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By OneGuy4Fun




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This index is divided into three categories: I. Female Dominate, II. Male Dominate, and III. Stories of Seduction and Kinky Fun.   ENJOY!!!


I.                          Female Dominate Stories


The Toy Maker  Updated 5/25/2013

           Carol has a talent for making toys.  Hers are no ordinary toys.  In this story she adds a young husband and wife to her toy collection.



Discovering Mistress Sarah’s World (MF, FF, Female Domination, Feminization )

Joe has been involved with an online Mistress who has been slowly feminizing him. She invites him to her house for a weekend visit.   Joe’s finds himself quickly immersed into her world, where his feminization is accelerated and he discovers the pleasures of being an obedient slave girl.


Part 1           Part 2                   Part 3          Part 4                   Part 5



Making The Perfect Husband (MF, Female Domination, Hypnosis, Feminization ) added 1/19/2009

 Mark agrees to participate in a research project a few weeks before his wedding.  At the same time, his relationship with his fiancé takes a strange twist.  Is it all just coincidence?



Seducing The Professor (MF, Female Domination ) added 8/20/2008

A sexy student seduces and dominates her professor to improve her grades and for her own delightful pleasures


Serving Miss Sarah and the Girls (MF, FFM, FF, Female Domination, Feminization) added 9/16/2007

Joe travels to his online Mistresses hometown to meet her in person.  He tries to maintain some control of the situation but he is no match for Miss Sarah and her girlfriends. 


Part 1           Part 2



Confidentially Bound (Female Domination, FF, FM) added 2/10/2007

Kim is caught snooping at confidential information and is forced to submit to a female superior in order to saver her job.  As part of the deal, she is required to bring her husband along on the first night of submission.  How will things play out between the superior, Kim, and her husband?



The Fantasy Twist (Female Domination) added 2/10/2007

Melissa seduces Dan under her complete control with the promise of fulfilling his ultimate fantasy.  How far will Dan go in order to fulfill his fantasy?

Part 2:  Melissa finds herself caught up in a twist of her own fantasy as Mistress Lisa becomes more involved.



Part 1               Part 2


Miss Jen’s New Shoes (Female Domination, Foot Worship) added 7/5/2006

Miss Jen’s new shoes arrive.  She has a fun ritual for breaking them and John is the lucky guy selected to participate in the fun.



College Days - Domination 101 (MF, FF, Female Domination, Feminization) updated 5/26/2006

Joe meets the girl of his dreams at college and discovers a whole new side of education. She quickly seduces him

 into serving her and her room mates sexually.  The girls waste no time training Joe to be their slave, sex toy, and

 whatever else they desire of him.


  Part 1               Part 2               Part 3               Part 4



Weekend Goddess (MF, Domination, Female supremacy, Teasing & Denial) added 11/1/2004

Jill reads an article on dominating men that pique’s her interests.  She continues to research the subject and stumbles across

a website on female supremacy.  Suddenly she gets the desire to dominate her husband and be treated like a Goddess.  She

decides to try it out on her husband for a weekend.



Dominating Ken (MF, Domination, Feminization) added 6/2004; Updated 7/9/2005

A thread of e-mails quickly blossoms into an erotic relationship of domination and humiliation between Ken

 and Karena.  Karena develops a  growing need for power and control while Ken finds himself drawn into a

 state of submission and inferiority


  Part 1 The Online Encounter                          Part VI  The Erotic Journey To His Mistress

  Part II Bringing Out His Feminine Side                     Part VII Meeting Mistress Kareena  

  Part III Dog Training                                      Part VIII The Transformation Continues

  Part IV Ken's Shopping Trip Adventure        Part IX The Power of Three

  Part V  Teased, Tortured, and Entrapped!     Part X The Final Chapter



Falling Down the Corporate Ladder (MF,FF, Domination by female, feminization) added  7/28/2003

One of most popular stories.  I have received lots of great feedback.  Joe lands a new job and is seduced by

his female boss. Instead of moving up the corporate ladder he finds himself demoted to her secretary and

personal slave.



Teased into Submission Part 1 (MF, teasing)

Joe reveals his desire to be teased to a woman he just met.  She talks him into letting her do the teasing and

 soon Joe finds himself experiencing new and exciting pleasures.  Can he survive the sexual torture?  Join Joe

on this erotic adventure.



BREATHLESS  (Female domination, light bondage, breath play) added 10/6/2002

Joe gets caught sniffing an 18-year old's panties. Out of fear of exposure he must do as she says. As Joe falls

under her control he is sexually teased and tortured.


NURSE SHERRY (Mind Control)

Jack meets Sherry at a bar and thinks he's going to score. Little does he know that Sherry has plans of her own

 to make him her little patient. feedback welcome



II.                    Male Dominate Stories


Chasing Down A Rumor (MF, Male Dominate) added 7/2007

Kathy runs into an old college friend at a party. Kinky rumors had circulated about him and she just had to find out if they were true.


Eye Contact (MF, FF, Mind Control, Male Domination) added 11/19/2005

Kerri gets a new pair of contacts and strange things begin to happen when she makes eye contact

with people.  In the end she experiences a Dr’s visit that she will never forget.


PLANNED SEDUCTION (MFM, Mind Control)  added 5/2002

Wonderful sensations fill Mary’s mind.  Sitting in the corner of the bar she becomes a sex pet for my friend and I. 

We unlock a dark fantasy she never knew she had.


PLANNED SEDUCTION PART II (MFM Mind Control) added 7/27/2002

I wrote this part based on feedback I received from my readers.  In this part I take Mary back to my house for some

more erotic fun.



III.               Stories of Seduction and Kinky Fun



Seducing Steve Part 1 (MF, Seduction) added 9/24/2003

Steve’s infatuation with Beth does not go un-noticed.  Although Steve is married, Beth sees it as a challenge.

 Will Beth’s game of seduction lead Steve Astray? A little twist is added at the end.



Seducing Steve Part 2 (MF, FF, Seduction) added 11/23/2003

Was Steve’s hunch about his wife correct?   Steve finds himself in quite an unusual and erotic situation. The

seduction continues, the plot thickens, and the twist becomes a little more twisted.




I have a kinky night planned for you. It involves a blindfold, a banana, wine, and lots of honey



HORNY MAID CHRONICLES (MF, FF, Masturbation, Seduction)


 PART I  - The erotic encounters of a maid. This part includes self-pleasure, MF sex, a bit of humor, and a great ending


PART II  - The maid is seduced into her first bi experience. Also includes MF. Lots of great sex at the end.


 PART III  - One of the maid's most memorable experiences. She seduces an 18 year old who lives in

                     the house that she cleans.