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New this week – Willow Glenn Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been reformatted and re-edited.  


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The Long and the Short of it


Excerpt - “Adrianne wasn’t quite finished and I just stood there in silence eating my pie and trying desperately not to look at her.  When she finished she got off the bar stool and took her plate behind me over to the sink and started to rinse it off.  I turned to watch.  This was the first time I had a full look at her from behind.  I believe that I actually started to tremble.  Her hair wasn’t cut straight at the bottom.  It was cut in a wedge.  The longest point was below her butt by nearly a foot.  I actually turned away because I couldn’t handle it.  That was the most erotic sight I had ever encountered.”


“Turning half way back to her, I told her that I’d take care of cleaning up.  She turned her head to look at me and as she did her motion caused a wave in her hair to start from her head and rippled all the way down.  I controlled a huge sigh as that happened.  Then I was looking at her face directly.  I swear, there is no picture that could be taken that would fully appreciate the sight I beheld.  Yes, I know this was all reptilian brain stuff, but when you are there in that space, you just don’t care.  She was so beautiful it hurt.”


Pages=124, words=58,117, file size=436k

Keywords: mf, MF, MFf, Fmf, Ffm, cons, pedo, rom, first, spank, slow, voy


Readers Rank 2 – Published 12/13/2008



It Started With Maggie - A chance meeting at a bus stop after a visit to the dentist started a chain of events that Manny never could have conceived of earlier that morning.  He had never thought of a young girl in a sexual way until he met Maggie… and while Maggie was a little bitch and a hard case on the outside – inside she was something completely different and was older than her years suggested on the inside.  Her best friend Heather, was just the opposite – all frilly, cute beyond reason, bright and cheerful and she hated wearing panties.


Keywords: Mg+, gg,  Mfgb, MfFm, Mm, Mb, MF, Fg+, interr, rom, pedo, first, oral, light ws, enema, light B&D play 


Pages=212, words=93,999, file size=757k

Readers Rank 1 – Published 7/26/2009

Virtual Reality - Playing in Dreamland – The Beginning  This story is about two happily married couples discover the joys of leaving their computers and fantasies to find happiness in the Real World of lovable, and eager teens and pre-teens.  Virtual Reality keeps intruding on them where ever they end up, but presents many possibilities in the Real World as well.  The keywords below are true, but there are many scintillating one-on-one experiences in this story.  I hope you enjoy, Playing in Dreamland.

Pages=203, words=90,746, file size=782k

Keywords: M+F+m+f+b+g+, ped, anal, cons, inc, voy, spank, ws

Readers Rank 6 – 7/26/2009


Willow Glenn - It’s the summer of 1968 – schools out, and Greg is getting a lot of sexual offers for a thirteen year old… even from his sisters.  Then he meets Meggin and is at once completely smitten and also genuinely wary of her.  She is amazingly exotic and beautiful, and smart beyond her years. 

The summer of Greg’s sexual awakening and his friends starts the first day, and it is a lovely, sometimes reflective, sometimes confusing, and troubling ride all summer long with a lot of youthful sex exploration and great joy for all.

The summer of love in San Francisco was easily duplicated in this quiet northern suburb of Chicago.

This story has been reformatted and re-edited for reader convenience. 

Part 1 – 278k – 31,199 words - 52 pages - 05-Aug-2006

Part 2 – 321k – 38,844 words - 61 pages - 12-Aug-2006

Part 3 – 370k – 41,118 words - 68 pages -  21-Aug-2006

Keywords: m+f+, m+g+, b+f+, b+g+, f+f+, f+g+, cons, Mb (non-con), inc, orgy, rom, interracial, 1st, ped, ws

Readers Rank 9- Published 12/09/2006

Reformatted and re-published 10-2010



Ferris WheelThis story is primarily a tale about Cameron, a high school senior and Mila. They both recently broke up from their respective partners that week and meet at a Carnival.  Mila is the aggressor here and quite a bit younger than Cameron, but Mila is tenacious and quite a beauty, and ropes him in quickly.  Cameron’s best friend Johnny is Italian who is very well connected.  After he learns about Cameron’s insanity in going out with a girl as young as Mila, he decides to try and derail the relationship – that is until he meets Mila’s best friend named Simi, an East-Indian beauty that is almost a year older than Mila.  When the siblings and other cousins from Mila, Simi and Cameron’s family get together, the story turns into an orgy of epic proportions.  The action and interaction between them is a fantasy that most of us, who are comfortable with this subject, would have loved to live at that age. 


