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Orgasm Club - Freshman Frolics #1

‘Caught in the Act’

by Omega Prime


(D/s, Mast, Bond, Spk, W/s, Incest, cons - f/f, f/m, ff/m)


The doorbell peeled shrilly throughout the Adam’s household, announcing to one and all the arrival that Daniel Adams had been dreading ever since he got home from school. At fifteen years of age, Danny thought that he had certainly outgrown the need for a baby-sitter by now. I mean, he had just started high school, for God’s sake! Danny just couldn’t understand why his mother wouldn’t even consider leaving him and his sister, who was even one year older than he was, alone for the evening while she went out.

"Danny, would you get that please!" his mother shouted from upstairs.

"Why can’t Diana get it!" Danny shouted back.

"Danny!!" Whenever his mother used that tone of voice, Danny knew she meant business. Killing the TV with the remote, Danny slung his legs off the couch and reluctantly sidled towards the door just as the doorbell rang once more.

"Hold on already!! I’m coming! Chill out a little, why don’t cha" Danny shouted sourly at the oak door. Grumbling to himself about the unfairness of life in general and his life in particular, Danny flung open the door to confront his nemesis.

Lisa Jameson stared back at him with ice blue eyes, a bundle of books clutched under one arm. Her hand was poised to ring the doorbell once again, but she withdrew it and grinned cheekily at Danny, "Hiya kid, how’s it hanging?" she asked as she stepped into the Adam’s living room.

""Just great!" Danny mumbled sarcastically. It was bad enough to have a baby-sitter at his age, but to have one from his own school was nearly too much. At least with old Mrs. Rentmiller, he didn’t have to see her at school the next day. And his baby-sitter couldn’t be a dweeb like his bookworm sister, oh no! It just had to be the most popular girl in school too. ‘My life really sucks’, Danny thought to himself glumly.

As usual, the gorgeous blonde cheerleader looked every inch a mondo babe. Today, she was dressed in skin-tight black denim jeans which showed off her long dancer’s legs and pert rear. Up top, she wore a cut-off red sweatshirt, leaving her trim muscular midriff and tiny navel bare, her sole concession to modesty a light windbreaker which was currently zipped open. Lisa’s long golden hair poured in a wave of sunlight halfway down her back. Danny thought she looked like a angel. A slightly tawdry angel. But an angel nevertheless.

Staring past Danny’s thin shoulder, Lisa saw Mrs. Adams coming down the staircase, ready for her night out. "Hi Mrs. Adams! You look great tonight! I’ll just bet you’re going to have a blast." Lisa gushed at Danny’s Mom.

Dawn Adams smiled back at Lisa; "Thanks Lisa! That’s nice to hear." At thirty-five, Dawn had to work hard to keep herself in good shape, being divorced and left alone by her husband to raise their two kids. Danny had to admit his Mom looked better than usual tonight, in a white ruffled dress which showed off her trim figure. Her makeup was done up perfectly and her light brown hair fell in tiny ringlets to her collar.

"Are you going to the club tonight, Mrs. Adams?" Lisa asked curiously.

"Where did you hear that, Lisa?" Danny’s mom replied with a puzzled frown.

"Oh, my Mom told me all about it Mrs. Adams. It sounds like it’ll be a real kick!." Lisa smiled mysteriously. "Before you go, my Mom asked me to show you something."

"Okay, what is it?" Mrs. Adams asked Lisa.

"Oh, its got to be in private. It’s pretty personal. Can we go upstairs to talk for a few minutes? Alone.." Lisa asked with a sideways glance at Danny who had flopped in the easy chair and was now toying with the remote.

"Fine." Dawn sighed. "But its got to be quick. I only have a few minutes and I can’t afford to be late." She turned to follow the blonde teenager who flounced merrily up the stairs.

Danny sighed lustily as he watched Lisa’s trim rear sway gently as she ascended the stairway. Lisa might be an airhead and treat him like he was only a kid, but he had to admit he’d fuck her in a heartbeat. Brandy, his own girlfriend, was not nearly so well developed. Of course, Brandy was a whole other problem. Last night’s date hadn’t ended up well from Danny’s perspective. The necking was awesome, but it had given Danny a major case of ‘blue balls’ he was going to have to take care of soon. But his options were going to be pretty limited with both Lisa and Diana, his sister, in the house.

As if conjured up by his thoughts, Diana appeared out of the den where she had been studying earlier. "What’s up Danny? Where’s Lisa? I thought I heard her voice before."

"Upstairs with Mom." Danny replied testily to his older sister. Danny couldn’t understand why Diana seemed to look forward to Lisa’s visits to babysit. At sixteen, she was more than a year older than Danny. She should resent this even more than he did. But she didn’t. Diana seemed to treat Lisa’s babysitting as more like a sleep-over, helping Lisa with her studies and disappearing with Lisa into her room for hours on end leaving Danny alone downstairs to watch TV. Well, Danny conceded to himself, it was probably Diana’s only chance to rub elbows with the most popular girl in school.

His sister could probably be passable, if only she would make a little effort Danny thought in a candid appraisel of his sibling. Danny knew his sister had a good figure. You couldn’t dance as much ballet as she did and be out of shape. Unfortunately though, his sister usually dressed like some refugee outfitted by the Salvation Army, baggy jeans and form-concealing sweaters being her clothing of choice. Big owl-rim glasses did nothing to bring out her fine bone structure and brilliant green eyes. Her wavy brown hair was typically tied off in a sloppy ponytail or pinned with barrettes. On top of all that, Diana studied constantly, a straight A student usually breaking the curve in whatever classes she took. His studious sister was as different from Lisa as night to day. Danny was afraid his sister was destined for spinsterhood at the ripe old age of sixteen.

The baggy pants and sweaters were nowhere in evidence, but Danny thought what Diana was wearing tonight was even worse. Diana had on a set of pink romper pajamas, complete with the button-up rear-end, and fuzzy bunny slippers. With her glasses, pigtails and her usual lack of makeup, his sister looked more like thirteen than sixteen. This just reinforced the idea in Danny’s mind that Diana got thru these horrid babysitting episodes by treating them like Pajama Parties rather than the nightmare they really were for him. So far, his friends at school didn’t know Lisa still babysat for him and Danny dreaded the day they found out. He’d never live it down.

"I said, when is Mom coming down!!" Diana demanded crossly. Obviously, Danny had missed the earlier part of his sister’s ramblings.

"A few minutes maybe." Danny replied. "Stop being so anxious. It’s not like you’re going anywhere."

His sister’s look should have frozen Danny on the spot, but he ignored it completely and returned to channel-surfing. It was almost ten minutes more before his Mother and Lisa came back downstairs into the living room. Danny wondered what Lisa had talked to his Mom about. It certainly seemed to have had an affect on his mom in some way, if the light flush on her face was any indication. She was even walking a little funny.

