Pavlova's Bitches

by oosh

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So what does Number 18 refer to?

Dramatis Personæ

Part I

At Break, Shipman instructs Carter in maidenly continence.

The Head Mistress receives a novel proposition from Miss Paulson.

New Equipment is delivered to Hepplewhite.

Inaugural Meeting of the Scientific Society: Miss Paulson jump-starts a frog.

Penrose & Clark discuss Miss Shipman's little weakness.

Miss Paulson delivers a lecture, but is diverted.

Second meeting of the Scientific Society: Clark gets unaccountably excited.

Third meeting of the Scientific Society: Shipman and Clark touch a nerve, and Walmsley is most responsive.

Part II

Fourth meeting of the Scientific Society: the dew of a new dawn.

Battledore match

Fifth meeting of the Scientific Society: While investigating the swamps of Queensland, interesting sympathetic reactions are observed.

Carter won't walk with Shipman; Clark won't walk with Penrose.

Extraordinary meeting of the Scientific Society: while the Head Mistress gauges the effects, Miss Paulson becomes preoccupied by the association of ideas.

Sixth meeting of the Scientific Society: even the ring of a bell seems to have a remarkable effect. Afterwards, Carry prevails upon Miss Paulson to make further investigations.

Part III

Miss Paulson continues her researches in private, and discovers the secret of Number Eighteen.

Staff breakfast

Penrose & Carter go a-walking; Carter learns that she has an admirer.

Seventh meeting of the Scientific Society: While Carter designs an oscillator, the optimum dose of electricity is finally ascertained.

French Lesson, in which Miss Paulson teaches Carry more than a little French.

Shipman & Clark hold a nocturnal post mortem, and Shipman suffers la petite mort.

Also sleepless, Lucy Carter takes a moonlit stroll — and ends up in bed with the Head Girl.

Part IV

The Head Mistress receives the School Doctor, and then Lucy Carter.

Scandalous rumours are circulating about the Head Girl's hospitality; dire punishments are planned for those responsible.

Miss Paulson introduces Lucy Carter to her new home.

Midnight: Shipman visits Penrose.

Shipman ingratiates herself with Carry — and takes a little quid pro quo in advance. Then, at dead of night, she wins the incorruptible Head Girl to her cause.

Visit to the clockmaker's: Miss Paulson takes Shipman & Carter into town to commission new devices to Carter's design.

Carter marvels at Miss Paulson's strenuous night-time fitness régime.

Away Match: the battledore team in quest of victory.

Miss Paulson finds it advisable to exercise during the afternoon, and encourages Carter to take a walk with Penrose.

And while Shipman deploys her secret weapon, Miss Paulson does piano practice.

Victory is sweet for the battledore players. After lights-out, Shipman celebrates by going out on the prowl, and meets various people in various compromising situations.

Eighth meeting of the Scientific Society: Shipman & Carter test the first oscillator.

Full of scientific zeal, Shipman presents Miss Paulson with an interesting hypothesis; however, to verify it will require more expensive equipment.

Shipman's schemes unfold, much to Carter's chagrin.

Sensing Carter's tension, Miss Paulson suggests a way to relieve it.

Shipman is punished according to the Walmsley Rules.

Part V

Lucy Carter's parents discuss their daughter's defective vision.

But on Lucy's return home for Christmas, her mother relents a little.

After dinner with the Head Mistress, the Duchess is treated to a demonstration of the oscillator — and a glass or three of sloe gin.

At the Duchess's Clathmorgan seat, the servants discuss her daughter's – and others' – wayward passions; her grace spends a quiet afternoon with her personal companion; and Carry enjoys a pleasant bath.

In the Carter household, Lucy clashes with her father over the remnants of the Christmas lunch, and discovers a long-neglected birthday present.

While Shipman gets handy with a needle, Lucy and her mother find cause for mutual condemnation.

Part VI

Lucy returns to school.

The Duchess receives an agitated Mrs Fearnley, his serene grace the Duke and a love-lorn daughter.

Lucy arrives at the deserted cottage.

After dinner, The Duke discusses business with Messrs Fearnley and Matson.

Lucy makes herself comfortable; Miss Paulson talks with her father; and Lucy indulges Elsie's insistent demands, until summoned by the Head Mistress.

Part VII

Term begins. Lucy observes Shipman's arrival; Shipman admires Lucy's new pince-nez; and Carry greets her favourite teacher.

Lucy is indisposed. Miller pays a visit to console her.

Ninth meeting of the Scientific Society: Miller valiantly submits to an oscillator test.

Lucy still won't walk with Shipman, and Miss Paulson finds herself unaccountably distressed.

The Walmsley Manufacturing Company holds a board meeting.


Miss Paulson fails to interest Carry in the joys of motherhood.

Lucy Carter takes a walk with Miller, but finds Elsie a distraction.

Shipman briefs Miller on the anatriptic principle, but to no avail.

Carter & Miller discuss the therapeutic virtues of the oscillator, and are joined by Shipman and friends.

Shipman confesses that she has done something rash.

Lucy receives an anonymous note.

Tenth meeting of the Scientific Society: the oscillators are showing signs of wear.

Lucy thanks Shipman for her note, and subsequently consents to go a-walking.

Shipman & Carter visit the clockmaker's and commission a new device.

Miss Paulson announces bad news from the Walmsley Manufacturing Company.

Part IX

The inventors, finding themselves stitched up, resort to colourful language.

Matson discusses matrimonial plans with the Duke.

Shipman & Lucy, unequally rewarded for their inventive prowess, nevertheless find perfect accord on a visit to the clockmaker; and that evening, Lucy prepares to receive a visitor.

Eleventh meeting of the Scientific Society: it appears that girls don't like cigar shapes as much as boys do.

But Lucy's mother finds hers most invigorating, all the same.

Jemmy the maid flies off the handle, and is dealt with according to the Walmsley Rules.

Lucy's mother has a heart-to-heart with the faithful Simpson; and her daughter has a heart-to-heart with Shipman.

Preparing for widowhood, Mrs Carter is heard to snap angrily.

Matson explains the principles of commerce to Mr Jepson.

And on the point of departure, Lucy & Shipman frolic in the woods.



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