WARNING: ADULTS ONLY The following story contains very strong sexual themes. Do not read it if you are under 18 years old.

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The women were obviously related quite closely. Both of them were slim and petite, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes, though the older of the two was slightly more fleshy around her hips and bosom. Bradley reckoned the younger one to be around his own age, maybe eighteen or nineteen, and the older one to be in her late forties. Both women wore similar clothes: white blouse, white trainers, no socks, with a white lace bra showing through the blouse and the visible outline of bikini-style panties under tight-fitting jeans.

Bradley followed them through the woods until they stopped at a place where two paths crossed. There they seemed uncertain of which route to take, the teenage girl scratching her head in bewilderment, the older woman looking more hopeful when she saw Bradley approaching quickly through the undergrowth.

“Let’s ask this young man,” she said.

“Careful, Mom,” said the girl, frowning darkly at the tall well-built stranger. “He might be a weirdo.”

“Why?” queried the mother. “Just because his clothes are dirty? Don’t be so unkind, Janice.”

Bradley strode straight up to the women and pulled out a knife. “Get into those bushes over there!” he ordered coldly. “Hurry up, or I’ll stab you both in the heart!”

The mother turned white with fear, while her daughter’s mouth fell open in a soundless scream. Bradley jabbed the knife at the mother’s left arm, nicking the skin with a tiny cut that began to bleed. Just a gesture on his part, but it was enough to show the women that he wasn’t kidding around.

“Move, you little bitches!” he growled, towering over them as they huddled together in terror. “Be quick about it, or you’re both dead.”

“Please don’t hurt us!” begged the mother, as she led her daughter away from the path. “Take our money. Take anything you want, but please don’t harm us with that blade.”

“We won’t tell the police,” said the daughter, sniffing back a teardrop. “We promise not to tell anybody, if you'll just let us go.”

Their pitiful pleading excited Bradley and he wanted to hear more of it. But not here, not so close to the path. Somewhere quieter and more secretive would suit his purpose far better. As he shambled through the woods, following the women as they tramped hand-in-hand a few paces in front, he feasted his leering eyes on their slim petite bodies, savoring the sight of their neat denim-wrapped bottoms and their long dark hair. Through their tight jeans he saw high-cut panty lines curving over firm round buttocks, his mind immediately trying to guess the color of their underwear, though his drooling mouth twisted in a brutal smile when he reminded himself that he would soon learn the truth anyway.

“Stop here!” he yelled. “Halt in this clearing, and turn around to face me.”

Both women stifled their weeping, the daughter wiping moisture from her eyes, the mother staring desperately at Bradley as he trailed the knife-blade across her chest. Beneath the white blouse her impressive bosom heaved breathlessly, the sight filling her captor with savage lust that showed as a prominent bulge in the crotch of his filthy trousers.

With a flick of the knife, Bradley sliced away the top button of the blouse, relishing the panic in the mother’s eyes when he said coldly: “Take off your clothes, bitch. The shirt first, then the jeans.” Turning to the daughter he grinned at the terror in her bright blue eyes and snarled: “You too, Janice.”

“Please!” said the mother, her fingers fumbling with her blouse. “Please don’t make us do this. Oh God, please let us go!”

“Strip!” Bradley retorted. “Kick off those trainers and get undressed.”

“Do we have to take everything off?” asked the daughter, grimacing under the knifeman’s lascivious gaze as she stepped out of her footwear.

“No, Janice,” Bradley replied. “Not everything. Leave your panties on.”

This seemed to make the women feel relieved, the assailant’s words convincing them that they would not be raped. Logic seemed to suggest to their terrified minds that their bodies would not be violated if the maniac allowed them to keep their genitals covered. The daughter undressed quickly, averting Bradley’s perverted gaze while trying to remain calm. Her mother stripped more slowly, her thoughts focusing on her fear of the knife, her eyes fixing intently upon the blade as she unbuttoned her blouse with trembling fingers.

Bradley began rubbing his crotch with his free hand as soon as the women started to unzip their jeans. His erection had already grown stiffer at the first sight of their breasts, both mother and daughter being endowed with nicely-developed globes that seemed ready to burst out of their white lace bras. But it was the thought of seeing their panties that really got him aroused, his hand squeezing his thickening shaft through his pants as he waited for the jeans to come off.