Danny wrote it off to nerves over an evening on the town. He ducked quickly away so Lisa couldn’t see when his mom tried to give him his usual peck on the cheek. "Mom!!" he hissed in an undertone. "Not in front of her." Danny protested, an emphasis on the last word leaving no doubt he referred to Lisa rather than his sister.

His mother frowned a little at him, but didn’t try to kiss him again, getting her purse and car keys and moving towards the front door. "I want you both to behave yourselves for Lisa now." Dawn admonished her children. "I may be back late, so don’t wait up." she told them, closing the front door quietly behind her as she left.

Diana was listening intently to something Lisa was whispering to her. After a minute of quiet conversation too low for Danny to hear, the two girls left the living room, climbing the stairs obviously heading for Diana’s room. Danny just shook his head in resignation and turned back to the television.

blues.gif (1581 bytes)

It was only a few minutes later, however that the girls returned to the living room. Lisa was her usual cocky self, although his sister Diana looked extremely nervous, fidgeting from foot to foot.

"Hey!!" Billy protested loudly when Lisa grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. "I was watching that."

"You can watch TV later, Danny. This is more important. Your sister needs a really, really big favor from you." Lisa hinted broadly. Turning to Diana, who definitely appeared more flustered than normal, Lisa prodded; "Well, are you going to ask him or not? We haven’t got all night."

"Well....Danny I need you to help me out with something tonight. And it can’t leave this room, understand?" Diana started off in a rush.

"Why not?" Danny asked his sister puzzledly.

"You’ll find out, but you’ve got to swear never to tell anyone!" Diana insisted.

"Okay, okay, anything, but get on with it. I want to get back to the tube."

Diana took a deep breath and started in; "I need you to be my witness for kind of an initiation ceremony that I’m going through. Its for this club at school. All the popular kids belong." she added on, trying to justify this next step to herself as well as to her little brother. "This is probably going to shock the hell out of you, so I’ll just come right out and say it. I need you to watch me get a spanking from Lisa."

Danny just stared woodenly at his sister whose face was now flushed deep red.

"Don’t you give me one of those high and mighty looks Daniel Adams. I know all about those magazines that you keep under your mattress, the ones Mom doesn’t know about." Danny squirmed in his chair, momentarily distracted from her fantastic request. He hadn’t known Diana knew about the pornography he kept squirreled away for late night masturbation.

"This is one phase of my initiation. I have to have someone I know watch me get a spanking. From Lisa..." she added lamely. "I thought... since your my brother and all.... that you wouldn’t mind..." Diana trailed off in embarrassment. Emerald green eyes were wide under her owl-rim glasses as Diana waited for her brother’s answer.

Danny thought he’d make Diana squirm a little for her bitchy mood towards him earlier. "What happens if I don’t agree?" Danny asked with a snide look at his sister.

Lisa broke in on the conversation. "Then we call over some kids from school and they can all watch your sister get her bare ass tanned. It makes no difference to me one way or another, although I’d guess your sister would prefer not to have her classmates see her get spanked like a ten year old. But its your call Danny." Lisa finished expectantly.

As much as Danny enjoyed the thought of Diana getting a sound spanking from the blond cheerleader while her classmates looked on, she was his sister after all, so he guessed he’d better agree, if only to keep her embarrassment in the family.

"I’ll do it." he gruffly conceded. From Lisa’s triumphant smirk at Diana, Danny had no doubts whose nasty idea this was in the first place. Danny thought that it was too much to expect that Lisa wouldn’t use this golden opportunity to maximize Diana’s embarrassment. While he felt sorry for his sister, Danny couldn’t help be a little turned on. I mean, how often does a fifteen year old boy get to watch a girl get a bare ass spanking, even if it was his own sister.

"When does all this take place?" Danny asked in curiousity.

"No time like the present, my Mom always says." Lisa declared brightly. "Danny, you can just stay in the easy chair where you are and watch the fun. You can look but you can’t touch" she giggled naughtily. Turning back to his sister, Lisa ordered abruptly, "Diana, I want you to unbutton the rear flaps on those adorable little PJs and turn around to show Danny your bare little butt."

Diana’s eyes were downcast and her face went pink, but she meekly complied with the dominating blonde’s embarrassing command. Snapping open the two top snaps, the rear panel of Diana’s rompers dropped down to reveal two pale teenage asscheeks, now clenched tightly in shame as she turned around to present her bare butt to her fifteen year old brother. Although he couldn’t see her face, Danny bet Diana was blushing fire-engine red as she displayed herself to her own little brother.

Danny shifted around in his chair trying to unobtrusively adjust himself. He tried to think of blizzards and willed himself not to get hard as he stared at his own sister’s butt, but it wasn’t working. For all that she concealed it, Diana had a cute pert rear and staring at it was beginning to affect him, sister or no sister.

Lisa jerked Danny’s thoughts away from his groin, issuing fresh instructions to Diana. "That’s enough Diana. Now I want you to come over here, face the couch and touch your toes. Hold the position." she added. When Danny’s sister hesitated a second, Lisa prodded, "Come on, I know you’ve done enough ballet dancing that touching your toes ought to be simple for you. Of course, there’s still time to back out if you don’t want to go through with this."

"No, no!! I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Just give me a second." Diana pleaded softly with Lisa. "You don’t how hard this is for me."

"And I bet it’s just as hard on your brother Danny, isn’t it?" Lisa teased. Danny squirmed guiltily at her play on words, hoping his erection wasn’t that obvious.

Diana hesitantly assumed the requested position, her hands grasping her slender ankles and the lowered flap of her pajamas fully exposed her tender teenage ass to her brother’s gaze. Diana’s legs seemed to tremble, although she was used to holding much more difficult positions for long periods of time during ballet practice. This, however, was different. She was about to get her butt reddened while her fifteen year old brother looked on. Her pigtails dragged on the floor as Diana stared at her brother upside down through her legs. Her eyes clenched shut and she told Lisa in a trembling voice that she was ready to begin.

Danny saw his sister flinch slightly as Lisa came over and ran her hand in a soft caress up Diana’s smooth left cheek. "You’re sure you want to go through with Diana? Once we get started, there’s no going back."

"Yesss" Diana hissed through clenched teeth. "Let’s get this over with for God’s sake.

"Ok, but remember you asked for this." Lisa told Diana pertly. Turning to Danny, Lisa explained. "We’re going to do this in two parts. For the first half of her spanking, Diana will remain touching her toes. She will count each swat aloud to twenty-five, thank me after each stroke and ask me very politely for the next one. If your sister’s hands leave her ankles, that spank doesn’t count. Likewise, clenching her butt means the spank doesn’t count. And of course," Lisa continued slyly, "if she loses count, we get to start over from the beginning. Understand?" she asked Danny.

Danny just stared at her, but his sister answered for him. "Just get on with it. I’m getting dizzy standing here like this."

Lisa smiled at Danny, then turned back to her bent-over victim. The blond brought her arm back, then brought her open palm down hard on Diana’s right cheek. The noise sounded like a rifle shot as her hand connected with the teenager’s defenseless ass.

