Once and Future Lovers, Part 1
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story that's been percolating in my head, in some form or another, for about four years. Based on some real people, and some real events, but it's more fiction than fact. Still, if "Christine" reads this, she'll probably recognize it. Hi babe!! :)

DISCLAIMER: Don't read if you're under eighteen, or if the laws in your very repressive jurisdiction would suggest that you not read smutty stories such as this one.

"Edward Martin, checking in."

Ed shifted his laptop case to his right shoulder while the desk clerk looked up his reservation. Ed was standing in the lobby of a Marriott hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. After spending ten hours on two different airplanes and in three different airports in three different time zones, it was nearly 10:00 PM. All he wanted to do was get to his room, take a hot shower to wash off the travel grime, and get some sleep before the convention started tomorrow morning.

"Please sign here, Mr. Martin. You'll be in room 816. Elevators are over there," the clerk said, pointing to Ed's left. "Did you need any assistance with your bags?"

"No, I've got 'em."

Ed signed the slip, took the proferred room key, and turned away from the desk, heading for the elevators.

And nearly ran head-on into a very familiar-looking blonde.

"Eddie? Eddie Martin?" she asked, a smile lighting up her face. It was the smile that triggered Ed's memory.

"Christine Edwards? Chrissy???" Ed exclaimed incredulously. "How the hell are you?" he asked, releasing the handle on his pullman suitcase and enveloping Chrissy in a bear hug.

She responded, hugging him back. "I'm fine," she said, as they moved out of their embrace. "It's great to see you -- oh, but it's actually Christine *Frasier* now," she said, holding up her left hand to show off the gold and diamond wedding band.

"Oh, congratulations," Ed said, holding up his own left hand. "Me too, actually. Six years next month. How about you?"

"Four years."

"That's great, Chrissy. Damn, you look great," Ed said, looking her up and down. And, she really did, she looked just as great as Ed remembered from the last time he saw her, 11 years ago.

*Of course, that time, she was 17 years old and naked,* Ed thought to himself. But, even with clothes on, and more than a decade later, Chrissy was still gorgeous. She stood about 5'5" in her black heels, her slim legs accentuated by charcoal stockings underneath a black skirt. Her waist still flared in nicely, and her ample breasts looked delectable inside the tight polo she was wearing.

*About 34C's, if I remember right,* Ed mused.

His gaze wandered back up to her face, still framed with a tousled mop of blonde curls, wavier now than when they were in high school. Her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled at him.

"Quit checking me out, you lech. You're married," she said, laughing and punching him on the shoulder.

"You never used to mind, as I recall," Ed said, smiling back at her, causing a blush to spread up Chrissy's neck and to her face. "Anyway, what brings you here?"

"Health and fitness convention," Chrissy replied. "I work as a sports therapist in Atlanta, so I drove up here for the weekend. What about you?"

"Computer convention. I work for a company out in San Francisco that makes network security software, and so I've got to man a booth at the TechWorld show for the next four days."

"Ah," Chrissy smiled. "You always were the computer geek."

"Some things never change. Is your show down at the convention center? Maybe we can share a cab in the morning."

Chrissy shook her head. "No, mine's right here at the Marriott."

"Gotcha. I would absolutely love to catch up with you some more, but I gotta tell you Chris -- I'm bushed. I've been travelling since 8:30 this morning, spent three hours waiting in St. Louis for a replacement tire on a 747, then had to sit in Charlotte airport for an hour waiting for my luggage to show."

Chrissy smiled. "I understand, I'm pretty whipped myself, and I need to go call Mike, check on Billy. Six hour drive to get here from Atlanta. You want to do breakfast in the morning?"

"Love to. How about 8:00 here in the hotel?"

After agreeing on breakfast plans, Ed and Chris headed their separate ways. In his room, after taking a hot shower and calling his wife for a few minutes, Ed pulled back the covers on the bed and climbed in, fully intending to sack out.

But, he couldn't sleep, and he knew exactly why. After seeing Chrissy, he was too damn horny.

Shucking off his boxers, he started stroking his erect cock, thinking about the last time he had seen Chrissy Edwards.

August, 1992
Atlanta, Georgia

"Eddie, I just think it's for the best."

Ed Martin couldn't believe it. When his girlfriend Chrissy Edwards had said on the phone she had something important to discuss with him, he thought for sure he knew what it was. *She's finally ready to have sex with me,* he thought on the drive over to her house.

Ed and Chris had been dating for over two years, since just after Ed's sophomore year. Now, with Ed graduated and off to Stanford in less than a week, and Chrissy still with one year of high school left, Ed thought for sure she'd give him her virginity as a going-away present.

Instead, she was breaking up with him.