Pages=208, words=130,348, file size: 1.3M, ©2004


Keywords: m+g+, f+g+,cons, fmgb, m+b+, Mgf, Fm, MF, incest, rom, ws, spank, light b&d, orgy


Readers Rank 3 – 9/27/2009

Haven - Haven was more than a location or many locations; it was an attitude and a Safe Haven for people who had specific desires that were taboo and outside of the law most anywhere in the world.


Haven was created by a very wealthy man, who experienced first hand the true terror of a young girl who was being abused.  After the experience, he studied the topic and found horror story after horror story.  He knew he couldn’t save the world, but he found a way to keep many children in a safe secure environment.  He also gave children the power of choice.  That was the most extraordinary gift he could ever provide a child. 


His philanthropy could seem questionable, because this man was also a pedosexual.  It had been a bane to carry this secret his whole life.  It was simply a part of him that he could not abate any more than he could even contemplate hurting or forcing a child into any situation that was harmful or against their will.  A simple “No,” was all it took.


So he created Haven, a safe haven for those who believed as he did, who conformed to the rules he laid down, and with very few exceptions; his philosophy worked perfectly.   Here are some their stories.


Keywords:  In general, MF, Mf, Mg, Mb, FF, Ff, Fg, Fb, ff, fg, fb, bb, gb, gg, cons, pedo – Each chapter is labeled as to its content.


Part 1 - Pages=150, words=63,252, file size= 571k


Part 2Pages=198, words=66,492, file size= 546k


Part 3Pages=203, words=98,472, file size=727k


Readers Rank 4 – Published 6/29/2008




Family Conflicted - Amanda has two lovely highly intelligent young teen daughters, and no husband.  Amanda is paranoid, and is always stressed out because she fears for her daughters’ safety.  Like a protective Lioness, she is always ready to attack every man who even just looks at them in passing.


Amanda’s sexual drive is off the scale and she has few means to soothe her desires.  She is still totally in love with her ex, but to her men are such… well sick bastards.  Her sister refuses to talk to her, her brother who she was very close to as a child lives far away, and she has few close friends.  Amanda is an emotional wreck.


Her daughters, Sara and Mandy, are not your average girls.  They love and care for each other.  They pleasure themselves, and each other, in any way they can.  They also have a lot of adventurous friends, female and even some that are male. They miss their father every day.  And despite what their mom did to their dad, they truly love her, but they know that she is exploding on the inside.

Then one day at the mall Mandy, the oldest daughter, is approached by Bryce in the food court.  At first she’s quite startled and also confused.  Shortly after the meeting her mom and Sara see Mandy with this man, and Amanda nearly goes ballistic; while Sara, the youngest, smiles at the situation.


The road to healing starts almost that day for everyone, and poor Bryce has no idea what is in store for him on this new adventure.  He does learn that no fantasy can ever match reality – and for this he is eternally grateful. 


They all learn that Genetics is a very powerful force to contend with.


Keywords: MF, Mf+, Ff, MFf+, slow start, cons, rom, pedo, incest, voy


Pages=205, words=86,661, file size=884k


Published April 16, 2010



Short Stories Under 20 pages



Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Jorge



This is my first man/boy story.  Set in the early 1980’s, it’s a story of a straight guy that stumbles upon some boy/boy – man/boy magazines in a sex shop and finds himself mysteriously turned-on by the photos. 


Brian had forgotten about being picked-up by a stranger when he was hitchhiking.  He was 12.  The stranger took him to a remote parking lot and blew him as he fingered his prostrate.   It was the best orgasm he’d ever had.  Thinking he could recreate the experience with a dildo, he asks the store clerk if they have smaller dildo’s than what was on the shelf.



“…He plopped the dongs on the counter and said, “How are these?”


Sheepishly I said, “One is kind of small and the other looks a bit large – you have anything in between them?”