"One!!!" Diana practically shouted as her ass clenched in pain. She added on quickly, "Thank you Lisa, may I please have some more." she gritted out.

"Certainly." Lisa laughed lightly.


"Twwooo!! Thank you, Lisa, may I please have some more." This time, Diana had to really work to unclench her cheeks in time for the next stroke.


"Thrr...eee! Th..Thank you Lisa." Diana managed to get out as her breath exploded from her lungs. "May I please...." she faltered for a moment to give her rapidly reddening ass a chance to cool. "May I please have some more." she finished, involuntarily flinching before the next blow.


"Foouur! Thank you Lisa."

"No, I’m sorry Diana." Lisa apologized cutting the girl off. She didn’t sound at all sorry Danny thought. "We can’t count that one. You clenched your butt. Remember I told you not to do that." she lectured Danny’s humiliated sister. "Now this next one will be four."

TWACK!! CRACK! TWHAPP!! The sounds of his sisters discipline echoed through the living room, as Danny watched his sibling’s plight in sympathy. Danny’s hard-on tented his jeans as his sister’s whole butt reddened rapidly under Lisa’s relentlessly falling palm. She’s going to have one hell of a time sitting down in school tomorrow Danny thought in amusement.

All in all, Diana made it through the first part of her punishment fairly well, even if her stinging butt didn’t quite agree. She paid two more penalty swats for clenching her rear and the twenty-third spank was an especially hard one, causing her hands to involuntarily go up to protect her smarting ass, which cost her yet another stroke. But those were her only lapses and after she barked out the humiliating refrain one last time, the spanking stopped.

Diana slowly straightened up, rubbing her poor abused cheeks tenderly, avoiding her brother’s eyes. Her pigtails were mussed and she hopped a little from foot to foot to ease the stinging in her tender rear.

Lisa clasped her shoulder in a friendly grasp. "Buck up kiddo, you’re halfway there and you’re doing great. I didn’t do anywhere near this good when I was going thru this."

"You went through this same initiation?" Danny asked in amazement, his cock once again lurching in his pants at the very thought of the foxy blond bent over and grabbing her ankles for an ass-warming.

"Of course Danny." Lisa replied with amusement. "I wouldn’t make your sister go through anything I didn’t go through. At least not much anyway. Besides, she didn’t have the whole cheerleading squad watching like I did."

"And who had the honors of spanking you?" Danny asked, his horny thoughts making him suddenly bold with curiousity.

"My own mother!" Lisa replied with the first hint of embarrassment Danny had seen so far. "But enough of this, I don’t want to make your sister wait forever for the last half of her punishment. Diana, I want you to go upstairs and fetch me your hairbrush so we can get on with this."

Danny watched his sisters cute butt sway gaily in her still-open rompers as she went upstairs to fulfill Lisa’s humilating request. Lisa was going to spank Diana with her own hairbrush. Danny wondered if his sister could survive the embarrassment. The implement must have been close at hand, because Diana was back downstairs a minute or two later, presenting the brush to Lisa.

Sitting down on the couch, Lisa patted her black denim lap. "Right here honey, over my knees for the second part." This position gave Danny a great full length view of his sister and Lisa, although he couldn’t quite see between her asscheeks like he could before.

Diana squirmed a little on Lisa’s lap as sharp fingernails tickled suddenly between her tender asscheeks while Lisa gleefully explained the second part of the game to Danny. "Ok Danny, you’re going to help your sister out for her last twenty-five swats. You get to keep the count while I spank her.. Of course, if you lose count, that’s just more spanking she gets. With her own hairbrush this time, not my hand." Lisa explained. "When she makes it to twenty-five, she’s through with her punishment. That’s the game, or at least as much of it as we’ll tell you about now." Lisa finished mysteriously.

Danny’s prick lurched again as he tried to imagine what else there could be. His sister was planted over Lisa’s denim lap, her pajama bottom open and her pert ass now clenched in anticipation of further punishment. Lisa’s right hand was hidden from view under Diana’s tummy. Danny could only imagine Lisa was using it to support his sister’s pelvis so she couldn’t flinch away from the brush, making the punishment that much worse. Her left hand held the brush high, ready to begin. Lisa stared at Danny expectantly.

"One??.." Danny started nervously.

CRACK! The hairbrush didn’t sound quite as loud as Lisa’s palm, but it produced just as satisfying a reaction in his sister whose legs shot straight out. "Oh shit, that hurts!!" Diana winced.

"Two." This was actually kind of fun Danny thought. The dreaded brush descended with another hard crack. His sister’s legs shot forth once more; she lost one of her bunny slippers as her feet kicked wildly back and forth.

"Three." Danny told Lisa with glee, now fully caught up in the game, his dick an iron bar as he helped Lisa punish his studious sister. The resulting crack of the brush cost Diana her other slipper. Her tiny feet waved merrily and her sore ass squirmed fretfully about on Lisa’s lap.

"You’re enjoying this, aren’t you , you little shit!" Diana snarled at her little brother, fixing him with a hateful glare.

Danny decided to try an experiment. "Four, five six." Danny said rapidly in succession. Lisa responded as he’d thought she would, nailing his sister hard with three quick hard swats on her burning tail, one right after the other.

"Yeeeooouchh!!" Diana squalled. "Please Danny, that’s not fair! Not fair at alllll!!" Diana finished with a high squeal as Danny said ‘seven’ and Lisa cut her protest off with a sharp swat on her lower ass, catching both cheeks with the brush.

"NOOO Danny, I’m sorry!! Please don’t." Diana pleaded with her brother. "You don’t know how much this hurts!"

"I feel fine sis." Danny teased his distraught sibling. "Let’s see know, where were we. I may have lost count. Oh, I know....Six." The hairbrush came crashing down on her tender ass.

"Youuuu little bastarddd!!" Diana shrieked at her brother, his words dooming her to two additional swats on her sore behind with the hard brush.

"Six." Danny continued inexorably once more. He’d show his sister who had the upper hand here.

Diana’s legs were bicycling back and forth in pain as Lisa wielded the hairbrush once more, but Diana bit off the angry retort she’d been about to make to plead with her brother, "Come on Danny, please, please make it seven." she begged weakly.

His sister’s face was flushed almost as red as her butt now, her pigtails completely disheveled and her eyes were suspiciously moist under her owl-rim glasses. Danny showed mercy for his obviously distressed sister and continued the count normally, at least for a while. At sixteen, his sister’s age, however, the devil seized him and he waited. And waited. And waited without announcing any other number.

The little rest didn’t seem to be helping Diana any. On the contrary, she was squirming around on Lisa’s lap even worse than before. Her breathing was coming in rapid little pants as she gasped out to her brother to get on with it. Danny could have sworn he saw Lisa’s right hand toying with his sister’s pussy during one of Diana’s more energetic wiggles, but shook it off as his own lustful imagination. He finished the count at the fastest pace that he thought his sister could handle.

