saying “gross” Reese opened her mouth and licked Larisa’s cunt stained lips. In seconds their mouths met and they held each other feeling the warm, their young breasts rubbing against each other.

“I’ve got an idea,” Larisa said when she came up for air.

Larisa naked lay on the bed with her legs wide open. Naked Reese took up her position so the two girls pussies rubbed against each other. They rubbed up against one another, occasionally using their hands. The two sets of pussy lips slapped together, juices mingling. Larisa chewed on a pillow as she did this while Reese stared at the door half expecting Larisa’s mum to burst in and join them.

Alicia awoke with a groan. Her head felt heavy and she tried to remember what happened to her. She then noticed she could move her hands, they were fixed behind her back. Handcuffed. Her eyes adjusted and she saw she was in the cell. Her uniform trousers were cut so her pussy was exposed and her arse cheeks stuck out. The rest of the uniform was untouched and she still wore the state trooper style hat.

She was sitting on the cell bed and Jacob was kneeling right in front of her. He was totally naked. She looked down to see his hand wrapped around a large black ebony stick, his cock. In the corner Saul watched rubbing his own massive hard on.

Alicia looked down at her tiny, trimmed pussy. Jacob pressed his huge mushroom cock head against her pink cunt lips.

“No,” she managed to say, “please don’t, I’m a virgin.”

“Even better,” Jacob grinned pushing forward his cock prying her pink flaps apart.

He started to fuck slowly, in and out of her cunt. She looked down at the obscene sight of his big black prick inside her tight pink pussy.

“You’re no virgin,” he grunted as he started fuck her harder.

“Oww,” she moaned.

Jacob wrapped his huge black arms around the teenage deputy and fucked furiously at her tight white cunt. He grunted, she sobbed as his prick flew in and out faster and faster.

After what seemed an age he eased off and pulled out of her with a disgusting plop sound. He stood up and took hold of her chin. Before she knew what he was doing he shoved his huge black cock into her pouting beautiful mouth, held her head and started fucking her face. Alicia started to gag but he didn’t care and started shoving more of his black prick into her throat.

With a grunt Jacob came, filling her mouth with his hot cum. He didn’t take his dick out so Alicia was forced to try and swallow it all but she felt some dribble down on to her chin.

Jacob slapped Saul’s hand as if they were some fuck tag team. Saul’s cock was hard and erect as he rammed it into Alicia’s gagging mouth. He rammed her head on and off his cock more violently than Jacob had. She was sure he was trying to shove his cock out through the back of her head. After a hard skull fuck he let her go and told her to get on all fours like the pig she was. Alicia found this difficult with the hands cuffed behind her back so she knelt on the floor and her face pressed against the cold tiles.

Before she had time to take in what was happening she felt Saul’s huge thick black cock against her tiny pink puckered arsehole. He shoved it in hard and the teenage deputy screamed in agony. Jacob laughed and so did some other people. It was a great site watching Alicia’s tiny arsehole open up for Saul’s big black prick. He started butt fucking her as hard as he could. Her face pressed against the cell floor she noticed two sets of feet out side the cell. She strained to see and her eyes widened.

Sheriff Nickson was holding his ugly fat cock in his hand wanking away and Budd, the fucking janitor, was aiming a video camera in her direction.

“Shake you ass bitch!” Saul yelled at her grabbed the hair that came out from under the hat and pulling her head off the floor making her scream in pain.

Saul’s black arse slammed back and forth his cock fucking her a new arsehole. He pulled her up and stuck his fingers in her mouth, pulling her mouth open.

“Sheriff?” Saul grinned, “wanna come in the deputies mouth?”

Nickson was on the verge of coming when he placed his cock in Alicia’s mouth. As soon as her hot lips formed an oval around his cock he came.

With a grunt Saul came inside Alicia’s well-fucked butt.

They left her on the floor for a little while. They Budd took the cattle prod. He pulled her on to her feet and pressed the prod against her left tit through the uniform. There was a crackle and Alicia shook, screaming as a wave of electricity shot through her left nipple.

Alicia hopped around in pain as Budd pulled her back by her shoulder and placed the prod against her unprotected and well-fucked cunt lips. There was a crackle and a whiff of burnt pussy hair and the teenage deputy screamed in agony.

“Do it again!” Nickson laughed, “I got you shocking her cunt now I want to focus on the reaction on her face.”

