the stories of parthenogenesis


These are stories for adults. If you're not an adult, you should go somewhere else.


The incest stuff

Abducted! (mF, inc, mom/son)

Tennis Did It (mF, inc, mom/son)

Sweet Grapes (mF, inc, mom/son,
     grand-nephew/great aunt)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Whose Brother, Whose Sister
(Who's Brother, Who's Sister)
     not really incest)

Code of Silence (mF, inc, mom/son)

It's All Academic (mF, inc, mom/son, hum)

Grown-up stories

Hjemve (MF)

Boxes (MF, almost nosex)

Next Sunday (MF, rom, slow)

A Winning Move (MF, rom)


Emergency! (MF, 192 words)

Nope. (MF, a Fish Tank story, 300 words)

Sure-Fire (MF, nosex, 298 words)

Trouble at Ten (MF, wl?, 180 words)

Shoal (MF, 201 words)


Cracked Glass (MF)

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