When it was finally over, Lisa made Diana kiss the hairbrush in thanks. "There, there. It’s all over now." Lisa soothed his sister tenderly. Diana still looked pretty distraught, squirming around uncontrollably on Lisa’s lap well after the spanking had stopped.

Turning back to Danny, the blond told him, "You can leave now Danny. Your part in this is done. Your sister is going to spend some time in the corner like a bad little girl and then I’m going to rub some cool lotion into those burning cheeks. You’ve done you’re job and we both thank you, now get lost." Lisa finished haughtily, once more dismissing him like a child.

Danny fumed angrily, but was still too intimidated by the icy blonde to do anything but comply. As he left the room, he announced that he was off to take a shower before bed, as if leaving had been his own idea in the first place. The last thing he saw as he left the room was Diana still frantically rubbing her ass in the corner of the living room while Lisa looked on with wry amusement.

blues.gif (1581 bytes)

As Danny stripped naked for his shower, his rock-hard prick sprang sharply out of his jockeys when he peeled them down his legs. His balls hung low, swollen with pent-up sperm. Something had to be done. First, his girlfriend had gone and left him horny last night. And now, he’d just gotten done watching his older sister take a bare-ass spanking from the prettiest girl in school. It was enough to drive any teenage boy wild with lust and Danny certainly wasn’t an exception.

Danny flexed and posed vainly in front of the mirror as he examined himself. Although he was still way too thin, some muscles had begun to develop and he’d certainly shot up in height this last year. At 5’8" he was four inches taller than both his sister and mother. He could even look Lisa straight in the eye. His cock had grown too. It now stood proudly erect at almost five inches in length. Danny knew, he’d measured it just last week. He had a passably handsome face, no pimples and wavy brown hair that girls just itched to run their hands through. Or so his girlfriend sometimes claimed.

Danny shook his head ruefully, and plodded naked over to the bath, lifting the drain and twisting the knob that turned the bathtub into a shower. It was now or never. Danny just had to get off and he figured the sound of the shower would drown out any small grunts or groans he might make. He turned the water on, standing back while he adjusted the temperature to a nice lukewarm spray.

Stepping in and pulling the semi-transparent curtain closed, Danny let the shower run warmly over his back for a moment, reveling in the pleasant pounding of the warm water. But its time for another kind of pounding, Danny thought to himself with a boyish grin. Reaching down, he gripped his dick firmly just below the purple glans, and began to pull his foreskin slowly back and forth, his ass squirming slightly in pleasure as he beat off.

Like all teenage boys, Danny played with himself all the time, but would never admit it to anyone. This time, he really wanted to draw out the sensations, even though he knew he couldn’t last long after this buildup. As he slowly stoking his throbbing rod up and down, Danny’s thoughts flitting everywhere at once, thinking of his girlfriend Brandy, the stunningly sexy Lisa with the bare belly and even of his sister squirming around on Lisa’s lap while the hairbrush pounded ruthlessly away.

His lightly-haired testicles drew up and became crinkled as Danny neared his peak. His glans swelled up in anticipation, pre-come leaking freely as he speeded up his rhythm under the warm shower, pausing every so often to squeeze hard just below the sensitive glans to prolong the dizzying feelings of pleasure.

So absorbed was Danny in his illicit activity, that he didn’t hear the bathroom door open. The first hint Danny had that he wasn’t alone was when the shower curtain was suddenly thrown open and a triumphant voice exclaimed, "Ah ha, I knew I’d catch you at it, you little pervert!!"

Danny just stared in shock at Lisa who was smirking at him joyfully. He was so surprised, he continued to stroke his hard cock for a few seconds almost automatically, before he released his hard-on abruptly and tried to turn away from her knowing gaze.

"Wait til the kids at school hear this!" Lisa chortled gleefully. "Little Danny Adams beats his meat in the shower. I wonder what your little twit of a girlfriend, Barbi is it?.., would say if she could see you now?" Lisa mocked to a shell-shocked Danny. He could just see it now. He was doomed. Tomorrow, the whole school would hear about this. Danny Adams, ‘the Beat-off King’. The few friends he had would evaporate like snow in July. No one decent would want to be seen with him ever again. His life was ruined and that bitch, Lisa, would just look on and laugh.

" isn’t what you think." Danny tried to deny the evidence.

"We’ll let the kids at school judge that." Lisa jeered mockingly. "I’m sure that there’s more than one way to interpret your pounding away on your boner in the shower, but I can’t for the life of me think of it. I’m sure your friends will have a better explanation." she finished sarcastically.

"Please Lisa, please don’t tell the whole school." Danny begged his tormentor. "That would ruin me! I’ll do anything. Pleease!!"

There was an evil glint in Lisa’s eye. "Well, maybe I can be quiet about this. But nothing comes free in life. You’ll have to pay the price." She fixed Danny with a knowing stare.

"Anything, just don’t tell, Ok?" Danny pleaded earnestly.

"Fine Danny. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll play a game with you. If you win, I won’t tell anyone about this, ever." Lisa smiled wickedly at the sudden glimmer of hope that entered Danny’s eyes. "However, if you lose, you’ve got the unhappy choice of either the whole school finding out or doing whatever I tell you for the whole next semester. Well, is it a deal?"

"What kind of a game?" Danny asked suspiciously.

"Does it really matter? You can’t take the chance I’ll tell everyone about your little hobby, can you?" Lisa told the naked teenager. "I don’t really think you’re in any position to negotiate. Now, will you do it?"

Danny didn’t see he had any choice in the matter and nodded shamefaced. Lisa was a bitch on wheels, but she had him over the barrel and he really didn’t have any choice but to agree. Standing naked, his hands vainly attempting to cover his still thrusting prick which somehow had refused to go down, Danny waited for whatever came next.

blues.gif (1581 bytes)

"Well, are we going ever to get on with it?" Danny asked impatiently after a few minutes had passed while Lisa just stared at him. He was more than a little embarrassed and was now even getting a little chilly standing naked in the tub. Goosebumps were starting to pepper his torso.

"Hold your horses kid, we’ll get to it soon enough. Why don’t you dry off first? You look like your freezing." Lisa told him.

Danny fumed silently. It was bad enough that the lithe blond had him agreeing to do whatever she wanted, but to still be treating him like a child. She was only three years older than he was. Danny glared angrily at her, but obediently set about drying himself off with a fluffy towel.

Lisa watched Danny silently as he dried himself off. She seemed to be debating with herself about something. Finally she spoke up. "You don’t like me very much, do you Danny?" she asked in a neutral voice.

Danny thought for a minute about the wisdom of answering honestly, but finally he figured he didn’t have too much else to lose at this point. "No Lisa, I’m sorry I don’t. I mean I don’t hate you or anything like that." he added on quickly, "but you treat me like a little kid all the time. You’ve always got to be in charge, whether it’s babysitting or just hanging out with your little cliché at school. I may have to put up with it, but I don’t have to like it." Danny finished defiantly.