The camera zoomed in of Alicia’s baby blue eyes, pouting lips, flawless beautiful face as it screwed up in pain and her mouth screamed as Budd shocked her cunt not once more but three more times.
Saul and Jacob helped bend the sobbing girl over as Budd rammed the prod up her puckered arsehole. He stood behind her shocking her every minute or so until she stopped screaming and fainted.

A few slaps woke her up. Sheriff Nickson stared into her tear stained face.

“This is how it is Alicia,” he grinned, “you go home and don’t tell anyone about this. Other wise one day you’re gonna wake up in a cell with fifty niggers all with cattle prods and big cocks and I’m gonna tell them you’re the wardens bitch daughter. Or you’ll go to school one day and the boys will all have a copy of Deputy Fuck Toy. So we’re gonna clean you up and I’ll take you home. You ended up sleepwalking. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said slowly deliberately.

Alicia was stripped naked and pushed into the showers. Each man took turns scrubbing her down with a hard brush. Budd stepped inside the shower, grabbing Alicia’s arse cheeks he opened them wide and told Jacob to scrub the cum out of her arsehole. Jacob did this by ramming a toothbrush up the screaming girl’s bum.

“Will that clean it?” Budd asked watch his friend ram the small plastic brush in and out.

“Sure, I put tooth paste on it.”

“Fuck, that’ll sting.” Nickson laughed.

Saul took another tooth brush coated in paste and rammed it in and out of Alicia’s raw pussy making her plead and squeal.

After the shower the men took pleasure in rubbing her down with towels. Nickson and Jacob attacked her young bouncing breasts while Saul cleaned her anus and Budd took his time shoving a towel in and out of the girl’s abused pussy.

Pinching, slapping and dragging her around they dressed her in her nightshirt. Nickson took her hand and led her to his police car.

Budd smiled, only two more to go and then we can make the final movie, he thought. Larisa was going to be done over by someone else, so he turned all his attention to the abuse and humiliation of head cheerleader Reese Connors.

Part 9

Monday evening at cheer practice Reese noticed something was wrong. Melissa couldn’t do much as she was having a bit of trouble “down there” as she put it and didn’t sit down much. Mr Wilson liked butt fucking his favourite cheerleader to an extent he did it as often as he could in school time. Alicia was not her usual cheerful self and Reese was sure she saw burn marks on her boob as they got changed. Alyson said she had to go early as she was joining the computer class, they all laughed and she said it was true. She wasn’t wearing contacts that day, but her thick rimmed glasses.

Jennifer didn’t turn up for practice, she didn’t even ring Reese to let her know what was going on.

Britney seemed distant. As if she was constantly thinking about something else.

Sarah was chirpy and happy. Jumping about and trying to cheer everyone up. In the end Reese cancelled the practice and let them go on their way.

As Reese made her way to the showers Coach Henderson called her into his office.

“We’ve got a problem,” he said sitting at his desk.

“What problem?”

The coach took an envelope from his desk, “Seems like someone you know has been a naughty boy.”


The coach emptied the contents on to the desk. There were four photo’s, colour print outs from a computer she guessed.

She looked at the first. Britney is her cheer uniform sucking a cock.

“This you?” Reese asked.

The coach didn’t reply.

The next picture showed that Britney wasn’t enjoying what she was doing. The man held her head and his balls were hard against her lips, her eyes bulging out, and saliva coating her face.

The third was slightly blurred, but it was Britney this time topless, her breasts blurred out and the hands of the man going over them. He was slapping or punching her boobs.

“Gross.” Reese sneered.

The last one she saw the face of the man twisting Britney’s nipples while she cried.

“Oh fuck,” Reese’s eyes widened, her jaw dropped, “no, fuck, these are fake. That computer geek Junior has faked these.”

“Afraid not Reese,” Coach Henderson shook his head, “there’s a video as well.”

“No, no way. This is like totally fucked up.” Reese couldn’t take her eyes of the picture, the fact it was her father sinking in and the fact her father had such a huge cock seemed to drift in somewhere.

“You wanna see the tape?”

“Fuck no,” Reese blurted coming back to reality, “fuck no…….okay…yeah…I think I should see it.”

Meanwhile Larisa was the last to undress as always taking her time to watch the other girls. She was also waiting for Reese, but she was taking her time with Henderson, probably another hand job for funds. She stripped out of her cheerleading uniform, took off her bra, pulled her knickers down and was about to step into the shower when…

“Dyke cunt!”