"Why, Chris? Don't you love me like you said you did?"

"Oh, Eddie, of course I love you," she said, tears in her eyes. "That's why I think we have to do this. It's not fair for me to expect you to stay faithful to me, a high school kid who won't even have sex with you. You're going to be 3000 miles away, meeting college girls, and that's what college is supposed to be for."

Ed frowned. "Chris, you know I'm satisfied with our -- with what we do with each other," he said, blushing, and it was mostly true. Though Chrissy insisted that intercourse had to be saved for marriage, they had ended many a night of making out with mutual masturbation. Eddie had even convinced Chrissy to let him go down on her a couple of times, though she hadn't done the same for him.

"I know, Eddie, and it's sweet of you to say that. But deep down, I think you know I'm right -- I think you know you want something that I can't give you."

After discussing it for nearly an hour, alternately crying and laughing, Ed and Chris came to the same conclusion -- namely, that she was right. *She's mature beyond her age,* Ed realized.

"I'll always love you, Eddie Martin," Chris said, as they hugged each other tightly. Without even consciously thinking about, Ed started kissing along her neck, below her ear -- one of Chrissy's most erogenous spots.

"Oooooohh," she moaned into his ear. "I think we've done enough talking," she said. Pushing him into a reclining position on the couch, she swung a leg over Ed's lap and straddled him, her denim-clad crotch pushing into Ed's own, his stiffening cock pressing against his shorts.

They kissed frantically, Chrissy humping her hips against Ed, feeling the crotch of her panties get moist. He pulled her T-shirt off over her head, revealing her naked and firm breasts. He moved his head to her chest, suckling each of her hard nipples into his mouth, causing her to moan even louder.

"Oh...oh God Eddie, it's so good," she gasped, humping herself harder against him. Ed moaned her name around her nipple, his cock hard as steel against his undershorts.

"Oh Eddie, I'm close....but I--I need--"

"What, Chrissy baby -- what do you need?"

"I need to feel you touching me."

"I *am* touching you, Chrissy baby," Ed said, squeezing her tits for emphasis.

"No no," she said, climbing off him and standing before him. "I need to feel you touching me *everywhere,* she said, shucking her shorts and panties down, standing before him naked. Her soft downy bush was damp, and her pussy lips were swollen pink and evident.

"Oh-hhh," Ed said, finally getting it as she reached for the button on his shorts. "But Chris -- I mean not that I don't want to -- but isn't it kind of dangerous?"

Chris shook her head. "Not very," she said, as she pulled his shorts and boxers down his legs and off. "I'm at a relatively safe time of the month right now, and besides, you won't be coming inside me. But I fully expect you to be coming near me," she said, smiling at him and straddling him once again.

She slid her pussy right up against his cock, and they both moaned with the new, unexpected feeling. "Oh God, Chris," Ed moaned. "You're so wet, so hot."

Chrissy rotated her hips, pressing her clit against his shaft. "Oh Eddie, God you're so hard, feels so good."

She humped against him faster, his hands gripping her ass to help her along, his mouth once again fastened to her nipple.

"Oh oh oh," they moaned together, Chrissy's pussy getting hotter and wetter against Ed's cock. Her juices coated his shaft, mixing with his own pre-cum, causing them to slide even faster against each other.

"Ohhhh Chrissy baby -- I'm gonna cum," Ed said, grabbing her ass tighter. Christine felt her own orgasm building to a climax when suddenly Ed pulled her even tighter against his cock, thrusting his hips off the couch.

"Agghhhhhhhhhh," Ed cried out as his dick spasmed in orgasm, shooting thick ropes of cum onto Chrissy pubis and lower belly. The extra stimulation of his cock pulsing against her clit was enough to push Chrissy over the edge, and she cried out Ed's name as her entire body stiffened in climax, her pussy gushing onto Ed's dick.

"Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod," was all Chrissy could say, collapsing against Ed on the couch.

Once again, Ed Martin was nearing orgasm, this time by himself in a North Carolina hotel room.

"Oh Chrissy," he cried out, his right hand moving up and down faster and faster on his cock. "Unnghh ungghhhh ahhhh!" he exclaimed, his cock pulsing and shooting his spunk all over his stomach and chest.

Ed exhaled forcefully as the effects of his orgasm slowly wore off. *That was the hardest I've cum in a lonnngggggg time from whacking off,* he realized.


The next morning, Ed was in the hotel's coffee shop -- a Starbucks, of course -- reading the newspaper.

"Good morning, handsome," came Chrissy's voice from behind. Ed smiled and swiveled in his chair to face her. "Good morning yourself," he said, again unable to stop himself from checking her out, head to toe.