"You don’t know me half as well as you think you do Danny." Lisa replied, half to herself. With a shake of her golden blond mane, Lisa seemed to come to some decision. "Well, I don’t suppose it matters, at least for now. Maybe, you’ll understand better later. For now, it’ll make our game all that much more interesting."

"Can I get dressed now." Danny asked a little uneasily.

"Not for this game Danny." Lisa said with a small laugh. "Besides, I don’t really think you want to leave just yet." she said with a meaningful glance at his still rampant erection.

Danny blushed hotly. Trying quickly to change the subject, he asked, "Is it anything like the game you playing with my sister tonight?" Danny pictured himself squirming naked on Lisa’s lap while the blonde cheerleader spanked his butt. He could feel his cock get even harder at the image conjured up by his wicked imagination.

"Like the game I played with Diana?" Lisa repeated rhetorically. "More than you know right now. But no, I guess from your perspective the game will be different. First of all, we’re going to need to tie your hands." Lisa told Danny, producing some of his mom’s pantyhose which had been drying on the sink.

"Hey, wait just a minute. I don’t want to be tied up. I mean, you could be a psycho or something." Danny protested.

"You watch way too many movies." Lisa replied with a frown. "If your really worried, your sister’s still in her room. Just yell real loud and I’m sure she’ll come running. Of course, she will see you in all your glory..." Lisa finished significantly.

"Ok, ok. You made your point." Danny told the blonde grudgingly. "I still don’t see why I’ve got to be tied up though."

"Look Danny." Lisa explained with exasperation, staring straight into Danny’s eyes. "You may be younger than I am, but we’re the same height and you’re a boy, which means you’re probably stronger than I am too. I want to ensure that you won’t spoil our little game and a little bondage will do just that. Besides, this isn’t the first time I’ve played this particular game. Trust me, you need to be restrained for this."

Danny sighed, but held out his wrists to Lisa in resignation. The blonde quickly and competently tied his wrists together with the pantyhose. She’d obviously done this before.

"Okay Danny, now I want you to get back in the shower and hold your hands high up over your head. I’m going to tie your hands to the showerhead."

Feeling more vulnerable by the minute, Danny did as he was told. A few more deft twists and knots in the pantyhose soon left Danny standing naked with his wrists secured tightly far overhead. In the bathroom mirror, he could see his helplessly exposed teenage body, at least from the ankles up. His nakedness was made even worse since Lisa was still fully dressed. The only good thing he could see about the whole situation was that his dick had receded to half-mast while he was being tied.

"Okay Danny, I think you’re almost ready to play the game." Lisa said, taking off her watch and putting it on the countertop. "Don’t look so nervous, you’ll have fun." she guaranteed the freshman teasingly. "Of course, just how much fun you have will determine whether you win or lose."

"What are the rules for this so-called game?" Danny asked warily, eyeing Lisa as she came close enough to touch him. He felt intensely vulnerable, tied naked and exposed as he was for whatever the sexy blonde cheerleader had in mind. She could do whatever she liked to him and he didn’t have anything to say about it. He jumped a little when she reached out and ran her bright red nails lightly over his hairless chest and stomach, leaving a trail of goosebumps in her wake.

"This should be really easy for you, Danny. Especially since you don’t seem to like me all that much. That should give you an edge. It won’t be enough, but it will help." Danny just stared into her icy blue orbs, wriggling a bit when her wandering digits tweaked his left nipple. Lisa continued; "For the next thirty minutes, I’m going to do my best to make you cum."

Danny’s cock gave a sharp lurch at her words. This couldn’t be all bad. After all, having sex with the foxy blonde was one of his recurring sex fantasies. This was way too good to be true. Danny waited for the other shoe to fall. It did.

"Your job at the same time will be to try not to cum. If I can get you off three times in the next half hour, then I win our little contest. If not, you win." Lisa smiled winningly at Danny. "You should be glad I’m giving you a big handicap in consideration of your condition." she teased, pointing down at his now fully erect penis. "I normally only play this game with a single orgasm allowed, but given what you’ve gone thru tonight, I thought I’d make it a challenge and give you at least some chance to win."

Danny couldn’t believe his ears. The most beautiful blonde in school, the head cheerleader no less, had just told him she was going to bring him to climax, not once, but three times in a row and furthermore, he wasn’t going to be able to prevent it. This would absolutely count as his biggest fantasy, if the penalty for losing wasn’t complete humiliation in front of his peers. Well, he knew he couldn’t hold the first one off for long; he’d been pretty close before. But three times in thirty minutes? That would be a record, even for him. He doubted she could do it, especially if he wasn’t cooperating.

"Whe...When do we start?" Danny’s mouth had gone completely dry and he could barely get the words out.

"Soon enough." Lisa told the nervous boy. "But first, we’ve got to make this a fair contest. As it is, you’re bound ... pardon the pun ... to have an advantage after the first orgasm or two." Lisa emphasized each reference to orgasm with a tweak of Danny’s erect boyish nipples.

Danny just stared at his blonde babysitter in confusion.

"I was listening at the door Danny. I know you didn’t use the bathroom before you started your so-called shower. If I let you get away with that now, you’ll be thinking about nothing but your bladder once you cum the first time. That would make it just that much harder for me to get you up again." she told Danny knowingly. "Nope, we’ll just have to take care of that problem before we begin."

Danny was now blushing to the tips of his ears. "It’s a little late to think of that now, don’t you think?" he squeaked in a high-pitched protest.

"Better late than never." Lisa replied smugly, tapping one sneaker clad foot impatiently as if waiting for Danny to get on with it.

"I can’t do it if you’re standing there." Danny complained. "Why don’t you untie me, leave the room and I’ll use the toilet. Then, you can come back in and we’ll pick up where we left off." Danny suggested hopefully.

"Nonsense, you’re in the tub after all. And it’s not like I’ve never seen a boy pee before. Just let fly and we can get started."

All this talk about peeing had concentrated Danny’s attention on his bladder, which really was full. Now, he really needed to go, but he couldn’t even if he wanted to. "But.. I’ve got a hard-on! I can’t piss when I’m hard." Danny complained petulantly. His erection had gone down a little, but hardly enough for what Lisa had in mind.

Lisa frowned at him for a moment. "No, you’re right about that, you can’t. I know how you’d like to get rid of that thing, and as much fun as getting you off would be, if I do that I’ve really got to make you cum four times. I don’t like those odds. We’ll just have to try something else." she decided firmly, stepping out of the tub.

Lisa stared thoughtfully at Danny for a moment, then said abruptly. "We’ve got to get your mind completely off sex, at least for a few minutes."

Danny looked sarcastically at her. "That’s going to be kinda tough. Me being buck naked and all."