It was Jimmy, standing in his shorts and t-shirt making his way quickly towards Larisa.

“Can I help…”

He shoved her against the lockers. One hand on her throat, the other ramming into her dry cunt.

“You fucking dyke bitch!” He fingered her roughly.

“Jimmy…..owww…what the hell….”

“You like this?” he pulled his fingers out and rubbed them on her nose and lips, “you like the taste of cunt?”

“Not my own,” she tried to joke.

“Well bitch you turned my girl into a fag so…”

In walked the rest of the team. Most of them were already naked.#

“ we’re going teach you that cock is king and have our own little dyke gang bang.”

Before she could say anything they were on her, pulling her over to the bench. Hands everywhere, some pinching her tits, some slapping her arse, a few smacking her hard around the face. Once they had her on the bench they held her down. Two boys pulled her legs open and Jimmy positioned himself ramming his cock hard into the cheerleader’s dry cunt. She went to scream but another hand covered her mouth. Jimmy went to town, fucking as hard as he could in her tight hole, he spat on his cock for some lubrication and shoved it back in. As he fucked the rest of the guys laughed, jeered and called her names. One of them slapped her tits as hard as he could. Another told her how they were going to double fuck her. They were all getting their pent up aggression out. Poor white trash with gorgeous prick teasing girl friends were going to make this dyke cunt learn.

“Cock is king,” Jimmy yelled fucking into the cheerleader like a man possessed.

No one could help her. Reese was long gone to another part of the school to watch the video with Henderson.

The hand was removed and replaced with a stinking thick cock. It fucked in and out of her mouth not caring if she gagged on each stroke. The owner pulled her head to the right and started face fucking her. Jimmy had finished in her cunt, he came inside her and let the next jock take his turn.

The face fucker let her go, she gasped and choked for air turning to her left her mouth wide open, just so another guy could ram his prick into her face. He held her in position pounding her gullet with each vicious stroke. He released her, she turned away and was face fucked again.

By the time the two cocks in her mouth came they’d pulled her on to the floor and another cock was ramming it’s way into her pink puckered arsehole. The two jocks at her head held her face, another pulled her lips open as the cock pricks resting on her mouth spewed hot spunk into her. She tried to spit it out, but there was too much. Just as they finished another guy straddled her head and started fucking her mouth with new vigour.

This went on for half an hour. Not a second went by when Larisa wasn’t swallowing a cock, or having her pussy pounded or having the shit fucked out of her arse. They used her with triple fucks most of the time. Other times to compliment the three fucks they fucked her tits and used her hands to wank them off.

All through her agony she could hear them chant “cock is king”. And she occasionally caught sight of what she thought was a video camera.

Eventually they crawled off her. Her body a mass of bruises, cum and in some places blood. Jimmy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her up so she sat up facing a camera, a camera held by Budd. Her face was a mess, thick spunk coated her eyes, nose and lips. Her nose was bleeding from where one overzealous face fucking pounded a little to hard.

“Say cock is king cunt!” Jimmy squeezed her lips together making the cum in her mouth ooze out.

Larisa could barely see through the spunk, but she could hear and choking she managed to say, “Cock is king.”

“And don’t you fucking forget it,” spat Jimmy.

He made her face him and for a finale in full view of the camera he head butted the well-fucked cheerleader right in the face sending her falling back unconscious.

Reese couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her dad, her father, holding Britney down and throat fucking her on…on…her bed!

“It’s true,” Henderson said pausing the tape on Britney’s distressed and terrified face, just visible between Mr Connor’s legs and his balls crammed up against her mouth.

“Has daddy…has he seen this?”

“I don’t know. I was told to show it to you. That’s all.”

Reese looked confused, “By who?”

“By whom.” Another voice drifted into the room.

Reese turned to see Budd standing in the doorway, holding a video camera. The teacher’s lounge was empty, most of the school had gone home.


“Me!” Budd laughed.

“You made my father do those things to Britney.”

“No,” Budd walked into the room and over to the sofa where Henderson and the beautiful but bitchy head cheerleader sat, “he wanted to do this. He does this to other cheerleaders from across the town. I just put the wheels in motion. Now I do have some cleaning to do.”

Reese looked at Henderson, “Coach Henderson what are you going to do about this n…man.”

“You mean this nigger?” asked Henderson.

“Yes, this uppity nigger!” Reese smiled.