Today, she was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans that hugged her legs quite nicely. Open-toed sandals showed off her purple toenails. Above the waist, she wore a lavender blouse with just enough of a scoop neck to show off some cleavage, accented nicely by the gold chain resting above her chest.

"Sleep well? You look great."

Again, that blush crept up Chrissy's neck. "Thanks, Ed. It feels nice to be able to wear regular clothes on a Friday morning, instead of the plain white scrubs I wear to the rehab center every day."

After grabbing a coffee and a pastry from the counter, Chrissy returned and joined Ed at the table. "So, Eddie, catch me up -- what's happened in the 11 years and one month since I've seen you last?"

"Well, you know about Stanford, of course. Finished there, then started working at a small software company. Six months in, the dot-com bubble goes boom, and I find myself out of a job. So I headed back to school, at UC-San Fran, borrowed money from the government, and started working on my master's degree. Not only did I get the master's degree, I met Donna there too," he said, smiling.

"Your wife, I assume," Chrissy said, smiling back. "Six years you said, right?"

"Exactly. We met in a little deli across the street from UCSF -- she was getting her masters in education at the time -- started dating, and got married in Vegas about four months later."

"Wow! That was quick," Chrissy said.

"Yeah." Ed paused, sighing. "Look, I can be honest with you, of all people. Donna was the first person that I dated -- I mean, more than one or two dates -- after you. She was the first person I let get close to my heart the way -- well, the way you did," Ed finished, blushing. "Hell, maybe I shouldn't have said that."

Chrissy smiled a little sadly and looked at him. "It's not a problem, Ed. Not like you're going to offend me. But why did it take you so many years to feel comfortable with someone again?"

"Ah, Chris, we probably shouldn't dig up this ancient history," Ed said, shifting in his seat. Chris said nothing, just kept looking at him with those impossibly blue eyes, so he continued. "You know what happened at the end of my freshman year, when you were mad because I wasn't coming home for the summer, and I was mad because you made it clear you had no intention of EVER leaving Georgia, I was fed up with women, and hurt, and scared, and whatever. It took me a while to get over that. Casual relationships were easier."

Chris nodded, again a little sadly. "I think I know what you mean."

"Do you?"

"Mm hmm. My first year at UGA, I was pretty much a hermit, as far as guys were concerned. I'd go out dancing with the girls, but be the one to hold everyone's purses while they danced with guys, made out with guys, went home with guys. I had a social life -- football games, parties, sorority stuff -- but no dating life."

"By my sophomore year," she continued, "I had pretty much realized that I needed to get over you, only I didn't know how to do that. Really, I don't think I made the best choice."

"And what choice was that?" Ed asked, curious. When Chris made no answer, just picked at her cinnamon roll, Ed prompted her again. "Chris?"

"Oh, for lack of a better term, I -- well, I slept my way through half of the dorm I was living in. A new guy every week, pretty much. OK, that's an exaggeration, but not by a hell of a lot." She was talking fast, the way she always did when nervous.

Ed was just looking at her, an unreadable expression on his face.

"Oh Eddie, you're hurt, aren't you? What an idiot I was. Here I spent two years turning you away, then turn into the campus slut in Athens."

Eddie shook his head. "No, no. Chris, don't call yourself that. We were different people -- time changed us, college changed us. In high school, I never thought saving sex for marriage was a bad idea, though college claimed my virginity as well," he said, smiling.

Chris grinned and winked at him. "How was it?"

He blushed, but grinned back. "It was....worth the wait. But it wasn't nearly as exciting as that first time with you, even though we didn't actually have sex."

Chris nodded. "I know what you mean."

Ed and Christine made plans to meet again for breakfast the following morning, and Ed headed to the lobby to catch the shuttle down to the convention center. Chrissy's first set of meetings didn't start for another hour, so she headed back upstairs to her room, intending to watch some daytime TV or something.

Instead, ten minutes later she was naked and spread-eagled on the crisp white sheets of her hotel bed, fingers buried in her soaking pussy as she thought about that first time with Eddie.

July, 1990
Atlanta, Georgia

Christine Edwards looked at her reflection excitedly. The 15-year-old was dressed only in a pink bra and matching panties. Both the bra and panties were trimmed in white see-through lace, so that the tops of her nipples and the edge of her soft blonde pubic hair was visible.

*Eddie is going to love this,* she thought, though she doubted he'd get to see the panties. Chrissy's parents were out of town for the weekend, and Eddie was coming over with a pizza and some movies.

Chrissy and Eddie had been going out for two months now, and this would be the first time they really had a chance to be alone. So far, the furthest they had gone was to make out in the back seat of Eddie's car. One night last week, Chrissy was pretty sure Eddie had an orgasm inside his jeans, from rubbing against her leg, but he didn't talk about it.