Janice was the first to reveal her panties, sliding her jeans down to her ankles and kicking them aside. Saliva trickled from Bradley’s gaping mouth as he drooled upon the delightful vision of her slender young body standing half-naked and quivering, her arms hanging nervously at her sides, her eyes downcast as she blushed in embarrassment.

“Pink schoolgirl panties!” he cackled excitedly. “So fucking beautiful. Now take off the bra!”

The mother clicked her tongue in anger at her daughter’s distress, the anger turning to a fury that briefly conquered her fear.

“You sick perverted bastard!” she rasped, as she wriggled out of her jeans. “Why the hell are you doing this?”

Bradley’s sudden outburst of violence startled both women, Janice staring in horror as the towering thug sent her mother spinning to the ground with a punch that almost smashed her left eye out of its socket.

“Oh God no! No!” the girl squealed, falling to her knees. “Oh God, no! Mom! Mommy!”

Wincing and sobbing, the mother tried to haul herself off the ground but tumbled to her knees, her brain spinning in a daze, her left cheek reddening and darkening as a large bruise appeared under her eye.

“Get up, you stupid bitch!” snarled Bradley. “Get those jeans off, right now, or you’ll get another punch.”

The woman rose unsteadily to her feet, staggering a little as she kicked off her jeans. Bradley chuckled with glee when he saw her white cotton panties, which were as brief as her daughter’s. But his mind burned with a sudden desire to see their breasts, so he ordered his victims to take off their bras, a command they swiftly obeyed.

“Fantastic tits!” he exclaimed, stepping towards Janice and holding the knife to her throat. With his free hand he explored her pert bosom, running his hot eager fingers over the rounded orbs and squeezing the firm flesh. Beneath his palm her nipples felt deliciously hard and rubbery, the teats quivering when he flicked them with the tip of his blade. He relished the terrified expression in her gorgeous blue eyes as she stood trembling in fear, her heart beating fast at the horrifying thought that her breasts might be cut or mutilated.

Bradley’’s erection was now so stiff that it throbbed like an iron spike under his trousers. The feeling of absolute control over these two attractive females made him dizzy with arousal and excitement. His hand trembled as he reached down to touch Janice’s crotch, his fingers crawling down the front of her breathless teenage body to stroke her vagina through the pink panties. The softness of the cotton thrilled him as his fingertips traced the outlined shape of her labia and he giggled manically when he felt the crisp mat of pubic hair beneath the smooth material.

“Your underwear is so pretty,” he murmured. “I guess your momma thinks so too.” Turning to glance at the mother he added: “Ain’t that so, bitch? You really want to touch these pink panties, don’t you?”

The mother shook her head, her eyes widening in shock and disgust. Bradley stared at her, letting his gaze wander over her body to savor the roundness of her bare breasts and the snug fit of her skimpy white briefs. A small damp patch showed at her crotch, caused no doubt by a tiny dribble of urine, but Bradley decided to taunt the woman about it.

“Yeah, I knew it,” he mocked. “Your cunt is getting wet at the thought of fingering your kid through her underwear. Tell me you want to do it, or I’ll give Janice one hell of a beating.”

The mother hesitated, her face turning crimson with rage, horror and embarrassment. “What shall I say?” she inquired in a faint voice.

Bradley grinned, hardly able to contain his excitement. “Say: Janice, I really want to stroke your cunt through those cute panties. Go on, say it now!” Then, when the mother hesitated again, he growled: “Stand in front of her, you dozy slut. That’s right! Now turn to face each other. Yeah, that looks really good. Now say it, Momma!”

Standing so close that their naked bosoms touched, the two women looked into each other’s eyes and watched the teardrops spilling from them. Bradley waited patiently, pressing the knife to Janice’s back as he leered at his beautiful frightened captives. While he waited for the mother to obey his command and speak the perverted words, his fingers caressed the long brown hair of both women, feeling the silkiness of the dark tresses. Long-haired brunettes fascinated him and always made him feel aroused, but Janice and her mother were definitely the best-looking ones he had ever molested.