“Well cunt face,” Henderson spat back at her, “I’m going to let him do what ever he wants because I’m going to fuck you face before the night is through.”

Reese went to say something but stood up instead and went to leave.

“Nope,” Budd smiled, “you’ve got something to do first.”

“W….what?” she asked nervously.

“What was it you said to me a few weeks ago?” he slowly removed his belt, “it was ‘can I suck your ass Mister Budd,’” he undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor, “’would you like me to stick my tiny pink tongue up you big black butt?’ That was it.”

“I’m not doing that,” Reese protested.

“Oh yes you fucking are,” Henderson grabbed the back of Reese’s head and kicked her in her back of the legs making her fall to her knees.

Budd turned around and opened his black butt cheeks. With a handful of blonde hair Henderson shoved Reese’s face between the cheeks. He held it there, rubbing her face up and down the black man’s arse crack.

“Can’t feel that tiny tongue.” Budd laughed, “stick it up there Reese. You fucking arse eater.”

Henderson applied pressure on to Reese’s head , her blonde hair now being touched by the black buttocks. Her face was well and truly imbedded up Budd’s arse.

“I can feel tongue,” Budd laughed again, “stick it up there! Yes! Tiny pink tongue is up my uppity nigger arse!”

Reese thought that was it, but Budd took his belt and wrapped it around his backside, holding her head firmly in place. She couldn’t move and could just about breathe and what was worse her delicate pink tongue was stuck in the black janitor’s anus.

“Right,” Budd smiled at Henderson, “you get the boys and girls together I’ve got some cleaning to do.”

He walked off, Reese strapped to his arse crawled along behind him, unable to escape. As she moved her tongue sunk deeper much to Budd’s pleasure and the head cheerleader’s discomfort.

Henderson watched the amazing sight. The hulking black janitor walking down the corridor was a blonde cheerleader in full uniform crawling on all fours behind, with her head almost literally up his arse. She slapped his legs, which made him kick back, his boot catching right on the boobs. She didn’t slap him again.

Budd dragged Reese along to the toilets. He started mopping the floor, revealing in the sensation of the stuck up blonde bitches tongue moving in his arsehole. For a moment he pressed his backside and her head against a wall pushing her tongue in a little deeper and grinding her face in his arse.

He kept this up until his dick was rock hard. He undid the belt and Reese pulled away gagging and spitting.

Without giving her time to thing I grabbed a handful of her silky blonde hair and pulled her to her feet.

“You’ve got shit all around your nose and mouth,” he told her smiling.

“I’ll have you locked up for this,” she half yelled half whimpered.

“We’d better wash you up.”

Budd pulled her by her hair to the sink, which was full of hot water and bleach. He used both his large coarse hands to shove her face into the water. To hold it for about ten seconds and then pull her out. He then used an old rag to rub her nose and mouth.

One hand still holding the back of her head by her hair he frog marched her towards one of the cubicles.

“Okay head cheerleader,” he explained, “we’re gonna have a bit of fun, just you and me. Then we’re gonna join the party in the girls locker room where we are gonna re film that little movie you girls made with me a few weeks ago. But first I’ve gotta get you ready.”

Budd sat on the toilet and forced Reese on to her knees so she was between his large black legs and her head was staring at his huge black cock.

“This,” he waved his cock in her face, “is going down there,” he pointed to her throat, “whether you like it or not.”

“I’m sorry,” she blubbered, “I really am sorry.”

“Oh you’re sorry,” Budd grinned his white teeth a contrast to his chocolate brown skin, “sorry you humiliated me with your other cuntleaders, sorry you called me a nigger? Sorry you joked about, what was it, coon cum?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” tears streamed down Reese’s beautiful face, “sorry about all that. I like people like you.”

“People like what?” Budd took hold of her hair in both hands.

“Black…..afro American people…” she tried to smile.

“You fucking liar.”

“I do,” she sniffed, “don’t make me swallow that.”

“You’re gonna do it because you have to.” He started stroking her hair.

“I’ll be a good girl.” She was getting desperate.

“You’re a bitch.”

“I’m a bitch.” She replied.

“Bark for me bitch.”

Reese composed herself and said, “Woof, woof,woof.”

Budd laughed and shook her head by her hair making she squeal in pain.

“Bitches don’t go woof. You’re one of those little yappy dogs. Those little fucking rich spoilt dogs.”

Reese winced as he shook her head again.

“Yip!” she squealed, “yip, yip, yip!”

