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If you have reached here, it means you enjoy little wicked stories as I like to classify them. Stories that may happen in the real world but usually happens only in our darkest wicked fantasies. As you can see, I like to write stories where the characters are put into a position or a situation. They usually involve the wife to be forced by circumstances, tricked or consensually agreed to perform sex with other men or women. If the story turns out to be somewhat plausible, I feel I have accomplished my goal.
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I like to thank my wife who graciously provided the background image and the inspiration for the little sketch on this page.

Rani Part 1

July 28, 2000

This story is about a man catching his wife with the teenage help and punishes her by making her a slut. But you don't punish a slut by giving her what she wants.

Lilia and my Boss

March 22, 2001

It is bad enough that to get a raise your wife has to sleep with the boss's son and the boss. But what if your wife wanted to do it against your objections.

Crack in the Door

March 27, 2001

A teenage boy peeks at his unattractive married maid's body. But to him, she is the most beautiful thing and wins her heart and her body.

The Maid Team

July 9, 2000

His wife and sister work as maids and they do it in the nude. They also offer other services to their clients. He schemes to have sex with his sister without her knowing.

Substitute Sex Surrogate

April 12, 2001

Billy needs a sex surrogate to control his excessive sex drive. Insurance company discontinues to cover this service. His brother's wife is being pushed to provide this service with interesting results.

Zebra Man

May 8, 2001

A drug that makes women practically into sex slaves and they come back for more. An Aunt looking for her niece. Will she also get trapped by these men and their drug?

Cristina and her Boss

May 21, 2001

A wife gets paid an extra $1000 to have sex with her boss. She ends up finding sex better with her boss than her husband and misses him terribly when she gets tossed aside for another.

Sheena's Awakening

June 11, 2001

A wife has no remorse and in fact enjoys cheating on her husband for the first time with her niece's 20 years old friend.

My Spineless Brother

June 27, 2001

A man allows his wife to be used sexually in lieu of rent by three ruthless brothers. The man's brother is fascinated by his sister in law and is really the only one that cared for her.

Day 153

July 30, 2001

A wife becomes a sex slave for one year as part of a business transaction. The experience changes her. She comes to love her role as a sex slave.

Blessed Family

Aug. 28, 2001

A family is saved from the reins of poverty and they are willing to give everything including their bodies. Told from the perspective of the teenage son.

A Daughters Sacrifice - Part 1

Sept. 18, 2001

Part 2

Oct. 23, 2001

A wife casually informs her husband that she had to be a slut to a doctor in order to save her mother's life.

Life of Privelege

Dec. 20, 2001

The son of the maid learns that those who lead a life of privelege can get whatever they want.

The Considerate Uncle

Dec. 25, 2002

An uncle takes advantage of his drunk wife's niece.

On Becoming a Cuckold

Jan. 7, 2003

A unsuspecting husband's quick fall from normalcy into the world of cuckolds.

A Widow's Life

Jan. 15, 2003

Since becoming a widow at the age of 18, a daughter gets sold by her father to scrupulous dealers of women.

The Helpful Doctor

March 10, 2003

A doctor volunteers himself to help a young couple deal with their sexual problems.

My Life Changing Episode

May 16, 2003

A wife's straight forward account of being gang raped with her sister and her two nieces.

The Best Sex You Ever Had

June 26, 2003

A young man's narration of the best ever sex he ever had. A story about experiencing another man's wife with the husband's approval.

A Cuckold, by Default

July 3, 2003

By turn of events, a husband turns into a cuckold.

The Happy Cuckold

July 11, 2003

A short description of a husband's contented life as a cuckold.

Jesse's Greed

July 16, 2003

A husband casually sells his wife for the big money. The wife narrates her story of humiliation and sexual gratification.

Arkan's Number One Slut

July 20, 2003

The wives of two partners find themselves sold to pay off their husband's debts. One of the wives finds out that she enjoys offering her body to men.

Time to Kill

Sept. 9, 2003

Just to pass the time away, the son of an extremely wealthy man arranges scenarios to enjoy other men's wives.

Ashok's Saga of Cuckoldry

Oct. 3, 2003

A man find's his true nature of being a cuckold and loves it. However an unexpected transformation takes place that will change everything.

The Wager

May 4, 2004

A powerful man wagers with the husband that the wife would enjoy sex with him.

Island Vacation

June 23, 2004

A sister finds that she has been forced into prostitution on the ruse of an island vacation.
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