Panty Bondage

Hi, I'm Ricky Slovak. This site contains erotic BDSM fiction written by myself and others. It will be updated from time to time.

Mandy's Challenge Spectators gather in the woods to watch a brutal fight between two girls

Mother and Daughter A depraved maniac molests Janice and her mom in the woods

The Mind of a Torturer The story of a sadistic policeman and his strange collection of souvenirs

White Lace  Two young cops are ordered to interrogate a sexy older woman

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Lesbian panty bondage stories

History Class   (written by Yasmin)  A young American woman gets a job teaching the senior girls at a strict school in England.

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Trans-sexual panty bondage stories

Something In Between   (written by Ricky Slovak)  Stunning transvestite Holly meets two horny guys in a bar.

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