“Good bitch. Do you want a bone?” Budd was laughing as he spoke.

“Yip!” Reese pleaded.

“Yep?” Budd pulled her closer so his hard cock touched her chin, he rubbed her face against his prick, “okay you’re gonna have to get your mouth all wet because you’re gonna have to have something to help my cock slide all the way down into your throat. So I want you to make all the saliva in your mouth come to your lips bitch. Do it!”

Reese tried but she seemed to be all out of saliva. A few bubbles of spit came out of her lips, but Budd thought it wasn’t enough.

“Okay,” he grabbed her chin and still held her hair roughly, “I’ll help.” He tilted her head up, “Open wide.”

Reese didn’t know what he was going to do, but he wasn’t in a position to shove his horrid black cock in her mouth. He was leaning over her. She opened her mouth slowly. Quickly he had one hand on her top jaw and the other on her bottom pulling her mouth wide open. She tried to bite down but he was too strong.

Reese heard him grunt, snort, and then spit. She felt his mucus and saliva hit the back of her mouth. He spat in the cheerleader’s mouth three more times.

He let her mouth go, not before seeing how far he could stretch it without breaking her jaw. Both hands gripped her blonde hair again and slapped her face across his thick black prick.

“Don’t swallow it,” he said, “keep it in your mouth, you’ll thank me in the long run bitch.”

Reese looked at him with her huge baby blue eyes, pleading with him not to fuck her throat. He rubbed the sticky head of his cock across her nose, slapped it on her forehead and pressed it against her lips.

“Okay Reese,” Budd said, “open your head cheerleader lips and suck my cock.”

Reese didn’t open her mouth. Budd roughly grabbed the back of her head pulling her forward so her lips opened against the mushroom head, the piss slit touching her white teeth.

“Okay cunt,” he sneered and slapped her hard around the face with his free hand.

She jolted but his other hand kept her face in line with his cock. He cheek smarted and a red hand mark appeared on her pink flesh. He slapped her again, harder, making her head rattle and her mouth gasp. As her lips parted he shoved his prick in. He held it in her mouth, he felt her teeth touch his prick so he said, “Bite me and I’ll beat you black and blue.”

This seemed to do the trick. He felt his cock laying on her tongue.

“Suck,” he commanded.

Reese wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and started sucking on it. She wasn’t sure how to suck it so she just did what came natural. Her tongue rubbed the underside of his swollen knob head as she sucked.

“Right,” Budd held her head still, “use that pink tongue of yours to find the cock lips and I want you to rub your tongue up and down the cock lips.”

Reese winced as she rolled her tongue around his smooth salty dick head until she found the piss slit. She licked up and down it making Budd groan with delight.

“That’s it baby,” he moved his hips so his cock slid around her already full mouth, “lick it, lick it you little cock licker.”

Budd gripped the side of her head, holding her ears and silky blonde hair. He started to fuck his thick black cock in and out of her rubbery lips. This was what he had waited for, to fuck Reese Connor’s stuck up face, to make her gag on his cock.

He got faster and she started to struggle. He held her, so his prick flew in and out of mouth, saliva and foam bubbling from her perfect pouting red lips as his thick black meat rammed in between them.

He yanked her head back and forth as he fucked his cock edging closer and closer to the back of the blonde cheerleader’s mouth and down her tight throat.

“My cock head is big,” he told her as he fucked her face, “so if you’ve got a tiny throat it might get caught down there. A nigger cock trapped in a blonde Arian teenage cheerleaders throat. Thing of what they’d say in emergency as they tried to remove my big black dick out of you tiny pink throat.”

He lunged forward feeling his dick ram into Reese’s throat. She felt his thick pipe of cock block up her gullet. His hands pressed her face hard against his crutch, but he still had a good two inches to ram in. Reese started to gag, her throat convulsing trying to swallow the invading black meat. Her mouth filled with saliva as it tried to digest the hard cock stuffed in her wide-open mouth.
Budd held the back of her head with one hand and pinched her tiny turned up nose closed with his thumb and forefinger. He heard her choke around his invading cock. He then started to skull fuck her violently. Ramming his prick in and out of her gullet as hard as he could, ignoring her loud squealing gags. Reese’s first throat fuck was violent and relentless. Budd almost tore her hair out ramming her face on and off his cock until the last two inches were buried in her red, tear stained face and his balls were crammed up against her teeth.