"Then I’m just going to have to resort to extreme measures." Lisa threatened. Danny scarcely had time to wonder about her threat when he found out the hard way. Lisa first spun him about to face the wall. Then ten nails dug hard into his sensitive ribs.

Danny wrenched his torso from side to side in shock. He was incredibly ticklish. How had Lisa known? Danny struggled to maintain his dignity, then began to giggle helplessly as Lisa’s tickling digits drifted into his hopelessly exposed armpits. Danny’s high-pitched giggles soon gave way to outright laughter, forced from him in tormented bursts, as Lisa continued to torment his outrageously ticklish ribs and underarms.

"Nooo,,,hahahaha!!! LISA SSSTT...ooop itttt!! Hehehe!!" Danny managed to gasp out between fits of hysteria.

Lisa never said a word during Danny’s torment, just continued the maddening tickling in a very businesslike fashion while Danny writhed and giggled. After what seemed like forever, Lisa finally stopped and stood back, regarding her sweating distraught victim dispassionately.

"Well, that took care of one problem nicely, didn’t it kid?" she questioned Danny rhetorically, looking pointedly below his waist. She was right. The insane tickling had taken his mind off sex and his erection had receded to a shadow of its former self. "Well Danny, are you ready to go yet? Or do you need more ‘encouragement’?"

Danny spoke up quickly. "No, no. I’m really ready to go. Really!! I’m just a bit shy with you here." he pleaded once more for a little privacy. He’d never peed in front of a girl before, and having this sexy blonde watch him perform such an intimate body function would be embarrassing in the extreme.

"Let’s see, maybe this will help you relax." Lisa suggested helpfully as she turned on the faucet, releasing a steady flow of water into the sink.

Danny had never believed that particular trick worked, but as the water pounded relentlessly onto the porcelain, he felt his bladder slowly relax and the urine start to flow, spattering wetly against the shower wall, before running down the sides of the tub into the drain. After about twenty seconds, the hard stream finally began to abate, giving away to a few stray trickles before stopping completely. Danny sighed deeply in satisfaction. That really did feel much better, even if he’d die before he ever admitted as much to his blonde tormentress.

Danny didn’t even react when he felt a warm washcloth gently wipe off his penis, just stared at Lisa while she finished cleaning him up. "Anything else you’d like me to do for you??" Danny snapped at her, once she’d stepped back. He was embarrassed that this gorgeous blonde senior had seen him perform such an intimate bodily function. He wanted to strike back somehow, but Lisa still held all the cards.

"I think we’re about ready to start." Lisa told Danny with a small frown, reacting to his anger. "But I’d be a little more polite if I were in your position. Next time you need to pee, I may just tickle it right out of you, since you don’t seem to appreciate my trying to help out." Danny’s cock gave a noticeable lurch at Lisa’s threat. The idea of the beautiful blonde tickling him until he lost it completely was terrifying, but at the same time tremendously exciting to the young teenager.

"Or I could call in your sister and get her to hold your little peepee while you do it." Lisa continued her threats, albeit reverting to a more teasing tone of voice. The thought of his bookish sister holding onto his dick while he peed caused Danny’s prick to lurch once again, now standing proudly at almost a full erection.

Twisting the flushed boy gently around in his bonds to face her, Lisa told him firmly, "You do look ready to begin. Remember, if you can prevent me from getting you off three times, you win and we forget all about this whole dirty little incident. If I get you off three times, you lose and you’ve got one hell of a choice to make. Understand kid?"

Danny nodded sullenly. When Lisa treated him like a child, it was very easy to dislike the blonde cheerleader, especially when she was threatening to destroy his whole reputation at school. Unfortunately, his dick didn’t seem to feel the same way. It was now thrusting out boldly in eager anticipation of what was to come. He didn’t hold out a lot of hope in preventing his first climax, but he thought there was a chance he could draw it out so she ran out of time in her little game.

"Okay." she said, "Just a couple of house rules. No twisting out of my reach, or I tie those legs together so you can’t get away. And no talking, it breaks my concentration. If you talk, for any reason, you lose." Lisa told him.

"Am I allowed to moan?" Danny asked, sarcasm evident in each syllable.

"Oh Danny!!" Lisa chided him with a wide grin. "You’re not going be able to help that. Moan and gasp all you like. Just no talking. Are you ready for me to start the clock."

Danny inhaled deeply. "Yes I am. Let’s just get this over with."

Lisa smiled at him and tweaked a boyish nipple. "You’ll change your tune before too long." she promised. Lisa walked over to the sink and adjusted her watch, a fancy digital with a stopwatch as well as a myriad of other functions. "Okay, I’ve set the alarm for thirty minutes. And the time starts..." Lisa paused a significant moment. "Now!!" she exclaimed.

Danny gulped audibly and waited for this new outrage on his person to begin.

blues.gif (1581 bytes)

Danny was somewhat surprised when Lisa didn’t immediately rush over, grab his cock, and start stroking away furiously. She only had thirty minutes to go after all.

What she was actually doing shocked and aroused him even more. Lisa, the most beautiful cheerleader in school, a blonde angel, had peeled out of her shorty red sweat-top, revealing a semi-transparent pink bra. Setting her discarded top on the sink, Lisa leaned over to wiggle out of her skin-tight jet black jeans which soon fell in a puddle around her feet, exposing soft golden thighs which seemed to go on forever. Matching pink panties guarded her waist, although Danny thought he could just make out a golden cloud underneath the filmy material.

Stepping briskly out of the disgarded denims, Lisa climbed into the tub with Danny. "I didn’t want to get any of your cum on my clothes." she explained with a smile at the befuddled youth, sitting on the edge of the tub, down to where she could get a close up look at his erect penis. "And don’t give me that look." she scolded gently looking up at him. "You would have drenched my poor sweatshirt with your cum. I wouldn’t have given you any choice."

Lisa’s erotic prediction sent a hot shiver down Danny’s spine directly to his tight balls. His hungry cock throbbed as she inspected it closely, swaying in full erection with tense expectation of what was to come. He gasped softly when she reached out one hand to heft his cum-laden balls, rolling them gently in her outstretched palm. Danny squirmed fitfully while she toyed with his sensitive scrotum, tickling his captured testicles lightly with naughty fingertips. "These feel all full of sperm Danny. I wonder how they got that way?" Lisa teased naughtily.

Danny’s erection had sprung out to its’ full five inches, pounding hotly as the blonde cheerleader toyed with his tender sack. He shuddered briefly when she released his scrotum, guessing what was coming next.

He knew he had been right when he felt slim girlish fingers wrap themselves around his throbbing pole and begin to slowly pull his foreskin up and down. Danny couldn’t help but give out a gasp. Her hand felt great!! She knew just how to hold him, not too hard and not too soft, just perfect. ‘Maybe she could talk to my girlfriend Brandy and show her how it’s done.’ Danny thought inanely to himself. Danny gave up all hope of holding out, at least for this orgasm. He just closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations as Lisa relentlessly stroked his rockhard cock back and forth at the same maddeningly slow pace she had started off with. He wriggled his hips at bit, hoping she’d get the hint and speed up the rhythm.