The mother cleared her throat with a small cough and whispered: “Janice, I really want to stroke your ... Oh God, I can’t say it. I can’t say it!”

“Please, Mom!” Janice wailed desperately, her face moist with tears. ““Please say it, or he’ll hurt us even more!”

The mother took a deep breath and began again: “Janice, I really want to stroke your cunt through your cute panties.”

Bradley gave a hideous triumphant laugh and nodded appreciatively. “Go on, then, Momma! Go ahead and feel your pretty girl!”

“This is so horrible,” the mother murmured, her right hand moving downward to touch her daughter’s underwear. Her fingers ran slowly over the pink cotton before gently caressing Janice’s crotch through the material.

“It’s okay, Mom,” Janice whispered, though her teeth clenched tightly as she endured the degradation. “Just do whatever he says, and we’’ll get out of this nightmare alive.”

The sound of a zipper being unfastened made both women close their eyes briefly, neither of them wishing to see what their insane attacker was about to do, though they guessed well enough. A soft squelching noise reached their ears, prompting Janice to whisper: “The sick bastard is actually masturbating.”

“Hey, Momma!” Bradley snarled. “Use your other hand to feel your baby’s ass-cheeks. That’s right, just give those cute buns a really good squeeze. Hey, I guess you’ve wanted to do that ever since Janice got all grown up and womanly!”

The mother shook her head, stifling a cry of distress as her left hand roamed reluctantly over her daughter’s pert buttocks, the flesh feeling warm and firm through the tightly-stretched pink cotton.

“Aw, c’mon!” said Bradley, rubbing his naked erection furiously as he taunted his captives. “Say you enjoy it, Momma. Tell your sweet honey she’s got the finest panty-ass in town.” Then, waving the knife near the mother’s face, he added in a menacing voice: “Just say it, or I’ll cut you deep!”

Taking a long slow breath, the mother stared into her daughter’s eyes and blinked anxiously, her face turning crimson with shame as she struggled to speak the words. She hated having to say such things, just as she hated being forced to touch Janice’s buttocks and vagina through the pink cotton.

“My darling,” she began, before her voice briefly faltered. “My darling daughter, you have the finest panty-ass in town.”

At that moment a spray of hot liquid struck her hip, an inch or two above the waistband of her underwear. Another spray followed immediately after, the fluid dribbling along the side-seam of her white panties to trickle down her thigh. A series of grunts and gasps emanated from Bradley as he continued to ejaculate, his hand still rubbing his foreskin even when his erection started to diminish.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he rasped, staggering backward while shoving his semi-flaccid penis into his pants. “Those fucking dog-walkers are here! Listen up, you stupid bitches! You and me ain’t done here yet, but I gotta get the hell away from this place.”

Janice and her mother stared at him in bewilderment, their near-naked bodies still locked in an embrace. To their profound relief he turned and bolted away, his hulking form crashing through the bushes until he disappeared among the trees. A female voice sounded from a distant part of the woods, followed by the noise of a dog barking. Suddenly Janice gave a faint optimistic laugh, putting her arms around her mother’s waist and kissing her neck.

“He’s gone, Mom,” she said. “He’s probably scared of dogs and didn’t want to stick around too long. But he’s gone, at last. At last!”

Her mother sighed softly, removing her hands from her daughter’s intimate parts and instead hugging her very tightly. “You’re right, Janice. The evil bastard! It’s a pity the dog didn’t tear him to pieces. But you and I should get ourselves away from here as soon as possible, in case he comes back. Come on, let‘s get dressed.”

“Mom, I guess we don’t need to tell anybody about this,” said Janice. “I mean, I don’t really want anyone to know about the things he made us do. Not even the police, not even Dad or Grandpa.”

Her mother nodded solemnly, bending down to retrieve her clothes. “Of course. It’’s something we must keep secret, even if we never forget it. The main thing is we’re both alive and pretty much unharmed. But I suggest we don’t go walking in these woods ever again.”

“Agreed!” said Janice, picking her bra off the grass. “Look, Mom, the goddam freak masturbated on your leg. Shall I wipe it off before you put on your jeans?”

“Don’t bother,” came the reply. “Let’s just get out of here. Hurry up, Janice!”


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