He leaned in close to me with sort of a rye smile on his face and he said, “Literally hundreds of them… well actually this time of day may only fifty or so.  Tip me 25 Gulden and I’ll tell you where they are.”


He saw the puzzlement on my face and said, “They’re not plastic… they’re real… and they are attached to boys that prostitute themselves.”


Keywords: M(reluctant), m(13), pedo, anal, oral, gay, cons

Pages=15, Words=7,796, file size: 26k


Published 7/13/10





A Little Diddle

A Short Story

NEW – September 16, 2010




With 43 family members seated at a family dinner little Lisa decides to get off with the help of her uncle as everyone is in the room, seated at the table.


Keywords: Mg, pedo, fondling

Story contains: 10 pages, 20k words


Published 9/16/2010




A Maxfield Parrish MorningA humorous and sexy tale of an early morning flight from Sacramento to San Jose California, puts two people together who really want to get it on… and they do, in the cramped Lavatory of a Boeing 737.


Keywords: MF, intercourse, oral, impromptu, cons.  Pages=6, words=3,053, file size: 22k


Published 12/09/2006



Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Sari



This is the second story of Spring in Amsterdam


Both Brian and Jorge are really in need of female companionship.  This one brings together Sari, a long-haired Indonesian beauty and Leona.  Leona, who likes to be called Lenie; wears her short hair in butch cut, but is too damn pretty to not look like a girl.  But Leona is a secret love of Jorge’s.  Try as he has for months he still can’t get her into bed.  Leona is a hard-case, and pisses off Brian at their first meeting.   There are some harsh realities for both Leona and Brian to sort out, but with Jorge’s persistence and Brian’s help, he gets Leona and Jorge together as he enjoys the pleasures of Sari.




“So, do you want me to find a girl for us?”


“For us?” I asked.


“If you don’t mind… shit… here’s the deal.  There is this one girl I really like, and I think she likes me, but she never gives it away for free.  We hang out all the time together, but that’s pretty much it.  I’ve tried lots of time, but for some reason she won’t have sex with the boys who are… in the business.  So I figured… even if I pay for it, you could hire her to do me so you could watch.  Oh, and she has a girlfriend that I think would be perfect for you.  They travel mostly as a pair - more for safety than anything else.  You’ve been really nice to me and I hate to ask, but it might be cool for you to watch anyway.” As he spoke, his eyes were pleading with me and his voice was trying to remain very cool sounding, but for someone so young, he was an amazing negotiator.  He was a combination of a real boy with all the emotions and feelings that happen at puberty, and a street wise businessman, and very smart to boot.


“So, what you’re saying here is that you want me to pimp for you, but the pimp pays for the date.  Did I get that right?”


“Well yea, except that the John pay’s the pimp back after the date.”


I looked real seriously, almost harshly for as long as I could and then I just busted up laughing.  This situation was beyond bizarre.  I was in the twilight zone.  Jorge broke up to and said, “Yea… this is really one fucked up world Brian, but that’s kinda cool too when you think about it.”


Keywords: M, f+(13), mf(13) pedo, oral, cons, rom, slow start

Story length:  17 pages, 8,301 Words


Published  July 26, 2010



Spring in Amsterdam - Ménage á Trios + 1


This is the third and final story of Spring in Amsterdam


Leona is very happy, but mildly pissed that Brian got her and Jorge together sexually.  She goes back to the hotel to thank Brian for helping her do what she really wanted to do but wouldn’t - in her own special way.  Along the way she picks up Heidi who got tossed out of her house for the night.  Its pouring rain and they both head to the hotel.




I walked out of the bathroom naked and was then startled.  Leona (aka Lenie) had entered the room sometime after I’d started the shower.  That wasn’t the problem as Lenie had already seen me naked.  It was another girl, a smaller one who was with her that hadn’t.


“Hi Brian,” Leona said. 


For whatever reason I froze in-place and looked at her questioningly,  Ahhh… I knew you were coming back later, but… oh shit Lenie.  Give me a minute,” I said nearly running off to my bedroom as I heard girl giggles from the other room as I closed the bedroom door.