Amused, Lisa looked up at him. "Danny!" she said in mock exasperation. "The idea is not to cum kid, remember?" Lisa teased, never stopping the wickedly slow masturbation of his straining shaft. "You’re supposed to be doing your best to resist me."

Her slow pumping continued without mercy, drawing Danny closer and closer to the edge. Resistence was the furthest thing from Danny’s mind. His boyish hips were now thrusting uncontrollably, trying to get her to pick up the pace of her slow strokes. Even a little faster and he’d come. But she refused, just adjusted the speed of her masturbation to account for his hip motion. Lisa grinned wickedly at the twisted expression on Danny’s sweating face as she pounding him closer and closer to paradise. Drops of pre-cum had begun to leak out the end of his cock as she continued to shag his foreskin up and down over his achingly sensitive glans.

Even though she refused to speed up the pace of her agonizingly slow hand-job, there could only be one result when a half-naked cheerleader beat off a bound fifteen year old freshman. Lisa knew Danny was doomed. It was only a matter of time. When she felt Danny’s scrotum draw up and saw his glans swell, Lisa finally relented and speeded up the strokes on his helpless cock, moving her hand in a rapid flogging motion. That was it. Danny lost it and long ropy strings of cum suddenly filled the air, splattering Lisa’s chest just above her pink bra. As the spasms of relentless pleasure raced thru his spewing erection, Danny twisted about frantically in his bonds, moaning and groaning as Lisa continued to pump out every last drop.

Lisa finally showed him some mercy and released his satiated cock; standing up to look him in the eye. Danny’s head drooped to his chest in exhaustion, refusing at first to meet her gaze. After a long moment of silence, he looked back up to see the blonde regarding him with a wicked leer.

"That’s one Danny!" she sang out in triumph. "You managed to hold out for almost ten whole minutes." Lisa added. "Although we both know I could have made you cum at almost any time. You’re supposed to resist, remember." she taunted lightly.

Restrained from speaking by the rules of their contest, Danny just stared in consternation at his tormentor. She’d find the second orgasm a lot harder than the first had been, Danny swore to himself grimly. His first orgasm had taken the edge off. The next time, he’d resist the wicked wiles of the teasing blonde with the wicked hands.

Lisa had her back to him now, doing something in the sink. Danny strained his eyes, trying to make out whatever it was she was up to through the foggy mirror. It was his ears, however, and not his eyes, that told him what was going on. Danny heard Lisa noisily lathering her hands up with a bar of soap. He sucked in his breath in tense expectation. Her last hand job had been awesome and she hadn’t even used any kind of lubrication. He shuddered to think of how mind-wrenching good her soapy palm would feel sliding freely on his straining shaft.

His penis was involuntarily erecting once again in horny anticipation of what was to come. Danny admitted candidly to himself that Lisa might well succeed in forcing him to cum yet again, especially if she was going to use lube. There was no way he could resist that, not in conjunction with her splendid masturbation techniques. He just wanted to hold out long enough that even Lisa wouldn’t have enough time to get him off a third time running. He would just have to hold out as best he could this time. It wouldn’t be easy. As much as Danny disliked Lisa for what the blonde senior was putting him through, he had to admit that she knew how to give out mind-blowing hand jobs. Danny clenched his eyes shut and waited for her to begin again.

Danny waited tensely, but nothing happened at first, although he had heard Lisa getting in the shower to join him again. He warily opened his eyes to stare straight into Lisa’s twinkling blue orbs. Then he felt his now tumescent shaft grasped firmly by a warm soapy hand. He slammed his eyes shut and fought the urge to moan. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing how good it felt.

Lisa seemed to know anyway. Soap-slick fingers slipped wetly over Danny’s rigid cock and tightly tucked balls. If her first masturbation had been at a maddeningly slow pace, this one could only be called a nightmare of pleasure. Her fingers seemed to be everywhere at once, playing wetly with his tightly clenched scrotum, then sliding slickly up his straining shaft to toy insanely with the sensitive cockhead. Pre-cum had once again began to leak freely out of his tiny piss-slit, and Danny gasped loudly when Lisa took the opportunity to rub the pre-cum in a wet circle around the width of Danny’s engorged purple glans.

"Am I doing it right Danny?’ the blonde whispered teasingly, blowing lightly into his ear as her soapy palm trapped the sensitive glans and knowing fingers softly tickled the underside of his steel-hard shaft. As he bucked uncontrollably into her hand, Lisa taunted the sweating boy. "I guess I am, huh kid?"

Danny fought madly to control himself. He thought of algebra, astronomy, the news, anything to distract himself from the agonizing pleasure emanating from his groin. It was a losing battle. Whenever he thought he had himself under control, Lisa would pinch his engorged cockhead or twist her fingers in a slow burn in the circumcised ridge just under his aching glans and he would be off again. His legs were trembling and sweat was dripping down his hairless torso while his arms strained at his bonds. Lisa’s hands and fingers had full slippery access to his rockhard cock and she took every opportunity she could to tease him into a frenzy with her soapy digits. Had she given his needy penis even one firm quick stroke, it would have been all over for him. But she didn’t; she just teased his outrageously inflamed prick to distraction. Danny panted and squirmed, wishing he could beg for relief, but maintained just enough self-control to stick to the rules of the game.

"Oh Danny!! You poor kid!" Lisa mocked him wickedly. "How badly does my little boy want to come?" She teased him ruthlessly, lightly scratching his ironhard shaft, forcing yet another drop of pre-cum to ooze from the straining glans. Danny writhed helplessly in his bonds, but at least retained enough dignity not to respond to her devilish taunts. "Come on Danny, look at me. I want to see your eyes glaze over when I make you spurt all over yourself."

Danny kept his eyes firmly shut, but could suppress a yelp when he felt her squeeze his needy cock firmly between two soapy fingers just below the purple plum of his swollen glans. "It’s orgasm time." Lisa told the youth sweetly. Danny was at the end of his rope and knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He just hoped he’d bought himself enough time. Lisa’s trick of sliding soapy fingers in a ring of agonizing pleasure just under the ultrasensative glans was a trick known to bring grown men to their knees. Danny was no exception.

Danny’s eyes flew open wide as he felt Lisa jerk the foreskin rapidly over the sensitive ridge of his cockhead, then quickly back again in short half strokes. Her fingers were almost a blur as she pumped his intolerably bloated penis using her wicked two finger grip to slide his foreskin back and forth over his leaking glans. A few seconds of that was all it took. His eyes glazed over in ecstasy as he stared at her victorious expression. His abused cock released several long ropy strings of cum that painted the blonde cheerleader’s lightly tanned stomach. The spasms seemed even more intense than they had the last time, and Danny was panting hard and sagging in his bonds when it was finally over with.