After a good two minutes of throat fucking he pulled his cock out with some effort. His prick head was larger than the opening of her throat, getting it in was easier than pulling it out. Eventually there was a popping sound and a torrent of foam and liquid spewed from Reese’s lips as Budd removed his large wet cock from her mouth.

“We’d better clean you up and try that again.”

“No,” she choked, “please don’t.”

Budd slapped his stained prick right on her nose and grabbed her face, squeezing her lips together, then without any warning he slapped her hard around the face and shoved his cock in her mouth again, ramming it all the way down her throat.

“Get it right in there!” he held her head by her blonde hair fucking his cock in and out of her wet lips, “Put it in your throat again! Choke down that black meat!”

Reese’s throat convulsed around the invading black cock. The bulbous head seemed to expand as it entered her throat, the thick shaft stretching her gullet. She closed her eyes tight as her nose pressed against the janitor’s pubic hair, his twitching cock felt like it was about to go right down into her stomach. She gagged and choked as he pulled her face out of his lap, his prick almost left her lips, she gulped for air as he shoved her head back down, the cock sliding into her mouth, the prick head punching down into the back of her throat. He held her head in his crutch for a while then yanked her off, let her spit out foam and saliva, gasp for air, then he slammed his thick black cock back into the blonde head cheerleaders expanding throat.

“Fucking eat it cunt!” he yelled at her as he held her face pressed against the root of his cock.

As he yanked her off, he laughed at her abused tear stained face, saliva and goo spewing from her mouth. A string of saliva from the back of her throat connected to the piss slit of his enormous cock.

“You look a fucking mess Reese!” he laughed, “you look hungry? Want some more dark meat!” As he forced his cock into her mouth again he said, “eat it all up, take it right down, my you are a hungry girl your swallowing it whole!”

The coach watched Budd abused Reese throat, his prick was pressing hard against his trousers as he watched the huge black janitor pull the girl up by her beautiful blonde hair. Budd nodded to the coach. Henderson didn’t need a second invitation, he tore off his pants and went over.

Budd handed Reese’s hair to the coach who took hold of it and took up the janitor’s position on the toilet, his thick pink cock wasn’t as big as Budd’s but he still wanted it in the cheerleader’s throat.

“She’s fucked,” Budd smiled, “starved of oxygen she doesn’t know which way is up.”

Henderson slapped Reese around the face and pressed his red cock head against her full red lips, “White meat time bitch!” He held the side of her head and started fucking her mouth on and off his cock, “Fuck it, cockeater!”

Reese knew the coach was now fucking her face, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Weakly she brought he hands up but Budd said, “No you don’t!” He took her hands and held them behind her back.

Henderson was now skull fucking her as hard as he could. His cock slamming in and out of her throat, gagging her and making sweet squealing noises as his meat pipe slammed in and out of her tight hole. Suddenly he grunted and stiffened. His cock was deep in her throat as it started to cum. Thick hot spunk spat into Reese’s unresisting throat. Henderson held her face against his crutch, “Swallow it!” he cried, “Swallow it or you’ll choke!”

Reese swallowed as best she could the thick hot cum.

“Swallow it all!” Henderson yelled gripping the top of her head with one hand and slowly pulling his cock out of first her throat, then her mouth, he left it between her lips letting her lick the last of his dripping spunk, “Good girl.”

Henderson took a handful of Reese’s silky blonde hair and pulled her up and over his lap.

“God,” he sighed, “I’ve always wanted to do this to you. Since you first came to the school with your tight little ass.”

To make his point the coach squeezed the cheerleader’s buttocks through her uniform. Reese gasped at his touch, some of the man’s spunk spat from her lips as he slapped his hand hard on her left buttock.

SMACK! On her right cheek. SMACK! On the left. SMACK! SMACK! Right between her legs making her buckle and squeal.

Coach Henderson spanked away at Reese’s bottom for a good five minutes, not letting up once, even though his palm was starting to smart. He whacked at her flesh through her uniform making her arse raw. He took special care to whack as hard as he could between her legs and right on her cunt making her scream with pain. After what seemed an age, he pushed her off his lap on to the toilet floor.

Before she knew what she was doing Budd grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. He wiped the sweat, saliva, spunk and other gunk from her face.

“Right cheercunt,” Budd spat into her ear, “let’s go and remake that video.”

To Be Continued

Title: The Janitor • Author: Wallace Mason ( • Published by 2000-2003