by parthenogenesis

(192 words)

When I opened the door in response to frantic knocking, the girl from two apartments down, a fox I'd been lusting after since she moved in, pushed me back into the room.

"It's an emergency!" she said, stripping off her shift to reveal smooth skin, pubic bush, and hard nipples. "Quick!"

She ran toward the bedroom, and I followed, leaving a trail of clothes behind.

She splayed herself on my bed in offering. "Hurry!" she hissed, reaching up for me.

I devoured her in small nibbles, then licked between her legs until she was wet. "Now," she said, "now."

As I positioned myself to enter her, she lifted her legs and threw them over my shoulders. "Go deep," she said. "I want you deep."

She wanted deep; I gave her deep—and she gave as good as she was getting, wiggling her hips so that the tip of my penis slid back and forth over the hard nub of her cervix.

I moaned; she groaned. Then I stayed inside until her quivers stopped.

Lowering her legs back to the mattress, I asked, "What's the emergency?"

"The baby needs a father," she said.