I took a deep breath and wondered what was going on when Lenie knocked on the door.  “Can I come in Brian… please?”


“Yea, I guess,” I said.


She walked in with a smirk on her face holding back her laughter as I said, “It’s not funny, Leona!”


“Oh yes it was.  You should have seen the look on your face.  It was priceless.  Heidi thought so too.  She said you were handsome.”


“So who is Heidi, and more to the point what is she doing here?”


“It’s a long story, but she got tossed out of her house tonight.  Jorge and a bunch of us know her and she’s a really good kid.  I couldn’t let her spend the night outside, so I… wait a second.  I was heading here when I ran across her.  It was starting to rain, so I just brought her with me.  Please say its okay Brian… please?” 


“My god Lenie… how old is she?  She looks like she’s eight or younger.”


“She’s almost ten, I think.  And don’t worry, she knows what we do, and sometimes she does it too for some extra money.  Not everything, but she’s not at all naïve…”


Keywords: Mmfg, bi, hetro, pedo, oral, anal, cons

Story length:  19 pages, 9,200 Words

Published July 30, 2010







Hot In Houston - Two siblings after their mothers divorce, and a move from California to Texas find solace in each other on a very hot day in the summer.  This story gets much hotter after Billy finds his sister nude in the kitchen – just trying to stay cool.


Keywords: bg, first, inc, rom. 

Pages=15, words=6,463, file size=55k

Published 6/22/2008



Etched Memories - Her overpowering scent filled him with a lust he hadn’t enjoyed in thirty years.  Excerpt: “…The warm droplets of accumulated sweat would merge together and stream down her exposed flesh.  Her skin being free to the elements was rare and unmistakably sensual to her.  She blamed herself for wearing a thong.  Had she not, the fabric would not have absorbed the sweat running down from her stomach.  It would have continued further gliding over her pubic arch and then finding her cleft following the ridges and valleys over her clit tickling her in delight…” 


Keywords: Non-Fiction, MF, lust, no-sex.

Pages=6, Words=3,228, file size: 28k


Published 8/13/08



A Maxfield Parrish MorningA humorous and sexy tale of an early morning flight from Sacramento to San Jose California, puts two people together who really want to get it on… and they do, in the cramped Lavatory of a Boeing 737.


Keywords: MF, intercourse, oral, impromptu, cons.  Pages=6, words=3,053, file size: 22k


Published 12/09/2006





The Boy on the Pedestal A sexy dream sequence of a man in a museum of sculpture; and the live human figures on display. While there are many human sculptures, he seems frozen to this single boy standing on top of a Grecian marble pedestal.  He can’t see other statues, or onlookers, just this boy.  Then the boy starts smiling at him.


Keywords: Mb(t?), oral, cons, dream.

Pages=3, words=1,811, file size=13k


Published 8/16/2009


Late Morning Adventure - Lou has never been late for work… ever.  But this morning he is.  Taking the train down town he meets some new young riders.  They have other agenda’s on their mind then work or school.  Lou is going to have himself a very troubled but fantastic, Late Morning Adventure.


Keywords: Mg, fondle, public, cons.

Pages=6, words=3,326, file size:22k 


Published 12/01/2007



Blackout Jeff has agreed to care for Charlie, his best friend, college roommate, and boss’s young daughter for the evening while he entertains business guests.  Charlie is a flirt, and loves to tease Jeff.  She gets her chance to do a lot more when the power goes off and the Private Elevator they are riding in comes to a halt.


Pages=16, words 10,596, size 69k

Keywords: Mg, pedo, cons


Published 12/09/2006





In Her Memory- This posting was not written by me, but remains one of my favorite short stories.  Written nearly sixteen years ago; I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on-line, and so I present it here for your enjoyment.


An excerpt: “His cock hardens in memorandum, and it cannot help but remind him of the soft younger version of Her sleeping in the upstairs bedroom with the smaller one that She had always said looked a lot like him, if he'd been a girl of course.”


Copyrights from this story allow postings on not-for-profit web sites.