Weary eyes looked over warily at Lisa, who was busy wiping herself off at the sink. Had he lasted long enough? He wasn’t sure, but he’d emptied so much sperm from his balls, he didn’t see how she could force another orgasm from him, even if she had all night. Lisa glanced at her watch and frowned. Danny allowed himself a small grin and waited for her verdict. He hadn’t heard the alarm, but knew there couldn’t be much time left on the clock.

"Only seven minutes left kid." Lisa sounding worried for the first time. She’d spent way too much time teasing the boy. This was going to be close, even with the little surprise she had in store for Danny.

Putting on her watch to keep close track of the waning seconds, Lisa moved briskly back into the tub, settling behind Danny this time. She reached around the bound youth and grasped his now limp penis firmly in her right hand and began to pound away quickly. Danny moaned feebly and his penis twitched half-heartedly in reaction, but he didn’t even get fully erect. It felt good, but he wasn’t anywhere close to erection, much less climax, thanks to the previous two mind-blowing orgasms. It looked like Danny had won.

"Diana, get in here!!... Now!!!" Lisa shouted out loudly. She turned to hiss dangerously in Danny’s ear, "Remember, one word out of you kid and you lose, even if I don’t make you cum again." Danny shuddered and braced himself for the humiliation.

Danny’s sister was unable to suppress a shocked gasp at the sight that greeted her when she opened the bathroom door. Her younger brother was strung up naked in the shower while Lisa, clad only in bra and panties, stood behind him and stroked him off.

Danny saw his sister’s green eyes get really big as she took in the erotic tableau that confronted her. He was glad the mirror was fogged over by now. He was sure his whole torso was flushed beet red in embarrassment.

"Get in here and help me out." Danny heard Lisa order his sister. "I need to get Danny off once more to win my bet. With you helping, we can’t miss." Danny stared wordlessly at his sibling, silently willing her to resist the blonde bitch. When Diana just stood there, Lisa applied even more pressure. "If you don’t help me out now, this will be you tomorrow in gym class strung up in the shower while twenty girls tease you to insanity."

Danny’s head sagged forlornly in defeat when his sister climbed into the tub to stand in front of her younger brother to await Lisa’s further orders. Danny’s cock had once again risen to a raging erection, mostly at the erotic image of his snooty bookworm of a sister strung up naked and teased by her classmates in gym class. Diana was still dressed in her romper. With her hair still in those damn pigtails and her owl-rim glasses, she looked far more like a young schoolgirl than his older sister. The very forbidden nature of the situation was enough to bring his sore penis to straining erection, almost touching his sister’s PJs as she stood close to him.

"What do you want me to do Lisa?" Diana questioned softly, seemingly mesmerized by the cheerleaders hand sliding wetly back and forth on her brother’s rigid prick.

"You take over on the kid’s cock. I’ll work the back. Come on!!" Lisa snapped. "We’ve only got three minutes left! We’re almost out of time."

Danny looked at his sister in mute betrayal as he felt her firmly grasp his hyper-engorged cock. His sister’s touch was much different from Lisa’s or even his girlfriend Brandy’s style. It was rougher, harsher. More like his own. Less caressing and teasing and more firm masturbation. Diana briskly slicked her brother’s foreskin back and forth in long, no nonsense, strokes while she lightly toyed with his testicles with her other hand. Danny squirmed around, but his sister’s grip was relentless, bringing him impossibly closer to his third climax.

Then Danny gave out a small shriek when he felt Lisa run a soapy digit along the ultrasensative ridge of skin between his balls and asshole. The sensation was incredible. He was really writhing around now, making both girls work hard to keep his thrusting groin under control, unwittingly buying himself some more time. There couldn’t be more than a minute left. He was going to win this yet.

"It’s time to end this little contest of wills." Lisa told Diana. "Get ready, cause little Danny’s gonna paint your pajamas with sticky cum." she warned. Suddenly, Lisa plunged one soapy finger deep into Danny’s ass, quickly finding his virgin prostrate and massaging the outrageously sensitive gland hard. He immediatly went up on his toes, thrusting his prick wildly into his sister’s firm grip. Danny had never felt anything like this in his young life. His cock quivered madly, orgasm only seconds away. At the same time, his sister switched from tickling Danny’s balls to rubbing his pre-cum in wet sticky circles around the tip of his inflamed helmet, never letting up on her firm masturbation of his foreskin. It was way too much for Danny to handle at once.

He screamed loudly in despair as thin spurts of jism shot past his sister’s tickling fingers to wet her pajamas as promised. This third time, the sperm almost hurt coming out, but Lisa’s finger devastated his prostrate and left Danny little choice. Danny felt a silent tear flow slowly down his sweat drenched face. The sudden buzzing of the watch alarm only served to remind him how he’d lost the bet. His reputation in school was ruined. He sagged limply in despair and exhaustion in his bonds, not responding except to slump wearily to the floor when Lisa untied him.

"Diana, you can go to your room now. You know what to do next. I’ll be joining you in a few minutes." Lisa told his sister.

Turning back to the totally defeated freshman, Lisa regarded him with a wry look. "Well sport, you lost. I gotta admit you gave me a good run at it, but you still lost and you’ll have to pay the penalty."

"You’ll really go through with it, won’t you?" Danny asked, half in disbelief. "Even after all this, you’ll destroy my reputation at school." Danny finished in despair. ‘Was Lisa really that bad of a winner?’ Danny thought sullenly to himself.

"Oh, you’ve still got another option Danny." the half-naked blonde told him seriously. Remember, the other choice you had if you lost was to follow my orders without question this whole semester. That’s still open. You’d save your reputation and trust me, you’d have fun at the same time." she promised.

"What’s the catch?" Danny asked with suspicion. He’d been tricked once too often tonight not to be suspicious.

"No catch. We’ll play some games, just like tonight. Its kind of like a club. Diana’s already joined on her own." Lisa added significantly. "I didn’t even have to blackmail her. She wanted in real badly. Come on Danny, you’ve got to admit that you’ve enjoyed it so far. What do you have to lose?" she coaxed.

What indeed? While being forced to orgasm for the sexy senior on command had been wildly humiliating, Danny had to admit that it had turned him on like never before. Taking a deep breath, "Okay I’m in." he told her quietly.

"Good!" Lisa replied with what seemed to be a genuine smile. She was searching in the pockets of her disgarded jeans for something. "Here, put this on." she told Danny, holding out a wide man’s ring, engraved with the letter ‘O’, topped by a white pearl.

Danny looked puzzled, but did as she requested. The ring slipped easily over his fourth finger.

Lisa was getting back into her clothes now, wriggling into her tight jeans. "Put on your jockeys Danny. It’s time to see what your sister’s been up to." the blonde told Danny distractedly.

Danny didn’t know what to think, but obediently pulled on his shorts and followed the sexy blonde out of the bathroom. He didn’t know what the rest of the evening would bring, but he knew he’d never forget this babysitting episode for the rest of his life.