Chrissy's parents had no idea she even had a boyfriend -- if they did, they would have dragged her along to Memphis to visit the cousins. And, while she wasn't going to sleep with Eddie -- sex was for marriage only -- she was fully intending to let him get his eyes -- and his hands -- on this bra tonight!!

Later, Chrissy and Ed sat almost on top of each other on the big sofa in her family room, pizza gone, the VCR whirring quietly as the last few minutes of "Tango & Cash" played on the TV screen.

Not that either of them were watching TV. Instead, they were making out furiously, Chrissy's shirt flung haphazardly across the end table, Eddie's shirt crumpled on the floor. His hand was inside her bra, Eddie reveling in his first contact with Chrissy's breast, Chrissy moaning into his mouth from the contact. Her hands were on his chest, idly working the sparse hairs there.

Eddie moved his hands to the clasp on Chrissy's bra -- *Thank God it's in the front, he thought.* When she made no move to stop him, he unclasped her bra, pushing the cups to the side and off her breasts. He broke their kiss for a moment to stare down at her chest, his jaw dropping.

Chrissy's blush started at her chest and worked its way up to her face as Eddie stared at her boobs, her tiny pink nipples hard as rocks. When Eddie moved his head down and started tentatively licking at her right nipple, Chris thought she might pass out.

"Yessss, Eddie," she hissed.

Eddie smiled and kept moving his tongue around in circles around her nipple, then switched to the other one, fastening his lips and suckling gently. His cock was so hard inside his jeans he thought the seams might burst.

Chrissy was clutching at the back of Eddie's head, her fingers running through his hair as he continued nibbling and licking at her nips. She felt his hand start to slide dowm her flat belly, and giggled a little as he tickled her.

She stopped giggling when she felt him unsnap her shorts.

"Eddie, no." She put her hand on his. "I can't."

Eddie looked up at her, breathing heavily. "I know, Chris. I'm not going to do -- I'm not going to do THAT. I just want to make you feel good."

"I don't know, Eddie..."

"Please, Chrissy. Just your shorts. I'll leave your panties on if you want."

Chrissy looked at him, then nodded, biting her lower lip. Eddie smiled a huge grin at her as he unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. Chrissy lifted her ass up off the couch so he could slide the shorts off.

Eddie stared at her skimpy underwear, his jaw dropping. She looked so much better than anything he had seen in Penthouse or on "Skin-a-max."

Moving his head back to her chest, he slid his hand over the silky material of her panties, surprised to find that they were slightly damp. He slid his hand lower, over her pubic mound, dipping between her thighs.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Slow, Eddie....please....so sensitive."

He nodded, massaging her panties in slow circles, kissing on her chest and neck. It wasn't long before she was starting to hump back against his hand, slightly, her hips coming up off the couch. Eddie took this as a sign to increase the pressure of his hand against her pussy, and she moaned his name.

Eddie pressed two fingers against her, as Chrissy humped his hand furiously. He could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy even through her panties, and could feel a dampness spreading in his own undershorts.

Chrissy's breath was coming in short punctuated gasps now. "Oh Eddie....oh so good....oh Eddie, kiss me!!"

Eddie did as ordered, moving his mouth over her own, their tongues dancing furiously. Chrissy's hips were practically bouncing off the couch now, as Eddie moved his hand faster and faster on her pussy, trying to keep up the rhythm.

It was when he moved his other hand to her chest, tweaking a nipple, that he felt her stiffen, and she tore her mouth away from his. "Oh Eddie....Oh Eddie....ohgodohgodohgodohdohOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Her body stiffened and twitched, her hips thrusting violently against his hand as she came, each aftershock of her orgasm causing her to cry out. "Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh."

Christine caught her breath on the hotel bed as she came down from her orgasm. *Good thing they haven't made up the bed yet today,* she thought, looking down at the wet spot between her thighs.

Idly tracing her fingers through her pubic hair, she thought some more about that first time with Eddie, about how she gave Ed his first hand job later that night. She'd been amazed at the amount of cum that he'd spewed all over her hand and arm. He had joked that he'd been saving it all for her for 16 years.

Still touching herself, she marvelled that her greatest sexual experiences had been with this man -- this boy, really -- before she was even having sex. *Why couldn't I have met him in college, not high school?* she wondered, not for the first time.

Before she knew it, the reminiscing and the constant stimulation to her pussy had stoked her desire again, and she started masturbating in earnest.

Just before her second orgasm of the morning crashed over her, Christine wondered something...

*I wonder if I can see Eddie again tonight?*

Continued in Part 2


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