Keywords: Mg, pedo, inc,

Pages=8, words=2,166, file size=19k


Published 2/28/2009













Mid-size Stories - 30 to 90 pages


A Rationalization - The situations that life presents us with can radically alter our most fundamentally deep convictions.  Such is the case that Mason finds himself in as he goes off to a boys’ summer camp for two weeks.  Mason is full-blooded heterosexual, but Mason is also filled with a strong - mind consuming sex drive that is hard enough to control at home, but consumes him at camp.  As each day passes at camp, Mason’s frustration worsens until one night when he is ready to burst.  That night he meets a boy named Tristan whose sexual drives match Mason’s.  Tristan is bi-sexual, but is drawn to gay sex for many reasons.  That night Tristan provides Mason with a simple but compelling rationalization for having sex with a boy.   After a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying evening, Mason and Tristan become very close friends.


Authors Note


While this story is complete, a Part Two will be posted if there is enough interest in this story.  That will be decided based on feedback from readers. 


Keywords: m(13)+, oral, anal: References to mf, mg, incest, anal, oral


Story contains: 54 pages, and 26k words

Published September 9, 2010


A Rationalization - Part 2

An Unexpected HomecumingAs Mason returned home from camp, his best buddy and little brother ended up staying at his house for the weekend.  On Saturday morning some things are going on in his bed that was totally unreal.  While he thought that it would be real trouble for him to involve his best friend with his new acceptance of boys, he’d find out that was not the case.


Keywords: mmb, incest, anal, oral


Story contains – 21 pages, 9,196 words, file size

Published September 22, 2010


A Rationalization – Part 3

New Neighbors


Tristan and his family move in across the street much to Mason’s surprise.  Now instead of one girl living there – there are two, and both are eager to meet Mason and his friends, and Tristan gets some new company as well.  Then there is Tristan’s mom who gets some MILF action from Mason’s best friend Chad.  Ten year old Tina thinks Chad’s a real hunk, but he’s really too old for her and is disappointed until she meets Lucas, Chad’s little brother who looks remarkably like Chad. 


Keywords: Fmm(13)bi, mf, bg, bF, incest, oral, anal, rom, first

Story contains – 47 pages, 20,825 words, file size, 181k


Published October 1, 2010


My Godfather - Abby, and Misty are adopted by their very handsome and single godfather after their parents are killed. They move into a new house, and hire Peggy, as their nanny. Nine months later they all go to Tahiti for spring break. The girls meat up with a large naturalist family from Brussels, and that’s where the fun, and life changes for everyone begin.


Pages=88, words=48,999, file size=469k

Keywords: MF, Mg+, Fg+, MFg+, mg, b+g, bfg, fist, pedo, first, cons


Readers Rank 7 – Published 8/19/2007



Misty’s DreamA precocious 11 year old spies on the bachelor next store when he has ‘company’ over as they have sex.  She fantasizes about seducing him, and talks her girlfriend into joining in. Set in the Village and SOHO areas of Manhatten.


Pages=85, Words= 42,508, file size= 285k


Keywords: Mg+, mg, pedo, 1st, voy, light spank


Published 7/26/2009



A Bad Drunk & Amy - Finally his breakup of months ago caught up with him – so that evening he got totally drunk spilling his emotions over the failed relationship.  His buddies left him at the bar and as he stumbled and crawled to get home, a young lady was getting attacked at a construction site.  He went to help.  That’s all he remembered after the lights went out.  When he woke up the next morning, in his bed, he was in absolute anguish.  Awhile later he heard her say, “Hi… I’m Jamie.”


Keywords: Mf(~15), first, cons, rom, mast


Pages=30, Words=13,805, file size 96k


Published 4/19/2009



Weekend at Uncle Bucks - Set in Michigan two families managing 9 kids from 8 to 13 and 6 other kids 11-13 and 6 adults get together for a wild fun filled weekend in the summer.


Part 1Pages=17, words=10,271, file size=85k – Published 4/29/2006

Keywords:  M+g+, F+g+, F+m, f+f+, b+g+, g+g+, m+b+, inc, pedo, anal
Part 2 - Pages=32, Words=19185 – Published 4/29/2006

Keywords:  M+g+, F+g+, F+m, f+f+, b+g+, g+g+, m+b+, inc, pedo, anal


Readers Rank 10 – Published 12-09/2006